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1. Zymox Otic Ear Solution Hydrocortisone

Zymox Otic Ear Solution Hydrocortisone

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. The formula is gentle and does not cause irritation. The solution provides a safe, natural alternative to oral medication. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Zymox

👤I didn't think twice about the safety or toxicity of this product because of the positive reviews. My dog had black hair in her ears. She was functioning well and sleeping a lot. After using these drops for a few days, she got very sick and died suddenly after only 4 days of using these drops. I feel terrible for giving her eardrops because I didn't know they would hurt her. I'm happy that she's in heaven and not suffering anymore. Do not give these drops to older dogs or sensitive dogs. I would not recommend them for any dog, if you see any side effects even small, please use natural gentle treatments on your pets that will not cause harm or death, and stop immediately, and seek treatment if you see any side effects even small. I can't change what has happened to my dog, but I can at least save someone else the grief and agony of losing their dog from these eardrops.

👤I was hoping this was what everyone said it was. This drop has changed our lives. My 1 year old has had ear infections for at least 7 months. Just like everyone else, there are multiple different treatments. There was no relief. It appears to go away, but comes back quickly and bad. She scratched it until it was dirty. I was very excited to receive these drops. I started treating her after they arrived. She has made a lot of improvements. She wouldn't let me look at her ear. Her ear was swollen and bloody, now it looks like the other one. She is happy now. Will use this product to keep my baby happy and healthy.

👤We bought this ear cleaner because of the great reviews. The last time we went to the vet for our golden retriever's ear infections, it cost us over $100 and we already knew she had an ear infection. I thought I would give it a try because it was under $25 and claimed to clear up ear infections. Our golden retrievers ear was completely healed up after 3 days, and it was absolutely amazing. She was no longer scratching at her ear and the smell went away. I bought the ear wipes to help clean her ears as well. I could tell that the ear wipes and ear cleaner were soothing because she had scratched her ear open from all the scratching. I recommend this product for dogs with floppy ears who are prone to ear infections. We will be buying this product more often to keep our dog's ears clean and healthy. If I could, I would give it 10 stars.

👤I have a stray cat. I took him to get his vaccines. The vet told me that he needs to go to the vet clinic for an ear drop prescription, that would be another little fortune. I read reviews and gave this a try. I saw a big difference after 3 days. I realized that he wasn't scratching his ears as much when the dark gulp dissolved. After a week there is almost nothing to see. The cat is also happy.

2. 200pcs Cotton Wooden Handles Applicator

200pcs Cotton Wooden Handles Applicator

The 6 inch long wooden cotton swabs are sturdy and have wooden handles. Cleaning Sterile Sticks With Wood Handle for Oil Makeup Gun Applicators, Eye Ears Eyeshadow Brush and Remover Tool, Cutips Buds for Baby and Home accessories are all part of 200 PCS. The wooden handles offer aggressive cleaning. Cotton head thar is gentle to your skin and items surface and is designed with pure healthy cotton. It is not easy to break the wood handle. Cotton swabs can be used to remove makeup from the eye. It is important to play a role in removing makeup. It's easy to clean the dirty and dust if you're safe and clean. The lens of camera and VCR heads can be applied to the cleaning machine. The product has a 60 day return and resend guarantee. Please contact them if you have a question about this item. The cotton is non-sterile.

Brand: Yinghezu

👤Perfect for what I need them for. You get what you paid for.

👤The cotton tip on these swabs is solid and doesn't fall off when you use them. When I consider the price, I am very pleased. I was hesitant at first because there was only one tip on one end. I use cotton swabs to clean up the little details in my oil paintings. I can sometimes use them two more times before throwing them out. I will be buying these again. I would love to see another bigger swab. These are the best samples I've found.

👤I needed a longer length for my dog's ears to be cleaned, so I bought these. They were breaking. It's not like I was using any force. They can't be used for their intended purpose because of the waste of money. The material is cheap.

👤My mom told me not to put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Let's face it! Sometimes I don't feel comfortable putting a q-tip in my ear because it feels like wax at the inside of my ear. I accidentally found these sticks when I was using the kit to apply the rhinestones. I was having a problem with wax. I tried to pick my ear with the sticks. The longer the stick, the more control I had over it. It was a wonderful find.

👤I wouldn't use cotton on animals. I read a few posts and was completely shocked by what I read. I use these to clean my guns, computers and other items. The cotton does not fall off the handle. Please don't order these for cleaning your ears. It's great for cleaning equipment and hard to reach areas.

👤I can't recommend this product. The product bends and does not break easily, which is an absolute lie. These are so fragile that when I used them with barely any force, they broke into 5 or 6 pieces. Imagine taping cotton to a piece of spaghetti and trying to use it as a sample. I don't want you to know. The cotton does seem okay, but the bag with the swabs seems a bit questionable. I wanted these to work for reaching awkward places, but I ended up with a bunch of 1 inch pieces. It was a failure.

👤I got these for cleaning and they broke under the least amount of pressure. The point of having a long handle is that you have to hold them at the top by the cotton for them not to break. The cotton is tightly wound onto the stick, and it seems like the stick is coated with something, alleviating fears of splinters from cheap wood. I wouldn't recommend them for a lot of use.

👤These Cotton swabs are long and reach places to add lubricant to equipment. They were in a zip lock bag when they received it. I don't use them to put into ears or into your body. The wooden handles are smooth. The cotton on the head is enough to hold onto what you need. I would recommend them to anyone who needs them for personal hygiene use.

3. Curaseb Cat Dog Ear Wipes

Curaseb Cat Dog Ear Wipes

Ear wax, dirt, and other foreign visitors can be removed gently. No Sting Formula Deodorizes Your Pets with a Cucumber Melon scent. Ear Flushes and Drops make cleaning fast and painless. It's perfect for daily use. Acidify your pets Ear Canal with the Advanced Veterinary Formula to prevent Ear Infections in the future. Quality and safety are assured in the small batches made in the USA.

Brand: Curaseb

👤When I used these wipes, I expected a fight with my cats. I found them to be comforting. Maybe it was a nice scent. I rubbed the wipes slowly in their ears. Next time, I will use a q tip wrapped in the wipe to get in the crease. They did a good job of cleaning the ick. Very happy.

👤It doesn't smell good. Your dog's ears will not smell great for 2 days after you use it, but it works. My dog with allergies has stopped getting ear infections. Twice a week he gets treatment. I think the medicine calms me down. You'll get over it. A small price to pay for a dog.

👤The wipes work. They didn't bother my cat. He didn't seem to mind that they cleaned out his ears. They should clean out your pet's ears.

👤I got these because the wipes I used to have are no longer available. The odor of these is very clinical. The smell of a vet's office clings to the cat for hours, and I thought "oh my gosh, why does my cat smell sick?" It's the smell of a sick pet. I will avoid using these outside of emergencies since her sense of smell is stronger than mine. I hope that they are less painful than using a damp paper towel to remove wax.

👤I'll look for something that isn't fragrant. If you've seen the review pictures, you'll see the debris I go through with my cat. Marshall is a 6 month stray from Petsmart. The vet reviewed me after 4 months and said some cats are like that. If the vet is not concerned about the issue, I would use this product. I wouldn't recommend for felines the comments I'll make now that I have 4 pads left. The smell is still there when people pick up the animal. It may not bother humans, but felines are bothered by smells that stay on their body for two days.

👤These are very strong. I can clean my golden retriever's ears with one wipe because they are moist and sticky. I turn it over for the other ear. His ears are very clean with these wipes. It will save me from going to the vet.

👤It doesn't smell at all and is easy to use. I was concerned that it would smell like medicine. It doesn't. It works well, but it is small and flimsy, my only complaint. It can get stuck in the ears of a dog. I use two pads at a time for my yellow labs, and gently wipe the perimeter of their ear, and then check the inner ear canal. It works so I would recommend it.

👤I have four pets, two of which get ear infections, and two senior cats that are on hyperthyroid meds. The cats have to clean their ears when they get their second dose later in the night. I was using cotton balls and bottled dog/cat ear wash, but this is much easier for my application. I use these on my dogs and cats and they are happy!

4. ZYMOX Pre Clean Veterinarian Recommended Hydrocortisone

ZYMOX Pre Clean Veterinarian Recommended Hydrocortisone

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. No stinging formula. There is a natural alternative to hydrocortisone for itch relief. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Zymox

👤I've spent hundreds of dollars on my Boston Terrier's ear infections. He scratches his ears until they bleed because of the red, smelly, and brown discharge on them. It was so bad that he would feel pain whenever someone touched him. We went back to get more medicine that seemed to help, but the problem came back after a week. Desperate, I decided to do my own research and read the reviews on Amazon, so I decided to try it. I applied the drops once a day and his ears were fine after three days. I applied for three more days to kill off any leftover nasty. So far, so good, that was about a month ago. No more gross ears. My dog has a grain allergy and must eat grain free food. I eat grain myself and I don't think it's bad. It took us a long time to figure out that the food he was eating was causing him to get red, irritated, itchy skin. He scratched a lot. The ear problems were not stopped by the grain free food. This medicine is worth trying if your dog is having the same issues. It costs less than an office visit for the vet.

👤My baby is a poodle. She got her first ear infection when she was 5 years old. She had dark wax and a horrible smell. She scratched so hard that she cut her ear. I knew it was an ear problem. I didn't want to pay the vet a lot of money to tell me what I knew about her. I read a lot of reviews and decided to try this one. I chose this one because it worked so well. After the first application she was no longer scratching and for the rest of the week it broke down all the wax and healed her ear. 100% recommend this product. The first picture is after I put in the drops and the second is after 7 days with one treatment per day. The skin is healing but there is no smell or scratching.

👤This is the first time I have written a review. I adopted a pit bull mix that was starving and had cancer. She was named Lucille. The Ancient Cancer Dog was a mess. We had mast cell tumors removed and she seemed happy, but her ears were chronically infections, with scratching, rolling, and shaking. She was still miserable after going to the vet three times, two otomax inserts, pills for yeast, pills for allergies, and hundreds of dollars in vet and prescription costs. I picked it up based on the reviews. One application. One. It's obvious that she's feeling better. I'm hopeful that we're over the hump on the ear infections. Lucy thanks the good stuff from Zymox. She's going to shake that oily stuff all over it, so don't give it to your good bedspread.

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I feel like I have to in case someone else has a dog that is going through the same thing I did. My dog had a yeast issue in his ear for about a year after I adopted him. I took him to the vet for it a couple of times and the response was pretty much, "some dogs get it, it is pretty much random, and there's no cure." That's terrible. It is bothering my dog. He's scratching his ear in the middle of the night and you can hear him crying while he does it. I can tell he's been scratching his ear because he's been bleeding when I clean it. I had been treating it. Multiple times a day. The product I was using was said to be one of the more effective by the vet. I'm not bashing that product at all. It was doing more for him than before. I'll get to the point. I was skeptical when I saw it. I used to have to pour at least 1.25oz into his ear because he didn't like the drops. After the first application, I could tell that it didn't hurt him to have the medicine in his ear. He's not scared of me coming towards him. It used to take a lot of bribes to get him to tolerate it. I bought this about a month ago. After a week or so, it went down to 2/week. As time goes on, less and less. He has not woken me up in the middle of the night from his ear scratching in a while, and you can tell he feels better. I have a small amount of the 1.25 oz left. I drank 2 of the 6oz bottle/month before this. My lazy ass took the time to write a review of this product. That means something if you know me. I don't care what you think if you don't know me or you. If you want your dog's ear to not make you throw up when you smell it, buy this. If you divide the cost by the number of days your dog's ear doesn't want to make you throw up, it's cheaper than the air you breathe.

5. H3D BambooXL503 Bamboo Cleaning X Large

H3D BambooXL503 Bamboo Cleaning X Large

The bamboo stick is recommended by many veterinarians. The bamboo stick is easy to use. The bamboo stick is ready to use. The bamboo stick cotton tip is soft and supple, and it respects the skin and the canal. The capacity for absorption is not equal.

Brand: H3d

👤The dog owner should get these. We have been using them for a long time for cleaning our dogs ears. The handles don't bend like q-tips and are wooden so they are safe for your dog's ears. They are 12 times more absorbent than a q-tip. They are not harmful to the environment. They make them in two sizes for large and small dogs if they complain that they are too large.

👤Great samples. The pugs ears might be swollen. That's why the 4 stars. There were no other complaints. I would buy this brand again in a smaller size. It was made in France.

👤I've been looking for these for a long time and I'm happy I found them. I've avoided using regular cotton swabs on my dogs since they are so small and only compact the "gunk" into their ears leading to further trouble! I can get everything out with these, they are big and I can get around the ear. I will be buying from now on.

👤My Springer Spaniel has gunk in his ears but the beauty of his ear wax is that it blows outside his ear canal and into his skin. I would only clean around the outside ear canal when using this cotton tip, because I wanted to avoid going too deep into the canal. The product does a good job and it's much easier to use than baby wipes.

👤I thought the cotton part was fluffier than the hard wood stick. I would be hesitant to go very deep into a dog's ear because of the design. Regular Q-Tips would cost less and work just as well.

👤The price is high for the quantity. The tip is large for my golden retrievers ears and I decided to purchase them. Even when the cotton was saturated, it didn't fall apart. I wish it had a smaller tip.

👤These are great. Works well, doesn't hurt my dogs.

👤It's amazing for cleaning guns or dogs ears.

👤We pop some ear fluid into the ear canal and clean them because she loves to swim and debris can enter into her inner ears.

👤It worked well to clean out my dog's ears. The job was done quickly and without causing distress to the dog.

👤The earbuds were recommended by the vet. They are a perfect size, they don't hurt the animal, and they pick up a lot of little debris in the garden. The stick is very strong and there is no chance of it snapping.

👤It's essential to clean the bumpy bits on the dogs ear. The pack says never to use them in the ear. Cotton wool balls are better for hearing. These are important for keeping the outer ear healthy.

👤It was really good that it made it easier to clean my dogs ears.

6. Cotton Quality Multipurpose Absorbent Hygienic

Cotton Quality Multipurpose Absorbent Hygienic

The cotton head can clean the depths of pets' ears. The dog ear canal has dirt and debris. The cotton swab is made of bamboo and soft cotton, which is hard to break. The soft cotton has hygroscopicity, can quickly absorb water, and large cotton buds allow you to apply medicine and clean at the same time. The cotton head cannot pass through the dog's ear canal or touch the deep part of the ear, because of the spiral cross-wound. This is not just a pet cotton swab, it can be used to clean up oil stains.

Brand: Quanzhou Chenchenchen E-commerce Co.,ltd

👤This is the first time I have deviated from the norm of my usual Q-tips. The first time I tried these wooden swabs, I was hooked. I don't recommend these for children or infants because they are too small to go deep into the ear canal if you're not careful. I learned a lesson the hard way, so be careful and use with care. I love using these swabs because I know they can be dangerous. I don't think I can ever use regular Q-tips again. I uploaded side by side photos of Q-tips and wooden swabs for comparison. If you want to throw a bag in your purse or in the glove compartment of your car, you'll be happy to know that my package consisted of 4 individual bags with 100 swabs in each bag. You never know when you need one. Cotton swabs have been helpful in a lot of messy situations, especially with electronic devices, dogs and fast food in the car.

👤I am going to sing you the love song of a girl that is obsessed with cotton swabs and I feel ridiculous about it. I had my last cotton swab. They had a cardboard stick. The cotton tip wouldn't hold together and my ears didn't feel any cleaner because the tips were very plush. I have clean ears. I have seen videos of people getting their ears cleaned and have been jealous because doctors have looked in my ears before and it is just a healthy, waxless ear canal. The old box of cotton swabs left me feeling like they weren't doing a good job, even if there wasn't anything to use. I started shopping. Plastic handles are mite rigid, but I imagined my used swabs being toted around my seahorses. I couldn't contribute to that. Enter the wooden handle cotton swabs. The stick doesn't bend, so I can remove the shit from my ear-hole. The cotton tip is the perfect amount. The bad news is that I will not stop buying cotton swabs. If you don't like them, you won't be stuck with a 10-year supply.

👤Just arrived. Had to try them out. They work well. The sticks are sturdy and there is plenty of cotton padding. I did not find it necessary to put a plastic tube over the stick. The dog did not mind a single bit. The dog ear cleaning solution was dipped in. It's much easier to use wipes. Can do both ears with a single sample. I went with the one that would arrive soonest because I was not sure which shape to purchase. It was a good choice, the longer thinner swab gets into the crevices for a through cleaning. Happy with the purchase!

👤There is not much cotton on the tips of the wooden sticks. You have to be careful when putting these in the ears. Since there is not much cotton on the tips, they can go deep into the ear canal and cause injury. I think this product is better for arts and crafts.

7. GLADOG Professional Specially Designed Durable

GLADOG Professional Specially Designed Durable

The cotton buds for dogs are made of wood and cotton that is sterile and odorless. Large tips means safe. You don't need to worry about poking your dog. The stick portion is long enough to reach down into the dog's ear and get all the dirt and debris out. The cotton head is tight and won't fall easily. It's better than cotton balls because they allow for a perfect reach into the ear. Your dog deserves the best.

Brand: Gladog

👤I clean my dog's ears with these. They are great. I also bought a 6” swab on Amazon, and then these big daddies. It was thick and soft. I tried to feel the stick on my finger, but I couldn't. It was very nice. They hold their shape when wet, like if you apply a liquid ear cleaner, the cotton does not slide off the stick. The sticks are round wooden dowel and strong, they don't snap during normal use, even with a dog who gets very excited to have her ears cleaned!

👤We used one of them. The cotton bud came out of my dog's ear. We had to fight to get it out of her ear. It was more trouble than it was worth. They went to my husband's workshop. It was not worth it to send them back.

👤Returning these. Hurt my dogs ears. I decided to keep them and use them in the grooves of our waffle iron. The wooden sticks are flimsy and snap with any amount of pressure, and the cotton swab left pieces of itself in the grooves. I didn't use it for my dogs' ears.

👤The wood used for these is not strong enough. It's a problem when trying to clean the ears of a wiggly German Shepard puppy.

👤These things are needed to clean our dog's ears. German Shepherds have large ears. Little Q-tips don't fit the bill. These are five times the size of a Q-tip. I will buy them again and again. Thank goodness they exist.

👤The wood stick is very thin. They snapped with no pressure. Not worth the money.

👤They hold more solution than regular Q-tips. The larger area allows you to cover more area. Too small to go into the ear. That's not the reason I bought these. My vet liked them because I showed her all my purchases.

👤I used these to clean my body. Rottweiler puppy has ears every other day. It is easy to use. He likes that it is soft and gentle. He is a Hugh boy and we ordered the large ones. They are great for cleaning noses.

👤These products are better for larger dogs. Here is a comparison of a regular swab and a visual. It's not suitable for my shih tzus. If I owned a big dog, I would not hesitate. These are serious.

👤A pack of 100 was replaced by one cotton bud. The refund was issued.

8. SynergyLabs Ear Therapy Fl Oz

SynergyLabs Ear Therapy Fl Oz

The veterinary formula clinical care ear therapy is medically formulated to help relieve infections in dogs and cats. Dog and cat ear drops can be used to clean and deodorize the ear canal. Daily care maintenance for a healthy pet includes ear infections. This bottle of pet ear drops is alcohol-free and gentle enough for frequent use, it has a mild scent and is completely painless for your pets, and you can clean and dry their delicate ears as frequently as needed. For dogs and cats, Clinical Care Ear Therapy can be used to prevent ear infections and for daily care to keep your pet healthy. They know dogs and cats are more than just pets because they are pet parents too, so they created a premium medicated product that is affordable and effective.

Brand: Veterinary Formula

👤My cocker spaniel has been dealing with chronic ear infections her whole life. She has used a lot of antibiotics under the sun. Thousands of dollars have been spent on allergy testing. Yes, you read that correctly. I said it could be allergy related. She should live in a bubble because she is allergic to every animal. She was on a strict vegetarian diet and it didn't help her ears. At the beginning, apoquel helped, but now it doesn't anymore. The doctors have given up and recommend a total ear removal. For those who don't know what ear canal removal is, it's total ear canal removal. Look at the pictures I posted. The photo was when it was starting to get bad. It smelled like something was in her ear. She was itching it so much that it was swollen. I just took the second picture. There was a total difference. She doesn't itch as much and it doesn't smell anymore. What did I do differently? This could change your dog's life. 1. We sleep with a fan. My dog has floppy ears and the lack of air ruined her life. It has helped to dry out her ears since we got major air flow into our room. She says the top thing that has changed her life is. If you can't sleep with a big fan, get a small one. I swear, it works. 2. I clean her ears every week. The doctors told me to clean her ears twice a day, but I noticed it made things worse. I use this product and I can tell you the difference it has made. The fan dries out her ears. I think it's a yeast issue because it smelled like Cheetos, but this cleaner cleans it all up. Her ears have not looked good in a long time. I use a q-tip to clean her ears. Squish. You clean the gunk that comes out. It has worked well. This stuff is very gentle on her ears and it's coming from a dog. 3. I shave the inside of her ears to keep the area clean and I don't get her head wet when I bath her using room temp water. I don't wet her head because it causes a humid environment and keeping her ears hair free helps keep it dry. Buy this. It has made a difference in her ears.

👤I have a dog and she was shaking a lot. I have a little experience and have many dogs. I noticed what she was doing and ordered this. What was bothering her was gone in three days. She loved when I'd massage her lower ear cable so that it could reach all the way in. I'm going to use it to keep her ears clear.

👤I recommend this product, but be careful if your pet has bad ears. My cats got ear mites from a stray. I've lived all around the country and have always owned cats. California ear mites are the worst in the US, and none of my cats have had them. My cats have very sensitive skin because they are all Siamese blends. The standard treatment for ear mites is toxic to cats, so finding a safe product is difficult. I've learned to use mineral oil or olive oil instead of taking cats to the vet for ear mites. I switched to olive oil for my cats' sensitive ears because they didn't like mineral oil. The problem was so bad that it had spread quickly. When I used oil, I saw a great improvement, but it didn't get rid of the last bit of yuck. I decided to try it. Two days ago it arrived. I decided to do a patch test because of their sensitive skin. I only used a q-tip to treat one of their ears, so as not to cause irritation if they had an issue. I got too much in his ear, but he was the only one that acted like it bothered him. His ear was so raw that the product caused a swelling. One cat had some inflammation. I felt like I was abusing a cat. The oil missed some ear mite and the product killed what was left, but there was more of them the next day. Better out than in! I used a dry Q-Tip to make sure no moistness remained after I cleaned their ears. Duffer came in to wait his turn when I set up the stuff for him. He looked better, and a bunch of coffee grounds came out, but after his ears were cleaned, he felt more comfortable. I use a head lamp to make sure I don't go further than the outer ear. If you shove a Q-Tip any farther into their ears, it could puncture their eardrum. I've had medical training and seven years of working at animal shelters, so I know what I'm doing. If the cat starts to shake its head, jerk the swab out quickly. Tizzy has no sign of ear mites this morning. The inflammation is almost completely gone, just a small area of redness. She let me scratch her ears for the first time in a month. I did not use it as directed, by filling the entire ear with the product. I took a picture of Tizzy's ear so you can see how much has changed. For the first time in months, I was able to scratch her behind the ears without her head shaking or flinching. It will probably be all better tomorrow, because the puffiness is almost gone. Since my sis let them out before I got up, I haven't gotten a change to check the other two yet, but if there's no improvement or worsening of their condition, I'll add those details to the review. Assume it all went well. If your pet has a bad infection or has sensitive ears, start slow. I would only do one ear at a time, and try to build up their tolerance. It will cause inflammation if their ears are badly irritated. I'm going to try it again in a few days to see if they do better after their ears heal, because it looks like it's doing the job. Nothing else I've tried has worked as well as it has. I don't think it's a bad thing that it's getting rid of California's Super Villain, because it's working when nothing else works. The product caused a lot of pain for some of the reviewers. My guess is that the animal's ears were so irritated that it was painful. If your pet has a bad infection, go slow with this product. Chemo can save your life, even though it sucks. This stuff seems to be saving my cats from a long-term problem. Don't let the claims of horrible pain put you off. If you see any redness in the ear, just use it lightly and allow it to heal. My sister's cat has ear mites, so she's trying it next. I'll add her response after we see how it goes. If you're dealing with ear troubles in your pet, you deserve a little bit of "Awwww" because she's cute and you deserve a photo of her.

9. VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes Controlling

VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes Controlling

Deodorize and dry your pets ears. It's safe for regular use which prevents Ear Infections and reduces Wax build up. In and around the ear. Alcohol Free With Eucalytpus For Ear Cleansing. Itching and reducing ear odor are ways to prevent infections. Quality and safety are ensured in the USA with Federally regulated manufacturing facilities.

Brand: Vetwell

👤I like to write reviews for my dog's products because I know how important our babies are to us. We check reviews and ingredients. You can see that I have a golden complexion. He has floppy ears and they get oily. There is no infections, just gunk from lack of air in the ears. These ear pads make ear hygiene easy. One side of a pad is smooth and the other is rugged. The deep stuff will work its way out naturally if you get in the easy to reach crevices. A quick wipe every 3 days has given him healthy pink ears. These are gentle and sensitive, so get them for your dog. Jester says yes, 5 stars!

👤The product is small. Not recommended for large dogs. We have 2 GSD's that are hard to keep on hand. I will take them to my uncle's house.

👤These wipes are wonderful. I don't have to put liquid in his ears to use a cotton ball. Whenever I go outside with him, I can grab and wipe with these wipes. He is a 100 lbs German Shepherd who loves to get in the pond and catch all of the pollen that is floating in the air. He needs his ears cleaned all the time. It's convenient.

👤These pads are amazing. The hair around my dog's ear was all wet and sticky because of the drops I had been using. I read the reviews and thought I would try them out. My dog is stinky. The wipes have been great in keeping the ear nice and smelling. I wish the pads were a little bigger. I get goop on my fingers because they are small. Love them and will be purchasing again. Thank you so much!

👤I have a dog. She has had issues with her ears for a long time. Our other dog licked her ears. We tried everything we could to stop him, but he wouldn't stop. Her ears are bad now that he is gone. I think he cleaned her ears more than we thought. She has smelly ears and big black chunks of ear gunk. We have tried many different types of ear cleaners. The combination of this and Zymox Plus Otic-HC Advanced Formula has made a difference. If we don't clean her ears, they will still get stinky. There is a It really helps if we use the combo almost every other day. I was surprised to see pink when we cleaned her ears. I thought she had black ears. It's a good thing.

👤To cut down on vet visits, we try to keep her ears clean. She doesn't like the stuff we got from the vet because it gets squirted into her ears. She doesn't mind having her ears wiped out, it does a great job of drying her ears out, and she smells good afterwards. It is recommended.

👤It's not for your Great Danes or Shepherd, where these little things are likely to slip off your finger and disappear.

10. PPP Aroma Care Count Wipes

PPP Aroma Care Count Wipes

Ear infections can be prevented with regular use. Convenient wipes.

Brand: Ppp

👤Great! Everything is the same as the Pet Med Brand. The container is the same size, but looks different at the bottom. Both products smell the same. The cloths are a little easier to break for aromacare. My boy's ears smelled fresh and clean after they worked the same. I have had great success with ear infections going away with regular cleaning, and would expect the same from aroma care. Usually use 4 cloths once a week. If you have an ear infection, you should have 2 cloths a day. My boy loves getting them cleaned and he doesn't mind how they smell. He's run from other products due to scent.

👤I'm afraid to have my ears cleaned and cry like a child when mom does it, but I'm not sure what happened to my dogs. The best product I've ever used is these pads, but they are a little smaller than I was expecting. Both of my dogs have hairy floppy ears and are getting yeast infections every now and then. When I clean their ears, they will scream like babies. It isn't getting done. They laid still and let me clean their ears. I'm not going to say they liked it, but it seems like it. I can keep their ears clean at home without going to the vet.

👤Our dog has problems with his ears. He starts scratching his ears and shaking his head. He doesn't like ear cleaning with drops and cotton balls, it takes about a week to get relief. He started scratching and shaking his head several weeks ago. Went downstairs and cleaned both ears without much fuss. He wiped his ears out the next morning. Trying to clean them weekly. I read that people expected the wipes to be bigger. We have a giant breed and I was a bit worried that I'd use half the jar to clean his ears. I can get into his ears with a few wipes per ear. Thank you.

👤My dog is sick from war infections. It's important that I keep them because his last trip to the vet required a serious invention. The vet's ear cleaner is not enjoyable to use. My dog loves these wipes and the infection has not returned. I use at least two per ear for my husky mix. They clean very well. People are complaining about the size. I expected them to be standard for cleansing wipes. I plan on keeping the two cleanings per week.

👤Ranger comes when I say, "let's do your ears." He has had ear infections, long floppy ears, and a little waxy gunk in Texas, and then he will get a stinky and red nose. The long ears dogs are cursed. These wipes are small enough to be used around the delicate areas of the ear. I double them up because they could be a little bigger. It's worth it to him and he won't suffer. He's a digger if I could get him to stop licking and chewing his feet. Ranger... Don't lick, I think it's like being a fingernail biter. He was just bored. He gets to go walkies all the time.

11. MISTER BENS Original Wash Aloe

MISTER BENS Original Wash Aloe

Stop itching, scratching and head shaking within a few treatments. You will notice relief from infections, inflammation, swelling, and irritations. This is one of the most effective dog ear cleaners. Mister Ben's Ear Original Tonic with Aloe for Dogs is also available on Amazon. This unique dog ear wash and cleanser has a total of six active ingredients to treat and protect ears against the root causes of most infections. Works for all dog breeds. It is a natural and effective agent for pet ear health and it is also a natural and effective agent for irritated ears. Don't use anything but the most effective dog ear wash. No more earaches. Don't use when your dog is having issues. For long term use, this formula is safe. Keep your dog's ears healthy and pain free for the rest of his life. Every Mister Ben's Pet Product you purchase, you will get a free eBook on Dog Ear Health and a donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Brand: Mister Ben's

👤This is an excellent ear wash and does not sting my dogs. I live in a very humid climate and have drop-eared dogs so I check their ears daily to make sure they are ok. Mister Ben's and Oxyfresh are sometimes used. Mister Ben's seems to clean ears more thoroughly than either of them. My only complaint is that the product is bright yellow which stains things. The white cotton dog towels have yellow stains. They are dog towels, no big deal. If the product spills or splashes on something porous, you have a stain that can't be removed. I have been unable to remove the stain on my light colored grout that is from a cotton ball soaked with the product. My original order was called Mister Ben's Most Effective Earwash, but it did not have the aloe, and it worked great, was not bright yellow, and did not stain anything. I am very happy with the product and will continue to buy it.

👤I don't think I can say how great this stuff is. I have a small dog that was saved. Her ears were swollen shut when we got her. Nothing helped with treatment at home. I bought every product under the sun. She put allergens in her ear canals because she has so much scar tissue. Constantly had infections at the same time, while battling yeast infections due to the scar tissue. I tried to avoid her from doing anything that could lead to an illness. That wasn't successful. I read through many good reviews when I saw this product on Amazon. I have spent so much on this stuff that I haven't tried it yet. She had another ear infection as it arrived. I used Mr Ben's Original EarWash to clean her ears. Her ears looked better the next morning. I cleaned her ears with the bottle. She has not had any infections since. She has not had any problems with her ears since we started using this stuff. I can't recommend it enough. I have told some friends and family members that their pets have yeast, and they ordered some, and they had the same experience. It is a miracle in a bottle. You will not regret it if you order it. I don't work for the company and the only interest I have in the product is that it works like no other that I have tried.

👤Awesome product. We got a Whoodle puppy five months ago and he has been plagued by ear yeast infections. After several hundred dollars in vet visits, a couple of rounds of antibiotics, ear medication and constant flushing with an Epi-Otic solution, we were at our wits end. Mister Ben's Most Effective Dog Earwash was the one that caught my eye while I was looking for a cheaper price on Epi-Otic solution. I read the reviews and thought I could try something else. I'm glad I did. I flushed our dog's ears for a week. His ears are clean and he doesn't stink anymore. He is able to relax without scratching or shaking his head. I will use it once a week as a preventative. This has been a blessing.


What is the best product for dog qtips ears?

Dog qtips ears products from Zymox. In this article about dog qtips ears you can see why people choose the product. Yinghezu and Curaseb are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog qtips ears.

What are the best brands for dog qtips ears?

Zymox, Yinghezu and Curaseb are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog qtips ears. Find the detail in this article. H3d, Quanzhou Chenchenchen E-commerce Co.,ltd and Gladog are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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