Best Dog Muzzles for Medium Dogs for Barking

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1. HYH Adjustable Breathable Drinkable Grooming

HYH Adjustable Breathable Drinkable Grooming

For a mouth size of 7 to 9 inches. The muzzle is not suitable for dogs with short mouths, such as the french bulldog. The dog's mouth is narrower than when measuring. If the size is between the two, choose the largest. The mesh dog muzzle can be used to prevent dogs from eating garbage. Dog muzzles can also be used for grooming. While walking on the street or in the park, you should wear a muzzle on your dog. The muzzle is more suitable for the dog, and it is impossible for your dog to take off the muzzle easily. Some dog bites can be mitigated by partial double stitching of the muzzle. The dog muzzle is made of soft and comfortable mesh fabric, so don't worry about suffocation or skin injury. Your dog can still breathe and drink with the muzzle on, and you can give her/ him treats. Their muzzle is more effective than other mesh muzzles. Before wearing, please let the dog get used to the smell of the muzzle and learn to appease the dog's emotions. For dogs with high IQ, you need to be guided. The small side of the dog muzzle should be put up. The dog should be walked as soon as possible to distract it. A dog muzzle should not be too long.

Brand: Hyh

👤I put this on my dog and she tried to get it off, but one side of the strap broke. She didn't have it on for a while. This was a complete waste of money.

2. Muzzle Barking Chewing Adjustable Padding

Muzzle Barking Chewing Adjustable Padding

Dog-friendly is a muzzle that can prevent biting and chewing while still allowing your dog to drink and pant. It isn't a tool to stop barking. It's ideal for vet visits, grooming and walking. Short snout pit bulls and aggressive dogs are not suitable. Before formal use, proper muzzle training is necessary. A muzzle should not be painful. Their soft padding eliminates hot spots and protects your pal's snout. It's adjusted and regrowth is available. The straps and hook and loop fastening can be used to adjust your dog's muzzle. Keep the muzzle tight to control his bite, but loose to let him open his tongue. To make sure the muzzle remains on your dog securely, they include a collar connection inside that will help you bond the muzzle with the regular collar for a snug fit, so that the muzzle won't be pulled off easily. If your dog gets unhappy when wearing the muzzle, you should follow their paper guide to train your dog to accept it. There is a lifetime warranty. Product comes with a Barkless Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects or failure to meet customer satisfaction, so if you have a problem with the size you are welcome to contact them.

Brand: Barkless

👤I have a Redbone Hound dog that is 9 months old and he scares people to death when he barks. He is much more enjoyable to go to the dog park if he is not able to bark.

👤She took it off after I latched it on my dog. I put it back on her. I put it in her but she took it off quicker. The latch malfunctioned on the sixth try after I tried three more times. It took me three minutes to secure it and 39 seconds for her to remove it. Either I have the smartest dog in the world or it's a piece of garbage. My dog eats cat poop out of the litter box.

👤My poodle doesn't like muzzles. It was easy to put the straps on my dog's head, but it's too snug around the muzzle, not allowing enough room to groom, which I wanted it for. I'll keep it for my kit since I waited too long to return it, but I'm not sure I'll ever need it. Maybe I'll give it to a shelter in the future. My dog is no longer anxious when I am grooming him as I have a calming chew. The anti-anxiety medication was prescribed by the vet. This muzzle is not a good choice for my dog.

👤He can still move his mouth and head and not feel restricted. The soft nose part is very nice. He will wake up growling and bashing his head when he is asleep. I worried about my pets and myself because he sleeps on my lap a lot.

👤This was too easy for my dog to take off, as she tried to pull it off the clip completely broke. Wouldn't recommend.

👤Quality material is used to make the muzzle. Thanks for the soft cushion around the muzzle, it makes it more comfortable. I like that it stays around the neck and my dog can't take it off. The muzzle is not adjusted around the mouth so make sure to find the right size for your dog. The customer service is very courteous and prompt.

👤I was hoping to find a good muzzle for my dogs, but this was the one with the best reviews and my dogs can take this off. He can take it off right away.

👤When my landlord is around, I have an Australian pup who is incredibly vocal which doesn't bother me much, but it's a problem when he's around. This muzzle is the only one that keeps him quiet and has resisted his puppy urge to destroy.

👤Muy comodo creo, y tienes exponja para no lastimar. A dog, a bastante.

3. LUCKYPAW Barking Comfortable Adjustable Suitable

LUCKYPAW Barking Comfortable Adjustable Suitable

Helping dogs correct bad habits is helpful. A muzzle is an effective way to limit bad habits of dogs. It is adjusted. The dog muzzle can be kept securely in place with the help of a strap connecting the neck. The shape of the dog's mouth can affect the size of the velcro design. The fabric is sufficientlydurable. The muzzle is made of mesh material. It can make the dog feel better. The nylon and mesh material can be used to reduce the weight of pets. There is enough space to brew and drink. The humane design makes it easier for a dog to drink water. When the dog is wearing a muzzle, you can leave a space for your dog to breathe, gasp and drink. There is laissez-faire customer service. If there is a question, please contact them. If you don't like your new muzzle, send it back for a full refund. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Luckypaw

👤We have the grumpiest middle-aged doggo in the world when it's time to either wipe out his eyes or trim his nails, we live in the south and he's a maltease terrier. He has a skin condition that is caused by white dogs and so he has a special cleanser for his fur and skin, but the trick is to dry him quickly after a bath. Not anymore. I don't feel bad for him or me because my fingers are intact, and he gets a cookie when it's over. This is a great product for our needs for a small dog, but I wonder if it would fit on our cat, she's scrawny, and it takes two of us to hold her down. We're very pleased with it for our dog.

👤I don't like this one because of the fabric. I have a dog who doesn't like getting his hair done. We needed to cut his nails while he was muzzled. If he could get away from us, he could use his paws to open the strap and get out. No matter how tightly it was put on. He prefers the duck bill muzzle, even though we bought it just to be silly. It is much easier to clean when he does not try to take it off.

👤My dog is trained to not bite or nip kids. The pup can't eat foreign objects in the yard. The muzzle can fit a variety of dogs.

👤When I brushed my dog, he would snap at me, leaving us both frustrated and him in need of grooming. Some of the muzzles looked very bad. I chose this one because it looked softer. The muzzle worked well for us. He is a border collie mix. I ordered the small one. I was able to groom him and he immediately forgiven me for my muzzling.

👤I have never dealt with a company like that before. I didn't measure my pups snout. I picked the right size. I received the product sooner than I anticipated, and it didn't fit. I guess that is what I get! It's loL! Instructions on what to do if the problem happens are included in the package. I email the company at 3am on a Saturday. I received a response on Sunday night, but it is still the weekend. They will send me the smaller size for free. The best customer service I have ever seen. It was my fault that I ordered the wrong size, so I was not expecting a response.

👤My dog is too smart. The muzzle is locked with a snap and it doesn't open. I freaked out when I heard the sound. She wasn't used to the muzzle around her mouth and she was so smart that she would push the muzzle off. I wish it worked well because it is nicely made, but my dog is too smart for it. I have a dog.

👤The product was in perfect condition when it was shipped. I reached out to the seller and got a reply in less than 24 hours, despite the size being not perfect for my Shepherd. They are going to send me a bigger size. That is great customer service. I will recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks.

4. Muzzle Anti Biting Barking Muzzles Adjustable

Muzzle Anti Biting Barking Muzzles Adjustable

The dog muzzles set can be used for most dog sizes and dog ages. They are very easy to use with a fully adjusted strap and buckle. It's easy to solve your problem with multiple choices. If you don't know your dog's mouth size, this product will help you. A dog muzzle is a great solution for a lot of problems. The dog should not be bitted, the dog should not eat around, the dog should not lick wounds and the dog should not bark. It's suitable for most dogs, including Teddy, chihuahua, Miniature pinscher, Schnauzer, Samo and other pets. It's a great help for home, travel, pet training, pet store, pet hospital and vet. The anti bite muzzles have a fully adjusted strap and buckle. This design will make it easy to put on. It's easy to adjust the right size for your dog. The material is easy to clean and can be used again and again. It is a good companion for your needs. All muzzles are made from waterproof Oxford cloth. They are light, strong, comfortable and eco-friendly. You don't have to worry about hurting your dog, and it will protect them. If you don't like the dog mouth cover, they will give you a full refund or free replacement. If you have any questions, please contact their customer care team.

Brand: Coozero

👤I had to use one of these muzzles for a long time. One of my residents had long nails and I tried to clip them but they snapped and bitten me. She is a chihuahua mix, so it is painful to bite her, but not life threatening. I got her dressed up in the Number 1 Muzzle. The nail clipping was done. There was no injury to me. I haven't used any of the larger types. If they perform like this one, I'm golden. I clipped the muzzle to the fence to dry in the sun after I ran the muzzle under some water to get her off it.

👤I think they should fit most dogs because they come in various sizes. The straps may be too short. The muzzle I needed yesterday was too short to fit his head, so I used these while grooming him. I had to go a size up so he could still nip at me. I don't think it's an issue with most dogs, but for those with smaller muzzles, it could be a problem.

👤The straps are too short. Within a week, I had a tear. I know they have a guarantee, but who has the time to contact the company and come back? Get something more durable by spending and extra money. They fit around the nose anduzzle but are too short around the head.

👤We're going to try these with two dogs. The dogs were able to get them off in under 3 seconds. I used the correct size and I have escape artists.

👤It's really useful to have different sizes. I have more than one dog that is close in size, and it is surprising how some need different sizes.

👤These have done the job. I found one that fits my dogs perfectly, and I love having a variety of sizes, in the event that I need it while pups are growing. It was a good purchase and made it easy to choose the right size.

👤This assortment is perfect. There are lots of choices. My dog is between sizes and I'm not worth the trouble to return. This solved the problem.

👤They weren't made right. The front mouth pieces are large. Not comfortable for my dogs.

5. Soft Silicone Basket Dog Muzzle

Soft Silicone Basket Dog Muzzle

The basket design and soft material gives all-around mouth protection, does not hurt the skin, and prevents biting, barking, and chewing. During vet visits, grooming, training, or traveling, safe handling is advisable. Dog friendly. Their dog muzzles are made of non-toxic silicone and are flexible. The strap is soft and padded. The basket design allows dogs to eat and drink. It's perfect for daily dog exercise. It is secure and adjusted. The neck strap has a secure loop. The overhead strap must be put behind the dog's ears. The muzzle is still in place. You won't worry about it falling off. Please refer to their size guide listed in product picture 4 and their description for more information. Measure twice before buying. Leave room for a finger. If you have a question about the size of your dog, they will help you pick the right one. They offer a 12 months warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. Make sure that your muzzle is large enough to allow your dog to pant and that it is secure when you receive it. They are happy to take returns on muzzles that are in good shape. Don't worry, just buy with confidence.

Brand: Matchy2u

👤I made the pictures clear so you can measure your dog. I hope it helps someone because I didn't see a clear picture of how they want you to measure, but I unfortunately ordered the wrong size.

👤Our spaniel doesn't like other dogs so we got him a muzzle. He likes the muzzle and doesn't mind us putting it on and wearing it for other dogs. He does well with us trying to socialize him. He can drink water and get treats while we train him. He is in his brothers kennel with a door open on his own. He is a weird person what can I say?

👤This is the best muzzle I have ever purchased. My puppy can drink water and eat his food, but he can't chew up stuffed animals or pillows. It has helped him to learn to leave soft items alone, and we only use it as a training tool.

👤Our Great Pyrenees puppy is very scared of the vet due to Covid and having to go inside without us for her puppy shots. She needs to be muzzled when she goes to the vet and this muzzle is a great price.

👤The muzzle was easy to put on my labrador who is passive and doesn't mind things, but my german shepherd didn't like it. I couldn't get it on her because one of the straps was detached and she was getting uncomfortable. It is difficult to slip on a dog that is difficult to work with. It's pointless for me. A muzzle is needed for a non aggressive dog.

👤The size 4 was bought based on the size chart for my rottweiler. I'm exchanging it for a size 5 because he couldn't open his mouth to drink or pant because he was too short. The next one might fit better. The returns are painless.

👤I needed a muzzle to prevent my dog from biting at my back because she has become aggressive towards other people since I separated from her. Her snout is 3in x 6.5 in. I ordered a size 1 because she is a lot smaller than an average adult and a size 2 should be good for her breed. Even the size 1 would get in the way of her eyes. It's probably because of the difference of 0.5 an in. I wish they had a smaller snout size. For the time that I had this, it worked well. The loops on the front and back of the neck made it easier to get a collar through. I bought a baskerville muzzle since they came in smaller sizes, but she is able to pull it off with her dew claws. She couldn't pull off this one because of the loops.

👤Good fit. My dog snapped the bottom out by using her paw. I don't suggest this if your dog is aggressive.

6. STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Training Bark Deterrent Range Safe

STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Training Bark Deterrent Range Safe

Dog training and dog bark control can be done with the Ultrasonic Dog Trainer. Dogs have a certain effect on you and can be corrected with the help of Ultrasonic Frequency. Dog barking deterrent is an innovation among barking control devices. It is effective for all dogs of any size. The Bark Control Device is small and easy to use. You can carry it with you. Pressing a button causes the anti barking device to work. Simple! The dog barking deterrent can be used again and again. It works for 14 days with 1 battery life. There is a cable with the device. The button shuts off if it is pressed for more than 8 seconds. It is safe among bark control devices.

Brand: Stopwoofer

👤I started using it yesterday. My fur babies are 10 years old and we used to live in the desert where barking was good. The coyotes were kept away by it. We live in the suburbs and the homeowners association won't let me put up a fence big enough to keep them from jumping it. They have to be leashed up. The neighbor's dog is always rushing out the door to freak out on them. I am the only one who knows how to handle them when they try to retaliate, so I am the only one who can take them potty. The two people with the most sheer muscle are Luke and Leia. The babies are big. I took the pups out to potty this morning and the neighbor's dog came out as usual. I clicked the button after I said Hush in a loud stern voice. The man stopped and pooped. The neighbor dog slowed his barking. I said it again and clicked the button. They stopped after a couple more times. These little woofs were done by Leia. She got the hint to see what would happen. It's like a weird sound. We have lived here for 4 years and that was the easiest time to go to the bathroom. I was told my dogs were too old to learn. Wrong!

👤This works, but you need to use it correctly. You need to use it with training commands and work with your dog, they are not going to randomly know what this noise means, you have to train them to understand. The first time I used it, my dog looked at me and stopped in his tracks. It is great.

👤I rescued a 3-year old dog that barked at the faintest sounds. I have not had to use a training device for barking with other dogs, but this little dude has trouble paying attention to my commands whenever he hears a strange noise. The bark trainer has helped me get his attention so that I can give him a quiet command and treat him well. The device is not meant to be a remote control. You need to pair it with the training strategies. My dog is responding to quiet without needing the StopWoofer. We are still using it to work on his barking when he hears another dog or someone knocks on the door. I use it as a support to interrupt his barking so he can look at me and be treated for good behavior.

👤I've tried several bark collar to stop our 7 year old dog from barking, but none worked. I bought the StopWoofer after researching online and decided to try it again. The StopWoofer worked immediately to my amazement. When I reach for the StopWoofer, our Harley will stop barking. I used the Sound Level 1 when he was more engaged in barking. A person came to fix our air conditioning. When I used sound 1 Harley barked once and then stopped. The device has worked well for us.

7. Dzmodz Adjustable Drinkable Comfortable Breathable

Dzmodz Adjustable Drinkable Comfortable Breathable

The dog muzzle is suitable for most dogs. Pets are good helpers for home, travel, pet training, pet shop, pet hospital and the like. You don't have to worry about the dog getting sick when you're not at home. It can prevent your dog from barking and biting people when they are trimming their nails. The snout and neck strap is fully adjusted. The dog's muzzle is held firmly in place with the help of the strap attached to the neck. The double-layer of Velcro under the mouth and nose can be adjusted to make it a comfortable fit. Enough time to drink and breathe. The front of the building is open. The dog's mouth should be in a safe position so that it doesn't fall off. Traditional dog mouths can't drink water because of the humanized design. A proper space for your dog's mouth to pant and drink can be left when the dog is wearing a muzzle. All dog muzzles are comfortable, strong, light and eco-friendly, so your dog will not feel bulky when wearing them. It can be washed in a washing machine. If your dog's measurement is on the end of the range, you should order the next size. The ruler selection includes 5 different sizes. Measure the perimeter of the dog's front mouth and choose the appropriate size according to the size chart. They need to give the dogs time to adapt to the muzzle, because they are not used to it.

Brand: Dzmodz

👤The product only reduces the sound of the barking dog. They can breathe and drink water.

👤It's easy to adjust and it's highly recommend.

👤My puppy can't eat on the ground on our walk. I have peace of mind.

👤This muzzle worked well for us. The pup can't eat foreign objects in the yard. My dog is trained to not bite or nip kids. The material is very secure. I am very happy with this product.

👤Really like it. It is a good fit. We got a small for our weiner dogs as they tend to be very noisy at night and our neighbors hate us. This was my last chance because shock collars and vibrating collars were too harsh. We had a good night of no barking. They can still drink water. It bought more.

👤The dog never got it off.

8. NBJU Rechargeable Adjustable Sensitivity Intensity

NBJU Rechargeable Adjustable Sensitivity Intensity

Small medium large dogs with 7 sensitivity levels have a bark collar. 64 training methods are provided in 3 training modes. Two Silicone sleeves can protect the dog's skin. The bark collar is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. The bark collar works for about 12 days.

Brand: Nbju

👤I've used a lot of different bark collars, more than the three that are in the pictures for this review. I recommend you read over my cons to make sure it will work for you, even though this is a very good one. We have two dogs and one barks excessively when we are out taking walks, so this collar is helpful in reminding him to relax and not cause a scene that scares he acts like a nut job. I don't mind the occasional barking, but he goes into fits and this collar has worked great. If he doesn't stop, it vibrates and emits a small shock. It doesn't go off due to other loud noises, which is important since I live in a crowded apartment complex. I can't have a collar that goes off with car alarms or shouting and it makes me feel like I need to apologize to strangers for torturing my dog or something - the sequence of response is great. It vibrates if barking continues. It will send a shock if barking continues. If your dog is sensitive to shocks, you can set it to never shock. My dog has thick fur and a bigger skull. He doesn't like the zaps, but they don't bother him. Two of my mom's dogs get very upset by shocks no matter how mild, so it's good to have a collar where that's changeable, they'll just get emotionally upset if it's not. Special batteries that are expensive are required for many collars. I have had collars that won't hold a charge for a day. This one has held a charge for a week. I usually charge it daily, but I brought it with me to my mom and she never had to charge it the whole time. The response sequence can't be triggered after a few times in a row. It won't shock a dog more than a few times. This is important because shocks can make the dog panic. They're yelling in panic because the collar won't stop pinching them. This is an important mecahnism, and it might annoy you, but it waits an interval before it can be retriggered. There are Collars that don't have this. I can't keep using them. They don't help train the dog more, they just make the dog think they're being attacked, and once your dog is in a panicked state, that reasoning goes out. This might not be a big deal for most dogs, but mine has something called post-traumatic stress disorder, which I got because his previous owners couldn't handle his issues. The regular collar response is a great reminder to not bark and it comforts him most of the time. I will handle it if there is a problem. He doesn't need to yell. He has to protect me at all costs now that he has the ability to attack him at a distance and he also has the ability to remember. It's a bad thing that collars can be retriggered. The collar isn't busted because it won't go off after a few responses, but because it's programmed to wait for a short interval before it's capable of being triggered again. I'm very happy this collar does this. The settings are really easy to change and this thing is very easy to use. I never learned how to change any of the settings on other collars because they were so hard to program. If another dog barks next to your dog, this collar will go off and you will have to pay for it. If the dog is a few feet away, it knows that the sound is coming from another dog and won't go off. This is how most of the collars work, and this one is especially good at distinguishing between barking and other noises and barking that is coming from another dog if that dog is far enough away. If your dog barks or vibrates its vocal cords, there are collars that will go off if they are not on your dog. The one collar I had was very expensive and the battery replacements for it were also very expensive. It is an option, but you will be giving out more money. This is one of the best sound-exclusive collars I've ever encountered. It has gone off due to another dog barking, but this is rare, they have to be shoulder-to- shoulder for this to happen, and the leash is a little longer than I'd like. My dogs are small but not outrageous. If there were alternatives shorter than the default for littler dogs, the device would be less bulky and the prongs would be less ridiculous. I replaced the strap with a strap from a different collar so that the loop for the leash to clip on to would be there. The hole for the strap to go through is very tight. I don't recommend replacing the strap if it's not necessary and it's long enough. I would have added a leash hook loop to the original strap. I removed the original strap. I had to squeeze the strap back through. I looped electrical tape back and forth between the strap and the back of the tape, so that the strap could be extended with this thin smooth tape. I had to pull the rest of the strap through behind me. The one I'm reviewing is on the far left in the first picture. The collar on the far right is the most expensive one that can detect vocal cord vibrations, and it looks like a bomb strapped to my dogs neck. The collar on my dog is low profile and does not look like I strapped a bomb to my dog's neck.

9. Heele Anti Biting Barking Secure,Mesh Breathable

Heele Anti Biting Barking Secure%EF%BC%8CMesh Breathable

The size is adjusted. The dog muzzle can be kept securely in place with the help of a strap connecting the neck. The snout and neck strap is adjusted. Keep the muzzle tight so he can't bite it. Flexibility and resilience. : The dog muzzle is made with high-quality nylon material, soft mesh and soft fabric. The muzzle has extra soft padding that makes it more comfortable for your pet. The design is graded humanized. The design of the muzzle is humane and can leave a proper space for your dog's mouth to breathe, gasp and drink. Dogs are prevented from biting and muzzles used for safe socializing. It's easy to wear and clean. The dog muzzle has a design that keeps it in place. Can be secured with a hook and loop. They have to take time to make the dogs adapt to wearing a muzzle. It can be washed by the washing machine. If you have a problem with finding the right size, they offer great customer support and will work hard to fix it.

Brand: Heele

👤This has worked great so far, we only used it for a week. Our dog is an escape master, and he recently destroyed bags and items around the house. He doesn't do well in a cage because of his anxiety separation. I have tried all the training tricks. When he got out of the cage, he stressed to drink water until he threw up. We decided to use a soft muzzle for him so he wouldn't hurt himself while we were gone and he could be comfortable. He hasn't gotten into anything since we left him for 3 times, and he hasn't been able to get the muzzle off. He doesn't mind when we put it on him. He wears a GentleLeader for walks, and the way it fits, it kind of mimics that. He has a short and wide muzzle, but an XL fits him very well. He has not had any issues out of a cage until recently. I am pregnant with our first child and I think all the changes are making him behave in a different way, when we are gone during the day. It is a great solution to our problem. It is easy to use, and he is comfortable with it.

👤I had to take my dog to the vet because of the hot spot it created. We stopped putting it on him because he had a small irritation. We went to the vet on Thursday. They had to shave and clean it because it was so bad. He only wears it at daycare. In small amounts of time 15-20 minutes a day, max of 2 hours a day. I had my vet check it out. If I passed the return window, I would come back. I wouldn't allow your dog to drink water with it on if you don't wear it everyday.

👤I have a German Shepherd who is teething and everything is a chew toy if left unattended. There is a Everyone is every-thing. I want to teach him the most humane way to stay off of people and things because he is still growing. He has a lot of toys. There is a He seemed to understand the message when he wore this muzzle. He is around people so it will be useful when we go out. That doesn't like dogs. My baby will feel less tension coming from them because people feel safer. I will buy it again if I lose it.

👤This muzzle is great for her. This is the fourth muzzle I have gotten for her, the other ones didn't fit her, but this one fit her perfectly. I ordered a big one. She tries to attack other dogs and cats when she sees them. She was kept from biting, from barking and from eating things off the ground. A strong double sided strip. She is a muscle dog and couldn't remove it. If you have a dog that is muscular and aggressive, I would recommend it.

👤Please read all the reviews before making a decision. This was for our female lab dog. I trashed it because I got it. Make sure it fits your dog before buying.

10. Mayerzon Breathable Poisoned Protective Prevent

Mayerzon Breathable Poisoned Protective Prevent

The Basket Muzzle is made of a non-toxic rubber. You can quickly adjust the fit of your dog with the help of a neck strap. The wide holes of the muzzle basket allow your dog to drink and pant. It is possible for you to feed your dog treats because of this. This muzzle is only suitable for dogs with long snouts. Not for breeds such as pit bull. It is important for your dog to get the right size. Measure your dog's snout to find the most fit size. They offer a 12 months warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. Make sure that your muzzle is large enough to allow your dog to pant and that it is secure when you receive it. They are happy to take returns on muzzles that are in good shape. Don't worry, just buy with confidence.

Brand: Mayerzon

👤A dog aggressive, we have a black German shepherd. He was well trained by Mike and did well at his place with other dogs. The Yorkis are the worst dogs in Boca because they are not neutered so they can be vicious, and we lived in a rental community where a lot of dogs are not neutered so they can be vicious. I ordered a muzzle. He is happy with it, and he can breathe easily, because it is hot in Florida. It's very easy to put on, our dog is happy, and I feel safe because we have a 16 year old son who puts it on.

👤I bought the Large for my dog. It's a perfect fit. It doesn't leave any marks on my dog's muzzle, so it's very comfortable. The muzzle is going to cut down on my vet bill as my dog wants to eat anything that isn't stuck to the ground.

👤The muzzle is awesome for the price. I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because of the size. I ordered a size small because I thought it would fit my dogs. It said it would fit a westie. It was too big for me and I had to order the smaller version. It is a good muzzle for muzzle training.

👤My dog is territorial and tends to be aggressive towards other dogs. We decided to buy a muzzle to protect him. The muzzle we bought was not as good as this one. It's much easier to clean and our dog doesn't have to have a bad smell or have a bad snout like the other one. Nothing gets trapped underneath and formsbacteria. Our dog likes eating scraps so we made some adjustments. The muzzle was too far down for our dog, and it had an opening for the mouth and nose. It is a very high quality muzzle and I would recommend it. Make sure to get the right size.

👤I finally found a good basket muzzle for my girl that is clip-on, rather than a belt buckle style. This muzzle is perfect for our needs. She has a long muzzle with a thin face and neck, and we were having a hard time finding a muzzle that would fit both her muzzle and her neck without being too heavy or bulky for her. She is able to drink water and take treats. She is very tolerant and doesn't seem bothered by the material, which is soft and she seems comfortable wearing. She is doing great with her muzzle training. She doesn't fight when she wears it. I don't think we'll have to worry about the durability much. It doesn't make her look vicious or scary, which is a big bonus. Very happy with it!

👤When I received the product, it was a bit different from the one I ordered, but it was still the same product. Yes, the same as the school. You need a cloth ribbon to keep it in place, and the engineering behind it should have included a strap for the top piece. Will deal with this product.

11. Silicone Muzzles Breathable Barking Adjustable

Silicone Muzzles Breathable Barking Adjustable

The soft muzzle for dogs is designed to help your dog keep a safe distance during daily walks, interacting, grooming or vet visits. It can prevent bad behaviors such as biting and chewing. The muzzle of the dog basket allows dogs to pant, feed and drink. Supet basket muzzles for large dogs are made of upgrade silicone material which is long- lasting rub, bite resistance, and no stinky odors to protect your dog's health long time. The dog muzzle is soft and will not rub the dog's nose. The dog muzzle has been designed and tested to fit most dog faces. The strap is soft and padded. The personalization of the dog mouth guard is the most important thing. The muzzles for small dogs have four adjustment points and two fixed collar loops which can help the dog fit in. The quick buckle design of the dog mouth cover can help you put on or take off the muzzle more quickly. If you don't measure the right size before purchasing their muzzles for medium sized dog, they will not be able to give you a great service guarantee. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will work hard to fix your problem.

Brand: Supet

👤I would definitely buy it again because he doesn't seem to mind wearing it.

👤The dog is comfortable and great quality. It works great! My dog does not hate muzzles.

👤I like how the straps are adjusted. The straps are made of leather. I don't think it will last forever. It should last for a while. I had a muzzle for my two rotties that was made of silicone and they were able to eat horse waste and other undesirable items. This muzzle is the best I've seen.

👤I bought this to stop my dog from chewing. It fits. I had to make it my own. She could get it off if I put a collar on her. I had to attach it to the collar with 2 small belts to keep her from getting it off. I had to cut away some of the liner because it would hurt her eyes when put on. I would not recommend this to anyone because I had to make a lot of changes to make it work. I kept it because I was desperate to stop her from chewing me.

👤Everyone knows how hard it is to find a muzzle. This one is perfect for my needs.

👤I can let him out to run now and keep him safe from biting, I like that muzzle he tries so hard to get off, but it stays in place, it would definitely recommend to others who have dogs that are weary about strangers.

👤I love this muzzle. When my dog is left alone, he has severe anxiety separation and tears at the car. He ripped open the roof. It's severe. I decided on this muzzle because I wanted it to be comfortable for him. It fits well. I can still give him treats so that he keeps eating them. He can drink and eat. He goes to sleep once he knows he can't chew. The muzzle is perfect.

👤It works well for my guy and he doesn't mind wearing it. He has to wear it when he is with my other dogs. He can hang out with the pack and not get into trouble.

👤I had already gone through a few of them so I brought this muzzle with low expectations. The quality of the muzzle and the smell of leather were the first things I thought of when I arrived. I could feel the excitement in my body. I finally found what I was looking for. I wanted to try it out. It fit perfectly after adjusting the straps, which are located in several places. My dog could eat and drink through it, making training a breeze. It is very strong and has no signs of wear and tear. It is a lot more comfortable for my dog. A muzzle is a must have for all dog owners.

👤The strap on this muzzle broke within two months.

👤One of the metal prongs on the muzzle came off on the first use.

👤una museruola molto resistente, fa bene il suo lavoro, l'unico problema, ho preso anche bene le misure. Purtroppo prendere una taglia pi grande perché la larghezza della museruola diventerebbe eccessiva. Sinceramente questo fatto per me, non un problema. I trasporti pubblici, per qualcuno.


What is the best product for dog muzzles for medium dogs for barking?

Dog muzzles for medium dogs for barking products from Hyh. In this article about dog muzzles for medium dogs for barking you can see why people choose the product. Barkless and Luckypaw are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog muzzles for medium dogs for barking.

What are the best brands for dog muzzles for medium dogs for barking?

Hyh, Barkless and Luckypaw are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog muzzles for medium dogs for barking. Find the detail in this article. Coozero, Matchy2u and Stopwoofer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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