Best Dog Puzzle Toys for Medium Dogs

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1. Interactive Stimulation Training Dispenser Digestion

Interactive Stimulation Training Dispenser Digestion

The dog puzzle toy is moderate level with more challenging than level 2 and requires your dog's ability to learn sequential steps and combinations to seek hidden treats while keeping mental active. Dog toys for smart dogs. The dog brain game toy is larger than other dog puzzle toys, multiple steps game designed for smart dogs of puppy cats and other small animals, and also good for small MD dogs that need mental excecise and treat training. Cats and dogs love the game of Spin & Slide and the Seek and Hide because of the smell and paw skills they have. Their advanced dog puzzle toy can keep smart dogs busy to fit it out with more thinking and activities, reduce pet's boredom, and encourage dog and cat natural hunting instincts to be more active and healthy. The blue dog puzzle is very durable for pets and easy to wash with water or dishwasher. The dog toy has built-in play pieces that fold tightly, making it difficult to remove parts. When your pups are playing alone, make sure you don't chew or choke. Dog Puzzle game is an easy way to train your dogs. You would enjoy the time of dog interactive puzzle game with your pets, greatly improve relations with your pets and get fun during interactive dog games. It is good to use it as a food treat-dispenser for pets fun feeding and treat training, and as a food puzzle slow feeders to aid your dog's digestion and prevent bloat.

Brand: Yoboeew

👤My blue heeler and my Shepherd-Chesapeake cross love this toy. Each dog was able to figure out the easy gates within 5 minutes, but took more time to figure out the rewards. During boring periods of service dog duty, it keeps them occupied. This toy is a great way to slow down my fast-feeding heeler, rewarding her with a small amount of food every 20 minutes when she comes to tell me it's time for a refill. There is a If you want to get the best results, place the toy on a rug. Both dogs are smart and use their brains to get at the rewards hidden under the sliding doors. The plastic isn't strong enough to stand up to a tough chewer. We will see how it holds up over time. The sliding doors get gummed up with greasy or wet treats, so dry kibble and treats work best. A daily wash helps remove saliva from the toy. Disassembly is possible for better cleaning, but I believe it will strip the grooves in the plastic components for the small screws. I would recommend it to friends.

👤My dog was able to tear it apart the first time she used it. I didn't know that she ate some of it and it was in her belly for a week before she threw it up. The company should pull these off the market.

👤The dog feeders are nice. It doesn't hold much food for smaller dogs. The toy is lightweight and can be picked up and chewed by your dog. I use it for my dog and he likes it because it keeps him busy and engaged for a while. It is a good toy. It doesn't hold a lot of food and can't be used as a slow feeders. I bought one for my mom.

👤This is a great idea but it is a cheap plastic and it doesn't slide easily. The center does not slide smoothly, but the outside ones are okay. Being light weight plastic doesn't allow the dog to put pressure on the puzzle without it sliding all over the place.

👤This puzzle has been used for a few months and now it's used nearly every day. The puzzle helps her use her brain to work out the solution indoors. The buttons are easy to use to keep her focused and we use more valuable treats under the hard buttons to really motivate her. The toy has held up well as we are about to graduate to the next level. She is now 50 pounds and has a lot of Labrador strength to dig at the puzzle. Sometimes pieces of treats get stuck in places that are hard to get out, but they do come out. It's worth it for the price.

👤I might have had more fun with this than the dog, but she liked it a lot. I bought our second puzzle the same day as this one because we'd already played with it. I didn't want it to be boring. The next puzzle had bones removed. She ate one of those, so we took the lift away bones out and used it without them, and I appreciated the puzzle for not being easy to eat.

2. PetSafe Buddy Meal Dispensing Kibble Treats

PetSafe Buddy Meal Dispensing Kibble Treats

There is a wounded play. Interactive dog toys give your pet multi-sensory stimulation. Non-toxic materials are long-lasting. Promotes dental health. Natural rubber wrap can be used to clean teeth. Use an extension MEALTIME to make dinnertime fun for overly eager eaters and encourage a better meal pace for your dog. Add a variety of tasty treats for hours of fun. Size information is available. For dogs over 40 lbs. Experience: Since 1991, PetSafe has been an industry leader in the manufacture of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have an excellent feeding device for dogs with the conviction that they must eat all the food as quickly as possible, and I have a 70 pound Doberman who is called "The Destroyer, Eater of Worlds". It takes her a reasonable amount of time to get all the food because she hasn't destroyed this. I was worried that she would break the plastic, but we've had this thing for a long time. It's not broken, but it has teeth marks on it. Miss Tantrum flung it across the room onto the tile and down the stairs because she was able to break other dispensers open. The company makes great products. I think it would be loud on the hard floors.

👤Our dog gets bored when we are not at work. She likes to tear things up. She is busy for hours with this toy, and we put some treats in the container. She will destroy any toy we give her. This has lasted. She hasn't ripped up anything since she got this toy. The rope and ball on the top are tough and the container is durable.

👤It took our pitties a minute to realize there were treats inside, and it was amusing to watch them try to figure out how to get the treats out. The rope piece broke after we received the item. The rubber purple nubs on the end of the toy can be chewed off easily, so make sure your dog doesn't start chewing on them. One of our pups was still carrying and kicking it around after the rope broke, so I filled it up with more treats. The dogs are still enjoying it despite the broken rope. We will see how long it lasts.

👤I have an aussie who has solved every puzzle he's been given within 30 minutes from the time he was 9 weeks old. I bought this to make feeding time more challenging. The plastic seems decent, but the threads are a little annoying, and we'll see how it holds up. The rope made getting the food out difficult for a smart dog who loves puzzles. It was hard for me to get food to come out to show him how to do it. For us, it made sense to remove the rope completely, since it may work with small kibble. The rope is removed and it does its job well. There are a few bullet points. It's good for a gentle dog, but a large dog that likes to throw things around would break it quickly. My boy likes puzzles and is fairly gentle with them, even though he is not gentle with his toys, it's fine for him. * The rope makes it difficult for the dog to get food out. I would go into it expecting to have to cut and remove the rope, if you don't have small kibble. * It is loud when it hits something. It's plastic, not rubber, so if it bangs into walls or furniture it makes a lot of noise.

3. Tarvos Interactive Dog Treat Puzzle

Tarvos Interactive Dog Treat Puzzle

Your dog's brain is developing. Interactive dog toys, dog puzzles and games are a great way to entertain your dog. The Tavros Interactive Dog Toy can be used for training a puppy or for boredom with an older pet. How this dog treats the stigmatized game. The food is placed in the top round. The dog has to turn the slow feeders to get food through the leak holes. Promoting healthy diet. Slower eating is healthier for your pet if you have dog puzzle toys and interactive toys with food. The mental stimulation helps them to eat less. The dog puzzle toy was created with the best quality in mind. It is highly durable and non-toxic to keep your dogs healthy. It's great for small or medium-sized dogs. The dog treat dispensers toy is the perfect choice for small or medium size dogs. It can be adjusted in height to fit either size.

Brand: Tarvos

👤This item is amazing. I'm not sure what to do about the flaw. We use this for meals every day. My dog's food disappears when her container is put away. I receive entertainment when I see a 2.5 year old Pitt bull terrier use her paw to whack the wheel and make her own food. She enjoys the challenge. The major flaw of this item makes me get interactive with her. We will talk about the flaw. The thing is moving across the floor. My dog gives the wheel a whack and it moves off the food mat. I thought the non stick mat would work with the food puzzle. It's not. I have to act as a border patrol and push it back towards the area that it came from. Nothing comes to me even though I've spent a lot of time trying to come up with a way to keep this thing immobile. I place my dog at one spot in the room and it moves all over the room as he eats. The flaw is this. We both love this thing. If the company can create a design that doesn't migrate so easily, I would buy an upgraded model.

👤It works well as a slow feeder. The maze buys more time and collects the food. Sturdy at all heights. The action on the spinner is light enough that most dogs shouldn't have a problem with it. It is best used under supervision or in an adjacent room because the rubber opening which holds the kibble will be history in a flash. I don't recommend more than a cup.

👤I got this toy for my dog and had a lot of fun teaching him how to use it and get all the treats out of it. Assembly is very easy and intuitive, even though there wasn't any instructions in the box. To tighten the gray screws that hold the barrel in place, make sure to. I left them loose at first because I thought it would be harder to roll the barrel. One of the screws fell off as my dog was playing. If he swallowed the screw, it would be concerning because he could have chewed it up. I tightened it back in and he was able to get the treats out of the barrel. The toy comes with two spare screws, which is nice if one gets worn out or lost. If you're really worried about your dog messing with the screws, you could probably take one to the hardware store and find a regular screw with less of a bulky head to use. You would have to use a screwdriver every time you need to loosen the screws. My dog is very smart and learns how to do most tricks in a matter of minutes. I can't imagine many dogs having trouble learning it, because it was so easy to teach him to use it. I told my dog to "shake" and he pawed at the barrel as I held my hand. I praised him when he did it, and he started doing it on his own. I wanted to teach him how to paw at it because it's easier to get treats out of it. He didn't roll the barrel as much when there were a few treats left, but he did use his nose to push it a little. I think he understood that he had to change his strategy for getting the last few treats to fall out, and it was fascinating to watch him do it. I feed my dog 2 cups of dry food a day. There are a lot of slow feeders and puzzle toys out there, but not all of them hold 2 cups of food. The toy can hold 2 cups and is large. I only feed my dog one meal a day, and he gets plenty of treats throughout the rest of the day, but if your dog requires more than 2 cups at a time, you would probably need to feed two meals or divide a single meal between multiple toys. I will probably divide his meal up at some point to give him more of a challenge because I have a Kong Wobbler and a food cube with him. There are some drawbacks to this toy. It has rubber feet on the bottom, which is nice, but it isn't balanced. It moves a little. If you really wanted to keep the toy from being knocked around so much, you could attach cups to the bottom of the toy to keep it out of the way. My dog was playing with it and scooted it around. It wasn't as loud as the Wobbler when he was playing with it, but if you're sensitive to sound, you would probably want to stick this toy to the floor. It would be nice if there was a quicker way to remove the barrel. To remove it and replace it, you have to completely remove the screws. Making the design more convenient while keeping the toy stable would be a challenge. My only suggestion would be to use spring- loaded pins to remove the barrel. The barrel is still easy to remove. The rubber flap where you pour food into the barrel is a little bit too similar to the one I wish was better. It's not completely snug and flat and it has a little buckles in the middle. This doesn't affect the functioning of the toy. To make sure the flap doesn't come loose or interfere with the rolling of the barrel, you need a little tedium to make sure the flap is snapped in. The hole for putting food into a barrel is too small. It's long but a little narrow, so I can see pouring food into it without a funnel potentially being a little messy, especially if your dog requires larger sizes of kibble. Cleaning the inside of the barrel is a challenge. There are bottle brushes that can be used to clean the inside. I think this toy is sturdy and well-made. It presents a unique challenge to pets, with most other food toys requiring the same types of nudging movements to get the food out; this one requires different movements. It also slows down feeding a lot due to the tray underneath, which gives pets a mentally stimulating challenge and prevents bloat in dogs. I recommend this to anyone with a dog that has had success with other toys.

4. Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop Interactive

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop Interactive

There is an Interactive Treat Discipline. As your pups sniff, paw, and play to retrieve the tasty rewards of a treat, the Orbee-Tuff Snoop toy will keep them engaged. Made in the U.S.A., it's made out of lead, orbee-tuff, andBPA. Mint oil is used to keep your dog's breath clean. It's great for pups who want to eat their treats quickly, the Orbee-Tuff Snoop gives them treats at a slower pace that's better for digestion. The challenge should be increased with an honeybee. The ball is in the air. The Orbee Nook ball is for brainy pups who want to have fun. It's easy to add in the opening of the Snoop for a challenge. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Planet Dog

👤It is very thick and durable. Our 95 lbs bouvier has a large mouth and loves playing with toys. Use larger treats to extend the playtime. "Sterling" demands play with this twice a day. The challenge has been to not treat him badly. I have observed that he developed his understanding and techniques in three stages: 1) Initial confusion moved into using his long tongs to remove treats, which gradually transitioned into 2) ROLLING, which became 3)SNAP ROLLING. As time goes on, he starts using the 4) low drop, bouncing the treats out, moving into the 5) high drop, and finally with the last, reluctant treats, he resorts to his 6) whiplash down. It took him a couple of weeks to learn the styles, but now he uses them as he sees fit.

👤We stuffed a few small bone-shaped treats in it after rinsing it off. I think I should put in 5 or 6. She flipped it over and a few fell out of the opening when she took it from me, but that was my fault. She had to work hard to get the rest of the treats out after the first few fell out, because we have a very smart dog, so usually these kinds of things only entertain her for about 2 minutes. If that is the case. She has one treat left in there, and she has been going at it for at least 15-20 minutes. Her tail has been wagging all the time, and she has been playing with it, chewing on it and flinging it around. She is less likely to break it or tear it because it is squishy. It has held up well so far. She is not able to go to doggy daycare on a regular basis because she is social distancing at home with us. She was getting depressed and the vet suggested some toys. The winner is the rapper.

👤I bought this to keep my pig entertained. Until the pellets are gone. Is it possible to get a "miniature" pig? I got mine from a breeder that could weigh up to 60 lbs. You end up with way more to love when you buy a baby from the breeders. He's cool but not what I thought I was getting into. Sorry for the advice.

👤I have a golden retriever who loves to play with toys. We have accumulated around 15 of these toys and I find myself going back to this one over and over again. I have found it to be the best for feeding a meal. I add baby carrots and apple slices to make it more of a challenge for her, because it holds a good amount of food. If I wedge two apple slices to block the hole that gives treats, it makes it more difficult for her to finish her meal, as it takes her a good 30 minutes to finish her meal. If I just add food, she will be busied for a few minutes. The pros of this dispensers are: -versatility of handling many sizes of food. It is easy to fill and clean, and she is very quiet while playing with it. It is large enough that it doesn't roll under furniture or get stuck under cabinets. I don't leave her alone with it and immediately remove it when she finishes her food, because it's not a chew toy. It's ok to do that, but I'd be worried about her swallowing the plastic. When I leave her alone in her crate, I give her other treat toys. It would not be good for anything other than dry food or treats. It wouldn't work if there was wet food or peanut butter. The product was made by a small company in the USA. I highly recommend it.

5. Mateeylife Dispensing Stimulating Aggressive Interactive

Mateeylife Dispensing Stimulating Aggressive Interactive

There are durable and safe materials. Their dog treat dispensers are made of premium natural rubber, they are lightweight, bouncy, eco-friendly and safe for medium large dogs to chew and play on. Dog treat puppies are stuffable dog toys, they combine feeding with exercise, fun to retrieve dog food, toss and get treats. It can improve pets' mental and physical strength, keep them busy and entertained for home alone, as dog enrichment toys and mind stimulating toys. Pets can smell food easily with the strawberry dog toy. They like the strawberry-milk flavor. The dog teething chew toys are bite resistant. The dog toothbrush chew toy is used to improve dental hygiene. There are dog trainers. The topple dog toy is designed to limit the number of treats your dog gets while encouraging more extended playtime with their new favorite dog training toys. It's a great toy for playing fetch and throw games. Enjoy a good time together. They offer a hassle-free service for their products. If you have any issues with these dog treat toys, please contact them via Amazon. They will give a full refund or replacement. There are no indestructible dog toys and proper supervision is also advised.

Brand: Mateeylife

👤The title is not a joke. The toy smells like a smoke shop, they have large quantities of strawberry flavoured weed pens. It came in a padded envelope and a clear plastic bag. The smell is overwhelming when you open the bag. You can smell the strawberry from the living room after tossing the wrapping. I have to wonder where the toy is being stored since it has been a hit and I have to wash it. I don't know if my dogs are in to weed or the strawberry is giving them their fix. The smell is definitely something I was not expecting, but it is one of the best chew toys. Do you think to order at your own risk?

👤I bought this for my Frenchie and she likes it, but it's hard for her to get treats out of it. You have to shake it for anything to come out of it. She likes to chew on it because it is strawberry scented and she can smell treats in there. I gave her a 4 because she is an extreme chewer and it is held up. She gets bored with it after a few minutes because the treats don't come out.

👤My dog loves this puzzle. She works hard for her food and it's very sturdy.

👤The first one was destroyed by our aggressive chewer, but it took quite a while. He likes playing with it. He has been able to get them all out of the mini milk bones by putting tighter fitting treats in it.

👤My dog loves these puzzle toys.

👤Neither the dog nor I can get the treats out.

👤Your dog will love it, it is very sturdy.

👤The toy is too large for my dog.

6. Slopehill Interactive Nontoxic Resistant Dispenser

Slopehill Interactive Nontoxic Resistant Dispenser

There are five different dog toYS balls. Large dogs, medium dogs, and small dogs can use them. The safety and health of dogs is ensured by the use of safe, non-toxic materials. You will get a lot of toys for dogs at the same time. Not for aggressive chewers. There are two squeaky balls, one blue spiked ball and one orange orange jumping ball. The balls will make a cute sound when squeezed. The orange ball is suitable for fetching and tossing games. The relationship between you and your dogs is enhanced by training dogs. IQ TREAT BALL - One hollow IQ treat ball food-dispensing dog toy keeps dogs mentally and physically active while they play. Your dog learns how to roll the toy ball to get treats to fall out as they play with it. Slower active eating with this dog treat ball helps digestion. There is a valid reason for the presence of bongs in tennis. Ball. The bouncy ball can float on water, it's rubber material doesn't sink in water, and your dog can enjoy playing with water in crazy. It is a great choice for a game of toss and fetch. It's important to always supervise the use of chews and toys. The blue dog toy ball is bite resistant and safe for your puppy to play with. It can be stuffed with a pet snack and your pets will love it. Not for arrogant chefs.

Brand: Slopehill

👤There is a variety of balls. The two treat balls slow down my dogs eating more effectively than the slow bowl. The ball with teeth is very difficult to hold. He plays with the other one and it starts to fall out. This is a great way to keep him occupied. The red ball is very strong. The blue ball has a lot of nubbies to massage the gums. The orange ball has nubs. The ball should still be satisfying to play with even though the squeaker tore it away. I think this is a good buy, considering how expensive treat balls can be.

👤I admit that two of the balls were a little big for my puppy, however I don't care because he will grow into them as he grows bigger! He likes the squeakers on the squeaky ones because they are easy to use. The blue spikes ball is his favorite. It is so cute that he chases it around the house all the time. The blue ball is a great interactive toy. I love using interactive toys for my dog because he really has to work for the treats he is eating, so that ball is perfect for us. You can see the general size of the balls in comparison to my puppy by taking a few pictures. Two of the balls are perfect for him, he is about 12 lbs. Two of them are a little bigger, but little man will grow into them.

👤I've seen IQ balls for $12 on Amazon, so the fact that you can get 5 great-quality balls for $16 is a huge steal. The two IQ balls are cool, but the red ball is my favorite because it has a bounce that keeps my dog active and helps with his reaction time when he turns left. These balls are very strong. Get them. The rope ball in my picture is not part of the set. The balls still go strong five months later. I have to hide the red IQ ball because he likes it too much and he chews it forever, so I'm going to have to find replacements.

👤The set of 5 balls is great for your dog. Each ball is different, so your dog will love it. The red rubber is great for catching. The orange and dark blue have different qualities. The light blue has ridges and bumps that act like a toothbrush, you can also put small treats in it. The green ball is fun to play with. The ball is a treat. You put small treats in it and your dog has to roll it in different ways to get the treats. My dogs like this one. The set will give your dog hours of fun.

👤If anyone received a pamphlet that said to leave a good review and we would send you a free ball set, don't fall for it. I went back and forth with someone about 4 times and never received anything. I bought 2x balls and needed to replace them because of mold after several fell in the pool. I tried to look up the emails, but they have been deleted. I can't find a record. It sounds like fish. Don't make a mistake. I would consider an aggressive chewer if it was a mini Berne dog like Annabelle. She ripped apart all the balls we bought. All of them have held up well. We bought two sets after we lost a few of the first set. Her favorite is the one with the orange color, but they are all great and play on a daily basis. Thank you so much!

7. Squirrel Interactive Outward Hound Ginormous

Squirrel Interactive Outward Hound Ginormous

The Hide A Squirrel dog puzzle is an easy way to engage your furry friends. Just fill the tree trunk with stuffed animals and let your dog hunt! You can either toss the squirrel-filled trunk, place it on the ground, or take the plush toys out and play fetch with your dog. Bleeding and Indrasistible are two things. Keep boredom at bay and your curious canine mentally-stimulated while feeding their natural instincts to hunt and they will be able to resist! There's something on the testicles and condoms. The Hide A Squirrel dog toy is easy to play with for both puppies and adult dogs. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤My son's yorkie poo stays at my place a lot because I take him to a nearby university campus where he can chase squirrels off-lead. We thought this would be a fun Christmas toy for him because he is obsessed with squirrels. We followed the advice of other reviewers and tried to delay the death of the squirrels. He was allowed to play with the tree trunk after he tried to kill the squirrels. He loves the tree trunk so much that he plays with it every time we let him. He was neutered when he was a pup, and never had much for humping, but he still goes after the tree trunk whenever we set it out for him to play with. It's a floor show if we have guests. He doesn't care. I'm not sure what to think of this, but as long as it makes him happy, I'm fine with it.

👤The puppy lives to destroy. The name "Pirahna" would be better for our baby. The dog is outside of the house. Nothing is safe when she eats rocks, chairs, and porches. She is the god of small towns made of dog toys. We have gotten her a lot of toys, but the only one that remains is the Squirrel House. We made a bet on how long it would last. She doesn't waste time looking for the squirrel. She shakes the house with her head and the squirrels fly. This is her favorite toy. She carries the animals around. The squirrel house is her favorite pull toy because it is better held up than any other pulI toy. I don't get it, but this is the same thing as all the dog toys. I would write more. She went through the door with my book.

👤I don't normally write reviews as I try to research as much as possible, but that is also by way of including you helpful people who do write reviews. I was disappointed after purchasing this toy. The wonderful was purchased by me. Hide a toy from Outward hound. It is made of fire hose material and has lasted the test of time. I like the idea of these toys. My golden retriever loves to play. She is not an aggressive chewer even at 7 months. I like the hidey holes and pulling things in and out. She ripped out all the holes after I got this. It is not made of durable fire house materials. I contacted the manufacturer to suggest that they keep the concepts of the toy but also stick with the same material. She promised to pass it along. I have enjoyed watching and playing with my dog with the toy, but they are not as good as I would have liked. I would like to thank all of the people who have shown me how to write reviews. Thank you.

👤The little toy is adorable. I bought it for my mini-dashchund. I am happy that it is smaller than I thought. She was excited when I unwrapped it. I put it on the floor and she took off. It's funny. She is enjoying it. Highly recommend this toy.

8. Allstar Innovations Wobble Giggle Ball

Allstar Innovations Wobble Giggle Ball

Fun for all big or small dogs, the Wobble Giggle Ball is a great toy. The 6 clutch pockets on the toy make it easy for your dog to pick it up. The ball goes off the ground with just the touch of a nose. The Wobble Wag Giggle does not require batteries, it has an internal tube noisemaker that is sure to engage your dog as the toy rolls around! Happy, healthy and fit! By playing with this toy, your dog will be more interested in playing with giggling sounds when rolled or shaken, and will be more active throughout the day. Pets know how to choose their toys. Wobble Wag Giggle is a great toy for your dog to play with. They will love shaking the ball.

Brand: Wobble Wag Giggle

👤The seller is selling a softer version of the product. A friend of mine bought a ball at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it was made of plastic. This version is easier for dogs to destroy. Pay attention and do not ignore the other poor reviews and pictures shared by buyers. I know dogs like this toy. My dog destroyed the Wobble Wag Giggle in less than 20 minutes after I received it. I have only been able to find one of the 3 pieces of plastic that broke off. I'm praying my dog didn't swallow the other two. I have attached a photo of the ball collapsing on two sides and 3 holes visible where plastic broke off. This toy is not worth the money, it is not safe for dogs, and it is not worth a vet visit. Please note.

👤I bought two of these and they were a 5 star and lasted with my german shepherd. She took a long time to chew up the hard plastic. I bought another one last week. She tore into it in about 30 seconds. I shipped it back and got a new one because I thought it was a defect. Same thing! The way they make them is terrible and they don't last very long. Don't get this if you have a dog that bites hard. I can push in the new ones with my fingers. They need to make the hard plastic that they use. Total junk!

👤I don't bother to write reviews anymore. I feel it's necessary. This is for any size dog. I have a dog that is 50 lbs. This was destroyed in just 2 minutes, with sharp cracks and punctures. The noise tubes were not installed correctly. My dog grabbed it and they fell out of the holes. My dog loved the noise it made. I think he would have liked that toy the most. I wouldn't give this to a dog over 10 lbs. Any dog that wants to chew will destroy quickly. Making the material thicker would solve the problem. Maybe finding a better material? The concept behind this is great. Material and manufacturing areficient. The false advertising is shameful. Stay away from this product. It's dangerous.

👤It was given to her 4 minutes ago. She has very small teeth for her breed. I had to take a picture of her teeth to show how bad the quality is if the ball is small. It's unbelievable. This isn't close to a toy that is described. Don't waste your money. TRASH is the product.

👤The product is not a chew toy, but a toy you use to play with your dog. ROLL the ball on the ground as if you were bowling. If you're dog is trained to fetch, they will have fun trying to grab it and return it to you. Dogs follow your lead, they are not humans. They respond to your emotion. I have a heavy duty chewer that she loves, a 65 pound lab/boxer mix. Hope this helps you make a decision.

9. Outward Hound Puzzle Interactive Squeaky

Outward Hound Puzzle Interactive Squeaky

The dog puzzle toy is fun to play with. This puzzle is designed to keep you pup mentally engaged for hours of play. There is a 2-in-1 fun. The Outward Hound Puzzle Cube can be used to challenge your dog's problem-solving skills or to play with the balls and toss them. Outward Hound's rubber cage and squeaky tennis balls are durable and brightly colored for fun that can be enjoyed indoors or out. To clean the Puzzle Cube, simply remove the tennis balls and rinse the outer rubber cage with warm water and mild soap. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤I have a 1.5yr old Australian dog who plays all the time. He's a needy thing, but I love him to death. He's dropping tennis balls in between the curtains while I'm in the shower. He loves this toy. Anything that will get him to leave me alone for 20 minutes gets 5 stars from me. He can get the balls out with relative ease, but he seems to enjoy tossing them around. He gets out of my hair for at least 15 minutes every time he pops a couple balls inside and tosses them, until I stick them back in. I can tell from the material that the toy wouldn't hold up long to a chewer, even though my boy is gentle on toys. It is strong enough for a tug of war. The balls that are included are also called squeaky balls. The balls are loud. If you can't handle listening to your dog relentlessly whine at you, you might want to replace it with normal balls.

👤Our dogs are destructive chewers, so this toy lasted about 10 minutes, and while it looked very promising as they wrestled with how to get the balls out, their eventual solution was to just chew through the bars. We had to throw it away because we were afraid they would swallow it and upset their stomach. I think it would be a great toy for our dogs, but it didn't last long for them. If my experience with it had lasted longer, I would recommend this if your dogs don't chew toys. If your dogs don't chew through their toys, please ignore this review. They might destroy it quickly.

👤I was pleasantly surprised. The rubber is tough for my chewer to chew, and the balls inside make him want to get them out, rather than chew it. This has given me hours of entertainment and I watched him try to figure out how to get the balls out. It arrived in time for us to get snowed in, but it took my dog several hours to figure out the balls came out of the cube, and then another day or two before he could consistently get them out in under 5 minutes. This toy is perfect for a dog with a narrow face. He grabs it and runs around the house to show you his favorite. He can get the balls out of the cube by squeezing them. I don't think this rubber would hold up to the amount of tug of war that he would try to start. The tennis balls were not particularly durable and the smaller one may pose a choking hazard if chewed on. I replaced the tennis ball that he ripped in half with a normal tennis ball because he was not as excited about it. I've been trying to save the little one as much as I can, because it's mostly ignored and just in the way. The way he pulled the balls out was by grabbing the fluff on them and stretching them out one by one, so I tied a ribbon around it. That worked. I'll likely be tying that together soon as the other parallel side has also stretched out.

10. Puzzle Interactive Training Enrichment Difficulty

Puzzle Interactive Training Enrichment Difficulty

The size of the dog puzzle toys for large dogs is much larger than the size of the dog puzzle toys on the market, to enhance the grip of the toy. If you have a dog that is smart, mischievous, and energetic, you may want to buy back your dog. More than 60% of pets have Obesity which increases the risk of heart disease. The situation can be alleviated if your dog uses the puzzle toys. The maze plate slow food area and the puzzle slow food area have a unique two-layer design that can significantly extend the feeding time. Compared to other interactive dog puzzle toys on the market, their new upgraded dog puzzle toys cleverly combined slow feeder dog bowls and dog food puzzle toys with large dog treat space, which not only ensures the amount of food your dog eats, but also Interactive dog toys with colorful designs are great for stimulating your pet's visual senses. Their dog puzzle toys can help your dog's IQ. The interactive dog games can enhance the bond between pets and their large dog puzzle toys are a fun way to treat a dog. The dog treat puzzle toy stimulates their brain. Their dog puzzle toys for large dogs are made of non-toxic,BPA-free PP material that is more expensive and easier to clean, which makes them more durable and easy to clean. After using it, oil stains can be washed with soap in cold water, rinse thoroughly and then dry naturally. The material of this dog puzzles enrichment toys is strong enough to be used daily.

Brand: Nunbell

👤This is what we were looking for. It is a great way to keep our dog active. I was worried that the maze might be too big for him, but the quality is great and the individual parts are easy to navigate. It would be a good idea for dogs of all ages and sizes. Great value!

👤This is the most challenging toy I have for my Aussies. The white bones fit tightly and my one Australian thinks that it's possible to remove everything by pawing it lose. This one needs to be removed from the puzzle to make the pieces move. My one year old kept pawing for a while. My 6 month old child realized that if he grabbed it and pulled it, he would get the bone. I didn't want him to chew it up and so I took it away. The 1 year old was happily spinning the discs that had to be pushed to get the treats. It took my two a long time to occupy them for 15 minutes. The 6 month old remembered the trick the second time, while the 1 year old thought she could paw it. The best toy ever!

👤Great product. I have a large breed puppy and it took him about 30 seconds to figure it out, but it would be great for a smaller breed. I had to take it away so that he wouldn't chew it. Nice product, but not good for my dog.

👤The product has good quality. The smell of the other toys is not as bad. It is made from high-quality pp. The colored parts can be spun. It is very easy to clean. The product isn't made with a sharp edge, which won't hurt the puppy.

👤It was too easy for my dog to figure it out when I bought a circled one. My dog took only a short time. Large treats were hard to put into individual sections. The section was easy to put bigger treat into, the product has a larger base. My dog loves the difficulty level, he loves to play with this toy. It takes a while for him to figure out the puzzle and find the hidden treat. Recommended!

👤These dog puzzle toys are something we like. The set up is challenging but we can spend time with the dog to help him figure out the puzzle because of the outstanding material. My children loved the dog toy and my dog was having fun with it. Bring joy to my family. My dog is getting smarter by playing with it.

👤If I let her eat, she will eat at triple speed. YUCK! She is fine because this feeder slows her down. I like the design of the product. It looks like it will last a long time.

👤My 1 year old Cavalier King likes to work for his food and this keeps him busy for about 20 minutes. He needs supervision because he tries to chew the white pieces after he has finished.

11. Difficulty Level Adjustable Asbtos Interactive Enrichment

Difficulty Level Adjustable Asbtos Interactive Enrichment

Are you concerned about whether the enrichment toys for dogs are too difficult or easy for your pet? If you take off some of the sliders, you can make the dog puzzles simpler, but if you install all of the sliders, you will increase the difficulty level for smart dogs. Slowly increase the difficulty level and find the right one for your pet. More than 50% of pets are obese, which increases the risks of heart disease and other health issues, and it is the first cause of Obesity for pets. This situation can be alleviated if your pet uses food puzzles for dogs, it can extend the feeding time by 6-9 times. Compared to other products on the market, their upgraded new edition dog brain stimulating toys have more food storage holes, and the bright colors can instantly grab pets' attention, generating more joys for you pets. Dogs can improve their IQ by playing puzzle toys. Their puppy puzzle toys are fun for dogs to play with, and the interactive game can enhance the bond between your pets, bring more positive energy for pets. The dog puzzle toys for large dogs are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly andBPA-free materials which are easy to clean. After using it, oil stains can be washed with soap in cold water and then dried naturally. The material of this dog mental stimulation toys is strong enough to be used daily.

Brand: Asbtos

👤I searched for puzzles for smart dogs. This one showed up. The difficult level was supposed to be adjusted. It isn't easy. I will entertain the dog for a while. I don't recommend buying unless your puppy is at least 4 months old.

👤My mini and standard poodle enjoy the puzzle. I fill half of the compartments with a small treat. My dog finds the treats first and then goes back for the food. They have fun pushing the pieces around to find their treats.

👤This is a pretzel. My Pyrenees is 10 months old. Pretzel eats everything, chairs, hoses, cords, buckets, and everything he shouldn't. I was worried he would be bored if I was not at work. I thought it would be a waste of money, as pretzel eats everything. I was surprised that he did not destroy this. He likes it. He did the puzzle quickly but never destroyed it. Success! Very well made, super durable.

👤It's a waste of money. My chocolate lab pounced on something because he was so excited, after he slid the things around with his paws. We got out of this in about 2 minutes. It was very frustrating.

👤This is the easiest puzzle feeding toy I have ever seen for a dog, and the hardest for a human. My dog cleared it in under 30 seconds. From there she got faster. It takes longer for the dog to find and eat the treats than it does for the food to be put in. It takes my dog more time to clear the open snuffle mat. A Kong tumble-feeder, which she uses every day and takes just a few seconds to fill, will keep her entertained for a good 10 minutes. This toy has a dollar-store feel, but not a matching price, and it is extremely suspect. If you want to remove some of the covers to make it easier, you have to remove two phillips screws and open the clips with a flat screwdriver. Even though it is technically possible, it doesn't seem like it was designed to be adjusted.

👤It is not the best puzzle for energetic large breed older puppies. She found that dumping it over gave the pieces a quicker pace. She found that she could chew off the rubber feet on the bottom. This was her first time with the puzzle. It would be better for an older or more reserved dog who is not prone to dumping and chewing parts. It is very difficult to clean and hold water.

👤My child is too smart to figure out enrichment toys on her own. This one makes her work and she can't cheat by flipping it upside down. If you only add treats to the game, it should be fine, but I like to use them when feeding her, she has a sensitive tummy, so it's hard to give her treats. It's a great product, but be aware it won't hold large amounts.

👤I've been looking into dog enrichment for my dog. I feel like he gets bored when he doesn't go to the park or walks because of work and sometimes I can't spend as much time with him. I think this is a good way to keep him entertained and not give him treats so easily. He is too smart for it and used his nose to move the pieces out of the way. He doesn't waste time opening the ones that don't have treats. I still gave it five stars because it does exactly what it says it will do, and is cute.


What is the best product for dog puzzle toys for medium dogs?

Dog puzzle toys for medium dogs products from Yoboeew. In this article about dog puzzle toys for medium dogs you can see why people choose the product. Petsafe and Tarvos are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog puzzle toys for medium dogs.

What are the best brands for dog puzzle toys for medium dogs?

Yoboeew, Petsafe and Tarvos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog puzzle toys for medium dogs. Find the detail in this article. Planet Dog, Mateeylife and Slopehill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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