Best Dog Nail Trimmers Large Breed

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1. Millers Forge Nail Large Premium

Millers Forge Nail Large Premium

The cutting blades are made of steel. Heavy duty is made in Italy. The choice of veterinarians and groomers. The choice of veterinarians and groomers.

Brand: Millers Forge

👤Who knows how many pairs of dog nail clippers I have. I am a licensed veterinary technician and I swear by these nail clippers. They could never be easier to use, because they have not changed the style.

👤The best animal nail clippers I have ever used. The Pros: does not crush large dog nails. If you trim your pet's nails like I do, you have probably experienced annoyances with a loose quick guard. It works great on our cats and bunnies. The plier grip is very smooth. It's easy to switch between nails. It was very easy to maneuver. They feel like quality when used. The Furminator clippers broke after the second nail, and they were over $30. The guard got stuck and the blades were locked up. I had to force them open. I exchanged them right away, in the hopes that I could get a better pair, but the next set I got crushed versus cut again. The handle can be very slippery if you don't oil the blade after each use, which is what you are supposed to do. A quick wipe with a paper towel is all it takes. We are some of the lucky ones who have dogs and cats that allow us to cut their nails, so we make sure to do it as often as they need it, and these have stood the test for about 16 uses now.

👤A 200 pound Mastiff hates nails clipped. It took a few days for patients. We got all 10 done. She had surgery about 4 years ago and she won't allow vets to cut her hair.

👤This is my favorite nail cutter for large dogs. I use this in my groom shop. Great for any breed, but goes through Basset and Danes well.

👤I bought this for my dog. It feels good and cuts the nails very well. I am happy with the purchase. The spring is not strong and they cut it with scissors.

👤This item is a replacement for a lost set. The dog likes the old fashioned guillotine type of nail trimmers. It is easy to see what you are cutting. My vet recommended this brand to me.

👤I have nothing bad to say about these clippers. I read that they were dull, counterfeit, or didn't cut the nail. None of those were accurate. I almost didn't buy it because of the few poor reviews. The clippers I received were sharp and cut the nail cleanly. I'm happy with the way it works. My dog is a 100 lab and has thick tough nails.

👤I have purchased a few other clippers and they were terrible. Our dog hates her nails clipped. We had to take her to the salon. I bought these because they looked like the groomers. It's not known if it's the same set as the groomers. They work. I was able to cut our dog's nails. Heavy duty would be a good idea. I would like to find these ones first. Our dog still doesn't like me doing it, but I hope that changes with continued use of these ones.

2. ISPORT Clippers Bright Trimmer Safety

ISPORT Clippers Bright Trimmer Safety

Their pet grooming trimmer is comfortable and light weight and has strong non-slip handles. The nail clipper has a bright light that reduces the risk of cutting nails too short. Dog Clipper blades are made of high quality. It is suitable for both cats and dogs. If there is a question with their product, you can contact them anytime. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Isport

👤The idea is great, but the execution is terrible. Everything about it was an issue. The plastic jaw that supports the hop half of the cutting blade snapped. It is jammed halfway through cutting the nail. I had to fight with it for 30 seconds to get my dog's paw free. The light switch was so sensitive that it flickered the entire time. I had to hold on to the switch to keep it from flickering. The magnifier cover was a great idea, but it was very loose and flopping around. I folded it out of the way and gave up.

👤Don't buy nails for any other reason. The angle is wrong when you can't see with a magnifying lens. Light works. I don't get anything from it. A cheap product.

👤It was very easy to use. Led light is useful. I no longer have to cut my dog nails.

👤Light works, but not sharp enough to cut my dog's nail. My dog is very patient and this nail cutter is not sharp enough to cut his nail without hurting him. When reading this, consider that I rarely post reviews.

👤These cheaper clippers are not for you. I returned and bought the better brand.

👤Terrible product. They wouldn't cut a small dog nail. Don't waste your money.

👤The cutting blade wouldn't stay in.

3. Rexipets Dog Nail Grinder Clipper

Rexipets Dog Nail Grinder Clipper

The dog nail clippers are portable and lightweight. The light below the grinder shines on your pet's claw to prevent over-grinding or cutting. Advanced features allow you to file the claws of a large, medium or small pet. It works with a gentle vibration and has a low noise level. You can use the cable with any computer, power bank orusb plug, and use it for 4 hours with every charge.

Brand: Rexipets

👤My 11 year old rescue chihuahua hates getting her nails done. She would scream if we tried to get close to her with nail clippers. It was traumatic for her and we decided to have the vet handle it. That was fine until conclusive. It was hard to get an appointment in a timely manner when her nails needed attention. I never did it. This thing is a game changer. My dog was uncertain at first. I was doing her nails when she fell asleep. She was calm and didn't cry from frustration. She thought she was at a fancy spa. There is a If you have an over dramatic small dog, I highly recommend you to purchase this! I'm so excited to be able to keep my dog's nails.

👤I love this. I trimmed my dogs nails as a vet tech. I finally decided to try this and it was a game-changing change, it was less messy, easier to use, and safer. You can replenish it. The light was helpful.

👤It is easier to keep my old puppy's nails short. A lab. They grow so fast in his old age that it's hard to keep up with, and it's expensive to take him to the groomer. He doesn't like me touching his paws. With this, I have been able to desensitize him and keep his nails short enough that he is no longer sliding on our hardwood floors, and his toes are not bending in funny directions. The grinder is pretty quiet. The two speeds help you find a setting that will keep your pet comfortable. The guide can be removed to allow safe grinding of different size nails. It is not clear how to order additional bits. The bit pops out in the middle of use, so I took away two stars. It doesn't matter how I use it, the bit pops off at will. This machine serves it's purpose for me, but I'm not certain about recommending it unless the bit security is corrected.

👤This is a very good grinder. Two of my dogs don't like getting their nails done because of the loud noise. This is quite and works. The grinder is made of metal and not the ones that peel off after a few uses.

👤This is the best dog nail grinder we've used. The battery life is amazing. The grinder is able to take off a lot or a little depending on the angle and pressure applied. The grinder head is attached to the spindle, so there's no chance of the ring coming loose while the grinder is in contact with the nail. The work area is well lit by the light. Our dogs are big and they have tough nails. Our dogs aren't bothered by the sound of the grinder, because it works quietly. The grinder wheel is made of a coarse material, which reduces the noise our dogs make. The dog's nail sizes make it difficult for us to shape the nail, so we use the grinder with the wheel fully exposed. It used to take two people to do a job, but now it can be done by one. The Rexipets dog nail grinder is very good.

4. Mighty Paw Stainless Ergonomic Recommended

Mighty Paw Stainless Ergonomic Recommended

The Mighty Paw Dog Nail Clippers are recommended by professionals. They are safe, easy to use, and effective. It's perfect for home or professional use. They have added a safety guard to their pet nail trimmers because they want your pup's safety to be their top priority. The guard stops the nail from being cut too short. The locking switch is used for safe storage. They have included a bonus nail file to make sure that the handle is straight. The clipper blades are razor-sharp. The process of dog nail cutting is quicker and easier when you have a clean and fast clip. Who would like that more, you or your dog? The handles of their dog nail clippers are comfortable and non slip. That makes them comfortable to hold. The control of the design helps prevent cuts. They are based in Rochester, NY, where they design and test all of their gear. Their goal is to build high-quality dog products that enable endless adventures for you and your family.

Brand: Mighty Paw

👤I can't tell you how many nail clippers I've purchased. With two Great Danes, it's difficult to buy nail clippers. So much. I bought a grinder at Home Depot to be able to do their nails. The dog nail clippers changed that. I love the ease of cutting nails with the clippers. A lot of thought went into the design of these clippers for both dog owners and dogs. I would like to thank you from Dublin and me.

👤I am impressed. I have been using the same brand of clippers from the smart pet store for years and they blow them out of the water. They are very sharp, they cut through the nails like butter, the lock works perfectly, and I really like the little nail file that locks into the bottom. After cutting them, it works well to smooth the edges. My Frenchie seemed more at ease since they didn't crush his nail. I like the bright green color. It's very easy to spot them in the drawer. Four paws up with my two thumbs up! If you are looking for new clippers, I recommend these. I was given a pair of clippers for free because of my honest feedback.

👤I don't like cutting the nails. I'm afraid of cutting my dog too much. I don't want to cause him pain or deal with the bleeding. These nail clippers are wonderful. The safety guard keeps me from cutting too deeply, and the longer hand grips are the best thing about the design. I have a brand of nail clippers that has a safety guard, but it has short hand grips, so the whole process of cutting the nails is difficult. These hand grips allow me to cut the nail quickly and securely, without hurting my dog or me. The nail file enclosed within the hand grip is the icing on the cake. I was able to smooth the edge because of that genius. I love this design!

👤The work is great for the terrier. She wants her clipping done quickly so she can get away from the pedicure. The Great Danes are a different story. We just do the Danes all Dremel because these are hard on her nails. She likes it that way. She likes how long the Dremel takes. If you only shadowed the family for 6.5 of the 7 hours you have been awake, a toenail dremeling is a good idea. There is a win when you add that to the other 20 hours of daily attention. The motto of the Great Danes is "never sleep alone when there is a human you can sleep on."

👤These clippers are not of good quality. My dog gets regular trims and these clippers are like chewing on his nails. The included file is a good idea, but not enough for the job. I don't think you should get the red-handled Millers Forge nail clippers. I got these for free in exchange for my review.

👤The guard that I use to prevent trimming the nail too short is more stable than my old clippers. The old clipper had a mechanism to keep the blades closed when not in use, however, it kept engaging on its own while I was trying to actively trim my Chiweenie's nails. The mechanism on this clipper does not get in the way. The file should be in the handle. I like rounding out the edges of the nails with a file. The handles and blades are comfortable. I've only used it once, but it seems sturdy and well made. I expect to use them for a long time.

5. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

The dog nail grinder uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. It is recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals to trim your pet's nails. There are 3 grinding ports and an advanced 2-speed switch. The trimmer has a powerful design that supports heavy grinding. Pick the appropriate port and speed for your pet based on their size and nail strength. Super low noise. Pets get stressed by the sound of a nail grinder. The electric pet nail grinder uses a motor that produces a very low noise. Help sand pets claws. The dog grinder is portable and has an indicator light on the bottom that can be turned on. The grinder has a built-in battery that lasts 2 hours after a charge. It is easier to handle in your right or left hand with the lightweight and ergonomics of the body design. Customer care teams are available 7 days a week. The response was in less than 24 hours. Contact them at any time. They will do their best to help you. People and their pets are happy together.

Brand: Casfuy

👤I've always been afraid of trimming my dogs nails because of my fear of cutting too short. I decided it was time to learn because it was too expensive to have my dogs' nails trimmed frequently. The information on how to trim the nail came from the grinder. I used the grinder for the first time and it worked well. I was able to use my own strength. The dogs did well with the grinder. I rewarded them with treats when they got adjusted to the sound. The wiggled a bit at times, but overall stayed still and allowed me to trim. The grinder is very quiet. Hopefully you can hear that the video is quiet. The video was taken after I trimmed my dogs nails and they were not afraid of it at all. Highly recommended!

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I felt this one deserved one. I have a 6 year old dachshund mini and it has always been difficult to trim his nails. Screaming and biting from the dog. She was scared of nail grinders. I thought I would give it a try. It only took 5 minutes to do all four paws. She held her head up and didn't fight me. When we were done, she wagged her tail. Applause. I think we found the right tool.

👤I have a dog. I left the grinder on the floor next to him for 20 minutes after I got it. He wasn't sure about the funny sound it made. I touched it to his haunches after picking it up, with the cap on, so he could feel it. He wasn't sure about it. With the cap on, I picked up his front paw, secured the nail between my 2 fingers and touched the capped grinder to his nail. He looked at me and thought I was crazy. I spoke softly and gently to him. I touched the grinder to his nail after removing the cap. He flinched but didn't grab his paw. I proceeded to grind only one nail. Success! No angry dog! I will do each nail at a time until he gets used to it. I attached a picture. The after will come later.

👤I wanted to wait a bit before posting my review. I wanted to try it on all of my dogs. I have a large pit bull and 2 small yorkie dogs. The two smaller dogs were easy to manage, their nails fit in the slot, and they were not really freaked out by the noise of the grinder. They were scared at first, but they were good after that. The big pit was different. First of all, he's never had his nails worked on before. He got very freaked out, but that was mainly due to the grinding feel of the device, not anything else. His nails were big, so they didn't fit in there as much as they should have, but after a few minutes, they were fine. The grinder did what it was supposed to do, even though the noise was a bit loud for him. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on him since it was his first time, so I would ease him into it. The grinder seems to work well, and I hope it lasts for a long time.

6. Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer

Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer

The professional dog nail trimmers are made from the best quality steel to give them a long lasting cutting edge. It is designed to give you a non-slip grip that will allow you to maintain control when trimming your dog's nails. This will help prevent accidents. Great for pet parents and professional groomers. A tension spring helps ensure a swift clean cut. It makes nail trimming less of a chore and is great for left or right hand use. The safety stop greatly reduces the risk of injury. The tool is for Large Breeds. It's best suited for large breeds.

Brand: Coastal Pet

👤I ordered the large size because I thought the standard wouldn't work for our German Shepherd, but they were too big and the guard didn't stay in place. I clipped a nail that was too short. I exchanged for the standard size. It's better. Unless you have a giant dog with thick nails, I recommend the standard size. The standard size is perfect for the 80 pound GSD. There is a picture of the two different sizes.

👤Buying a nail clipper for a large dog is not hard, I thought. You buy the one on sale and you are good. I was wrong. I bought these clippers after using similar clippers and they became dull. It's a world of difference. I have a dog that is not a fan of nail trims. If I had to do one nail a day, it would be because of the previous clippers. I can do all the front toes with these clippers. The clippers are so sharp that you don't need much force to cut them. It is wonderful! I can cut through his black nails because they are so sharp. I couldn't see a circle because the clippers would crush his nail. These clippers are very sharp. I can cut his nails in 5 minutes because they cut so smoothly. I've been using these clippers for a while and they're still sharp. I'll replace them once they get dull. I'm pretty sure it won't be until after a year. These clippers are very good.

👤Cheap knock-off! Not the kind of thing that happens in Africa! I have 2 German Shepherd dogs who need their nails trimmed and I am really unhappy that this vendor sent this piece of crap. I have to send the cheap nail trimmers back when they aren't worth the postage because I have to find a pair today. The package says "Let your pet more lovely!" What does that mean? "Spring steel teeth" What teeth? There are no teeth in this item. "Non scratch" what? The person who sent this junk instead of the brand I ordered should be fired.

👤As a fur mom with an 80lb pitmix, other clippers wouldn't make much of a difference. These are cut through like butter and have no ragged parts. I have weak hand strength and can use it. I use a Dremel to remove the sharp edges and both of us are happy. I recommend these if you have a big dog with big nails.

👤The blades are not as sharp as they need to be, even though they look sharp, and I can't comment on the quality of the metal. The GSD got split and chipping nails after cutting them with these clippers. I will have to find a place to get them sharpened so they slice the tip of the nail instead of crushing it.

👤Bo, our 3 year old catahoula, came from a rescue. He is about 55 pounds. Our previous mixed breed 80 pound dog had to be held down by 2 people while a third person cut his toenails. Bo was well behaved when they clipped him. Bo has toenails that are black and white. Covid stopped me from taking him to the vet to have his nails clipped. They looked uncomfortable as they got long enough. The nails were so tough that I couldn't clip them. I found these nail clippers while prowling through them. I bought a large one. There is a swing down door that keeps me out of it. They are sharp. I tried five nails the first day, two the following day and one yesterday. I knew I couldn't hurt him. No one had to hold him. I will keep rotating my feet until my nails are short enough. biscuits after each session They are great for black toenails where you can't find the quick. The ones where the nail goes through a slot are sharper.

7. Dremel 7350 Pet 3 6v Pet Grooming

Dremel 7350 Pet 3 6v Pet Grooming

The Flex Shaft is used with the models of the rotary tool. Dremel's 7350 nail grinder is an easy-to-use alternative to pet nail clippers. Everything you need to trim your pet's claws is included in the nail grinding kit. The nail grinder is quieter than the Dremel 7300-PT, so it's good for your pet. It's ideal for relaxing grooming sessions for timid and anxious pets. There is more time to run. It's ideal for extended grooming sessions. There is a correlation and light weight. The freedom to take the tool anywhere is given by the design of the tool. Convenient micro-usb charging is included with the improved 4-Volt lithium battery. Once the tool is fully charged, the indicator turns off. The kit contains a 4 watt Li-on pet nail groomer, a drum Mandrel, and a micro-usb charging cable. The kit contains a 4 watt Li-on pet nail groomer, a drum Mandrel, and a micro-usb charging cable.

Brand: Dremel

👤The 7760 version of this Dremel has been with us for over a year. I bought the 7350 pet version because we wanted a second one to travel with us. The sealed unit isn't likely to be affected by nail dust, only one button/speed is what I appreciate. The case isn't as easy to hold as the 7760 is. The 7760 version only comes with the cable and the wall accessory, but it also comes with other accessories. It's worth the extra money if you plan to use it frequently.

👤This is the best nail grinder I have ever purchased and it is the 4th brand. I have a boxer, a yorkie, and a chihuahua. Three dogs. This fits them all. It takes nail off at record speed, and it is no noises at all. There isn't a speed adjustment. I would recommend this to anyone that is comfortable grinding their dogs nails. If your pupper has long hair, you want it out of the way for safety, because there isn't a guard.

👤I have a cheaper one that works, but this one is even better. It comes with several extra sanding bits and is rechargeable. My dogs don't mind the noise or feel of nail trims, they are easy to work with. It is nice to smooth them after trimming, but I am afraid to cut them short. It is only one speed so if your dog is not a fan of noise or is new to it, it might not be the best one for them. It is a perfect way to use for me.

👤My dog hates getting her nails clipped. It was much easier for her to live. I can save money now that I can do it on my own. The product seems to be fast charging and not as loud as others. If you hold on to your pets nails for too long, it will heat up fast and could burn your pets nails and their under nail flesh. Let the nail cool down and then grind it again. Make sure you don't go too long.

👤I've tried many nail grinder. This is the best I have ever used. I have 3 dogs and I also foster them. I have to cut a lot of dog nails. This is how to use it. The grip is perfect. My dogs put up with the noise level. The grinder trims the nails better. The other grinders take too long and barely take anything off. The quicker you trims dog nails, the better. This is a great tool. Definitely recommend.

👤I have been using the Dremel for a long time. I have replaced the battery pack charger a number of times. I have 2 battery packs that are not able to be charged, so I need a new Dremel charging station. I don't know if Dremel has stopped making the particular one I need so I will keep checking back to see if Amazon has received any as I know they are made in China and maybe out on a boat. I have had to purchase another Dremel tool for my dog's nails, and I like the fact that this one is portable and has a charging system. I have only used it twice and it seems to hold a charge for a long time. Good product so far.

8. Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate 5973

Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate 5973

It's ideal for trimming, shaping, smoothing and grinding nails. The power is variable and can be used for nail grinding. Quiet and lightweight, they are maintenance free and easy to groom. The design has finger grips for added comfort. Only used in the USA electrical outlets. Not for international use. Automatic Safety-Stop feature helps prevent accidental hair winding and pulling.

Brand: Wahl Professional Animal

👤My puppy doesn't like having her nails filed. This is worth the price. I have a black dog with black nails that is hard to trim. I believe in trimming my nails every 1-2 weeks. Since I can't do that by taking her for a walk on concrete, this grinder is a good solution. I originally gave 4 stars because of the issue with the sandpaper. I realized it was an operator error. If I had read the directions first, I would have seen how to use the little wrench tool to adjust the black wheel on top of the sandpaper. It works better when I use it correctly. A very good tool. Quiet. It would be great if it had a buffer stone. * Please select HELPFUL if you find this review helpful.

👤Oh. My. Goodness. This product has been with me my entire life. I have two large dogs. An 80lb rottweiler/husky mix and a 50lb pit/lab mix. When I do her nails, the larger dog hates it. I give up every time I start. Her nails were getting bad. I try to fix it once every two weeks, but the Dremel I've used for the last few years doesn't do the job, so I give up before I finish. I went to Amazon to try a new product after it got so bad. I decided to use a corded product this time around because I wanted the power to be enough for my dogs' thick nails. I am very pleased that this was delivered today. I was able to do both dogs' nails in thirty minutes. The power held up perfectly, the speed of the grinder was perfect, and it worked perfectly to stop the click-clack as they walked across my hardwood floor. I know it's only been one use, but I definitely recommend this product. If anything changes, will update review.

👤I am pleased with this pet nail grinder. I have a long coat on my dog. The hair release is necessary for a long coat. It was my first time using it and it went very well. I didn't have to start from scratch with training him because he's used to getting his nails done with a groomer. I gave the grinder 3 stars because I couldn't get the bit to tighten in the shaft. I followed the directions and it slipped out. After 20 minutes of trying, I gave it to my husband and he took over an hour to figure out what was going on. He couldn't find any videos on the website through the internet. He tried to call them to see if they were open, but they are closed because of the crisis. He finally realized that the nut has to be tightened so tight that it's hard to get it tight enough. He had to hold the button in so much that his thumb hurt.

👤I read all of the reviews on this and other products, but I wanted something with a cord. I have experience with battery run products that are not strong enough to do a good job and the batteries always need to be replaced. I know it sounds crude, but to me, most of them are just terrible. I've had great results with the professional products from Wahl. I am not disappointed. I love it! It is so quiet when you are running. I can't believe how quiet it is and how easy it is to grind my poodle's nails down. "No fuss!" as they say! It's easy to hold in your hand. I love it! Thanks for another great product! Great job! I need to find the organization tray that I saw in the video on your website.

9. BOUSNIC Dog Nail Grinder Light

BOUSNIC Dog Nail Grinder Light

The new grinder by Bousnic choose an upgraded motor and running speed. The power has doubled. The dog nail trimmer has a powerful design that can support heavy grinding. 2 Led lightsHelpful. The dog toenail grinder has dual led lighting. It helps you see the claws clearly. The light button can be pressed to turn it on. The trimmer is very easy to use. The Torque is controlled to 40 dB while the Torque is boosted. The large breed nail care is no longer strenuous and the puppy and small animals can be undisturbed by the noise. Recharging and portable. The dog nail grinder can be charged with ausb cable. The portable design makes it easy to move the electric file grinder tool to every corner of the paw. Fit any size pet. The device has a 2 rotation speed and 3 grinding holes design, making it suitable for any size of pet nail, and keeping the dog's comfort in check. Your pet's size and nail strength are important factors to consider when choosing a port and speed.

Brand: Bousnic

👤This is the quietest grinder I have ever used. My dog doesn't know when it's on. The lED lights help. It makes it easier to trim nails. This is a big improvement over the previous grinders. Highly recommended.

👤The first nail grinder I have ever used is a great product, they are way quieter than I thought. My dog was timid when I tested them. It makes the nail powder smooth and quick. My dog was not bothered by any pain or fuss. I recommend.

👤I have never had a product like that. My 15lb pocket beagle has dark nails. She allows me to use this on her. She showed some irritation at first, but after 4-5 sessions of small treats, she is no longer bothered by it and doesn't need any treat rewards. I am still working on getting them all to the length I want, but her nails were too long when I started. I think we were both afraid of cutting her pads because my clippers seemed too large for her small paws. I can use the clippers on the nails and lengths that they work on and then finish with the grinder. The unit makes very little noise and it is a steady low hum. I use it without a guard and I have not pulled any hairs or gotten into her pads. The light seems to work well for us, I don't need to wear a headband while doing her nails. I have only had it for a couple months, but I think it is a great product. I have no noticeable change in power output on my first charge.

👤The nail grinder is built to last. The design works well. It is not loud. The light is nice, but I wish it was brighter and shined in more directions. I am a beginner at this and sometimes wear a headlamps for more light. I like to remove the plastic guide from the disc by twisting it, since I have a 55lb Golden Retriever puppy. I trained my puppy to accept nail grinding for treats, in a "cooperative care" style. Most dogs won't let you do their nails from the beginning. Positive reinforcement based plan worked for me.

👤My dog will try to climb up the wall if I pull out nail clippers, even if I have treats. Her nails are sharp on their own. I need a miracle to hold a 60lb German Shepherd down on my own. I don't know why, but this thing works. I have to pin her to the floor with my own body and then take a paw in one hand and use the other to hit her, but she wants to get away at first, but once she sees that it doesn't hurt, I don't stress her out for long periods because I usually do a paw at a time over the course of a few days. I'm so grateful this works. I don't have to pay for her to go somewhere. The battery seems to last a long time. I haven't had to pay since the initial charge. If you have long hair like me, you should put it in a ponytail or bun. I forgot and the dog got upset. I moved my head too close to the tool. I had a dreadlock that was caught around the rotary. Thank goodness. No charlie was ripped out. I was able to get rid of it on my own. Oops!

10. Gonicc Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer

Gonicc Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer

The handles are lightweight and comfortable. The blades are made of high quality material. Children can't use it if it's unlocked. The Hidden Nail File is located in the handle. The risk of cutting nails is reduced by the safety stop blade.

Brand: Gonicc

👤I have been contacted multiple times by the seller requesting that I remove the review. I asked not to be contacted again. I received an email offering to pay me $30 to remove my negative review. It was important to add that information to the review. Had high hopes for these, but they are hard to use. You need a lot of force to shut them down. The stop blade is set too far back. The dog is 27 lbs.

👤The seller has contacted me multiple times after I posted this review. They want to pay me to remove my review. The purpose of the review is to warn others against buying a bad product. They persist. The product has not been improved. Pet owners want their pets to be well cared for. We try to help other pet owners. Trying to pay me off is not possible. These are the worst nail clippers I have ever owned. The blades are heavy. I hurt my dog on the first nail because it squeezed. They are going back.

👤These were dull as manicuring scissors, but promised to berazor sharp. My dog had to have her nails clipped as they had grown very long while waiting for the clipper's arrival. I threw away the clippers I used to own because I thought the promise of the new blue clippers would never come true. Don't plan on buying these clippers again! Sorry, but true.

👤I can't afford a professional groomer. Our dog's nails are not worn down from the concrete outside because he is an inside dog. I have yet to buy a sharper clippers. I am able to clip his nails without hurting him. Thank God!

👤There is a chocolate lab. As an old man dog, his nails don't grind down as much as they used to. My wife is able to clip the dogs nails quickly. Being able to use it single handed is a must for a dog who doesn't like putting his paws on his paws.

👤These are easy to use and do a great job on my pit bull. He doesn't like having anyone touch his feet, but he tolerates it as long as he's laying down. I didn't use the guard part because I've been cutting his nails myself for years. It's nice to have. It's easier to use and hold than the "guillotine" style clipper I've used for years. His nails were cut cleanly. I can stop using my own file on his nails for a little while because of the nail file that is included. I'll take it. I've had a grinder in the past, but always preferred clippers. If you have a pet like mine, they are easier to use. Definitely recommend these!

👤The features on these puppy nail clippers are really exciting to me. Ot has a locking mechanism to prevent accidents, and also has a metal guard on the back side to keep you from damaging it. I didn't notice it at first, but there is a built-in nail file in the handle. The job should be done right on the first try. The clippers came with a coupon.

11. Dog Nail Clippers Safety Guard

Dog Nail Clippers Safety Guard

RAZOR SHARP BLADES: The dog nail trimmer has a safety guard that prevents accidents and is fitted with a straight blade. There are analytical hands. The dog nail cutter helps you avoid the slip. The rubber handles have a locking clip. Do you have any questions about clipping your pet's nails? Don't worry! You can get the full guide by scanning the back of the package with your phone. The design is user friendly. A professional dog nail clipper is made out of a top grade plastic and rubber and is easy to clean. There is a risk-free guarantee. Their best dog toenail clippers are guaranteed by a full lifetime money-back refund, which is why they want you to place your trimmer purchase with confidence.

Brand: Shiny Pet

👤These clippers are wonderful! I have a small cairn terrier and a great dane and it's difficult to find a clipper that works well for both of them. The grips on the handles make it easier to clip my big guys as well as allowing me to accuratly clip my smaller dogs nails. He has large nails. The blade part worked well on his thick nails, thanks to the grip. All of them were very happy with the nail clippers.

👤This is the best purchase I have ever made. I've tried every device on my dog, but no luck. It was necessary to find a way to cut my dog's nails because everything was closed. This worked well. The guard prevented me from cutting her quickly, and the blades were so sharp that there was no crushing. I only needed one person to restrain her because she was trying to lick me. The paws were done in less than 2 minutes.

👤I am afraid to cut my dog's nails because I don't know how short he is. We decided to try them out. The only problem we have is getting the dog to stay still. My dog is 11 months old and he is still interested in the new object. The clipping had to be done by two people. They get the job done with good clippers. They serve their purpose.

👤My poodle loved them. I was worried that I would cut into the quick because she has black nails. I cut the nails at an angle. The job was a success and my girl won't panic when she sees the clippers for the next trim, even though I lacked enough confidence to order QikStop. The product worked well.

👤I have been able to compare my clippers to more expensive ones. My puppies nails and paws are bigger now that these are sharper. It was pretty good for the price. My puppy is still a little bulky but she can gut through her nails with ease. Feels good to hold.

👤I am trying to find a replacement for Four Paws NC463, which worked great on my large dogs. It is worn out. I had to return the pliers-type clipper I tried because it crushed the dog's toenails. I bought this one in November and tried it a few times, but the dogs hated it. I tried it again, and it left jagged nails. The dogs were upset. The handle snapped back and pinched my hand. It goes into the garbage a few days past the return window.

👤The lock is a metal ring and it will get in your way. The other person said to use a piece of tape and tape it open. It is not as sharp as it says. I use it on my Frenchie and it does not cut his nails as they claim. I don't have time to shop for other Amazon dog nail clippers. Also, note: The guard is a good idea. Only if you are looking for a guard that is very large. It's about 1/3 of an inch. For each cut. If you have a smaller dog and want to get closer to the quick, the guard is useless unless you have a larger dog. The guard does slide a bit. I have to make sure the guard is not moving when I make a cut. It's annoying. I won't buy another one of these. I did not recommend it.


What is the best product for dog nail trimmers large breed?

Dog nail trimmers large breed products from Millers Forge. In this article about dog nail trimmers large breed you can see why people choose the product. Isport and Rexipets are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog nail trimmers large breed.

What are the best brands for dog nail trimmers large breed?

Millers Forge, Isport and Rexipets are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog nail trimmers large breed. Find the detail in this article. Mighty Paw, Casfuy and Coastal Pet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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