Best Dog Odor Eliminators for Home Extra Strength Wood Floors

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1. SIMPLE GREEN Outdoor Eliminator Artificial

SIMPLE GREEN Outdoor Eliminator Artificial

Quickly removes odors left by urine, stool, vomit and other organic matter. It's safe for use on grass, artificial turf, gravel, concrete, brick and more. It uses natural enzymes to eliminate odors at the source. It's safe for use around pets. It's ideal for decks, dog runs and yards.

Brand: Simple Green

👤Our new puppy is playing in our backyard. We have applied this product twice. It works. Over the past six months, we have purchased several other products that cost us close to $400 for odor control for our artificial turf backyard. A friend suggested that we buy a large bag of baking soda from that large store that starts with a C and ends with an O. The smell has been gone for weeks. What is the cost? $7 with tax.

👤Two small dogs have ruined my artificial grass for the past 2 years, and we have to keep them away from the bathroom. The grass smelled bad. I used this product to remove the pee smell from the grass. The smell was removed instantly. In a matter of seconds, I could smell the urine smell and it was very strong, like it was standing on our top deck. I read reviews before I used it and people suggested I wet my grass. The large bottle and refill bottle that I purchased made it easy to distribute. I felt like the solution went very quickly. If your yard is larger then I highly recommend you purchase a large bottle because you will need more than the smaller bottle to do your entire yard. I sprayed twice so far, once last night and again just now, although I probably didn't have to do the second. This was the first time since I bought our house that the grass was clean and I wanted it to smell fresh again. If you need to remove odors from pets, get this stuff. It has a clean smelling scent.

👤Three German Shepherds are winning elimination contests. You can't pick up urine. It's a nightmare by the end of Summer. I was worried that Simple Green wouldn't be strong enough to make a difference, but it's not the same as the Simple Green cleaners. One bottle was enough for the whole yard and our patio, and we applied it with a garden hose. It was immediately removed. Any and all weasels. I thought it would last a while but it doesn't. I'm going to treat weekly. It works better than anything I've used before.

👤The smell of urine is eliminated. We don't have grass, we have sand. There are 3 large dogs and 2 small dogs. This will get rid of the smell. Since we have so many dogs, I have to use more frequently. I will pay the price because it works.

👤The dog urine smell will go away for a couple hours after I use this product. The turf smells worse the next day. Debating pouring the solution directly onto the turf and cutting out the hose to see if that helps. This product was very disappointing.

👤We have dogs. The turf area is shown in the pic. Simple Green has always been used to clean the turn. The jug is from Lowes. It has always done well. We had a renter with one dog take over our property for a while. She didn't clean the turn during her short stay, even though she had a small dog. I bought this product for an extra clean because I didn't want my dogs smelling like her dogs. I want to get my money back. I used every last drop from both brands. The smell is terrible. I couldn't keep my sliding door open because of the smell of urine. The bottle says it works better if you hose it down, but I have been hosing it down each day since. I'm going to Lowes today to get the regular green. I strongly advise anyone looking at this product to go to the original and ignore the marketing ploy. This was what I had used for years and it turned out to be a waste.

2. Severe Urine Neutralizer Dog Cat

Severe Urine Neutralizer Dog Cat

Powerful urine odor removal works after contact. The best dog urine odor eliminator spray is the best pet stain and odor removal spray. The scent leaves the urine stain area with a pleasant scent. You're going to be amazed at how effective this pet stain is. Professional strength. The pet smell odor eliminator is a grade A professional-strength pet smell odor eliminator. Natures Miracle Stain is commonly compared to this pet urine odor eliminator. Three simple steps are needed to eliminate pet stain urine and odor. Click add to get your pet urine carpet cleaner. Your purchase will be backed by a money-back guarantee. Just spray it on. The spray can be used to treat pet urine odors.

Brand: Removeurine

👤I've tried a lot of products since I have one jerk, and cat litter boxes are not as good as they could be. I scoop twice a day and still this little evil fluffball finds a spot to use just steps from his boxes... usually while looking at me with contempt. I like that this product doesn't have an overwhelming scent that competes with the urine. It has a clean almost non-existent smell and seems to get rid of King PeeA odor. The murder machine is confused as to why his carpet doesn't smell contempt anymore, and my nose is happy.

👤Older dogs use this rug as a bathroom and I have tried many different products. The smell was so bad that we threw out two carpets. I have steam cleaned, washed, and scrubbed the rug that we have now. The smell would go away for a few days and then come back again. The carpet was saved by Sun, it was a last ditch effort. Leave it, gone. I used the carpet cleaner and it cleaned the rug for the first time. This product is recommended by me.

👤This is a great product. As my mother aged, the carpet in her bedroom became stained with urine and became more and more incontinent. The smell was terrible. We knew we would have to have nursing care in the home after she had a stroke. It was difficult to know what to do with the offensive odor. The carpet was thrown out but the wood floors were badly stained and the smell lingered. In desperation, I saturated the wood with SUN. The floors returned to a normal appearance and the odor was gone. We would like to thank you for the wonderful product that helped our family during a difficult time.

👤The smell of urine is bad for many pet owners. Even though it's messy, I would rather have my dogs have a bad day in the house than on the floor. The smell of urine will not go away. I can pretend it never happened because of a good scrubbing. I get all kinds of dogs through my house, because I foster for a local rescue. Most of them are poorly trained. It translated into a lot of potty messes. I had tried every product on the market. I tried everything I bought at Petsmart and Petco, but I don't want to add product names, I think it would be in bad taste. I spent hours on my hands and knees with dish soap and a scrub brush after watching videos for odor removal. Some of it helped and some of it didn't. It didn't get rid of the odor, but most of it masked it. I don't like covering up a smell because I have a sensitive nose. I wanted it to go. In desperation, I searched for severe urine removal and found SUN products. I thought I've tried everything else. I almost cried when I tried it on a single spot. This stuff works. Truly works. I gave it a few days before I was convinced that it wasn't just masking the odor, but it did leave a pleasant mild scent. When I sprayed it on, I could see where it would react with the urine. It made it easy to find a spot if I didn't know where it was. I would spray an area and the spots that had a reaction, and focus on them. I called the company because I needed them again after using this product for a while. My son got sick when he crawled into my husband's arm chair. The whole chair was knocked over. I asked them if they had something that worked on vomit stink, because this chair was about to hit the curb. He said SUN works on that too. Really! I used it on the vomit chair, and my husband was sitting in it at the time he vomited. They were gone after the memory foam mattress incident if I had doubts about this spray. I made dog beds when my old mattress was eaten by one of my dogs, because I love my memory foam mattresses. Someone pee'd on it and I pulled out my bottle of SUN dilute. I had to use a lot because the pee went into the foam. I poured the sun over the pee spot after opening the bottle. I could see the pee changing colors. The pee stained the foam but the SUN changed it back, so it convinced me that something in this takes pee out. If you made it to the end with me, thanks! I love this product. The people at SUN are very supportive and make shopping with them enjoyable. They are very helpful and fast to respond to questions. I will always have this product in my house.

3. Natures Miracle Destroyer Fresh 24 Ounce

Natures Miracle Destroyer Fresh 24 Ounce

Airbourne, fabric, and hard surface odors are eliminated with the Advanced Triple-action formula. Instantly breaks down odors.

Brand: Nature's Miracle

👤I use this on the armpit area of clothes that have to come out in the wash or else it will set in once it goes through the dryer. It's safe to use on all fabrics so far. Does it get rid of the smell from my sports bras? I sprayed it in stinky tennis shoes to remove smell. It worked well for the price and for my needs.

👤I have a sick cat that likes to sleep. I tried Nature's Miracle thinking it would be the first product I would need to try. Nature's miracle is wonderful. I can now walk into my bedroom and not get hit in the face with the smell of cat wee. The smell was gone after I used some in the wash. I'm allergic to strong smells like Fresh Linen and Ocean Breezes, but Nature's is pleasant, and it didn't over power like some reviewers said. I will buy it again if I need it.

👤I have 3 male dogs and 1 female, only one of the males will mark his territory, and that is what I use this stuff for. I have tried everything and this actually works. I couldn't get the urine smell out of my house for a long time. We never had company because the smell remained even after I cleaned. I tried this on the chance that it would work and I am so happy.

👤We recently got a used couch that a dog had been laying on, and I needed that smell GONE, as I can't stand the smell of a dog. I washed the cushions and sprayed them. It smelled like the couch had been washed in the machine. The smell hasn't faded, and the dog smell is gone after almost 2 weeks. I have 6 cats and I spray this on all of them, and it has never let me down. Nature's Miracle has great products. If you want to remove odors and refresh pet areas, grab this!

👤I can't believe how great this worked. I just bought a used couch that had a strong dog smell. I tried using other cleaners, but they didn't take away the smell. This did. It's good for eliminating odors in the house. If you have pets, I recommend this product.

👤The loves of my life are Sophia and Chloe. They are the best friends anyone can ask for. They have little accidents because they have little bladders. Oops. This product does not just cover up odors, but it also elimates them. It does a great job of removing urine stains. The scent of fresh linen is pleasant. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The selling point for me was that it can be sprayed in the air on multiple surfaces. Stream and spray are the settings. The only complaint I have is that the pray setting is too strong. I wish it was more of a mist so when I spray it in the air it won't fall on the ground or the floor as wet droplets, I was hoping they would stay in the air longer.

4. Febreze Freshener Heavy Crisp Clean

Febreze Freshener Heavy Crisp Clean

Doesn't just mask odors, it also cleans them away with OdorClear Technology. Febreze Air Effects cleans away odors with a light, fresh scent that's never overpowering. Febreze AIR can be used in entryways, bathroom, laundry rooms, closets, and any room. Tell tough odors to take a hike with a light scent and up to 2X odor-eliminating power. It is safe to use 100% natural propellant around cats and dogs, but not around birds.

Brand: Febreze

👤The bottles were light when I removed them from the package. The bottle is not full after I removed the wrapper. I sprayed it and it didn't smell like the product I buy from the store. Do you know what this mess is? Don't buy. I'm upset.

👤If you live in an apartment, you may want your neighbors to detect cigarette smoke and certain herbal smells. Bay leaves are a herbal scent. Who wants to know how much potato soup their neighbors are 800-273-3217 I don't! You should be an offensive neighbor. You can get these Febreze 3-packs.

👤10 people share a bathroom in my office. We've used all of the air fresheners and they're all a joke. I saw the commercial and thought it was worth a try. This is the best air freshener ever. It makes the bathroom smell better. The scent is very neutral and doesn't leave a floral bouquet trail to let your coworkers know you made a deposit. Absolutely worth it and highly recommended.

👤It was a mistake to purchase several bottles of this. When I ran out of Smells Begone, I ordered it because it said "odor, eliminating" and "crisp, clean", and I thought it might be stronger than the Smells Begone. I had a severe allergy attack when I tried it for 30 minutes, and it was just as bad as either of these. I had to leave my apartment because it was 59 degrees. The odor eliminator can get rid of odors, but it only works if you replace them with a strong scent of perfume, and that's what I did. I regret buying two bottles. I immediately smelled bad. This product is not pleasant if you are allergic to strong perFUME SCENTS.

👤The smell of a dead cow will be covered by this. I have used many air fresheners, but this is the best I have ever used. It's used around the cat box and rabbit pen. It says a lot that we can use the restroom right after our teenage son if we just have a short spray. Really?

👤The new version ofCrisp Clean Air has a nicer smell and is much better at eliminating odors. I don't know what the new plastic bottom is all about, but Febreze didn't explain to me the reason for the re-design, so I don't have reason to give a lower rating. The contents are stronger and the bottle doesn't function any differently. 5 stars in my book!

👤The febreeze works well. The reason for the four star is that it tends to leave a mark on tile and hard surfaces. I plan to try something different next time because the product is great and lasts a long time. I have purchased this many times. Amazon got the business because air was less expensive than Sam's. It works well, but be careful with what you leave behind.

5. Zero Odor Molecular Eliminator 16 Ounces

Zero Odor Molecular Eliminator 16 Ounces

There is no more dog or cat stain that can be caused by urine, feces, or vomit. Zero odor doesn't mask or cover up odors, it eliminates them forever. The scent ofracer helps consumers know where they have sprayed. It's safe. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and Biodegradable. In order to permanently eliminate odor and prevent odor build up, spray in the air and on surfaces.

Brand: Zero Odor

👤I recommend this product to my clients because I am a vet. You can't compare the products at the big box store. Accidents on the carpet are a regular occurrence at my house because of my old dog's issues. When I was in school, they recommended this product and I decided to spend the money. I am glad I did, as it was starting to get embarrassing having people over with a house that smelled of dog pee. The urine spots can be found by using a black light. This is crucial. You are not cleaning everything. You can see the urine spot disappear with a black light after spraying this product. It is awesome. The smell is gone. When I walk in the house, there is no dog pee smell.

👤The product seems to work. It was not clear how much effort was required to make it work. The stain needs to be moistened with water. The second step is spraying the stain. There is no information on the bottle that tells you how long you have to wait. The third step is to scrub the stain with a sponge or cloth. They suggest using a paper towel. This isn't a simple spray and you should let the enzymes do the work.

👤I have been looking for a good alternative to Nature's Miracle since they changed the recipe. I was very impressed with how well Zero worked for the litter boxes at the local cat cafe. I was not happy with the regular formula. It's very expensive for a small bottle. A large dog took half a beer. I can't afford a half bottle a day for my dog. The regular formula doesn't seem to come in a gallon size. I have asthma problems with these types of products. The formula was okay. At first. There is a A strong under odor develops about 1 to 2 hours after you spray. It's a low, almost cigarette smoke smell. We don't smoke. It was unpleasant and distractive and it didn't cause asthma. It doesn't stay around forever like some of the scenting products. Between the expense and the strong odor. It does cut the urine scent. I would use the litter box spray to deal with odors. I've discovered Boxie Dog and have begun to recommend it to clients. It works, it's inexpensive, and it's fragrance free.

👤Really works. I have a senior dog who can't wait. The problems between carpet shampoos are solved. The smell is cleared up. I love my dog and it's only one room and an old carpet. The carpet is nice and there is no smell. I have purchased several times before. I have a dog that is going to go through the same thing. Please rescue your next pet. You will not be sorry.

👤This really works. My cat will sometimes mark his territory by spraying the side of the sofa or the carpet. I was at the end of my rope. When I applied it, it smelled like bleach. It hasn't damaged anything. Our vet put our cat on Paxil because he couldn't find a medical problem with our cat. He rarely marks between the medication and the Zero Odor. If there is a lot of stress going on, like my father being hospitalized, then only happens. I've tried many other products but this one is the best. It's a little pricey but worth it. The odor is gone. Highly recommended.

6. Zero Odor Multi Purpose Household Eliminator

Zero Odor Multi Purpose Household Eliminator

It is possible to permanently eliminate odors in the kitchen, bathroom, nursery, basement and more. Even the smell of smoke. Zero odor doesn't mask or cover up odors, it eliminates them forever. The scent ofracer helps consumers know where they have sprayed. It's safe. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and Biodegradable. In order to permanently eliminate odor and prevent odor build up, spray in the air and on surfaces.

Brand: Zero Odor

👤I have been using this product to help clean up urine spots. I have used this product in trash cans. It works very well. Will always have this product on hand. It's fragrance is light and fine.

👤My room is now family-friendly. I bought different odor eliminators to see which was the best. Zero odor has been the best. The others released a scent that covered over smells. Zero odor has figured out a way to eliminate the smoke smell without a perfume coverup. I ordered a large jug to keep the cost down after buying it in a single bottle spray. I don't know if it will work on other odors, but if you have a problem with cigars or cigarettes, I can recommend it.

👤I use this product to clear my cigarette smoke and it is light and not sticky on my floors. There is a Grab it. It was hard for me to find this product. I only used original scent, which has a touch of a light clean bleach smell that is in the air for a few seconds then completely gone with the smell of the cigarette smoke. If you are looking for a way to get rid of odors quickly, neighbors are cooking. I live in a condo. Give it a try.

👤This product is worth a lot. Removes odors from the air. I have two family members who are in the incontinent category. This is my go-to item. I recommend it highly. It will be great!

👤I had a cat who would not spray when he got angry. He was the only male in the house. I used all of the odor removal products from the local pet store. The woman from the cat rescue told me about it. She said it's the only one that works. She did not lie! I like this one more than the one for pets. The scent on this one is gone when it breaks down the enzymes. The smell of the pet version is strong. I didn't like it.

👤I like this product. I've been using it for a while. I have a need for an odor removal with eight cats and three dogs. Things happen. Yes, they do. This does what it says it will do. It doesn't matter what the smell is, this will remove it and it won't replace it with a chemical scent. There is no scent when it's dry. Not of the original smell of the product. It's amazing. I regret not finding it sooner. As long as they continue to make it, this will be my go to odor removal.

👤I have been using Zero odor for over 15 years. I used it on the recommendation of a vet friend who had a lot of cats. There's still a smell in the air even after you change their litter. I tried Zero odor. I was drawn to the product because it was propellant-free, a necessity for someone like me who is sensitive to aerosols. It was amazing how spraying it in the air got rid of the cat smells. Make sure you don't wear the shoes for a day or two. Zero odor is what they mean when they say it.

7. Resolve Urine Destroyer Spray Remover

Resolve Urine Destroyer Spray Remover

On contact, neutralIZEs ODOR. It's great for accidents with pets and people. It's safe for carpets, fabrics, and hard floors. It helps prevent remarking. It is safe for pets when used as directed.

Brand: Resolve

👤It's not that effective after the urine has dried. Enzymatic cleaner works better.

👤The product smells good, it helps remove urine stains, and it has a way to destroy urine odors. I don't know how to tell for sure. I know I've used this on urine and vomit, and if you have pets, you will need it as well. Remember to saturate the area. Expect the product to work. Step on the paper towels every time you walk by and spray a lot on. The towel will be able to remove the stain. It sounds weird. It works.

👤This stuff works well. I just bought a new couch and my puppy jumped on it and peed all the way through the cushions. I sprayed the memory foam after removing the covers. I squeezed the memory foam and sprayed it again. Baking soda was used to absorb the left over solution. After it was completely dry, there was no smell of urine. I went to Amazon and bought another bottle. You won't be disappointed if you use it.

👤I'm sick of cleaning up dog messes so I'm very thorough. A 10 year old dog is having accidents on the carpet. I step on it and soak it up with gobs of paper towels until it comes back dry, and then spray it, wait five minutes as instructed, and then step on it with paper towels. The area still smells like dog pee when the product is dry. Will not return. I was hoping that the spray can would allow me to skip the vacuum step that I have to do with the spray. Apparently, no dice.

👤After spending a couple hundred dollars on Natures Miracle, I decided to give this a try and never got the results advertised. The Resolve is cheaper than everything else. I was surprised that this stuff works on dog urine and feces. I let my son get a puppy because I wanted him to learn how to use the potty. This stuff saved me a lot of money and my son from being kicked to the curb with his pee puppy. I was disgusted with the smell and stains on my carpet. I was obsessed with doing everything without having to replace it. There are no stains or odors. I got another puppy because I swore by this stuff so much that I have a 10 month old and 10 week old puppy and a cabinet stocked with Resolve Urine Destroyer. The pee puppy is the love of my life. I wouldn't give her up for a million dollars. My son got puppy number 2 because of this.

👤I ordered a 20x10 area rug from the manufacturer and it was crumpled before the winter. I put it in the garage so I could manage and ease the crumpled 'roll' lines in the spring. When I put the rug on my driveway in the spring to help with the rolliness of the lines, I found that a favorite neighborhood cat had also become fond of my carpet. I had to clean the rug before I could wash the roll lines. I ordered this product quickly. I used the product three times. There were no stains left in the rug after the 3rd spray because the urine broke down so fast. It's good! I love the feel of the cat urine under my feet in the family room, and I am so happy that I was able to get it out. There is a No one is aware of it. (:)

8. Honeywell True Allergen Remover HPA300

Honeywell True Allergen Remover HPA300

The HPA300 is an extra-large room air purification device. Extra-large rooms should use HEPA Filtration because it can capture up to 99% of airborne particles. The air purification system has four levels of air cleaning. Dirt, pollen, pet dander, and smoke are some of the particles it helps capture. The HPA300 air purification system filters and circulates air in Extra-large 465 sq. The rooms can be up to 4.8 times an hour. The Allergen Plus series includes the Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier. The product met strict energy efficient guidelines to earn the ENERGY STAR label. It's not a good idea to use a comparable for best performance. The same performance or efficiency can not be guaranteed with compatible air purifier filters.

Brand: Honeywell

👤The burning odor that is present while on or off hasn't dissipated after 18 days of continual use. Similar reviews proved to be true. I was wondering if I got a bad batches. I don't want to take the risk with a replacement because the products tend to come in pallets. No thank you, no, you can't make this right. I'm not paying for shipping to send it to your factory for a replacement. This was supposed to help me with my asthma, but it turned out to be worse than I thought, as if there was some sort of chemical spill burning. My neighbor smelled it. Horrified! It took me 18 days to figure it out. Sad. I spent a lot of time researching units and this is a terrible let down. It would cost a fortune to send this thing back to Honeywell in order for them to honor their 5 year defect warranty, which doesn't cover break downs from regular usage, what kind of warranty is that? Don't be fooled, it's only for manufacturer defects. You're left holding the bag for a 50 dollar shipping fee.

👤Everyone had a complaint that you couldn't purchase PRECUT Filters to fit on the HPA 100 or 200 or 300. They are not pre-cut when you order them, so everyone hates to have to cut them themselves. I worked very hard to find them. You can buy them from Amazon. You can type in VEVA advanced filters. You will see the precut pre-filter for the HPA 100. The 200 and 300 series have the same pre-filter. There is a The pre-cut pre-filters for the HPA 100 to 200 and 300 series are not made by Honeywell. There is a Continue buying your replacement filter from the company. I have told everyone where to buy their pre-cut pre-filter for the HPA 100 to 200 and 300 series. You will be very happy with this purchase. I put my pre filter in. It fits perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase and you will also be happy. Thank you for reading this important post.

👤The instructions are easy to follow. Everything was removed from their plastic wrap and installed. Light comes on, but there is no sound or air flow. Not even when I press the button. I've tried to call them 5 times, 3 times to their partner company "Kaz" and 2 times to the company. First two calls to Kaz. No one answered over 40 minutes on the hold. I don't like holding music! I called to ask for their help. The agent told him to call Kaz. I can't help you. I tried again. I had to ask for a supervisor because the 2nd agent said "I can't help you", and the supervisor is supposed to get Kaz to call me back to fix the problem. Will update this review as this fiasco develops, but I'm regretting my purchase right now, over 70 minutes on hold later! The story just keeps going from bad to worse. The Honewell supervisor called me back and said, "Yes, you're right." The wait time is long and I was never able to get in touch with Kaz before they closed. I'm sorry. Since then, I'd done more research on her. I asked who made the unit, who was it? Kaz supports this purifier and it's also the manufacturer. That's correct! They pay to make their product bad. I think I was lucky to find out that this product is a POS before I was unable to return it after reading some of the other 1 star reviews. I'm returning this dud asap. Don't buy it, do yourself a favor.

9. ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Chemicals Fragrances

ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Chemicals Fragrances

ZorbX is a safe and strong choice for people with allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. It is safe to use in a space with children or babies. There is no odor that this remover can't handle. Pet odors, cat urine, smoke smell, chemical odors, and much more are all works on by it. It removes odors at the level of the molecule. It works instantly on tough odors, and there is no mixing required. Simply apply it to the area you want. This odorless, non-toxic odor removal is safe for all. There is no harsh chemicals, perfumes or fragrances, and it is also phthalate-free. It is a sustainable and green product, making it safe for the environment. ZORBX is a brand you can trust and is being used in top hospitals in the USA. Zorbx is a brand you can trust and it is made in Cleveland, Ohio.

Brand: Zorbx

👤A cat who passed away is being visited by a cat who is a wild Maine Coon. I mean everything. We tried all kinds of products to clean the furniture after the odor became unbearable. No chance. I was curious after reading a lot of reviews about ZorbX Pet Urine, and I am glad I did. It works as promised without masking the smell. We can leave the house and walk in the door without getting punched in the face by the smell of cats. I will buy this over and over, as long as this part-time resident continues to violate our furniture and walls. It's just a concession when you love your pet.

👤It's unbelievable! I have a chair that belonged to my great grandmother. It was stored in a basement. I tried a lot of expensive products. ZorbX is owned and developed by an RN. I decided to try it since I am an RN. It is amazing. I treated the entire chair and let it dry. I retreated because one area still had a smell. My favorite spot is where my grandma's chair is now. I told everyone that it was not possible to save it with the moldy odor. I will order the gallon size next. You should try it!

👤I bought this on eBay and used it on my chess board. The board is made of plastic or vinyl and has the look and feel of leather, but it isn't real. The board is not a roll up board. I smelled a strong smoke odor when it arrived. The ZORBX product claims to be effective for smoke odors and safety on all surfaces. It claims to be safe for the environment and has to earn at least one star. I wiped the board down after applying a generous amount of the product. I could still smell it. I put it on the board. I was concerned that the liquid would stain the surface but it dried without a trace. I wiped the board down while it was wet. The source of the odor must be in contact with the product. I still smell the smoke. I might need to apply this stuff a lot. I didn't see that caveat in the instructions. The smoke stink is still there after two treatments. If this product fails the simple test, I wonder what the practical use is for it. I wanted to love this product but so far I am not impressed. I gave it 5 stars because it claims to be unifier. I can't come up with a reason to give this product an overall rating of more than two stars. I gave it a star for being green, but its effectiveness has not been established. I would love to know what that is. I would be happy to change this review if necessary.

👤Returned from vacation to find out that the downstairs neighbors never reported a mouse they saw three months earlier. The first night, we were so exhausted, we were oblivious. Two of the poor creatures died under the wooden boards when the landlord put bait out. Who knew? It wasn't long before the room became usable again and this stuff had a lot to do with it. We put a bunch on the floor and threw anti-death odor granules by the baseboard. It works against the worst garbage. Don't ask.

10. Unique 206 Odor Stain Eliminator

Unique 206 Odor Stain Eliminator

There is a Surfactant Formula available. The Advanced Blend Eliminates Stains Quickly. Penetrates the most tight weave of carpets and fabrics. Pheromone removal works on new and old structures. It removes odors from the place.

Brand: Unique

👤Great for areas that have been damaged. You have to be patient. Less water won't work. Always on more water. I leave the solution in my carpet and padding for 24 to 36 hours and then cover the treated area with a beach towel to keep the solution from getting wet. If you don't get all the smell the first time, let it dry and do it again. Feed your dog all over that room once you are certain you have all the odor. Drop treats on the rug. Do that every day for a month. They prefer not to eat where they urinate. For a couple of months, keep the dog out of the area. It takes them a long time to break bad habits.

👤I have been in animal rescue for 15 years and have used every product. The product is worth every penny. It is the only product that eliminates cat pee smell. I have recommended this product to others and they always rave about it. It's a gem. I'm adding some advice for people who don't like it. If you have cat pee, use it like a full strength weapon. I have washed it in hot water after pouring it on thick bathroom rugs. I had a foster cat jump up and pee on our leather couch and she heard us bringing a cat cage inside for a sick cat and freaked out. I used a damp rag to wipe it off after pouring it full strength, but I found that some of the pee had gone between the seams and there was still a smell in that area. I poured it on there and left it, but today I checked and there is no smell. If the item you are cleaning has a really saturated smell and you are thinking of tearing up tile or throwing out furniture, I suggest full strength and the worse the urine concentration, the more you should saturate. I wish I had discovered this product before we re-tiled the laundry room because there is still some smell under the tiling.

👤A dog with Diabetes insipidus is urinating frequently because of an elderly dog. There are a lot of them. I found this to be superior initially. On warmer days, I get the smell of urine in my house, because it's in the area that they tend to have accidents. In defense of my nose, I have a new nose. My husband doesn't smell it. I used my Clorox spray on it after trying to spray it again. Wow. That worked better. The smell is better and it did not stain my navy blue rug. I switched to the Clorox spray while finishing out this bottle. The smell has been eliminated.

👤The product is being used for throw-ups. It worked on some food stains on dining room chairs. This is the only product that will ever be used again for stains by our family. I plan on ordering the carpet cleanser. When dry, there is no staining, no foaming or anything else.

11. Pet Stain Odor Miracle Cleaner

Pet Stain Odor Miracle Cleaner

Pets are discouraged from urinating in the same spot again. You can quickly return to having fun with your pet if you have easy clean ups. Chemical based cleaners cannot remove all of the organic matter, such as urine, feces, vomit, blood, and drooling. All of their products smell great. It's very easy to clean every surface in your home with Pet Stain & Odor Miracle. You can use this solution outside in artificial grass and turf, patio, deck and virtually any other surface. All of the products of Sunny & Honey are made in the USA, with the highest quality ingredients available. They believe in providing you with the best products and value. They are serious about this responsibility. The Pet Stain & Odor Miracle was created with your furry kids in mind. The formula is non-toxic and scented with essential oils. This spray solution is Leaping Bunny certified. Let's protect animals and nature together. If you don't like Pet Stain & Odor Miracle, you can return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose. Click to add to cart Right now!

Brand: Sunny & Honey

👤When we lived in our new house, there were two spots that smelled cat urine, and when I said smelled, it made you throw up. The house is 5000 square feet and you could smell it from the other side. The carpet was soaked in urine. At one point I thought it was a house cat or a small tiger. I pulled the carpet and cut it, nothing helped until this thing came along. After 2 weeks, the smell was gone and it stayed that way. Best money spent.

👤This product smells like pet urine. I have used natures miracle on a couch that my pet peed on and it still smelled like pee. The smell remained even after I washed it. The smell was gone after one application. My sister used it for cat urine, and it was the only thing that smelled like cat urine. Everyone with a cat knows how hard it is to get cat urine out of things.

👤I like this product. I like how it smells. Everyone has their own opinion on what smells good. I have to deal with dog accidents a lot. I've tried many products. The only one that really destroyed the dog urine odor was made by Rocco&Roxy. I can't stand the way it smells. The product works well at getting rid of the odor, and seems to clean a little better. The product has a better smell than the R&R. I didn't like the way the other brand smelled. It did the job. This one does a better job of cleaning than the other one, and it doesn't leave a chemical smell. It has a pleasant smell and leaves your carpet smelling fresh. It will be buying more of this product.

👤This stuff works well. I've tried many other brands of pet stain removal, but this one is the best. I have two indoor cats with hairball issues and they spit up hairballs or stomach acid only after the hairball has passed. Sorry for the TMI. They only want to do this on the carpet and rugs. The stain removal product has a nice, fresh minty scent and is easy to use. I keep a bottle upstairs and downstairs so I don't have to go looking for it during hairball vomiting sessions.

👤It actually works. This was my last attempt before I threw my new couch out. My older cat went to pee on our couch after being upset by our new puppy. It was so bad that you could smell it on our clothes. I put a folded blanket on top of a heavy box and let it soak in for 2 hours. When I sat on the other end of the couch, I noticed my lips were numb, but I moved to another chair and they were fine in a minute. The price is small to pay for the outcome. My dog was laying on it. The smell of urine is gone. I have a slight minty smell. My husband is happy and not complaining about cats being stupid. Our family is very welcoming to Aristotle.


What is the best product for dog odor eliminators for home extra strength wood floors?

Dog odor eliminators for home extra strength wood floors products from Simple Green. In this article about dog odor eliminators for home extra strength wood floors you can see why people choose the product. Removeurine and Nature's Miracle are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog odor eliminators for home extra strength wood floors.

What are the best brands for dog odor eliminators for home extra strength wood floors?

Simple Green, Removeurine and Nature's Miracle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog odor eliminators for home extra strength wood floors. Find the detail in this article. Febreze, Zero Odor and Resolve are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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