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1. Dabihu Funny Personalized Stainless Collar

Dabihu Funny Personalized Stainless Collar

The funny pet ID tag reads "I'm an a ss ho le and ran away". It's suitable for any cute cat or dog. When your dog gets lost, it's very helpful. Leave your dog with you. The fun dog tag comes with a split ring and you can attach it to any dog or cat collar saving you time and trouble. A hand stamped pet tag. The single disc tag is both practical and funny. The design is considered. The small size and light weight is perfect for your dog or cat. It was a good choice for the dog lover. Highly polished and high quality. It doesn't rust, change colour or tarnish and is hypo allergenic. A funny pet tag is a perfect gift. The jewelry is ready for giving. It works well with your pets.

Brand: Dabihu

👤You can't read the tag, it's the worst thing I've ever gotten on Amazon.

👤My dog is an escape artist. It's funny and people get a kick out of it.

👤The product was great. A little small but still cute.

👤Cutest thing on my Yorky who likes to run.

👤That is terrible. Shame on them!

2. Extodry Custom Personalized Address Accessories

Extodry Custom Personalized Address Accessories

These bling pet tags are useful for finding your pets easily after they lost in various outdoor activities such as traveling, participating in themed parties, dog shows and so on. The pet id tube tag is made of brass, which is light and waterproof. A small note with a name, address, phone number, and other information can be created. 5 packs of dog tag tube are included. The ring diameter is 9mm and the tag tube height is 35mm. It is small and lightweight. The dog tag barrel tube can be used as a decoration and as a necessity to prevent pets from missing. Put the label in the barrel and tighten it. Pets may loosen it during activities, so please check it after a period of time.

Brand: Extodry

3. KEKID Personalized Profile Emergency Modifiable

KEKID Personalized Profile Emergency Modifiable

Put the label in the barrel and tighten it. Pets may loosen it during activities, so please check it after a period of time. The size of the pet tag is 1.26 inches and it is made from special synthetic material. The pattern can't shine at night. The Traditional Dog Tags are different. Adding the dog's best photos to show the dog's moving moments is one of the things you can do. The most important health information for your dog, and the most touching story can be written down. There are no limits. Your address and phone number can be changed at any time, as the dog grows up. The pet id tags are vivid and distinctive. Setup and use. To access the pet profile page, you need to use the tag link. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. If you find your pet, anyone can access your pet's profile to contact you. No apps are needed. The best gift for your friend is the Multifunction qr code tag. No subscription costs, a free online pet profile webpage, and a personalized pattern design. (). Click "visit KekID Store" to find a more suitable dog ID.

Brand: Kekid

4. Jovitec Durable Rings Collars Harnesses

Jovitec Durable Rings Collars Harnesses

3 sets of dog clips come with 9 pieces split o-rings in 3 sizes, they can work perfectly with many standard thickness tags. You can mix and match these rings to meet your needs with your key chain, and it is also a beautiful shining decoration for your gadgets. Most cats and dogs use a clip to quiet tag at night. Change dog collar with ease without removing the dog tags can be convenient for people who have pets. The clip with a compact design works for most cats and dogs of different sizes, they are sturdy and durable.

Brand: Jovitec

👤These are for holding my dog's tags and they won't stay clipped. I don't understand why they look sturdy, but within a day their tags were no longer on their collars. Within a few days, the same thing happened again after I found and reattached them.

👤I like this set because I have a puppy. The clips are easy to use and sturdy. You get 3 clips if they are not made of steel. I started with the smallest first and it's great that the puppy has several size rings. As she gets bigger, I will change the ring size. The id tags are not low enough that she can chew on them or drag them on the floor. Maybe it's because they don't sound like they're making a lot of noise. I used a buckle clip for my previous dog, but this is much easier to use. I like to change my dog's collar. I don't have to fight with this one like I did with the old one. I think all of these were a great deal. I will update my review if they don't turn out to be as durable as I think they will be. There are no drawbacks now.

👤I would have liked these, except for one thing. If you have a larger collar, the clip won't fit around the "D" ring. If that makes sense, the ring on the collar needs to be smaller in diameter. I put the tags on the collar ring using one of the "key" rings. If one wants to change out the collar, they aren't quickly removed. I gave this item a 4 stars because I will use the "key" rings on different kets. I was able to put the license tag on the ring as well. The dog tags have a small hole in them and it is hard to find a key ring that will fit on without drilling the tag out. If your collar has a smaller ring, these would work. I would not allow it if it has a larger ring. It was worth the money spent because of the different size rings that come with it.

👤They are much larger than I expected. I will find a use for them, but they are useless as a key ring or dog collar accessory.

👤I was initially annoyed that my order didn't include carabiners, it was just a set of key rings. I gave a poor rating and the seller immediately sent a new set with the clips. The key rings are very high quality. My dog usually finds a way to destroy the normal key rings. It's happened a dozen times. I don't think that will happen with these. The tiny carabiners are cute and strong, but I'm not sure if they're fool proof for a dog to lose their tags.

👤These are great for dog, goat and horse tags. It is easy to clip on and move to a dif collar. Over a year of wear and tear, it is still perfect. I have bought many times and will continue to do so.

5. Keychains Stainless Spring Load Holders Harnesses

Keychains Stainless Spring Load Holders Harnesses

Most dogs and cats have good security with the tag clips with rings. The set comes with 4 pieces pet ID clips and 4 pieces split o-rings in different sizes and can satisfy your needs. There are 4 sizes and they are good for size differences among D-rings of collars and harness, so you can choose the right size for your pet in standard/ medium/ large. The snap hook clip is good for hiking, fishing, cycling, key chain, camping, kayaking, backpacking, safety rope, and it's not easy to fall off when a dog rolling, running, jumping or fetching. The dog tag clips are made of heavy duty forged steel and have a smooth feel to them. It is convenient that changing pet tags quickly and securely with simple clip-on/ off is easy to use.

Brand: Weewooday

👤I ordered them to attach to the metal loop of my dod's collar. I wanted it to be easy to attach their tags. It worked out perfect. Working great.

👤It's easy to clip on a harness.

👤Even though I used the maximum lines, it was readable.

6. UDesignUSA Double Sided Personalized Alabama

UDesignUSA Double Sided Personalized Alabama

The University of Alabama has a pet tag. Click "Customize Now" to begin! Enter the pet's name and information. To make your name.

Brand: Udesignusa

👤We bought a brand new puppy for ourselves because we are Ohio State fans. You could choose the style of the lettering and also put your address on it. It would be much easier for your dog to make the great escape. The paint was chipping on the top in a week. I immediately sent an email to the seller and knew that it would probably be a while before I heard anything. I received an email apologizing for the tag and that they would send me a new one if not sooner. Better customer service is not something you could ask for. Highly recommend dealing with this seller.

👤The top edges of the tag are starting to show silver from the loss of paint. There is no other tag on my dog's collar that can cause scratches or the loss of paint. I'm disappointed that I might have to buy a new one in 6 months.

👤I like the look of these. They seem like they will last a long time. I would definitely recommend them. I already have.

👤This was my favorite dog tag. You can add text on both sides. When I went to order a new one for my dog, it was no longer available.

👤The ID tag is cute. The design is great and it's colorful. If my dog wanders away, I feel better knowing he's identifiable. I will use you for my pet's needs. Thank you for the great product! E. Jane Black died on 9/29/19.

👤The Notre Dame ID tag was perfect and exceeded my expectations. You have a variety of options to choose from to personalize the tag. Would recommend anyone.

👤These tags look great, they do not look cheap, and I bought Alabama collar for all of my four legged children, and I loved them.

👤Plastic noise protectors were a waste of money. It took an hour to put it on the tag. I threw it away.

7. KEKID Custom Customizable Picture Modifiable

KEKID Custom Customizable Picture Modifiable

Click to modify the picture size and upload the picture. There are three shapes of round, hexagon and bone available. When scanned, this tag will take someone to a custom web page with more information about your dog. It's a way to give the person who finds your dog more information than a standard dog tag can provide, like multiple phone numbers, an address, and any known allergies or behavioral problems. As the dog grows up, the body shape, address and phone number can be changed at any time. The pet id tags are vivid and distinctive. The pet ID tag is 0.45 ounces and has fashionable design patterns. Your pet is in the spotlight because he is a great pet. This is what you need. Setup and use. To access the pet profile page, you need to use the tag link. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. If you find your pet, anyone can access your pet's profile to contact you. You don't need an app to find a more suitable dog ID.

Brand: Kekid

👤It's exactly as pictured, and I love that you can use a QR code with your pet's info so that if someone finds them, they can Scan the code with their phone and it will take them straight to said info. It seems very well made. Highly recommended.

👤The tag is in good shape. I didn't see the issue that others did. The code on the back is useless. I can register my e-mail when I use the tag, but when I try to use it, I get no where.

👤It is easy to add more information about your dog. I ordered two. This product is very good. It will help to find your pet.

8. Tags Double Stainless Engraved Personalized

Tags Double Stainless Engraved Personalized

Click "Customize Now" if you want to change the pattern. There is one line text on the front side. The back side has 4 lines text and 18 characters per line. The tags are permanent and measure 1 inch by 1 inch. Strong and durable. The tag has a split ring. The io tags are being engraved.

Brand: Io Tags

👤Absolutely love this tag! I contacted the seller because they said to email them when I ordered but I didn't want to do that because there might be an issue later on. I did more research. They remembered that I wanted to bebas and ordered me the 'Georgia' style of fonts. I was surprised and I want to see what I get. I love it! Quality Steel is not going to bend on you. I don't think the writing will fade over time because it's engraved. The ring that comes with the tag is a quality sturdy ring, unlike other places where you have to buy a more sturdy and stronger ring. Really appreciate that! I hope that doesn't change.

👤Awesome but one mistake, do not put something on metal. It was hard to scrap off the black color from Molly. I was very disappointed. It was soaked well and not allowed to come off with a finger nail. U had to use a glass blade scrapper. Please don't put that silly thing on the next order. Can't read on address side or # bcuz.

👤The dog tag is around $7-8, but it's a $5.00 tag. The size of the tag appears to be the same as the competitor. The additional corner graphic is a nice touch, but it appears to be of poor quality. Shipping and delivery are fast. Lettering not centered on tag front, limited number of lines, 1 to front and 4 on back, and only allowed 18 characters per line were some of the issues I noted. I have used for all of my dogs and it is not up to par compared to metal very thin and etching quality. The edges are not smooth. is a good option for an extra $2 to $3. Better quality all the way around.

👤I am very impressed with this tag and the company itself. After placing my order, I went to the orders tab in my account profile and found an expected delivery date of April 13th-April 21st. I messaged the company and asked if there was a way to track my order so I could see when it shipped. They sent me an email saying that it had already been shipped and the expected delivery date. The contact with this company was quick and easy, which is something I have never experienced with other companies. I placed this order on April 3rd and the tag arrived on April 8th, which is way earlier than the expected delivery dates. The tag was perfect. I tried to bend the metal, but it did not budge. It is not thick or big. It is light and thin, but still very steady. They write on the front and back of the tag. There is a limit of 2 lines on the front and 4 on the back, as well as a character limit for each line. I had no problem fitting all of the information I wanted on this tag. The front of my puppy's tag is just his name, it's cute, it's centered, and it's black, so it's easy to read. Even with the character limit per line, I had no problem fitting my phone number on the first line and then my full address on the following 3 lines. The etching is the same depth as the front, no issues with reading/seeing the letters/numbers printed, good work all around. I am very pleased with the entire order and I was looking for this tag. The tag is for a puppy. He will be 8 weeks old when we bring him home. He is an Australian shepherd and there is no way this tag will be treated well. As time goes on, I will update my review.

9. DISONTAG Personalized Customized Directs Modifiable

DISONTAG Personalized Customized Directs Modifiable

The operation is very simple, you just need to enter your text, you will get your unique pet ID. Each ID tag has a unique code on the back. You can add photos and texts of dogs to the exclusive profile. It can be important health information. There are names, phone numbers, and emails. Someone can see what you left when they look at the QR code. The exclusive profile can be changed with time and mood. The new generation of dog tags is colorful and distinctive. Simple setup, no subscription fee, no app required, and easy to use. The material is very sturdy and durable and can be used for small, medium and large dogs. The processing time is 1-2 days, most parcels can arrive in 15 to 25 days, if you visit the DISONTAG Store above or below the product title.

Brand: Disontag

👤It was easy to make a profile, and the reader was great. A smart phone is a great way to fit a lot more info than a small dog tag.

👤Medailles certes assez esthétiques MAIS totalement inadaptées. J'explique, le texte personnalisé n'est rien d'autre qu'une impression numérique sur ce pastille en plastique. Vous essayez de fixer sur un support un peu épais. On vous vend un QR code, l'anneau reste écarté, et la médaille tombe. Mais sur 2 médailles, 1 seule avait un QR code valide. Achat totalement inutile ou du moins. "chien de salon" est plus des médailles. ces médailles pour un usage sur des chiens "de campagne".

👤Anuncia el proveedor, est bien y es tal.

👤El qr est perfectamente, es fcil registrarlo con foto, es gruesa y de buen material,le doy 5 estrellas.

👤Medaglia robusta e ben confezionata

👤There is a code that says bancaire sinon sa marche pas grosse arnaque.

10. Wallwow Stainless Holder Collars Harnesses

Wallwow Stainless Holder Collars Harnesses

One unique tag is made from a special steel core and coated with noise eliminating and protective polymers on both sides. Dog tag clips come in a size of 1.77in and come with Split O-Rings in 3 sizes. Dog tags in standard thickness work well with different sizes of dog tag clip. Set of 2 dog tag clips, come with 6 split O-Rings in 3 size; set of 4 dog tag clips, come with 12 split O-Rings in 3 size. Medium to large size dogs have a dog tag holder. The dog tag clip was tested by the dog rolling, running, jumping or fetching, and it remained securely in place. It is easy to change a dog collar without removing the dog tags. The pet tag holder made of 304stainless steel has high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, Every purchase includes worry-free service and support. If you have a question, their friendly customer service team will be happy to help.

Brand: Wallwow

👤Finally, an easy way to organize tags.

11. JIAKAI ,Double Number Personalized(Random Colors)

JIAKAI %EF%BC%8CDouble Number Personalized%EF%BC%88Random Colors%EF%BC%89

The design is bone shaped. It was made from hardened aluminum. Approx. 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.2 cm and 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.1 inch are the dimensions. Anti-rust and corrosive resistance is needed for long-term use. Wear resistance without fading. Pets have perfect high-end ID tags. It's also great for a keychain. The name, phone number and adress can be engraved here.

Brand: Jiakai

👤I was hoping to get all the colors, but I knew I wouldn't. My Cricut Explore Air 2 has great tags to use. Will definitely buy again.

👤There were 30 percent of dog bone pennants. I should have paid more attention to the description when they said it would be random colors. I only got 6 different colors. I would have liked to have gotten one of each color. I need to engrave them. I'll request one color each next time, I like them, but other than that.

👤These are great for cricut crafts.

👤I received all the colors. I like that they look great and are durable.

👤It was large enough to engrave.


What is the best product for dog name tag?

Dog name tag products from Dabihu. In this article about dog name tag you can see why people choose the product. Extodry and Kekid are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog name tag.

What are the best brands for dog name tag?

Dabihu, Extodry and Kekid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog name tag. Find the detail in this article. Jovitec, Weewooday and Udesignusa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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