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1. Hzran Cleaner Cleaning Lengthen Medicine

Hzran Cleaner Cleaning Lengthen Medicine

The cotton buds for dogs are made from bamboo wood and soft cotton. The high-temperature sterilization process has no fluorescent agent. The long bamboo reach down into the dog's ear safety and get all the dirt and debris out from the small and medium dog ear canal. It is impossible to pass the dog ear canal turn and touch the cotton buds because of their length. It's safe for your puppy. The medium size is designed for the health care of dog ears. You can apply medicine and clean at the same time with medium size cotton buds. The bamboo stick with cotton buds is safe because of its soft and firm nature. It won't hurt your dog.

Brand: Hzran

👤Two of my male cats have very itchy ears. The cotton was too loose and rough and it was difficult to reach the right area. These are nice. They clean the deeper areas where the wet wax collects and the shallow areas where the dry and sticky wax collects. I can usually clean both ears with one swab. I wish the cotton part was half as long because it's uncomfortable for the boys to reach the deep crevices because the cotton bends their ear cartilage. I have to hurry. I might try removing some of the cotton to see if that helps. The bamboo stick is not flexible in the way it seems. It would be very uncomfortable for the pet to be painful by that point, because it takes a lot of force to make the middle flex. It would be appropriate if you were using it for gun cleaning or something, but it is advertised for pet ear cleaning first. The cotton tips are thick and smooth and work well for the intended purpose.

👤I love the fact that these are not meant to go into the ear canal of a dog. The fact that they are not harmful to the environment. TY!

👤Good size and absorbent. It's much easier to work with qtips for my rat terrier.

👤I used this on my cat and he didn't mind it.

👤I have three cats and these work well for me.

👤Our Redbone didn't mind that they work well. Highly recommended.

👤The Q- tip was the perfect length and size for my Pomsky ear.

👤These are strong. When using cotton, it stays in place. They should be double sided.

2. Potaroma Electric Flopping Realistic Interactive

Potaroma Electric Flopping Realistic Interactive

Every time your cat touches the cat kicker toy, the automatic built-in motion sensor kicks into action, and the cat fish moves in a wiggling way, intriguing your cat to kick and play. Pets are a perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. The realistic fish toy looks like a real fish, an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged in real time, alleviating boredom and loneliness and promoting cat's exercise when you are away from home. The battery capacity was increased to 350 mAh so that each charge lasts longer. The mechanism to extend the lifetime of the fish toy was improved. This fish toy is a great christmas new year holiday gift for pet owners or your own pets. The kitty toy is made of soft plush for your kitten to chew and wrestle. Cats love the smell of catnip and can get excited and happy if they have a pouch. Cats could benefit from the use of catnip to get them up and moving. This toy is portable and can be charged from the internet. There is a cable in the package. The plush toy has a chargeable motor that can be removed for convenient cleaning. When charging, the red light comes on, and when fully charged, the red light goes out.

Brand: Potaroma

👤I'm not sure if a new cat toy will be received as well as I hope, but this one delivered! I have to take it away to charge it when my cats are playing with it, but they have been playing with it all day. The other two can't get near it because one of them is hogging it. It took them a few minutes to realize that they had to touch it to get it to move, but once they understood, they were off to the races. I can't say for sure, but I think it will last a long time since the cover can be removed for cleaning.

👤My cat liked it for about 20 seconds. My pitbull came in. My cat was horrified as he tried to kill the fish with his mouth. I tried to tell him to drop it. I was laughing so hard that I cried. My cat is very upset that this monster took his toy. The fish still works after the fiasco, but one of his head snaps, which may have caused the tail to fall off. My cat is not interested in it. My son's cat still likes it, but she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkia I will buy another one. I think my lord can play with it when the dog is in a crate. Please send thoughts and prayers that Lord Logan doesn't eat me in my sleep.

👤I avoided this toy due to its high cost, but have been looking at it for a year. It has an on/off switch, it has an on/off switch that changes the speed and cadence of the tail flapping to keep interest. When the cat is already hard at play, picking it up increases the intensity of play. Multiple of my cats were playing with each other. No regrets!

👤It is amazing. It is wonderful. It's hours of entertainment for me, never mind for my actual cats. If you're buying re: charging it, there are a few things to note: the light doesn't turn green when it's done charging, the red light just turns off, and the flopping motion is activated by tapping the toy. It's probably because if you switch it on after charging, nothing happens. It goes to sleep after a while, but only when tapped. genius Just buy it if you are on the fence. It's already scented in a way that makes it attractive to cats right out of the packaging.

👤The interactive fish toy was chosen because the boy kitty was starting to annoy his sisters. He is smart and has a lot of energy. After watching his sisters play with it, he decided to take on the fish. He strikes it, wrestles with it, and carries it all around. He will play with it for a long time. Exactly what I was hoping for. You can remove the battery to charge it. It lasts for several days. It's so convenient! You can wash the skin. It comes with a great catnip pouch that can be used with the battery pack. The packaging made us crack up. It looked like smoked trout. It's funny. All my cats love this toy.

3. Kulloomii Solution 13 6oz(4 Non Irritating Formulated

Kulloomii Solution 13 6oz%EF%BC%884 Non Irritating Formulated

The dog ear cleaner is non-irritating. Pets will not resist it because of their feelings. There are 3PCS big cotton swabs. Remove ear wax, dirt, and debris easily. Pets are crasy when their ears are dirty. They can be saved from itching, head shaking and scratching with their ear cleaner. Dog ear cleaner helps relieve ear infections. It is possible to prevent infections and eliminate odor with a clean ear environment. Pets should be kept comfortable and times should be reduced to go to the vet. You can get close to the pet by hugging, touching, and petting them. You and them are not bothered by dirty or smelly ears anymore. Drop 2 to 3 drops per ear,gently rub the ear base,then wipe the dirt. Pets are made to accept the whole cleaning process quietly. It won't take up a lot of your time.

Brand: Kulloomii

👤The ear cleaning set comes with four bottles of ear cleaner and three large swabs. The cotton ball and Q-tip are more difficult to use. Our golden is prone to itchy skin and yeasty ears. We have four of the bottles, one at my house, two at my daughter's house and one on the boat. After he swims, we clean his ears. Prevention is the best defense against ear infections in dogs. The golden retrievers ears are covered with redness and yeast that can be cut down on by using these cleaners once a week. It is priced very cheap with the current coupon. I don't recommend a cure for a current ear infection. Mavericks ears looked better the next day when a yeast infection was brewing. The nozzle top makes it easy to apply something. The solution is odor free. Some ear cleaners have a scent that masks the yeast odor. This is not supposed to be used as a flush because of the directions. The Amazon description says to fill the ear canal. I don't know about the proper usage. We apply a squirt. It helps in drying the ears after he swims.

👤The solution has no smell. The majority of cleansers smell horrible. It loosened the wax in the ear. I put drops in the ear canal and put some on a tissue to remove the ear. Our dog has a lot of wax. I don't want them to be wet or dry inside the ear canal. They were cleaned up nicely by this solution. There was no irritation and it broke down the ear canal. The bottle has a twist off tip. They should be taken outside or in an enclosed area. He shook his head to get it all out even though he had a small amount in his ear. Good value.

👤I have 4 bottles of this wash. They included the swabs for you. This is a good value. It's a good choice for your fur babies.

4. Prymal Pets Dog Cleaning Swabs

Prymal Pets Dog Cleaning Swabs

Their cotton is of the highest quality and made from bamboo. It's designed for use that is rigorous so you don't have to worry about it falling apart. Large size tips. The cotton head on their pet ear swabs is large. You don't have to worry about hurting your pup's ears while you clean hard-to-reach areas. The bamboo handles on the cotton swabs for ears allow for a longer reach and easier grip. It gives you more control so you can be more gentle as you clean. Soft and absorbent, their pet swabs are made from cotton. It's soft so that your pet won't feel uncomfortable while cleaning. These cotton tips can be used for many other things. They can be used for applying medicine, arts and crafts, and gun cleaning.

Brand: Prymal Pets

👤Remove outer ear debis with ease.

👤I wanted to do something different to save the environment. These are okay. I like soft cotton swabs for my pet. They are strong.

👤I love these. It was perfect size. The dog didn't mind the qtips as much.

👤Excellent quality and perfect for our puppies ears.

👤The quality of the swabs was excellent.

👤The ear swabs are great for dogs. They feel very soft. I used them in my ears first to make sure they wouldn't be a problem with my dogs. My dogs did a great job of cleaning their ears when used delicately. My dog has some ear issues and has to be given medicine every couple of days. I usually use a cotton ball, but these worked better as they allowed me to get into the ear further. Don't push them in, they are great when used properly. I will be getting more when this is done, they work as described.

👤My dog used to get ear infections frequently. I need to use ear drops and ear wash twice a week to keep my ear infections away. The vet told me to use Q-Tips for cleaning, but I was afraid of perforating his ear drums, so I'd use a disposable cotton cloth on my finger after the ear wash. It was inconvenient but safe. I don't have to worry about my pup being hurt if I accidentally insert one too far because the tips are the same size as my finger. It makes ear cleaning much simpler for me. I don't have to worry about him perforating his ear drums because he still doesn't enjoy it.

5. Moncom Double Cotton Strong Sticks

Moncom Double Cotton Strong Sticks

Premium 3 thick tips cotton swabs 500 ct in one small package, prevent dust pollution, clean and sanitary. There is a wide application. Makeup, baby and pet care, arts and crafts, first aid, household cleaning, model building, and more are some of the things the cutips can be used for. The cotton stick are made of 100% cotton tips and have a smooth texture after high temperature treatment. The bamboo stick cotton swabs are full and comfortable. Their cotton swabs for ears come in a nice small box. Cotton swabs 500 ct in one clear storage box for you, enough quantity for daily use, meeting your various needs and demands. When you order today, your purchase is fully protected. They will get you back within 24 hours if you don't like your cotton swabs.

Brand: Myqipgd

👤The trademarked brand does the job for me, but not as much as cotton. I didn't have a problem with snapping or breaking. The good deal saves me time and money. I can't believe I'm buying and comparing Qtips on Amazon, but this epidemic got me doing things I've never thought I'd do.

👤I had a few break-offs while I was cleaning my ear. Imagine you have this in your ear. It's frightening. I'm pretty sure it says to never use them in your ear, but we all use them in our ears regardless. I used a stick in my ear to make sure that nothing bad would happen, after the past events with it breaking. I couldn't hear... It wasn't very deep. I was able to pull it out, but these are dangerous. I imagined myself going to the hospital with cotton in my ear canal. Not worth it. I wouldn't buy these again and I don't think you should.

👤It works well. The cotton wool absorbs water very well. What a big box. You can use them for a long time.

👤The seller has offered to give me money if I change my review. I have removed a star because of this behavior. I bought these to clean mechanical items as the wood is more eco-friendly than plastic. I lost the whole head in the first one I used. It took 5 minutes to get it out. It seems to be a design flaw, as many of them have come off since. I wouldn't use these to clean my ears because of the danger.

👤I liked the look of them. They are easy to break. I work on a rig and have a roommate. My roommate splashed water on the sink and got the top moist. I noticed that there was a few that were discolored, but I didn't think about it. A couple of days later, there was more discolored and looked like a web. There was mold growing in the container. It's not the product's fault, it's by mistake. They should be kept in a dry area.

👤These are cheap, brittle, and ineffective. I don't understand the other reviews because I see things like "very sturdy" and "won't break", but that is not close to my experience with this product. I thought they were a good idea, but I realized how quickly cotton falls off with no effort at all, leaving you with a bare wooden stick stuck into your ear hole. That's not good. B. How easy it is for the wooden stick to break, leaving you with a broken stick stuck into your ear hole. That's not good. After using them for a week, I think they are dangerous. If you decide to try them out, please be careful.

👤You may be surprised that the packaging is sturdy and plentiful. What happened to the cotton on the end of Q tips? There's cotton there, but after the discontinued " home away" brand, this little amount of cotton is kind of... Not enough. Maybe the Q tip fairy will come and expand the cotton tips. Since this has happened a couple of times before I have tried other brands and they have more cotton than three other brands on Amazon. At least some cotton is present. I think it's a 4.

6. Burts Bees Dogs Peppermint Solution

Burts Bees Dogs Peppermint Solution

The dog ear cleaner from Burt's Bees is a good way to clean and soothe your dog's ears. All natural ingredients include witch hazel and peppermint oil, which soothe irritation. The dog ear cleaner bottle is easy to use. You can massage the ear twice a week. This gentle ear cleaner is pH balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula is free of fragrances, sulfates and colorants.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I chose this brand because it is well known. He was drooling and running around after I cleaned his ears. We took him to the vet and they gave him an anti nausea shot and did blood work to check his levels. They washed his ears to get the cleaner out and give him some relief. It was called for poison control to be on the safe side. He had a reaction to the oils. There wasn't a warning about this. Sharing is for awareness.

👤The ear cleaner has helped our dogs. Our dog. She has had several surgeries on her ear due to scratching. A cleaner has cleared her ears in a week. We are very happy with the results. She has a pink ear in the picture. She couldn't pull up her ear because it was so bad. We applied a few drops a day. Awesome results so far! The drops will flow out when you hold the bottle down. Just massage their ear and the drops will absorb quickly. A light smell of peppermint. You don't need to pay a lot of money for an ear cleaner, this bottle really works. Definitely recommend!

👤This item is not funded. I now have 3 dogs with me. There are 888-349-8884 It is possible to get oil off of your face with the use of 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I should have known better.

👤I am very thankful that I found this product because I am too familiar with yeasty smelly ears in my poodles and shih-tzu. My standard poodle has been having an itchy smelly ear for a couple of months now, no matter how often I cleaned his ears, I couldn't get it to clear up. After a thorough cleaning of the ear canal, I applied the Bee Ear Cleaner and within a week my big guy is no longer scratching at his ear or shaking his head. I use this product a few times a week to make sure my dogs don't have any more issues as they live in the pool during the summer. This is an all natural product that works and smells great. Thank you for that!

👤I recommend an otic/malacetic ear cleaner for dogs that are prone to ear infections due to humid/hot weather. The small bottle I got drips out slowly. This is a good product that doesn't cause too much pain or harm the ear, but it takes a long time to use because of the small size. The product is made from good ingredients, but for medical reasons, I suggest a vet visit, and using a otic formula--anything that smells vinegary means it. A canine ear infection is the most common type of infections, and it's not something that women would use a product to cure.

7. Virbac 003108 Epi Otic Advanced Cleaner

Virbac 003108 Epi Otic Advanced Cleaner

The solution is non-irritating. It's a good idea to use it during the routine cleansing of sensitive ears. Removes wax and debris from the ear canal. It is recommended for pets with chronic otitis externa. It shouldn't interfere with other ear preparations because it has a low pH.

Brand: Virbac

👤Don't buy. I am pretty disappointed in this product. I am a vet and I recommend this product to my clients, but I am not sure if this is a good product or not. My Golden's ears blew up after we used it. He has allergies which make his ears gunky so we clean them regularly. They are never dirty. After using this product, they are red and itchy. I have had to give him some drugs to fight the itch and keep him calm because he is shaking his head constantly.

👤Before using this, make sure to consult a vet. I learned from a vet that the dog needs to be sitting and someone else needs to hold its head still, because when you put this in the ear, the dog will shake its head. Make sure to flood the ear canal with this ear wash, massage the lower ear canal to loosen up any wax and debris that's in the ear, tilt the head to drain the ear, and repeat one more time to get the loose stuff out. Unless the dogs middle ear wall is torn, fill the canal. It's not dangerous for the ear to use this stuff.

👤It was easy to use and work well for cleaning my Golden's ears. I got an antibiotic solution from the vet because he had an illness. He had black gunk in his ears a few weeks after we stopped using antibiotics. I did research on how to treat at home after I refused to go to the vet. The solution was recommended by ear wipes. He isn't shaking his ears anymore. He had a checkup at the vet and they said his ears were great. Absolutely recommend.

👤I have two dogs, one who is lucky to not have any ear issues but still needs occasional cleanings, and the other who has suffered from constant ear infections her whole life. I use this on both, but it's used the most on the other. The cleaner works very well. I use this a lot when my dog gets ear infections, where I have to clean the ear and then put ear drops in to treat it. She doesn't like getting her ears cleaned and definitely fights it, but I don't think that's the fault of the cleaner as she has reacted the same to Zymox in the past. The only thing I dislike about this cleaner is that it has alcohol in it, as my dog scratches her ears and often creates wounds by the time we are able to get ear drops, so the alcohol obviously burns and hurts. To get the debris out of the ear, it's important to flood the ear canal and massage the base of the ear. When you're done, wipe the ear flap with a towel to remove any debris that came out during the cleaning. When you're done cleaning, stand back and let your dog shake so they can take off and shake.

👤A trip to the vet is required for a cat with recurring ear infections. My cat has been away from the vet for several years because of this weekly use. I used it on my dogs as well. I keep a weekly reminder on my computer calendar. Highly recommend this.

8. 200pcs Cotton Wooden Handles Applicator

200pcs Cotton Wooden Handles Applicator

100% cotton tipped swabs are very absorbent and soft. The stick is long enough to reach the small corner. The cotton tip can be used for many things. Non-sterile cotton tipped works well for both cleaning and smearing. The package includes cotton swabs.

Brand: Btyms

👤I bought these because I use make up brushes that make my throat sore and I get tonsil stones a lot. The wood is too flimsy to really push against the back of the mouth, which is where the atones come from. If you are like me and are trying this out for that purpose, they aren't perfect.

👤I like these things. The long handles are useful. They were originally used for gun cleaning, but have found that they can also be used for ear cleaners. The handle makes it easy to push the ear wax out of the other side of your head.

👤The 200 count variety would come in two, 100 item pouches. After using the photos I received, I found them to be satisfactory for cleaning in tight spaces of small household appliance. I used them and none of them broke. The two pouch's are marked with 175 swabs. I counted them, and although there were 90 in one pouch, I received 200 in the other. The pouch labeling might be changed by the seller. The customer doesn't want to count what they received.

👤I 800-273-3217 These are the worst. The wooden handles can break easily. These are cheap. I don't feel bad buying a different brand when I throw these away. I have yet to have one of these not break because I used them for cleaning car, mountain bike, road bike, handgun, rifle and air gun parts. You should be fine if you only need these for delicate work. If you use these for real work, look for something else. Two-packs are the best products I have seen. They are used for medical purposes and the quality is some of the best.

👤These are tools of the trade that my husband manages. I took a few out of his first order and ordered them for myself in the kitchen and sewing/craft room. It's great for cleaning the Food Saver track, seals on Yeti type tumblers, my sewing machines and serger, and a variety of other places. Lots of uses, Sturdy and long.

👤You get 2 bags of swaps. I wouldn't use it on the body because they don't look clean. The bags are marked as Industrial use and the swaps are fine for cleaning machine parts. I use the swabs to clean the printer heads. There is a The wooden handles allow more pressure to be applied, and its length is good to reach deep crevices.

👤One of my boys has an excess wax problem that leads to yeast infections. I use these two or three times a week. One in 10 break while using is my only complaint. The long stem allows me to see what I am doing. My vet told me that cat ear drums are placed behind a curve in the ear canal so there is less chance of them being bumped. She told me to not put the swab in so deep that I couldn't see the tip. Try to do it with a q-tip. Not possible! At least for me. I will return for more when these run out.

9. RHL Aggressive Interactive Indestructible Non Toxic

RHL Aggressive Interactive Indestructible Non Toxic

Squeaker was built into the center to increase interest. It can make a sound, their dogs will be busy and excited with it, because of sound effect, let dog feel more interested,release dog's sense of separation, keep dogs mentally and physically entertained. Ultra-durable. The rubber used in the toy is natural. It's very soft and tough. This is the closest toy to being completely indestructible. They pay special attention to the dogs' health and safety. The toy is made of non-toxic natural rubber, which is safe for the environment. The dog should be kept happy and safe. There is a beef flaVOR. They only use real food for flavor and scent. Your dog will enjoy this beef flavor chew. They offer an after-sale service guarantee. If there is a quality problem with the product, please contact them and they will be happy to replace or refund you.

Brand: Rhl

👤Let me tell you something. I'm 6 years old and I'm named Bogey. I'm a dog. Here are my thoughts and my mom's. I barked when the Amazon guy dropped off my ball. I didn't know who it was. I have to protect the house. My mom got home with a package and I assumed it was for me because I destroy my toys. I think she's tired of it. Who knows? She opened it. I smiled and jumped. I couldn't wait for it to be the best day ever. I was happy when she gave me the ball. This is the exact one. I started chewing on it. I've been at it for 3 hours. Can you believe it? My mom can't. She said that it's the most durable chew proof ball she's ever seen. I was a little upset that I can't get it into my toys, but my mom was happy and that's all that matters to me. I think she's going to buy me another one just like this one because it's so durable. I already apologized! I'm very excited. I can't wait! I like my new ball. Thanks mom and Amazon! My mom was skeptical of all of the reviews on Amazon, but now I'm proof that this ball is real. I'm trying to rip it apart. Your fur baby would love this too. Guys have to chew on my ball. Bye now! Love the pitbull.

👤It's independent! There is a Yes! Three big dogs are cleaning their teeth, exercising and squeaking all day long. The blue nose pit bull Liberty Belle has destroyed, shredded, untied, and reduced giant ropes to strings. The only alternative to the kong line that hold ups to her chewing is the one we have found. There is a The ball has little nubs that are perfect for chewing. She has a small mouth and jaw. Our biggest dog Max is a big dog who takes his ball to bed with him, to his bowl, and so on. My husband and I are very happy with the balls, they are very durable, and they are very soft.

👤The ball has the potential to be great. My dog has been carrying it around in her mouth since it arrived. It bounces well for fetch. After a few hours of play, the ball is no longer together. The seam is too weak to hold up for a few days of chewing. I don't think anything will last forever, but maybe a few weeks. Maybe I got a bad one or that is what you get.

👤The squeaker is more durable than most chewers, but only lasts about 5 sessions before my dog starts ripping off chunks of rubber. I have a 65lb pit mix. The first one of these balls lasted about the same time as the second one.

👤The only ball that has earned the name "extreme" so far is my furbabies, they are extreme chewers and a lot of ball toys like to call themselves "extreme". I have attached a picture of an animal with a ball. The kong should be ashamed that they are 4 days old. I will update this review as time goes on, but so far I am very pleased. I have wasted more money than I care to remember on kongs because one of our rescued fur babies needs a ball as a security blanket. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

10. Q Tips Cotton Swabs 500 Pack

Q Tips Cotton Swabs 500 Pack

Q-tips can be used for sensitive jobs. Clean around your baby's belly button, toes, or nose. Pets need gentle care as well.

Brand: Q-tips

👤I got 2 containers of 500 Q-tips, but I also got a plastic container with a cardboard back, and a picture with a full cardboard holder. I paid for the swabs, right? What is the problem? The problem is that the sliding box container was the selling point for this purchase. The molded plastic with a cardboard flap loses its seal when working in a high dust environment, while the sliding box left in its plastic wrapping is very effective at keeping the swabs clean. I use them to clean my ears, which produce a large amount of wax, which is jokingly referred to by my mother as having tubes in my ears as an infant, which may or may not be true. This issue is enough to warrant a 1 star review for me, but I did not purchase them if I didn't need them and will go through them in a month or two. I need to keep serious ear infections at bay and I don't want to return a product because of the hassle and expense. Not a good reason for a review? That's your opinion, not mine.

👤I ordered q-tips and got q-tips, but I prefer q-tips because it is more convenient and uses less plastic, and I have previously purchased the product in this Amazon listing's picture. It's time to take off at least 2 stars for the item not matching the description.

👤This is ridiculous. This is how I received the q-tips. Do I really want to use them?

👤The cardboard box that slides open and closed was the reason I bought these. The packaging that I received allowed dirt in as well as made it easy for them to fall out. Even though they are not open and not what I wanted, they are not returnable. Very disappointing. Will not buy from them again.

👤I should have read the reviews before buying them. The q-tips are great, but I could have bought more for less. I bought them for the packaging. There are boxes with a slide out drawer. Those are easier to use than what I received. The container I received was a type where you open the back and grab q-tips. q-tips can fall out if the container is not on a shelf at the right angle, so they are harder to store in bulk.

👤Your mom used to clean your ears with Qtips. These are more enjoyable than the plastic stems. These are better for the environment.

👤I have ordered them many times. I am disappointed that they don't match the description, but have adjusted. The delivery was tacky. That is more than just a play on words. The boxes were bound with packing tape. The viability of the boxes was decreased when the two boxes were separated. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't think of it until I had them apart. It's not clear why the packing would be changed so drastically. Not a happy camper.

👤Other brands don't hold a candle to the quality of Q-tips. I use these to clean my ears and makeup to clean up my lines. These never fail. Absolutely worth the price. Customer reviews are what I base my purchases on. If this helped you at all, please click the helpful button. Have a great day!

11. Pet MD Cat Cleaner Wipes

Pet MD Cat Cleaner Wipes

Pets Ears are clean and fresh because of the advanced veterinary formula. Cucumber Melon has a pleasant scent. All while reducing head shake, scratching, and comfort caused by infections. Cats and dogs prefer ear wipes to an ear flush. Cat and dog ear wipes make Ear cleaning easy and painless. Ear wipes are smaller than an ear cleaner solution so you can take them with you to the beach. Quality and safety are ensured in the manufacturing facilities in the USA.

Brand: Pet Md

👤We got these to clean out the yeast gunk in my dog's ear because he had an itch. He doesn't mind getting it done. If you need to use something on your dog, just let them smell it first. Once they are familiar with what it is, they tend to calm down. I would like to thank you for coming to my talk.

👤I used this for 3 days. It did more than that. kitty's ear was very hot by the third day. After checking, contact dermatitis from medicines could be a cause. I stopped it within 24 hours. I decided the ear problem needed expensive help from the vets. It is strong medicine and could hurt cats ears. Dogs ears may be stronger.

👤My dog was getting yeasty ears. Someone mentioned ear wipes after searching the internet for a way to help him. I found these on Amazon. You can read reviews and order them. I am very happy that I did. He is all better after less than two weeks. He didn't experience any pain or discomfort while we used them. He smiled while we cleaned his ears, but I wish they were bigger and thicker. We needed to use 2 at a time. My boy is better because it worked.

👤My dogs love to run and play and they get a lot of debris in their ear from playing and they get ear infections all the time. My vet started us on cleaning the ears with a bit of peroxide and doing weekly baths to prevent infections. My dog's coats were dry and started to get Dandruff after the weekly baths. One crazy dog ran like a chicken with its head off when we had to shake its ears out because it hates water in its ears. They suggested that the wipes be used to return to the normal bathing routine. You get a lot of smell from the wipes. I clean their ears twice a week and have not had an ear infections in a long time. We have been using this product for a long time. If it weren't for my vet's recommendation, I wouldn't know about these wipes and I wouldn't be able to get ear cleaning. He saved me money and time. It's highly recommended to keep your dog's ears clean and healthy.

👤My dog had an ear problem. A vet appointment can be very expensive for a person on a fixed income, so I had a friend check my dog out. I was worried it might be ear mites. It turned out to be a bug. Zoey was miserable. I tried home made remedies but they didn't work and I couldn't get rid of the infection. Before I took her to the vet, I ordered this. I'm very happy I did. For the first 3 days, I used this product to clean her ear. I was wiping out gunk every day. She wasn't scratching her head or shaking her head. I like that they are not very thick, as I can get the wipe down in there where I know the worst of the infection is. I will use this until the wipes are dry. I have reduced the cleaning to once a day. I would definitely recommend this product to your fur babies.


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