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1. DogBuddy Portable Sanitary Dispenser Included

DogBuddy Portable Sanitary Dispenser Included

It's accessible. DogBuddy Scooper is on a leash. You won't have to carry it. CONVENIENT: The dogBuddy pooper scooper has a waste bag compartment. Any standard size rolls are used. It is extendable. You can scoop it all if the side adjusts in size. It's best for large dogs. There is a time and a place. You don't have to use your hands to remove dog poop and waste. Keep lawns and sidewalks clean. Money back guarantee. If you're not happy with their product, you can contact them for a replacement or a refund. The U.S. and International Utility Patents have been issued.

Brand: Dogbuddy

👤It's been great so far. It scoops on grass better than a bag, and it stays clean. It requires large bags to be able to open fully, so we'll see how that goes when I run out of the bags. I checked with the off-brand bags and it doesn't open all the way. I'm not sure about longevity because I only had it for a few days. I have had this scooper for 3 months and I love it. When I could leave my gloves on, it was much better to pick up poo. The dollar store has bags that are the perfect size. 50 bags for $1 is unbeatable.

👤I am ashamed to say that I did a lot of research on pooper scoopers when we got our dog. I bought it because it had the most good reviews. I only have to use it 3 times, but it only does one thing: it spills the poo all over the bag and the grass. If the poo isn't rock hard, or if it has sunk into the grass, you will ruin it. Unless your dog ate a lot of helium, it is virtually impossible to get underneath the pile when it is closed. Instead, it closes on it and cuts it in half, or it can be just smeared all over the place and ruin your dignity. It's well made, but useless. If the bad stays in place, it will stay clean. Maybe it's for nuggets that have been sitting around for hours or days, instead of fresh gifts from your pup? It wouldn't make sense to use this while walking your dog or traveling with it, as it is meant to be portable. I don't recommend it. I'm looking for a better item.

👤Changed my life. I thought I would be able to suck up the poop from the new golden pup that we welcomed. I had an embarrassing reaction to picking up dog poop. god knows what my neighbors think, I would gag violently outside. I would ask my wife to get it because I couldn't handle it. But, then... I was tired and WOW. Picking up the poop is easy and clean, and it doesn't bother me at all. I think it does a better job than using your hands because it is able to remove any poop left on the ground. I would recommend anyone who has the same problem to buy again.

👤I never thought I'd leave a review for a pooper scooper. I've got an 85lb greyhound who leaves a lot behind, and it grosses me out, because it smells worse than your average pup. It is manageable because of this. I'm amazed that there aren't more like it on the market. Everything from the bag storage to the expandable side was thought out well. This is better than touching it through a bag with my hand, because it will smell better. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤If you own a dog, buy this. You will thank me later. I don't leave reviews often, but I never thought I'd be leaving a review on a pooper scooper, right? I keep my cats' litter box clean. I can't do dog poop. When I took the dog on a walk that she would go on our walk, I was afraid that I would make a spectacle of myself in front of the neighbors. I kept her moving and never gave her a chance to stop. Both of us were miserable. How does Amazon know what I need before I do? I scoop and seal the bag when she leaves. It's easy. Don't have to look at it. I love that once I've tied the not, it's in the scoop and I just drop it in the trash can. In the 30 minutes that we walk, I can't smell it. Longer periods of time and dog size may cause variations. This thing is amazing. I can clip to the leash and go with it. It's very easy. If the seller makes a newer model, I wish they would take it into account. Sometimes the clip that holds the bags doesn't stay put. Sometimes the door opens when I pull out a bag. It's not a big deal, and it's not hard to just hold it closed, but maybe a more secure clip could be used next time. This thing holds bags as well. They have thought of everything. I have a puppy who will grow into a large dog. I bought the large size, which I think will be large enough to hold the waste, but I worry that the gap opening might not be wide enough. I'd like to see a bigger gap over the poop on another model. If you own a dog, buy this. 15 dollars is a good amount of money.

2. Chrider Non Breakable Portable Foldable Rake(Blue)

Chrider Non Breakable Portable Foldable Rake%EF%BC%88Blue%EF%BC%89

The chrider pet pooper scooper is made of the highest quality plastic to ensure it is strong, durable and lightweight. Even if you step on the bucket of the pooper scooper with your feet, it will not break. The lock can be slid down to get started. It is easy to carry and store by opening and folding, which is more convenient for people who bring pets. The design reduces the carrying space. The plastic bucket is close to the ground and has a good distance from strong teeth. Large dogs, small dogs, cats and other kind of pets can be accommodated in the special designed large-capacity. Give the non-stick shovel a quick rinse and you are done! The upgraded handle is more comfortable and labor-saving. You don't need to bend over to pick up trash or pet poop with the extended handle. They provide ten years of customer support. They will try to solve your problem if you are not happy with their product.

Brand: Chrider

👤I got this because it said it was unbreakable. The cheap plastic handles on the scoopers keep breaking off due to cold temperatures. This one feels like it's the best I've used. It's very easy to squeeze with one hand and I like the ergonomics. I don't think this is a good idea for big dog doo-doo like I have. The spring doesn't close very quickly, so it's like a crane game, where you grab it and as it closes, the poop slips out beneath it. It doesn't hold much more than one load before you have to dump it and come back to get the rest. You can get it all up after a few tries. I would think it would work for a small turd. It's a good product, just needs a little tweaking.

👤It was difficult to learn to use and I am giving it 4 stars. It was fine once I figured it out. The job was done well. I want people to know that it is difficult to use if you are like me. Cerebral palsy is something I have. I use the product one-handed, because I have one hand on a walker or something stable to hold me up. It does work.

👤The handle is easy to use and works well. I needed a longer handle to reach s from the wheelchair and it folds in half to be easy to transport. Scoop it with the larger bags slip 2 because it doesn't get dirty as fast. Excellent item. Thank you.

👤The scooper is small and light, but it can't pick up the poop very easily, so I have to use different ways to get it to pick it up.

👤I keep this scooper in a basket on my Walker, so it folds up easily. I am a senior citizen so I don't have to lean over as much. The scooper's jaws are not sharp and do not cut through the bag. I wish it had a way to secure the bag to the jaw since I have to fold it up after each use. I have only had it for a few weeks and I don't know how long it will last.

👤This will make cleaning the backyard easier. Excellent quality and works well.

👤El producto es magnfico, pero una superficie lisa o tu grama est acabada de cortar. Sin embargo, la grama crezca todo es difcil. Tendrs para capturar la escreta sin aplastarla. Debera tener a cerrar para recoger, pero al haber grama. No cierra por s mismo, la grama obstruye el libre movimiento. Se tendrs dudas, lo compras o no. No dejes crecer mucho tu grama y estars.

👤There is nothing wrong with it, but the elderly mother has to help her pick up the potty. The problem with using a rollator is that it takes too long to bend and too long to use for ease of use. It is not useful for her.

3. Natures Miracle Non Stick Advanced Scoop

Natures Miracle Non Stick Advanced Scoop

It's easy to use. Grass, gravel or concrete are the surfaces that pick up. Pick up from all the surfaces. Product protection.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤It's worse if you step in a pile of poo. It's terrible for you and anyone else who has to be around you after. I step in it when I am in a hurry and have no time to do anything else, the only thing I can do is get it off the grass. I hear from the kids that they farted. The whole trip to where we are going stinks in here. Then... My life changed. I found this scoop. If you're tired of bending over and breaking your back, look no further! This scoop is for people who don't like pooping. This scoop is for people who love pooping. poop scoops were made for tall people and I was fed up with them. I have 3 large dogs that make it their job to poop at the same time every day. I'm not that tall. I want to say that I scoop poop daily, but it's like once every week or two when I can bribe the kids. I bought the cheap ones from the store. They seemed to break within a month. They were short. We had to carry the scoop to the dog poo can because one side of the scooper broke. It wasn't good. The yard looked like it had a bad case of skin cancer as it had chunks of dirt missing and dirt thrown to the side where the kids tried to scoop it up. The brand new poop scoop should be inserted. Life changed for the better. If not longer, this one will last at least 9 months. The handle is made for a taller person. The scoop doesn't break and leaves you with no grass. It is very durable. This scoop is very good. When I ordered dog food, I tried to buy a different one. That was a joke. It costs more and it doesn't pick up all that well. I ordered another one after learning a lesson. The kids can fight about who gets the good scoop, who gets to carry the poop can, and who gets the crummy scoop. I think that's correct.

👤The springs have great tension to close the jaws around your dog's mess, and it's very sturdy. It has teeth that help it get through the grass, but sometimes I need to jiggle it to get rid of the mess. When using this device, I use a few techniques that you probably don't know about, such as when I open the jaws a bit more than necessary and give quick, gentle tugs on the device to allow. After forcing the jaw to the ground, I can twist the jaws to allow the jaws to inch their way underneath the mess. I just went there. If you own a dog or a horse, you shouldn't be concerned about their mess by now.

👤The springs broke on this scooper within two years. The devices don't last more than a year or two before the springs snap, so I don't know whether to blame the company or not. I contacted customer support about the warranty, but they never bothered to respond. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a scooper. They all do. I just reviewed a jaw scoop that is half the price and just as good, so please click on my name. When it breaks, you won't feel ripped off. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing I think it's safe to say that anyone who buys one of these scoopers is going to have a love/hate relationship with it. The problem is that these scoopers break. I've been through two of them so far. I bought this little guy from a Petco brand and it was the most recent purchase. The brand that I listed lasted me a little over a year before it broke. I loved that scooper as it held onto the waste once it was picked up, and it had a terrific "jaws of life" grip to it. Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop has a better build quality, but does not hold on to the waste as well once picked up, and has a lighter/easier handle. The bottom claw can sometimes leave a small gap that items can fall out of. It's not problematic enough to make this product a failure. I like a tighter claw. I picked this model as a replacement because the company has responded to broken springs on Amazon and sent replacement springs to the customer. The company will stand behind the product when it breaks, that's what it gives me. I like the build quality of this scooper. It has an easy handle pull. The spacing is not enough to be concerned with when picking up waste. Sometimes it causes an issue and other times it doesn't. I hope that I get a lot of use out of this scooper before the spring snap, which is the problem with most of these products.

4. UPSKY Non Breakable Foldable Shovel,Durable Materials,Easy

UPSKY Non Breakable Foldable Shovel%EF%BC%8CDurable Materials%EF%BC%8CEasy

The pooper scooper has a comfortable design that keeps your hands and nose away from messes. For quick and easy use, slide down the lock. It is very convenient to fold in half for carrying and storing. Premium materials are made of sturdy and durable non-stick material to ensure it's sturdy but still lightweight and keep it in use for a long time. One-handed operation and easy pull handle guarantee you will be able to scoop up the mess. It comes with a roll of waste bags and a holder, which is more convenient for people who walk with the dog. It is easy to use and clean. It's ideal for picking up waste from grass, concrete, gravel, etc. Give the non-stick shovel a quick rinse and you are done!

Brand: Upsky

👤The tool is cheap and doesn't do the job. The teeth are too far apart. I tried putting the baggie over the bottom, but it was a failure. Save money. I bought a cat litter scoop for a dollar at the supermarket and it works better than the one I had at home.

👤I used it for less than a week and it is already cracked and going in the trash. The money was wasted.

👤This broke the first day. After being extended, it does not fold. Not great. There is an update. The company replaced the broken product. It works well for picking up the yard. It's good for travel because it folds and extends. The company was very helpful and I left the old review up because I was not sure how common the defects were.

👤It was difficult to carry with dogs and leash. I think a roll of bags should be attached to the scoop so that you can cover the scoop before using it. The bag should be attached until you remove it. It is easy to tear apart a dog leash if you are one handed. Wonder if it could be made easier to carry.

👤I assembled the product according to the instructions and it broke on the first scoop. I have many scoopers which have lasted me years, so I was incredibly disappointed in this product. Don't buy. It isn't worth your money.

👤It has a long grip so you don't bend and it has a great grip for picking up poop. I have had it for over 6 months and it has been doing well.

👤I was looking for something that had collapsed. This is it! Big mouth for big dogs. poop won't fall out before you dispose of it The handle collapses for storage.

👤Junk. It was broken when it arrived. Don't buy.

5. ROIUBPO Pooper Scooper Detachable Durable

ROIUBPO Pooper Scooper Detachable Durable

The pooper scooper is more durable and long lasting than other plastic scoopers. The clip-on interlocking structure is more reliable and will not break when used. The long handle has special designed handles that allow you to adjust the handle length according to your needs. The handle can reach up to 42 inches. It is more convenient to use than the traditional dog pooper scooper. The longer handle allows you to pick up pet waste. The tray, rake and spade are made of aluminum and treated with a non-stick coating so they are easy to clean and Rust Proof. The pet poop scooper is resistant to rust, so you can always leave it outside. It is lightweight and you can pick up after your dog on any surface. You don't have to sort out the pieces when you have a separate bag for each handle. You can disassemble the handles or put them together. You can hang the clips on hooks or snap them together for quick and easy storage. They added gloves to protect your hands when cleaning. They believe they provide the most quality poop scoop on the market. Money back and product assurance will be provided. They will do everything they can to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase if you don't have a good experience with their pooper scooper. Add to cart now!

Brand: Roiubpo

👤The joints snap together nicely. After you put it all together, they don't move. The non-stick coating seems to be texturized. Even if they did stick, the dark color won't show any remnants. Our scooper is under the overhang of our house. The last scooper was made of wood. The powder coating on this scooper seems to be thick, not as thick as the non-stick portion, but it feels smooth and didn't scratch during assembly. The black plastic handle feels like it will give me better grip than the wood handles. Each piece was wrapped in clear plastic so they wouldn't scratch each other during shipping. I asked my daughter to try it out and so far she has not found anything that sticks to the tray or rake.

👤I need a sturdy pooper scooper because I have two Danes. This one is strong and sturdy, but not storage. I put a supermarket bag on the big tray so I can scoop up the poop and throw it away without mess. I tend to use the rake when I try to use the spade. The spade head snapped off. I like that the set can be snapped together to keep it together, and that it's easy to separate the tools. It was easy to put together. I don't know if I can take them apart. I don't think I need to do this. So far, it's been good...

👤My old scooper broke. I wanted something strong. This fits the bill so far. It was easy to assemble and it will hold up. It is a good value for a small dog. Four stars because I don't know how it will perform over time. The seller gave me an incentive to post a review.

👤There is a lot to like about this set. The handles are long and sturdy. Less trips to deposit the goods in the can are made because of the huge capacity of the scoop. The spade is more of a scoop than a chisel and it's really useful. The fact that all the tools clip together makes me happy. The bright orange color makes it easy to spot them. This set would be recommended by me.

👤I've been looking for a sturdy side of the pet clean-up tools to use for my chicken enclosure. Everything I've found so far was either too flimsy or large for the confined area. The supplies of livestock muck are expensive. I'm so glad I tried it. The rake is easy to use and perfect for daily maintenance. The tines are not like leaf rakes. The tray is just the right size for the scraper, and it is great for removing stuck on messes. The handles are easy to assemble, comfortable to hold, and the lengths can be adjusted simply by adding or removing sections. I would definitely recommend these tools.

👤I ordered two. I love them! The pooper scooper that we were using was similar to the units the highway people use to pick up trash or larger objects. You have to pick up poop from a dog in the grass. It was gross! To say the least! These pooper scoopers are very easy to use and assemble.

6. Petmate 71034 Scooper Scented Included

Petmate 71034 Scooper Scented Included

The large capacity pooper scooper is perfect for quick, multi-waste pick-ups on grass, concrete, and gravel surfaces. The extended reach, lightweight handle is easy to pick up. The need to bend, kneel, or squat down to pick up pet waste is eliminated by 32 inches in height. The Arm and Hammer waste bags are 2x thicker than standard grocery bags to effectively contain large quantities of pet waste and they help keep your bin clean. Arm & Hammer has solutions for messes that people know and trust, from waste bag dispensers and litter box wipes to litter pans, liners, scoops, and pet beds. Petmate makes a variety of pet products, such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more.

Brand: Petmate

👤The bin is built to fit supermarket bags. I prefer my wire scooper over the shovel. I included a video that shows how to load the bags for my mother-in-law. The scooper was a 5 star product.

👤There are some life goals that you set out to achieve, like getting a job, having a family, or being successful. "Review a pooper scooper on Amazon" is nowhere near the top of that list, or middle for that matter. I am finding myself doing that very thing here. I have been doing the small garden spade method for years, how did I find myself here? I used to think that the two Norwegian Elkhounds could be poop factories, but I have never thought that way before. After receiving a particularly fragrant gift from one of my four legged friends, I sought out a better way because my gag reflexes just couldn't handle it anymore. A neighbor came to my backyard to check on a small animal that was dying due to the noise. I researched pooper scoopers. I looked at them all. From the open top rake method to the fancy claw machine contraptions. I shouldn't be surprised that there are so many pooper scooper options out there. For a couple reasons, I decided on this one. The enclosed bin is a great idea. I quickly put it together and loaded the first bag so I could head into the dangerous backyard. I found the first one and deposited it into the bin/bag. No noise, no mess, and no sounds of animals being killed. This wasn't bad after all. I sprinted around the yard, flipping turd into the waiting bin. I no longer was trying to figure out which way the wind was blowing. I tackled the landmine with the force of a jungle cat seeing it's next meal, that was a metaphor. I mentioned that the bag was full and that the two edghounds are a factory of fecal matter. I untied the bag straps, tied them together, and found myself with a full bag of poo, which was easy to dispose of. Arm & Hammer sells extra bags for this. The handles may cause some issues but they should work. This is a really nice pooper scooper. I would have liked to see the rake part more sturdy, but for the price, I can't complain. It is easy to pick up the mess. I would have liked to have found this option sooner. I am not going back to the way I was before. This product is very good.

👤Oh my gosh. I waited so long to buy one of these that I can't believe it. I have had to buy tons of other things for my ten-month old pup, so I wasn't sure how necessary it was. I didn't need another thing, my method of small garden shovel and bag was enough. It took a while and was tiring when I only go out once or twice a week. Doody rolling off the shovel before putting it in the bag. I'd had enough. Which one to buy now? I love this one so much that I will not buy any other ones to compare it to. This is what I love. I've been able to do the job every 4-5 days with only one fill-up and with a 60+lb pup, that still gets a tad heavy. I like how I can attach regular grocery store bags to the little slots on the outside of the scooper. I don't have to buy a special bag to keep the process neat and tidy. It really couldn't be simpler, I know a couple of reviewers had mentioned that. There is a I don't see how it could be improved. I'm very happy with it, I would expect to pay more, but I'm not too upset with it.

7. PAWCHIE Pet Poop Tray Rake

PAWCHIE Pet Poop Tray Rake

There is a metal tray and 2 rakes in this pack. 3 tubes for adjusting. Convenient storage can be achieved with the snap together of the rake and tray. The metal tray is 9 inches in diameter. You can dispose of the waste all at once in a large size. There are two rakes for different purposes, one for yard waste removal and the other for home use. Black spray paint with red accessories is made of high-quality steel. Comes with gloves for waste removal.

Brand: Pawchie

👤Light weight, very sturdy, easy to set up. One of the dogs is a Great Danes. The $20 ones are not very strong. I use this in my yard because it holds up well to giant poop. I wouldn't let it sit out in the rain, but as long as it's only used for its intended purpose and taken care of, it should last several years.

👤A litter of 10 puppies and their mom came in from a foster home, and I volunteer at an animal shelter. I thought donating an extra scooper would be ok. It was easy to assemble, and I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it is. It looks like it will hold up. The variety of scoopers is what I like. I have a puppy at home that is going into the rip apart paper and boxes stage. I used the rake scooper to pull her scraps from the pile. It's much easier to pick up the pieces.

👤It's perfect if you have a back injury or just want to stop cleaning up poop.

👤Longer handles would have been a plus. The tool was very useful. Even though the tools were kept out of the elements, the rake was very flimsy and rusted apart after about a year in the south Florida humidity. I wouldn't purchase this set again because the tools worked well, but the rake rusted apart. It's not built for Florida.

👤The handles are not 37.4 inches. 2 of them are over 34 inches. Very disappointed.

👤I normally don't write reviews, but this product is awesome for the price. I was looking for a replacement for my pooper scooper after it died, but I came across this. I think it's fine, but I find it short. I'm used to a taller handle. The spade is the most helpful in the winter when you're licking up half frozen waste.

👤The longer the handles, the higher the score. Handles do not collapse. If you don't pay attention to them, they can loosen. A large bin. There are metal tool heads. The handle grips are decent. Acids don't eat away finish after rinsing. I wanted to replace the plastic scoop model that broke at the neck and would collapse during use. I will see how this set goes.

👤I love the pan set. I contacted the seller after I found it broken. It wouldn't help me at all. Couldn't have cared less. It was going to be a different one. I realized that it just comes apart and needs to be rearranged. So far, so good. It hasn't rusted or broken in a year. Customer service could be better.

8. TIMINGILA Portable Scooper Strength Material

TIMINGILA Portable Scooper Strength Material

The 33" long handle pooper scooper has no need to be held down. It's easy to carry and store when you slide down to lock orunlock. The handle is in line with the human body design. Large dogs are easy to pick up waste from all surfaces. The pooper scooper long handle is very strong and durable, it can be used for any dog or cat.

Brand: Timingila

👤I wanted to use this for a while before I reviewed it. It has been 2 1/2 months and I have used it many times. The scooper gets a workout every week because we have 5 dogs that put about 10 pounds of poop a week. The handle is long enough for a 6'2” person like me to use it without bending over. It's easy to wash off. The scooper is wide enough to handle large deposits. The mechanism on the scoop works well. The bad. I wish the springs were stronger. Sometimes I have to twist the handle a little to get it to close all the way down in the grass, because I have to push down on the spring loaded handle a little. Not a deal-breaker, just an observation. I'm going to see if I can add another spring. This product has done what I need it to do. Isn't that the only thing you can really ask of?

👤One of the springs broke in less than two months. The springs are very thin. The second one is expected to break any day. So disappointing!

👤I have two dogs. It can pick up waste. I'm 5'9 and it works well for me. It's much easier to keep up with a gross job. It has lasted a few months now and seems to last a long time.

👤Works, does the job better than without. The bags that come with are tight. Not sure if it's good or bad. Is it hard to put bag on unit? Initially, it was hard to pull out the hand without the bag. Overall, happy. I only needed to use the device a few times on our walks. Maybe a way to fold the unit up for easy carry. It would be easy to carry with you. Thanks!

👤I was not happy with the product. I can't pick up the poop because the claws lock open when I slide the thing to lock it in place. I have to force the lever back down so that the claws don't open. You would be better off with a shovel. This product was very disappointing.

👤It is easy to use and doesn't hurt my hand or wrist. I have 2 Great Pyrenees and I need to pick up a lot. I bought a different 1 several years ago that ended up breaking in the middle because the part that held the 2 pieces together broke after a year of use. This is going to be much stronger and should last longer.

👤The idea is nice, but the actual use of the product is different. You can only pick up one pile at a time, as if you let the pile fall out, it will fall out. It is difficult to clean as you need to hold it open. Returned for a scoop and spade. The spade can't get caught up in tines with the rake. Being all plastic was expensive.

👤I ordered this for my mom, who recently had a heart surgery, because she can't bend down after her pups do their thing. I forgot to open the box when it arrived and I am battling cancer. I tried to give it to her yesterday, but it didn't work. It is very difficult to squeeze the handle and the claws get stuck in the open position. We have to manually close it and hope our fingers don't get stuck. I was upset that this passed quality control and was sent out this way, but also upset that I didn't check if it worked. I would give a full star if the company offered a working replacement. One star is enough.

9. Upgraded Scooper Bending Partable Perfect

Upgraded Scooper Bending Partable Perfect

The metal poop scooper is strong and durable. It's more durable than traditional plastic scoops, but still lightweight. The handle joints are tougher because of the thicker protective sleeves. The product is meant to last a long time. The Rake and Scoop Set is lightweight and easy to use, and can be carried in the car. The pronged rake glides through the grass with ease, as well as concrete sidewalks and kennels, making it easier to clean up pet poop. The long handle is tall to eliminate back and leg fatigue. It's easy to store and clean. The scooper can be snapped onto the rake as one unit, and all parts can be folded up in a paper box, perfect for compact storage and travel. The garden hose can easily clean the smooth surface of the scoop and rake. It's easy to install and detach. The handle is threaded by 3 tubes and can be adjusted in length from 27" to 37.4" for adults or children. If you don't use it for a long time, you can disassemble it and put it in a bag. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can buy risk free. Do you not like the dog pooper scooper? They will do everything they can to make it right if you reach out to them. You can experience the difference that real quality makes by clicking 'add to cart'.

Brand: Meegood

👤My first thought was that it was going to be too small. It is not. It is the perfect size. It is very sturdy, but not heavy. The rake does a good job and it seems like both the rake and the scoop are coated with something that makes the clean up very easy. The rake can be attached to the scoop.

👤It does its job. 3 of the dogs are under 15 lbs. One blue heeler is about 50 lbs. The scooper works well for us. It saves our backs because we don't have to bend over as much. We use it in conjunction with a plastic trash bag. It is not a heavy duty thing. It is made of aluminum. If it were made of steel, it would be very heavy and difficult to carry around the yard. We are glad we bought it.

👤The handle sections are screwed together. You have to re-tighten them often because they come loose easily. The old school one has a solid wood handle. I received an email from the company's customer service manager who offered me a $30 Amazon gift card if I removed my review. I don't believe that is appropriate or ethical, and will not remove my review as it is an honest one.

👤I can't bend over because of my back discs. The tool does not cause my back pain. I have a large Newfoundland dog. I can get several poops in the large tray before I dump it in a plastic bucket because it is large. The rake is large enough for me to dig down into the grass to get all the poop up. The rake and tray have non-stick coating, so everything slides easily off. I recommend this to anyone who has back problems or just wants an easier way to clean up.

👤Sometimes I invite my friends' dogs to come over to my backyard and there are a lot of dog poops. It is difficult to pick up all of them. My life is easier thanks to this scooper. It takes a few minutes to clean my backyard.

👤If anyone else has made the switch to a claw pooper scooper, you know how easy it is to use. If you still use a claw, get this. It was worth it. The dogs must like it because I had a hand on the rake and scooper when my mom was in the yard, and her dog walked up to me and pooped about a foot away. I don't know what that is, if it's not a doggy endorsement.

👤This set is really nice and it seems ridiculous to write a review on a poop scooper. Extra long metal handles are what I love the most. It's great for taller people like us and the Florida humidity. There are nice holes for hanging.

👤I had a different scooper. This works well. The trash is picked up in the afternoon. In the morning, I pick up trash around the yard. I have two dogs. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. The dogs are happy in the yard.

10. PETNOZ Scooper Adjustable Portable Non Breakable

PETNOZ Scooper Adjustable Portable Non Breakable

Revolutionary innovation is what it is. The USA patent bag hooks design is more extravagant. Compared to a traditional pet pooper scooper, it is a winner in trash odor control, eliminating poop odor in yards and garages, and keeping your yard spot-free from the messes pet leaves behind. The clean life of pets is their top priority. Your dogs will appreciate the freshness and odorless nature of your yard. Garbage disposal is convenient. No more worried about getting too close to the dog. Save your money. More economics! There are two hooks on the side of the bin that can be adjusted to fit different bags. If you make the most of the discarded bags, you can increase your budget for festival gifts and life supplies and reduce the amount of trash bags you have to buy. Garbage can be cleaned with the 20 big waste bags. This is a great shopping transaction. Stop! The biggest barrier for owners of pets is over. The most time-sensitive polygraphs are on the market. You're not afraid to lose time on your pets because of all the large and small poop and garbage. The PETNOZ Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper is 30% larger than other capacity and is ideal for picking up the entire yard litter. Meet all your needs. Tailor made for you. Making life simpler and better is achieved by an initial and friendly pet experience. The long handle of the dog pooper scooper adjusts up to 36 inches, so you can bend over or a child will pick up the waste. Picking up after your pet is no longer a chore. The rake pooper scooper set is made of sturdy material that is non-breakable. They're easy to clean. Own a nice pet courtyard life. HasSLE free lifetime replacements. No need to return! They take great pride in their workmanship and customer service on Amazon, and will treat you like family. The solution that makes cleaning easier is provided by the PETNOZ Swivel Bin & Rake. They're convenient and nice to your busy pet life. They will issue a refund if you don't like the purchase. No questions asked! Pets are being cleaned by them. They are their greatest source of pride.

Brand: Petnoz

👤The last one was brittle and broke, so I had to replace it. I thought I was getting the same thing, but this one is nicer. You can put a liner on this scooper with the little hooks on the sides. There are two hooks for different bags. Smart! It is easier to empty when you can replace bags. Duct tape on the "seams" that get screwed together will keep them from coming apart when you use it. The checkered part is in the picture.

👤Even though this is larger than most, the sticks/handles lack rubbery grips making them harder to use and slippery in the cold. They tend to change their position which is annoying. I will wait until the rubbery grips on my old scooper are back in stock. The seller is offering 20 dollars for a gift card which never arrives to remove negative reviews. It is unbelievable.

👤We have three dogs. A dog and a beagle. The Danes are a different story, but you can use almost anything for the littles. This is easy to use and keep clean. The basic grocery bags are better than what comes with them. I don't have a problem with the rake, even though some people have complained about it. Will plastic last a long time? I don't know. I know that it will pay itself off before it has to be replaced, and I will purchase another one at that time.

👤I don't have the job of poop-picker-upper. My son and husband are in charge of that job. The job of pooper is taken care of by our hound which we affectionately call our short-necked-giraffe. After consulting with my family, the only person who seemed to have a complaint was my son, who was not reflected in the stars we awarded the product. The one-handed lever scooper my 11 year old had was more difficult than this one. The only reason for him to suggest this was because two hands are needed. This product is better than the previous one-handed scooper for a number of reasons. The previous tool fell apart before it could be fixed. The length of our yard and the sometimes unforgiving texture of the poop pile are the second reasons. In Washington, it's difficult to keep our grass short and wet piles because of the reason. The last tool did not perform as well as this product does. I hope this helps.

👤This product is easy to use. It is sturdy and lightweight. I can clean up the dog's waste quickly. The rake is sturdy, so it can easily push the waste into the receptacle, and attach to the handle of the receptacle so it doesn't get lost. It has several black bags. It's possible to use plastic shopping bags, but they are slightly smaller and it can be difficult to attach them, and if you are not careful, the bags can be messy. I would rather not have to buy bags. I am sure you are wondering, "how can someone get so excited about a poop scoop?" I don't know. I know that a poop free yard requires little effort to get it, and it's even better. The handle fell apart in other people's reviews. I have noticed that it is getting harder to use. I think I'll put a piece of packing take to make it permanent.

11. PPOGOO Non Breakable Scooper Strength Material

PPOGOO Non Breakable Scooper Strength Material

High-tech Environmentally Premium Materials are lightweight, not easy to break, strong, sturdy and durable. Their products are not easy to break and are shown in the use experience of tens of thousands of customers. Good quality product is worth your time. Sliding down the lock is easy to use. It's very convenient to fold in half for carrying and storing. It's more convenient for people who take their pets out. The design reduces the space you carry. Perfect Multi-Purpose POOPER You can clean pet waste without smelling it, Large-capacity for large dogs and small dogs, and other pets. It is easy to pick up waste from grass, concrete,gravel,dirt water, and other items. The pooper scooper is easy to use, has a pull handle, and is 24 inches long. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Please contact them if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Ppogoo

👤Listen. I don't write reviews. I don't think you've heard it a million times. I need to get this thing because it is awesome. There is a black lab and a pit mix in our house. They poop a lot. We live in a city and our backyard is small with 3 other yards. I was starting to think our backyard was stinky, and I was sure our neighbors did as well. Our black dog barks 24/7. I don't need any other reasons for our neighbors to hate us. The pooper scooper. I just can't get over it. I cleaned the bags of poop. It was easy to use. User friendly. I would recommend you buy it. I will be picking up messes on our walks while we are out. Attached are photos.

👤The pooper scooper was exactly what I wanted it to be. I've had trouble in the past with the clamp closing tight enough to pick up poop. Some fall out when I pick them up. I don't drop anything I've picked up when I get more, because this is a well-stocked clamp. I've noticed that it's short, but it doesn't seem to affect my ability to clean up my pet's mess. I can't dock this scoop for that because it wasn't noticeable for me. I would encourage people to understand that this is a plastic scoop, so they won't last a lifetime, but I would recommend it to others. I think you will be very happy with this item if you go into it.

👤I broke the pooper scooper after picking up my two dogs gifts, after telling my wife for days that I would pick up the dog poop in the backyard. I was happy. I did! It allowed me to put off my "doodies" for another day. It allowed me to purchase the best pooper scooper I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The thing was packaged and ready to work the next day. This thing was easy to assemble because my friend Oliver works so hard to get this stuff. I had this bad boy locked and loaded in four easy steps. I picked out a bag from the larger bag and put it into a kitty litter container, which I got to work on. I posted a video to show off my new pooper scooper and picked up all the poop in the yard. There is a picture for proof. This thing picked up all the poop in a single movement. Repeated many times. None of that half scoop half slide and stack business. I was working with the last scooper. The freshers were dropped into the bag with ease. The long handle was a lifesaver. I am experiencing back pain from a 30something who had too much fun as a 20something. I didn't have to bend down as far as possible to scoop the poop, which made me not complain about having two dogs and double the poop. If I could recommend one change, it would be to make an even longer handled pooper scooper that folds like this one. I would pay for it. Take one for free. No problem. There are five hundred stars. Would buy again.


What is the best product for dog pooper scooper portable?

Dog pooper scooper portable products from Dogbuddy. In this article about dog pooper scooper portable you can see why people choose the product. Chrider and Nature's Miracle are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog pooper scooper portable.

What are the best brands for dog pooper scooper portable?

Dogbuddy, Chrider and Nature's Miracle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog pooper scooper portable. Find the detail in this article. Upsky, Roiubpo and Petmate are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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