Best Dog Nail Grinder for Large Dogs with Quick Sensor

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1. PetiCare Illuminated Clipper Features Magnification

PetiCare Illuminated Clipper Features Magnification

New and improved nail care products. The nail clipper has lights on it. It is easy to trim your pet's nails. The original show has improvements. The handles, lights, and nail magnifier have been improved. Light colored nails have a delicate bloodline, so you can trim in the right spot. The lights have been moved to increase their visibility. If you see a small dark circle on the dark nail head-on, it's as far as you should go. The nail trapper is 5X the magnification. It is possible to catch nail clippings with a nail trapper. The hardened steel blade cuts nails quickly and evenly. The unit is easy to hold because of the comfortable grip. Great for dogs and cats. It was invented by pet lovers. Extra blade included.

Brand: Allstar Innovations

👤The item didn't work on a 10 lbs cat with normal, not thick cat nails. It split his nails. This wasn't the normal split that happens when trimming a cat's nails. I've tried normal cat nail clippers, human toe nail and fingernail clippers and nippers, but they all did a better job on my cat. The tool rates worse than the splitting of the nail with all methods. The light is helpful and nice, but it's not appreciated. The magnifying glass was not helpful because it was too far away from the nail and my cat. It took too many adjustments to get the magnification option. I used the clipper without the magnifying glass. I wanted something that would make nail trimming easier. I wanted the product to work. The tool does not do that. I will return it. I have to pay a return fee. Free returns aren't offered for this product.

👤This is a great tool. I was terrified to cut the quick because I use this for my cat. You never have to wonder with the help of a light and a magnifying glass. I like the fact that you can keep the light on, turn it off, or have it turn on as you clip. The blade is easy to use and sharp. It catches the clippings.

👤The light makes it easy for our dogs.

👤I saw ads for these clippers on tv and I was ready to buy them on Amazon. I thought the people who said they didn't cut just maybe didn't know how to cut nails. I ordered them, tried them out, and then sent them back the same day. They were dull and the light in them didn't work again. They are plastic. I show other people how to clip nails with cats. I think I'm a good judge of a product. This one? Don't bother to place an order. The clippers I get at the 99 cent store are better than the ones I have at home. I was really disappointed.

👤It's a great idea. One of my rabbits has dark nails and it's always difficult to see quickly with a flashlight. The blade is terrible. It didn't leave a clean cut. I had to use my old clipper to clean up the failed ones. I gave up 3 nails. The grip has atrigger. I had high hopes but it didn't work out. I wouldn't bother giving a bad review for your pet.

👤I tried it today. I couldn't continue after this cut. I will be returning them soon.

👤Very cheap. It still didn't work after replacing the tab with a new one, batteries are very difficult to access. Light weight and not made well. Someone will design one that works. I will be their first customer.

👤Don't buy batteries the first time. The product was with them. I am out 8.00 for batteries because it didn't come with batteries. They are made from cheap plastic. The batteries are in a plastic tube and it is hard to get out. The light is dim. We eventually find this at the dollar store. The cutter can slice front to back or back to front. The side of the clipper has a magnifying glass on it. You have to twist the dog's paw in order to see it. We didn't try to use this on the dog because it was so difficult and she was so stressed out that she couldn't sit still and have her nails clipped. I went back to use my standard dog clippers. It is a great idea, but it is not worthy of purchase. If you purchase it, please send me a video so I can get it down. This product is not stress free for the dog or us.

2. VOSOV Dog Nail Grinder Professional

VOSOV Dog Nail Grinder Professional

The VOSOV dog nail grinder can be used for more than 100,000 times. The pet nail grinder is perfect for small and medium pets. It's convenient to choose the port that's right for their pet. Lower noise is comfortable. VOSOV nail grinder for pets works in low noise. The pet nail clipper helps grind pet claws fast and safely by reducing the excessive sound and keeping pets calm. The large protective cap ensures this nail trimmer for pets to collect nail powder and reduce dust during armor grinding. The pet nail clipper has a resemblance to a bird. They trim their pets nails just like a birdpecks wood. VOSOV nail grinder for dogs works with 2 1.5V AA dry batteries which last for over 5 hours. The size of this pet nail trimmer is 888-282-0465, so it is 888-282-0465, so it is portable and convenient, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Everything you need to use the dog nail grinder is included in the package. The only two things you need to do to start the nail grinding process for your pets are install the batteries and turn it on.

Brand: Vosov

👤I was impressed with how well built this grinder is. It doesn't feel like a cheap, light weight plastic. It has a nice weight. There are batteries included. It is not loud which was a plus for me. It's better than using those clippers. Definitely recommend. Everyone has a preference for the grinder, I feel it is just right.

👤I received a mail file for dogs. Thought we'd go again. My little morkie flips out when I try to use nail clippers. I thought I might have to ask for a sedative. She responded to this the best we could, even though she was still nervous. She got her nails done in 5 minutes. It usually takes 20 because we have to hold her down with other methods. I did it on my own. So great! I really like this. It works fast and doesn't leave a big mess. Thank you so much!

👤Quite. A quick and easy operation is achieved with the removal of the protective cap.

👤It is very easy to use. Our puppy was a bit anxious in the beginning but he got used to it in a few seconds.

👤The first time I used this, my kitten was a little skeptical but after 3 uses, he loves it and just lays there and understands. I can do all my cats nails because it is quiet and barely makes a sound. It takes a matter of 5 minutes. I don't have to worry about cutting them too short. Perfect little device.

👤The item was easy to use and my dog thought it was fun. Lots of food. The machine is not loud. I only have to maintain it because it is very slow.

👤My dogs will sit quietly. It takes a little longer than just trimming the nail. It's not loud. Even without the protective cover, the procedure for grinding is very easy. The dog nail grinder can be used 100,000 times. The pet nail grinder has three different ports for different dogs. The pet nail grinder works at a low noise level. The pet nail trimmer has a wide protected top that protects it from dust and armor grinding. The dog nail grinder has two 1.5V AA dry batteries that last for more than five hours. The pet nail grinder has three different ports for different dogs. It's easier to pick the right port for your pet if they have a good nail strength.

👤We decided that we needed to cut the nails first and then use this to round them out and get rid of the hanging pieces of nail. The dog was not bothered by any sound. Great product.

3. Toozey Professional Powerful Electric Grinding

Toozey Professional Powerful Electric Grinding

Toozey's upgraded design dog nail grinder is equipped with 4 lights that are bright enough to make it easier for you to trim your pet's nails with precision and avoid over-grinding or accidental injury. The dog nail trimmers have an advanced 3 speed and 3 grinding ports. 3 ports are used to match pets. Your pet's nails should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate port and speed. The dog cat nail grinder is perfect. Their electric dog nail file has 2 diamond grinding Wheels and premium material. It is safer and more effective to trim their nails round and smooth than it is to use dog nail clippers. Up to 7.5 hours of continuous use can be achieved with a strong power and Rechargeable Pet nail grinder. The dog nail grinder service life is greatly increased by the powerful and stable system. It is easier to grind your pet's nails with its lightweight and ergonomics. The electric dog nail trimmer uses a unique technology that reduces noise and vibration. It produces a very low sound to make you feel less tense and fearful of your pet. It's perfect for new pet owners.

Brand: Toozey

👤I have used a nail grinder before but it didn't work. The previous grinder did not take much nail off. It became dull quickly. Not this machine. The motor is not loud. You will hear more sound when grinding, but the motor is very quiet. The actual grinder is very good at sanding down the nail well. The dog is very tolerant of it. He barely moves in the video. That is also dog specific. After each session, I give a treat. If you have a dog with dark nails and a long quick, this is a great solution.

👤I have two dogs. One of my dogs won't let me cut his toenails so I have to take him to the groomer but with this grinder, I can do short spurts of grinding and hopefully have more time between visits. My second dog is not fond of being still. I will be able to keep her nails short enough that she won't have to go to the salon. The grinder is quieter than I expected and that is good because my dogs are not very alarmed by it. I hold it on each nail for short spurts so that it doesn't get warm. The grinding process can cause a smell. Occasionally, it will make a strange noise that my dogs don't like. I think that is because I am not good at using it yet. It's easy to hold and control a dog. It seems to be worth the money.

👤Quiet. Came ready to go. The mini schnauzer doesn't like people holding his feet and doesn't like cutting his nails. He was calm and didn't seem to mind at all. The boxing was very nice, the instructions, top for the nail trimmer, extra nail file, easy warranty set up, and the top for the nail trimmer were all very nice. It seems like a very good quality. There is a Customer service seems to be on point.

👤Great product. The light feature helps. Will have to wait and see how long the grinding head lasts. I love it and my dog loves it. How do you change grinding head is not in the instruction manual.

👤This puppy nail grinder is very useful. I used to be able to get a nail trim for my dog at $7 per trim. I recently moved and the local salon charges me 15 dollars for a hair cut. Holy Moley! We are saving a buck or two by working on our mani-pedis at home. I was impressed that the nail grinder came fully charged and ready to use, and that it was easy to operate. Opie is getting used to his mom trimming his nails because of the turquoise color.

👤It works well. It does the job it is supposed to do. I don't think it's related because my pup still thinks I'm trying to kill her, but she starts screaming when I grab her paw. I think it's worth noting that she does not use normal clippers, but she did eventually calm down just a little. The color is perfect. If you love green and need a nail file for your kids, get this one. The picture is true to the color.

4. Fiddo Upgraded Painless Professional Rechargeable

Fiddo Upgraded Painless Professional Rechargeable

The advanced diamond bit grinder ensures fast and effective grinding. The diamond bit grinder design is more effective and safe than other grinders. Super low noise. The electric pet nail grinder has a whisper-quiet technology that helps pets calm and sand their claws faster and easier, and it has a superior motor that has the characteristics of low power, fast rotation, low noise, and low vibration. The latest version of the pet nail grinder has a 2-speed adjustment, which is powerful enough to support heavy grinding. It's perfect for new pet owners. 2 The pet nail grinder has two sleeves that can be used to match the small, medium, or large pet. The dog nail grinder is portable and can be used with a power bank or plug. The grinder has a built-in battery that lasts 3 hours after a charge. The lightweight design makes it easier to handle.

Brand: Fiddo

5. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

The dog nail grinder uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. It is recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals to trim your pet's nails. There are 3 grinding ports and an advanced 2-speed switch. The trimmer has a powerful design that supports heavy grinding. Pick the appropriate port and speed for your pet based on their size and nail strength. Super low noise. Pets get stressed by the sound of a nail grinder. The electric pet nail grinder uses a motor that produces a very low noise. Help sand pets claws. The dog grinder is portable and has an indicator light on the bottom that can be turned on. The grinder has a built-in battery that lasts 2 hours after a charge. It is easier to handle in your right or left hand with the lightweight and ergonomics of the body design. Customer care teams are available 7 days a week. The response was in less than 24 hours. Contact them at any time. They will do their best to help you. People and their pets are happy together.

Brand: Casfuy

👤I've always been afraid of trimming my dogs nails because of my fear of cutting too short. I decided it was time to learn because it was too expensive to have my dogs' nails trimmed frequently. The information on how to trim the nail came from the grinder. I used the grinder for the first time and it worked well. I was able to use my own strength. The dogs did well with the grinder. I rewarded them with treats when they got adjusted to the sound. The wiggled a bit at times, but overall stayed still and allowed me to trim. The grinder is very quiet. Hopefully you can hear that the video is quiet. The video was taken after I trimmed my dogs nails and they were not afraid of it at all. Highly recommended!

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I felt this one deserved one. I have a 6 year old dachshund mini and it has always been difficult to trim his nails. Screaming and biting from the dog. She was scared of nail grinders. I thought I would give it a try. It only took 5 minutes to do all four paws. She held her head up and didn't fight me. When we were done, she wagged her tail. Applause. I think we found the right tool.

👤I have a dog. I left the grinder on the floor next to him for 20 minutes after I got it. He wasn't sure about the funny sound it made. I touched it to his haunches after picking it up, with the cap on, so he could feel it. He wasn't sure about it. With the cap on, I picked up his front paw, secured the nail between my 2 fingers and touched the capped grinder to his nail. He looked at me and thought I was crazy. I spoke softly and gently to him. I touched the grinder to his nail after removing the cap. He flinched but didn't grab his paw. I proceeded to grind only one nail. Success! No angry dog! I will do each nail at a time until he gets used to it. I attached a picture. The after will come later.

👤I wanted to wait a bit before posting my review. I wanted to try it on all of my dogs. I have a large pit bull and 2 small yorkie dogs. The two smaller dogs were easy to manage, their nails fit in the slot, and they were not really freaked out by the noise of the grinder. They were scared at first, but they were good after that. The big pit was different. First of all, he's never had his nails worked on before. He got very freaked out, but that was mainly due to the grinding feel of the device, not anything else. His nails were big, so they didn't fit in there as much as they should have, but after a few minutes, they were fine. The grinder did what it was supposed to do, even though the noise was a bit loud for him. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on him since it was his first time, so I would ease him into it. The grinder seems to work well, and I hope it lasts for a long time.

6. JBONEST Dog Nail Grinder Light

JBONEST Dog Nail Grinder Light

The electric dog nail trimmer has 2 lights that allow you to see the blood line and prevent over-grinding or cutting. The lights shine more accurately than other grinder lights. The light button can be pressed to turn it on. The advanced 3-speeds and 3 grinding ports are here. The trimmer has a 3 speed design that is powerful enough to support heavy grinding. Pick the appropriate port and speed for your pet based on their size and nail strength. Powerful and ultra - effective grinding. The dog nail grinder has an advanced diamond bit grinder which provides faster, more precise, more effective and safe pet claw grinding. There is a low noise and a high odor. The noise is controlled to 40 decibels using a superior motor. The noise and large breed nail care are no longer strenuous for the puppy and small animals. The cable can be used to charge a computer, power bank, or plug. The dog nail clipper can last 20 hours after charging. When the battery is low, there are flashes to remind you to charge. It is easier to handle with the lightweight &ergonomic body design. You can grind your pet's nail.

Brand: Jbonest

👤We used it twice on our shiba and found a good way to get her used to it. We would touch the non grinding part against her feet when we turned it on. We add a little more distraction by playing music and having the kids pet her once she doesn't move away. I slowly walked away. I think her senses are focused on her head. She is already okay with it the second time we do it. The grinder works well and keeps her nail from being too sharp. Hope this helps.

👤My dogs nails are short. I have to clip them short first and then these do a great job of keeping the length. I was expecting it to make a lot of noise, but it is definitely quiet. My dog is usually a big baby when it comes to electrical devices rubbing up against her, but she acted well with these.

👤It was easy to use. My boy was not a fan of getting his nails cut. It is much easier because of this. I have problems gripping the other kinds. This works well. It has a light as well.

👤It is a little hot. You can only use it for a short period of time. I would suggest buying more than one if you are a groomer. It does the job and is quiet if 888-353-1299

👤I have had several animals that have been rescued, but this new one is very similar to her older sister. The old dog came to me at 4 years old from an Amish puppymill and it was clear she was never allowed out of her cage. She was similar to a child with an intellectual disability because of the changes to her environment that can make her shake uncontrollably. My new puppy was covered in urine when she was rescued from cage-bound for the first 12 weeks of her life. She has issues with new people and places. I have held the grinder up and been able to just barely grind at two different nails, but I'm confident that we will make progress. It is easy to hold, so I can keep her nails short.

7. Bonve Pet Upgraded Trimmers Rechargeable

Bonve Pet Upgraded Trimmers Rechargeable

The noise from the electric dog nail grinder will not scare your pets, it uses a whisper-quiet motor, which will keep your pets calm, and help sand. The dog nail clipper reduces the risk of injury to pets. The dog nail trimmer comes with 2 speed switches and 3 grinding ports, it's widely applied to small, medium, and large pets. Make sure your cats nails are smooth and quick to grind. The long lasting operation of theusb. The dog nail grinder is more convenient because it has an indicator light. The Bonve Pet dog nail clipper is perfect for pet grooming store or home use, it has a stable charging system that can be used for up to 8 hours. Powerful dog nail files with advanced diamond bit grinder and motor can provide faster, more precise, and more comfortable pet claw grinding than manual dog nail clippers, horses clipper. It is recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals that you trim your pet's nails painlessly. The pet nail grinder is portable and easy to use, it creates a rounder nail tip than other dog nail clippers, without any particular effort. The dog nail trimmer has a light weight and is very convenient to carry with you.

Brand: Bonve Pet

👤One of my dogs hates having her nails clipped. She hated the noise of the grinder I got at Petsmart. I couldn't use it. I already have the Bonve pet clippers, which are quiet and work well, so I got these. This grinder is very quiet and did not make her freak out. She disliked messing with her paws and nails, but this was much easier.

👤As I dropped my previous battery grinder in his bath, I quickly grabbed this. I was pleasantly surprised by the price. It went well once I figured out how to do it. My Boston Terrier has become a nuerotic character in the last few months and scares him. The Bonve grinder is much better than the brand I had before, and with the metal grinder attached, it's much easier and quicker to torture. The emory type rings that slipped if you put a lot of pressure on them made it easier for me to use a bit more pressure on him. The guard kept his nail out of the way and my only request was to have a light attached.

👤My dog is a Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever. She is 32 pounds. I trim her feet a bit. It's still long and wooly. Her nails are multi-colored, some are clear and some are amber brown. The pet nail grinder is nice. I didn't use it on my cat yet, but she was watching the dog feet. She will usually hide with noise. My dog was relaxed and cooperated, I think the quiet of the grinder helps reduce foot tickling. The dewclaws are the most difficult, but I got them done. I used a small slot for smaller dogs and a larger one for larger nails. I'll try it next time, it might be better for some dogs with larger windows. I did all the nails in one night. I let my dog take breaks and move around. The device was not hot. It seems to be pretty solid. My dog's hair doesn't get spun up in its toes. I used my cell phone flashlight to illuminate the nail and damp my fingers to keep the long hair out. It's a good value and a nice grinder. I'm pretty sure it will last a long time.

👤Would definitely recommend. It was always a challenge to clip my dog's nails. He was scared when we were cutting his nails and would try to run away. It would require two people to cut his nails, something we never looked forward to. He is very calm with the trimmer.

👤It was used on our cats. It worked out great. They didn't mind it much, it was better than trying to cut them. The nails are not as sharp as when cutting them, the edges are more smooth, and the nails can be ground down shorter. Very happy.

👤The video shows how quiet the device is and she isn't afraid of the soft noise it makes, and the after picture shows how well it works. She is happy after her nails are done.

8. Grinder Rechargeable Professional Grooming Trimmer

Grinder Rechargeable Professional Grooming Trimmer

Primens paws dog nail grinder is a great way to trim your dog's nails. Medium and small dogs can also have their nails trimmed with their dog nail grinder. Their pet nail grinder for dogs is made of high quality plastic, pleasant to the touch, and comfortable to hold. The dog nail grinder for small dogs has a diamond grinder head that allows you to reduce the length of the dog's nails easily. This nail grinder for pets won't scare your dog, allowing your pet to feel at ease during the nail grooming procedure. The Primens ClawMaster nail grinder is great for dogs. The Primens dog nail grinder has a light. You can see a quick in dog's nail with the in-built light. The dog nail grinder has low and high speeds and works for both small and large dogs. The dog nail trimmer could be used for something else. It has a double-sided cap for a safe and pain-free grinding experience. During the nail trimming process, forget about dead batteries. The dog nail grinder can work up to 11 hours on a single charge. You can use this dog nail grinder anywhere. You have to find the place where your pet feels safe and comfortable before trimming it.

Brand: Primens

👤I was hesitant as a first time user of an electric trimmer and have been looking around for one, but I would not be mad at myself if it didn't go well. I am not a professional in this area, but I would recommend these to anyone who is starting out. My dog is 150 lbs and he doesn't like trimming his nails. I was worried that he would be scared of the noise or sensation on his nails if he switched to electric clippers, but he was just as comfortable with this method as his manual clippers were. I introduced this slowly and with rewards. The device is not very loud, which is great for reducing stress. The power was comfortable and not too fast. I was able to trim one full paw in about a minute. Good quality for a good price.

👤The device was not effective on my dogs. I returned it. It's best for small dogs. It is not loud. That part is nice. The light worked well. I was hoping it would be stronger for larger nails. It would take a long time to grind the nails on my two. They are patient, but not that patient.

👤My chihuahua is ok with this tool. I'm trying to get him used to how it vibrates when it touches his nails by doing a few nails at a time. It's working well so far.

👤The nail grinder worked well for my dog. She doesn't like getting her nails clipped and she runs away when she sees clippers. She was able to sit still while she tried the grinder. The design is well done for all dogs. It is easy to use and carry. Love the dust cover. The shavings don't fly all over the place. You can see the nail you are grinding with the light. She uses this tool at home in between her trips to the groomers.

👤There are a lot of nails in our house. Every dog has different reactions to getting their nails trimmed. It is much better with this. They are not fighting to get away from the high pitch, and works well with small nails and harder nails. I bought it for the light, which is helpful, but really should not be a factor on getting it. You can see behind the nail if you use another light. Do like the two speeds.

👤I found it works better for dogs with thinner nails, since I got this for my grooming job. It takes a while to get the nail down. It works well with dogs who don't like nails done.

👤Our dog, Mabel, hates having her nails cut. The blood vessels have extended far to the ends of her nails making it difficult to clip them without hurting her. She liked having her long claws sanded back after receiving this grinder. The device works well and is very quiet. The diamond head is very strong and fast. While shaping, there was little to no chatter. The light is so bright that you can see the vessels through the nail. No more nerve-racking accidents! We are very grateful for this product. Thank you!

9. BOUSNIC Dog Nail Grinder Light

BOUSNIC Dog Nail Grinder Light

The new grinder by Bousnic choose an upgraded motor and running speed. The power has doubled. The dog nail trimmer has a powerful design that can support heavy grinding. 2 Led lightsHelpful. The dog toenail grinder has dual led lighting. It helps you see the claws clearly. The light button can be pressed to turn it on. The trimmer is very easy to use. The Torque is controlled to 40 dB while the Torque is boosted. The large breed nail care is no longer strenuous and the puppy and small animals can be undisturbed by the noise. Recharging and portable. The dog nail grinder can be charged with ausb cable. The portable design makes it easy to move the electric file grinder tool to every corner of the paw. Fit any size pet. The device has a 2 rotation speed and 3 grinding holes design, making it suitable for any size of pet nail, and keeping the dog's comfort in check. Your pet's size and nail strength are important factors to consider when choosing a port and speed.

Brand: Bousnic

👤This is the quietest grinder I have ever used. My dog doesn't know when it's on. The lED lights help. It makes it easier to trim nails. This is a big improvement over the previous grinders. Highly recommended.

👤The first nail grinder I have ever used is a great product, they are way quieter than I thought. My dog was timid when I tested them. It makes the nail powder smooth and quick. My dog was not bothered by any pain or fuss. I recommend.

👤I have never had a product like that. My 15lb pocket beagle has dark nails. She allows me to use this on her. She showed some irritation at first, but after 4-5 sessions of small treats, she is no longer bothered by it and doesn't need any treat rewards. I am still working on getting them all to the length I want, but her nails were too long when I started. I think we were both afraid of cutting her pads because my clippers seemed too large for her small paws. I can use the clippers on the nails and lengths that they work on and then finish with the grinder. The unit makes very little noise and it is a steady low hum. I use it without a guard and I have not pulled any hairs or gotten into her pads. The light seems to work well for us, I don't need to wear a headband while doing her nails. I have only had it for a couple months, but I think it is a great product. I have no noticeable change in power output on my first charge.

👤The nail grinder is built to last. The design works well. It is not loud. The light is nice, but I wish it was brighter and shined in more directions. I am a beginner at this and sometimes wear a headlamps for more light. I like to remove the plastic guide from the disc by twisting it, since I have a 55lb Golden Retriever puppy. I trained my puppy to accept nail grinding for treats, in a "cooperative care" style. Most dogs won't let you do their nails from the beginning. Positive reinforcement based plan worked for me.

👤My dog will try to climb up the wall if I pull out nail clippers, even if I have treats. Her nails are sharp on their own. I need a miracle to hold a 60lb German Shepherd down on my own. I don't know why, but this thing works. I have to pin her to the floor with my own body and then take a paw in one hand and use the other to hit her, but she wants to get away at first, but once she sees that it doesn't hurt, I don't stress her out for long periods because I usually do a paw at a time over the course of a few days. I'm so grateful this works. I don't have to pay for her to go somewhere. The battery seems to last a long time. I haven't had to pay since the initial charge. If you have long hair like me, you should put it in a ponytail or bun. I forgot and the dog got upset. I moved my head too close to the tool. I had a dreadlock that was caught around the rotary. Thank goodness. No charlie was ripped out. I was able to get rid of it on my own. Oops!

10. PetSpy Clippers Trimmer Quick Sensor

PetSpy Clippers Trimmer Quick Sensor

PROFESSIONALS recommend it. PetSpy dog nail trimmer is recommended by veterinarians and professional pet groomers. The safety stop blade is a blood vessel sensor and it will greatly reduce the risk of cutting nails too short. The Nail File that is stored in the handle is a free bonus. LIFETIME CLEAN CUTS. Sharp blades are made of 3.5mm STAINLESS STEEL and are powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats nails. The design is user friendly. The handles are easy to grip and fit your hand.

Brand: Petspy

👤I had different types of clippers. My sister's dogs had log nails while my dog was shut down. I decided to try it out. The guard works well and I was able to clip the nails on two of the dogs. A dog is a lot uncomfortable. I only got the longest done so far, but I'm working on it. The important stuff is strong and safe for not cutting quickly.

👤I haven't gotten these in a long time. I'm going through my reviews now. These are the best clippers I have ever had. I have 4 huge rescue dogs and they are as sharp as they were when I got them, and we have mani-pedi nights. If I ever need to, I will buy again. I have had these for a couple years now and they are still amazing. *

👤My dog is 12 years old and it is hard for him to travel to get his nails trimmed. He desperately needs them done but has separation anxiety. Our vet's office wouldn't allow us to go in with him if we had to take care of his clippings. We chose to do them ourselves. We were very nervous because we had never done them before. We were worried about cutting them too short, but found a pair of clippers with a safeguard. That made us at ease. The nail clippers did their job. They are strong enough to get the job done. Great point.

👤I knew I would only have one chance to cut my dog's nails. The product needed to be sharp and safe. My dogs were fine with me cutting their nails. They trusted me more than I did. The product made the process safe. The guard keeps you out of the nail. I took a couple snips off because my nails were longer. I will keep doing my dog's nails even when the groomer is not open.

👤I have a dog and tick. The blue tick's nails are black and thicker than the one I used. I can cut my dog's nails at home with these. If you read the instructions, you should only cut a small amount at a time so that you don't over-cut, because the quick guard seems to bend eventually. The guard was moving a lot. You have to change it with each trim.

👤I cut my nails for the first time. The clippers are cute. I don't know what the safety guard works or what the quick sensor is. There were no instructions for the clippers. I was able to see the quick because I have a white Yorkie. The tiny file is a joke. It is a plain clipper without any safety features. Disappointing.

👤My chihuahua wouldn't let anyone clip his nails. I decided to try. I had clippers we used on our older and larger dogs but they were no longer sharp and he would run away whenever I pulled them out of the drawer. I found these 50% off and I hope to stay sharp. We are very happy so far and it seems like they are okay with us. He will get used to us trimming his nails when we are just a few nails at a time. I wish I had these for my other dogs. I recommend these to any pet parent.

11. Grinder Upgraded Professional Electric Grooming

Grinder Upgraded Professional Electric Grooming

It is the fastest and easiest way to trim your pet's nails. The dog nail grinder doesn't cut sensitive nerves like traditional nail clippers. It is more effective. The pet nail grinder is safe to use. The filing wheel gently removes the thin layers of nail. It's appropriate for cats and dogs of any size. Pet clippers for dogs with a low vibrating design, free of work noise of 40 decibels, will make your pet no fear to trim their nails. Their pet nail grinder is easy to operate and carry. They will reply within 12 hours.

Brand: Ruri's

👤The product was terrible. The package looked like it had been sun bleached when I opened it. It looked like the product was used when I opened the packaging. I decided to try it. It has a vibration at the beginning. When I tried to use it on my dog's nail, it stopped as soon as the nail touched the sand paper. I took the cover off and noticed that the motor was bent and that it looked like it was being used inside the shaft. This is the worst thing I have ever purchased.

👤I have two that are dead on arrival. I would like them to test them before sending them out. I don't know anything about it, as I don't know how easy it is to use. The reviews were good, so I figured "What the heck" I have a Pug and he is not known for enjoying having his nails clipped at all, so if I could make it easier for both of us, I would have loved to try it out."

👤It's very easy to use. But not effective. My young lab nails are thick. My sheppards nails are very thick. The file is thick. I like the batteries that were recommended. I try to lightly press the file to the nails. This is the medicine. There are nails. It takes a long time. I suggest smaller dogs for this.

👤This worked well and was not loud. It took me a long time to see a difference when using on my dogs nail. It worked as it was supposed to.

👤Would not turn on. I was excited to trim my greyhounds nails. New batteries have no power. I hope I get one that works.

👤I had owned an older model for years and loved it until the button fell off, this newer version seems like junk and even if it didn't scare my dog, it's loud and out of balance.

👤When they were younger, our dogs didn't like it. We probably didn't follow the instructions. Now that they're ancient, they're happy with it. One went to sleep while doing the first paw. Your mileage may be different. It's a little bit.

👤I put it on a shelf because I didn't need to use it. The item wouldn't turn on when I tried to use it. The item was dead on arrival. I gave the seller my money because the item wouldn't work.


What is the best product for dog nail grinder for large dogs with quick sensor?

Dog nail grinder for large dogs with quick sensor products from Allstar Innovations. In this article about dog nail grinder for large dogs with quick sensor you can see why people choose the product. Vosov and Toozey are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog nail grinder for large dogs with quick sensor.

What are the best brands for dog nail grinder for large dogs with quick sensor?

Allstar Innovations, Vosov and Toozey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog nail grinder for large dogs with quick sensor. Find the detail in this article. Fiddo, Casfuy and Jbonest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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