Best Dog Nail Clippers for Medium Dogs

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1. Dudi Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer

Dudi Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer

PROFESSIONALS recommend it. The Dudi pet nail clipper is the best pet nail clippers on the market, it is an easy to use and powerful tool that is recommended by animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers and thousands of satisfied customers. The dog grooming clippers have a safety stop blade that reduces the risk of cutting nails too short and injuring your dog by cutting in to the quick. The dog and cat nail clippers are strong. When you don't use your clippers, just slide the lock into the safe position and you'll know it's time to use them. Kids are safe. User friendly design is what it is. The professional dog nail clipper is designed to keep you comfortable while grooming your pet at home, it features comfortable, easy grip, non-slip, ergonomics handles, which stay safely in place in your hands, and is designed to prevent accidental nicks and cuts. You and your pets will appreciate how easy nail trimming is now. The full lifetime warranty comes with it.

Brand: Dudi

👤I have had at least one dog in my pack for decades and have been trimming canine nails for over 30 years. Also help neighbors with their dogs. The Dudi branded clippers are a good value for the price. Have not had any issues with the locking mechanism or rotating guard after using it many times. Just keep an eye on that spring because it is still proving to be as effective as when first removed from packaging. It shouldn't be an issue for smaller breeds, but it falls out when the handle is expanded to accommodate larger nails. An ongoing annoyance that could've easily been fixed with a seating redesign. If you want to prevent from becoming stuck during use, leave an inner protrusion that secures the spring on both ends instead of drilling to fit the outer diameter alone. The occasional spring issue is the reason for the 4-star rating. I would buy again and recommend to others, even for five dollars. I would expect a flawless design if it was over ten bucks. If you found the review helpful, please click the HELPFUL button. Thank you and God bless!

👤Great product. It was very easy to do. The dogs still hate the process, but using a clipper made it easy to complete the task quickly.

👤The pet nail clipper is exactly what it says it is and can't be beat for the price. The "stop" that keeps the nail from being cut too short moves each time the clipper is used, like all other clippers I've ever used. I tried to tighten the nut. It's not possible to use the clipper when the handle is too tight to keep the stop in place. It's not a deal breaker if you rely on that stop to make sure you don't cut your pet's nail below the quick. I wouldn't use the file on an animal. I'll probably use it in my toolkit as a cheap file.

👤I've always loved this design in clippers. It is the best style I have ever used in my career as a veterinary technician. I will say they are large, but that's just my opinion. I have cut over 300 dogs toenails and use small clippers on every dog. Medium and large dogs don't need large clippers. I think the smaller clippers give me more control and are less likely to take more nail off. That can cause bleeding and be very painful for the dog. I usually remove the standard guard from these clippers because they don't measure the length of trim. This design is the best on the market, even though it is larger than I would like. I replaced my green set that I have been using for over 10 years with this new set. If you take care of them properly, they will last you for at least 10 years. Definitely a good purchase.

👤I want to give this 5 stars because it cuts my dog's nails. I didn't like any of the nail clippers that I had. I bought this pair a few weeks ago and absolutely love them, my dog also does, he sits perfectly still while I trim his nails, which he has never done! They make a clean cut without cutting the dogs nails. He is a small dog and a year old. I knew I would have trouble cutting her nails as she gets older and she gets grumpier. She is larger than the male. She is 18 lbs. She saw the clippers in my hand while I sat her on my lap. She sat still until I clipped her nails. I read on the package instructions to cut a small amount the first time and cut them again the next week, it worked out fine, she has dark nails so it is hard to see how far to cut. It's better to pay to have their nails cut. Their nails grow faster than their hair. I give these clippers a rating of 5 stars and 100 stars. Thank you very much. Great clippers. It is worth the price. These clippers are really good.

2. Epica Best Professional Clipper Large

Epica Best Professional Clipper Large

Pet's nails should be trimmed SAFELY. It is easy to make a safe cut with their blades. You can see precisely where you are cutting your pet's nail. A scalpel is all it takes, and it will cut your nails in half, so you and your pet are not at risk. When you aren't using your clippers, just slide the lock into the safe position and you'll know it's closed. Kids are safe. There is a secure grip with ribbed cupped hands. The rubber coating on the handles makes them very comfortable to hold. You can clip confidently with the rounded blades. Small/Medium for dogs under 60 pounds and Large for dogs over 60 pounds are available.

Brand: Epica

👤I have always been happy when I order off Amazon. I decided to use these clippers because of the amount of positive reviews. We did not receive the actual clippers. Instead, we got a pair of fake clippers that were cheap and came in cheap packaging. The barcode says it is the best professional clipper, but the packaging says it is Chinese. Someone else had this problem as well. It's really sad. Will be back!

👤The handle broke as he tried them out. They never got to use them. Went to the trash can. Would not replace them. Not a good product.

👤These are very nice clippers and I only used them once. I had a hard time cutting my dog's nails. He'd chip the blades or break the clipper handle if he'd bought multiple store bought clippers. These are very sturdy and easy to cut with a clean cut. My husband used them on him first. He said they were great and had no trouble cutting through the nails. We had a bad experience with another dog's nails, we are too scared to use the nail guard guide. I can't trust them. I can't rate these clippers because I use my own judgement. There have been no complaints so far. These are great for thick nailed dogs.

👤These clippers are sturdy and inexpensive. I've bought them in the store before, but they're much better now. Check out my review. Thanks!

👤The Leonberger is a giant breed and it's a good idea to trim his nails. He hated it on his skin. Several clippers were tried but did not work. They were not strong enough to cut his nails. The clipper works well.

👤My service dog has big nails. The standard sized one was broken by him. I have reduced grip strength in my hands, so this one was hard for me to start with. It has a guard that slips over the back of the clippers. Does a good job with the big nails. You should be strong enough to use it or get help. Most people don't like fiddling with their nails, and I have a very coopertive dog. It loosened up after cutting through the big nails.

👤I've never cut toe nails on a dog. I'm in Alaska and finding a qualified nail trimmer is more difficult than you might think. I only tried them once, but they worked well on 2 big dogs. One rottie would growled the entire time and the other golden mix would have run away if not being held. The construction is solid, the handles are nice, and it fits in the hand. I used it with the guard. It is very sharp and easy to cut. It makes a loud noise when you use it. These are amazing for the price.

👤A professional's opinion on the title. A veterinary technician said these are okay. They won't do for thick, tough nails. My relatives always ask me to do their pets' nails when I visit, so I got these to throw in my car. They're not as strong as my clippers, and the handles are a bit shaky when applying pressure. The cut is not very clean and they're not as sharp as I had hoped. The opening for the nail is too small for many dogs. It's acceptable for cats and some small dogs, but I would recommend looking elsewhere for a quality set of clippers that will last years. I apologize for the late response to the comments asking for a recommendation, but I didn't get notifications about them! I wish I'd seen the set we used in the hospital before purchasing it on Amazon. They will last you forever, as they hold up with daily use on multiple pets in the veterinary clinic.

3. Millers Forge Nail Large Premium

Millers Forge Nail Large Premium

The cutting blades are made of steel. Heavy duty is made in Italy. The choice of veterinarians and groomers. The choice of veterinarians and groomers.

Brand: Millers Forge

👤Who knows how many pairs of dog nail clippers I have. I am a licensed veterinary technician and I swear by these nail clippers. They could never be easier to use, because they have not changed the style.

👤The best animal nail clippers I have ever used. The Pros: does not crush large dog nails. If you trim your pet's nails like I do, you have probably experienced annoyances with a loose quick guard. It works great on our cats and bunnies. The plier grip is very smooth. It's easy to switch between nails. It was very easy to maneuver. They feel like quality when used. The Furminator clippers broke after the second nail, and they were over $30. The guard got stuck and the blades were locked up. I had to force them open. I exchanged them right away, in the hopes that I could get a better pair, but the next set I got crushed versus cut again. The handle can be very slippery if you don't oil the blade after each use, which is what you are supposed to do. A quick wipe with a paper towel is all it takes. We are some of the lucky ones who have dogs and cats that allow us to cut their nails, so we make sure to do it as often as they need it, and these have stood the test for about 16 uses now.

👤A 200 pound Mastiff hates nails clipped. It took a few days for patients. We got all 10 done. She had surgery about 4 years ago and she won't allow vets to cut her hair.

👤This is my favorite nail cutter for large dogs. I use this in my groom shop. Great for any breed, but goes through Basset and Danes well.

👤I bought this for my dog. It feels good and cuts the nails very well. I am happy with the purchase. The spring is not strong and they cut it with scissors.

👤This item is a replacement for a lost set. The dog likes the old fashioned guillotine type of nail trimmers. It is easy to see what you are cutting. My vet recommended this brand to me.

👤I have nothing bad to say about these clippers. I read that they were dull, counterfeit, or didn't cut the nail. None of those were accurate. I almost didn't buy it because of the few poor reviews. The clippers I received were sharp and cut the nail cleanly. I'm happy with the way it works. My dog is a 100 lab and has thick tough nails.

👤I have purchased a few other clippers and they were terrible. Our dog hates her nails clipped. We had to take her to the salon. I bought these because they looked like the groomers. It's not known if it's the same set as the groomers. They work. I was able to cut our dog's nails. Heavy duty would be a good idea. I would like to find these ones first. Our dog still doesn't like me doing it, but I hope that changes with continued use of these ones.

4. GHG Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

GHG Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

The advanced diamond bit grinder is more safe and effective. The diamond bit grinder design is more effective and safe than other grinders. The light under the grinder shines on your pet's claw, so you can easily and clearly find the bloodline. The light button can be pressed to turn it on. The noise is controlled to 40 decibels while boosting the Torque. It is quiet and suited to animals, so let the puppy and small animals be free from the noise. There are 3 rotation speed settings and 2 grinding ports for small, medium or large pets. You can choose to speed according to the pet's size and nail strength. You can use the cable with any computer, power bank or plug. The dog grinder has a working time of 10h. When low voltage, the lights flash to remind you to charge.

Brand: Ghg

👤It was easy to hold, but barely enough power to do the job. It is difficult to keep an animal for a long time. If I deleted the comment, they sent me a email offering to refund me, but only if I did it first. The gift cards that don't exist that come in the box are probably as believable as the scam offer for the gift cards that don't exist.

👤It's very quiet and in use. I did my dog's nails for about 15 minutes, and he sat through with no fight. It is easy to hold and grip. It was very easy to use. The power button can be used to adjust the speeds. If your lighting is not the best, the light is very useful. My dog's nails are not long, so I didn't need to use clippers. The instructions inside are very easy to follow. My dog is about 35 lbs. I mostly used Port A. If you have an animal that moves a lot or is nervous, the port heads are great. I think the product is worth the purchase for its price and value. If your pet will let you do their nails. Trips to the groomer are saved.

👤The nail clippers that came with the kit looked great, but they were not for my bigger dogs nails. There is a The spring on the nail clippers doesn't bounce the handles back to full opening making it difficult to cut the dogs nails. There is a The settings for the nail grinder are disappointing. Even with the fastest setting. They didn't make a big difference on filling my bigger dogs nails, and less on my smaller dog. I thought I was using them wrong, but after trying the file on my own nail, I realized it was just the grinder in general. When I used my nail on the same spot for a few seconds, there was no noticeable difference. I think the sound is the same as an electric toothbrush. If you have a dog that is used to this level of sounds, you will be fine, but if you have a dog that is anxious, you might need to expose them to the sound before use. I bought these because they were on sale at the time of my purchase, and I read the review about the gift card for a 5 star review, but I still hoped they would be decent for the price. They were not. The nail file is terrible at filing the nail down even at the fastest setting. I think I'd have an easier time filing my dogs nails with one of those nail filer sticks. I wish I took it more seriously when making my purchase, as the gift card offered with this purchase when reading the reviews, I wish I had kept in mind.

👤The product was strong enough to do the job. I used it on my labs. They were hesitant at first, but with any new thing, you just need to acclimatize. I used the nail clippers that come with it and then powered them off. They worked well even at low speeds. Rounded off the nail with ease. The included light works, but I always use a headlamps that I bought on a little web shop. Maybe you've heard of it. The end judgement; easy to hold, strong, yet safe, not too loud as to scare your pups, and very easy to use.

5. Clippers Sharpest Toenail Handle Exquisite

Clippers Sharpest Toenail Handle Exquisite

Their pet nail clippers have a guard to protect your pet's nail from being over-trimming. Their semi-circular blades make it easy to make a safe cut with the best pet toenail clippers. You can see precisely where you are cutting your pet's nail. It's perfect for a pet owner who is always nervous about trimming his nails. A gourmet snack is all it takes. The dog claw clippers are designed and tested for thousands of smooth, quick and sharp cuts. The dog nail scissors are stronger than a sword. Which can cut iron wires in a flash. You and your pet are less scared when it comes to clipping nails. The heavy duty dog toe nail clippers have STAINLESS steel handles, so don't worry about the handle falling off. The handle is small and crescent-shaped. If you buy a premium dog nail cutter, you will get a file, a comb, and a toenail clippers. A lock switch makes it easy to store a kit of pet grooming tools. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. If you have a question about this puppy nail clippers, please contact them immediately. If there is a quality problem, they will replace it.

Brand: Kxcdtech

👤My senior dog dislikes getting nails done. Even though he has a muzzle, no one will do it. His nails were so long that you could see they were curling. I have tried everything to clip his nails. He doesn't like the small amount I have been giving him. He has not tried to kill me. I have to use 2 hands to cut his nails because they are very thick and hard to cut with a regular clipper. I can use one hand. I highly recommend these. I am so thankful. Thank you!

👤I work in a grooming shop and I am picky with the clippers I use. I have them to try. It took a dog or 2 to get used to holding them. They cut the nails with butter. I love them. Having a large Shepherd on the table and having clippers that you have to squeeze with all your might to clip through the nail is worse. Not with these, just a quick clip and cut. Absolutely recommend them!

👤I have to open them every time I cut the nail because there is no spring to open them. They seem to be sharp and cut well, but they are very disappointing in the design and should have a spring to open them. I like that they have a guard plate behind the blade to make sure that they don't cut too much nail at one time.

👤Quality nail trimmers are important as a pro pet groomer. I was very excited when I opened them, they were very large and sturdy. I saw the fine file and comb as a bonus. I didn't get to try them until I got back from vacation, but when I went to my cousin's house to do her nails, I was so disappointed. They didn't cut the nail, they bent it, and that hurts them. It is not very good in the grip. These don't give you traction to hold the trimmers safely. The same thing happened when I tried to put a small dog with small nails on a larger one. The idea of them is nice, but they just won't do the job. At all.

👤The different shaped handles of the "Swiss Army" clipper are not convenient for left-handed users. The hidden combs and nail files are not useful to me. The cutting guard should be flat, rather than curved. This would make sure that the quick isn't cut. The guard cracked after I flattened it in a vice. The cracked, flattened guard allowed for the removal of short, quick avoiding clippings as we worked back the overly long claws of our recently adopted dog. Our dog's claws were slipped over the blades of the cutting blades to get them open. The cutter is sharp and the length of the handles gave my wife good leverage to cut while I distracted our dog. These are not the best dog nail clippers, so I'm still looking for one. I hope so.

6. Bonve Pet Upgraded Trimmers Rechargeable

Bonve Pet Upgraded Trimmers Rechargeable

The noise from the electric dog nail grinder will not scare your pets, it uses a whisper-quiet motor, which will keep your pets calm, and help sand. The dog nail clipper reduces the risk of injury to pets. The dog nail trimmer comes with 2 speed switches and 3 grinding ports, it's widely applied to small, medium, and large pets. Make sure your cats nails are smooth and quick to grind. The long lasting operation of theusb. The dog nail grinder is more convenient because it has an indicator light. The Bonve Pet dog nail clipper is perfect for pet grooming store or home use, it has a stable charging system that can be used for up to 8 hours. Powerful dog nail files with advanced diamond bit grinder and motor can provide faster, more precise, and more comfortable pet claw grinding than manual dog nail clippers, horses clipper. It is recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals that you trim your pet's nails painlessly. The pet nail grinder is portable and easy to use, it creates a rounder nail tip than other dog nail clippers, without any particular effort. The dog nail trimmer has a light weight and is very convenient to carry with you.

Brand: Bonve Pet

👤One of my dogs hates having her nails clipped. She hated the noise of the grinder I got at Petsmart. I couldn't use it. I already have the Bonve pet clippers, which are quiet and work well, so I got these. This grinder is very quiet and did not make her freak out. She disliked messing with her paws and nails, but this was much easier.

👤As I dropped my previous battery grinder in his bath, I quickly grabbed this. I was pleasantly surprised by the price. It went well once I figured out how to do it. My Boston Terrier has become a nuerotic character in the last few months and scares him. The Bonve grinder is much better than the brand I had before, and with the metal grinder attached, it's much easier and quicker to torture. The emory type rings that slipped if you put a lot of pressure on them made it easier for me to use a bit more pressure on him. The guard kept his nail out of the way and my only request was to have a light attached.

👤My dog is a Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever. She is 32 pounds. I trim her feet a bit. It's still long and wooly. Her nails are multi-colored, some are clear and some are amber brown. The pet nail grinder is nice. I didn't use it on my cat yet, but she was watching the dog feet. She will usually hide with noise. My dog was relaxed and cooperated, I think the quiet of the grinder helps reduce foot tickling. The dewclaws are the most difficult, but I got them done. I used a small slot for smaller dogs and a larger one for larger nails. I'll try it next time, it might be better for some dogs with larger windows. I did all the nails in one night. I let my dog take breaks and move around. The device was not hot. It seems to be pretty solid. My dog's hair doesn't get spun up in its toes. I used my cell phone flashlight to illuminate the nail and damp my fingers to keep the long hair out. It's a good value and a nice grinder. I'm pretty sure it will last a long time.

👤Would definitely recommend. It was always a challenge to clip my dog's nails. He was scared when we were cutting his nails and would try to run away. It would require two people to cut his nails, something we never looked forward to. He is very calm with the trimmer.

👤It was used on our cats. It worked out great. They didn't mind it much, it was better than trying to cut them. The nails are not as sharp as when cutting them, the edges are more smooth, and the nails can be ground down shorter. Very happy.

👤The video shows how quiet the device is and she isn't afraid of the soft noise it makes, and the after picture shows how well it works. She is happy after her nails are done.

7. TIMINGILA Clippers Over Cutting Professional Grooming

TIMINGILA Clippers Over Cutting Professional Grooming

The blade of the pet nail clipper is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL. It's sharp enough to cut the nails and not crack them. There is a metal guard on the back of the nail clipper that can prevent you from cutting too much claw. This safety feature might make you less scared if you are hesitant to cut your fur-kids nails on your own. The lock on the handle keeps the clippers closed and the blades protected when not in use. The dog toe clippers have a rubber grip that will not slip in your hand during trimming. There is a hidden nail file in the left handle which can be used to polish nails. Medium and large dogs and cats can use this pet nail clippers. It can be used for professional groomers, animal trainers, veterinarians, and home groomers.

Brand: Timingila

👤I wanted someone to cut my dog's nails. I have to bring my poodle in because she needs her hair clipped. For my other fur baby, I just threw it down the drain. They're easy to grip and use. They have a lock on it to keep them closed when not in use.

👤I have a beagle mix that doesn't like baths or people messing with his nails, so I have to groom him quickly. I like these clippers because I can hold them in my hand and cut my nails quickly. I can get the job done quicker than I usually do. I like the fact that they have a guard on them so that I don't clip too much of his nail off. I was always worried that I would clip my hair too close because the last set of clippers did not have a guard. The clippers were worth the purchase. I would buy them again.

👤The clippers are large and difficult to hold. They are not very sharp, and did not include the file, so I will donate to a local shelter after sharpening them.

👤These are the best clips I have ever used. A guard with a sharp object. They don't pull. It was quick and easy.

👤I was afraid to clip my dogs. This has a guard. The hidden file is perfect.

👤It's probably good. My dog won't let me use it.

👤I was looking for a cheap and easy to use nail clippers and this was the one I found. I am able to use them despite being big for my small hands.

👤Clippers are efficient and strong. Our dog hates having her nails done. She didn't seem to mind that the trimmers cut her nails with ease. Excellent product for our pet.

8. Zen Clipper Precise Adjustable Clippers

Zen Clipper Precise Adjustable Clippers

The Zen Clipper Precise is the only fully adjusted pet nail clippers. This means that the pet nail clipper is suitable for almost any pet. The amount of nail being clipped is limited by the blade. This reduces the risk of hurting your pet. There is no stress or injury when you and your pet have their nails trimmed. It's a must-have item for nail trimming. At home grooming, keep your pet's nails at a healthy length. If you have multiple pets of different sizes, you need the Zen Clipper Precise. Dr. Marty Becker is a Veterinarian in America and his product was named a top anxiety reducing product for fear free happy homes for pets. One size fits all. The patented micro adjustment thumb wheel can be used to change the blade to the perfect size for your pet's nails. The markings on the laser are used for consistent measuring. The widest setting is 11m and the narrow setting is 2mm. Designed for you and your pet, the handle is non-slip and the blades are designed to shear the nails with a clean-cut. The dog nail clipper has sharp edges and needs to file the nail, but the precise trimmer won't crush the nails.

Brand: Zen Clipper

👤These clippers are really nice. The pros and cons have been noticed so far. The clippers arrived on time. I like that they can be adjusted for multiple size pets. They are easy to hold. The hole is shaped a bit odd and takes some getting used to. I adapted to the shape and they are sharp. When properly tightened, there will be no splitting the nail. I noticed that the nail was splitting and there was some wiggle room between the two blades, like they weren't flush against each other when cutting. There was a screw. The problem was solved when I tightened the screw up. They cut well after that. Make sure the clippers don't need to be tightened up before you use them. My dog hates her nails clipped, but these were more precise than our old guillotine style clippers, and she still didn't like them. There were no bloody accidents and less crunch noise.

👤I own large dogs. I have never used a cutter like these before. There has always been a crunching noise telling me that the nail was being crushed and not cut. None of that with these. They require you to slip the cutter over the nail to get the proper angle on the nail before cutting. Dogs are happy. I had the best experience cutting their nails. If needs be, would and will by again.

👤I have a bad injury to my right hand and have little strength in my fingers and hands. I have several nail clippers that I can't close enough to trim the nail. Not these! I can close the clipper and get the job done because the handles are comfortable. Also, received very quickly. The vendor did a great job. I was very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

👤These clippers work. It is more effective than a guillotine for trimming our dog's nails. It is easier to keep from cutting into yeh quick with the adjustability. The dog trainer was impressed with the clippers.

👤The Zen Clippers are purchased in different sizes. It's fine for people with one pet. It can become costly to purchase multiple clippers for households with multiple dogs or cats. The clippers can be adjusted to fit the nail and pet. The handles are comfortable in the hand.

👤I had high hopes for this product. I thought I had never seen one of these before working in the veterinary field. I was going to bring it to work to see how it held up. I tried to use it on my cat, but it couldn't open wide enough to fit his nails, and I tried to use it on my dog, but it couldn't open wide enough to fit his nails. They sent me the Jr, up to 25 lbs, instead of the precise, which was up to 100 lbs. I wanted the veriaty of sizes and paid for the precise.

👤The clipper was hard to use. The hole opening was not straight. There is no safety feature to lock the hole size. It was very large compared to other Zen clippers.

9. HAWATOUR Nail Clippers Professional Clipper

HAWATOUR Nail Clippers Professional Clipper

It only takes a gentle squeeze to cut the nail. This promotes precise cutting. It also makes you trim faster with little effort and it prevents damage to your furniture and floors. It is easy to clip your dog's nails with its high-grade steel holding the sharp edge. It comes with a nail file in the package to help you polish your nails. You can close the safety lock when not in use. The clippers can be locked with its blades closed. The feature prevents accidental cuts and damage to the blades by other items kept together with. To keep it safe with kids, you need to squeeze the handle and slide the lock for safe positioning. One does not need to have a lot of strength to operate these clippers. The handles are well shaped to fit your fingers. The holding grip is not needed because of the anti-slip rubber coating. What you need is a normal grasp, as you add apply pressure, not about sliding, slipping or hurting your dog. It is made of top grade STAINLESS STEEL. These clippers don't bend or rust because of this. The blades stay sharp. The semi-circular blades allow you to make safe and precise cuts. You can see where you are cutting when your dog's nail rests in the blades. No guessing. Medium and large dogs and cats are the subject of the design.

Brand: Hawatour

👤I lost my dog nail clippers and needed to replace them. As long as they work, I thought they would be good enough. I was surprised at the quality of the construction, they were sturdy and not cheap. I was happy that my dog let me file the nails after they were cut. My dog liked the clippers. I'm happy now as well. This product is recommended by me.

👤A pair of clippers. Even with her small feet, these worked great. I'm sure they would work just fine for larger dogs.

👤I was very happy with the way these clippers were used. They make a smooth cut on my nails.

👤I was scared to cut my boxers nails but this device made it easy. It makes it easy to handle and stops you from cutting to far down.

👤They were easy to use and arrived quickly. They are well made and work well for the price.

👤I thought the rating would be fine. They are not as good as my last clippers. I have to wrestle the dog and open the lock on the nail before I can cut it. The lock not staying open until I lock them is worse than not being able to cut the nail. I knew they were not top quality but the ratings made me believe they would be better than this.

👤Delivery was quick and efficient. The quality was better than expected. An added bonus to the product was included.

👤These are easy to use. You have to cut the nail on the package if you want to keep the old style.

👤I took my puppy to a doggy spa so they could do his nails because he was so nervous. He would fight the professional and cry the whole time. He wouldn't allow me to bring a nail grinder near him. I wanted to stay home as much as possible. I decided to use a nail file instead of a grinder. I watched videos on how to use this type of clipper and how to hold it at the right angle so as not to cut the nails quickly. I started with a millimeter at a time and took the guard off. The file works well but could be a little rougher. The clipper is sharp. It is cuts precise and even. When my dog is sleepy, I wait til night time. I let him sniff them and he got treats after I took them out of the package. I used them on myself. I make it a game. I sing and play with his paws. He lets me use the clipper and file when he's into the pillows. The tools are very safe and effective. He thinks the clippers are a toy. When I take them out he gets excited.

👤I loved this type. I bought these because they cut your pet's nails from both sides and it's much better than using a nailpolish on your dog's nails. I love them! I can see that they don't bother my dog as much as the other style. My dog is terrified of getting his nails clipped and we used these while he was drinking water, we didn't even need to pick up his paw. It's easy and I love the safety backing on it. 5 stars!

10. PetiCare Illuminated Clipper Features Magnification

PetiCare Illuminated Clipper Features Magnification

New and improved nail care products. The nail clipper has lights on it. It is easy to trim your pet's nails. The original show has improvements. The handles, lights, and nail magnifier have been improved. Light colored nails have a delicate bloodline, so you can trim in the right spot. The lights have been moved to increase their visibility. If you see a small dark circle on the dark nail head-on, it's as far as you should go. The nail trapper is 5X the magnification. It is possible to catch nail clippings with a nail trapper. The hardened steel blade cuts nails quickly and evenly. The unit is easy to hold because of the comfortable grip. Great for dogs and cats. It was invented by pet lovers. Extra blade included.

Brand: Allstar Innovations

👤The item didn't work on a 10 lbs cat with normal, not thick cat nails. It split his nails. This wasn't the normal split that happens when trimming a cat's nails. I've tried normal cat nail clippers, human toe nail and fingernail clippers and nippers, but they all did a better job on my cat. The tool rates worse than the splitting of the nail with all methods. The light is helpful and nice, but it's not appreciated. The magnifying glass was not helpful because it was too far away from the nail and my cat. It took too many adjustments to get the magnification option. I used the clipper without the magnifying glass. I wanted something that would make nail trimming easier. I wanted the product to work. The tool does not do that. I will return it. I have to pay a return fee. Free returns aren't offered for this product.

👤This is a great tool. I was terrified to cut the quick because I use this for my cat. You never have to wonder with the help of a light and a magnifying glass. I like the fact that you can keep the light on, turn it off, or have it turn on as you clip. The blade is easy to use and sharp. It catches the clippings.

👤The light makes it easy for our dogs.

👤I saw ads for these clippers on tv and I was ready to buy them on Amazon. I thought the people who said they didn't cut just maybe didn't know how to cut nails. I ordered them, tried them out, and then sent them back the same day. They were dull and the light in them didn't work again. They are plastic. I show other people how to clip nails with cats. I think I'm a good judge of a product. This one? Don't bother to place an order. The clippers I get at the 99 cent store are better than the ones I have at home. I was really disappointed.

👤It's a great idea. One of my rabbits has dark nails and it's always difficult to see quickly with a flashlight. The blade is terrible. It didn't leave a clean cut. I had to use my old clipper to clean up the failed ones. I gave up 3 nails. The grip has atrigger. I had high hopes but it didn't work out. I wouldn't bother giving a bad review for your pet.

👤I tried it today. I couldn't continue after this cut. I will be returning them soon.

👤Very cheap. It still didn't work after replacing the tab with a new one, batteries are very difficult to access. Light weight and not made well. Someone will design one that works. I will be their first customer.

👤Don't buy batteries the first time. The product was with them. I am out 8.00 for batteries because it didn't come with batteries. They are made from cheap plastic. The batteries are in a plastic tube and it is hard to get out. The light is dim. We eventually find this at the dollar store. The cutter can slice front to back or back to front. The side of the clipper has a magnifying glass on it. You have to twist the dog's paw in order to see it. We didn't try to use this on the dog because it was so difficult and she was so stressed out that she couldn't sit still and have her nails clipped. I went back to use my standard dog clippers. It is a great idea, but it is not worthy of purchase. If you purchase it, please send me a video so I can get it down. This product is not stress free for the dog or us.

11. Gorilla Grip Overcutting Professional Ergonomic

Gorilla Grip Overcutting Professional Ergonomic

The Worry Free Cutting is a user friendly design that helps make pet nail trimming a breeze, even for first time trimmers. The most comfortable handle has a slip resistant grip and is easy to hold steady, even with wiggly pets. The sharpPrecise Cut: no more splintering, splitting or chipping your pet's nails; thick 3.5 millimeter blades cut through nails with ease and leave only a clean trim; powerful enough to cut through nails in just one smooth cut. Premium Safety Features: safety stop helps prevent over trimming and cutting of the quick, as well as accidental nicks to your pet; 1 click slide lock keeps the blades closed when not in use, so you can keep your family safe. A great way to keep your pet's nails looking and feeling great in between trimming sessions is to use a nail file.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤Not for large dogs. The dog is hurt by the cracks in the nails. I think it's fine for medium and small dogs as they have a nice grip and guard to stop them from cutting to much. There are many online just like this, but few are sharp enough for thick nails.

👤I have nerve damage in my hands, so I was worried about being able to trim our son's dogs nails on my own. One dog is a Shepherd mix with long nails, and the other is a Boston Terrier mix with shorter nails. The clippers are easy to grip and make a clean cut on the first pass. I bathed the dogs first to make them softer, but the clippers performed better than expected. I gave these 4 stars because the lock won't stay engaged, but unless there is a little one who could have access to them it doesn't matter to me as it doesn't affect performance. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure that the guard is where it should be before trimming. The design and action of opening and closing the clippers makes it move a bit. Again, not a problem, just be alert. I have had clippers for 3 decades.

👤I have always been afraid to cut my dog's nails, but I had to because of theQuarantine. I'm glad I bought these clippers, they were easy to use, and I wasn't going to cut my hair too short.

👤I have two kittens that are close to being adult cats and the claws are making me insane. I bought this. It was difficult to get my cat's claw to fit inside the part that clips it, I'm not sure if I was using it wrong or if the design is flawed. I was not able to get it in enough to make the cut.

👤The poor little dogs nails had to be trimmed since we couldn't be out. I was afraid I would cut too close. The clippers were perfect and he is happy now. I don't have the strength in my hands that I used to. It was a challenge for me to hold the dog and cut it. Next time, I'll get some help. I would buy them again. I won't have to because they are so well made.

👤The item is easy to use, but the blades are not aligned. In the case of cutter, scissors, etc., it makes them painful to use or useless.

👤The clippers didn't work well for my dog. She had her nails shattered and they left her nails very sharp. It was very disappointing and upsetting that she hated these clippers. I had to use a nail grinder to fix her nails. I don't recommend them for large dogs or thick nails. I had to apply extra pressure to cut her nails. I bought a pair of clippers from Dollar Tree for $1 and they work better for my fur baby. Go figure. I don't like these nail clippers, but I do like all other Gorilla products.


What is the best product for dog nail clippers for medium dogs?

Dog nail clippers for medium dogs products from Dudi. In this article about dog nail clippers for medium dogs you can see why people choose the product. Epica and Millers Forge are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog nail clippers for medium dogs.

What are the best brands for dog nail clippers for medium dogs?

Dudi, Epica and Millers Forge are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog nail clippers for medium dogs. Find the detail in this article. Ghg, Kxcdtech and Bonve Pet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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