Best Dog Pens for Small Dogs

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1. SIWA MARY Reusable Absorbent Waterproof

SIWA MARY Reusable Absorbent Waterproof

The material of 4 layers prevent urine outflow and dry faster. The middle layer is super absorption high density. Puppy pads are non-slip. The dog pee pads have a special bottom made out of epoxy that keeps them stable and helps keep the floors dry. The pads are machine washable and are a reuse for training dogs. The pads are durable and don't shrink even washing many times. You can wash it with warm water. It's important for any kind of puppies and kittens to have a washable and reuseable one. The dog pee pads can protect the environment. Puppy training pads for dogs, cat litter box, bed, furniture,sofa, car seat and car trunk are multiply functions.

Brand: Siwa Mary

👤Pee goes through it. This was bought to protect the floor. It was waste of my money. The paper puppy pads don't protect the floor. It moves a lot. Really disappointed.

👤I needed something that they couldn't tear up that would soak up their pee because I couldn't give them a litter box. This worked well. I put the traditional pee pads under in case, but it turned out not to be necessary. These rabbits were soaked up for 2 days and did not have any issues. I washed them four times and they are still absorbent. Their hay and hair came off easily, which was a plus for cleaning. I wish I'd bought the larger size. I put this blanket under their litter box in case they have an accident.

👤The item is very strong. I washed it many times. It does not absorb well. I used to use this in my puppy's play pen when she was small and she would pee right through to the floor if she tripped. There are other pads on Amazon that work better.

👤I have three of these to use with my dogs. They are advertised as 48x48. Wrong! I have had to use all 3 of them to cover the kennels. This is a problem too. My elderly pug can't always hold her urine, and she peed on the overlap area. My new carpeting has urine on it. I will return these as soon as I get something that is true to size. I am very disappointed with this product.

👤It was thinner than I expected but it was not slippery. I bought a pack of 10 adult urine pads and they were strong but not strong enough to smell. The pad has been washed with bleach and dried several times, and it is so far so good.

👤I can't tell anyone how this holds up to a dog since I got it. When I opened the package, I was worried about the absorbency. It is extremely thin but it works. I've only had one thing that was annoying but easy to forgive and I'm pretty impressed. The mat is 49" x 59" and the habitat is 60" x 48". I cover the missing inch with their beds. My 13 year old keeps folding it the wrong way, so it isn't really an issue. It has worked exactly as I intended, which was to have a high absorbency cage liner.

👤I use this for chinchillas and rabbits, but not for a puppy, because it works well for small pets. The chins could squeeze between the bars at first, but as they fattened up and grew, it kept them contained.

👤Our pet rabbit is indoors. He usually uses a puppy training pad to use the bathroom, but he tends to try and burrow and rip the pads. This solution has been easy to use. Great purchase!

2. 2205 Pet Trex 24 Exercise

2205 Pet Trex 24 Exercise

The panels are 24 inches high by 24 inches wide. Set it up and fold it down. The finish of the coat provides years of protection. Doublelatch door access. Corner stabilizers are included.

Brand: Pet Trex

👤The pen worked well. Great idea. It was folded wonderfully. It was easy to store. It was useful for a couple of months. The hinges rusted. The hinges on this thing are rusted. It's been used indoors and not outside. It rusted so badly that I don't understand why. It was overpriced to begin with, and then to only use it for a couple months before it starts to degrade is really frustrating. The metal ends of the vertical running supports are sharp, which is a downside. The damage to my hardwood floors was obvious when I realized what was happening. If they had smoothed the metal and applied a rust free coating to the pen, it would have turned out better. I expected that much at the price point.

👤Very cheap. The quality of this one is not even close to what I already own. The price is the same, so definitely go with the Midwest brand. It is hard to tell if the door is bowed or not because it is hard to see if the door is open or closed. The door can be bent back. You have to bend it every few days. My Midwest one is better than this one. If it is in a small circle, it is okay, but it moves a lot when our puppy jumps against it. I had the dumb thing fall over once. The box says it can hold a 35lb dog, but it is with a 12lb puppy. I don't think so. The individual panels will not hinge well. I have to bend them to form a circle. Some of the bare metal spots that came with ours are rusted. I only bought this one because it shipped faster. That was a mistake. Go for the better one.

👤It was very easy to set up without tools, folds up easily, and isn't too heavy, and it's for a small person. I have it set up for a small puppy. The panels can be configured to any shape you want. It came with ground stakes and anchor, though mine will be used indoors for now. I went to Amazon to get a playpens that had a one year warranty. I hope to not use it, but time will tell. It gives me peace of mind that they're willing to give a warranty. I wanted the puppy to have a hard time escaping so I got the 30" height. I didn't want to buy the 24" and have to upgrade later. I can't step over the 30" high one since it has a doggy door, but I thought it would be okay since it has a doggy door. I don't know what the "corner stabilizers" are, but I didn't receive them. Not sure about the quality control aspect. There are some rough edges. The "Pet Trex" sign is only a sticker that will be removed once you wash it. Some wires don't line up. I don't know about the part of the latches that are heavy duty. The latches did not seem sturdy, so I used binder clips. I'm not sure how durable the finish is, it was already worn off by the time I received it.

3. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Exercise Fence

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Exercise Fence

For dogs up to 16 inches tall, there is a portable 24 inch play and exercise pen. Made of iron metal with a rust-proof black finish and step-through door access. Set up in seconds; unfold, shape, and connect; folds flat for compact storage. There are 8 ground anchors for outdoor use. It's recommended for extra-small and small sized breeds. The panels are 24 by 24 inches and create a 16- square-foot enclosure. The dimensions are 60" x 60" x 28".

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The product seems to be of good quality and it works well outdoors, at least for us. The product description is wrong, as several others have already pointed out. One set of panels configured in a "square" formation would only equal 16 sqft, and even if you went with a perfect "octagonal" shape, you would still only increase the square footage by a little over 3 sqft. They are advertising near the 64 sqft. We've already purchased five of these, and they are working well, but after just two sets, we realized that we probably couldn't do long, straight sections of fencing, as we expanded. We zig-zagging the fencing, making sure that we created small angles with each panel, so that we could attach all five sets together into a larger pen. For anyone who wants to do the math, here are the areas you can combine the sets in using a square configuration. 16sqft is 1 and 2. 64sqft 3 is the number. 4 is the number of square feet. 5 is equivalent to 256sqft. 400 square feet. Here are the approximate areas you would acthieve. 19sqft is 1 and 1 is 2. 77sqft 3 is the number. 174sqft 4 is the number. 5 is 309sqft. Hope that helps!

👤An inexpensive way to keep your dog safe is by fencing. There are a few things to keep in mind. A jack Russell mix is a runner and can jump high. I would never leave her alone for a minute. If you want to connect multiple units, you should buy zip ties and buy extra stakes, though I think it would have been fine with those provided. There are 3 units connected to each other. Would it work indoors? Unless you had carpet or wood floors, I don't think you'd mind your dog moving around in your house. My guess is no. The stakes keep it in place. I am very happy with my purchase. I have an area where my dog can roam without a leash for around $150. She is a jack Russell/chihuahua mix and is 15 lbs.

👤I bought to keep my house clean and my puppy safe until we figure out some good manners. I am very happy with this choice, I have read lots of reviews. It is easy to move. Lifting the fence behind the mess is easy. I put shower curtain liners under it. She put small holes in the top shower curtain but she couldn't get to the bottom one so the floor is dry. I use a grabber to reach things that make mopping shower curtain, with a slightly wet, soapy paper towel or Clorox wipe an easy clean. Her toys and pee pad are in the pen. The pawz blanket I got from Amazon is very cozy and washes up well.

👤It's perfect for my dogs. It is being used to block the area for them to go to the bathroom. It was easy to set up. Not tall enough to pick up my dogs.

4. Hepeng Portable Foldable Waterproof Removable

Hepeng Portable Foldable Waterproof Removable

The dog playpen is made from high quality Oxford coated material. Extra strong and lightweight. The roomy 8-Panel design has protected seams and reinforced corners. Your pet room is spacious. It included a bonus of a carrying case and collapsible pet food bowl. It takes just seconds to open from folded. There is no assembly required. It is great for a lot of things. There is a Carrying Case and a Pet Food Bowl. It's ideal for travel. The front door and top cover have zippers. The top is made of half mesh and provides shade from the sun. It is easy to clean because it is made of thick 600 Denier Oxford cloth. It is 100% safe for your pets to be in a clean environment. If you have issues with quality or damage due to shipping, please contact Customer Service. They will replace your Playpen or give you a new one. They will guarantee your satisfaction.

Brand: Hepeeng

👤We got a new puppy recently and it wasn't planned at all, so we didn't have much when we first brought him home. We went out the next day to look for a kennel, but we didn't find one. I don't like metal cage ones. I don't want my dog to feel like he's back in the pet store again, because they look terrible. I wanted to find a soft side one that we could travel with. I ordered this one because I didn't have much time to look, but I did find one in a store. We love this one and I'm glad I settled on it. I was worried that it would be huge and not have a place to put it, but it was the perfect size and can be moved into various areas of the house if we want to. The top zips off so we just put our dog in it. He's a little 2.5 pound chihuahua and while he does jump up onto the sides, he's not been able to jump over or knock it over. Once he's fully trained to go in it on command or at certain times. We can use the door. The door can be rolled up and kept up. It has plenty of space for a food bowl or whatever else you want to put in it, and it fits his folded blanket and a few toys in it. He doesn't need much more than he has in there since he's not in it for long. We don't use pads and are training without them, but this will fit a large training pad as well. It's very easy to put in the travel cover. This is a pop up play pen for pups and I am terrible at folding pop up tents. I can fold it up in a minute and then pop it back out. The collapsible travel bowl has a hook on it so you don't lose it. It was cute that the silhouette on it looked like my little pup. Our puppy is getting used to it very quickly. Well worth it!

👤My son, wife and granddaughters are leaving our house temporarily, because we are remodeling their home, and my poodle likes to go and bother my granddaughters when they are eating, so I bought this Hepeeng dog playpen for him. I found this lightweight playpen while browsing and it takes about 10 seconds to unfold and another 5 seconds to fold and put inside the bag, he is very calm and works great, I put him inside while they eat and he stays very calm, it takes about 10 seconds to unfold and another If you have a cat that won't jump out of the playpens, it's a great idea to have an above top mesh net. The mesh entrance along the side is very thin and easy to open when folded. It's great to take anywhere since it comes with a carrying case and Silicone water bowl, which is very easy to clean, and the same price as in the pet stores around here. It's 29x29x17 inches and can be folded in its carrying bag for only four dollars, so it's very portable. Highly recommended, love mine.

5. Midwest Homes Pets Crate Cover

Midwest Homes Pets Crate Cover

The privacy, security, and comfort of a dog crate cover is recommended by veterinarians, breeders, and trainers. The metal dog crate cover is designed to fit the iCrate but will fit most standard dog crates. Teflon fabric protects against stains and odors. The dog crate cover allows easy access to front and is compatible with side doors. The dog kennel cover is held in place by hook and loop tabs, which makes it a cozy "den" like atmosphere to help reduce anxious behavior problems such as barking. The dog kennel cover/crate cover is machine wash/dryer safe and made of poly/cotton blended fabric. A dog crate cover has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤We had draped towels over his crate to give him some peace, but it didn't look very pretty. The crate cover is what I needed. The cover is easy to put on and looks great in the living room. It will be easy to wash when it needs to be cleaned. Before I bought this crate cover, I did a lot of research on the internet to find a cover that would do what I needed and not cost more than $60. I don't think it's necessary to buy a cover that has all kinds of designs. Solid black got less than 14 bucks. If you find this review helpful, please click "yes" below so that I know I'm not wasting my time writing these reviews.

👤When I got the crate and cover for my dog, I thought it was a goods set up. Not much. If you have a chewer, he will pull at the cover and it will tear easily. This isn't the biggest problem. My chocolate lab grew from 6 weeks to 5 months, and so did his breath output inside the crate at night. I was going to take him for a 3am walk when he came out of the crate, and he smelled like Milk. I thought he got into something and was dirty. I dried him the best I could after giving him a bath. I washed his bedding as well. It never really left. He had a red rash on his body in the next couple of weeks. We went to the vet to get antibiotics and she asked if he had gotten wet. I did the math after that. This cover is not a betrayal. In the early 80s, you would wake up in the morning with condensation on the inside of your tent. The cover creates a sauna. The skin infections started because of this. It's good for short periods, but not for nightly sleep. It did not break! It makes the problem worse if he spills his water bowl. I use a cotton sheet. Be careful!

👤Very nice. Love the flap in the front. I don't always make my dog sleep in his crate, but when I do, it instantly calms him and gives him the privacy and environment he deserves. The product is very durable and will last a long time.

👤The reason this is only getting 3 stars is because there should be a tie down on the cover to make sure it doesn't fall off the crate. Although my dog loves her crate, she pulls the cover into it with her. The cover has been ruined and I have to stitch it back together. The cover wouldn't be able to be pulled into the crate if there was a tie down. I can either order another cover or find another manufacturer that builds a similar crate cover.

👤The cover is well made. It is perfect for our 36” Midwest creation. The corners have something to hold them in place. There are covers on each side so that you can decide if you want to cover the front or not. The cover is in our living room, so I like it. The cover is clean in the machine. The only thing missing would be ties or something to hold the cover up. It would be great to have an option to roll up the sides and hold them, especially when we want the sides down but not all the way.

6. QRDA Dog Excercise Playpen Outdoor

QRDA Dog Excercise Playpen Outdoor

The area is large and free. The dog playpen has round edges. The extra large dog crate can be used as a dog runner for yard, rather than a dog cage. There is a safe metal for outdoors. The dog fence outdoor is made of premium metal panels and stakes, which are powder coated to resist rust and waterproof, which always stays a perfect performance for customers. The size of animals. Their dog fence is sturdy enough for large dogs and is ideal for small animals, such as puppies, cats, and guinea pig. It's easy to set up and fold. The 8 panels of the puppy playpen are connected by metal bars and can be set up in minutes. Their metal dog kennel is easy to build and comes down quickly without any tools. It has portable features that make it easy to transport. Cat pens are great for indoor or outdoor use.

Brand: Qrd Qianruida

👤The playpen is awesome. It is very sturdy and well made. I had another one that was flimsy and rusted, but this one is very strong. I set it up in the house first so the dogs could get used to it, because I bought it for use while out camping. They had a lot of room for their beds. I think this will be the solution to keeping them tied up constantly at the RV, because they tangle their leashes with each other all the time, and it's very restrictive for them. They want to be by each other, even when they are separated. I'm looking forward to using it at the campground.

👤Absolutely love this playpen. We have a large Boxer and small Yorkie so we ordered the larger size. They have a lot of room to run. It is sturdy and well constructed. It was easy to put it together. It was easy to assemble. It was easy to take it down. If you are looking for a large pen for your pet, this is it. Highly recommend it.

👤Good snaps together. The dogs are in it. We have small dogs that work well.

👤It was very easy to install. The dogs seem to enjoy their freedom. I have had this up for a couple of weeks and I am starting to notice some rust. It is disappointing that it is an outdoor fence.

👤The product has a good fit and a nice design. Someone at Amazon loaded the package on the wrong pallet and sent it to the wrong post office. The delay was caused by this. The product is excellent.

👤My dog was able to break the bars and escape. It is poor quality. I don't recommend buying this product.

👤I bought this for a bunny enclosure.

👤The gate's hinge broke.

7. Ruff Ruffus Collapsible Resistant Removable

Ruff Ruffus Collapsible Resistant Removable

There are three sizes in Medium. The large is 36x36x23 inches. Extra Large is 48x 48x23.5 inches. The roomy 8-panel design has protected seams and reinforced corners. It was made from water-resistant materials. The top can be easily removed for indoor use and closed for outdoor use to provide shade. easy access for your pet is provided by the door. Close the door if you have a pet. Light and portable are great for indoor and outdoor use. It's lightweight, strong and ideal for travel, camping and easy mobility. The carrying case is convenient. Easy storage Pops up in seconds without any need for assembly. When not in use, folds flat for easy carrying and storing. There is a bonus included. The portable pet play pen has a carry case and collapsible food bowl. It's ideal for travel.

Brand: Ruff 'n Ruffus

👤The folds are so thin. I ordered the extra large for my mix. Was that excessive? Probably. Is it worth it? Absolutely so. Just look how cute.

👤I use this as a playpen and don't lock my dog in it. I put down a whelp pad and other soft pads and pillows to make her feel comfortable. She can bounce the walls and not get hurt if she zooms around and rolls around. When I clean up, I put her toys in a toy box. I got a 3' diameter one. There is plenty of room for this puppy. It is small enough to move from room to room, and I keep it near wherever I am so she can always have her toys and a soft place to play. She likes to sleep on her pillow. If you want to store it or tote it anywhere, it comes with a bag.

👤I only use this playpen for my baby, 8 lbs. The most important reason is that this is a collapsible playpen, and it hasn't unintentionally started folding in on itself, which was not the case.

👤I am crazy. I love this pen! After spending more than $1,000 to get a Ragdoll kitten, I am not leaving her at the mercy of our German shepherd when I can't be with her. My pen takes up a lot of floor space, so I asked my husband to build me a giant lazy Susan. We used an old broken computer chair, some plywood, felt, and a round vinyl tablecloth, and put the pen on top. I have read that the puppy pads are not waterproof, so the vinyl tablecloth will be useful, as well as the waterproof bottom. I also have storage underneath. I don't have to worry about a rip or tear because I can turn the pen easily. I have a pen next to my bed that is an inch shorter for easier access in or out and for filling food and water dishes. One thing to note is that the top of the pen is almost directly across from the door, so if you are going to be reaching in a lot or using anything electric you must plan for that area to be near an outlet and have room to walk around. The lazy Susan will be helpful. I took photos of the kitten from above and at the doorway. I put a gallon jug in her pet bed to see how big it is in relation to everything else. She will only be in the pen if I have to leave, so the amount of space left is ok. If you are going to leave your pet for a long time, I suggest a larger size. I would only use the lazy Susan for small animals since it wouldn't be stable enough for large pets. I hope this post helps a lot of you, and I will try to update after kitty gets home.

👤I bought this before I traveled to pick up two American Bobtail cats. I set it up a few days before I left because I had read that it had an offensive scent. It smelled like a new product, but it wasn't alarming. When we got up the next morning, we found our existing cat inside the playpen. It was easy to fold up and portable. We got a hotel room in Chicago. The two cats were curious. They were allowed to wander around the room. They walked in and out of the playpen at will because the food was kept inside. We left them in the playpen when we left them in the room to get dinner. I read that it moved like a hamster wheel, but they didn't seem to mind at all and it was in the same place when we came back from dinner. I still get it out at times and they seem to enjoy it. I will take it whenever we travel with the cats. I would give it 5 stars, but the dog people only marketed it to dogs, leaving out the cats. I think that's correct.

8. Pet Trex 24 Playpen Panels

Pet Trex 24 Playpen Panels

The panels are 24 inches high by 24 inches wide. Set it up and fold it down. The finish of the coat provides years of protection. Doublelatch door access. Corner stabilizers are included.

Brand: Pet Trex

👤When we took in a golden retriever-mix mama and her 3 1-day old puppies, I knew we would have to contain the craziness. We needed to separate our two dogs for health reasons. I bought two sets of this pen and explained my vision to my husband, who put it together. 2x4's were added around the perimeter. It was difficult for mama to knock it over, along with a lower shim across one end for a pee pad area. We cable tied everything to make it more sturdy after I put down a couple of layers of linoleum. It worked well. I am going to make a smaller version of the chihuahua that Mama and her puppies will be fostering. Great investment! I have not had any issues with sharp edges or paws getting stuck, the last dog mom we had often crawled over of the pen when she had had enough of the puppies, I made it taller with some cheaper fencing along the top, but she was never deterred, and fortunately

👤The Pet Trex Playpen was a good value at $26.88. You're buying a basic pen that holds a small pet. You will be replacing annually if you use outside. This is not freestanding and there are other things you should be aware of. Once the ends are connected, it stays up. You could zigzagging the panels to make it stand up, but most pets will eventually find the opening and escape. It's possible that your pet is special, so feel free to try it. It's :-D. A small gate swings open for anyone who can't step over 24 inches on one of the panels of the pen. The panels are all connected. - If you want, you can position the pen into a 4'x4' square, a 2'x6' rectangle, or a 4-pointed star/shuriken. Multiple kits can be combined to make larger shapes. Look at the pictures. After only 3 days in the Florida sun/humidity, Rust was forming. It was mostly around the "hinges" which had less of the plastic coating. You can see parts where the coating was thin and the wire began to rust. $26.88 doesn't pay for a lot of things. If you're using a wood or tile floor, you want to be careful with the wire on the bottom. One of my pens had wires that were cut off. It would cause a scratched floor. I had some extra irrigation tubing that was easy to cut, slit, and wrap around the bottom wire. There are a lot of choices on Amazon for a pet playpen. If you find the price and features acceptable, this is a good choice.

👤Since our Dalmatian is getting bigger and we'll be heading back to work, we were looking for ways to keep him out of trouble for 3-4 hours, and this appears to be the way to go. I ordered the 31x 24 and it is not something he can quickly outgrow. To show how much room is left for a puppy pad, toys and food bowl, I put a 30 in crate on top of a scale. Adding a crate to the pen will help it not be easy to move by our little guy. I am confident that it will stay in place with little to no problems because it came with many pins for outdoor use.

9. PETMAKER 58 60 Exercise Playpen

PETMAKER 58 60 Exercise Playpen

Metal construction is strong and durable. The panels are coated in durable steel. It is easy to set up and take down. It folds flat for convenient storage. Dogs up to 40 pounds. Easy access door. There are 8 ground anchor and 4 snap for extra safety.

Brand: Petmaker

👤I have this to take on camping trips with my dogs. I don't want to tie them up. They don't like it. I use it immediately for my two 70 pound German shepherds. If your dog jumps, they can jump out of the gate. They stay in it while I am at camp and don't jump. I use it for a pen. I have a dog that is very hyper. He rests in it and lays down. Highly recommended! I ordered another one like that. I can connect them to make more room for them.

👤The playpen keeps our puppy happy. The playpen is tall and nice, but not as sturdy as we wanted. We had to replace the gate twice because of a defect, but we want to keep it for the price. The collapsible fence made it easy to move it to where we wanted. We like that we can shape the gate to fit our needs. This playpen is worth it so far. The replacement process was painless.

👤This is not very sturdy nor is it stationary for a room with hard wood flooring, but it serves as a visible barrier for my one year old Pittie. He could knock this over and escape, but the sight is enough for him. I go to work and he stays put. For some odd reason, he has never gotten out. So, it is. Yes for me!

👤I love this gate. It has a sleek look. I bought it so my animals wouldn't get to the gifts.

👤The pen is not bad for the price. Not a fan of the method chose to close it. You snap on leash hooks. I replaced them with heavy duty carabiners and now feel more secure. I like that this pen can be attached to her crate, so she can sleep while still having room to play.

👤I was skeptical because it is large, but I love it. It is easy to pack when I travel. I like it. It works for what I need. It only gets 4 stars because it is wobbly. If you want a dog that will jump or put its paws up on the sides, then it is not going to work for you. My dog is old so it doesn't matter.

👤I don't like to leave negative reviews. I bought this for my puppy. I left her in it for 10 minutes and she was stuck between the slats. I had to bend the gate to get her out of the other room. I was home. I was scared of both of us. The playpen is nice. I wouldn't leave the dog unattended. It is kind of defeats its purpose. The spacing of the gate needs to be reexamined.

👤I use it as a rabbit cage when I'm not at home. The bars are too far apart so that my rabbits can squeeze through. It's worth the price for rabbits five pounds and up.

👤I cut myself on the edges. The top of the panels has sharp metal needles. It is very hard to assemble, manipulate and hurt your puppies or people that reach out over the pen. I have to force the door to close. The instructions are not clear. The ground sticks were dirty and rusted. Very complex product to return... I cut myself and broke my floor because there is no rubber at the bottom.

10. IRIS Exercise 8 Panel Playpen White

IRIS Exercise 8 Panel Playpen White

Convenient enclosure for your pets. The panels are made from plastic. The access door has double steel latches and panels interlock securely. It's easy to assemble; it's suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The entire unit is 63.0 x 63.0 x 34.3 Inches, with a panel of 26.3 x 1.5 x 34.4 Inches and a door opening of 15.25 x 20.75 Inches.

Brand: Iris Usa, Inc.

👤I am writing to express my grave concern about the item that was purchased for our puppy. We started using this item last week. This item is intended to be disassembled. The poles that are inserted between 2 panels have a plastic end cap on each end, with the top having a flat cap and the bottom having a pointed cap. On the first use, the top flat caps began to fall off. I put them back on and didn't think much of it. After a few days of using the playpen, we noticed she was having trouble breathing. It was really really bad. We were able to remove the white plastic top cap from the playpen after a chaotic emergency scene full of the Heimlich and sticking our hands down the dog's throat. The poor dog freaked out as she couldn't breath and bit my mother, so there was a bloody scene. It was lodged in her throat and could have killed her. Thankfully, we were able to divert the crisis, because my toddler was also found with one of the caps in his mouth. I am appalled that Amazon would sell something like that. No reasonable person would think that the end caps of a new product would fall off, creating a hazardous situation for children and pets.

👤This pen is perfect for a small and low energy puppy. If your puppy has boundless energy, read this to learn about how we modified the pen to work. The apartment building we live in is in the middle of a dog friendly city. Rowdy wasn't allowed to go outside to places that other dogs might have gone to because he hadn't had his shots yet. We were not able to bring our puppy outside to go potty because of that. There is a A litter box with an 8-panel pen.

👤The golden retriever puppy I have is not fully house-trained. I wanted a playpen that would allow me to leave her alone while I do stuff. The 8-panel playpen is perfect. She has a lot of room to play, it's lightweight, sturdy and only costs about $70. I decided to modify it to help it maintain its shape. I am not handy at all. Anyone could make this. Here's how I did it. I got a small pipe from the store. The employee was asked to cut the pipe into pieces. I used a drill to cut a small hole through one end of each piece, making sure the holes were big enough to fit a zip-tie through them. I found a piece of electronics at the hardware store. I picked up a lot of zip-ties. I secured the pieces of the playpen with zip-ties after assembling it. It turned out better than I anticipated. My puppy is not going to get out of this thing now.

👤My puppy climbed out of the pen like a mountain goat. If your dog is half goat, you will have better luck.

👤It's suitable for small puppies like mine. Larger pups would probably not be strong enough to be contained. It works for my puppy. It is expensive for what it is. I was happy to pay the price because I didn't want a cage or crate.

11. Universal Playpen 2 Panel Extension Measures

Universal Playpen 2 Panel Extension Measures

Want more space but don't want to buy another playpen? Each kit has an additional four square feet of living area for your exisiting dog pen. The Universal pet playpen 2-panel extension kit. Each panel measures 24W x 30H inches and has a total of 48W x 30H inches. Panels easily attach to an existing playpen with included hardware, and are compatible with all "30-Inch" wire pet playpens. The kit is perfect for adding play space to your existing dog pen or closing off a room. The Playpen extension kit has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. This is not an entire dog exercise pen, you are purchasing a two panel extension kit.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I paid almost 40 dollars for two panels. I don't know who thought it would be appropriate to only sell two panels for this price, but I'm pretty sure they didn't think it was appropriate to label this product as a pen. I will return this.

👤This is perfect on the MidWest x-pen. The cut-out space for the door only allows for the door to be on the right when the pen is in a square-shape. The weight of the door causes the front wall to fall because it is only on the right side. The way the top is welded and cut doesn't allow for a door on the left side. It's annoying, but it wouldn't stop me from buying another top. It opens and fits perfectly. No other pet can get in my bun's house without my permission.

👤The X-pen wire/mesh top can be used in a double set-up. A X-pen side wall can fit through the corners of the top where one vertical "overhang" meets the other. I didn't have enough space for a 4x4 square, so I combined the X-pens into one big rectangular piece. For our second 4x4 X-pen, we removed half of the sides and used two wire/mesh tops. One of the corners was hard to put over the side wall, but I'm adding on that. I used a tiny saw to cut off the tiny saw that was sticking out and preventing the side from slipping through it. It's perfect now. The full set-up is shown in the pic. The top is half open and half closed.

👤I can't say enough good things about this xpen. At 9 weeks old, our jumping bean was climbing out of her exercise pen. It's not fair to leave her in a crate when we're gone multiple hours a day. I am able to carry it myself but she is not going anywhere. There are matching black clasps for a secure hold. If I need to get in there, I just unclip half and fold it over.

👤The pen and top are the same brand, I assembled both exactly according to the instructions provided, and the $33 top doesn't fit all of the way. When one side of the top is flush with the pen, the other side of the top does not. I've tried everything I can to get the top to fit, but it really comes down to the size of the panels. I measured the sides of the pen and the sides of the top and found that they were not even. I'm going to make-do because the repackaging and reshipping is a hassle, but for the top to cost almost as much as the entire pen, I really expected it to fit properly. The attention to fabrication detail was poor.

👤Sometimes my wife and I have to leave our dog at home for up to 8 hours. She behaves perfectly when we're at home, but when we're away she wreaks havoc. She caused hundreds of dollars in damage when she was allowed to roam the house. She only weighs 7 lbs, so she could jump out of the play pen. She could still get out if we placed the play pen in places that would block escape routes. We felt bad leaving her in a cage all day, but we had to do a lot because there was nothing else we could do. I couldn't find a play pen cover that I liked. She was always able to get out even though we tried to make our own. I bought this product because I couldn't see how it wouldn't work. Since we've been using this, she has never been able to escape. It's nice that it folds in half. We will fold the play pen in half so that it doesn't take up a lot of space when we're home. We put the doors to her cage and play pen in a certain order to give her more space. If you have a pet that can jump out of the play pen, I would recommend this.


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