Best Dog Paw Cleaner Large Breed Xl

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1. GUDYMSKY Semi Automatic Rotatable Portable Removable

GUDYMSKY Semi Automatic Rotatable Portable Removable

Press the handle and the brush will start washing your feet after filling the cup with half the water. It can be cleaned in 15 seconds. Before removing the paw, use a Silicon drain sheet to remove excess water from the dog's paw and then wipe it off with a towel. It is made of high-quality materials and can be used for a long time. The dog paw cleaner cup can be used to clean your dog's paw and also can be used to scrub your dog's body during bath time. You can get your dog's paws cleaned with the portable dog paw cleaning cup, it's portable and can be carried anywhere. The bristles are soft enough to not hurt the paw. The dog paw cleaner doesn't just clean your dog's paws, it also removes dirt from your pet's paws, keeping him away from any infections.

Brand: Gudymsky

👤It works as intended. When you put the dog in it dosen't turn the bristles. I don't like it. Will not recommend it.

👤The manual spin feature is cool, but if you get your dog to paw into the cup and hit the button, it won't really scrub the inside of the pads. I rubbed his paw against the silicone. The water leaks out of the cup as you spin it. Poor execution, a great idea.

2. FULNEW Portable Cleaner Upgrade Washer

FULNEW Portable Cleaner Upgrade Washer

2 in 1 dog paw cleaner cup and grooming brush lid are upgraded in 2019. Not only can you clean your dog's paw, but you can also remove the silicone lid to give your dog a gentle grooming, massage, bathing, cleaning, etc. Natural material is safe and eco-friendly, and PP material cup, anti-drop and impact resistant, let your dog enjoy the foot washing process, rather than reject it. TPR rubber sheet has a large distribution of bristles, easy to wash dog paws, split design, easy to clean, firm lanyard design, and easy to store and carry. There are two sizes for most dogs. Medium is suitable for small, medium and large dogs. The cup is 4.5in and is suitable for large dogs. Add to cart 100% Brand New, 100% Great Quality, 100% Money Back Service. Please contact them if you have a problem with the item.

Brand: Fulnew

👤We bought it on the advice of a co-worker. Our home is located in a valley with clay, more clay, and winter mud. Our 2 medium size dogs both under 1 year old, would come in from playing just filthy from the elbows down, and their bellies were covered in mud, my poor lawn in the back yard. The product works great on cleaning their legs. It looks like they have socks on before we wipe down the rest of them. It's easy to use and clean. The biggest challenge is if the pups are still playing. The mud room is named after it. If you have a dog, spend a couple bucks and get one. I need another when the boy dog is a little older and he runs outside. I recovered it after 15 minutes of tense negotiations.

👤Life has been made easier by this paw washer. The backyard is a mess. The dogs were let out after the rain. It works well for my 60 pounders. The rott/shepherd mix has bigger paws than our pit mix, but it still does a great job. If they have grass on their feet as they catch in the spikes, you have to take the insert out to get them out of it. The dogs were used to it quickly. I would definitely recommend this product.

👤These are wonderful! I bought two for my boxers. They work well. The dogs are getting their paws cleaned. The bottle is clean.

👤I bought the largest cup. If you use this cup to remove dirt, you will get a hairy paw on a poodle with furry feet and cuffs. I tried it on a summer haircut with no cuffs and it didn't work very well. It's easier to use a bucket outside.

👤My dogs come in with muddy paws multiple times a day and I have to wash them off with a shower, not just wipe it off with a towel. The device worked better than I anticipated. I took 1/3 of the way up and put the water between the dogs. I was very excited that I could find one that was large enough to fit my Great Danes. I measured their paw against the container to see if it was big enough. It fit! I didn't know that the Silicone comes out so you can wash it, it has a notch to fit it back together easily. 10/10 would buy again because it was easy to use.

👤The dog park is a good place to go in the spring. My doggo comes back with muddy paws and I just wash them off and he's ready to go back into the house. I will be buying more gifts for my fellow dog parents.

👤I have to wet a rag and dip it into a bowl of soap and water to clean it, but it is so much better. I have a Great Danes paws that fit easily inside. It will be messy, so do it outside or lay a towel under it. My dog doesn't like me touching his paws for more than 10 seconds. If your dog likes to run in dirt or mud, it will take about 2 or more times to refill the cup, but the cleaning part makes it quick.

3. Cleaner Washing Super Happy Pets

Cleaner Washing Super Happy Pets

Is it possible that the floors are stained of mud? The dog paw washer is the best friend. And yours! Even in the mud, you and your dog can be happy and healthy if you clean muddy feet after walks, hikes, or trips to the park. A happy pet is a happy owner. It's great. Large dogs make the biggest messes. Their pet washer is perfect for large dogs. Works great on big guys like St. Bernards, Mastiffs, and Malamutes. Does your family member give you a "sad eye" from the other side of the door? The days of being stuck outside are over. This pet paw cleaner is for large dogs. Give their feet a quick clean with this dog foot cleaner. It is a good way to clean their feet during the cold winter months. No more hours in the garage, the cold garden hose treatment, or avoiding an outing just to avoid those messy, hated Cleanups! The portable dog foot washer is a quick and easy way to enjoy your dog in the mud. Don't miss out! It's easy to use. Put a little water in your furry friend's paw, twist it a few times, and wa-la! Clean feet! A dog product is a great gift.

Brand: Super Happy Pets

👤The top rubber piece can fall off if someone picks it the wrong way. My husband spilled the container filled with water all over the entryway. If they put a handle on it, it would be easier to carry and use. It would be a great dog paw cleaner if it had a handle, but it's difficult to hold and use if you have smaller hands.

👤I use this on my female. She has big paws. This is too big. It does the job.

👤I like to leave the room the same way I found it when I traveled with my service dog. Bonnie's feet are easy to wash and she doesn't take a long time to clean.

👤I always use a bucket of water near the front door to clean up my dogs paws when they come in. The idea of keeping the mess in the perfect size receptacle for large paws has been improved by this paw cleaner. The bristles pull the muddy water out of the hair/fur when they are dipped in a bucket of water. Simple to replace dirty water with clean water.

4. Portable Silicone Chenille Absorption Large Sized

Portable Silicone Chenille Absorption Large Sized

The dog paw cleaner cup set can be used to clean your dog's paw, but also can be used to remove the lid to give your dog a gentle grooming, massage, bathing, cleaning, etc. The portable dog paw cleaner is made from Silicone and is safe for pets. Keep your pet clean and healthy by using it. The Cylindrical design of the Must-Have Paw Cleaner allows you to effectively wash hard-to-reach areas. It is possible to dry your pet's paw and body with a soft towel, it is also possible to prevent your pet from catching a cold or walking on your floor. It is easy to use and clean, just fill the dog feet cleaner with water, insert one paw at a time and move the dog foot cleaner up and down, then use the Matched chenille towel to pat her paws dry. Perfect Size and portable, top inside diameter 2.8". Medium large dogs have paw washers. It's ideal to clean your dog's paws before they come back into the house. Not applicable to puppies under 10KG.

Brand: Codtoys

👤The Bernese Mountain Dog had an affinity for mud. Her large paws fit inside and they did a good job of cleaning when used as directed.

👤We only had it for a few days, and the last day we were able to use it was when I was cleaning my Viszla's paws, and I broke it. It's hard to clean. It's best to use a brush, scrub and rinse with mud. It wouldn't be a good idea to put it in the dishwasher. I gave it a 2 star because it was easy to break.

👤It gets the paws clean, but splits when the paw comes out. My Goldens paws are too large for the container and I have to pull the liner out of the cup when the paw comes out.

👤This product is great for our golden retriever. She loves to play outside.

👤My furry kid loves it, his paw was so clean after he came back from a muddy restroom break.

👤It works well. It is easy to take apart and clean. The paw washer can be stiff. This one is soft enough to get the dog's paw in but not the dirt.

👤My dog thought it was a toy and chewed it up. He has a bright blue glove with rubber spikes and it is his defense. I wish this worked out better because I was unable to get his paws in the container.

5. Cleaner PASWAY Washer Towel Large Blue

Cleaner PASWAY Washer Towel Large Blue

The paw washer is 3.3* 3.9* 5.7 in and comes with a coral fleece towel for easy cleaning. Soft TPR rubber bristles will not cause any pain to pets during the cleaning process. It's easy to use, add some water to the dog paw cleaner, insert the muddy paw, twist the cup, and dry the paw. The brush is easy to remove for washing and assembling back. You can use the lanyard to clean your pet no matter where you are. It's ideal for home or outdoor travel.

Brand: Pasway

👤My cat tried to kill me. My son is going to get it for his dog.

👤Is it possible that this item came in after taking it out of the envelope? The paw cleaner was in a box. Was not secured. It was torn and wide open. Would the correct way to open the box be when I tried it? The large round clear sticker that seals the cardboard lid on the top of the box had been tampered with. It was not sticky. It was easy to remove and looked like it had been removed before. When to look at the cup? What about the inside of the lid? There were dirt marks on the inside of the lid. This is not new. It's obvious. They don't put dirt marks on it. Why am I being charged for a new product? It is clear to me that this item was used and returned and then sold again as brand new. Very deceptive! Over the past 9 years, I have spent thousands on items on Amazon. I'm pretty happy. However? I've never been more dissatisfied with the purchase of a product. Is it possible to return it? Our post office is miles away so it would be a hassle. I am unable to drive because of my heart issues. I feel like I've been treated unfairly. It is illegal to make a product appear new when it is obvious that it has been used before. Amazon needs to do a better job with the companies they deal with. This is not true.

👤I tried this on three dogs. Before this, I used a large plastic measuring cup filled with warm water to dunk their feet in, then I'd wipe their feet and toes with a dry towel. I thought the contraption might do a better job, but it was more work. The packaging said it was dishwasher safe, which I liked, and it seems to be made of sturdy plastic. It doesn't hold much water, so once you've dunked a paw or two in there, the water needs to be changed out and more water needs to be added to clean the remaining paws. I could try to get a bigger cup, but it's hard to hold unless it has a handle, and the measuring cup I had been using before I got this was easier to deal with. The brushes don't reach to get up in between the paw pads if the cup is too big. The paw cleaner doesn't save you any steps because you have to wipe them off with a towel after dunking them. Returned it and went back to my cup.

👤Every time we go for a walk, my dog finds the muddy, dusty and wet spots. The product has made my job easier. I used to have to pick him up over the sink to clean his paws, but now I use the paw cleaner. It makes things simpler. It actually works. I highly recommend. I use my own towel because the "towel" it comes with isn't all that.

6. Portable Automatic Washer,Paw Silicone Dog(White)

Portable Automatic Washer%EF%BC%8CPaw Silicone Dog%EF%BC%88White%EF%BC%89

One button automatic dog paw cleaner,usb charging with built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, fully charged of 2.5 hours can last for 10 days. If you prefer, you can add water and/or shampoo to the paw washer cup, insert muddy paws, press the button, the soft silicone brush will remove dust and dirt quickly, no need to manually twist and turn. The dog paw cleaner cup is made of 157 food-grade soft silicone bristles, which are elastic and durable for deep cleaning and caring, to keep the paw's hygiene. The dual speeds and two-way mode can meet the dogs needs of different washing and caring scenarios, such as swamp, sand, bottom mud, jungle, etc,pressing first time is basic cleaning, pressing the second time is deep cleaning. 3 steps to wash the cleaner cup after using, remove the cover of washer, and remove the Silicone brush pad.

Brand: Dogness

👤Awesome! I used to use dog wipes to clear his feet, but he doesn't like it. When I use it, he will run away. I have a dog pew cleaner that is useful and easy to use, and he likes it.

👤The bristles are soft and do an excellent job. Quality and packaging are the same. I highly recommend!

👤It worked great for our dog. It was easy to clean up.

👤I have two dogs, one Golden retriever and one husky mix, and neither of them have paws small enough to fit into this device.

👤I use this product to wash my dog's paw.

👤The auto dog paw cleaner is useful and easy to use, it works the dirty stuff on the paws well. I put it in for a few seconds and it gets everything off.

7. Emoly Portable Cleaner Upgrade Cleaning

Emoly Portable Cleaner Upgrade Cleaning

4. Plug in and use directly. The upgrade design uses a dog paw cleaner with a soft Silicone lid. The Cylinder dog paw cleaner is made of food grade PP material, which is non-slip and wear resistant. No matter how much you clean your puppy's paws, they will still be dirty. Add some water to the cup, insert your dog's muddy paw, use a gentle and effective silicone brush, and don't hurt your pet's paws in the process. Soft, elastic and tough. It's easy to clean for all size dogs. 93*6. 69 The brush is easier to remove than the old versions. It is easy to disassemble. Keep on hand for muddy encounters. A high-quality and soft towel can help you to dry your pets' feet and body after leaning on them, so they don't get cold. It can be used for hiking and camping. 100% money-back and 100% quality. Take your dog's feet cleaner. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact their team and they can give you a full refund.

Brand: Emoly

👤I have a medium-sized dog and her whole hand fits inside without even touching the rubber bristles, so it is hard to clean with these, but there is nothing in the description that says this is for big dogs only. For big dogs only.

👤I ordered for my small dogs to be too big. Good for small to large dogs.

👤I thought I ordered a small, but it was a medium. I got this for my poodles. It is too big. My friend has a bigger dog and I have to give it to him.

👤If you have a small dog, don't waste money. My dog is 7 pounds and she is a havanese. I couldn't use it on her, maybe it works with big dogs. I'm not sure.

👤No tan prctico.

👤A pesar dices para razas medianas y pequeas consudeti.

👤Es difcil usarlo, pero supongo, se dejen ms.

👤Alcanz perfecto para la pata de un bulldog.

👤El producto funciona para lavar las patas.

8. Idepet Cleaner Protable Cleaning Grooming

Idepet Cleaner Protable Cleaning Grooming

When the bristles are inside, the cleaner can be used as a paw cleaning cup. It can be used as a pet brush when the bristles are outside. The long brush can clean any corner of the claw, it can remove dirt from your dog's paws before touching furniture or carpets. It's easy to use, just add a little water, put the pet's paws into the cup, move the cup up and down, or rotate it to clean the paw. Remove the pet's paws and dry them with a towel. The dog paw cleaner is made from high quality silicone and will not cause any pain to your dog. Silicone bristles are strong enough to quickly remove mud, sand, dirt, ice melt. The perfect size for most dogs and cats. It's lightweight and can easily be carried. Enjoy going out with your dogs, no muddy paws, keep your sofa and floor clean, and no footprint. A clean house is important.

Brand: Idepet

👤It's flexible and I love the size. I don't think it can stand on its own. I just hold it, and I move the paw around to the next paw. We are done after I dry off all 4 feet. My dog is patient. It was much harder to use before this. Had to twist the foot. It's not as comfortable for my dog. I have a rough collie. I can do my shmoodle with the same cup. His leg is in place. He needs to wash his leg since he's shorter than the grass he's running through. It would definitely be a good idea.

👤The product does a great job of getting into the crevasses on the paw, but it can't be set to dry off the paw because the bottom is rounded. When I bought it, I didn't think about that. I thought that it was flexible, so you could squeeze it around the dogs paw, cleaning even better. You can't set it down because it will tip over and spill. Returned it.

👤When you put your dog's muddy foot into a cup of water, this product will perform just like you would expect. You get a slightly less muddy, sopping wet dog foot because the container has a rounded bottom and you can't sit it down. You have to deal with the soaked foot once you figure out where you can prop the container up. One down 3 to go. Do you rinse the container or stick another paw in it? If your dog was muddy, rinse it out. Are you going to let your dog run around the house while you wash it? Absolutely not. You have figured it out, a mop bucket for dirty water, and a clean water one for your little foot scrubby.

👤This is a simple dog paw cleaner. It works well for two big dogs who like to get wet. This is good for the paws of our growing black labs. This item will accommodate them even when full grown. The item is open all the time and has no way to close it. The addition of a little hanging loop is a good thing, as we store it in the mudroom, hanging from a small hook. It is always visible and available if it dries quickly. Cleaning is very easy. The item is completely clean because it is not sticky. The item doesn't stand up on its own, which is a downside to this design. It has no base, the bottom is rounded, and it's flexible, so it just flops over. It was turned into a dog washer. The best way to wash the dog is with bare hands, with fingers penetrating the soap and fur. The little feelers on this item are very flexible, so they don't really serve as any kind of bristle that can penetrate fur. The little feelers can rinse off wet fur. It's easy to take along on a walk, hike, or camping with the item. It can fit into a pocket if it is compressed. I don't understand how this thing costs $12.50. It's just soft plastic and rubber, so it would be less than $10. This is a clever little tool that works great to rinse off dirty dog paws, and it's a piece of cake to clean.

9. Portable Silicone Bristles Cleaning 3 7X3 14X5 9inches

Portable Silicone Bristles Cleaning 3 7X3 14X5 9inches

Purchase a dishwasher and get a towel for paw cleaning. The cup can be used to clean paws through, and the brush can be taken out separately as a comb and bath brush. It is a safe choice for pets. The portable dog paw cleaner is made from a soft silicone material. It helps to remove dirt and mud on the pet's paw, and it will not hurt your pet's paws during the process, and keep your house clean, let your pet's paws enjoy the process of washing feet. The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws, which will save your time and reduce your worries, it is your dog's clean dirty/muddy a good helpers for paws. A portable dog paw cleaner is suitable for apartments, vacation, family, office, hiking and camping. Both indoor and outdoor can be used. It has good dog camping gear, puppy essentials and dog supplies. The claw cleaner is the first choice for pet owners. Amogato can give you the best shopping experience. Please contact them if you have a problem. They will try to find a solution to your problem. If you are not happy with their product, they can give you a full refund.

Brand: Amogato

👤When our dog decides to dig a bit, it really cleans her paws up. While our dog doesn't like us holding her feet, she doesn't seem to mind this cleaner and it is far more effective and faster than what we used to do.

👤This is useful. We call my dog "potty foot". Our little boy pees on his own feet. We were washing his feet in the sink with a towel near the door. His weight made it difficult. This will make things simpler. I wanted it to be spill proof. It has gotten knocked over many times and makes a mess. It helped us solve our potty foot problem.

👤This looks like a useful item. A small drying cloth is included with the bristle part. I received the "medium", but there is no size choice that I can see. My 7 pound dog's feet don't come near the brush part.

10. Bealy Cleaner Portable Silicone Washers

Bealy Cleaner Portable Silicone Washers

The large dog paw cleaner with Silicone washer is perfect for 2.5 to 3 inch wide dog foot. The dog foot washer is great for larger dogs. The dog paw cleaner is easy to use and carry, and it will not tip over, which makes it easier to use. You can hold the large pet paw cleaner with one hand. The dog feet cleaner can be used for a lot of things. Both indoor and outdoor can be used. It has good dog camping gear, puppy essentials and dog supplies. The dog paw washer uses Silicone bristles that are soft and elastic. It helps remove dirt and mud from your pet's paw and doesn't hurt their paws in the process. Keep your house clean. Dog foot washer cup is perfect for dog parents who are sick of muddy floors. Homeowners who want to save their furniture from being ruined and health conscious families who don't want to trackbacteria into their home Customer satisfaction is their goal. If you have any questions, please contact the pet paw cleaner. Contact them at any time. It is a great gift for your family and friends who have dogs if you don't satisfaction 100% money back.

Brand: Bealy

👤I only have to use this once and then put it in the dishwasher, so don't do that. It was okay. It would be nice if my puppy told me how much water to put in it. I would like to see you dump the water without taking the parts apart.

👤My dog doesn't like having his feet wiped after a snowy day. I think he has arthritis and it makes him uncomfortable to wash them with a rag. He didn't have to worry about cleaning his feet. It's easy and quick. You can rinse with soapy water which works well. Other uses include applying a medicated lotion or cleanser to the dog's toes. It's easy to clean. We rinse the parts with soap and water and let them dry. The materials seem strong. I have not had any issues with it cracking or breaking. Would recommend.

👤When my dogs play in the mud, I fill a dish pan with water and make them walk through it while I wash their paws. It is easy to clean their paws with this contraption. Explanation: 1. The Large works for our 25# terrier and 95# doodle. Make sure the paws are close to the sides so the little silicone fingers can scrub them better. 2. Move the cup up and down to scrub the paw after you put it in the cup. Don't try to move your dog's leg. 3. Before they clean their paws, put down a towel. 4. After each paw, we gave them a special treat that we save for training sessions. They seem to like the new game. It's a good thing.

👤If you have a dog, you should get at least one or two of these now. It's great when they come in from being in a wet yard. It's a good idea to get salt off of their feet so they don't ingest it later in the year and it doesn't get all over your house. You should have a towel under the foot after youplunge it. The little bristles are good at getting stuff out of their paws. We empty it and rinse it out after we use it. The bristle part is air dry. Put everything back together and keep it by the door. Great purchase.

👤It works like a charm. I was surprised that my female dog accepted the paw cleaner quickly. I kept it laying around with her toys for a few days, then I used it on her paws after a walk. She was okay with it being skeptical. She was a bit unhappy when I put warm water in for the first time. By the time we were done working on her fourth paw, her tail was up and curled, and she was giving me kisses on my face. This product did what I needed it to do, to quickly and gently clean her paws. She likes to walk in dried leaves and grass because it makes her paws very itchy. She is licking her paws less since it gets all that muck off of her.

11. Upgrade Cleaner Large Portable Cleaning

Upgrade Cleaner Large Portable Cleaning

2 in 1 use dog paw cleaner with a soft lid. No matter what you do, your puppy will still be clean. It's easy to use. Medium-sized dogs will love the pet cleaner. The brush is easier to disassemble than the old versions. Keep on hand for the next encounter. It can help you to dry your pets' feet and body after leaning their feet, prevent your pet from catching a cold, or walking on your floor and blankets with wet feet. It can be used for hiking and camping. Add some water to the cup, insert the dog's paw, and use the Silicone brush to remove dirt and mud from the paw, it doesn't hurt your pet's paws. Soft and gentle. 100% Money-back. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact their team and they can give you a full refund.

Brand: Chooseen

👤It is easy to use and effective. No more chasing my dog around for a bath and messy paw prints all over my house.

👤We are in love with this item. I was shocked at how much dirt was removed from the cup because I have big dogs and their paws fit easily inside the cup. It's easy to take apart and clean, and I like the added benefit of using the inside for a massage during baths. It was worth every penny. This product is extremely well made and will last, as we purchased one from another company.

👤It would be helpful to get our dogs feet cleaner when they come inside from the yard. We have a large yard with black clay soil that tends to hold water long after any rain, so they get a lot of dirt stuck under and around their toes and pads. We haven't gotten into the worst of our wet season yet, but so far this gizmo has worked well in helping to get their feet cleaner than just a wet towel or cloth did. The scrubbies are gentle and allow us to use warm water to clean, which makes getting off any residual dirt with the included cloth or a towel much easier. Most of the dirt is in the container so we can use the drying cloths for longer. We have two large dogs, a doberman and a mixed breed, and this is large enough for our dobe. Anything bigger might need a bigger size.

👤This product is a perfect fit for my pitty who is 70 lbs and has really bad allergies. The product is very easy to use and clean, and it is also very easy to wash the dog's feet. I wash her feet before I go to bed and after a few days they are cleaner and the fur is lighter. I bought this product because of the small extras it came with and it was the right size for me. Dogs with allergies and dogs that walk on dirt often should be recommended by me. I would pay double the asking price for this product and still be happy with the purchase.

👤I thought I would use it for muddy paws. I didn't know that my Irish wolf hound would step in a pile of his poop after a few days and it would get between his paw beans and his paw! He came running into the house from outside and brought his poop paw through the kitchen. I was in a hurry because I had to leave for work. It worked well. It got all of the poop out of him. He's old and crabby, and didn't seem to mind it at all. It was very easy to get to work. It was very easy to clean it out afterwards.

👤This thing is amazing. We have a very active dog that runs around in the dirt, rain or shine and she always has dirty paws. She is about 48 lbs. We think she is a border collie and the large fits her paws well, but it doesn't go above her ankle. If you want more space above the paw cleaned, get the next size up. It is easy to wash. Make cleaning easier by rinsing out after every use. Definitely recommend.


What is the best product for dog paw cleaner large breed xl?

Dog paw cleaner large breed xl products from Gudymsky. In this article about dog paw cleaner large breed xl you can see why people choose the product. Fulnew and Super Happy Pets are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog paw cleaner large breed xl.

What are the best brands for dog paw cleaner large breed xl?

Gudymsky, Fulnew and Super Happy Pets are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog paw cleaner large breed xl. Find the detail in this article. Codtoys, Pasway and Dogness are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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