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1. OUT Floor Protection Holder Regular

OUT Floor Protection Holder Regular

You can up your game. Training pads are a great way to protect your floors from potty time. Training pads with an OUT! Dog pad holder for the floor? Wow. This is some very advanced stuff. Hold it now because your dog can make a mess when he scoots the pad across the floor. That doesn't happen when you put it in a pad holder. There are raised edges around the pad holder to keep urine from flowing off the pad and onto the floor. The pad holder can help prevent tearing and shredding. Even a dog could use it. Your dog may need some help setting it up. It will be ready to go in three easy steps. It will help you protect your floors. The peace that will flow over you is more important than the fact that your fur babies messes aren't flowing over the pad and onto the floor.

Brand: Out!

👤My pants do not fit and reach the corners to be locked in. If my dog misses the pad, urine will puddle in the channel along the edge, which is fine, except it leaks through the middle of the tray. When urine leaks through the tray onto the floor, it defeats the purpose.

👤The OUT Dog Pad holder exceeded my expectations. The Pad holders are very pet friendly and are easy to clean, fold up nicely and stay in place on the floor. The pads don't fall out of the Pad holder. They will stay where they are supposed to. If you haven't tried the out dog pad holder, please do. It makes changing potty pads fun. The OUT Dog Pad holder is a must have. I've given them as gifts.

👤At first, I liked this pad holder. When the urine spills over the edge of the white part of the pad, it leaks through the tray onto the floor underneath. The purpose of the tray is lost. There are many places it leaks. Unless you are going to do a lot of traveling with it, the middle part is unnecessary. The pads on the corners have an open space on the underside which allows urine to leak out. I bought a different brand of dogit training pads holder that had a solid tray with deep sides and a better pad holder and the leaking problem was solved. Don't put your money on this tray.

👤I didn't like it at first, but I am getting used to it now. I keep the pads installed when he uses it. The plastic clips hold the pads in place. I got too physical and some of them tried to open them. It took a lot of effort to get them snapped back in place. Don't get too aggressive with the plastic clips. Don't put a lot of the pad in the clip. When releasing the pads and re-snapping the clips, be gentle. It is a good holder and less expensive than most.

👤It slid on the floor under her when she first used it, but she refused to use it again. I was trying to protect the wood floor from her use of a pad. I put a small piece of carpet under it to help with the slipping, but she wouldn't go back on it.

👤I kept coming home to a lot of pee. I was not sure if it was our ac or not. I was angry that I had to clean the floors full of pee. Although it only fits one pad, I have to say it works. The pads did not leak when I came home. I have 2 puppies and it is a bit small for them to go multiple times thought out the day while I'm gone, so I might have to purchase another one.

👤6 years ago, I purchased a similar item from a pet store. I decided to replace it because it has lasted all this time. The holders on the side of the item are different from the ones I had. The pad holders are much smaller and rigid so it takes a little more maneuvering. The small levers on the side make this a good purchase.

2. OUT Heavy Absorbent Training Inches

OUT Heavy Absorbent Training Inches

Training is easy. Their 3-in-1 attractant works to get your pet to approach the pad, engage with it, and then encourage them to use it. Out Heavy Duty XXL dog and puppy pads are leak-proof and made to be stronger than their standard puppy pads. No message. Their Heavy Duty XXL dog pads have 25% more liquid absorbency than their standard pads, making them a great solution for multi-dog homes. There are no tracking or TEARS. The tear resistant top sheet has diamond quilting that pulls water into the absorbent core, preventing puddling and tracking. Bigger than ever. Out Heavy Duty XXL pads are 75% larger than their standard pads and have extra strong protection and odor control.

Brand: Out!

👤The product manufacturing has changed and is now a lower quality product with less material in the pads and poor craftsmanship. The weight of the new pads is 1.6 ounces, which is more than the previous 1.75 ounces. They have reduced the amount of material. The absorbent pad is thinner than the shell. As you can see from the picture, the absorbent pad is folded up at the corner of the shell, not offering full coverage. I was on an auto order for 3 packs per month. Looks like they cut corners to try and improve their profit margins.

👤Don't buy these pads! I don't think there are 5 layers for absorbing pee in the pads, because half of them are missing a quarter of the plastic side to hold the spill. I would definitely return them if it weren't for the fact that I need them now and no time to return for a refund. I use three or four pads instead of one or two to cover the bottom of the sick puppies cage. There is no gel or enough material to absorb these pads. You can easily peel the edges apart to make a mess on the floor. I have never been so upset with a purchase. I could use them to wipe windows instead of taking a loss. Try it. They have been the best so far. I don't know if you can see in the pictures, but these weren't manufactured well. The large size is the only good thing. The product is lacking, so be prepared to use newspaper to make up for it. I don't want to leave 1 Star.

👤There is a warning! I had an allergic reaction when I touched these pads. My eyes became red and burned. The quality of the product is not absorbed by these. The urine runs off the sides. The smell isn't contained. The pad had to be thrown away after each use. I wanted to stock up on these so I ordered them instead of waiting for them to get in more. These are not only a waste of money, they are dangerous to me.

👤The first set I ordered on Amazon was large and heavy, which was advertised. An old dog did not get up. I followed the product link from my order to ensure I would buy the same thing after I ran out. I didn't realize the contents had changed until I opened the package and began using the product. My dog is standing on the feather-light pads that I received in my order. The fact that my dog won't stay put is a deal breaker because she's past the age where she runs or jumps. I don't know how I will get my money back as it was opened and used for a few days before I realized that they were a thinner version of what I ordered. The weight of the pads is insufficient for use with an adult dog. If the manufacturer made a design change, I hope they return to the original product.

3. ASPCA AS62930 Training Pads Pack

ASPCA AS62930 Training Pads Pack

The 6 layer composition has a quick drying gel to prevent absorption tracking and leaking. Fresh scent and odor elimination. You can choose from Fresh,Citrus or Mountain Scents. It's perfect for training aging dogs. More absorbent than other brands. One of the largest humane societies in the world is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Brand: Aspca

👤The product was from the ASPCA. I was giving to a good cause. The pure basics of absorbtion didn't happen, so I can't give this product a good review. The wood floors were covered in urine. I usually spend more on this product. I am so angry. The smell of orange was there. I didn't smell anything. I won't recommend this product to anyone. I really wanted to like it. I wasted my money.

👤Put the pads down so they can't review their quality. The manufacturer of the product will give the ASPCA a minimum guarantee of $60,000. The sale of ASPCA products will continue through July. The purchase helps the manufacturer as the claim is now false. Hopefully it helps us. It doesn't help the organization.

👤They do not smell like dog urine. See the picture if you ever wondered if the corners held up. I was amazed that it didn't spread to the next place.

👤Don't waste your money. The product is very cheap. The first pad leaked. The product claims to be leak proof for dogs up to 50 lbs. The dog is less than 20 lbs.

👤I will stick to my other brand on Amazon, it's cheaper than this. I fell for the scent but it didn't bother me at all and they leaked all over my floor without even going past the seam.

👤I use these to protect my cloth seats in my Suburban from the sweat that comes off my sweaty body after a long run. I smell gross. The material of running shorts combined with my human foulness made the stank look like a landfill. I use a set of pads in the back of the truck at the end of the run, like other people would use a towel. The difference is that the pads don't allow the water to go through to the seats. There is a scent to these that improves the situation in the truck on the way home from the shower. I don't have to worry about changing before I get in the truck after a run. It doesn't completely cover the legs and upper back, but it covers the worst spots that will cause damage to your seats. I don't own a dog.

👤The pads work well. My dog is trained to use the pads in my bathroom. They are priced a tad higher than my favorite pads. I can't find them anymore. This was a good substitute. Some people are saying they leak through. If your dog goes too close to the edge, some urine will go off the pad and the floor will draw the urine underneath. I wouldn't use pads on carpets or flooring that could be ruined by rain. Only one type of material: vinyl or tile. Even the best dog can miss. The product was good for the price.

👤This does what it is described. I was expecting a lot of pads. I didn't see the smaller " 100 pads" on the bottom of the label because the logo caught my eye. Guess I'll be more careful next time. Some money will go to a good cause.

4. American Kennel Club X Large Training

American Kennel Club X Large Training

All puppies and senior pets can use the American Kennel Club dog pads. leak proof protection for any surface is designed to fit most dog crates. Choose from Fresh,Citrus,Eucalytus or Lavender scents. Large 22 inch x 22 inch or XL 30 inch x 28 inch are available. 20 layer composition with quick drying gel. There is an additional plastic backing layer to prevent leaking. The crate liner is perfect for training or assisting aging dogs. The American Kennel Club is a trusted expert in breed, health and training information for dogs. Responsible dog ownership is one of the things the AKC advocates for.

Brand: American Kennel Club

👤I can understand why some people think these pads aren't worth the money, but others think they are. My experience is extensive. I've been an animal foster parent for a long time. It's not uncommon for me to house several animals, including dogs, puppies, cats, and rabbits. I have a beagle mix who puts up with my craziness. It's normal for my home to have a new foster pet every 1-2 weeks. I've used these pads with a variety of dogs of different ages and sizes. I might be able to shed some light on the effectiveness of the pee pads. These pads don't leak from puppies and dogs under 10 lbs. Remove the dirty pad and replace it with a new one. The urine and feces will leak when I leave the soiled pad sitting for too long or allow a foster to reuse it. Even the ones from a big retail grocery store and even from a pet store are very expensive. The pads leak when left on the floor or are allowed to be re-used by dogs and puppies. And under. For dogs and puppies over 10 lbs. You'll be hard pressed to find a training pad that doesn't leak. What is a good pet owner to do when they can't get their dog to leave a dirty pad or when they have a large breed puppy or rescue dog? You can save money if you only allow the potty area to be on tiled or laminate flooring. You can put the disposable pee pad on top of the hard plastic container. Do you have a fun-loving, rambunctious puppy who just loves to tumble right into the pee pad area, toss those training pads around, and then pee right next to the pee pad? If you want to keep them out of the pee pad, you can pick up a thin roll of masking tape and tape off the corners. If you want to save your carpet, you might want to line it with either a plastic training pad or trash bags. Don't use newpapers if you go for a different route. If you're in a bind until the morning, old newspapers will do in a pinch. Newspapers leak through. The newspaper ink runs through your flooring. It's worth it to purchase training pads. These are my go-to for training pads as a pet foster volunteer. These work great if you want an affordable training pad. Enjoy the housebreaking!

👤This product deserves a really bad review. I was sucked in by the "AKC" brand. The plain old newspapers would work better than these, they don't absorb, they don't hold liquid, and the back is very thin, so they may not even be there. They're going out in the trash because they're not worth my time. I should have stayed with the Kirkland brand. Don't waste your time or money on these.

👤I would give these zero stars. I thought the dog was peeing on the corner because the carpet was always wet. We had to have the floors replaced because the carpet was so wet and disgusting. I picked up the dog's pad after she walked off the pad after I saw the dog use it. All underneath was soaked. I thought it might be a mistake, so the next time I did it, it was under the pad. These things are awful. Our floor boards were not good. I called the number on the bag that they came in and they didn't care at all. She told me there was nothing they could do. The company and product were terrible. The pee seeped out of the pad for 3 months. It was nauseatingly sad. Amazon made it right.

5. Arm Hammer Training Absorbent Leak Proof

Arm Hammer Training Absorbent Leak Proof

The Arm & Hammer Baking soda ingredient in the dog pee pads is used to keep the home smelling fresh. The quilted pattern locks in urine quickly to prevent leaks from the dog training pads. The risk of dog pee pads leaking through the floors is reduced by 5 layers of leak proof protection. Dog pee pads are super absorbent. Super absorbing gel helps absorb urine. This pack of bulk extra large dog training pee pads are the perfect solution for stay-at- home, indoor dogs. They cover 30% more area.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I have to buy pee pads for my senior cat who has a hard time keeping its pee out of the litter box. I usually like Arm & Hammer products, so I tried these. These are not. They are thin and don't absorb well. I could save money by putting down paper towels. I bought these b/c but won't buy them again.

👤I have to clean the floor with bleach all the time because these don't prevent my puppy's urine from leaking through the pad. I don't need any more work to potty train my puppy.

👤These don't absorb right away and look gross. They are not as thick as a better brand. I prefer something that doesn't show pee. I used them for my cat. I'll keep the rest for backup.

👤There is a leak. There is a leak. There is a leak. I have a large dog. This should never happen. The fact that they are improved makes me wonder if there was an error in the production of this batches and the company has no idea how bad they are.

👤I like these more than the ones I have been using. They are inexpensive and do not leak through the floor.

👤I also purchased the whelping pads because there was no way to attach them to the surfaces. These are not as nice as the disposable puppy pads from Kirkland.

👤The liners are for the guinea pig. It was little. It's small. Pass.

👤I don't like them. They don't do the job. The money was wasted. They are very flimsy. When you pick them up, urine spilled off. I had to use a certain amount at a time. I put them in multiple layers. Still. It was leaked. Through. A paper towel would be better.

6. Non Slip Absorbent Waterproof Housebreaking Incontinence

Non Slip Absorbent Waterproof Housebreaking Incontinence

No tools are required for assembly. The exercise pen has a one year manufacturer's warranty. The high absorbent and live saver has a light grey colour that covers any stains on the pee pads and prevents them from leaking or smelling. The non slip rubber backing makes it easy to wash doggy potty pads, they stay on the bed or floor, puppies crawl more easily, and you don't have to worry about stains. It's a must for any kind of housebreaking school for puppies and kittens, it's easy to clean and reuse, and an excellent economic and environmental alternative to buying endless bags of disposable pads. The extra large size 72" x 72" dog pads are perfect for a whelping box, a playpen, and elderly dogs. After puppies are potty trained through pet pee pads, they will feel relieved to leave the dog at home. The floor is still clean after 24 hours. They don't include a cage in the whelping pad.

Brand: Peepeego

👤I unboxed this and set it up so that I can do an updated review in a few days. I bought this mat to help with the dribble and tile grout getting wet and smelly because I have a dog who pours water all across my tile floor every time he drinks. It has a non slip bottom that I really like. It is a large size. Really big! And for those who are curious. The dog bed is a crib mattress with waterproof protectors and a crib fitted sheet that is less expensive than a large dog bed if he chews it up. The pen is from Amazon and it is great! I combined the two sets I bought so I could make my perfect size. I hope he doesn't destroy the mat and drag it all over the place.

👤The blanket did not allow my puppies pee to reach the floor. The engineered hardwood floors in my apartment warp with liquid and scratch easily. This blanket protected my floors from her pee accidents and also protected the floor from the play pen.

👤I have 8 pups that use this all day in their play pin and it is nice and durable, I would recommend buying it, I was not happy with the pads I was using, and my pups would rip them up and eat them, so I decided to try this pad, and I

👤I will not buy anything from them again because the product is not as well made as they say in their advertising. I need to buy more for my dog. The back of the product is different than the back of the ad. The pad was supposed to be 72x72. I feel that it is bad business and that it is misleading.

👤We bought these for our ducklings 2 weeks ago and they have been growing for about an inch a day. We have 6 and all the research says they are bad. They play in their water like that meme of the shark jumping, when you tell your kids not to get water outside the tub. This pad is a lifesaver because of how they eat their food and poo all over. I initially thought it came with a metal exercise pen, but after waiting a bit longer due to Covid-19 delivery times, I felt a little ripped off. If you want to preserve your carpet and/or flooring, I can assure you that this is not a ripoff. We have left the ducklings on it all day and occasionally with standing water, and the floor is dry as a bone, no matter what these guys throw on it. Our washer takes 2.5 hours to wash and another hour to dry, so it's not a short cleaning process, but it is easy. If some of the straw and sawdust gets into the washer, it will cause a problem, but that has nothing to do with the ease of care or the function of this mat. It is large enough to have at least 6 inches of clearance around our pen, which is about 48x 48" or 16 square feet. If you're looking for a quality product for your pets, this is it.

7. KIHKIH Training Puppy Count Regular 10

KIHKIH Training Puppy Count Regular 10

If you bought the smaller size than you need, you can change it for free. Youkie or a chihuahua kind of dogs can benefit from regular size. The dog training pad was quick dry. Plastic Boarders are leak-proof. The absorbent pad is surrounded by plastic. Helping puppy urine training keep clean and odor free, built-in fresh scent attractant is designed with built in fresh scent attractant. Unique Compression Technology. Every pet training pad is compressed.

Brand: Kihkih

👤This product is large and thick.

👤They are not large. They are regular sizes.

👤I was surprised that it was so small.

👤This is perfect. We used to use two, but this one is better than two together.

👤These are not worth what they cost. They are not regular size pads. My fault was being in a rush. I was zonked. The photo shows a large area. The top pad is larger than the rest. The bottom is a normal size pad. Don't get zonked.

👤There are 100 pads in the item name. There are only 10 pads. They're not that big or good quality, would never buy this again.

👤The title says 100. I won't buy this product again because it comes with 10.

8. Dogcator Absorbent Leak Proof Disposable Training

Dogcator Absorbent Leak Proof Disposable Training

The training pee pads use a PE leak-proof bottom film with a plastic border on all sides to make sure that urine does not leak out. The quick drying surface keeps your pet comfortable and warm for all day and at the same time prevent moving and leaving a huge mess on the floor or wall with optional sticky tapes. 75% larger abosrbent holds up to 12 cups of liquid. The extra large design of the pads gives more abosorbent than other large pads. Protect your carpet or floor from damage with a waterproof plastic layer. The pee pads for dogs make it easier to clean up. Extra large dog pads help prevent overflow, and the soft non-woven fabric top layer absorbs liquid instantly. Puppy pads, potty pads, pet piddle pads, and potty pads are made from high quality raw materials. Good for animals like dogs, cats, kittens, rabbits, sheep and other pets. The extra large dog pads are suitable for indoor or outdoor activities and are fun with your pets.

Brand: Dogcator

9. MIZOK Activated Neutralize Instantly Leak Proof

MIZOK Activated Neutralize Instantly Leak Proof

Their charcoal training pads use activated carbon technology to eliminate odors and keep your home odor-free throughout the day. When taking care of incontinence puppy, say goodbye to the unpleasant odor. The XXXL ultra large size is larger, stronger and thicker than the standard pee pads. It's great for puppies, adult dogs, elderly canines, incontinence dogs, kittens, cats or other pets, providing strong protection against tear and messes. MIZOK carbon pee pads are equipped with a high-grade super absorbent core that can absorb up to 8 cups of liquid and quickly turn it into gel, keeping floors, tiles, or carpets dry. It's perfect for puppies potty training, or using as travel pee pads, whelping pads, lining kennels, and playpens under food bowls or litter boxes. The new disposable pee pads for dogs are made with 6 layers. A top non-woven fabric layer can absorb liquid quickly. The second activated carbon layer helps to eliminate odors. The third layer of diamond quilted design makes sure liquid flows in the right direction, and the four cotton core layers can turn liquid into gel in a second. The last two layers can keep your floor clean. The charcoal potty pads for dogs have a leak-proof bottom film with a plastic border on all sides to make sure that urine does not leak out. The quick drying surface can keep your pet comfortable and warm for all day and at the same time prevent moving and leaving a huge mess on the floor or wall with optional sticky tapes.

Brand: Mizok

👤I have bought many brands of training pads. I have used the hospital beds' pads. These pads are so absorbent that they can handle a 70 pound dog and a smaller dog. When I pick up the garbage from the pads, there are no drips or spills. I always damp mop the area with a little sterilizing and let it dry before I use the charcoal pads. Thank you MIZOK for resolving the problem.

👤I tried a lot of brands. They leaked for an hour or so. These are large enough to cover dog beds. One of these can hold a full load from my 87 pound dog, who is recovering from two surgeries and pees 3-4 cups at a time. I am buying more.

👤My cocker spaniel is 13 years old and has a incontinence problem. I got medication from the vet but she pees on the pads because she cannot get out fast enough or I am not home while I wait for the meds to start working. The pads are thick and absorbent. I wanted the black to blend in better with the floor and not be noticeable. The charcoal in them makes them smell bad. My dog approves. It was worth it.

👤The dogs are using these under the fake turf at our apartment. No pee smell or absorption.

👤Love the large size. Seem to help with smell.

👤I have more than one dog and the dog pads are extra wide.

10. Paw Inspired Washable Training Waterproof

Paw Inspired Washable Training Waterproof

There are durable washable fabrics. The puppy pads are machine washed. The fabric of the pee pads will last for hundreds of washes, saving thousands of dollars over disposables. It's the best choice for your puppy potty. The dog pads are 30” x 32” The surface area of their standard 21" x 21" inch pad is double that of these extra large pads. The larger sizes allow for multi-dog use. Give your dog the best dog pee pads on the market with Paw inspired. Premium construction: it's better. The absorbent surface of these large dog training pads keeps the pee mat and paws dry, as well as controlling odors. The waterproof bottom is leak proof and dependable. Save thousands of disposables. The most eco-conscious way to care for your pet is with a Washable potty. Save your home, your furniture, and the environment by using disposable potty pads. There are many uses. The puppy pee pads are very versatile and can be used on the go or in your home. Puppy training pads and whelping pads are great for puppies at all stages of life. There are various uses for adult dogs like dog pee pads, crate pads, kennel mats, dog bowl mat, waterproof dog blanket, remi pee pads, couch protectors for dogs, and dog incontinence pads. You can try the Paw inspired training pads today.

Brand: Paw Inspired

👤Here's my opinion on how to use them. My mini breed will pee in the middle of the night while we are sleeping. Our dog has been doing this since he was a puppy, because I was living in an upstairs apartment that didn't allow dogs, so he has been doing this since he was a puppy. His first year was spent in doors. I have moved into a house with a fenced yard where he plays all the time and he still likes to pee in the middle of the night on the puppy pad in the master bathroom. My doggo likes to pee directly on the corner so that the pee gets underneath the puppy pads, so they get gross very quickly. It's a good thing. It's so convenient. This has solved a huge problem as using these in combination with a puppy pad has kept both neat and clean. It is a huge life change changing the puppy pad with ease - there is no nasty smell under the puppy pad when used on top of this product. Change the puppy pad every two days or so as needed, and wash the large pad as needed. There was no mess, no smell, and no staining the wood underneath. It's perfect! Highly recommended. It would be much more work intensive without a puppy pad.

👤I was unaware of these for the last ten years. We used paper pads to train our dogs to go in the house. We put two paper pads in place to give them more room. Our dogs are our "Boys" so they are worth it. There is a Occasionally they miss the paper. The urine would leak down the floor under the washing machine. It's very annoying to clean. I found the pads. Wow. The boys are used to using a paper pad, but when they pee off the paper, it is on this pad. What a change! There is a Paper pads can last a long time, even if they need to be replaced after every use. Clean up is very easy, there is no odor. When it comes to drying in the dryer, the pad does not have any issues. There is a My only recommendation is to go for the pad that has no design on it. The cute little dog bone designs on the pad were the first thing we tried to purchase. The designs look like little pieces of poop. In the first month, I stepped in it at least three times. We bought these without a design. It's much better!

👤I bought these to go underneath the disposable pads. Our dog is good at using the disposable pads but sometimes pees too close to the edge and the liquid leaks over the side and underneath. The paper pad in the middle gives her a target to go on with, while the reuse pad takes care of that. It is working well so far. I am trying to save the wood floors from being damaged after they were refinished. The pads catch the leak and so far it hasn't gone to the floor. They have a rubber backing and are not slippery. I dry them on the "no heat" setting.

11. BESTLE Large Training Absorbent Leak Free

BESTLE Large Training Absorbent Leak Free

Highly absorbent: The xlarge dog potty pads hold up to 5 cups of liquid and are made of 5-layer design. It's leak free with a waterproof plastic layer to protect your floor or carpet from damage. A diamond-quilted design directs liquid to be absorbed quickly to prevent overflow. High quality materials. The upgraded potty pads for dogs are resistant to scratches and tears and feature premium materials. The dog training pads are great for puppies, dogs, elderly canines, kittens, cats and other pets, also for your indoor or outdoor use.

Brand: Bestle

👤This brand is better than others we have tried, and it is supposed to be the one thing it is meant to avoid, which is leaking through it and soaking the floor. The brand does what it is supposed to do with a thicker layer of absorption material. If you are trying to save on pads and use more than you need, do not have your pet using these multiple times because they will eventually leak, and you will not be able to tell if it is a leak or not. These are a better option so far and give a much better protection when new and fresh. Great sizes as well. I had to remove a star after I realized that our last pack did not meet the expectations of being 100% leak proof. The pee goes straight through the pads on the floor. We ended up using double pads to avoid this and they are not very cost efficient. The larger pads have been sent again. We will see if our last order was a bad one or if we were lucky.

👤I bought these pads a few weeks ago for my dog. These pads were very disappointing. After a single use, urine would leak through the bottom of the pads. I ordered another brand of pads about half way through the bag. They work well. Zero leaks! The remaining pads were thrown away.

👤I bought these pads instead of another type of Bestle product. I had to use 4 pads at a time to get the same rate of absorbency because the pads were thinner. My 2 mini dachshunds needed to fit on the pad as well as the space. Even though they are Miniatures, they have longer bodies and need bigger pads to fit themselves onto it, and still have enough space to fit on a dry spot. I don't want you to be disappointed, but be prepared to use more than one pad at a time. Maybe for smaller dogs, like chihuahuas, they may be okay, but one of my Doxies is only 10 pounds. I made a selection error because the brand name was the same as the pads I was experimenting with. This has been my experience and it doesn't mean that they won't work for you.

👤I don't use them as intended because I bought the wrong size. I use them to absorb fluids instead of a towel. There is a I tried and used them, but they were too small for my purpose and the dogs claws would tear up the plastic. They were also down for a day so they were well taken care of. There is a I'm sure these are great, but big dogs are not. That is my fault again. They work great for sending auto part cores back and not having to worry about fluids draining out during shipping. You need to drain them the best you can.

👤They seem to be the best for the price after trying 4 brands before. The extra absorbent Amazon pads are too expensive for a senior on a budget. Considering all the money Amazon makes, one would think they would be cheaper. Oh well.


What is the best product for dog pee pads xl?

Dog pee pads xl products from Out!. In this article about dog pee pads xl you can see why people choose the product. Out! and Aspca are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog pee pads xl.

What are the best brands for dog pee pads xl?

Out!, Out! and Aspca are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog pee pads xl. Find the detail in this article. American Kennel Club, Arm & Hammer and Peepeego are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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