Best Dog Puzzle Toys

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1. Difficulty Level Adjustable Asbtos Interactive Enrichment

Difficulty Level Adjustable Asbtos Interactive Enrichment

Are you concerned about whether the enrichment toys for dogs are too difficult or easy for your pet? If you take off some of the sliders, you can make the dog puzzles simpler, but if you install all of the sliders, you will increase the difficulty level for smart dogs. Slowly increase the difficulty level and find the right one for your pet. More than 50% of pets are obese, which increases the risks of heart disease and other health issues, and it is the first cause of Obesity for pets. This situation can be alleviated if your pet uses food puzzles for dogs, it can extend the feeding time by 6-9 times. Compared to other products on the market, their upgraded new edition dog brain stimulating toys have more food storage holes, and the bright colors can instantly grab pets' attention, generating more joys for you pets. Dogs can improve their IQ by playing puzzle toys. Their puppy puzzle toys are fun for dogs to play with, and the interactive game can enhance the bond between your pets, bring more positive energy for pets. The dog puzzle toys for large dogs are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly andBPA-free materials which are easy to clean. After using it, oil stains can be washed with soap in cold water and then dried naturally. The material of this dog mental stimulation toys is strong enough to be used daily.

Brand: Asbtos

👤I searched for puzzles for smart dogs. This one showed up. The difficult level was supposed to be adjusted. It isn't easy. I will entertain the dog for a while. I don't recommend buying unless your puppy is at least 4 months old.

👤My mini and standard poodle enjoy the puzzle. I fill half of the compartments with a small treat. My dog finds the treats first and then goes back for the food. They have fun pushing the pieces around to find their treats.

👤This is a pretzel. My Pyrenees is 10 months old. Pretzel eats everything, chairs, hoses, cords, buckets, and everything he shouldn't. I was worried he would be bored if I was not at work. I thought it would be a waste of money, as pretzel eats everything. I was surprised that he did not destroy this. He likes it. He did the puzzle quickly but never destroyed it. Success! Very well made, super durable.

👤It's a waste of money. My chocolate lab pounced on something because he was so excited, after he slid the things around with his paws. We got out of this in about 2 minutes. It was very frustrating.

👤This is the easiest puzzle feeding toy I have ever seen for a dog, and the hardest for a human. My dog cleared it in under 30 seconds. From there she got faster. It takes longer for the dog to find and eat the treats than it does for the food to be put in. It takes my dog more time to clear the open snuffle mat. A Kong tumble-feeder, which she uses every day and takes just a few seconds to fill, will keep her entertained for a good 10 minutes. This toy has a dollar-store feel, but not a matching price, and it is extremely suspect. If you want to remove some of the covers to make it easier, you have to remove two phillips screws and open the clips with a flat screwdriver. Even though it is technically possible, it doesn't seem like it was designed to be adjusted.

👤It is not the best puzzle for energetic large breed older puppies. She found that dumping it over gave the pieces a quicker pace. She found that she could chew off the rubber feet on the bottom. This was her first time with the puzzle. It would be better for an older or more reserved dog who is not prone to dumping and chewing parts. It is very difficult to clean and hold water.

👤My child is too smart to figure out enrichment toys on her own. This one makes her work and she can't cheat by flipping it upside down. If you only add treats to the game, it should be fine, but I like to use them when feeding her, she has a sensitive tummy, so it's hard to give her treats. It's a great product, but be aware it won't hold large amounts.

👤I've been looking into dog enrichment for my dog. I feel like he gets bored when he doesn't go to the park or walks because of work and sometimes I can't spend as much time with him. I think this is a good way to keep him entertained and not give him treats so easily. He is too smart for it and used his nose to move the pieces out of the way. He doesn't waste time opening the ones that don't have treats. I still gave it five stars because it does exactly what it says it will do, and is cute.

2. Joansan Interactive Dispenser Training Digestion

Joansan Interactive Dispenser Training Digestion

There is an Interactive Dog Puzzle toYS. It is an interactive puppy puzzle toy that is fun for puppies and cats and can help increase their IQ by learning sequential steps. The mental exercise game is a fun physical and mental challenge for the dog. The interactive game for dogs to enjoy the fun feeding when they using nose or paws to move the sliders is one of the ways that training pets sense of smell, thinking ways to solve problem, and also the interactive game for dogs to enjoy the fun feeding when they using nose or paws to move Dogs love this activity. REDUCING BOREDOM The pet puzzle toys can keep smart dogs and cats busy and help them solve problems. The puppy and dogs will love the reward for a job well done. Slow feeding and treat dispensers help to slow down feeding time to aid your dog's digestion and prevent bloat, as well as a treat dispensers toy to reward your dog with kinds of healthy snacks. Dogs would enjoy the food. The puzzle toy for dogs is very durable and cute, it is made of plastic. There is a non-removable plastic slider to avoid swallowing. Water cleaning for pets.

Brand: Joansan

👤She liked this. I would love to find more brain games for her. I might make a few myself.

👤My dog is very fond of this activity. I place the treats under the sliders after I chop up one and the other one. I only give it to him once a day. You could replace treats with dog food.

👤The 15 week old Aussie loves this puzzle. He hopes that we will put treats in it for him. He chews on it and then throws it around the house and it is still in one piece. We just have to find something more complicated for him.

👤My dog is a big fan of this toy and he figured it out quickly. I'm looking for ways to make it last longer. He doesn't have to do a lot of work because he can slide the sliders with his nose. He slows down a little if I add peanut butter inside. I want to keep things interesting by giving it to him every few days.

👤My corgi loves this puzzle, but he caught on too quickly and is now too easy for him. He is gentle on things like this, but he was able to chew on the slide covers in the video. The pieces feel like they could be broken right off. I don't know how this product would hold up to stronger dogs.

👤My dog sat in the middle of this and took a nap. He didn't care about this. My daughter has a medium size dog. He went to town to get the treats. He could eat up the pieces. There are more pieces in case one breaks. To keep them in place, you have to screw them in.

👤My dog is a 30 pound Aussie/Pyranese mix. She has been recovering from her surgery. I bought a low activity puzzle toy for her. I didn't want her to be too difficult for her first try. She took about 6 minutes to do it. We had to help her push a couple doors after she only used her nose. She had it figured out. It was funny. Her second time took about 4 minutes. She tried to bite the doors. She's a pro by her third time because it's a fun and different way to eat. She doesn't get bored with it because we don't use it every day. I think it wouldn't work if she were any bigger. Her nose and feet are too big. I was happy that it was heavier than I thought. It came with some extra pieces, that was nice. It was a good purchase.

👤This is a well made toy. It is not worth the money if your dog has an average intelligence. Brittany cleaned it out in under 2 minutes. I expect more from the puzzle. Beware of AMAZON reviews. I was offered a small amount of money if I deleted the review. I was not told how they received it. The price is in line.

3. Hipoll Mat丨Boredom Reduction丨Treats Bowl丨Interactive Trimming丨Bathing

Hipoll Mat%E4%B8%A8Boredom Reduction%E4%B8%A8Treats Bowl%E4%B8%A8Interactive Trimming%E4%B8%A8Bathing

The licking mat helps dogs to reduce boredom and anxiety at home by releasing endorphins. The dog licking mat is ideal for suppressing destructive behavior. You need to be accompanied by a guardian to use the mat to feed pets. Hanging Hole Design and Unique Patterns are part of the set. The size is 7.9 inches. The licking pad can be used on the bathtub, counter, glass, ceramic tile, and the wall of the bathroom. The hole is designed to dry the dog licking mat. The dog peanut butter lick pad is easy to clean and use, just apply peanut butter or pet snacks to the dog lick pad. It can be washed with hot water or placed in the dishwasher. Silicone material is food grade and safe for pets. It is soft and durable. There is a microwave and a refrigerator available. The dog bowls are slow. Considerate service is provided for the dog slow feeders mat. Please contact them if you have any issues. Within 12 hours, they will give you a solution. It's a great gift for animals.

Brand: Hipoll

👤My dog liked this mat. It lasted less than a day. The blue one shows you how it should look. The red one shows how it looks with my puppy. There were pieces all over the place. I felt it was necessary to show what could happen to other dogs if they got into a choke hold. If I gave a five-star review, I received an invitation for 15 credit on an Amazon product. I don't do that. Anded is upset that others might put in a good review and encourage me to purchase when they want it for less. The buyer should beware.

👤One of my dogs has a neurological issue and is an obsessive licker. I just feel bad watching him sit and lick the air for 10 minutes at a time because he's not causing any damage. It makes the fur between his eyes and above his nose very hard to clean, he's one of the flat faced breeds. I have not had a chance to try them with a treat on them. He was on the bed when I opened the package. I put them on the floor because he started licking it and then he went to one of the pads. I don't have to worry about them getting lost under the bed or chair because they are already there, it's only been a day. He falls asleep next to them because of the calming effect. I'm happy I got this for my dog. I've worked with animals as a vet tech and dog trainer for 20 years. Where have these been all my life?

👤I have a golden retriever puppy that is easily distracted and I needed to slow him down a bit and focus on him. Looking forward to using them in the tub.

👤My dogs were busy for over 30 minutes because it was easy to use and clean. I kept my dogs entertained while I worked by freezing peanut butter and Greek yogurt.

👤It is very handy when I need to keep my puppies entertained. It's a great idea for bath time.

👤My dog was refusing to eat from the dish. His eyesight is fading, so perhaps he didn't like the feeling of being blinded by his flat puggy face below the rim. He preferred the food to be pushed onto the carpet. He was immediately intrigued by the product I poured Mochi's dishful of food onto. He started going after everything. This product works as an environmental enrichment. It was washed off in hot water. The back of the mat has Stinkers, so it can be stuck to the side of a bathtub, covered in peanut butter, to distract a dog. It's an awesome, simple, and affordable product, and a relief to me. My little guy is very fond of crumbing it.

👤The dogs enjoy the suctions to floor.

👤Just used it once. Puppy likes this one. It's bigger than most of the mats I've seen and the cups are easy to stick to. I put the first one in the freezer so I could let the dog try out the second one. I put some wet dog food, treats, peanut butter, yogurt and raspberries in the house and have been enjoying the peace and quiet. Will take the smaller ones to the camper.

4. Dispensing Interactive Alternative Digestion Barbell Shaped

Dispensing Interactive Alternative Digestion Barbell Shaped

The toy is great for dogs digestion and controls the eating speed of your pets. When the slow food toy is pushed by pets, it will roll and leak out snacks and the toy will attract dogs' attention, just fill the toy with your dogs favorite treats. The interactive chase toy has a puzzle and food treat dispensers. The pet pushes it in order to get food. The dog treat dispensers are designed to limit the amount of treats your dog gets while encouraging more extended playtime. This is not a chewed toy and is intended for supervised playtime. The interactive toy is easy to use. The dog interactive chase toys are sturdy. TYPE is a soft rubber roller that is more silent when rolling. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it. They provide a lifetime return service if the product has quality problems.

Brand: Aelflane

👤My dog is enjoying playing with this toy. He chases it all over the room and doesn't seem to tire of it. I don't think he's a big chewer but so far, I don't see any teeth marks. It's great for giving out little treats. It is easy to fill. I use puppy food and other small treats and they go in easily, the top screws on securely, and then the treats are easy to get as the dog plays. My dog plays with it even after no more treats come out, but this helps keep him engaged. I think he loves the chase aspect. I would recommend this toy for small and medium dogs. I'm not sure how large dogs would use it. This is my honest opinion. I did not receive any compensation for my review of this product.

👤I have a Maine Coon cat that is very playful and food motivated, so I decided to try this. It does work as intended, but it is disappointing. They have to push it to get the food out because it is heavy. I have to use big kibble for my stupid cats who eatpurge-eat, so if I don't use bigger kibble, they don't chew it and make themselves sick. It is not actually that big for dogs. I mix their big food with a bag of smaller kibble to try it. Anything with a diameter of more than about 1/6” will not fit. That is similar to standard cat food size. The rattle is muffled by the labyrinth so it doesn't make any sounds. If something else moves the toy and a piece falls out, they will eat the food, but they don't connect the food with the toy being the source, but they won't chase or boop at the toy. There is a If you have a small dog that can't chew off the end, it might be a good idea. I understand that if I had a small dog as the pictures show, maybe it would work, but would not buy again. Even if I had a dog, I would think this was overpriced and boring, even if I used it for cats. A big dog would chew off the end of the toy if it was a challenge to get the end off.

👤A pit bull puppy chews everything. This toy makes her happy. The treats need to be broken up or small. I would recommend this toy to any dog.

👤The toy concept is good. If you put some small treats or kibble inside, your dog will roll it around as it goes through one of two labyrinths to get out a hole. My dog likes this toy. She used it for the first time and it was great. The rubber end caps did not stand up to her bites the second time she tried them. They tore. If your dog has no teeth, or doesn't chew on toys, this might be a fun option. If your dog chews at all, it's too risky. This won't hold up, and could break off dangerous pieces your dog could swallow.

5. PetSafe Twist Treat Food Treats

PetSafe Twist Treat Food Treats

There is wide variability of treats. The two halves have different capacities to hold small treats and kibble. Reward and challenge is a toy. If you want to keep your pet playing longer, you can twist the halves closer together. There is an Interactive Treat Discipline. The Treat Meter is a device that distributes treats randomly while your dog plays with the toy. The two pieces are easy to use.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have a dog that loves toys with hidden treats and he has to work to get out. This toy is made of hard rubber and is not hard plastic, which is good. You put the treats in and then put it back together. It is difficult to get treats out if the treats are large. The reason for the four stars is that if you screw it all the way tight, the treat opening is too big and the treats fall out. If you don't tighten it all the way. The gaps are staggered so the dog can roll it around. The rubber is so dense that it is not as loud as it would be if it were hard plastic. Once all the treats fall out, it is short lived. I recommend using larger treats.

👤I was not sure if my dog would play with this. It was very easy to use. The hardest part was actually removing the purple contraption from the packaging. I broke up some of the treats and screwed the 2 pieces together to make sure no pieces were stuck. I rolled it in my hand to see if it would fall out. I put the Busy Buddy in the floor and then Mocha came up and started sniffing it. He pawed at it to move it, and sometimes bit it to move it, when it got stuck in the corner against the wall. I was worried that he would chew it, but he tried some and it was very durable. The 14 lbs Mocha doesn't chew things except for treats. I will get another and have it for travel, it is very portable and fun for your dog. Mocha likes it. I haven't tried using peanut butter for his dog food, but I will update when I do. He likes a challenge. Especially if it involves dog treats.

👤These are great for mental stimulation and I have two of them. My prior dachshund loved it and played with it for years, it is interesting to see how he managed the rolling of it to maximize the treats coming out. One of the toys I couldn't adjust between was all the treats spilling out and I had to adjust the cutouts a bit off-center. My current little guy is a hoover-eater, he eats way too fast even with a slow-feed bowl, so this has become a slow-feed tool for him. He gets 1/3 cup in the morning and 1/3 in the evening, and he gets about 30% of his dry food in the bowl, and the rest in the dog toy, and it takes him several minutes to get all the treats out. He gets very excited to see it and spins around in circles in front of me until I put it, but it forces him to eat one or two pellets at a time. It's not hard to get the hang of if you hold it with one cutout at the top and the other on the palm of your hand.

6. Aggressive Chewers Interactive Dispensing Indestructible

Aggressive Chewers Interactive Dispensing Indestructible

The dog toy is made of premium rubber and will not damage the dog's teeth. The health and safety of dogs is a priority for them. The teeth are effectively cleaned when the dog chews. There is a hole at the bottom of the toy that you can put in food. It's a great way to slow down meal times. Alaskan golden retriever, German shepherd, Labrador and many other large chewer dogs have tested the dog toy and found it to be durable. This one is close to being 100% Indestructible. The dog toys have a delicious milk taste. Stuffing butter or peanut butter will increase interest. You can train your dogs with a puzzle toy and have fun with them. After each use, water is washed and dried. If you have a problem with their dog chew toy, their team will help you solve it in 24 hours, and they can give you a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Doggiemon

👤That's a positive because the toy holds treats well. I got a toy for my pitbull, but within a day he picked apart the insert. A pitbull puppy is not durable.

👤The thing looks like a toy, but it keeps my lab occupied for at least an hour. He has to come back to it the next day after he gets frustrated. It shows little signs of wear after six weeks of use. The dog seems to like it. I noted that my dog avoided the toy after I wrote the review. I realized that some kibble was getting moist from chewing, but still not accessible. I didn't think I should empty it at the end of the night.

👤Two of my golden retrievers love playing with this toy. One is obsessed with chewing it to release treats, the other is more interested in getting them out by accident. Sometimes I put peanut butter in the "fang" section and they lick at it for a long time after it's gone. One of my pups can chew up a Kong, but he has yet to damage the toy. He loves to fetch and it's a great way to keep him guessing where it will go. I might have to buy another for them because they try to "hoard" it even when they are sleeping.

👤I bought this thing because of the abuse I received from my 2 big standard bonnedoodles. I keep them occupied with peanut butter and treats. There is a rubber brush built into the side that you can put treats under. A lesser toy would be destroyed if we had them. Excellent for a big teething pup. If it ever wears out, I will purchase it again.

👤This has been a big win for my dog. Most toys don't last long because he is a chewer. He hasn't even made a dent in the toy, it's so well constructed. I like to add peanut butter, canned pumpkin, or cheese-wiz to the side. It keeps him busy. Highly recommend this purchase.

👤This toy is very strong. My 15 month old puppy wasn't able to chew it apart but it was frustrating for her because only small pieces of food or treats fall out of the hole at the bottom. She became disinterested after only a few attempts to get the treats out.

👤It took me just over five minutes to rip off the flaps and get my dog up from there. Not for aggressive chewers.

👤My girl is a big fan of this toy. She was playing with it for 30 minutes. She has never played with a toy that long. It is difficult enough for her.

7. IVIM Puppy Roll Digestion Cultivate Medium Sized

IVIM Puppy Roll Digestion Cultivate Medium Sized

Slow food. The toy has a built-in'maze-like' damping column device. Multiple obstacles can help slow down the pace of food leaking. It's more interesting to eat while playing, and it can prevent your pet from vomiting due to eating too fast. This is a great dog and cat toy because it is also suitable for dogs. Improve mood. By rolling this dog treat container, your pet can get food rewards during exercise, so that they have more sense of accomplishment, stimulation, and exercise volume, which will help alleviate boredom, and promote your pet's physical health. A durable dog toy is what your dog will like. IQ training Learning how to roll the toy to let the food fall out is a part of the process of getting food for your pet. Continue to play and eat so that there is no extra energy to destroy your furniture. Enhanc interaction. You can add food to this interactive dog toy anytime, anywhere, easy to operate, easy to play with your pet, and increase the feelings between you. The dog toy is suitable for clean flat ground. Attention! This isn't a toy for aggressive chewers. The dog toy is made of two safe materials. It is hard and wear-resistant to ensure the safety of the dog. The sides of the dog toy are made of soft rubber, which is soft and helps reduce noise, and it also protects the dog's teeth from harm. The dog toy is tough.

Brand: Ivim

👤We had to take it away because my dog wouldn't eat the plastic. I requested a return.

👤Food can flow through the small baffles. The five steps are not able to get one piece because the baffles are too big. The food falls out one piece at a time after I removed one of the baffles. The configuration provides 30-40 minutes of engagement to eat 2 cups of food, but it does not provide much intellectual stimulation.

👤This toy is complicated enough for my little guy. It takes him a while to get his dinner out. It gives him some mental exercise. It took me a long time to figure out how to get the plastic pieces inside. It needs to be lined up to fit in the tube. It's difficult to get the thread seated to start securing back on the exterior cap. I'm glad I bought it. I'm not sure my dog could handle more difficult toys.

👤Our puppy had a lot of food. She would eat until she was bloated. Everything changed when we started feeding her wet and dry food. She needs mental energy to eat, time to realize she is full and calm after working to get her food. She loves her playpen at meals. When friends come over, we give her a little bit in the puppy feeders to calm her down. Our dog cracked the top of the feeder but it still works and is perfect for a puppy.

👤I have a puppy. He isn't a good eater of food. I put his kibble in this and he loves it. I know it doesn't make sense. He eats his food when the toy drops out, so I keep it full. He is just 5 months old.

👤The toy was smaller than expected. I tried to use some of the blue bits brand treats that are small, but they wouldn't fit through the maze in the ball. My dog won't eat food that comes out of it. If you have a dog that eats fast but is a grazer, this is a great option because it will leave dog food behind on the floor if it isn't a treat.

👤My dog doesn't chew anything. She is not a chewer. She chewed through this in hours. It was destroyed in 24 hours. We have to throw it away because it is falling apart. The other part can't stay on because she chewed off part of it. If she swallowed it, she would get sick. I don't recommend this product for animals. My dog doesn't chew apart. This almost fell apart. Don't buy.

👤A good toy for your dog. It is very durable. It leaves a trail so messy when our puppy doesn't backtrack to get all the pieces. Otherwise a good value.

8. ALLRIER Aggressive Training Teething Dispensing

ALLRIER Aggressive Training Teething Dispensing

Why do dogs like chewing? They don't need to stop it. Ensure your dog can play and chew it safely, and easy to clean, because AllrIER's dog toy is made of TPR, which is bite resistant and nontoxic. Their new dog chew toy has a double-layer sharp tooth cleaning mechanism in order to clean dog's teeth efficiently. The new sucker is designed to keep the chew toy fixed and train the dog's bite force. Make your dog healthier by cleaning his teeth. The bite ball has a different hardness than the cup, so dogs can chew more. Many dogs suffer from bad breath and periodontitis due to poor oral hygiene, but chew toy can rub off the tartar and make their teeth healthier. Are you still worried about the puppy? To make dogs life more fulfilling, kill the boring time and relieve the stress. The dog rope toy can help your dog release excess energy and prevent bad behavior caused by long-term boredom. It makes your relationship with the dog closer, improves the pet's intelligence, and lets the dog out of its shell. It's important to know that the toy is not suitable for rough surface, such as tile, glass, or textured wood floors. If you have a question, please contact them and they will be happy to answer it.

Brand: Allrier

👤My dog is a big eater and destroys toys. I was looking for a toy that wouldn't be damaged. I think I have a winner, it's been over a week. She can't destroy it. I put food and snacks inside and she doesn't destroy it. She hasn't been able to pull it off the floor. If your pet ever loses interest, change the location and the snacks and it will be like a new toy all over again, I put a little Vaseline.

👤I was hoping my puppy would like this toy. She doesn't. She is a 3 month old girl. She grabbed the ball part and tried to take it away. She couldn't. She chewed on the part of the cup that was stuck to it and got it off in 30 seconds. It doesn't bother anyone anymore. She doesn't have any interest in it anymore. The seller offered me a $30 Amazon gift card if I would take down my review. If you want a better review, you should fix the problem. I wonder if other products have a lot of good reviews. People are bribed to take down negative reviews.

👤The toy lasted 2 months. We ordered it at the beginning of May. It took me two months of play to figure out that the ball was on a rope that could be untied. He was able to untie the toy. The rope was carefully untied and not a single bit of it was chewed on. It is a great toy even without rope. He enjoys getting the treats out of the ball. I think he enjoys the jingling of the ball. It was difficult to get the toy out of the door when we received it. We had to let the plastic reform after being on a hot truck. We remembered the toy and tried again. If you have a dog that is smart, please think about whether this is the right toy. If yours can open doors, locked trash cans, cabinets, drawers and even toilets, this might not be the toy for you. Good luck and good fortune to the fur parents!

👤My dog tried hard to get the ball and it held strong. I'm very happy I got this for him.

👤This toy is incredibly overpriced. Our dog was able to pull the cup off of the tile in about 2 minutes. He doesn't like the tug game aspect of the toy. He had fun chewing up and destroying the cup. This investment lasted a short time. We need a challenging toy to occupy our puppy.

👤I love the idea of the treat being pushed into the ball and my puppy chewing the treat out, it's a great invention. My dog has sharp teeth, and the rubber hasn't messed up the ball yet. Even if the pup pulls its weight, it stays attached to the base board. I can't think of any where I'm not happy with the purchase.

👤Take the jingle bell out of the center of the ball when you open the box because your dog can choke on it. The main reason for the 3 stars was the safety issue. My dog was too strong for this toy. He can remove the cup in a few minutes. The loop was broken within 5 minutes and the ball was off the rope a couple minutes later. We might keep the treat if he doesn't get the ball apart. If you have a small dog, it would be fun to play with it. He really enjoyed the toy.

9. Interactive Stimulation Training Dispenser Digestion

Interactive Stimulation Training Dispenser Digestion

The dog puzzle toy is moderate level with more challenging than level 2 and requires your dog's ability to learn sequential steps and combinations to seek hidden treats while keeping mental active. Dog toys for smart dogs. The dog brain game toy is larger than other dog puzzle toys, multiple steps game designed for smart dogs of puppy cats and other small animals, and also good for small MD dogs that need mental excecise and treat training. Cats and dogs love the game of Spin & Slide and the Seek and Hide because of the smell and paw skills they have. Their advanced dog puzzle toy can keep smart dogs busy to fit it out with more thinking and activities, reduce pet's boredom, and encourage dog and cat natural hunting instincts to be more active and healthy. The blue dog puzzle is very durable for pets and easy to wash with water or dishwasher. The dog toy has built-in play pieces that fold tightly, making it difficult to remove parts. When your pups are playing alone, make sure you don't chew or choke. Dog Puzzle game is an easy way to train your dogs. You would enjoy the time of dog interactive puzzle game with your pets, greatly improve relations with your pets and get fun during interactive dog games. It is good to use it as a food treat-dispenser for pets fun feeding and treat training, and as a food puzzle slow feeders to aid your dog's digestion and prevent bloat.

Brand: Yoboeew

👤My blue heeler and my Shepherd-Chesapeake cross love this toy. Each dog was able to figure out the easy gates within 5 minutes, but took more time to figure out the rewards. During boring periods of service dog duty, it keeps them occupied. This toy is a great way to slow down my fast-feeding heeler, rewarding her with a small amount of food every 20 minutes when she comes to tell me it's time for a refill. There is a If you want to get the best results, place the toy on a rug. Both dogs are smart and use their brains to get at the rewards hidden under the sliding doors. The plastic isn't strong enough to stand up to a tough chewer. We will see how it holds up over time. The sliding doors get gummed up with greasy or wet treats, so dry kibble and treats work best. A daily wash helps remove saliva from the toy. Disassembly is possible for better cleaning, but I believe it will strip the grooves in the plastic components for the small screws. I would recommend it to friends.

👤My dog was able to tear it apart the first time she used it. I didn't know that she ate some of it and it was in her belly for a week before she threw it up. The company should pull these off the market.

👤The dog feeders are nice. It doesn't hold much food for smaller dogs. The toy is lightweight and can be picked up and chewed by your dog. I use it for my dog and he likes it because it keeps him busy and engaged for a while. It is a good toy. It doesn't hold a lot of food and can't be used as a slow feeders. I bought one for my mom.

👤This is a great idea but it is a cheap plastic and it doesn't slide easily. The center does not slide smoothly, but the outside ones are okay. Being light weight plastic doesn't allow the dog to put pressure on the puzzle without it sliding all over the place.

👤This puzzle has been used for a few months and now it's used nearly every day. The puzzle helps her use her brain to work out the solution indoors. The buttons are easy to use to keep her focused and we use more valuable treats under the hard buttons to really motivate her. The toy has held up well as we are about to graduate to the next level. She is now 50 pounds and has a lot of Labrador strength to dig at the puzzle. Sometimes pieces of treats get stuck in places that are hard to get out, but they do come out. It's worth it for the price.

👤I might have had more fun with this than the dog, but she liked it a lot. I bought our second puzzle the same day as this one because we'd already played with it. I didn't want it to be boring. The next puzzle had bones removed. She ate one of those, so we took the lift away bones out and used it without them, and I appreciated the puzzle for not being easy to eat.

10. PetSafe Buddy Meal Dispensing Kibble Treats

PetSafe Buddy Meal Dispensing Kibble Treats

There is a wounded play. Interactive dog toys give your pet multi-sensory stimulation. Non-toxic materials are long-lasting. Promotes dental health. Natural rubber wrap can be used to clean teeth. Use an extension MEALTIME to make dinnertime fun for overly eager eaters and encourage a better meal pace for your dog. Add a variety of tasty treats for hours of fun. Size information is available. For dogs over 40 lbs. Experience: Since 1991, PetSafe has been an industry leader in the manufacture of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have an excellent feeding device for dogs with the conviction that they must eat all the food as quickly as possible, and I have a 70 pound Doberman who is called "The Destroyer, Eater of Worlds". It takes her a reasonable amount of time to get all the food because she hasn't destroyed this. I was worried that she would break the plastic, but we've had this thing for a long time. It's not broken, but it has teeth marks on it. Miss Tantrum flung it across the room onto the tile and down the stairs because she was able to break other dispensers open. The company makes great products. I think it would be loud on the hard floors.

👤Our dog gets bored when we are not at work. She likes to tear things up. She is busy for hours with this toy, and we put some treats in the container. She will destroy any toy we give her. This has lasted. She hasn't ripped up anything since she got this toy. The rope and ball on the top are tough and the container is durable.

👤It took our pitties a minute to realize there were treats inside, and it was amusing to watch them try to figure out how to get the treats out. The rope piece broke after we received the item. The rubber purple nubs on the end of the toy can be chewed off easily, so make sure your dog doesn't start chewing on them. One of our pups was still carrying and kicking it around after the rope broke, so I filled it up with more treats. The dogs are still enjoying it despite the broken rope. We will see how long it lasts.

👤I have an aussie who has solved every puzzle he's been given within 30 minutes from the time he was 9 weeks old. I bought this to make feeding time more challenging. The plastic seems decent, but the threads are a little annoying, and we'll see how it holds up. The rope made getting the food out difficult for a smart dog who loves puzzles. It was hard for me to get food to come out to show him how to do it. For us, it made sense to remove the rope completely, since it may work with small kibble. The rope is removed and it does its job well. There are a few bullet points. It's good for a gentle dog, but a large dog that likes to throw things around would break it quickly. My boy likes puzzles and is fairly gentle with them, even though he is not gentle with his toys, it's fine for him. * The rope makes it difficult for the dog to get food out. I would go into it expecting to have to cut and remove the rope, if you don't have small kibble. * It is loud when it hits something. It's plastic, not rubber, so if it bangs into walls or furniture it makes a lot of noise.

11. StarMark Bob Lot Interactive Small

StarMark Bob Lot Interactive Small

There is a toy that can be used for treat dispensers. Large chamber can fit whole meals. The bottom is weighted. The new gate on the bottom is easier to adjust. The package width is over 5 inches.

Brand: Starmark

👤I bought a bunch of toys for him to play with because he is so limited in his physical activity. I gave this to him as I prepared dinner. I wouldn't say he followed the rules while he got the kibble out. This is not good. I wouldn't buy this if your dog is a chewer.

👤I bought the Starmark Bob-A-Lot and the Kong Wobbler at the same time. The KONG Wobbler is more convenient for my dog to knock out treats. The Starmark is nice because you can change it. You put treats in the top of the yellow one. There is a small switch inside that you can pull to the size you want. There is a switch on the side of the toy where the treats come out. The wobbling toy is more sturdy than the KONG version. The KONG version's threading is going to wear down faster than this one as it seems to be more durable. My dog likes to pick it up and drop it. I think this one will stand the test of time, even though my dog prefers the KONG. He has been playing with these for several months and has not broken either one yet. The 55lb super chewer is from 1.5 years old.

👤Excellent toy for feeding. It does what it is advertised. Many reviewers don't read the full description. It is a toy for dogs and puppies to play with. This is a toy that the dog can play with all the time. Where did it say that this toy is durable against chewing? I have a 9 month old Boxer that knocks things around the house. She has never tried to chew it. I got it for her when she was four months old. She knows that it's her meal kit for 2 meals a day. She could tell when there was food in it and when it was empty by hitting it. It sounds like a maraca when it has food. I took the time to train her how to use the toy and she has never tried to chew it. It sounds like some reviewers are leaving food or treats in the toy for a long time, so that they can chew the cap off. When the toy stops giving out, the dogs may be motivated to chew on it to get more to come out, this is where training comes in and not leaving the dog unattended. Don't expect this to be a toy that you can leave out, that is not what it is designed for. It is important to remember that the toy could break if the dog pushes it down the stairs. I bought this toy to slow the eating rate of my Boxer and it works perfectly. When it comes out, my Boxer gets excited and keeps her attention as she eats. It slows her eating pace to about 20 minutes. I have never left it out as a toy for her to play with, so now she doesn't bother it unless it has food in it. One negative comment I have is that filling this dispenser with 2 cups of food is a bit tedious. It takes about 3 minutes to get all the food in the little hole at the top, and then it falls down in to the main lower chamber, which has a 3 cup capacity. I think they should double the purpose of the cap and make it a funnel. It would be very east since it is close to being shaped like a small funnel. You can add a sliding door to the top of the cap. Hope this review helps, ignore the bad reviews, just use the toy as you please, you will have no problems.


What is the best product for dog puzzle toys?

Dog puzzle toys products from Asbtos. In this article about dog puzzle toys you can see why people choose the product. Joansan and Hipoll are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog puzzle toys.

What are the best brands for dog puzzle toys?

Asbtos, Joansan and Hipoll are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog puzzle toys. Find the detail in this article. Aelflane, Petsafe and Doggiemon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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