Best Dog Name Tags Engraved for Pets

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1. Anzir Pets,Large Tag,Scannable Location,Small Personalized

Anzir Pets%EF%BC%8CLarge Tag%EF%BC%8CScannable Location%EF%BC%8CSmall Personalized

You can contact them if you have any problems after the purchase. The service team is the best in the business. The best choice for your dog is a personalized dog tag. You can link the dog id tag to the mobile app and change it at any time. Adding health info will help the finder take care of your pet. If someone scans the QR code and shares it, your pet's location will be sent to your email, but it's not a gps tracker. Someone can see your contact info. The tag can be used on any phone. The pet id tag on the website or app is the only thing that will make the code work. The pet id tags are all over the world. Every owner can register their pet in the international database. If you want to setup and use it, you need to use the QR code to enter the website or install the app. You need to enter your phone number and e-mail in order to get your pet tag activated. Start enjoying your new funny pet tag. If you find your pet, anyone can access your pet's profile to contact you. Share the location of your pet. No apps are needed. There are no additional costs for being free for life. There is a free pet profile page. Petmso member list and gps location sharing function are included. 24 hours/7 days support contact. A wide range of designs are available for custom dog tags. Premium color printing makes thePet tag look modern. The dog name tag is more durable because of the 5-layer print protection. Dog tags are made of plastic and Crystal drops of glue. The dog collar tag is noiseless. It protects silent dog tag from damage.

Brand: Anzir

👤I can't use the website to register.

2. Customizable Number Francis Protect McVan

Customizable Number Francis Protect McVan

"Protect My Pet" is written on the medal. This product listing does not include engraving. St Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals. The medal is approximately 1 inch wide.

Brand: Mcvan

👤The small one is the same size as a dime. You cannot run a key ring through the eye of a small dog, because it is too small for my terrier. The ring opening is very small. I bought the large one and it was perfect. I bought my other dogs at the church shop and they look great, but I wouldn't write anything in the back of the tag as it is too small. I put the new hook thingy on her key ring with her chip. I love it! The price was a bit steep.

👤I am over the moon with this charm. I was going to put it on my baby. It was large enough to see but not large enough to be overwhelm. It was just perfect. I am so happy.

👤Exactly what is advertised. I would have loved it if I could have engraved her name and phone number on it.

👤This is a nice little medal that is pretty and was well priced. I gave one to a friend for her pets because I have one in my car. I had hoped for better quality, and they are.

👤All rusted after a few weeks.

👤My dog has been wearing this for more than a year and it is still in great shape.

👤Disappointed. The tag quality is not good and it looks like a big mess after about a month.

3. STVK Personalized Tags,Lightweight Stainless Fulfilled

STVK Personalized Tags%EF%BC%8CLightweight Stainless Fulfilled

Need more than one tag? They have 100 designs to choose from. The dog has a bone design pet ID tag. You can put your phone number and pet's name on this dog ID tag by using the three letterboards. 60 days full money back and a whole dog tag replacement. Dogs want their love, not manufacturers. They will use lightweight 304Stainless Steel, which can be feeless to neither dog nor cat, and you can build your own dog tag. Pets don't like weight on their neck. Think do it yourself, not this time! They provide a hands-on tool for every customer, and their dog tag is simple. They will send a full installation video to your Amazon message box if you refer to the main image video. Various styles, size and materials are available. If you can't find what you're looking for in this link, you can either enter their store product list page or lick on their brand name STVK above the product listing title. You will be surprised to find more special dog tags. There must be a dog that likes that one.

Brand: Stvk

👤The tag fell apart when I realized it was too late, and I lost all of the screws and plastic pieces. I'm not sure why it would fall apart after just 3 weeks, I'm sure I tightened the screws as much as I could. Disappointed. I need a new tag. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing I only had a few days to prepare for the adoption. I can make a tag for the dog's name and phone number. The process of putting it together is easy. When I spelled my phone number onto the tag, I realized that my phone number has four "2" in it, and that the product only comes with three sets of letters and numbers. I was almost upset by the lack of it, but found a way to replace it with letter "z". It worked out for me despite the compromise, but I want other buyers to be aware of this.

👤The situation came up quickly where I would need a tag immediately and this one was delivered fast. The letters and numbers are very small. I think they could have made the letters and numbers larger, which would really help, but it does give you the benefit of changing the info.

👤It was great, but my dog is a bit rough and the tiny screw fell out, so I don't have enough to replace it. * The company reached out to me and gave me 100% off the purchase price, so I can get a new one. If you don't have the patience to wait for an engraved one to come in the mail, the tag is a must buy.

👤It was more difficult than I thought. The tiny pieces wouldn't click in easily.

👤Just keep a hold of the tiny screws. It's difficult to assemble.

👤It lasted less than a week on my dog. Not worth it.

👤It's a good quality, but the lettering is small. It is perfect for my German shepherd.

4. DISONTAG Personalized Customized Directs Modifiable

DISONTAG Personalized Customized Directs Modifiable

The operation is very simple, you just need to enter your text, you will get your unique pet ID. Each ID tag has a unique code on the back. You can add photos and texts of dogs to the exclusive profile. It can be important health information. There are names, phone numbers, and emails. Someone can see what you left when they look at the QR code. The exclusive profile can be changed with time and mood. The new generation of dog tags is colorful and distinctive. Simple setup, no subscription fee, no app required, and easy to use. The material is very sturdy and durable and can be used for small, medium and large dogs. The processing time is 1-2 days, most parcels can arrive in 15 to 25 days, if you visit the DISONTAG Store above or below the product title.

Brand: Disontag

👤It was easy to make a profile, and the reader was great. A smart phone is a great way to fit a lot more info than a small dog tag.

👤Medailles certes assez esthétiques MAIS totalement inadaptées. J'explique, le texte personnalisé n'est rien d'autre qu'une impression numérique sur ce pastille en plastique. Vous essayez de fixer sur un support un peu épais. On vous vend un QR code, l'anneau reste écarté, et la médaille tombe. Mais sur 2 médailles, 1 seule avait un QR code valide. Achat totalement inutile ou du moins. "chien de salon" est plus des médailles. ces médailles pour un usage sur des chiens "de campagne".

👤Anuncia el proveedor, est bien y es tal.

👤El qr est perfectamente, es fcil registrarlo con foto, es gruesa y de buen material,le doy 5 estrellas.

👤Medaglia robusta e ben confezionata

👤There is a code that says bancaire sinon sa marche pas grosse arnaque.

5. Pieces Personalized Stamping Aluminum Silver

Pieces Personalized Stamping Aluminum Silver

The package contains 24 pieces of silver blank dog ID tags in 8 different shapes, and 24 pieces of rings, which can meet your different needs, suitable for various kinds of pet dogs, cats and other small animals. The pet ID tags are lightweight and appropriate for different pets, which have plenty of room for necessary information about the pets, nice for attaching to the pet collar, etc. Quality material: the dog ID tags are made of quality aluminum material, which is sturdy and safe for pets to use, not easy to fade or fray, and the polished mirror-finish surface is suitable for both clear and permanent laser engraving and hand writing with markers. There are 8 different cute shapes, including bone, round, paw, heart, star, rectangular, and so on, the blank dog tags offer diverse choices for you to match your pet's characteristics. The blank pet name number tags can be applied for pets like dogs and cats, nice and decorative accessories, and easy to find if your pet is lost.

Brand: Frienda

6. Rhinestone Stamping Personalized Engraved Identification

Rhinestone Stamping Personalized Engraved Identification

The package contains 8 pieces of rhinestones dog ID tags in 4 different shapes, enough quantity to satisfy your various using needs, convenient for you to choose a proper one for your pet dogs, cats and other small animals. The glitter dog tags can be engraved with funny slogans and even have a phone number and address on the back side, which is a good chance for pet keepers to give. Quality material: made from alloy with surface coat and metal polish, these pet ID tags are not easy to break and can accompany pets for a long time; The attached rings help to connect the tags with pet collars. These dog name tags are decorated with single-sided rhinestones and are great for shining under the light and in the sun. These bling pet tags are useful for finding your pets easily after they lost in various outdoor activities such as traveling, participating in themed parties, dog shows and so on.

Brand: Weewooday

👤There are so many of these tags that I love them. These should be able to take care of the tags for a while because my Dobbe keeps forgetting them. I can get the engraving done for free, so it works well for me. It is dulliness... I don't think the loops that are sticking out are worth it, they will most likely brake off as the others did before, however half of them do have a hole drilled into the metal, so those should work.

👤I did both the bones and they came out gorgeous, it was my first time engraving with my Cricut and I loved it. I have to figure out the size of the rest. Will buy again if they come out with blue for my other fur- baby!

7. Vanlovemac Engraved Personalized Kitten Stainless

Vanlovemac Engraved Personalized Kitten Stainless

The gift is a lively message, "oh, I lost, please call my mom,she is ugly crying, really ugly crying" engraved on the exquisite ID tag, do the talking for the pets, great tags for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, There are cute ANGLES. The key ring is 20mm. It is a great gift for a new dog parent or someone you loved who gets a dog, it is easy to fit on the dog's collar, and it is in a classic gift box. Cute angles need a christmas gift. The small split ring that connect the charm to the key-ring is welded and closed to prevent the plate from falling off. STURDY QUALITY: Made of a high quality steel, it is safe on your pets and resistant to many problems. It is hand polished on both sides to make it comfortable for pets. After sales service. If you have a problem, please don't hesitate to contact them. They will give you a full year warranty and a free replacement if you don't like it.

Brand: Vanlovemac

👤It seems to be a sturdy tag. Little is the key word. To read the inscription, you need a magnifying glass. You can save money by going to a local pet store.

👤I bought this for my Jack Russell mix who has a tendency to take himself for a run if he gets out, but it is much smaller than I thought. The description should say that it is tiny. I mean really small. I bought 2,1 for his collar that he cares for at home and 1 for his vest when we go out. If they break off, I won't buy them again. The red bone behind it is a regular laser engraved tag from the pet store and it is almost half the size.

👤I would have liked to have read the reviews before buying. It is nearly impossible to read size. The idea is cute, but not recommended if you want to read it. The tag is so small that it can't be used with a standard ring. A split ring is how it must be attached to a circular ring. The tag would be lost if the circular ring was pulled apart. It is not practical for anything other than a joke. An overpriced joke at that.

👤This tag reminds people that your heart is broken if your fur baby goes missing and the person who finds them wants to keep them. The tag is easy to read and hold up after a while. This tag is recommended by me.

👤You need magnifying glasses to be small. This would be great for a small dog or kitten, but not for a long hair dog or a medium size dog.

👤I thought it would be bigger, however it is a tiny tag. I don't use it because it's too small for my big labs and it's for a small breed dog. I gave it to a friend.

👤The size of a dog tag is not ideal for small breeds. I wanted a tag that was cute yet funny to go with my personality, and that's what I found.

👤You can't engrave or change anything.

👤Fast delivery, great purchase.

8. CYTING Francis Animals Protect Stainless

CYTING Francis Animals Protect Stainless

The founder of the Order of Friars Minor was a Roman Catholic friar named Saint Francis of Assisi. The feast day of the patron saint of animals, birds, and the environment is October 4 and it is customary for Catholic churches to hold ceremonies honoring animals. The St. Francis Pet ID Tag is a great gift for cat lovers. Their pets bless them with love, devotion and joy. They can bless and protect them with a St. Francis pet ID tag. The pet protection tag is in a velvet bag. A great gift for any animal lover. The material is STAINLESS STEEL and ALLOY. They are free of lead and nickel. It doesn't rust, change colour or tarnish and is hypo allergenic. The disc pendant and key ring diameter are measured. The patron saint for the protection of animals is St. Francis of Assisi.

Brand: Cyting

👤I was excited to get this for our new rescue dog. The metal was lost in less than a week. She still has the angel and paw charms. Very disappointed.

9. HYH Stainless Engraved Personalized Christmas

HYH Stainless Engraved Personalized Christmas

Excellent material. The surface of the pet tags and bells is 18K gold-plated, which is luxurious and durable. The dog tag size is 1.5inch and the bell size is 1.97inch. It's suitable for pets of all sizes, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, monkeys, pet pigs, etc. It can be used as a key ring ornament. The package includes 18K gold- plated bone tags and bells. Pets can easily wear the metal chain closure button on the tags and bells. Customization The pet ID tag is suitable for dogs, cats, and other animals, and it is also very suitable for a keychain. The name, address, phone number, pet portrait, and other information of the pet can be engraved on the label. The combination of pet ID tags and bells can be worn on the collar or golden dog chain. It can be used as a birthday or holiday gift for pets or their owners.

Brand: Hyh

👤The chain is as elegant as gangsta. My dog used to bark but now demands respect, because he now struts around when wearing this chain. He wants the other dogs in the neighborhood to know that he runs the town. This chain is for you if you want to elevate your dog to a top dog. It is high quality and looks like a gangsta chain. He won't let me put on a leash anymore because he doesn't want me using the chains on a leash.

👤The chain is a great weight. Really looks great. The packaging was well done.

👤The item arrived on time. It's light. The container kept it from getting scratched.

👤My dog's old collar is getting worn out so I got this for her. The chain is heavier than I thought, and the collar is perfect for her attitude.

👤Good quality steel! My dog was very cute and received a lot of praise. I want to wear the rhinestones for myself.

10. Dog Tags Pets Silicone Identification

Dog Tags Pets Silicone Identification

Comes with a bag. Please contact them if you have any questions. They're happy to chat with their customers. The modern digital solution simplifies the process of finding the owner. You can link the dog id tag to the mobile app and change it at any time. Adding health info will help the finder take care of your pet. Pet tags are linked to your pet's profile in the Multifunctional Mobile App. You can plan events in the life of a pet by keeping their documents structured. You can store information about pets at the same time. The owner will be notified instantly if someone scans a lost dog's pet id tags. Thanks to the exact pet location you receive the message, you have a clear idea of the dog's location. Premium color printing makes the pet tag modern. Dog name tags are more durable because of 3-layer print protection. Dog id tags are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. Dog tags are made from a material that is durable. Dog collar tags made with Silicone are noiseless. It protects silent dog tag from damage.

Brand: Waudog

👤It seems like a great idea. I like the idea of it and it is very lightweight, so hopefully I will never have to use it.

👤I have a few for my pets. If your pet is missing, the app will give you aGPS location.

👤Apenas para mi gato. Fcil de configurar. En oferta es perfecto, su precio.

👤It was easy to set up love the way you want it to be, without having to buy a new tag. You get a notification when it's been scanned, and it shows the location of the device. Very happy with the purchase!

👤It works and has good quality, but you have to pay more for things like adding more than one phone number.

👤I didn't read it very well, but I thought it showed real time location. It doesn't. It shows if someone else scanned the qr code.

👤It works with the app. If your pet gets lost. Someone scans it on their phone and it will alert you.

👤The tag is bulky, but it doesn't bother my cat. You can make your account through the website "animal ID net", where you can get a qr code. I'm happy with it. It serves its purpose.

11. COMTIM Stainless Holder Collar Harness

COMTIM Stainless Holder Collar Harness

The set of 2 dog tag clips, come with 4 split O-Rings in 2 size, can work perfectly with many standard thickness tags. The tag clips and split ring are made of 100%stainless steel and are heavy duty. Design for a long time. It's easy to attach your dog's collar or harness with the quick clips and easy change pet ID tag holder. It's super secure. The dog tag clips were tested by the dog rolling, running, jumping or fetching, and their ID tag will always remain securely in place. There is a guarantee of success. They think you will like their clips. If it is faulty or not good, they will replace it or give you a new one.

Brand: Comtim

👤I ordered a personalized tag for my daughter, and I was excited to get these clips. I wanted a clip for the tag that she had recently. I thought the clips were strong and would hold her tags. I attached both tags with the rings that came with the clip and she hadn't put them on for 24 hours when I discovered they were gone. We searched for two days for those tags. I paid $20 for her personalized tag and now have to order another one. The clips will not be used for the new tag. Not so secure!

👤The dog tag clip was stuck on the kennel when I came home. I'm glad he was okay, I don't know how long he'd been like that. The situation could have ended in tragedy. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤The new license tags went on about 3 weeks ago. I can see if my Shepherds have fallen off if they wear their tags on their harnesses. If I clipped them on the chest, I wouldn't notice them as quickly. I can ask anyone who knows if they are wearing them. The harnesses are bright colored and just a glance at the contrasting tag and fabric makes it clear that they should escape me and be traveling alone. I broke my fingernails when I put the lightweight rings from the vet's office in place or needed tools. The display and clip are easy to use. I would recommend the seller.

👤Our last dog broke her tags off on everything, so we got these. The rings are very solid and require pliers to install. The carribeaner isn't hard to open. I could see that it was attaching to something else or detaching itself more easily than I expected. I made sure to attach it to the collar loop so that the opening of the clip faces his neck. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

👤This product is the best if you have ever lost a dog ID tag. My dogs run through the woods. We are always losing their tags. Since I have been using this product, I have not missed a tag.

👤The tags are strong. I INRDeals I am not worried that our dogs will lose their tags because these are stronger and better made.

👤These clips are strong. They are the right size for a dog collar.

👤This product makes it easy to remove dog tags when my dog is inside the house as the tags sometimes irritate her. Lost dog tags are a result of previous rings coming undone.


What is the best product for dog name tags engraved for pets?

Dog name tags engraved for pets products from Anzir. In this article about dog name tags engraved for pets you can see why people choose the product. Mcvan and Stvk are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog name tags engraved for pets.

What are the best brands for dog name tags engraved for pets?

Anzir, Mcvan and Stvk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog name tags engraved for pets. Find the detail in this article. Disontag, Frienda and Weewooday are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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