Best Dog Pooper Scooper Large Breed

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1. DEGBIT Portable Materials Professional Ergonomic

DEGBIT Portable Materials Professional Ergonomic

Quality materials are used to produce goods. The DEGBIT pet pooper scooper is made from heavy duty plastic and metal to ensure it is lightweight and not easy to break. They have a thicker design in the slot of the two parts connection, which makes it more sturdy and less easy to break. They care about you and your pets. The handle is designed to be comfortable. It's easy to use the sliding down lock. It's very convenient to fold in half for carrying and storing. The pooper scooper is easy to use. Come and get your pet. You can clean the pet waste without smelling it. The DEGBIT dog pooper scooper has strong teeth and is ideal for picking up waste from grass, concrete, gravel, dirt water and other sources. Large dogs, small dogs, cats and other kind of pets can be accommodated in the special designed large-capacity. Give the non-stick shovel a quick rinse and you are done! Good closure and double sprina desion prevent loosened displacement and other problems. The pooper scooper has a one-handed design that keeps you away from messes and odors. You can easily scoop the waste with the easy-pull handle and two springs. They are willing to give each customer a good service because of the high quality of this product. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any quality issues or questions. Their professional customer service team is here to help.

Brand: Db Degbit

👤Came quickly. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean.

👤Great product! I was able to clean up after not having to stoop down.

👤I love this product. My puppy was six weeks old when I received it. I tried to use it. I don't think I was using it right. I tried to get down under the poop in the grass to pick it up, but it didn't work. I put it away. I waited too long to return my puppy, which is four months old. I decided to use it again. I put the teeth on the ground around the poop and it picked it up. I put the scoop over the wastebasket with a plastic bag in it and the poop came out. No more bending over! I no longer use my hands. I did not use a plastic bag to pick up the poop as it became too messy. There was only a small piece of the scoop left. It only takes a minute to clean it under the patio water spigot, and a paper towel will suffice. This product is very good. It is easy to use and clean.

👤I like the claws. It is easy to pick up dog waste. The spring is strong. The one handed pick up is very easy to use. It is very easy to use. Your kids will pick up after the pup.

👤The scooper had many good reviews. The springs broke not the holes the springs attach to, but the metal springs that were supposed to be there broke into two pieces. There was no response from the company when we inquired about their claim, which was poor quality control and flimsy construction. The second one was used for a couple of weeks, but the plastic pegs that hold the jaws in place were cracked. We received no response from the company. We tried to save the plastic, but still used the second scooper. We were not picking up bricks or firewood with these scoops. We have two dogs and their poop doesn't weigh a lot so we don't have to worry about a poop scoop breaking. They don't deserve or have earned the kindness of calling these two scoops "shoddily-made-quality-control-rejects-a-greedy-company-sold-anyway-to-Make-more-profit". The plastic used to make our two scoops was half the thickness of any other scoop we have ever bought and was incredibly brittle. A tooth on one of the jaws broke off when the mechanism snapped closed, and a crack in one of the sides of the jaw developed. The little pull lever was often stuck for no reason. They have a lot of good four-star reviews because their product was well made in the beginning. The two pieces of shit we bought a few months ago were an embarrassment to the company and a sign of cost cutting. I can see that I am not the first person to say that customer service doesn't exist. If a company makes a bold claim that their product is unbreakable, you would think they would back it up. Not a chance here, so save your money and look for a pooper scooper that has good ratings and a valid replacement warranty in case it turns out to be a bad product.

2. Living Express Dogs Long Material Green Foldable

Living Express Dogs Long Material Green Foldable

Sturdy and durable, it is made of Heavy DutyABS Premium Material that ensures it is sturdy and will keep your device in use for a long time. A non-slip grip handle can fit in your hand to make it easy to scoop large amounts of pet waste. It is easy to open and close the jaw. The poop scooper folds in half for easy transport and storage. Simply slide the lock up and bend at the joint. Pick up on grass, concrete, dirt and other surfaces with ease with a comfortable grip handle. 28 inch length means less bending, leaning and back pain. It's great for yard work. You feel comfortable using the large handle. And without leaking for soft poop.

Brand: Living Express

👤I wanted to love this place. The concept is better than bending over. The plastic is hard to grasp and make this contraption work. The claws stab the waste instead of actually picking it up. When you squeeze the handle, it sounds like the plastic is about to break and you have to throw the poo. Not user friendly.

👤I have a big dog that poops a lot. The product snapped in half, the pail version, halfway through my first use. The tension of its own spring made it teach. Just buy a metal rake and do yourself a favor.

👤The app freezes when I try to attach a picture. It gets stuck in an open position and the poop falls out. It is a disaster. A piece of poop is thefoldable capability. You have to return the poopy pooper scooper in order to get a refund. I am not sure if I can do that at my local store. To confirm its broken-ness, I should just submit a photo.

👤It's easy to use, but it feels a bit weak where it bends. You probably won't pick up anything heavy so it should be fine.

👤My daughter surprised me by buying a scooper at a pet store, and this was a replacement. I thought that one was nice, but my new scooper is awesome. Pick-ups are much easier with this one. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I love the pooper scooper as much as the next person! It saves my back and knees from having to crouch to the ground when picking up poop.

👤The pooper-scooper is lightweight. The springs on my scooper gave out after 4-5 years of daily use. The fact that this product folds makes me think that it won't last as long as the other one.

👤Great product. Does what it says. Spring picks up waste quickly and easily.

3. Sunkoon Non Breakable Foldable Portable Strength

Sunkoon Non Breakable Foldable Portable Strength

Sunkoon pooper scooper is made of high-quality ABS to ensure that it is not easy to break. It is easy to rinse and lightweight. The structure design makes it very easy to use. If it is not damaged, they will give you a free replacement within a year. You can use Sunkoon Pooper Scooper in a single step. You won't worry about assembly being complicated. The folding and portable design makes it easy to carry and use, and the sliding down the lock makes it easy to use. It's very convenient to fold in half for carrying and storing. Strong plastic bucket close up tight with suitable distance of strong serrated teeth, easy to pick up waste from grass concrete,gravel,dirt water, etc. Medium and small dogs, cats and other pets have large-capacity. Pick up fruits and other items in the backyard. The sleek design of the plastic bucket makes it easy to rinse off. The one-handed operation, easy to use, and two durable STAINLESS steel spring guarantee your effortless scoop action, and the long handle ensures that most people don't. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact them directly, their customer service support will be happy to resolve any concerns for you.

Brand: Sunkoon

👤It was smaller than I expected and it was very frustrating to pick up the poop because the teeth of the scoop don't close completely. This product was a waste of money after one of the joints broke off after just 3 uses. This is the second type of spring loaded pooper scooper that I have purchased in the past 2 weeks and it has broken after only a few uses so this will be my last. I'm not supposed to bend over for 2 more months because of my back surgery, but these have been massive fails and have caused me to need to pick up my dogs poop. I'll use the old rake and pan type of pooper scooper again. I'm in a wheelchair and the rake and pan are not as easy to carry as the scoopers, but at least they won't break and I won't need to bend over.

👤I didn't think I would miss a few inches on the scooper. I don't think this one will last, it's very tempting to return or trash. I bought a sunkoon scooper to replace a scooper that lasted 2 years. Sunsoon was one of the 3 scoopers that I checked. I live on the east coast of the US and my yard is covered in snow and ice. Prime shipping was extended for weather conditions, but it was delivered on time. The mini toy next to my broken scooper is like a mini toy for a kid. I have to bend down a bit to use the sunkoon scooper. It's made with plastic, so it wouldn't be a problem on my snowy yard. I guess that's why it's on Amazon. It will help my shovel. Maybe for the rest of sunkoon scooper's life.

👤I don't like this person. Smaller pieces of dog poop fall through the gaps between the teeth. I don't know if this is something other dog owners deal with, but I have a dog with issues. Her poop can be messy. I need to get under the grass to get the poop. The poop gets snowed on in the winter. The jaws have to be shut and the scooper's body pulled up. I accidentally pull it apart with this collapsible section. I don't understand why anyone would use this scooper once and then fold it up for transport. That's gross. It was cheap and I regret my decision to buy it.

👤The scooper worked well for our yard. A small and medium sized dog use our backyard as their daily dumping ground and we use this for them. The material it's made of is strong and picks up. Our 11 year old can use it without any problems.

👤Picked up a large amount of poo. I can get a whole Pony size poo from my pitbull in one scoop. The teeth on the scoop are staggered so they don't get caught on the grass when you close it. The yard is happy. My shoes are happy. The yard tool collection has a solid addition.

4. Balhvit Scooper Adjustable Ergonomic Removal

Balhvit Scooper Adjustable Ergonomic Removal

Are you upset because you don't have a good way to pick up your pet's poop? The pooper scooper is made of metal to make it rustproof. The tray will never fall apart or dislocate due to the unique clip-on structure and thicker materials. Are you upset that most of the pooper scooper is not long enough for you? Not anymore. The universal handle has a free assembly method. You can adjust the handle length according to your needs, the general assembly method is 37", but you can easily extend its length by adding more connecting pipe to one product. It's more comfortable and clean than a traditional pet pooper scooper. No more bending! The spade, rake, and tray are easy to clean and storage because they are treated with a non-stick coating. It's more eco-friendly if you don't use many plastic bags. A handle with 2 storage clips can save a lot of space. Hang them on hooks or clip them together and put them on the ground. It's convenient and neat. There are three sections that are easy to assemble and disassemble. To insert the spring into another tube, use the thumb and forefinger. The buckle part can protrude from the small hole on the side of the tube if it is loosened. The edge of the pipe is polished. The last section of the tube is sealed to prevent cutting danger. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and money back. If you are not happy with your purchase, their customer support would be happy to help!

Brand: Balhvit Pet

👤An extra wide scoop tray is well made. This product is recommended by me.

👤I've been pooping professionally for years, and the rake and a big tray are the way to go in my opinion on grass, dirt, bark, or gravel. The spade is good for concrete. I abuse my rake to smooth out mounds. I am very happy with this set for its practicality and resilience. I put the tray in the garbage can. I wondered why the front of the tray handle was damaged, and realized it was where I tap to get less-than-dry poop out of the tray. I think it's going to fold in the not-to-distant future if I don't reinforce it, because it is almost half-flattened at this point. I had a previous set that I taped back together but it fell out and got lost, so I had to use stronger metal, but it didn't hurt it. I still recommend this set, but the manufacturer should reinforce just that one piece.

👤This is a good buy. It should last a while. Great price again!

👤The wooden handle rotted off the rake and the scoop this winter. I ordered a similar one that was not assembled. This brand was found by me. I didn't notice that the "LARGE" wasn't the right size. I ordered one from this company. I could fit a dinner plate inside the scoop. It was just in time for the first big snow melt, and all the gifts were left in the yard. assembly was easy as each bag of handle parts was labeled "rake", "scoop", and "scraper" They fit together well and feel sturdy. The last one was too springy and the rake is a big improvement. The rake is light and firm. The scoop is large enough to handle the droppings of a 70LB boxer. I've not tried the scraper, but I'm pretty sure it works. I like that the plastic clips hold the implements together. I am worried that the paint will be worn and make things difficult. Time will tell. I'm giving it 5-stars because it's light weight and built to last. It's the Schidt!

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this set. The materials are lightweight, but the coating on the surfaces that contact poop seems to be anti-corrosive. The spade is easy to use to remove the mess from the artificial turf. I don't use the rake a lot, but it is built to last. The clap type breaks after 6 months. This one allows me to pick up more in one pass. Any tool that makes a job enjoyable is good. I like using them and hope they hold up.

👤Solid metal construction. Rake, scoop and blade are not bendable. It is easy to assemble in less than 5 minutes.

👤I was skeptical about the need for a scooper but it is much easier than using bags. The pan and flat scooper work well with a foot opening trash can. It's not clear what the purpose of the rake is, it's likely to launch a piece of dog stuff in the air. The finish has kept it free of rust. The method by which the flat piece is attached to the handle isn't very strong, so I deducted one star. I would buy it again.

5. GoGo Stik Standard Scooper Substitute

GoGo Stik Standard Scooper Substitute

Go Go Scoop St is the standard for poo catcher and pooper scooper. Patented design keeps your hands and scooper clean. The bag only touches your dog's or pet's waste. No mess with the hose and bucket. Save your money! No bending or kneeling, no touching or Stink. It's necessary to Cleanup after. The telescopic handle has a 36 degree angle. The strongest handle is made of aluminum. This pooper scooper has no metal or springs. A catcher? Place the GoGo Stik under the dog's tail when he Squats to catch the dog's poo for a quick and clean experience. Scoop until the bag fills. Use a plastic grocery bag around the house. If you want to do bigger jobs, use larger bags to scoop up more poop in a single bag. There are 10 large form fit dootie bags for starting convenience. 3 years warranty! There is a US Utility Patent.

Brand: Gogo Stik

👤Almost four years later, and still love this stick, and use it every single day. The first one had the extender mechanism wear out. We use the go go stick branded bags as they can hold a few days worth of deposits, making the higher cost worthwhile. We used our first one for a year and a half and purchased another one a few months later. We don't have a yard, so we walk our dog. We slip this bad boy under his rear and play with him, as can be seen in the attached photo. Our doggo doesn't mind at all. It's better to pick up warm stuff with a squishy hand. The shovel shaped head makes it easy to scoop up from the ground. It works well with Out! The bags were large and handled heavy duty. Standard bags can be used, but don't put the stick on it as easily. We purchased a second one because the mechanism that keeps the extender in the locked position wore out. We got our moneys worth out of the first one. If this one lasts a year or so, I will purchase a third.

👤I have a service dog named Duke who helps me with my balance and coordination because of a condition called Ataxia. I realized that the post-surgery restrictions on bending would be a problem when I took Duke outside after 2020. I went to Amazon to find a solution. The GoGo Stik was the most intriguing pooper scooper device I looked at, being that you can hold it under the dog's butt and catch the poo. I was worried that he would be upset at the procedure, but my inner 12-year-old self was laughing in anticipation. As of this writing, my age is 61. I installed the first of the 10 Dooty bags after unpacking the package and paying attention to the instructions. It was easy to do, and even my slow- moving self got it ready. The instructions and construction of this GoGo Stik were very good. I had to wait for Duke to say he was ready to go outside. I was pleasantly surprised that my dog didn't care about the poo-catching experience. He was glad that he didn't have a pile of excrement to run away from. I had to tuck the stick under my arm and tie the bag up, a process that was only a few seconds longer than I had been used to. The device is easy to scoop up from the ground on the rare occasions that I miss a portion of his end product. My back, balance, and inner child are all thankful that I made this purchase. I've recommended it to many people.

👤It's a great invention. I use dispose-a-scoops when I walk my English Springer Spaniel. I tried to make a prototype of a clean up tool. I was worried about the amount of pieces that I was throwing away and the fact that I had to clean up the mess after it hit the ground. The GoGo Stik is the solution. I put it under his bottom and it's done. I only throw away a plastic bag because it collects before it even touches the ground. The GoGo Stik is so fast that it's a big deal when the weather is bad. He won't be embarrassed if he goes in front of the neighbor's house because he won't be bending over. The GoGo Stik has made dog walks more enjoyable, cleaner, and I'm doing the responsible thing by cleaning up after my dog. This product is very good.

6. GoGo Stik Heavy Dootie Bags

GoGo Stik Heavy Dootie Bags

The Heavy Dootie Extra Large poop bags with Easy Tie Handles are leak proof and are among the largest available. For dog, cat, or other pet waste. The dimensions are 18 x 11 and 5 x 5. Extra Large to hold even more poop! The side gusset makes for a huge bag. The volume is 2.8 gal. It was made with corn. As large as a typical plastic bag. You use less bags since it holds so much more. Heavy dootie poop friendly bags are a great fit for the GoGo Stik pooper scooper, the ST pooper scooper, and the Swivel Bin type scoopers. Also poop friendly for cats. The package is made from recycled material. The back of the box has a punch out. Remember - heavy bags when Dootie calls.

Brand: Gogo Stik

👤I have bags that pick up and carry several poops when combined with a gostick, I have a Great Danes poop that is huge. I highly recommend them to pick up poop from big dogs such as a mastiff or other large frame dog who makes big piles. It is strong and durable, and doesn't tear, while being used to scoop poop. Highly recommended for dog owners who have a lot of poop.

👤I bought these to use with my Arm & Hammer Dog Waste Bin and Rake because I couldn't find the bags that were made for it. They fit well, but aren't as thick as the bags. I have had them get small holes near the top of the bag, but they still work well.

👤These work with my arm and hammer poop scooper as well.

👤I use this for cat litter and it's great to have a bag with handles for when you want to dump everything out. It's large enough to hold a good amount of litter and not a single one has torn it. I knocked off a star because I wish the opening was wider so that the litter doesn't make it into the bag and I don't have to clean the floor after.

👤I have a dog and have to pick up their poop daily. I tried this brand because they were out of stock. I need a big bag so I picked it for the size. I attach the bag with the poop scooper. I have to double bag it since it ripped at the bottom with one pile of poop, and it happened more than once. It doesn't hold up if you have big dogs with heavy poop. It is very thin. If smell is an issue for me, I can smell the poop when I pick it up, which is different from my normal brand that is not scented. The bag is very thin. I use twice as many bags as my normal brand so it doesn't save me any money. If you have big dogs with big piles, you should know if you are using it to pick up more than one pile, because I wouldn't trust it with my hands. I need bags of this size with thickness because one day I need to pick up their poop with two dogs, and this bag is too big and heavy to handle the weight without ripping, and it's not even with a large amount in it before it ripped. Just a tip! I think it works with small dogs, but big dogs need a stronger bag. I try to use one bag per day to keep my dogs safe.

👤These bags are large enough to hold several large dogs at a time. They do not tear easily. The design of the T-shirt makes it easy to tie off the bag. The odors are mostly contained once tied off. We like that they biodegrade. The piles do not turn the bags into something before you can put them in the trash. A full bag can sit in the bed of my truck all day and not leak or turn to gunk before I get home to properly dispose of them. The mess in my truck's bed has been made by thinner bags. These bags are recommended by us.

7. DogBuddy Portable Sanitary Dispenser Included

DogBuddy Portable Sanitary Dispenser Included

It's accessible. DogBuddy Scooper is on a leash. You won't have to carry it. CONVENIENT: The dogBuddy pooper scooper has a waste bag compartment. Any standard size rolls are used. It is extendable. You can scoop it all if the side adjusts in size. Medium dogs and pets are the best. There is a time and a place. You don't have to use your hands to remove dog poop and waste. Keep lawns and sidewalks clean. Money back guarantee. If you're not happy with their product, you can contact them for a replacement or a refund. The U.S. and International Utility Patents have been issued.

Brand: Dogbuddy

👤It's been great so far. It scoops on grass better than a bag, and it stays clean. It requires large bags to be able to open fully, so we'll see how that goes when I run out of the bags. I checked with the off-brand bags and it doesn't open all the way. I'm not sure about longevity because I only had it for a few days. I have had this scooper for 3 months and I love it. When I could leave my gloves on, it was much better to pick up poo. The dollar store has bags that are the perfect size. 50 bags for $1 is unbeatable.

👤I am ashamed to say that I did a lot of research on pooper scoopers when we got our dog. I bought it because it had the most good reviews. I only have to use it 3 times, but it only does one thing: it spills the poo all over the bag and the grass. If the poo isn't rock hard, or if it has sunk into the grass, you will ruin it. Unless your dog ate a lot of helium, it is virtually impossible to get underneath the pile when it is closed. Instead, it closes on it and cuts it in half, or it can be just smeared all over the place and ruin your dignity. It's well made, but useless. If the bad stays in place, it will stay clean. Maybe it's for nuggets that have been sitting around for hours or days, instead of fresh gifts from your pup? It wouldn't make sense to use this while walking your dog or traveling with it, as it is meant to be portable. I don't recommend it. I'm looking for a better item.

👤Changed my life. I thought I would be able to suck up the poop from the new golden pup that we welcomed. I had an embarrassing reaction to picking up dog poop. god knows what my neighbors think, I would gag violently outside. I would ask my wife to get it because I couldn't handle it. But, then... I was tired and WOW. Picking up the poop is easy and clean, and it doesn't bother me at all. I think it does a better job than using your hands because it is able to remove any poop left on the ground. I would recommend anyone who has the same problem to buy again.

👤I never thought I'd leave a review for a pooper scooper. I've got an 85lb greyhound who leaves a lot behind, and it grosses me out, because it smells worse than your average pup. It is manageable because of this. I'm amazed that there aren't more like it on the market. Everything from the bag storage to the expandable side was thought out well. This is better than touching it through a bag with my hand, because it will smell better. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤If you own a dog, buy this. You will thank me later. I don't leave reviews often, but I never thought I'd be leaving a review on a pooper scooper, right? I keep my cats' litter box clean. I can't do dog poop. When I took the dog on a walk that she would go on our walk, I was afraid that I would make a spectacle of myself in front of the neighbors. I kept her moving and never gave her a chance to stop. Both of us were miserable. How does Amazon know what I need before I do? I scoop and seal the bag when she leaves. It's easy. Don't have to look at it. I love that once I've tied the not, it's in the scoop and I just drop it in the trash can. In the 30 minutes that we walk, I can't smell it. Longer periods of time and dog size may cause variations. This thing is amazing. I can clip to the leash and go with it. It's very easy. If the seller makes a newer model, I wish they would take it into account. Sometimes the clip that holds the bags doesn't stay put. Sometimes the door opens when I pull out a bag. It's not a big deal, and it's not hard to just hold it closed, but maybe a more secure clip could be used next time. This thing holds bags as well. They have thought of everything. I have a puppy who will grow into a large dog. I bought the large size, which I think will be large enough to hold the waste, but I worry that the gap opening might not be wide enough. I'd like to see a bigger gap over the poop on another model. If you own a dog, buy this. 15 dollars is a good amount of money.

8. TIMINGILA Portable Scooper Strength Material

TIMINGILA Portable Scooper Strength Material

The 33" long handle pooper scooper has no need to be held down. It's easy to carry and store when you slide down to lock orunlock. The handle is in line with the human body design. Large dogs are easy to pick up waste from all surfaces. The pooper scooper long handle is very strong and durable, it can be used for any dog or cat.

Brand: Timingila

👤I wanted to use this for a while before I reviewed it. It has been 2 1/2 months and I have used it many times. The scooper gets a workout every week because we have 5 dogs that put about 10 pounds of poop a week. The handle is long enough for a 6'2” person like me to use it without bending over. It's easy to wash off. The scooper is wide enough to handle large deposits. The mechanism on the scoop works well. The bad. I wish the springs were stronger. Sometimes I have to twist the handle a little to get it to close all the way down in the grass, because I have to push down on the spring loaded handle a little. Not a deal-breaker, just an observation. I'm going to see if I can add another spring. This product has done what I need it to do. Isn't that the only thing you can really ask of?

👤One of the springs broke in less than two months. The springs are very thin. The second one is expected to break any day. So disappointing!

👤I have two dogs. It can pick up waste. I'm 5'9 and it works well for me. It's much easier to keep up with a gross job. It has lasted a few months now and seems to last a long time.

👤Works, does the job better than without. The bags that come with are tight. Not sure if it's good or bad. Is it hard to put bag on unit? Initially, it was hard to pull out the hand without the bag. Overall, happy. I only needed to use the device a few times on our walks. Maybe a way to fold the unit up for easy carry. It would be easy to carry with you. Thanks!

👤I was not happy with the product. I can't pick up the poop because the claws lock open when I slide the thing to lock it in place. I have to force the lever back down so that the claws don't open. You would be better off with a shovel. This product was very disappointing.

👤It is easy to use and doesn't hurt my hand or wrist. I have 2 Great Pyrenees and I need to pick up a lot. I bought a different 1 several years ago that ended up breaking in the middle because the part that held the 2 pieces together broke after a year of use. This is going to be much stronger and should last longer.

👤The idea is nice, but the actual use of the product is different. You can only pick up one pile at a time, as if you let the pile fall out, it will fall out. It is difficult to clean as you need to hold it open. Returned for a scoop and spade. The spade can't get caught up in tines with the rake. Being all plastic was expensive.

👤I ordered this for my mom, who recently had a heart surgery, because she can't bend down after her pups do their thing. I forgot to open the box when it arrived and I am battling cancer. I tried to give it to her yesterday, but it didn't work. It is very difficult to squeeze the handle and the claws get stuck in the open position. We have to manually close it and hope our fingers don't get stuck. I was upset that this passed quality control and was sent out this way, but also upset that I didn't check if it worked. I would give a full star if the company offered a working replacement. One star is enough.

9. Ienjoyed Large Pooper Scooper Gravel

Ienjoyed Large Pooper Scooper Gravel

The new design and material is lightweight and durable. If the pooper scooper is connected, you can see the window design of the connection part, and it will come apart as long as it is connected in place. The large pooper scooper is perfect for your height and keeps your face, hands, and nose away from messes and odors. More useful than a pick-up. One-handed operation, easy pull handle and two spring guarantees your effortless scoop action. The non-stick surface is easy to clean. The pooper scooper has teeth to assist with the pickup and the teeth are slightly open for any smaller debris to fall out. It's easy to pick up waste from all surfaces, including grass, gravel, concrete, dirt water, and other messes.

Brand: Ienjoyed

👤Works well. The jaws were big. The big teeth can crush the dog poo. You remember those claw games in arcades that you would play to win stuffed animals, but with poop, and this claw works every time. The jaws allow the grass to pull free while removing fecal balls. The handle is easy to pull and I just have to release my load of poo from the jaws. The next fecal mound is in the back yard. I don't have to bend over to lower my face because the poo from my dogs is all over the yard. You don't have to feel the warmth of a fresh steamer through a pair of latex exam gloves or disposable poop bag. The pooper scooper is a must have for all dog owners. It's dumb to pick up feces. Get a claw scoop.

👤It is pretty sturdy once you connect the two pieces. The force behind the clamp makes it easy to pick up dog poop in my yard. My dog is over 120 lbs and we don't want to cut it, so I have to pick up my yard. I would recommend this product to anyone with a pet or family member who is outside. There is no match for Turds small and large.

👤We looked in-store for a pooper-scooper that was flimsy and cheap, but we were hesitant to order it because we have 3 dogs, but this is pretty-well made, sturdy, and really grabs the poop, we have 3 dogs, and this is pretty-

👤I like them, they work, and they last, so I've purchased them three times in the last 5 years. The first two I got from a local hardware store, but decided to try this one, which is pretty darn good, considering you use them a lot. This one is longer than the ones I had before. It is easier on my back. They don't do well when the weather is cold and the poop is stuck in the snow. You just have to use a shovel. Overall, these are great!

👤Assembly involves snapping 2 pieces together. It was easy to clean up the dog piles. I didn't pick up the pules because I pulled a muscle in my back at the gym. I expected it to hold less than that. I would buy it again, but I'm not sure if I'll need another, but I recommend it to others.

👤It is easy to put together. I don't think it will break anytime soon because it is a strong spring. I'm 5'4. There is a I would have to hunch over to use it if I were taller. I now own two of these. I bought the second one because I don't have to bend over as much while holding my baby.

👤I have bought several scoopers for my dogs over the years and was very disappointed in this one. It doesn't work. It falls apart every time you open the jaws, despite the comments on how to assemble it. I would rather have one that comes in one piece. Will be returning it.

10. Natures Miracle Non Stick Advanced Scoop

Natures Miracle Non Stick Advanced Scoop

It's easy to use. Grass, gravel or concrete are the surfaces that pick up. Pick up from all the surfaces. Product protection.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤It's worse if you step in a pile of poo. It's terrible for you and anyone else who has to be around you after. I step in it when I am in a hurry and have no time to do anything else, the only thing I can do is get it off the grass. I hear from the kids that they farted. The whole trip to where we are going stinks in here. Then... My life changed. I found this scoop. If you're tired of bending over and breaking your back, look no further! This scoop is for people who don't like pooping. This scoop is for people who love pooping. poop scoops were made for tall people and I was fed up with them. I have 3 large dogs that make it their job to poop at the same time every day. I'm not that tall. I want to say that I scoop poop daily, but it's like once every week or two when I can bribe the kids. I bought the cheap ones from the store. They seemed to break within a month. They were short. We had to carry the scoop to the dog poo can because one side of the scooper broke. It wasn't good. The yard looked like it had a bad case of skin cancer as it had chunks of dirt missing and dirt thrown to the side where the kids tried to scoop it up. The brand new poop scoop should be inserted. Life changed for the better. If not longer, this one will last at least 9 months. The handle is made for a taller person. The scoop doesn't break and leaves you with no grass. It is very durable. This scoop is very good. When I ordered dog food, I tried to buy a different one. That was a joke. It costs more and it doesn't pick up all that well. I ordered another one after learning a lesson. The kids can fight about who gets the good scoop, who gets to carry the poop can, and who gets the crummy scoop. I think that's correct.

👤The springs have great tension to close the jaws around your dog's mess, and it's very sturdy. It has teeth that help it get through the grass, but sometimes I need to jiggle it to get rid of the mess. When using this device, I use a few techniques that you probably don't know about, such as when I open the jaws a bit more than necessary and give quick, gentle tugs on the device to allow. After forcing the jaw to the ground, I can twist the jaws to allow the jaws to inch their way underneath the mess. I just went there. If you own a dog or a horse, you shouldn't be concerned about their mess by now.

👤The springs broke on this scooper within two years. The devices don't last more than a year or two before the springs snap, so I don't know whether to blame the company or not. I contacted customer support about the warranty, but they never bothered to respond. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a scooper. They all do. I just reviewed a jaw scoop that is half the price and just as good, so please click on my name. When it breaks, you won't feel ripped off. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing I think it's safe to say that anyone who buys one of these scoopers is going to have a love/hate relationship with it. The problem is that these scoopers break. I've been through two of them so far. I bought this little guy from a Petco brand and it was the most recent purchase. The brand that I listed lasted me a little over a year before it broke. I loved that scooper as it held onto the waste once it was picked up, and it had a terrific "jaws of life" grip to it. Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop has a better build quality, but does not hold on to the waste as well once picked up, and has a lighter/easier handle. The bottom claw can sometimes leave a small gap that items can fall out of. It's not problematic enough to make this product a failure. I like a tighter claw. I picked this model as a replacement because the company has responded to broken springs on Amazon and sent replacement springs to the customer. The company will stand behind the product when it breaks, that's what it gives me. I like the build quality of this scooper. It has an easy handle pull. The spacing is not enough to be concerned with when picking up waste. Sometimes it causes an issue and other times it doesn't. I hope that I get a lot of use out of this scooper before the spring snap, which is the problem with most of these products.

11. PPOGOO Non Breakable Scooper Strength Material

PPOGOO Non Breakable Scooper Strength Material

High-tech Environmentally Premium Materials are lightweight, not easy to break, strong, sturdy and durable. Their products are not easy to break and are shown in the use experience of tens of thousands of customers. Good quality product is worth your time. Sliding down the lock is easy to use. It's very convenient to fold in half for carrying and storing. It's more convenient for people who take their pets out. The design reduces the space you carry. Perfect Multi-Purpose POOPER You can clean pet waste without smelling it, Large-capacity for large dogs and small dogs, and other pets. It is easy to pick up waste from grass, concrete,gravel,dirt water, and other items. The pooper scooper is easy to use, has a pull handle, and is 24 inches long. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Please contact them if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Ppogoo

👤Listen. I don't write reviews. I don't think you've heard it a million times. I need to get this thing because it is awesome. There is a black lab and a pit mix in our house. They poop a lot. We live in a city and our backyard is small with 3 other yards. I was starting to think our backyard was stinky, and I was sure our neighbors did as well. Our black dog barks 24/7. I don't need any other reasons for our neighbors to hate us. The pooper scooper. I just can't get over it. I cleaned the bags of poop. It was easy to use. User friendly. I would recommend you buy it. I will be picking up messes on our walks while we are out. Attached are photos.

👤The pooper scooper was exactly what I wanted it to be. I've had trouble in the past with the clamp closing tight enough to pick up poop. Some fall out when I pick them up. I don't drop anything I've picked up when I get more, because this is a well-stocked clamp. I've noticed that it's short, but it doesn't seem to affect my ability to clean up my pet's mess. I can't dock this scoop for that because it wasn't noticeable for me. I would encourage people to understand that this is a plastic scoop, so they won't last a lifetime, but I would recommend it to others. I think you will be very happy with this item if you go into it.

👤I broke the pooper scooper after picking up my two dogs gifts, after telling my wife for days that I would pick up the dog poop in the backyard. I was happy. I did! It allowed me to put off my "doodies" for another day. It allowed me to purchase the best pooper scooper I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The thing was packaged and ready to work the next day. This thing was easy to assemble because my friend Oliver works so hard to get this stuff. I had this bad boy locked and loaded in four easy steps. I picked out a bag from the larger bag and put it into a kitty litter container, which I got to work on. I posted a video to show off my new pooper scooper and picked up all the poop in the yard. There is a picture for proof. This thing picked up all the poop in a single movement. Repeated many times. None of that half scoop half slide and stack business. I was working with the last scooper. The freshers were dropped into the bag with ease. The long handle was a lifesaver. I am experiencing back pain from a 30something who had too much fun as a 20something. I didn't have to bend down as far as possible to scoop the poop, which made me not complain about having two dogs and double the poop. If I could recommend one change, it would be to make an even longer handled pooper scooper that folds like this one. I would pay for it. Take one for free. No problem. There are five hundred stars. Would buy again.


What is the best product for dog pooper scooper large breed?

Dog pooper scooper large breed products from Db Degbit. In this article about dog pooper scooper large breed you can see why people choose the product. Living Express and Sunkoon are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog pooper scooper large breed.

What are the best brands for dog pooper scooper large breed?

Db Degbit, Living Express and Sunkoon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog pooper scooper large breed. Find the detail in this article. Balhvit Pet, Gogo Stik and Gogo Stik are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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