Best Dog Oatmeal Shampoo for Dry Itchy Skin

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1. Honest Paws Conditioner Allergies Sensitive

Honest Paws Conditioner Allergies Sensitive

Honest Paws has five benefits in one wash. Premium dog wash is easy to use. It's all you need to keep your dog's fur and skin clean. Other brands claim to be natural but only have a small amount of natural ingredients. Well has 98% of its ingredients derived from a natural source, like coconut and palm. Their formula is plant based and works well at cleaning and conditioning the coat. This wash uses soothing oats and aloe that replenishes the skin's natural hydration while conditioning the fur. Keep your dog happy with each bath. This formula can be used on all breeds and puppies over 12 weeks of age. It does not contain MEA, DEA, sulfates, or Parabens. They hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to your satisfaction. Let them know if you're not happy with your product. No. No disappointed pups.

Brand: Honest Paws

👤This stuff is amazing. I've used a different brand for years and it's been ok, but I decided to give this a try and I am so glad I did. My Bichon came out cleaner after using this. His fur is white again. He didn't freak out when the smell got in his eyes because it was nice. I like products that are high quality but gentle. This one knocks it out of the park.

👤The scent of this cleanser is great and I feel good knowing it's not packed with chemicals. I enjoyed trying another Honest Paws product. I think this brand could become a staple for my pet care.

👤I don't have a frame of reference because I'm a new dog owner. I like this product. I have read that you shouldn't bathe her breed often. I thought it was time. I wanted the ingredients for the dog wash to be clean because I use many chemicals in my house. I used it for the first time today and I loved it. It lathered nicely but not very well. It smelled clean and not synthetic. Since I found her, her hair has been softer than before. I will keep using it.

👤Molly is not scratching as much and her coat is very shiny.

👤The item is not for sensitive skin. The skin on dogs is pinker than it has ever been. Shouldn't be in the description. I should have looked into detail when I saw that. Product would never have been brought.

👤It was easy to use, but it wasn't easy with my dog. Her hair was soft because of the scissor.

👤This is good for my dogs. After the first use, I noticed a difference in their fur. Their fur is soft and fluffy. I will use this again.

👤This is a good cleanser for my dogs. One has long hair and the other has short hair. This cleanser worked well on both of them. They were left smelling great and soft. Some others have been annoying to their eyes. I have noticed that both dogs are scratching less. I would recommend this product to others.

2. Soothing Suitable Cucumber Hypoallergenic Soap Free

Soothing Suitable Cucumber Hypoallergenic Soap Free

Their oatmeal dog wash with soothing aloe is a soap-free and hypoallergenic solution that will soothe and nourish your dog's skin. Relieves dry, itchy skin while leaving the coat and fur clean, shiny and silky smooth. Oatmeal is great for skin conditions. It is a powerhouse natural ingredient that brings soothing relief to dry, itchy, flaky skin. The refreshing cucumber essence and ripe melon extract will leave your pet with a super soft, easy to brush coat, that smells wonderfully clean and fresh. The USA is a safe place for dogs, cats and horses of all ages. They manufacture all of their pet care products in America to the highest standards for consistency and quality, so you can be sure that your pet will feel the same soothing effects from every bottle. If their sensitive skin dog wash doesn't help with dry, itchy skin or leave your pet's coat soft, shiny and smelling great, simply let them know and they'll offer a full refund, no questions asked! Add a bottle of oatmeal dog wash to your cart today and you will feel the gratitude right away.

Brand: Nulife Natural Pet Health

👤I don't normally write reviews but I do read them and they help me decide. My dog has suffered from skin allergies for years. I am so sorry for her when she has a sleepless night. She has dark patches on her chin and paws that have lost most of their hair and are constantly itchy and sore. Her belly gets very rashy depending on the season, what she's eaten, and what she's used for hair care. I've tried so many skin care products that she will react to them worse than before. I've tried hot spot sprays and creams and nothing has helped. I've given up on bathing her as much as possible because it's not a good option with a big dog. I received her hair products last night and she was late for the bath. We gave it a shot and crossed our fingers. The smell is amazing. At the end of the bath, the conditioner adds even more softness to the bath, as the shampoo lathers up great. She smelled great after feeling soft. The dark spots on her chin and paws are lighter, and that's the most important part. She is resting on the couch and not scratching. Since she was a puppy, I haven't seen her content in her own skin. I'm very grateful to have found this. If you've tried everything, give this a try.

👤I have 9 dogs and 8 of them are shih-tzus. They itch after baths. There were no fleas to be found. Guess what I did when I tried this Oatmeal Shampoo? They didn't have itching after their bath or the next day. I was made a believer out of myself. I just ordered 3 more bottles and will continue to use them.

👤I can't say enough good things about this product. It's been a long time since we've had a cleanser that works for our shephard. We usually start working the cleanser in and then massage it into the hair and skin before rinsing. The smell is clean and the hair and skin are soft. I will be stocking up on this. Thanks for the great product!

👤Over the years, I've tried many pet washes and each one left my dog's skin with flaky skin after. This is the first time I have ever seen no dandruff after drying them. Dandruff and dry skin are noticeable because they are Miniature Pinschers. Their coats were shiny after towel drying. The smell is pleasant, but a bit over the top. I am happy with the product.

👤The smell of this cleanser is good and it works immediately. I applied this cleanser to my dog's skin and I could see how fast it worked. It's been a month since he's used it and his allergies are clearing up. I will definitely order another one soon.

👤I was looking for a product to help soothe my pitbull's skin. She is a lot more comfortable after using this shampoo. The smell is great and it lathers really well. My dog's fur was soft. I'm happy with the purchase because the shampoo didn't completely eliminate her itch, but it definitely reduced it.

3. Wahl Dog Pet Shampoo Oatmeal

Wahl Dog Pet Shampoo Oatmeal

Their oatmeal formula pet wash is alcohol free, paraben free, and is highly recommended for dry skin and itch relief. Oatmeal Formula is great for dry skin, cleaning dirty coats, and itch relief. The thick lathers wash your pet clean. You don't have to use as much of the dog's hair product as other people. A little bit of shampoo can provide a rich lather that is easy to rinse off. The image of their family dog Cooper, who has severe allergies, was used to create the Allergy Friendly dog icon, Rocket. This is the only product they have found that works. He loves the smell. The brand used by professionals is the one used by Wahl. A smooth, soft coat can be achieved with clean, condition fur and hair. They want the best for your family member, that's why they are a company of animal lovers.

Brand: Wahl

👤The best dog wash. I have 4 dogs, one Pit has very sensitive skin, and she gets hives with the 4 other shampoos I tried, this worked, no more problems. One of my Chi-Weenies has bad skin and stinky stink, but this did the job. SMELLS is awesome. The smell lasts longer than any other product. It makes all others seem like they are doing something. It's a good thing. The price on Amazon was raised. It's only $5.99 at Target.

👤My boy has an allergy and we bought this for him. We thought an oatmeal bath would help his skin. I liked the way theWAHL cleanser lathered and cleaned. I thought my dog was our brand after he was silky smooth. The itching started. It's not hydrogen peroxide, the shampoo is anti-itch. My dog broke out in a rash and I couldn't get him to stop attacking him until I washed him in the tub. This is not a good choice for your dog if he has allergies.

👤I got this a month ago and have been using it on my dog ever since. I noticed my dog was getting a bit itch. My dog was so bad this week that he started to have redness and flaky skin. My pit has a red rash on his back. I am not the only pitbull owner who has had an issue with this product.

👤I had to wash my dog after 20 minutes because she couldn't stop scratching. If my money wouldn't purchase again, I would waste it. Will have to throw it away.

👤So I bought this because I ran out of the last one that cost 15 bucks on Amazon. After his bath, his hair is just pouring off of him, and it's been a few days since. His skin seems dry. Going back to the better hair product that had no issues is what I'm going to do. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤We have an itchy dog and it was always an issue after bath time. She would scratch for several hours. The difference in her FUR is the biggest plus of this shampoo. What a difference it makes. After the first use, we couldn't believe the difference in the fur's texture. She looks like a different dog after 3 baths because she doesn't scratch at all. This will be sold forever.

👤I was surprised that the bottle came bigger than I expected. I have 2 white dogs with sensitive skin that gets easily irritated. The cleanser lathers nicely and the smell is wonderful. They came out of the bath smelling fresh. I have never had a wet dog smell after bath time. My dogs always smelled like wet dogs after I bought a fancy smelling dog wash. This one does it! I couldn't be happier with the smell and softness of it. I have found my new forever dog wash and I will never buy anything else.

👤I used this on my dogs one time and they had an allergic reaction and I had to wash all of the soap off of them. I wanted to try a different hair product but my dogs just happen to have it. It did smell good but when I washed the hair with soap it felt like all the natural oils got sucked out of the hair and it was hard to run my fingers down. I already use baby oatmeal sensitive wash on them. If that helps you make a choice, my dog type is listed below. My dog breed is a full bred westie Highland terrier. Louisiana Catalina leopard is a full bred leopard.

4. Earthbath 84002 2 Natural Shampoo Pack

Earthbath 84002 2 Natural Shampoo Pack

The help is formulated to address the needs of pets with dry, itchy skin. Clarifying oatmeal and organicAloe Vera help combat skin irritation, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin. This concentrated shampoo is free of soap and has a neutral pH to clean and make your pet's coat smell better. Natural and organic ingredients include renewable plant-derived & coconut-based cleansers, and organic oatmeal. No alcohol, no drugs, and no pantyhose. Their products are safe and effective for your furry friend. The ingredients that touch your pet's coat and skin should be gentle and natural. This product is safe for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens over 6 weeks old. Earthbath has a genuine love for pets and concern for the environment. These passions have been at the center of everything they do since 1995, from the ingredients they put into their products, to how and where they make their products, and the support they show to animals in need. If you are not satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Earthbath

👤I've used this product for years to bathe my dog. I ordered this two pack because I thought it was a good deal. Be careful, buyer. I went to open the two packs in my cabinet after running out of my last bottle. This stuff is similar to pouring water into bottles. I was taken off guard as the "real stuff" is a thicker type of hair wash. The stuff was not lathering. Since I didn't open these right away, I'm not sure what to think, and my return window is closed, so I'm not sure what to think. What a waste of money. This is becoming a common occurrence on Amazon. What happened to quality control on Amazon? I've run into this problem many times. After using a product, I decide to order another one and it is completely different. Extra stuff is something I like to have. I don't open it right when I think it's the same thing. Then later to find out it is not good. I'm ready to look elsewhere to do my shopping because I'm fed up.

👤We've used this formula for a long time. The two-pack we received in our recent order is not what we were told. It doesn't lather up as it usually does. I contacted EarthBath and they have not changed their formula. We bought another bottle that was the real thing, but it was not what we expected.

👤Look at the picture. The one on the right is the one we already had. Look at the thickness of the color. The one on the left is Amazon. It's all blurry. The same scent as the same product. Something is not right here. Amazon has been disappointing recently.

👤We had been using a much more expensive product for our baths. Our dog smelled bad after one day, but the expensive shampoo smelled great. At first, we were concerned that the Earthbath product didn't have much of a smell. It keeps our dog smelling good all the way up to his next bath time. It works better than the expensive shampoos. Less perfume and more effectiveness. This one does not contain any undesirable ingredients, so it is a winner.

👤I liked the scent of my old review, but now it's gone. My dog has no smell after being washed with this soap. He smelled like a mix of spices when I first ordered it. I went back because of the scent alone. It's disappointing that it's gone.

👤I suspected that the dog had sensitive skin issues. I tried Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe after being suggested it by a groomer. I was disappointed that she still itched a few times after the first day, but the itching stopped after a few days. I'm really happy with this product and will continue to purchase it. I use it on my other dog.

👤Two 16 ounce bottles were purchased and one 32 ounce bottle was received. There was no seal on the bottle and it leaked all over the bag, leaving me with a bottle that was 1/2 full. This item is not worth it and will not be purchased again from this seller. Didn't smell good either. Disappointed.

5. Burts Bees Dogs Conditioner Colloidal

Burts Bees Dogs Conditioner Colloidal

Your dog's dry skin and coat can be soothed with the help of the oatmeal conditioner from the burt's bees. All natural ingredients include oatmeal, honey, and beeswax for sensitive skin. After using Oatmeal, apply liberally to your dog's wet coat and sit for a minute. towel dry Store in a dry place. This mild tearless shampoo is pH balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula is free of harsh chemicals.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤Beware! This is not real. The smell and texture were off. I took these to my local pet market that sells them in a variety of colors and smells. Who knows what this stuff is?

👤The conditioner made my dog's fur softer, but it's thin and you have to use a lot of it to cover the dog. My dog took 1/3 of the bottle in a single bath. The smell is odd. I know it wasn't supposed to have any scent in it, but it does smell like flour. A light scent would have been nice.

👤I have used the same conditioner and cleanser on all of our Yorkies for the last 10 years. I lightly spray their coats with Stazko finishing spray, a product that I consider a miracle worker, because it leaves their coats easy to untangle and bright and shiny. My husband always says that our Yorkies' coats look better when we don't have to take them in for full grooming and haircuts. Our 4 12 pound Yorkie began scratching all day and night. She is our only remaining dog. We apply prescription flea and tick medication to her once a month because she has no fleas or vermin. I tried an oatmeal-based conditioner on her hair to see if it would stop scratching. I added a pre-diluted Burt's Bees conditioner to her hair. My practice of mixing the products with very warm water before applying assures that no part of her coat is so saturated with the product that it is difficult to rinse off. I finish the bath double rinsing to make sure that she doesn't have anything on her skin. I followed the same procedure with both the oatmeal based and the Burt's Bees conditioner, but it was difficult to rinse out. I dried her coat after lightly spraying it with Stazko. Her coat was dull, hung against her back and sides, and she looked like she needed another bath three days later. She is still scratching.

👤I bathe my dogs weekly and was looking for a gentle, inexpensive cleanser. My dogs ended up smelling like wet dogs because this one has no scent. There was barely any lather. I expected more from the bees. Surely they could have put in a few drops of some soothing essential oils, that would have made a huge difference in the product. It was a disappointing experience, you could just use plain water.

👤These are knock-offs. I'm confused. For the past few years, I have used a product from my local pet store, which is Burt's Bees, for my dogs. When we needed a refill, I ordered three different bottles from Amazon, which I normally get. Oatmeal conditioner, skin-soothing cleanser, and deodorizing cleanser are available. They arrived quickly, but each bottle was opened and leaking all over, so it was a horrible mess. I was able to see if it was one bottle leaking, but not all three. The lids were not fastened tightly. Oh my gosh! All three seem watered down. I've purchased from Burt's Bees before and it's nothing like this. It took 1/3 of each bottle of shampoo and 1/3 of the conditioner to make a difference. The texture, thickness, and smell of the spare conditioner I found in my cupboard were not the same as the one I had in my house. If I hadn't used 1/3 of each bottle, I would definitely be asking for a refund, and I am amazed Amazon is allowed to get away with this. I am shocked at how bad these are compared to the real ones.

6. Tropiclean Oatmeal Tree Shampoo 20oz

Tropiclean Oatmeal Tree Shampoo 20oz

TropiClean Oatmeal & Tea Tree Medicated Itch Relief Dog & Cat Shampoo is an effective itch relief for dogs and cats. This formula is enhanced with the help of a drug called beta hydroxy to provide long lasting itch relief. Safe solution is soap free, Paraben free and dye free. When used as directed for dogs and cats 12 weeks or older, it is made with naturally derived ingredients. Soothing balm is designed to soothe dry, itchy skin. They manufacture and ship their products in the US with the highest quality ingredients. TropiClean defines ingredients to be naturally derived if they are either naturally-occurring raw materials or are adapted from naturally-occurring plant or mineral materials. There is a 20 ounce bottle. A reinforced cap and an induction seal make packaging spill-proof. Also, note: Product shipped may change as inventory depletes and enhanced packaging is introduced.

Brand: Tropiclean

👤My dog has had something. trouble with skin I was using a recommended oatmeal wash for him, but he was getting a rash on his hind end. I know the bumps were caused by the shampoo. I did some research and found this one. I have washed him with this before. It makes his coat soft and he would have hated it. He smells great for a change. I strongly recommend for bulldog skin problems. There is an update: One whole year later, there are no skin troubles. He only uses this stuff for bath time. A life saver.

👤A few months ago, we adopted a 80lb male Labradoodle. The boy is poor. He has dry skin and is prone to seasonal allergies. We gave him fish oil and allergy aids, but he was still dry and itchy after the first month, so we switched him to a better food. I wish I could say that he solved his skin problems by changing to this hair product, but I can't because Benedryl made the biggest difference. Since we switched to this, I have noticed a dramatic difference in his coat's shine and softness, and it has not made his itching any worse, and she has less hot spots since we switched to this. I really like the scent. It is subtle and natural and not perfumed like many others on the market. It doesn't smell intense, but it is fresh and natural. The ingredient list is great, nothing harsh and dangerous, and the price is unbeatable for the product you get. It's completely safe to use as often as you want. I will be a regular subscriber for this product. Pets with dry, itchy or sensitive skin can use this product. If your dog has allergies like ours, getting them on Benedryl is a game-changer. This is a good place to start if you want to try everything before resorting to medication. I didn't receive this product for free or a discount. Hope this helps.

👤My vet was closed for a couple of months because of Covid-19, so I bought this back in April. I have used it a number of times, perhaps once a month after buying it, but I started showering my dog every other week after two months. He had open sores because it dried his skin and made his skin irritated. I took him to the ER and the vet said it was an allergy reaction to something. It was harsh. My baby has his back shaved to heal his sores.

👤The smell is great. It's very strong when you put your nose in the bottle, but once on the dog it's a bit softer, which is nice. It's not too perfume-y. The only problem was shipping the product. The cap was loose during shipping and it spilled in a plastic bag. The rest of the bottle leaked. I contacted Amazon and they shipped me a new bottle as this item wasn't eligible for a return, but the cap leaked again and spilled out, and I received a new bottle. I did not reach out. I would like the shipping to be more secure and streamlined.

7. Oatmeal Conditioning Spray Sensitive Non Aerosol

Oatmeal Conditioning Spray Sensitive Non Aerosol

The dog wipes are made strong. The wet wipe sheets are great for small and medium-sized dogs. 70 fresh wipes for dogs are stored in a canister with a sealable lid. Please reuse or recycle the empty canister. Dry fur and skin are soothed by a botanical sensitive skin formula. There are thirteen conditioning agents in this package, including panthenol to smooth and revive your pet's fur. Almond oil leaves a wonderful almond scent. Panthenol is spread evenly over hair strands to prevent tangling. Mist on dry or wet fur, massage into coat, and brush through. Their PAUL MITCHELL brand is made-in-the-USA from the same all-natural botanical extracts. Highly concentrated botanical formula requires less product than other brands. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to animal and wildlife organizations.

Brand: John Paul Pet

👤My cat has flaky skin. It makes the flakes worse. I was skeptical that the oatmeal conditioning spray would change anything. I only used it once, as I just received it. I am amazed at how well it worked. He had very little left by the next morning. His Fur was soft and not smelly. Everyone who has seen him since I sprayed him has commented on how beautiful his fur is. He freaked out when I sprayed on him. I rubbed it all over him after that failed. I combed it through. He loved that. It smells great. I saw a huge difference that night. This product is very good. I recommend not spraying it on your cat but rubbing it on him or her.

👤I love this spray. I have a Maltese puppy that develops mats and tangles in her undercoat despite frequent combing and brushing. I spray her down with a light mist before I brush the coat, and if I find any tangles that I don't like, I spray them with a spray and rub them into the tangle. I can easily break up the tangles with my fingers. It leaves my pup's coat soft but not greasy, and it has a pleasant scent that my dog loves.

👤It works well to make fur softer and moist, but it makes my cats run. We used it a few times and I realized it was the product that was doing it. Cats lick themselves and I think they ingest too much of it. They poop. It's pretty gross. I will not be using again.

👤My dog is a mix pit so his skin gets dry and itchy. I give him coconut oil once a month, but sometimes he needs a little more, so I just spray this on and brush him, he doesn't itch anymore. It takes about 10 pumps to use it on him, but it lasts a long time.

👤I have two dogs, a Belgian malinois and a German shepherd. My dog has dry skin. Her hair is static. I brush her every other day. I have been using this spray in her for over a week. I love it! Her fur is softer and less static. I use it on my malinois as well, and I have noticed that her fur is softer now. It smells great! When I first sprayed my dogs, they were a bit uneasy but once I got into the habit of brushing and spraying, they were fine with it. I will buy this again.

👤A husky we adopted was not well taken care of and his white coat was in bad shape. It was very doable. He's very itchy because he didn't have healthy oils on his skin. The product made his fur softer as it dried. The smell is great. I rubbed it through his fur after spraying it on my hands. He's still itching. I can tell it calms his skin. This product is helping him with his allergies.

8. Natural Dog Company Hypoallergenic Paraben Free

Natural Dog Company Hypoallergenic Paraben Free

It's good for skin that's sensitive. Their Oatmeal for Dogs is an extra-gentle formula for dogs who have delicate and easily irritated skin. Give them a wash that won't irritate their skin. It is gratifyingly soothing. Their special formula contains manuka honey and other ingredients that help the skin and coat. 100% safe for all animals. Sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and toxins are not found in their dog wash. You can be sure that bathing dogs of all ages and sizes is safe. Natural and organic. They only use natural ingredients. When making canine care products, harmful chemicals, pesticides, and Additives are not an option. Share their love for animals. A group of dog lovers and dog experts. Their dog wash is made for their furry friends' health and happiness.

Brand: Natural Dog Company

👤I am in love with myself. With this product! My red nose pitbull's coat was the most soft and shiniest it's ever been after the first use. I have used different brands of pet isles from Target and Walmart, and the results were not as good as the one from jax and daisy. I used the flash on my phone to record her coat last night. I give my pitbull their skin and coat supplement and that has helped relieve her itchy and sensitive skin. Her vet said her skin is very healthy, and she no longer licks her arm. Also! The ingredients in the supplement were great for my dog, and I showed my pitbull's vet the supplements I give her. (:)

👤After my dog had a bad trip to the groomers and developed two red sores on her stomach, I decided to purchase this shampoo. I used the skin soothing stick from the same company and gave my baby a bath after they were almost gone. My girl was smelling like a wet dog for a few minutes until she dried, because there wasn't a strong smell from the shampoo. Her coat has never been more soft and her stomach has never looked better. This is going to save me money. It would be a good idea.

👤I was very happy with the results of my first use of this product. It didn't hurt my dogs' sensitive skin and left them feeling soft. I have used many balms/creams from this company and this is the same quality product line.

👤I will not buy another kind of hair product after using this. The product is amazing. All natural. I worked for two rescue dogs. It's for itchy skin and allergies. The ingredients are amazing. This is the second purchase I have made from this company. They have not been disappointed. The price is reasonable compared to other brands.

👤No strong smell. The shears and rinses work well. It didn't seem to do much for itching.

👤We adopted a weimaraner mix rescue pup and we were not sure if she ever had a bath, so we bought this cleanser for her. She isn't a fan of bath time, but we love this product! We couldn't believe how shiny and soft her coat was when she was all dry. The scent is almost no scent at all. Our dog found our forever hair product.

👤The scent is very subtle. This helps to keep the hair soft. Adding scent to my pup #1 is not natural because they depend on their sense of smell. I don't get the smell of wet dog with the scent of fragrance. The fur of my dogs is soft. I love petting him more. He isn't scratching as much. I will be purchasing again.

👤My dog had a bad reaction to it. I decided to give it a try even though I wasn't happy with the scent. He woke up the next day with a lot of bumps on his body and his coat was very dull. It might work for others, but it didn't work for me.

9. Bark Basics Oatmeal Shampoo Gallon

Bark Basics Oatmeal Shampoo Gallon

Natural oatmeal calms dry, itchy, and irritated skin for puppies and dogs of all ages. Oatmeal conditions make the coat soft and silky. Replenishes And Conditions, Coconut Fragrance, makes your dog feel soft and silky. Natural oatmeal is ideal for frequent use and it can relieve skin irritation. Professionals use used by grooming professionals. Premium pet products are used at grooming salon around the world. This product is also safe for cats. 16 to 1 concentrated can be used to make 16 gallons of shampoo or 16 to 1 can be used to make full strength. More concentrated than other brands. Salon grooming quality. The pH is balanced for your dog's skin and coat. The highest quality naturally derived ingredients are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality for your furry friends. If used per manufacturer's directions, will not wash off flea and tick products. There are no soaps, Parabens, or Biodegradable.

Brand: Bark2basics

👤This is a product that I love. I have been looking for a brand that I want to stick to. I own a grooming shop. On average, we do 10-16 dogs a day. This has worked for all hair types. Will order again.

👤This is a good smelling cleanser. I like how soft it is. It makes her fur brighter. It doesn't cause her any problems. If you have a golden retriever, this is a good value for the amount of hair removal you get. I bought a pump on Amazon that fits gallon bottles for 5 bucks. The product should come with a pump, but not the end of the world. This is a great product to bathe your pup.

👤Despu├ęs de usar, varias veces hemos comprobado. Ahora, antes lo tena sedoso, pero ahora es seco y se le cae. No puedo regresar el artculo, pero ha pasado 35 das. La fragancia. No huele a nada. Aplicar el champ seco para el olor. Lastimosamente No, no, no

👤I bathe dogs all day. I prefer not to drink from the bottle. The only one that doesn't make my hands dry out is this one. It is my new go to.

👤The smell seemed to be fine. The coconut smell is nice. This prediction did not work well for my dogs. We bathe our dogs frequently. I noticed the flaky skin on my face after using this conditioner and shampoo for the first time. Out of four dogs, three are looking at something. The fourth dog is blonde. Maybe she also has the flecks, but they aren't as noticeable. After a second bathing, the swastika-like hair looked worse than it did when I first washed it. Before this, we had no problems with the dog wash. I bought this kind because it sounded promising and was more affordable than the bulk jugs. But never again. Their fur seems almost oily now, like hair that hasn't been washed in a few days. They don't feel clean. I spent all the money on the conditioner and the hair product and it was worthless to me.

👤I like to add water to a separate container of it to make it more concentrated, and I like to wash our 3 dogs, one with a soft wavy coat and one with a standard poodle.

👤This is great for dogs with dry skin. I like having this on hand for my dogs. The scent is pleasant, but not as long lasting as some of the other products I use.

👤We are very happy with this product. Our dogs need baths a lot and we live on the water. This is perfect for them. The smell of the pond is removed with the help of the shampoo. We haven't had any issues with irritation because it doesn't dry out their skin. If it had a pump top, you could make this better. We put it into a bottle.

10. PET CARE Sciences Puppy Shampoo

PET CARE Sciences Puppy Shampoo

The best puppy wash is a professional grade formula. Your puppy's coat is in great condition. The best puppy wash is a professional grade formula. Your puppy's coat is in great condition. Coconut Oil is used in this Naturally Derived Formula. Cheap synthetic hair products are not a good idea. No Sulfate, Parabens, Phosphate, MEA or DEA are gentle. The very best ingredients in a dog wash. Over 12 weeks. It's easy to use: wet your dog's coat, apply product and lather it up. Simply rinse! Puppy washing is fun. If you or your pet are not completely and utterly satisfied with the product, the brand will give you a hassle free 100% refund. A very effective formula from a well-known brand and with a full money back guarantee.

Brand: Pet Care Sciences

👤We have tried a number of different brands of puppy washes and this one was the one we really liked. It left his fur soft and smelling fresh. I am allergic to heavy smells. His fur is still soft and smelling great after three days. Highly recommend it and have subscribed to receive it regularly through Amazon.

👤So far, so good. The first wash with the new Puppy shampoo was done by Ace. There is a He is 4 months old. His hair is even fluffier and he smells great. The smell is not overwhelming and it's soft. I was worried that it didn't need a stronger smell. It lathered well and was easy to wash off. He was ready to play after I dried him. I will update if there is an allergic reaction. We are both happy so far.

👤Hank is a puppy. After reading the reviews on Amazon, I decided to order your Puppy Shampoo even though little Hank wouldn't enter our lives for a few days. I drove about 250 miles to pick him up after your hair product arrived. He had to go to the vet the day after he arrived. He passed with flying colors. He had no problems for the first couple of weeks. Back to the vet twice. He had an allergy and was given a shot. He scratched. I decided it was time for his bath. I was prepared for a battle of wills. Not so! He enjoyed his bath and we kept his hair out of his face. The only challenge was to keep him from licking it before I could rinse it off. He has been a happy camper and has not scratched at anything. We will buy it again when we run out. His coat is shiny and is testimony to your product. You got this review.

👤The baby loves playing with dirt and tackles anyone who plays with him. My husband says he just smells good after getting a bath, because the amount of dirt I wash off him is insane. He smells amazing after we blow dry his dry coat and apply the shampoo to his dry coat.

👤My dog was scratching. She was only two months old and didn't have enough weight to be on her medication. She didn't have fleas or dry skin when she went to the vet. She had a big difference in her scratching. She likes to scratch herself. She has cut back on that. This is for a scratching puppy.

👤It's okay. I don't smell great. It doesn't smell bad either. After using it on my golden retriever puppy, some of her fur was not very soft. I was expecting more from the reviews I read. I will finish using the bottle. I will most likely try another brand when it's gone. I will most likely try the coat brightening adult dog wash once my golden is older.

👤I am very happy with the product. It leaves them smelling good and soft. It really cleans any dinginess off when they are white. I have Jacks in the house that are part of the family. I am also a clean freak. I bathe my dogs almost every week in the cold climate we live in. I will wait. I need something gentle. I always buy tearless for them because they don't know how to keep their eyes closed. Always keep away from eyes. Their muzzles and faces have fur. Keeping them clean is good for your health. It's the best way to avoid fleas. I will buy again when necessary. This is a very good value because it is highly concentrated.

11. Burts Bees Dogs Natural Colloidal

Burts Bees Dogs Natural Colloidal

It is possible to condition your dog's dry skin and coat with the help of the oatmeal cleanser from the burt's bees. The formula is made with the highest quality ingredients. Apply to the dog's wet coat. Carefully avoiding eyes, work from head to tail and rinse. The natural formula will only have a light lather. This mild tearless shampoo is pH balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula is free of harsh chemicals.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤The soap is clean and has no smell. It wouldn't be a good idea for dogs that have allergies.

👤When my Yorkie babies are 10 years old, they get dry flaky, itchy, red and food sensitivities. Royal Treatment is an amazing cleanser and conditioner. They never had a problem, but it was hard to find. When I tried other high rated brands, they both had skin problems. I love many of the products from Burt's Bee, so I wanted to try their dog wash and conditioner. I wasn't expecting it to do anything, but their dry skin is completely healed. They are clean. It doesn't have a scent so they don't smell clean for a while, but it's worth it. I started with only the cleanser, but they needed the conditioner. I think their skin started improving within a few weeks after they were bathed once a week. I think the reason this product doesn't lather as much is because it doesn't have the harsh sulfates that make all those suds, so it's not suited for active dogs that need deodorizing or aren't bathed weekly or have sensitive skin. The oats are used for dry skin and in my skin care. This review is helpful to someone. It's a good thing.

👤The price requires a large size. Cleans well. My dog is losing fur after the first use. I have used this before and no issues. She was thoroughly washed, and no other products were used. The bottle was runnier than usual. The integrity of the product was questioned.

👤I went to use the product and it was not the same as what I ordered. Some households water their soap down to have it last longer. There is a Well. We are here. Watered down the hair product. Disappointed. Trying to find a way to contact the seller. I took off a star because it leaked a bit. It was packaged in a sealed baggie so that it wouldn't damage anything else in the box. It's a good thing.

👤It's hard to use because it doesn't lather. It's like you spread a liquid over their body, but it will get caught in their fur. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I was looking forward to using this new product on my dog. It was too thick of a cleanser. I had to use a lot to wash her. After her bath, when she was mostly dry, I smelled her. She still smelt like a dog. I've been bathing her once a month for 12 years and this is the first time it has happened. I'm very disappointed in the movie. I won't be buying any of their products again.

👤My dog is only 4.5 lbs and it takes very little soap to suds him up, so this will last me forever. The scent of the cleanser is not really that strong. I don't like chemicals on my dog and I can't stand perfumey. The product is easy to rinse out. The dog is clean and smelling good. He isn't a stinky dog and only gets a bath once in a while after a particularly dusty hike. Keep saying "bath" to the dog and he will get used to it. Small bits of cheese work well if you want to get lots of happy voice talk. Let your dog know that getting bathed is a good activity. Soon you will have a dog that will be happy to be bathed.


What is the best product for dog oatmeal shampoo for dry itchy skin?

Dog oatmeal shampoo for dry itchy skin products from Honest Paws. In this article about dog oatmeal shampoo for dry itchy skin you can see why people choose the product. Nulife Natural Pet Health and Wahl are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog oatmeal shampoo for dry itchy skin.

What are the best brands for dog oatmeal shampoo for dry itchy skin?

Honest Paws, Nulife Natural Pet Health and Wahl are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog oatmeal shampoo for dry itchy skin. Find the detail in this article. Earthbath, Burt's Bees and Tropiclean are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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