Best Dog Quilted Jacket

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1. Queenmore Winter Quilted Waterproof Closure

Queenmore Winter Quilted Waterproof Closure

The dog jacket is extremely warm. The dog jacket is made of 3-ply. The polyster quilting ply keeps your furry friends warm. It is the best coat for dogs. Highly waterproof and impermeable. The fabric on the exterior side is waterproof and windproof to protect your boys and girls against the elements. Easy hook and loop clothing. The dog jacket is easy to put on and take off. The hook and loop closure is sturdy and easy to use. The dog coat is lightweight, waterproof and keeps warm so it is cute for both indoors and outdoors. It is recommended for dogs that like to stay outside in bad weather. The perfect dog jacket for small and medicine bred dogs. It is important to measure your dog first and choose the right size for him, because the winter dog jacket is particually for small and medium sized dogs.

Brand: Queenmore

👤The jacket is cute. I originally ordered it to be a fall jacket, but it was too thin and now she is wearing a winter jacket. I would hate for her to be cold since I live in Chicago. I recommend this coat to everyone as it is an incredible price and there is a hole for the leash. She can move easily in it. It's easy to put on.

👤This fits perfectly. I have a hard time finding a coat or sweater that fits my dog, a 20 pound Boston Terrier. This is nice, not too heavy, but with a nice warm fleece lining. It looks really nice and feels good.

👤This jacket fits my shih tzu perfectly. The straps are made of Velcro. It's much easier to put the jacket on the dog. I love the inside lining. It's perfect for the spring and fall weather and on sunny winter days. It is water resistant when it is drizzling.

👤It is difficult to find a cute doggy jacket that is compatible with this. My dog is 17 years old and doesn't have the flexibility to put his arms into sleeves anymore, but he is in need of clothing more than ever. He can wear it all the time. It washes well.

👤I bought these for my baby Nubian goats. We just got some cold weather in southern Texas and I am so happy I ordered these. They fit some better than others. It's much cheaper than a goat. Highly recommended as a goat coat.

👤I got this for my puppy because he didn't want to go out in the cold. It's easy to put on with straps rather than pulling on.

👤I like the fit of this jacket for my greyhound, Stewie. It's hard to find a jacket that fits him with his deep chest and thin frame, so the simple chest and belly straps on this jacket are perfect. It seems to keep him warm when he goes outside. It's not very restrictive, which is great because Stewie is very anxious and doesn't like being restricted. He doesn't like modeling, so he's all in my pictures, but when he's in the yard he's happy with this jacket.

👤The coat is small but it seems nice. I got the xxl for my labradoodle and it's small, but not big. I measured. But not really. That is the largest size available.

2. ThinkPet Outdoor Cotton Reversible Reflective

ThinkPet Outdoor Cotton Reversible Reflective

Medium dog coat has a neck girth of 19 and a chest girth of 17 and is suitable for small or medium dogs. The good belly coverage keeps your dog's belly from wind, snow or any other outdoor elements, and the soft thick inner padded layer offers great warmth and comfort, while this light weight jacket won't limit your dog's activities. The dog coat is versatile and stylish. One side is warm soft spliced fabric and the other side is a material that is water resistant. You can wear different sides for different weather. It is easy to put on and take off because of the elastic and hook and loop fastening under the belly, and the long waterproof zip on the back makes it convenient to incorporate any harness type. The safety dog vest has reflective piping. It's ideal for everyday walking, night running, hiking, hunting, outdoor adventure and more.

Brand: Thinkpet

👤The jacket is great. Excellent quality. My girl is 51 pounds and has a broad chest. It's snug and comfy.

👤Just received the coat. It looks like it was made well. A 15 year old arthritic lab mix is 56 pounds. Her neck is measured to tail 36” and her chest is over 30” The size chart was confusing and I ended up ordering a 4XL because it fits her perfectly. The neck area is not as restrictive as I would prefer. It was a big concern when looking for a coat for her that it was easy to put it on her. I don't have to change her legs as the chest piece and neck piece have the same material on both sides. This is great. She stood there and it fell on her. The Velcro is not chincy. I won't have her outside for very long because the coat is a little thinner than it appears on the website. She has lost some of her body mass due to age, so I wanted to protect her from the cold. I am not able to comment on its weather resistance as I only received it today, but I will give an initial review. I am happy with the purchase, but I wish the Teal had been available in this size.

👤My dog looks great in this jacket. I bought him for his first Christmas in snow and it seems like it will be nice and warm. It fits perfectly. A dog. The person is wearing a large size.

👤I wanted a jacket that was not just flimsy, but also sturdy, and the ones you have to refasten every time your dog moves wrong. This one is what I wanted. He has nice padding on his back, with an elastic padded chest panel that covers the chest and has a snug fit. It has already passed the rain and snow tests. The reflective piping is nice. The well shaped neck allows for leash to collar without being grabbed, but it is easy to attach their leash to a harness. Have used it in the washer and dryer. Very happy with the purchase!

👤It's easy to put on and take off, just slide the middle between his legs, no having to pull his legs through any holes. It's possible to wear one side water resistant and the other side soft cotton. My beagle has a neck, chest, and back that fit perfectly. With plenty of room for peepee and poopoo, you can snug around the chest. Highly recommended! The front of the Velcro comes apart every time. The stars are being removed. Sides are okay. I could use snap buttons on the front. I have to pull over my dog's head after sewing it closed.

👤The box was opened. The color is similar to the picture. They are easy to put on and thicker than I expected, which is a good thing since I need for Chicago winters.

👤I bought this jacket for my dog. I bought a medium at 15 pounds and found it was huge. I exchanged my jacket for a small one because I liked it so much. It is warm and dry. I used the orange side of the jacket today and it was amazing. It didn't hold any water. It got a perfect 5 stars because of the zippers. It isn't well put together. If you zip all the way to the top, the zippers will open. It is difficult to get a hold of the harnes. I have a bigger dog. I put it outside of the jacket and it fits.

3. JoyDaog Layers Fleece Weather Windproof

JoyDaog Layers Fleece Weather Windproof

Please measure your dog before ordering, because different coat is different size. The fleece lined is super warm in the winter. Sturdy stitches process dog's jacket, easy put on and take off with metal snaps. There is a hole on the neck. The dog coat has features such as lightweight, wind-proof, and soft.

Brand: Joydaog

👤My baby is very handsome. Medium size fits my dog. It allows him to do his things outside. Looks like a model from the 90's.

👤Awesome! Excellent quality and well made. It looks like it was made for my dog.

👤I needed a coat for the beagle I just adopted, he shivers after a few minutes of cold. The top snap fell apart when I removed it. We are having a really cold autumn and he wouldn't have a coat. I'll pin it until I can store for a replacement. He seems to like it and it covers his chest which is disappointing. There is a Revising. This coat is very popular with Snoop. The snap broke and I sewed it back up. No cold. It would be 5 stars if they did better with the snaps. Getting a second one and keeping it handy.

👤The small fits my dog perfectly. He is 10 inches from the start of his tail. Good quality keeps him warm.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this vest. This was ordered for 7.5 lbs. A chihuahua is used to keep her warm. She has a 10 inch neck and 15 inches under her arms. The small is snug in her chest and a little loose in her neck, which is fine by me. It is a little thin, not cushion-y like a human's jacket, but with the outer shell and soft faux fur, it feels like it is warm enough for brief walks. My dog likes wearing it and it looks cute. I don't like that the vest snaps in the front, that makes it difficult to put on without trying to pick the dog up or roll her on her back. I think that was an aesthetic choice, because it looks really cute with little buttons, but it's not really practical. The small slit in the back of her leash is not where it should be, like every article of dog clothing I've encountered. That is standard among dog clothes.

👤One of the dogs I ordered was labeled as an X, but the other was labeled as an X in the wrong bag. Don't be afraid to order a bigger size. It was snug on my 56lb-er. It would have been a perfect fit if I had received the correct size. I followed the instructions. We didn't have time to exchange the coats we received the day before. They kept their torsos warm in the cold weather. If I had ordered them earlier, I would have gone for an XXXL for the basset/lab, and if the correct size would have come in for the 2nd one, they would have been.

👤A good fit for 57 pount pitbul mix would be a little wider around the chest, but XXXL size would be too big around the neck. Good quality.

👤I don't like the idea of having to use a harness underneath and also the snaps under the belly, so I'm thinking about sending it back. The ones that have a zip on the back are the ones that I want to kiss. That can also be used as a harness. They are easy to put on and off. It hasn't been cold enough yet to try it out, but I really like the warmth.

4. Lesypet Coats Small Jacket Winter

Lesypet Coats Small Jacket Winter

A small puppy is suggested for around 1-2 lbs only. The neck girth is 11 1/2, the chest girth is 14 1/2 and the back length is 8 1/2. Measure your pet before buying. Small breed dogs like chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, toy poodle, Maltese, and Pomeranian have a special design for a doggy coat. Pick the larger measurement if there are any between two sizes. The small dog winter jacket has a soft cotton lining and is wind resistant. Pink or Grey is a good color for a dog, it's warm and cute in the winter, no fear of cold wind or snow. The leash opening on the back makes it easy to put on and take off.

Brand: Lesypet

👤I have a female mini golden retriever that is 23 lbs. She is usually a large when I buy items from the store. I bought this coat for my other dog who is a Mini Schnauzer, but I went for an X when she was a Medium or so. I ordered a XXL for her based on the previous reviews and the fact that she tried on the XL. It is warm and resistant to water. The snap buttons are great because a lot of the time the fur gets stuck in the velcro. Make sure you measure your dog. The rule of thumb is to size your dog up about 2x from what he would wear.

👤People should stop talking about the jacket. I listened again and now regret it. I bought a size M for my chiweenie after reading the comments. I think S would have been perfect. Don't listen to anyone, the chart they provide is accurate. I gave it to my dog's girlfriend because she's a little bigger than him and it fits her. I ordered it again this year in small because I loved the design. There is a hole on the back of the harness. He feels very comfortable in it and I love it. I uploaded a picture of him with his sweater on.

👤The jacket runs small. The product description refers to it as "Asian Size". The size is large. After trying Small and Medium, I was able to get my chihuahua fit. I found that the size chart they use for their measurements is incorrect. The measurement for the large size is back length of 10.5" and chest circumference of 15.5" from button to button. If you have a dog over 20 lbs, it will not fit in these jackets.

👤I gave it 3 stars because of the size and the hood. The size is a Cons. I barely closed the buttons when I ordered M for my 8 pound dog, with a chest girth of 15. It was not a good place to be. BUTTONS are plastic and I don't like them. There is a hood. The hood could be pinned to the coat on the back with an additional button. My dog closed his eyes when I tried this coat on the hood because it didn't hold on the back. I would like to walk my dog in the snow and pull the hood back every 2 minutes. I like the pink color and the material of the coat, it seems warm and waterproof. My dog is perfect for the length of my Pomeranian. I will be coming back because of the wrong description of the hood.

👤She gets a lot of praise when she wears this. She doesn't like wearing clothes and when I showed her the furry hood trim she thought it was a toy and started playing with it. She tries to back away from me when I try to put this on her, because she knows it's clothing. The good part is that Roxie is more likely to go outside in the cold with this on. She doesn't pull to go home right after she's done her work, so it's warmer than some of her other jackets. The size Large fits her nicely, if not just a teensy bit loose, as she is a 9-pound chihuahua mix. She can wear a tee underneath it for extra warmth. I gave it four stars because it doesn't have a hole for the leash. I sewed it securely like a button hole, after cutting one out along a seam, and then sewing it together. It is a good quality for the price, but I would have liked it a little better if the lining was warm and fleecy.

5. SCENEREAL Reversible Windproof Waterproof Christmas

SCENEREAL Reversible Windproof Waterproof Christmas

If you want to purchase a dog neck girth, please follow their company's size chart and make sure it's suitable for your dog. The material is Premium Polyester and the filling is Polyester Fiber. It's soft, smooth, lightweight, durable, thick and warm for your dog. It's easy to put on and take off the VELCRO CLOSURE. There is a notice. The adjustment strap is the same as the Velcro, and the overlap can be changed to give your dog the most comfortable size. There is a resurrection. The jacket is made of two pieces. Each side can keep your dog warm. The plaid design is always out of date. Red and beige make you feel warm. They designed a pocket that could hold small snacks, keys, and more.

Brand: Scenereal

👤You can get two coats for the price of one. The mackinaw plaid side is very soft and warm and the red side is great for rainy or snowy days. The coat fits perfectly, I measured my dog according to the size chart. She wears a size M.

👤It's awesome for our dogs. These were bought for our Christmas photos. It turned out great. Our Miniature Schnauzers are 20 pounds.

👤We got a Medium sized one for a 17 pound dog. He wasn't restricted but it wasn't baggy. He was comfortable walking around in it and going to the bathroom without getting it dirty. It was large enough for us to put his harness underneath it and it wasn't tight. It's great because it's soft and warm on one side and protects against rain on the other. It's a great value because dog clothing tends to be expensive at most pet stores.

👤I ordered a red jacket for my dog. I was surprised at how nice it was, especially for the price. It is long enough to cover her back. I've bought jackets that were too short before. The fleece side has a pocket to put doggy-bags in. The reverse side is nice if the weather is raining or snowing. The coat is warm enough for her. I will be buying another one for my other dog.

👤We ordered an Xs for our little 9 lbs Pom to keep her dry during the bad weather and the easy way to get it off is just outside. Our second dog, a solid 16 lbs mixed breed, didn't need clothes because she has many hand-me-down clothes. We bought one for her as well. She gets colder quicker with thin fur. We ordered her a M because she is long svelte. It is much easier to let them outside in bad weather. It dries quickly. I highly recommend as a picky dog-mom.

👤I'm glad we didn't go smaller because we got an XL jacket for our lab. The body is tight and the neck is loose. I was surprised that she's almost too big for the largest size they offer because she's not a big girl. Measure your babies to make sure they are the right size. The print and color are very cute. flannel is good to put against their body when it's cold outside and nylon is good for keeping them from overheating if they'll be running around. There is a little pocket on the printed flannel side. It's a very cute little detail, but I'm not sure what one would put in it.

👤This coat is perfect for a small dog. He's a long-haired chihuahua mix. It's easy to do and doesn't interfere with his outside business. The quality is good for a reasonable price. After seeing our dog, my mother ordered one for him. It's a good idea for small dogs.

👤I ordered this jacket for my chihuahua mix dog, but it was too small for him. I warn you to order at least one size up because I had to alter it to fit my dog around her torso. I think the large would have been the best choice. The chihuahua's are small. My dog is not overweight. If it is too big, the velcro can be adjusted easily smaller. It's hard to adjust it to be larger because there is only so much fabric. I think the jacket was well-made and sturdy, and I love that it is reversible.

6. Gooby Fashion Sweater Bomber Stretchable

Gooby Fashion Sweater Bomber Stretchable

Small dogs up to 35 lbs are kept warm with their dog coat and sweater vest. Depending on their body shape, their largest size will fit a dog up to 35 lbs. They recommend measuring the largest part of the chest to get the correct size. When between sizes, please size up. They made the bottom opening large enough. It won't get in the way of your pet when you go to the bathroom. A perfect fit is ensured by the bomber jacket dog coats. Dogs with broad chested can be accommodated in dog jackets that can be expanded. A pain-free guard. The dog vest has a closed top that makes it easy to put on and off. You just need to step in to the vest and zip up. The guard on the back protects hair from getting stuck. You can attach a leash to it without the need for a harness if you choose to. The back of the vest has two D rings that can be used for short walks. If your dog pulls or is planning on a long walk, they recommend limiting the usage. Design for small dogs is step-in. Zip-up. Ready to leave. It's easy to put on and it's perfect for pets. The dog winter coat provides warmth. Dogs can urinate without soiling the vest if it is cut on the bottom. When nature calls, your dog can go.

Brand: Gooby

👤I used the size chart to find the right size for my dogs. It fits both because of the stretchable chest. The 12 pound dog has a neck of 11” and a back of 15” It's a vest or jacket on her, but it doesn't cover her hips. My smaller dog is 9 pounds and has a neck and a chest. Since her back is only 12” long, this fits her more like a coat and gives her more coverage on her rump. A lot of winter jackets leave the tummy area bare, but this jacket covers it. I don't like the way the Maltese is closed. I have a hard time keeping their hair tucked under the guard and out of the zip and it takes a lot of time to get the zip in place. The built in D-rings seem secure and it is a nicely made jacket.

👤I ordered an XL because I was concerned about the mix running small, but based on the size chart, it needed a L. The XL is too small. Despite being too loose on her, I kept the XL because it's a really nice coat and I plan to buy a large soon. The black knit chest was covered with white hairs after my dog tried it on, and I didn't think he would appreciate it being returned in that condition. It's a good purchase for the coat. It's warm, water resistant, and easy to put on, and I've used it for 2 months now. I need to make sure my dog's paws are in the "sleeve" holes before I snap up the top. It's easy to get this on and off, compared to her other cold-weather sweaters. The stretch in this vest addresses the problem of a dog with a wide chest for anyone with Frenchies or Bostons. Since it doesn't have a hood like many other water-resistant coats, it doesn't completely bury her short neck. I can use it with her regular collar. My only complaint? When I put this coat on my dog, she will only go as far as my apartment lobby to get it, because she knows it's cold and wet outside. The good news is that once she makes it outside, it keeps her warm and dry so she can enjoy her walks. I used the large for the rest of the winter, and I couldn't be happier with it. My dog is now 20 pounds with a chest of 20 and a neck of 14. She's warmer in the large since it lets in less air, and she's too loose to use the metal leash loops on the back.

👤If your dog is a puller like my sweet Sammy, the back leash clip concept might not hold up. I have a fleece coat by the same brand that I didn't like so much because it made it easy to slip out of. The solution was to wear a harness. I had to size up the harness so it would fit around the coat. Sammy is a wiener dog. The size large is perfect for him. These coats are made for small breeds. Follow the instructions provided. It is decent quality and will not be missed. I recommend a more affordable outfit for our dogs.

7. Gooby Padded Sweater Closure Turquoise

Gooby Padded Sweater Closure Turquoise

Medium chest is 18 inches and is turquoise Solid color thick padded dog clothes for small dogs. Their largest size will fit a dog around 32 lbs., meaning it will provide insulation, water resistance, and wind protection for small dogs to medium dogs. Please measure your pups chest size and reference their size chart. Their dog jackets for small dogs are water resistant and lightweight, they keep your dog warm, they protect them from snow, and they are cute. When you look at the photos of the cute dogs in the customer reviews, they look like that. You can attach a leash to it without the need for a harness, and it's also well insulated and cute. The pain-free guard is designed to prevent your pet's hair from getting caught in the zippers. Pets shouldn't go through that experience. The guard on the dog jacket prevents fur and skin from getting accidentally zip-tied, which is very painful for a small dog. The back of the jacket has a zip which makes it easier to put on and zip. The dog vest is cut so that it won't dirty when mother nature comes calling, so you won't have any potty issues. If your dog gets themselves into some deep mess, you will be relieved to know that you can wash and dry the vest with ease. When your small dog wears this zip on dog sweater, they won't want to take it off. Because of the 2 d ring design, you can securely attach a leash without needing another harness or collar, and the fleece vest lining keeps your small dog warm and dry when out on the cold ground.

Brand: Gooby

👤The size Medium was too large for my miniature dachshund, even though she was the same size as the size chart indicated. The original size symbol on the sewn-in tag had an incorrect size sticker placed over it. The "M" sticker was placed over the "L" symbol on the tag. The widest part of the chest was 20 inches, which was in line with the size chart. I will return the jacket for an exchange and hopefully get a Medium. I will rate it higher once the correct size arrives as the jacket is well made and will keep my dog warm during the cold months. I told the people at Gooby Pets about the sizing errors and they were very appreciative. The jacket I received today was Medium in purple. The chest is too big because the sticker on the label says "M" instead of "L", and it's not a true size Medium. I'm hoping that the problem is with the purple jackets and that I can order another color in Medium. I re-ordered a Medium jacket in blue that was labeled "M" but still measured 20 inches across the chest, and I gave it to a friend because I was so tired of returning jackets. I think the problem is with the size chart that is included with the product description. I ordered a small. It fits my mini dachshund. In the 3rd photo, you can see that the chest is almost 17 inches across, which is a size Medium, not a Small. The "M" size on the label was replaced with a "S" sticker in the 2nd photo. The size chart appears to be incorrect. The dimensions for Medium are indicated in the chart, and the dimensions for Large are indicated in the chart.

👤It's difficult to fit a dog jacket. A medium is 25% larger than a small. The medium is small around the chest on my dog. The chest was more important than the length. The vest has a 12.75 inch length, which hasn't resulted in my male dog soiling his jacket. I liked this product. It has a harness. My puppy has long hair, so this is perfect for me. His hair becomes matted if I leave him in his harness all day. I can leave the harness on the dog all winter because he does not need one. It is thicker than most other jackets. I think it does, even though thickness doesn't necessarily mean warmth. I like the zip up on top. There is a flap to keep hair out of the zip. My dog's long hair can be caught by a velcro closure. It is very easy to put on. The first time I put it in the washing machine, it broke. It was past the return date, but Amazon allowed me to return and replace the vest. I washed the second vest. The gentle cycle did not allow the zipper to survive. I received a credit from Amazon.

👤I have two more dog jackets. Need one for a new dog. I put the medium I already have on my new dog. I ordered a medium for the new dog. It was too big. Exchange for small size, but NOPE, not an option. I can swap this jacket for a less expensive one, which will serve the same purpose. I have to return the jacket and pay a $7 return fee and then order a new one at a store that won't take returns like this. She fell between the two sizes. I already own a medium so I thought it was a good idea to order another. I will stop ordering on Amazon. Tired of hidden return polices and how to get something correct. I've learned to dig for return polices, but they can't always be found. When ordering something with questionable English, be careful. It is highly likely that the shipment is coming from China and will take a month or more to receive an item. Twice I have been stung that way.

8. Vecomfy Fleece Cotton Lining Hoodie

Vecomfy Fleece Cotton Lining Hoodie

The material is extra warm, it keeps you super warm in the cold winter/snow. A dog hoodie can protect the dog's ears from the cold outdoors. There is aleash hole in the neck. Fashion dog coats are easy to put on and take off. If your dog is between 2 sizes, you should select larger size.

Brand: Vecomfy

👤It's perfect for a chihuahua. This fits my chihuahua perfectly. I like to put a large cotton sweater under her jacket to cover her back and arms.

👤Everything about this little jacket is great, except for the size, which is not good for my 8 week old lab puppy or my adult chihuahua. It is for German shepherds and Mastiffs. Not true either. I tried all of the jackets I ordered for my dogs, but none fit on any of them. I wasted a lot of money to find them something warm to wear when it's 24 degrees outside.

👤I wanted to get some winter protection for my Yorkie, who loves being outside, because it gets cold and snows where I live. I was concerned about ordering and getting the right fit, but I used the available items. The fleece was inexpensive and so I ordered it. I decided on the small because she sometimes wears the big one. The small is perfect. It is easy to put on and there is a hole for the leash. I would buy again. I'm not sure how water resistant it is.

👤These little jackets are very cute. They both wear the same size. They are under 9 pounds. This was a great purchase to keep them warm for the fall and winter.

👤My first small dog is a Patterdale Terrier. It was home to the Colorado mountains. I bought this vest for the little guy. It was easy to put on and works. The vest is cut so that he never peed on it. I think this vest is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Highly recommend it. The hood. He didn't like it so much, but it has a snap that keeps it as a collar. There is a small opening on the back of the leash.

👤This is adorable! I bought a small size for my dog. If your dog is larger than this, I would suggest getting a small one. I like this because it doesn't interfere with him going to the bathroom. The hood doesn't fit him because his face is so small. It will slip off if he puts it further back on his head. It looks better down than it does up.

👤The fleece lined coat is very easy to put on and take off. The Large is perfect for a little room to spare. The hoods fit nicely and my dogs can move around easily. I might order an extra set of this coat.

👤The little coat is adorable and the girls will love it. They are both weighing in at 8.1 and 8.5 lbs. I ordered a small one. The coat is lined with fleece and has a water/snow repellence. I thought it would be hard to put it on, but it is not as difficult as I thought. It will keep my babies warm and toasty.

👤Hola! The material of the interior is impermeable and so is the recomiendo mucho. No estorba al movimiento. Imagino, lo quiero arriba de 3 kilomes, lo quiero a pretado, lo quiero a mascotas. A mi gatito tiene problemas respiratorios, es talla, and tienes a pesa 4,200 kilo. Le molestara es un cmodo para el, le gusta muchsimo. En serio es una compra.

9. Vecomfy Reversible Waterproof Cotton Jacket

Vecomfy Reversible Waterproof Cotton Jacket

The material is made of 3 layers and includes a dark gray stitching design and a soft waterproof fabric. The quilt process is more durable and beautiful than the openning design. The reflective desgin on the back and neck will make your dog safer at night. Machine Washable, Easy Put on& Off,Fashion, Soft Comfortable, Warm,Waterproof,Wind-proof; It is best for small dogs,Chest 13-16.8",Neck12", Back Length12", because different dog clothes is different size, please measure your dog. Don't be tight when measuring.

Brand: Vecomfy

👤The coat is well made and cute. I have 2 small pups that were not perfect. I got medium. And it is perfect. The medium size has the ability to fit both my dogs. A lot of thought went into the design. The belly band is cut to accommodate male dogs and they don't have any issues at potty time. The coat is not waterproof. Water resistance is not very strong. If you are looking for a rain coat, this one is not for you. If you are looking for a jacket that also accommodates a harness, I don't think you can beat this one for the price and design.

👤This is a great coat. I layer it with fleece to keep my dog warm. I don't think it's very effective at repelling water, and I wouldn't use it for that type of thing at the same time as the snow flows off of it. It's a perfect fit for my dog. It's a good value for the money. I like that it can be changed but we always use the same side.

👤The coat is warm, but not a raincoat. It doesn't lose water. It fits my truck. In a small. She has a long back. The coat is warm. The coat said it sheds water. The coat and her were soaked when we came home. Don't buy it as a raincoat. It's well made.

👤A great jacket for my dog. I bought an extra small size. Has to buy a small and medium. The 20 lbs Pitbull mix needs a medium. She looks very cute in it.

👤I weigh 9 lbs. A chihuahua mix. He has a fluffier neck and stocky chest like a corgi, but not sure what he is mixed with. I rolled the coat up in the photos because it was a little long in the back. It goes past his tail when it is unrolled. I might sew the coat like that because dogs like to have their movement restricted. I've been looking for a coat that fits his neck, chest, and private area for so long that I'm willing to give up on this. It's adorable on him and feels really nice.

👤Thought went into the dog coat. I studied 30 coats before selecting this one. Dogs are not interested in being dressed. That is assured by this coat. Many of us use a harness. The coat has a zip on the back that accommodates the leash attachment. The length of the coat is perfect for my dog.

👤This item is the correct size. I ordered a small and my puppy fit perfectly. It is more waterproof in the inside than outside. It hasn't been dirtied yet. It can be washed easily and it looks more expensive than it is. People have asked where I got it. The dog is wearing a pink dog dress with a white bone on the back and a comfort zip to open the leash. Great purchase!

👤I bought this for my 18lb Cavapoo, and it fits perfectly from neck to backside. The material is very nice, it has a hole for her leash, and it's very convenient around the neck and belly. It's nice when it's cold. I think it's a keeper because she walks in it and I love it.

10. WEONE Christmas Clothes Reflective Reversible

WEONE Christmas Clothes Reflective Reversible

Keep safe. The reflective edge tape on the dog winter coat will keep your dog visible in dark places, and it will help you recognize him when he is in danger or on a snowy day. The dog warm plaid clothes is a good fit and easy to put on and off. The dog winter jacket is thick and warm and can keep your dog warm in the cold. A leash hold for easy control, water repellence, wind-proof, machine washable, soft, fashionable with highlighted green and red grid pattern are some of the features. Measure the chest, neck and back length of your dog. Medium dogs have a dog coat vest.

Brand: Weone

👤Awesome coat. I have two dogs, a pitbull and an American bulldog, in the 3X. They have several coats that are used for play and walking. I got them to sleep in this one because it is very soft and comfortable. My dog is very picky with coats and tries to rub them off if she doesn't like them. She has never tried to take this off before. She wags her tail when I put it on her. They were washed nicely. The Velcro is strong. My dogs have a lot of jackets and this is one of their favorites.

👤I was looking for a fleece that was thick enough for my small dog, but not too thick. I like to slip it over their head, but I am not a huge fan of the way it sticks to blankets and such. I can still get their harness around it and they can wear it around the house. I have a 17 pound dog and a medium one. I just tighten the Velcro and my dog is still fit with it. The chart is correct.

👤Since we lived by the beach, I was hesitant in buying jackets for my dogs. I decided to try these jackets because my boy would get cold when we moved up to the mountains. They love these jackets! They have not tried to rip or scratch them off. The jackets are soft and fit perfectly. I used 2XL for my 65 lbs. Boxers.

👤It's soft and relatively waterproof, and dries quickly as well. It's easier to get on than many people think. The hole for the collar or harness is small, but it fits a normal leash clip well. The neck fits my pup perfectly, but the waist is too big, which is not ideal. It's not really reversable that the coat would lose its repelling water quality and that it would be hard for the Velcro to stay on his belly. A good buy. The coat looks good.

👤The price is unbeatable and the coat is amazing. My dog is not a fan of the cold and we live in the Midwest so I ordered this jacket for her. The reflective collar is a nice touch and the fleece lining adds a nice warm layer. She gained 1/2 to 1lb per day and an inch/week and will need another couple before her first winter is over.

👤This jacket is great for my dog. He has a large chest and a small middle. I ordered a large for chest measurement and length. It fit perfectly. I am the chest but a little large everywhere else and I can make the strap small enough to fit in his middle. I put a sweater on him because he is perfectly content outside for his walk, because the jacket is on the thinner side. I will recommend more of these.

👤Our dog is 115 lbs. The Ridgeback was from Rhodesian. We ordered the large and it fits very well. The light reflecting collar is nice when we are camping. It makes it easy to find him. It is easy to get on and off. The thickness of the outer fabric could be improved. It is thin and soft, but it got a problem after the second day. I would recommend this product because it kept our dog warm on the camping trip.

11. Carhartt Chore Repellent Cotton Canvas

Carhartt Chore Repellent Cotton Canvas

100% ring spun cotton. Carhartt Firm Duck is a dog coat. The dog coat has roots for the hardest working dogs. Made with duck canvas and a water-repellent coating, it protects your pup from the elements. The quilted liner is made of nylon and has batting for warmth. The tabs at the neck and chest make it easy to take on and off. The straps for chest and waist are hook and loop lined. Medium (Chest Girth: 22"- 28") and Small (Chest Girth: 16-21") are the sizes. LargeChestgirth 25"- 38" See the size chart in the images.

Brand: Carhartt


What is the best product for dog quilted jacket?

Dog quilted jacket products from Queenmore. In this article about dog quilted jacket you can see why people choose the product. Thinkpet and Joydaog are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog quilted jacket.

What are the best brands for dog quilted jacket?

Queenmore, Thinkpet and Joydaog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog quilted jacket. Find the detail in this article. Lesypet, Scenereal and Gooby are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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