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1. Surgery,Pet Abdominal Protector,Pet Alternative Shirt,Post Operative

Surgery%EF%BC%8CPet Abdominal Protector%EF%BC%8CPet Alternative Shirt%EF%BC%8CPost Operative

Effectively protect wound. The full body covering of the dog surgery recovery suit prevents pets from licking, biting, or scratching their wounds, and helps them recover better. The cotton woven fabric of the recovery suit for dogs is light and skin-friendly, elastic with strong wrapping, it feels like the owner's arms are in it. It is machine and hand washed. The alternative is cone e-colliar. When your pet is neutered or has an allergy flare up, the recovery suit can keep him/she calm,ease his/her anxiety, provide warmth and protection, and is no burden on your pets' body. For male and female pets. The pet surgical clothes are easy to put on and take off. Dogs can pee freely if the rear part is unfastened and the closuer band is attached to the chest part. It can work well for the recovery suit and pajamas for daily sleeping wear. There are 6 sizes available, perfect for Labrador,border collie,puppy,hound,bulldog,Boston Terrier,husky,corgi,German Shepherd poodle,schnauzer,bichon Yorkie,pug, dachshund. There are various types of animals, such as bulldog, Havanese, etc.

Brand: Qbleev

👤We purchased this to give our son a break after he had abdominal surgery, even though he does very well with a cone. I didn't use the strap on the belly when I went outside for potty. It worked well enough for me to pull the rear straps through the front legs and then re-velcro them to the same spot, only with the shirt rolled towards the front. The "Velcro" seems stronger than the shirt fabric, which is a concern. I worry that the shirt will fail around the Velcro and not make it past a week or two of use, since the bolts are exceptional. It doesn't run on the tummy area where his incision is, that's the best part. He is 66 lbs. He doesn't like the picture taken and he forgives his face in the sitting pic.

👤The cone collar is a great alternative. The micro dachshund pup was not sleeping well with the soft $27 see-through cone from Petco so we found this. If you cross the back flaps it helps, we had to exchange the extra small for the small. We were having to take the cone off every time he ate and now with this, he can just eat or drink whenever he wants. The puppy had two surgeries and this protects his scars.

👤We only used this for a few days to help our dog. They wouldn't stand a chance against demanding babies. We were pleased with how well it protected her, and we hope it fits our next foster who is just snoozing. We are really pleased to have another tool in our toolkit to help these fosters get healthy and ready to be adopted, even if the cons listed below are not ideal. After only a day or two, most people won't have puppies climbing all over this with sharp puppy claws and teeth. The biggest con for us is that the material covered her a bit too much, so she peed on, but how great she could roll around. I can see why that level of coverage would be helpful for some, but the result for us was trying configurations that would still block puppies, but also allow her to go to the bathroom. This allowed for experimentation. She couldn't get away from the pups, who were between a third and half her size, so we would usually let her stop. She'd knock some away and others would come in. Poor dog!

👤When we got the suit for our dog to keep her from licking her incision after her operation, I wasn't sure about it. The vet recommended this and I am very happy that she did. When our dog had to urinate, the part of the suit that was in the way was moved out of the way with the help of the velcro closure. It didn't affect defecation either. We washed it several times and it retained its shape and elasticity. It seems like a sweater that you may put on your pet on cold days, as our dog seemed to take to it without any issues. She wore it until she was healed and never tried to get it off. The suit fit our dog. When she got home after the surgery, she was still a little sleepy. She can see the closures at her rear. The second picture shows how the bathroom can be used by the pet. Re-attach them if you have to. I would recommend this to anyone who has a pet that is about to have surgery.

2. ROZKITCH Recovery Surgical Alternative Abdominal

ROZKITCH Recovery Surgical Alternative Abdominal

Do you have to stop your pet from licking or scratching his wound? Does your pet still like the hard e-collar? When a dog is snoozing, neutered or flares up, the Roach suit is designed to cover wounds, spots, incision, bandages, and hotspots to keep the dog calm. It also perfectly isolated the affected area so that it wouldn't get worse. The cotton material is stretchy and soft like a ladies swimsuit. The dog onesie is snug but not tight. Breathable and light fabric allows for a constant flow of air. The pants for female dogs to stop licking are easy to wash and dry. The hook and loop of this upgraded post-operative full body diaper for dogs is fixed on the back, which is convenient for you to determine the location of the fixcation and adjust a more suitable. When the dog defecates, the owner can use the hook and look on the chest to store the excess material on the hip and belly, without affecting the animal's health. After the dog is operated, it can keep wounds dry, avoid scratching, and avoid secondary injuries. They should cover their crotch against their pets. The cone of shame/satellite dish that a dog has to wear on his head is an alternative to this dog onesie spay suit. There is a dog suitable for chocolate lab black lab pup border collie puppy

Brand: Rozkitch

3. HEYWEAN Surgical Comfortable Alternative Multi Colored

HEYWEAN Surgical Comfortable Alternative Multi Colored

The HEYWEAN Recovery suit for dogs is a professional alternative to the medical cone and also provides comprehensive wound protection. The design of the dog medical suit is based on the animal's body shape and size, so it will adapt to the animal and give you a high level of comfort for faster and stress-free recovery. HEYWEAN dog operation recovery suit is recommended by veterinarians. It's easy to wear and take off, so your dog can do anything. After surgery wear for dogs, more care for injured pets. The dog surgical vest is made of high elastic and snug fabric, which is light and skin-friendly. It's safe for your injured pet. The dog bodysuit can be used for other things as well. It is also suitable for cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other pets.

Brand: Heywean

👤I ordered a bigger size just to give her breathing room and it fits snug across the back and is loose around the tail area. This is perfect for the reason I purchased it, which is to limit fur clean up, not because she had surgery. My dog doesn't even know she has it on. She doesn't have to remove the area under her rear when she goes outside. I thought it was a pull over that was buttoned around their tail, but it was buttons along the spine. This was a great find for the price range and task I was looking for.

👤I am very happy after the surgery on my dog. My other dog couldn't get to the area because it was completely covered. She couldn't get to the area to lick it while it was healing. It's easy to use the number 1 and 2 toilet.

👤After my boxer had surgery, this outfit was a huge help, as he had one on his side and one in the chest/ neck area. It limited his back leg movement so he couldn't easily get to the neck incision, and it kept him from scratching at the side incision. If you have a male dog, I don't recommend cutting the pee hole. He was ready to pee or poop without soiling the suit after I pulled the leg openings down to free his back feet, and re-snapped a few snaps up to hold it up.

👤The dog is large. He is 17-18 lbs. This is better than the Cone of Shame. Thanks for the fast delivery.

👤My Shitzu is having surgery in a couple of weeks, instead of making him wear the "cone of shame" I wanted to give this a try. I think it will work perfectly, it won't allow him to lick his belly. The medium was sized right and he was about 16 pounds.

👤Excellent product! The puppy had surgery and the vet wanted her to wear a cone for two weeks. The recovery suit is a lifesaver. My girl is 6 1/2 lbs and I brought a small for her.

👤I got these to use inside my new home to keep dippers comfortable until my boys get used to their new environment. I always get 1 in every size from Large to Small and try them on first, it's the only way to be 100% happy with dog clothes and then return the ones that don't fit... I have two small dogs that are the same weight and length, but they are different shapes. This was a snug fit for both dogs but I will have to be careful with washing it because it jumped in size and length. To recap!. For the small dogs, like tea cup sized 5 pounds or below, it's medium for your regular size ankle biters.

👤This is perfect! The 95 lbs female rottweiler had to have tumors removed from her teets and nipples in order to live. Even though a cone would have helped to keep her from licking herself, it wouldn't have stopped our other dogs from bothering that area. Cones are a nuisance. The body suit worked perfectly to make her comfortable and to keep the incisions clean. She can easily go potty without us having to remove her body suit or the snaps being closed. Love, love, love it!

4. Recovery Surgery Onesie Alternatives Surgical

Recovery Surgery Onesie Alternatives Surgical

Also, note: If the dog is long but slender, you should consider a size up. It's important to prevent from licKING and SCRATCHING when a pet is neutered or has an allergy flare up. It makes the recovery process more pleasant for everyone. No more cones! By wearing their Surgical Recovery suit to make your pet more COMFORTABLE than he/she is in a cone while eating, sleeping and walking around, it's a perfect alternative to the cone of shame/satellite dish that he/she have to wear on head. The fabric of the onesie is very soft and stretchy, but not tight, and it is easy to wash and dry. Small, medium and large dogs/cats are available in sizes S, M, L, and 2XL. The onesie is easy to pee without taking off. An easy hold-up system and the ability to walk your dog without a shirt on make this a great product.

Brand: Etial

👤My dog was neutered and he's a 50lb dog. wounded animals are important to handle correctly. The problem with the recovery suit is that you have to clean the dog's hind end every time it needs to go to the bathroom. That means the sound of the velcro, the hands rolling up the cloth, and then rolling back down over the wound, and fastening it again. My very good dog was upset by this concept. He's on pain meds and on a sedative, and still snarled and snapped at me for fussing with something near his wound. I had to cut this suit off of him. Within 2 hours of putting it on. My friend held him down. This is a terrible product and a nice concept. It's like having to re-bandage a wound 3 times a day. We bought a donut for the dog's head in order to get this sorted. I don't leave bad reviews, but with this product, I feel it needs a buyer beware.

👤It's nice to not have the cone on her the whole time until her stitches get removed, it's great to put on her while I'm watching her. She seems to like it. The material doesn't rub on the stitches because it's loose around her stomach. I probably could have gone up one size because the neck opening stretches down to her shoulders, but the straps help to make it fit her. She's a 34lb Vizsla, making it hard to find things like this that fit her good. The bottom line works out great for what we needed.

👤The Rottweiler got the schnip-schnip on the long and lean side. The X-large was too short for us. The fabric did the job when stretched a bit. When your dog has to eliminate, it's convenient to have a strong, strong velcro in place. To get the suit out of the way, you have to roll and tuck it in. Sometimes it stayed in place, but mostly. If your dog likes to chew a lot, the fabric might be shredded within the day. Our dog tried to chew it but left a hole. If your dog is young or stubborn, you might have to watch him or her to distract him from tearing up the suit. A good value for something that works.

👤My GSD had an operation. I liked how the suit kept him away from his sutures, and I had trouble getting him into the suit. There is a false sense of security. During the night, the suit covered his incision, and he licked it to open it. We were off to the vet. What a mess! I had him wear a onesie when my eyes were mostly focused on him and then at night when I was not. The suit kept the maxipad in place to catch the weeping. It was easy to roll the velco to the neck when he needed to go outside. I bought 2 because the one that needed to be washed daily was mine. It was washing. Since the red dye is not fast, don't wash with other clothes. I put a picture of the wash water in order to show how slow the dye is. The wash water was red after many washings.

5. OUUoNNo Christmas Surgical Recovery Abdominal

OUUoNNo Christmas Surgical Recovery Abdominal

Pets can eat freely and won't be annoyed, more comfortable and flexible than the cone of shame, if they use their recovery shirt. The pet surgery recovery suit is made of high quality fabric. It is machine washable and dry quickly. The dog neuter surgical suits design is easy to wear. The buttons can be unbuttoned to change the size of the clothes. They designed a circle on the suit bottom for male dogs to cut through the dense vegetation. Dog surgical recovery suits are designed to protect your pet's wounds, spots, incision, bandages, hotspots, and skin when your pet is neutered or has an allergy flare up. It can be used as a favorite home clothes. Medium-sized dogs and small dogs are suitable for four different sizes. Measure your dog and choose the right size according to the size chart. If it is incorrect, please contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Ouuonno

👤Muy recomendado! Es delgado. El es perfecto porque estamos en verano, pero la herida tiene una perfecta. Tengo una cavachon de 5 aos. It was a solo pesa 14 libras. Tuvo una ciruga de extraccin. Se extendi hasta debajo del brazo, pero le ped ajustado. No le ajusta, est comfortable,tanto de largo. Mi perra y yo estamos. No usar el collar. No preocupada de sacarle, no collar todo el tiempo, cada vez. Incluso es tan adecuado, pero no hay retirrselo, pero no pop pues toda es parte de libre! Adems tienen amables, pero hice el retorno de l primer pedido. Después de buscar y leer tantos comentarios de otras marcas opt por el porque. Las tallas son chicas.

👤The 50 snaps along the back are not included. Is it not possible that it could not be Velcro? This is a large for an 8lb dog. The cone of shame is soft.

👤It worked well on my puppy after her surgery. It does the job despite the fact that it has a lot of buttons, which is annoying when trying to put it on.

👤It was easy to go potty and she was safe. It's kind of hard to get buttoned. I didn't take it off very much.

👤Good quality over all. The neck was tight. I had to keep two buttons unbuttoned. It kept sliding down. She didn't seem to mind it. She's 6 months old and has about 8.6 pounds.

👤There was no sleeves on the picture.

👤It was barely fit for a mixed medium breed at 6 months.

👤I ordered a small dog, but it would only fit a small dog. I got it for my medium size dog, but it was the wrong size.

👤At the end of the month, our chihuahua is going to be neutered and we wanted something other than a cone. She is a medium size and has a 14 inch neck and is just over 9 inches in length. It is easy to leave a couple of poppers open because of the tight neck. The room around the leg holes is large enough for them to go to the bathroom, although I would probably remove it at those times. It's a really good buy, and will probably still use it at night since we sleep with the windows open.

👤My elderly dog was bought for me. It's very comfortable and soft because she enjoys it. 10 out of 10.

👤I took this to collect my dog after she was neutered, the vet said that she looked more comfortable in her suit, and you can shrink it in the tumble dryer if you want. I have a large. I washed and dried it for a snug fit.

👤I am afraid that the colors didn't fit my cocker spaniel.

👤I had to return what I thought was the correct size.

6. Due Felice Professional Abdominal Alternative

Due Felice Professional Abdominal Alternative

The fabric is high quality and elastic. The dog's recovery suit can make your dog feel comfortable during the recovery period. This pet's surgical vest is easy to wear and fit on the skin with the design of stretchy band near the neck and all of the leg opening. It won't affect your dog's movement. The multi-purpose surgical onesie for after surgery provides the most comprehensive protection for the dogs which keeps them from licking or scratching at the wounds, so they can recover quickly from an injury or surgery. The wound protectors can be used as pajamas at home after your dog has recovered. The surgery onesie can keep them neat during the time they are playing outdoors. The Abdominal Round Design makes it easy to defecate a male dog. You can cut it along the inside of the circle. It allows them to pee and poo.

Brand: Due Felice

👤After my Mokie's surgery, I bought the small size for her. The dimentions should have been correct, but it was big. It was still too big when you replaced it with the XS. She tried to lick her incision when I put this outfit on her. I think that the fabric touching the area made her feel worse, even though the outfit was loose and baggy. She wore cotton pajamas with her stomach and bootie cut out.

👤I loved this suit. It was perfect for my poodle mix after it had been neutered. It is better than a cone. She never tried to get her tummy worked on because it is so soft with great elastic at her legs, not tight but snug enough to hold form. I am telling everyone that I never knew these were a thing. These are great. I bought another one like it. I think they can be pajamas or something extra when it is cooler in the house. No one time use. No need to take suit off, just cut out for her to go to the bathroom. Highly recommend!

👤Our little girl is at her spay and we love this onesie. The material stretches just the right amount with her movements, and I love how soft it is. We'll keep it for any other surgeries. They run small. The medium is perfect. I couldn't imagine ordering a medium for our little pup who is less than 8 lbs. Her long body called for a M, so I went by that. I was worried that the middle would fall, but it doesn't. Absolutely recommend!

👤The small fits our dog well. She hates clothes, hair bows, bandanas, and the e-collar that she was sent home with yesterday after being neutered! We were pleasantly surprised that she happily wore this cute little recovery suit and that it protected her incision site.

👤I waited to write my review until she had her surgery. This surgical onesie is amazing. The person doesn't mind clothes at all. It fits her perfectly and is soft. She can go to the bathroom very easily. She wears a medium because the small wouldn't have covered her.

👤This worked well for my baby. She is 13 lbs and has a chest that is 18 inches. I have a large size. She has a lot of room in her tummy. The onesie is stretchy and has a cut out for potty time. She was able to go number 1 and number 2 without issue. The cut out is not close to her stitches. I have an extra determined chewer. I bought the stuffed flower collar as it adds more resistance to her being able to reach the stitches, as the material on the onesie is a little thin. She sleeps easily with this setup. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I had high hopes that this would save my puppy's life, but it took me a while to get my kids to school, and she chewed through one of the leg holes rendering the thing useless. She needs to return to the cone. This was a waste of money for me.

7. Breathable Abdominal Alternative Professional Harassment

Breathable Abdominal Alternative Professional Harassment

Do you need to stop your pet from licking or scratching? Does your pet still like the hard e-collar? When a dog is neutered or has an allergy flare up, the recovery suit is designed to cover the wounds, spots, incision, bandages, hotspots, skin herpes, and to keep the dog calm. It also perfectly isolated the affected area so that it wouldn't get worse. BREATHABLE COTTON MATERIAL is made from cotton and polyetser fabric and stretchy like a ladies swimsuit. The dog recovery suit is Breathable and light, which allows for constant air-flow circulation, and it is snug but not tight. It is quickly washed and dried. The design of this upgraded clothing is easy to wear, and it has a magic sticker on the back which is convenient to determine the location of the fixcation and adjust a more suitable size for your pet. The owner can use the hook to store the excess material on the hips and back of the dog, without affecting the animal's health. Please refer to the video for the instructions. After the dog is operated, it can avoid wounds from biting or scratching, keep the wound dry, and avoid secondary hurt. You should cover your crotch during your pregnancies. The cone of shame/satellite dish that the dog has to wear on his head is a perfect alternative to the recovery shirt. There is a dog suitable for Chocolate Lab black lab pup border collie puppy hound bulldog Boston Terrier husky Blue Heeler.

Brand: Rozkitch

👤My girl's length was the reason I bought the XL. She is 45 lbs and long. I ordered it a week in advance of her surgery because it was large. I ordered the large after returning it. It was perfect. We didn't have a problem with her trying to lick her incision area so we put it on her at night and when she was alone in the house. She wasn't a huge fan of it, but after a while she got used to it. She would have disliked a cone more. When sitting up there is a gap that exposes the surgery area, but once they lay down or get into any position to lick it was covered. The strength of the velro is perfect. The only problem I had was when I lifted up the strap to hold the back for bathroom use, one side ripped off the material. I took it from the other side and it was fine. She had two accidents in this. She went to pee in the house twice. I washed it and dried it under delicates in my dryer, so it didn't shrink or interfere with the strength of the velcro. She did poop in the house, but this doesn't cover up her butt, so it wouldn't have been a problem. If we get another dog, I will keep this for any friends or family members that get a dog that needs surgery or for the future if we get another dog.

👤Our 6 month old dog was neutered a week ago and it has been a challenge. Her isolation from our other dog as well as mostly in the house is making her bored and hard to manage. The vet provided a thick plastic collar that lasted about 3 or 4 days, but she destroyed it after she bruised us and chewed the edges. I was looking for other options. I decided on a onesie with a cone. This product is getting a 3 star review. The onesie works well and covers the incision point, but the problem is putting it on for our dog. You have to feed the tail through the tail hole and then reach under the dog by grabbing one flap and connecting it to the other flap. Sounds easy. The dog would be turning in circles and bucking around all the time. I believe that frustration ensues. Our puppy is scared by the velcro. When she hears that I am releasing the velcro from her back, it makes my life a lot harder. If it was a one time application, I could deal with it, but this whole process takes place every time our lab has to use the bathroom. I wrestle with my puppy to get this thing on. There is probably little to be done about my complaint. Relaying to others is important to me. It works but it's hard to get on/off.

👤The boy is long and thin. He is 17” long. He is only 27. There was a lot of material around his middle. He had to wrap it more because it didn't meet on his back. And still did not meet. The husband got creative. You can see the bunched up fabric underneath the video. He didn't need it after his surgery. The product is back.

8. Suitical Recovery Suit Dogs Camouflage

Suitical Recovery Suit Dogs Camouflage

The Suitical Recovery suit for dogs is a professional alternative to the medical cone and it protects wounds, sutures, bandages, hotspots, skin problems and the environment of your dog. The Recovery Suit is recommended by veterinarians because it is based on the body shape and anatomy of your dog, so it can adapt to the animal and give you a high level of comfort for faster and stress-free recovery. The shirt is made of cotton and lycra, which is light and absorbent, and it is machine washed and reuseable. The large rear opening makes it easy to put your dog's suit on and off, and the hold-up system makes it easy to walk your dog without the shirt on. Measure the distance from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail for size M. If you have doubts about the right size for your dog, always choose the smaller size.

Brand: Suitical

👤I bought a suitical recovery suit in pink camo for my Boston Terrier 'Lola' to wear after being neutered. I hope this helps you decide on the right size for your puppy, as the sizing chart proved difficult for me. I measured her to be 19 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 20 inches tall, with ascruff of neck to tail. I'll start with the positives. The quality of the material is thick and soft, and the packaging is excellent. Will see how it holds up after being washed. The small is 17 - 20 " length and the small plus is 19 - 23 " length. To be safe, I bought both. The description indicates that the fit should be snug, so I tried the small first. If the small is too large, I'll send it back. I bought the Well & Good Inflatable Collar for her as an 'in-case', but she couldn't turn around, so I had her wear the small to bed. I was so paranoid that she could get her stitches that I didn't sleep at all. I should have ordered way in advance to make sure I had the correct size. I plan to purchase the x-small 16 - 18 " length (scruff of neck to tail) later today and hope that it is not too tight around the neck as the small neck is perfect and that the amt of space around the hind legs is not too large. I will update when I get the small. There is an update after 2 weeks after initial purchase. The x-small was too small around her neck so I returned it. We have purchased another small in order to alternate when we wash. I use Ecos laundry detergent to wash my clothes. They are still loose enough that they don't cause any problems with her stitches. The material is of good quality because it has not faded. The leg space is much smaller from the shrinkage, so I've added update pics to show you.

👤I bought the suit after my Golden retriever had surgery that involved several sites that had either sutures or staples on her back, sides and chest. She has a cone that prevents her from biting or licking the wounds with her mouth, but it doesn't stop her from scratching her paws. I was so nervous after the surgery that I tried to keep her paws away from the surgery sites. I was looking for an answer when I found the suit on Amazon. I was worried that my dog would bite a hole in it if it was too hot for her to wear it. I am very glad I tried it. She doesn't try to scratch even after five days since surgery and I have the suit on her. I don't have to put the cone on her during the day as long as I am home with her. She does not seem to be overheating or hot, but she is inside under the air conditioning. The suit is easy to put on. She seems to like wearing it. It snaps at the bottom to hold it in place after it goes over the head. It's easy to break for potty breaks. I think it provides some comfort because it is a stretchy type of material. She can do everything she normally does when she wears it. The high neck on the suit helps to keep the stitches covered but also allows air in so no problem with healing, because part of her surgery was high on her shoulders. There is a blue pocket on the inside of the suit that looks like it could be used for a cool pack. I have no reason to try it out. I bought the extra large for my Golden Retreiver, 29" from head to tail. It fits her well, but it can become baggy in the butt. It doesn't affect how the suit works. I recommend this suit for a dog that is not a big chewer. I wouldn't leave a dog alone with the suit on as it won't hold up to biting or severe scratching. I have a happy dog 5 days after surgery and it has completely eliminated all that. We made it for all 10 days after surgery without scratching or biting the wounds. I really love this suit and will use it again if the need arises, however, a few thoughts should be shared to be sure I am giving you information that will be helpful to your situation in deciding whether to purchase a suit for your dog. I never left my dog alone with the suit on. The stretchy material of the suit is a little thicker than a normal shirt. It would be very easy for a dog to bite a hole in the suit. We kept an eye on my dog during the day. #2- I put my dog's cone on before I went to bed every morning, even though my dog slept with the suit on. I was able to sleep with a lot of confidence because I knew she wouldn't chew the suit or her stitches. The suit was baggy at the bottom by the end of the 10 days. I would probably have done just fine with a large size golden retriever.

9. Coppthinktu Recovery Abdominal Breathable Alternative

Coppthinktu Recovery Abdominal Breathable Alternative

There is a row of BUTTONS. The dog neuter surgical suit is very easy to take off. It is not easy to shed and stick hairs compared to clothes with hook and loop fastening. It is not easy to lose the thread of the dog medical suits. RECOMMENDED E COLLAR ALTERNATIVE. The dog recovery suit is made of soft and elastic fibers. Chemicals are free. After the machine wash there was no change. The dog surgical recovery suit protects the crotch from being licked, bitten, and chewed on by other pets. Increases mobility, reduces stress. It's easy to take off, so your dog can do anything without feeling obstruction. After surgery wear for dogs, more care for injured dogs. The girl dog doesn't need to go pee, but the boy dog does. For Males and Female Pets, this full cover after surgery recovery suit works well for any size pet. It will make your pet look pretty. The best gift for your pets is their surgery recovery suit. The dog recovery suit is great for neutered females dogs, but not for neutered males. If you cut out the entire circle for him to pee through, you also remove the coverage of the surgical area. They provide a 30 days free return and 24 hours service for you if you purchase their dog surgery recovery suit. Before you place an order, please measure your dog and leave at least 1 inch of chest girth for comfort. If your dog has a stout build, they recommend you choose the larger size to make sure he is comfortable.

Brand: Coppthinktu

👤We needed this to address post surgery issues because our dog was attacked and the location of bite marks made it impossible for him to wear a cone. It kept him from messing with the stitches. The hole in his private parts had a tendency to slide around and we had a few accidents as a result. I bought a camo version from a different vendor and it worked well. I needed to have a different outfit for him because the drain tube leaked everywhere, so I had to wash the other one. It worked okay as the backup, but wouldn't have worked for an all day if it weren't for the protective garment.

👤The vet suggested a surgical suit for our Jack Russell because he needed major surgery. He didn't have to fuss at the sutures without being tortured. I used my sewing machine to alter the length of the dog's clothing, taking in two inches around the abdomen. The little snaps stay closed which is important. Our dog wore the suit for 3 weeks and the knot collar did not stretch out completely. The knit band around the neck should have been reinforced. His sutures were licked out, so it was a success.

👤I bought this because my dog had surgery. I knew the collar would be uncomfortable for her. The suit works well. She is free to defecate. I watch her carefully as some dogs eat away at the suit to get to the surgery spot, as suggested by the vet. She has yet to. Measure before buying. The suit is small for her, but she doesn't fit the right size. It would be too large if I went larger. This suit is recommended by me. She doesn't like it that it doesn't have to go over her head. After washing, it holds its shape. Since I only bought one, I have been washing it.

👤This product is not worth the money. Our golden doodle is a chewer so we didn't want to use a cone. The L size was the right size for the chart. Our dog could easily lick his surgery area when we put it on him. The suit was looking stretched so we thought we should be by the next size. When we got the larger size, it was easy to lick the area, but it was very lose. The product has the worst options and design. This product is a waste of money. Our dog licked his surgery area and now is bleeding. My review vendor was in touch and was able to refunds both of our orders without any questions being asked. The vendor added notes on the image that it is not for neutered male dogs, which is very helpful for making purchase decision.

👤I have a basset hound with a wound on his back and it's long. He licks on the wound. The inflatable doughnut didn't work unless it was always inflated to max. The dog was so low to the ground that he knocked the cone off of himself. I thought this may have been the perfect solution. The suit fits him well and it was easy to put on, I had to make a cutout for the dog to urinate in. He kept slipping out of the suit whenever he lay down, so he got 2 stars for being durable. The material in the neck is large enough to hold the dog. This could be a good product if the neck opening was not giving. The suit is easy to clean and remove.

10. Kuoser Surgical Professional Comfortable Alternative

Kuoser Surgical Professional Comfortable Alternative

The sizes of 5 are suitable for small, medium, and large dogs and cats. If you want to fit your pet better, please measure the size and compare it to the size chart. The surgical recovery suit must fit perfectly. Don't buy a large size because you want to. The fabric is high elasticity and light, so it can be washed and dried quickly. It makes your pet feel good and heals the wound quickly. An alternative to cone and E-collar. Pets can play and eat with no restrictions. During and after surgery, it helps keep patients warm. Pets are protected from themselves and others. Pets are prone to licking wounds, skin conditions, hot spots, allergies and infections. It can be used as a favorite home clothes. IQUE design and easy to wear. Their dog neuter surgical suits are easy to take off. There is a circle on the suit bottom that can be cut to fit male and female dogs.

Brand: Kuoser

👤My dog was able to wiggle out of the large neck opening, but it was cute. My dog is an extra small.

👤It fit well and was comfortable. My dog doesn't like wearing clothes and acts broken if I try to put a sweater on him. He behaved as though he might be able to handle it when I tried it on. He wore a cone on his head. I returned it because of the material. I found something bigger. I was worried that if he licked the fabric it would wet his incision. He is going to be neutered soon.

👤I like that these do not require an over the head entry. They are lightweight and fit under her harness without being tight or uncomfortable. I used them for her recovery. When she tried to lick her wounds, I put a panti-liner inside so that it wouldn't dry out. I was able to rub her back because the fabric was so soft. I would buy them again. It's nicer than the "cone of shame".

👤Our Westie hated the cone after he had an abdominal surgery. The pink suit was found. The suit was not a problem for the bathroom because it was perfect and fit perfect. She didn't mind at all. We bought the black checkered one so we could change out. They were washed and dried.

👤My dog seemed to be comfortable in this compared to the come of shame. The buttons were easy to snap and it was stretchy. She left her incision alone and it healed. She always got stool or urine on it when she went to the bathroom. Measure for size. I think they are smaller than you think.

👤I have Italian greyhounds that I can't keep the cones on, this is a great idea for a regular sheepdog, but the body of a greyhound doesn't work for these. The fabric was easy to use and the dog recommended it. I liked the way they snapped. I returned everything because it was the wrong fit for my dog.

👤She hates wearing anything but she is wearing this. It was easy to get it on her and the snaps were sturdy so she didn't lose it when she rolled around. Is it bigger plus side? There were openings for her to go to the bathroom. If you are going through a speach for a child, it is highly recommended.

👤I ordered a medium to use. I had to order a small because Matipoo was much too roomy. If you want to replace the cone, you need to put a bladder leak pad between the material and the stitches, otherwise the dog will lick the site through the thin material and even bite the stitches.

11. HOINYESEN Recovery Breathable Alternative Neutered

HOINYESEN Recovery Breathable Alternative Neutered

The material of the HOinyesen dog recovery suit is very soft, lightweight, and high-stretchy. The dog onesie is machine washed or hand washed, so it is dry quickly. Good pet collar alternative. It is more convenient and flexible than the traditional Elizabethan collar because it allows your pet to play and eat without restrictions. Dogs wearing their surgical suit can walk without a heavy cone that blocks their vision, and they do not have limited vision. The dog neuter recovery suit is easy to put on and take off because of the row of buttons. The design of magic stickers is not easy to fall off, so it is a good choice for pets. The dog surgical suit has a wrapping edge, which is fine in workmanship and lasts longer. Pets with abdominal wounds or neutered can be given a dog onesie. It protects your pet's skin and helps your dog heal faster. Unsex dogs are suitable. If your dog is a male, you can use cloth to help him pee. There are 7 sizes for your pet. Their pet recovery shirt is perfect for small medium large dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, such as chihuahua, Shih Tsu, Bichon, Bulldog, Yorkie, Schnauzer, Poodle, German Shepherd, Labrador, and etc.

Brand: Hoinyesen


What is the best product for dog onesie for surgery female xl?

Dog onesie for surgery female xl products from Qbleev. In this article about dog onesie for surgery female xl you can see why people choose the product. Rozkitch and Heywean are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog onesie for surgery female xl.

What are the best brands for dog onesie for surgery female xl?

Qbleev, Rozkitch and Heywean are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog onesie for surgery female xl. Find the detail in this article. Etial, Ouuonno and Due Felice are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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