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1. Washable Underpads Incontinence Reusable Lifestyle

Washable Underpads Incontinence Reusable Lifestyle

Their large, thick underpads are 30 x 34 inches and are best for adults and seniors with incontinence, potty training toddlers and kids, and children who have overnight accidents. The blouse is crinkled. The soft bed pads are designed to be dry. Extra protection for your bed mattress is provided by the waterproof backing. The underpads are designed for many different uses and will fit on any size mattress. It's good for puppies and elderly dogs to handle large amounts of urine. The machine is washable. At Green Lifestyle, protecting their environment is important, so their pads are made of premium quality fabric with reinforced seams to last a long time, wash after wash. Keep vigilant in place. Their pads are designed for those who need extra protection for the occasional leak of urine, whether it's from a medical issue or something else. They have your back.

Brand: Green Lifestyle

👤We have tried several pads for our dog who is getting old and can't hold it for long during the night anymore and will use these pads when she has to. The other pads we have tried have failed because they tend to leak through and wet the floor and smell up the house if not cared for immediately. I decided to try the "hospital version" of these type pads instead and after reading reviews as always before buying anything I figured I should give these a try, if they work for seniors and humans which in my mind should be able to handle a descent load of liquid without ruining a bed, We have been using these pads for about a week now and I am happy that they have held up to their promise of not leaking through the pads and not stinking up the house if you don't tend to it directly after use. I think we have found the pads we will stick to, and 6 pads for less or the same price you normally pay for a 2 pack, no complaints from me. I will update this if there are any issues after the first wash. The pads have been through a few wash cycles and we have noticed that they aren't leak proof anymore and that they are just like the previous pads. After that, they started to smell bad, and even after the wash, they still smell bad, even though I only use a small amount of soap. We had a good run. We are back to our problem with leaking pads and still have to buy more disposables and just waste money and pads again, but these were promising and great, but for about 5 or 6 washes, that removes a star.

👤The idea of washing them and saving money was what this product was all about. The product is tearing. I just bought them and have not used them in a long time.

👤I buy these under pads every day. The blue plastic coated disposable underpads that we got from our incontinence products supplier did not perform as well as we had hoped. I told them to stop sending the disposables because our insurance paid for them. I use these under pads for my husband all the time. Wherever he is, there is a disposable under pad under him. The furniture and mattress are kept dry. I wash and dry at least one every day. They hold up well. We've been using them for about 5 months now and they seem to be as good as new. You can't go wrong buying these. I would buy more in a heartbeat if these wore out, but they seem to be very durable as well, and I feel it was the best $36 I ever spent. I am a happy 71 year old customer.

👤Hospitals use the same chux pads for incontinent people. I got them for my toddler who sleeps in my bed and always drinks too much water and pees out of her diaper. It's the right size. She is tall. It makes it easier to sleep at night. We have to change her and the pad when she has an accident. They are great for changing her diaper. Stains are easy to wash out. I recommend them for post partum moms, babies, menstrual cycles, potty training, weak bladder/ incontinence, etc.

2. Paw Inspired Washable Training Waterproof

Paw Inspired Washable Training Waterproof

There are durable washable fabrics. The puppy pads are machine washed. The fabric of the pee pads will last for hundreds of washes, saving thousands of dollars over disposables. It's the best choice for your puppy potty. The dog pads are 30” x 32” The surface area of their standard 21" x 21" inch pad is double that of these extra large pads. The larger sizes allow for multi-dog use. Give your dog the best dog pee pads on the market with Paw inspired. Premium construction: it's better. The absorbent surface of these large dog training pads keeps the pee mat and paws dry, as well as controlling odors. The waterproof bottom is leak proof and dependable. Save thousands of disposables. The most eco-conscious way to care for your pet is with a Washable potty. Save your home, your furniture, and the environment by using disposable potty pads. There are many uses. The puppy pee pads are very versatile and can be used on the go or in your home. Puppy training pads and whelping pads are great for puppies at all stages of life. There are various uses for adult dogs like dog pee pads, crate pads, kennel mats, dog bowl mat, waterproof dog blanket, remi pee pads, couch protectors for dogs, and dog incontinence pads. You can try the Paw inspired training pads today.

Brand: Paw Inspired

👤Here's my opinion on how to use them. My mini breed will pee in the middle of the night while we are sleeping. Our dog has been doing this since he was a puppy, because I was living in an upstairs apartment that didn't allow dogs, so he has been doing this since he was a puppy. His first year was spent in doors. I have moved into a house with a fenced yard where he plays all the time and he still likes to pee in the middle of the night on the puppy pad in the master bathroom. My doggo likes to pee directly on the corner so that the pee gets underneath the puppy pads, so they get gross very quickly. It's a good thing. It's so convenient. This has solved a huge problem as using these in combination with a puppy pad has kept both neat and clean. It is a huge life change changing the puppy pad with ease - there is no nasty smell under the puppy pad when used on top of this product. Change the puppy pad every two days or so as needed, and wash the large pad as needed. There was no mess, no smell, and no staining the wood underneath. It's perfect! Highly recommended. It would be much more work intensive without a puppy pad.

👤I was unaware of these for the last ten years. We used paper pads to train our dogs to go in the house. We put two paper pads in place to give them more room. Our dogs are our "Boys" so they are worth it. There is a Occasionally they miss the paper. The urine would leak down the floor under the washing machine. It's very annoying to clean. I found the pads. Wow. The boys are used to using a paper pad, but when they pee off the paper, it is on this pad. What a change! There is a Paper pads can last a long time, even if they need to be replaced after every use. Clean up is very easy, there is no odor. When it comes to drying in the dryer, the pad does not have any issues. There is a My only recommendation is to go for the pad that has no design on it. The cute little dog bone designs on the pad were the first thing we tried to purchase. The designs look like little pieces of poop. In the first month, I stepped in it at least three times. We bought these without a design. It's much better!

👤I bought these to go underneath the disposable pads. Our dog is good at using the disposable pads but sometimes pees too close to the edge and the liquid leaks over the side and underneath. The paper pad in the middle gives her a target to go on with, while the reuse pad takes care of that. It is working well so far. I am trying to save the wood floors from being damaged after they were refinished. The pads catch the leak and so far it hasn't gone to the floor. They have a rubber backing and are not slippery. I dry them on the "no heat" setting.

3. MIIMER Washable Reusable Training Whelping

MIIMER Washable Reusable Training Whelping

Reusable pee pads for dogs can be used to prevent urine leak to the floor. Make your pet dry and clean. It's great for rabbits, guinea pig, and elder dog. The 60”x60” waterproof rug can hold up more water than other products on the market, and it only takes a minute to wash it. Your dog's nails and hair won't stick on the pads. Non slip bottom. Non slip dots on the pee pads minimize slipping around. It is durable for puppy chew and scratch. Their dog floor mat is machine washable and can wash hundreds of times. Throw the pee pad to the washer and dry it. There are many uses of pee pads for dogs, including housebreaking, whelping, comfortable, dog bed mats, car seat protectors, play pen, kennel and crate liner. You will be given extra protection wherever you need it.

Brand: Miimer

👤I had to return this item because of my own mistake of size. The quality of the item was good, the size was accurate, and I have bought other pads like this in other sizes, which is a nice well made item.

👤Completely covers the x-pen. There are no accidents on my carpet. It's great for potty training.

👤They are being used for puppies. It is easy to wash. They have not leaked so far. Highly recommend!

👤They keep the floor dry.

👤Keep the puppy pen away from the carpet.

4. Washable Pee Pads Dogs Pack

Washable Pee Pads Dogs Pack

We understand you. You don't want to put the pee pads in the washing machine. Their premium pet pads can be thrown in with your normal laundry. The best antidote and olfactory control. If your dog gets excited easily, is an untrained puppy or suffers from incontinence, their product is perfect to make their life more comfortable. The absorption pads and odor control are amazing. Your puppy could be shocked where he went. Would you like to rest on a large blanket? Your dog doesn't like it either. Your dog will be happy with the feel of the pee pad, they only use the highest quality materials. They recommend bringing HappyPaw pee pads for every trip. The pads give your dog a sense of home and help keep everything clean while traveling, no matter if it is a short trip or a family vacation. If you're not happy with the premium potty pads, simply message them and they'll bring a smile back to your face. You can get yours now by clicking 'add to cart'.

Brand: Happypaw

👤I'm going to give you the information I've learned and the information I was looking for when buying potty pads. There was nothing to dislike. I ordered these pads a few weeks ago. These, far and above, do a few things better than the others. They're larger than the others, cost less, and I can see where my fur babies have urinated because they're yellow. I will definitely be a return customer if I need to be. I have three fur babies. A 12 year old Sheltie, 6 year old chihuahua and 2 year old Chi-Pin were rescued from a bad situation six months ago. They all have different potty issues so these pads are important. We were spending $75 a month on disposable pee pads. I knew we could do better. The disposables are bad for the environment. It isn't a lot to wash pads every day. A quick wash, quick dry, and it's done! Well worth it! Also, note: Some advice. I replace the dirty pads with clean ones every morning. I use the rapid wash cycle on my HE washer if they are extremely dirty. I use oxiclean with my detergent. I don't use fabric softener because it can diminish the absorbency. I use about 1/6th cup of bleach to wash 6 pads. After washing, I put them in the dryer for 30 minutes and hang them to dry. Although,... They have been left in the dryer for a few times. I wash them every day for about 3 weeks. Can't say enough about the Pet Pads.

👤I have six dogs ranging in age from 1 to 15 years. I felt guilty that the disposable pee pads were not eco-friendly because I was going through them like crazy. I am not a tree hugger. I try to be aware of our environment. I saw a friend of mine using pee pads. I bought the brand she uses and some of the pads she recommended. The brand recommended by my friend is not as good as this brand. I love them! It's better to keep the pee ON the pad than it is to leak over the edges. I think they are great at odor control and hold up well in the wash after a lot of washes. I'm back for more.

👤11/25 We are about a week into using our first pad. I am surprised after the first wash. I followed the instructions for washing and time dried on the low for 20 minutes. It came out great. The puppy is having a hard time with crate training. The disposable pee pads were destroyed when we used the pen. Even with apple bitter spray, it was a major separation anxiety. I was hopeful that this would be a better buffer. We moved the pen to a carpeted area. I didn't trust the pad. I put the disposable pad under the fridge. Good news. It didn't leak through onto the pad. The package was held up well. I agree with someone else that this should be made in a different color. It is difficult to see where our pups Pee'd on the pad. That is my only problem so far. You can see the color of the pad by taking a few photos. There is a gray sheet over my couch. The color hides the pee, but it's hard to know when to wash it. I think I could have pulled this a few days ago. I did not see a mess. He wet his dog bed as he slept. Saturated the whole bed, but never penetrated the bottom. 10 week old, 6lb, Cockapoo. I will give an update after further ware and tear. I'm thinking of buying more.

5. SHU Washable Reusable Absorbency Waterproof

SHU Washable Reusable Absorbency Waterproof

4 layers of fast absorption and leakproof prevent urine outflow and dry quicker. Within 3 minutes, the top layer can absorb urine and odor. Their whelping pads can prevent urine from leaking to the floor and keep puppies and floor clean and dry. There are a lot of non-slip silicone gels on the bottom of the puppy playpen pad. The backing of the dog pen mat can be leak proof and prevent it from sliding. Soft and durable surface material is easy to clean. Saving money and protecting the environment are two things that can be accomplished with the use of Washable and Reusable. The air dries quickly, the dog mats are waterproof and not easy to torn by dogs. They can save a lot of time dealing with the mess while the dogs are around. Puppies and the environment are at risk from disposable pee pads. It is easy to clean. It can be washed with hand or a machine. The puppy mat needs to be dry. Doesn't shrink. The pee pads are durable and have the same good leak-proof effect. The size is perfect for any breed of dog. The waterproof dog mat can be used indoors and outdoors. Pee pads for dogs can be used to protect furniture. The mat can be used for a variety of purposes. It should be in the puppy playpen area and pet crates.

Brand: Shu Ufanro

👤I help with a local rescue. I bought these pads to use with my puppy. The pad is thick. I had high expectations. The problem is washing the urine. It's hard to fit in a washer because it's so thick. I would have to wash the pads twice to get rid of the smell. I would have to run the dryer three times. Time, water, and electricity are wasted.

👤I love this pen! It was perfect. I have a fenced in yard, but I recently adopted two puppies. I have an older dog who needs to be slowly introduced to the puppies. This is a good place to have the puppies play safe while I am in the house or in the yard. We plan to use it in the house for house training. It was easy to put together, hose off mud, and stay strong during Hurricane Laura. We haven't transported it yet, but I'm sure any issues will be overlooked.

👤I have ever purchased the best pee pads. I bought 72" and it is perfect and I was expecting it. I highly recommend this product. I would like to buy another puppy soon.

👤I love this pee pad. It is large. I use it as a play area for my puppy. This pad keeps my dog warm when he is resting or playing. I am not worried about my puppy peeing on it because it absorbs fast. It is machine-washable. I am going to buy this product again.

👤It is light and absorbent. It came with no instructions for cleaning. I washed it in cold and warm water, but it still has a smell of urine. I might try hot water next time. I use it to protect my floors.

👤I didn't want to leave a review until I used it, and I can absolutely say I love it. I have a teacup Yorker/chihuahua mix that is great for her. She is a puppy that is chewing on everything and a digger. She tried to dig her way out of her house. My dog has chewed and dug on the mat, but it has not torn or ripped it. I like it. If this one wears out, it will be soon. I will order another one. It is very easy to clean and wash. Highly recommended.

👤I got these to protect my floors from my dog. We use them by the doors for wet, snowy boots. They should be under my trays to catch any spills. There are lots of uses for these. I'm going to try them next summer to keep the grass and dirt out and the feet dry before I put sandals back on.

👤I got this mat to protect the hardwood floor from the kennel. It is water resistant and light for easy placement.

6. Mihachi Washable Waterproof Reusable Whelping

Mihachi Washable Waterproof Reusable Whelping

The material has 3 layers of protection, with a surface made of 100% polyester fabric, a middle layer made of polyester and rayon soaker, and a third layer made of polyvinylchloride. Their pads hold more liquid per square inch than most other pads on the market, which will keep your floors dry. Their pads are long lasting and can be washed multiple times. This is the perfect size for puppies and small breed pets. Puppy whelping, puppy pee training, protect furniture and bedding, use them as post-surgery pads, can assist aging dogs are some of the multiply functions. One orange and one grey pee pad is in a package and you can have fresh one while the other is in the wash.

Brand: Mihachi

👤I got these to help cover the bottom of our large crate for our medium size dog who occasionally has bladder issues due to an injury. The pee pads we got were not long enough. Since it was a two pack, I thought these would work well to protect our floors from drinkers. Photos are included for reference with a medium size dog bowl. If I had a small dog, these would be great for reuse, but since I have a medium dog, they work great for water bowls or in addition to the larger pads we previously purchased on Amazon. They haven't had any large accidents yet, but they have had some problems with leaking liquid. They seem well made.

👤The pads hold up well between washes. They fit perfectly in a small crate. It is difficult to tell when there is pee on them. I would buy again.

👤I got these pads for my rescue dog because she wasn't entirely housebroken. They work just as well as the paper pads and are better for the environment. The paper pads are expensive, but they work just as well.

👤If that matters to anyone, they are actually 15 1/2 by 23 1/2.

👤Couldn't ask for more absorbent pads. It protects wood floors. The washer is easy to throw in.

👤They work well, searched on line and read the reviews. They absorb well, don't leak, and wash well. Love them.

👤These are cute, but too small. I had to return them. I should have used them under his water and door dishes.

👤My pups know where to go. No slip, no leak. It's great, but need one a bit bigger.

7. PAWCHIE Washable Pee Pads Dogs

PAWCHIE Washable Pee Pads Dogs

It's convenient to replace one pee pads in one package when another is being cleaned. The pad is large enough for pets to use. The pattern was designed withBone & Paw printing. The pad can be used for many pets, such as small medium large dogs, puppies, old, weak or sick dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. You can use it indoors as a pee pad, sofa, pet beds, crate, playpen, or as a feeding mat. You can put it on the back of the car or on the grass. You can save a lot of money with this pad. You don't need to smell the disposable pads anymore. The pee pad can be used for a long time, and it is very convenient to wash your clothes through the washing machine. They will help you solve the problem if you let them know about it. The pee pads are made from yarn-dyed fabric and needle-punched cotton. The material is more durable than other pee pads. If your dog urinates a lot, it can be absorbed quickly. The bottom of the pad is made of plain cloth and has a glue-dispensing design. On the other hand, it can be used to make sure the floor is dry. It can be non-slip, so don't worry about sliding easily.

Brand: Pawchie

👤The material label does not show cotton content, which is why I bought this one. Cotton blends hold less smell than a 100% Poly fabric. It is not a full 64” long, but it is 60” long, which means it shifts when my dog jumps on it. The pattern is less appealing in person. I give this 3 or 4 stars because it is an affordable pad and I am sure it will suffice. If your needs are less specific than I think this will suffice. If you are using it on your bed, I would recommend taking a regular hospital chuck. This thing is probably great on the floor or in a kennel. The three stars were the only thing that annoyed me.

👤My dogs always go to the same spot on my carpet, so I got these pads. They don't leak! My dogs are small. I am very happy with the pads. I can keep a clean one on-hand to replace if the other one gets dirty. They are safe to use in the dryer. I hang them to dry.

👤An older dog can't hold it until the morning. The accidents caused damage to my carpet. The disposable pee pads were too expensive for my budget. I decided to go with the ones that are washable. It was a great idea. She took them immediately. I don't know if she had used them before. I am not sure of her history, I adopted her 2 years ago. She took them immediately and now uses them as she pleases. I have peace of mind because there's no more pee stains on my carpet. It's good!

👤The first bunch were dark grey and lovely, the second bunch were dull silvery and unattractive, but I am keeping them because I need them.

👤I don't have to buy disposable puppy pads because I can wash and dry these. My puppy is using them instead of the floor.

👤I put these under my mattress. My girl jumps on our bed at night. She has issues after being snoozed. She will pee in her sleep. I have put these in areas around our home where my dogs have picked when they don't feel well. I'm happy with these. They are used in our RV as well. I put them under the dishes. My girl is not smart. I have two small dogs, a black lab and a chocolate lab. These hold up well.

👤They are much thicker than I thought. The grip on the back makes it harder for puppies to move around. They absorb quickly and have not leaked. We will see how they do after washing. I wish they had bigger sizes so I could use one big one instead of a bunch of little ones.

👤I have been using them on hard wood floors. The pee did not leak through the pads. I could not smell it. I threw them in the wash and it came out fine.

👤They are great. I am sure they will wash fine. They don't show anything in the crate. They are everything they say they are. Would buy again.

8. Best Defense Washable Reusable Apartment

Best Defense Washable Reusable Apartment

Two Best Defense Ultra-Absorbent training pee pads are included in the 2-pack. 4-ply construction provides for wash after wash use and re-use. Will provide long-term super-absorbent protection. Don't send disposable products to the landfill. Furniture, bedding, car, floors are protected. They can be used as a kennel or a liner under food dishes or pet bowls. Risk free, with their 100% no hassle, money back, customer satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Best Defense

👤Don't judge me. I have these pads. When my niece's baby comes over to stay with me, I use them because I love them so much. They are perfect to put her on my bed. The dog prints are large and cute. I will be using one for the bigger humans in our family. It's perfect for the wet bleachers. I will be the envy of you as I sit and watch the game. I was very pleased with the quality of these. Jasper, the dog that lives with us, will not be using these because they are not as cute as these are. I will be getting more for Jasper. You will love them.

👤This is a great product. It can slip around on hardwood floors. That hasn't been a problem so far. I might put the rubber shelf liner on the back if it becomes a problem. I have washed them several times and they are still good. They do a good job of not leaking when picked up. My older dog is a big pee-er. I am happy I bought these instead of disposable ones.

👤Our little mix breed rescue pup is our newest addition to the home. He came to us almost 4 months ago. It's been over 30 years since we had to break a puppy and these pads are perfect for us. It's perfect in front of the door for when he's roaming around the house during the day and at night we have one in his crate. We like to go back and forth to our hideaway in the mountains and we like taking the dogs with us. I didn't know how many pads we would need or if they could hold up to the washer. I washed the pads twice now and they perform as the site says. We put a little of his pee smell on the pad and our little guy is slowly but surely learning to go pee and poop on the pad and for that alone they are well worth the money. I'll give a quick rundown of my PRO's and CON's. It is possible to fit it in a crate or in front of a door. It's nice looking and not a nasty isore like some desposable pads I've seen. There are many more uses for these besides house training a puppy, like usefull for an elder dog that has accents. Now for CON's. I don't know anything right now.

👤If you're considering other brands, save your money and buy these. The pee sat on top is not ideal if the dog can't move and you don't want it spilling all over. We started these and they are the best, they absorb so well and are odorless. It is easy to wash and reuse. After our dog urinated on them, we moved him to a new clean one by rolling it under him, and then pulling the dirty one out. Like an elderly person that is bed bound. It gave him more time to enjoy his life until we could have a vet at home. These work great for any pet.

9. JUNGLE CREATIONS Washable Reusable Waterproof

JUNGLE CREATIONS Washable Reusable Waterproof

Excellent performance! Their waterproof dog mats protect your furniture from damage and accidents. It has never been easier to protect your sofa and bed. It is PRACTICAL! Their multi-use dog mat can be used for a variety of things, from lining a crate, to food and water rug, to sleeping blanket, to dog incontinence, and can be used inside a tray holder. Get the job done! Their 3 piece set gives you a variety of patterns all within the one pack - mix and match the best colors to cover the different areas around your house! It is dependable! The dog pads cover a large surface of 30" x 36" to give you the most protection, perfect for small, medium, large, and xlarge dogs. It's effective! Their non-slip grip makes sure that your mat stays in place.

Brand: Jungle Creations

👤My dog thinks all carpets are pee pads and I need a carpet cleaner and to house break again because he thinks all carpets are pee pads.

👤My older dog has issues occasionally, and these work amazingly for him. You don't use a new smell each time. The disposable ones slip and slide and are not good after one use. These were amazing. They are large as well.

👤These are better than disposables. If you will be using for a long time, it will be cost efficient. They lay better on the floor. They are very absorbent and don't leak. If you want to store dirty ones until you wash, use a diaper pail or garbage can with a lid. It's easy to fix the smell. Definitely would recommend.

👤I use these in the bathroom for my toy poodle, in case she needs to go to the bathroom while I am asleep. They have held up well in the wash. Nothing has been leaked. I put the non slip on top of another rug so I can't speak to it. These seem to be more eco friendly than disposable ones. I was really happy with my purchase.

👤The quality was low for the price. The pads are very thin. The grips on the back don't stick to anything. The thread is weak and there are flaws in the sewing. I wouldn't buy again.

👤My 8 month old puppy chews up his throw away potty pads when I leave the room, I was so tired of picking up the mess that I decided to stop using them. I don't mind washing them. I have to wash the washer. I will always have disposable pads if I can't get them at least I will have these. He is a small dog so he doesn't have a problem with using the pads. I clean one every day. I recommend them.

👤These pads are great. They are very absorbent and convenient because you will never run out of pads like you do with disposable pads. They are good for the environment because they are disposable, all you have to do is throw them in the washer and dryer and they are ready to be used again. I could have kicked myself for not getting these sooner.

10. Gimars Absorbency Non Slip Anti Tear Incontinence

Gimars Absorbency Non Slip Anti Tear Incontinence

There is no worry about making urine through the floor with the dog whelping pad, it holds liquid up to 10 cups without leaking. The dog pee pad is easy to wash, just throw it in the washing machine and it will dry in half a day. The machine drying temperature is not more than 60C. The pad bottom isskid proof to keep your dogs safe, soft fleece surface material is comfortable for dogs to fall asleep well, no pilling does not make hair come off, puppies doesn't need to worry. The large 72*72 inch pad is big enough for large dogs and the 4-layer pad is durable which would not be torn by dogs paws. Their pad is great for dog potty training and whelping, but also applied to carseat protectors, puppy play pads, and dog feeding.

Brand: Gimars

👤This is used to line the bottom of the puppy's play pen. It protects the carpet. Absorbent and leak proof. It sticks to itself in the washer, my only complaint. After each wash, my boyfriend and I have to stretch out for about 15 minutes. The vendor contacted me today and offered to remove my negative review. I reported the incident to Customer Support because it goes against Amazon's policy. It is not a good idea to pay someone to make negative reviews go away. I stand by my review. I gave it three stars. The product can be difficult to wash. The vendor gets 1 star because they are the reason why Amazon is not working. Sell a better product if you want better reviews.

👤It dries faster than any other mat I've tried. I like the 72" size for my 2 older dogs. It seems to do better at odor control after washing. The fabric has a soft feel to it that the dogs like. I would have liked double sided fabric over the non slip backing, but as it is it does its job and stays where I put it. The only downside is that the backing material sticks to itself. After removing the mat from the washing machine/dryer, I have to pull it apart so it won't fall on the floor. I think I would have preferred the same fabric.

👤In 2020 we bought a mat for a geriatric cat who can't seem to put her butt in the litter box. I found a waterproof mat when I looked into options. It is placed under the litter box to catch spills. It works great, but it becomes a bit of a pain when the backing separates, as noted by previous reviewers. When you try to lay it out on the floor it hurts. My mat is still waterproof despite the separation of material, several months of use, cat claws, and regular washing/drying. When the first was in the wash, I decided to get a backup mat. The backing of the new mat feels different than the first one. The manufacturer used feedback to improve the product. The backing of the cover material has not been pulled away from it even after a number of washings and dryings. We get all the protection of the first mat, without a crooked underside, which is a great improvement. I'm going to buy a new mat for that first mat. The inner layer is not secure to the rest of the mat, and it has shifted considerably to the point where I am not sure it is protecting my carpet. The second mat is very similar to the one we bought, even after several months of washing it. If your mat has a urine smell, look into cleaning products. We use a spray for accidents with pets. Let the mat sit for an hour or so and then wash it. We learned the hard way that soap alone won't get rid of urine because it can't break it down.

11. FURTIME Reusable Washable Absorbent Waterproof

FURTIME Reusable Washable Absorbent Waterproof

Extra large pee pads can prevent urine from penetrating the floor and keep your puppy or kitten out of harms way. Pets excrete urine on furniture, carpet and floor. The dog training pads are easy to clean, machine washed, and low-temperature drying or hanging dry. There are anti-slip gels on the bottom side of the fabric. The slip-resistant backing will help keep your floors dry. Saving money and protecting the environment are some of the benefits of the dog pee pads. The puppy training pads can be used for dogs playpen, crate, which is the best protection for the floor,sofa,carpet,furniture, the car seat, etc. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Brand: Furtime

👤This product has saved lives. I have 4 puppies and they ripped their pee pads to shreds. I was afraid they would get sick if they continued to eat the others one. I decided to get a disposable pee pad. It's a big deal. I folded it in half and put it in the pen. They use it and seem to like it. I haven't smelt any pee since they've been using it. I think this is a nice pad.

👤I like the size of these. I have to put a large plastic bag under it. They are misleading you on that because it leaked to my carpet.

👤This will move with your pet. It won't stay put. I have to adjust it. The purpose of the water leaking through is lost because potty pads are needed underneath it. Would not recommend it.

👤I bought this pee pad because my puppy would sometimes pee on the side of the disposable pee pads which ended up wet our wooden floor. We are no longer worried about that situation with this pee pad. It absorbs pee in a matter of seconds. I've been using it for a week. It saved me from wiping the floor when my puppy missed the pee pad. I would recommend this to anyone who has the same issue with their puppy.

👤My senior dog can't hold it like he used to. Wow, this really holds up. This item is easy to clean and holds a lot more fluid than peepee pads.

👤My room has carpets. I bought this cushion because I was worried that the puppy would stain the carpet. The mat won't make it feel like it's on the floor.

👤This is for my new dog. Works well. It is easy to clean. There was no damage on the floors.

👤I would like to find this sooner. This is the best pad I have ever seen. It is easy to clean.


What is the best product for dog pee pads reusable?

Dog pee pads reusable products from Green Lifestyle. In this article about dog pee pads reusable you can see why people choose the product. Paw Inspired and Miimer are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog pee pads reusable.

What are the best brands for dog pee pads reusable?

Green Lifestyle, Paw Inspired and Miimer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog pee pads reusable. Find the detail in this article. Happypaw, Shu Ufanro and Mihachi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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