Best Dog Muzzle for Pitbulls

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1. BASKERVILLE Prevents Drinking Comfortable Adjustable Lightweight

BASKERVILLE Prevents Drinking Comfortable Adjustable Lightweight

The rubber basket design gives all-around mouth protection, allowing unrestricted eating, drinking and panting while preventing biting. It's used for safe handling during vet visits. The rubber is extremely tough and flexible and can be heated and shaped for a personalized fit around the dog's snout. It gives all around protection for dogs. The muzzle will remain securely in place with the SAFE & SECURE safety strap and attachment loop, and there is an optional,removable over-head safety strap. The padded lining and neck and head straps have pre-holed webbing for a quick and secure fit. Dog friendly allows dogs to drink and be rewarded. It's perfect for daily dog exercise.

Brand: The Company Of Animals

👤These things can help keep dogs from biting. I have two that are perfect together inside, but have gotten in terrible fights when they are outside together. Do my dogs like it? Not gonna lie. They can drink water, bark and pant, and they don't freak out when we put them on. If you line treats up it will work out. The only complaint I have is that the strap that runs across the top of their head seems to loosen, but other than that this has solved our issues, and the dogs seem to be getting more and more used to them the longer we use them.

👤Don't buy. I received this and it fit perfectly in my pit to open her mouth to drink. I got a size up because it said one. The 3 was her measurement. When I opened it, I wondered where the padding was. After the first hour of her wearing it, we noticed that her chin was not straight. She bled the second time. A lot of other dogs had the same issue after combing through reviews, which I wish I had done before. I am not using this until they come up with a solution.

👤This is a great product. The fit was the same as the size chart suggested. I almost second-guessed buying the larger size, but the Husky fit was definitely a size 4 and it was perfect. He can open his mouth a bit and get some water if he needs it, but he doesn't drink a lot, so he doesn't try to drink too much. He can chase the cats still and get his nose into places where it doesn't belong as it doesn't limit his movement. There is no chance that he will do anything that he is not supposed to do. His nose fits perfectly in the opening at the end, so that he doesn't have to explain why he shouldn't chase the cats. The opening of the nose is important for the cats to have a more defined area in which to aim. Whoever designed this must of had this in mind, either they wanted to teach their dog a lesson or they were a very cruel person who would side with the cats during these interactions. Alaska likes wearing his mask because it gives him a false sense of security. I think he can't see that his entire nose is exposed, but the rest of his mouth is protected. He can't lick the cats anymore. We did not have to boil it and fit it in the box. This product is very good. I am very happy that I bought the tan. I thought that it was more menacing after the first few comments that it looked like a mask from a horror movie. If you have to walk around with a cage and face, you might as well be a serial killer.

👤I bought an off brand muzzle because I didn't think the measurements made sense with Baskerville. I decided to go with the brand name Baskerville because the muzzle's strap has been chewed through and the plastic has been scratched up, so I thought I would buy a new one that fit her color better. I did not expect a huge difference. The muzzle stays on better, the straps are more flexible, and the head strap is not as stiff. I may look into it at some point. My dog is muzzle trained and does not scratch at her face, so this is not a problem, but it does pass the pull test and won't go past her nose when properly tightened, with or without the head strap as shown in the pictures. I love basket muzzles, and this one is no exception. It allows the dog to drink, take treats, and breathe. The tan on her looks less intimidating than the black muzzle I had previously.

2. Pettycart Muzzle Prevent Chewing Barking

Pettycart Muzzle Prevent Chewing Barking

The creative basket design gives all-around mouth protection allowing canines unrestricted eating, drinking and panting. It's used for safe handling during vet visits. The plastic rubber is extremely sturdy and flexible, and can be widened or narrowed for a best fit around the dog's snout. The muzzle is secured with a safety strap and attachment points that are designed to attach to your dog's collar. Short-snout breeds such as Pug are not suitable for long-sleeved shirts. Measure your dog's snout circumference and snout length to make sure the muzzle is not too small for your dog, and leave extra rooms to pant and breathe in case the muzzle is too small for your dog.

Brand: Luckypaw

👤Wow! I didn't think it was supposed to be here for a few days. The muzzle is perfect for my dog. The dog I got is an 80 pound pit bull. This muzzle will last a long time and I think it will be a great one. The muzzles that are very similar from petsmart have a clip that gets clipped on the head strap, instead of being looped around the strap, which is the best part. There is a loop on the top that allows you to put a collar through it, and there is a loop on the bottom that allows a collar to be attached. I love the quality of this muzzle. I was very satisfied with my purchase. I will be ordering more later.

👤I had to get my bully a muzzle because she would randomly attack my other pit. I had to do something fast because my other pit wouldn't fight back. I don't leave this on her long. The muzzle needs to be used with a collar. They have a strap on their chin. They can remove them if there is no collar. My son loves watching her eat treats with this on because she can pant, eat and drink water. If you don't fully trust your dog around other dogs or people, this product will give you security. You will need to keep an eye on them. My dog is 80 lbs and I have a medium. The large would have been large.

👤It is very soft and easy to use, and my dog feels comfortable when he wears it. My dog can eat and drink. Excellent item!

👤My dog is very comfortable. It prevents him from biting while still allowing him to open his mouth. It works well for taking him to the vet.

👤The muzzle is soft and shaped to the dog's head. I have purchased muzzles from other vendors that were advertised to be for a dog with a 10 inch circumference and a 2.5 inch length, but all were much bigger than that. This muzzle is well-fitting. The parts that will rub are lightly padded and the straps are wide. The introduction to the dog instructions is helpful. It was a good purchase.

👤If you need a basket muzzle that isn't hard wire, this is a good product. In his senior years, our dog has become very destructive. He tried to chew his way out of the kennel, damaging several teeth in the process. After discussing the issues with our vet, we decided to try a basket muzzle to keep him from hurting himself, and to give him light medication to help his anxiety levels. The muzzle is made of rubber and nylon. The muzzle is soft and he can lay his head in any position he wants. The company is great. The muzzle measurement of our dogs was on the border of L and XL. We ordered a large one and it was too big. I received a prompt response from the company after I followed the instructions on the insert that came with the muzzle. The muzzle is being replaced with a L free of charge.

3. PET ARTIST Genuine Leather Adjustable

PET ARTIST Genuine Leather Adjustable

The lightweight genuine leather muzzle gives all-around protection and also allows unrestricted panting. Three strong straps ensure the muzzle stays securely in place. More comfortable is the leather material and strong buckles. It can be pushed to save space for storage. For dogs with the same size and shape, it's a good fit.

Brand: Pet Artist

👤I ordered a muzzle for my dog. He tries to eat bufo toads in Florida. They have a deadly toxin to dogs. We muzzle him at night to keep him from doing this. We have been using a basket muzzle for the last couple years, but he recently figured out he could push his nose down against the toad and it would cause it to hit the plastic grid of the basket muzzle. He is a rescue who was abused and he is not a fan of muzzles. He tends to wipe his face against you or ram you with his nose when we put him on. He knows how much he hates his muzzle. I had been looking for a leather muzzle for a while, thinking it would be a little softer, but really started looking once he started using his muzzle. If you want to prevent your dog from licking something, this muzzle is perfect. The mouth opening is completely blocked by it. My doberman seems to like the leather muzzle a bit more. I think it is softer on his face. The muzzle is sturdy and made of good quality. The leather is thick and all of the joints are grommeted together. It serves the purpose we needed and I am very happy with it. I think it deserves a 5 star rating, but there are some things that you should be aware of when buying this muzzle for your dog. #1. It is designed for a square headed dog. The head straps were too long for the size I needed. The belt hole punch tool was used to correct this. Adding new holes to shorten the strap doesn't mean that the leather straps are integrity. #2. The plastic compression buckles on a lot of muzzles are harder to use. If you wanted, you could switch the strap out. I like the security of the leather strap buckle, but it's difficult to put on my dog. #3. ThisUZZLE should not be used for long periods of time. This is also true in warm environments. Dogs can't drink while wearing a muzzle. The ability to pant seems to be limited, and air flow in general is impeded. When my dog is breathing with it on, it makes a loud noise similar to trying to suck air through a straw. There are four holes on the front and two on the side. The holes on the side don't seem to do anything as they often end up pressed against his muzzle and blocked by fur. The front four corners are where most of the air flow is coming from. My dog only wears a muzzle for a short time at night. I would never leave it on him longer than that, as I think he would get really hot with it on. It is perfect for a situation like ours. It could be dangerous if you want to use it to walk your dog. I think punching two holes in the front of my dog's nose would help with the air flow issue. I am very happy with the purchase and it is perfect for our situation. It is not safe for exercise or extended wear.

4. Catadog Prevent Barking Chewing Adjustable

Catadog Prevent Barking Chewing Adjustable

The double-layer Velcro has new function upgrades. The dog muzzle style is less likely to let the dog break free. It is more wear- resistant than the mesh material. The dog mouth guard can be adjusted before and after to make the dog feel more comfortable. The dog muzzles can prevent dogs from barking, chewing food and biting others. The nylon muzzles areBreathable and easy to install. The weight of pets can be reduced by the soft material above the nose. Every time you go out, your dog is waiting for you to put on the muzzle. The muzzles are intended to go to public places. Most dogs don't adapt to wearing a muzzle at the beginning, so they have to take time to make them do it. If you are not satisfied with their item, please contact them for a refund or exchange. Short-mouthed dogs cannot be muzzled, but dogs similar to pitbulls can.

Brand: Catadog

👤I used to use a sheep harness on my dog to limit the volume of her barking at night, but I stopped doing that now. It's designed for sheep, but still fits her well. I was worried that it wasn't comfortable for her since it wasn't designed for dogs. I got this dog muzzle because it looked like it was made from soft material that would feel good to her. She was unwilling to tolerate this muzzle despite her tolerance of wearing a sheep harness as a stand in for a real muzzle. I adjusted it a bit loose to see how it fit. She took it out. I tightened it over and over and she removed it. She just removed it even when it was tight. My dog has a long snout. She should not be able to pull it off over her nose. The material's softness allowed her to remove it even if it was adjusted differently. She made it very clear that she was not comfortable in it and that she could not do anything to remove it. She was so upset by it that she clawed at her face when I put it on her. The sheep harness is being used again. It's more comfortable for her since she never complains about it and never damages it.

👤The price is amazing, and it's well built. I was shocked to find out that I was buying one at the local feed store for more than double the price and without all the adjustability. Live and learn. It is difficult to adjust the velcro because it is sturdy. I think this is a small con. It may not be a good fit if you have arthritis.

👤This is the only way to stop barking. It works. He is not happy with it, but it hurts him and stops his train of thought. We will try it on the trail when he barks.

👤Cute. I had a lot of confidence in my dog but he had different plans. She was able to get it off despite being at an appropriate placement.

👤My dog takes it off because I don't want him to be without a muzzle when I walk him.

👤The product works. It makes my puppy more calm and settles her down. Excellent customer service as well. I reached out to them to ask for a replacement for the buckle that broke, and they immediately sent me one. I got it the next day. I would definitely order from them again. Very impressed.

👤I wanted it to work but my dog was able to take it off. I tried to tighten, but I didn't want my dog to not be able to breathe properly.

👤Not for large, aggressive dogs.

5. LUCKYPAW Barking Comfortable Adjustable Suitable

LUCKYPAW Barking Comfortable Adjustable Suitable

Helping dogs correct bad habits is helpful. A muzzle is an effective way to limit bad habits of dogs. It is adjusted. The dog muzzle can be kept securely in place with the help of a strap connecting the neck. The shape of the dog's mouth can affect the size of the velcro design. The fabric is sufficientlydurable. The muzzle is made of mesh material. It can make the dog feel better. The nylon and mesh material can be used to reduce the weight of pets. There is enough space to brew and drink. The humane design makes it easier for a dog to drink water. When the dog is wearing a muzzle, you can leave a space for your dog to breathe, gasp and drink. There is laissez-faire customer service. If there is a question, please contact them. If you don't like your new muzzle, send it back for a full refund. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Luckypaw

👤We have the grumpiest middle-aged doggo in the world when it's time to either wipe out his eyes or trim his nails, we live in the south and he's a maltease terrier. He has a skin condition that is caused by white dogs and so he has a special cleanser for his fur and skin, but the trick is to dry him quickly after a bath. Not anymore. I don't feel bad for him or me because my fingers are intact, and he gets a cookie when it's over. This is a great product for our needs for a small dog, but I wonder if it would fit on our cat, she's scrawny, and it takes two of us to hold her down. We're very pleased with it for our dog.

👤I don't like this one because of the fabric. I have a dog who doesn't like getting his hair done. We needed to cut his nails while he was muzzled. If he could get away from us, he could use his paws to open the strap and get out. No matter how tightly it was put on. He prefers the duck bill muzzle, even though we bought it just to be silly. It is much easier to clean when he does not try to take it off.

👤My dog is trained to not bite or nip kids. The pup can't eat foreign objects in the yard. The muzzle can fit a variety of dogs.

👤When I brushed my dog, he would snap at me, leaving us both frustrated and him in need of grooming. Some of the muzzles looked very bad. I chose this one because it looked softer. The muzzle worked well for us. He is a border collie mix. I ordered the small one. I was able to groom him and he immediately forgiven me for my muzzling.

👤I have never dealt with a company like that before. I didn't measure my pups snout. I picked the right size. I received the product sooner than I anticipated, and it didn't fit. I guess that is what I get! It's loL! Instructions on what to do if the problem happens are included in the package. I email the company at 3am on a Saturday. I received a response on Sunday night, but it is still the weekend. They will send me the smaller size for free. The best customer service I have ever seen. It was my fault that I ordered the wrong size, so I was not expecting a response.

👤My dog is too smart. The muzzle is locked with a snap and it doesn't open. I freaked out when I heard the sound. She wasn't used to the muzzle around her mouth and she was so smart that she would push the muzzle off. I wish it worked well because it is nicely made, but my dog is too smart for it. I have a dog.

👤The product was in perfect condition when it was shipped. I reached out to the seller and got a reply in less than 24 hours, despite the size being not perfect for my Shepherd. They are going to send me a bigger size. That is great customer service. I will recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks.

6. Lepark Prevent Chewing Adjustable Breathable

Lepark Prevent Chewing Adjustable Breathable

This is a notice. Measure the size of the dog's mouth and neck. Before purchasing, please check the picture and choose the right size. Smaller size would be more suitable if your dog's circumference is between two sizes. It's convenient. The dog muzzle is made of soft fabric, which makes the dog feel comfortable. The nylon strap is easy to wear. The length is easy to wear and install. Soft and gentle fabric muzzle construction makes sure that it won't hurt the dog's mouth. Helping dogs prevent bites, barking and chewing. They have different colors for people to choose. The description part of the product will teach you how to train your dog to accept a muzzle. Users need to take time to make their dogs adapt to wearing a muzzle. Don't allow dogs to wear the muzzle for a long time.

Brand: Lepark

👤The padding on the top was large enough to fit on my dog's mouth. The muzzle was a little odd for a medium-sized man, but he didn't seem bothered by it. The side straps are not tangled so they don't hit the face. The hook at the bottom is not useful because it slides the lead off when I walk him. That might be from my own mistake.

👤When I put this on a pitbull that I want to get active with my other dogs, the dog slid the muzzle off every time I didn't look, so I have to keep an eye on it.

👤We tightened it up because our girl was able to maneuver out of it. It seems to need something to hold it on better. Maybe return.

👤Make sure it's snug as it can be removed, I have a pitbull dog mix and he has been unable to destroy it. The south adjuster should be looped around the plastic piece to make sure it stays. He hates it but it hasn't hurt anyone. He can no longer bite when we clip his nails or shave him.

👤It was difficult to get on my dog. The thing wouldn't stay on. It's not possible to keep it tightened. My dog was able to get this off his face many times. All he had to do was open his mouth. I would like to return it. Money was wasted.

👤The head halter is used to keep dogs from pulling on the leash. It's not a muzzle. It doesn't stay the same size. We had to sew it so it wouldn't loosen.

👤It is easy to use and well priced.

👤The product works great if you only use it to take my dog to the vet.

7. Dog Muzzles Suit Anti Biting Adjustable

Dog Muzzles Suit Anti Biting Adjustable

7 The dog muzzles set can be used for most dog sizes and dog ages. They are very easy to use with a fully adjusted strap and buckle. It's easy to solve your problem with multiple choices. If you don't know your dog's mouth size, this product will help you. A dog muzzle is a great solution for a lot of problems. The dog should not be bitted, the dog should not eat around, the dog should not lick wounds and the dog should not bark. It's suitable for most dogs, including Teddy, chihuahua, Miniature pinscher, Schnauzer, Samo and other pets. It's a great help for home, travel, pet training, pet store, pet hospital and vet. The muzzles are designed with a fully-adjustable strap and buckle. This design will make it easy to put on. It's easy to adjust the right size for your dog. The material is easy to clean and can be used again and again. It is a good companion for your needs. All muzzles are made from waterproof Oxford cloth. They are light, strong, comfortable and eco-friendly. You don't have to worry about hurting your dog, and it will protect them. There are 7 different sizes in the package. It is safe and reliable to prevent dogs from biting people or things.

Brand: Coozero

👤I don't think this is the best dog muzzle because I haven't ordered any other. My dog has grown into a size 5 and I wish I could order just that size, I would order several and keep as backups when I lose one, but they only come in a variety of sizes in a pack, so I will donate the other sizes to my local shelter. I bought the muzzle set a couple months ago because my then 4 month old ACD was jumping up and nipping at the leash when I would take her out. She would run circles around me. I am taking her to professional training now that she has been reprimanded. When I got these muzzles, I was a bit doubtful. I found the right size and wall and it fit perfectly, it was like a thunder jacket. She is so quiet with the muzzle on that she walks beside me like she is the perfect dog. She chewed up 5 beds when I tried to get it off the first few times. Another reason to use it. She is 6 months old and I use a muzzle when she is inside because she is barking at the cat and nips at my husband when he tries to let her. My ACD is very high energy.

👤Does it do its job? I wanted a medium size for my dog, but I didn't know it came in 7 different sizes.

👤Please be careful with the positive reviews on here. They have contacted me multiple times, offering to compensate me up to $50 to take it down, since I put up my review. I wouldn't trust this seller. I have a basset hound/chihuahua mix and none of these muzzles fit him. The strap was too short when I tried closing it, even though the smallest one fit his snout perfectly. The second size was too big. Will have to come back.

👤They took the heat perfectly, because I got them tailored with my logo. They look great.

👤We got a 1 year old havanese 9 days ago and he had severe separation anxiety that we were unaware of. He barked and barked in his crate or was alone in a room. We put him in a crate and he showed up. We put him in the crate in my daughter's room. He barked a little but was not as bad. After researching and practicing various methods, we separated him again because I realized that it enabled the anxiety. He barked and barked. He kept everyone up. I didn't use it right away. We decided to use this because of the barking. He went crazy when we put it on him and put him back in the crate. Both my husband and I had blank stares. It was like putting a bouncy ball in a crate. He lost his hair in a dog fight. He was able to get it from his nose and mouth. We took him away. When we put him back in the crate, he didn't bark the rest of the night, only when it was time to go potty. I thought it would work, but it did. We can sleep now that he is not 100% there.

8. Phanindra Anti Biting Barking Secureļ¼ŒComfortable Breathable

Phanindra Anti Biting Barking Secure%EF%BC%8CComfortable Breathable

The new muzzle is based on some of the problems encountered during the use of this pet muzzle. The muzzle can be prevented from falling off. The seat belt can be removed at any time, which is very convenient. The dog will not resist if the air is good. The dog muzzle is available in multipe sizes. If your dog is between two sizes, smaller size would be more suitable. The dog muzzle is easy to wear and install. The plastic Buckle on the neck strap protects it. The muzzle is falling off. Why? Dogs can be prevented from biting, eating Unclean food and hurting others by using the muzzle. There is an attention problem. They have to take time to make the muzzle patient. If you are not satisfied within 24 months, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Pd Phanindra

👤My dog got this off his face and chewed it up in less than an hour. He was able to slip it off even though I had it as tight as I could make it.

👤The dog would bark all the time we had him outside. He was reminded not to bark long enough for him to do his job. We had to adjust the head straps to get the perfect fit so he didn't shove it off, but it was soft around his mouth.

👤It seems to be comfortable.

👤These things work. If my lab retrievers take these off right away, they will chew them up. I thought these would work. I tightened them up, but they didn't work out for 2 dogs.

👤I am not sure if this was a returned item or not. The stitching was coming off. The plastic part is loose. Coming off. It smelled weird. You get what you paid for.

👤The item works as described. I'll use a small carabiner to hook it to her collar if it becomes an issue where she can take it off.

👤My dog chews on everything. Lasted a few weeks. He chewed it up.

👤I bought this for my dog. She had it off in less than 5 minutes. If there were more pieces placed in ways to prevent them from getting it off, that would be great, but it is a poor design. It was pointless because I tried many times.

9. BronzeDog Pitbull Amstaff Adjustable Leather

BronzeDog Pitbull Amstaff Adjustable Leather

The length of the dog's snout is 3 1/2 inches. Measure your dog's snout before purchasing. The basket muzzle is made of durable steel and has a soft padding and four adjusting straps to fit a dog muzzle. The dog muzzle allows plenty of air in, which is necessary for your pet's comfort and wellbeing. The muzzle of the basket dog allows unrestricted nose licking. The muzzle is made of steel and is perfect for dogs. Before you muzzle your dog, you need to train him. A dog can be trained to accept a muzzle. The dog that never trained for muzzle will try to pull it off. The dog can escape from any type of muzzle. Muzzle is only meant to be used for a short period of time, and only when your dog is supervised. muzzles are used to stop dog bites. They aren't for preventing problem behaviors by closing your dog's mouth. Don't use a muzzle for barking, chewing, or other behavioral problems. If you believe that muzzle is a must have for your pet, please ask for advice from a dog trainer.

Brand: Bronzedog

👤I did a lot of research before buying this. I had to learn how to keep my other two dogs safe from any humans who could set her off because I adopted a 6 year old American Bully/Mastiff female who came from poor conditions. This muzzle is an amazing addition to what we need. Our girl has adapted well to our other animals, and she's fine with most humans. There is a She doesn't look for trouble and she has never been the one to start it, but she will not tolerate aggression from another animal. This muzzle gives me peace of mind because we're still working on this and she's still working on it. It's well constructed and doesn't bother her. She can drink and take small treats. Make sure you measure your pet correctly for their comfort and fit. There is a You won't be sorry if you do this. This muzzle is very good.

👤Excellent product! It fits my pitbull very well. Other muzzles have been used to fit him. I don't have to worry about his eyes being hurt because this muzzle fits perfectly. He tried to take it off. My dog can be very anxious, but he seems to be comfortable with it on. Don't be scared by the picture of my dog. He is friendly with his mother but not other people or dogs.

👤Disaster...the one rivet easily pulls apart. My pit bull broke the rivet and got into a fight and I broke my elbow in the process. Both dogs have serious injuries. The product is a joke. Pull the rivets apart when you get it in your hands. I should take you to court.

👤I bought this for my pit because her snoot is 11 x 4 so I figured it would fit. I like it large. I'm reaching out to Bronze Dog for help. The bud is amazing. Real leather is lightweight. My dog is never muzzled and she doesn't mind it. I bought this to keep her from chewing her feet while I'm away. She can't lick the medicine until they heal.

👤The muzzle is perfect for my dogs. Finding the right muzzle shape for my pitbulls was important. The basket has enough space for the dog to pant and breathe while not being able to snap at anyone. Smaug wears this when he gets his nails trimmed to make sure he doesn't snap at someone. I think he doesn't mind wearing it at all. It has been a great purchase and I would highly recommend it.

👤It took me a while to get my dogs used to it, they are spoiled rotten, but it has helped protect them on walks. They sometimes fight with each other. They are able to keep their muzzle on and still get treats because they are easy to breathe.

👤The muzzle is made of steel. I've tried it on my pitty and he doesn't like anything around his mouth so it's a work in progress. I rate this a 5 because my Pitt can't pull it off like the other muzzle.

10. Breathable Muzzles X Large Barking Aggressive

Breathable Muzzles X Large Barking Aggressive

The Basket Muzzle is made of a non-toxic rubber and can be widened or narrowed if needed. You can quickly adjust the fit of your dog with the nylon neck strap. The wide holes in the muzzle basket allow your dog to drink and even eat through it. This design allows for maximum air flow to keep your dog cool, and it will allow you to feed treats. The rubber basket design is soft and comfortable and does not hurt the dog's skin. They offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. Make sure that your muzzle is large enough to allow your dog to pant and that it is secure when you receive it. They are happy to take returns on muzzles that are in good shape. Don't worry, just buy with confidence.

Brand: Mayerzon

👤I own a full blooded German shepherd and wanted to test this out before I gave a review. She is about 80 to 90 pounds. She doesn't like new people. I had to take her to the vet. It came with a book that I could use to teach her how to use the muzzle. I know it has comfort because Shell put her nose in it when it was time. She can drink water and eat treats. I got her into the vet and it held up great despite the fact that she had a bit of a fight with the doc. I'm very thankful for the muzzle and how well it held up. The product is great for a low price.

👤Large dog owners should be careful. I got this for my dog to wear at night if she barks for hours straight. I measured her to make sure I got the right size, and within minutes she ripped the cheap rubber and strap from her paws. The muzzle basket strap is very thin and the picture is misleading. Thinner than a cheap collar. The rubber basket has a connection that is only a piece of rubber. It was opposed to it being a part of the strap. My dog chewed it like a toy after one motion. My 100 lbs dog made it look like tissue paper and this might work for dogs up to 30 lbs. It was returned within an hour.

👤I like the design and material. My gsd has a long snout so it rests and presses right where his nostrils are and makes it difficult to breathe, but due to the amazing customer service I'm going to be shipped a size up in hopes. There is a slit at the bottom of the snap buckle so you can give your pet water or food. The product was great.

👤It was easy to put on. It was a perfect fit for my female Ridgeback that was 90 pounds. In case anyone was wondering how the size runs, this is the place to go. It seems to work well so far. She can drink and breathe easily through it, and it doesn't cut into her. Great product!

👤Great product. I have a pit/lab mix and weigh close to 90 lbs. I ordered a big one. It's perfect. Still able to drink water. It was his first time wearing it and he was unsuccessful in taking it off. He rubbed his paws across the grass. The material seemed comfortable. I bought this a week ago. I had time to get him used to wearing it as we introduced him to a new pet. He is an aggressive dog towards other animals. I put his favorite treat inside the muzzle so he could grab it. I did this many times before snapping it closed. I snapped it around his head two days before use. He allowed me to put it on without the treat. He tried taking it off several times since it was his first time wearing it. He enjoyed his walk after 25 minutes. Thankfully, Muzzle worked as it should. No dogs were hurt and time was given to get to know the new pet.

11. PetSafe Gentle Leader Collar Training

PetSafe Gentle Leader Collar Training

The trainer isRECOMMENDED and theVET isRECOMMENDED. The head collar is designed to stop your dog from pulling by placing gentle pressure on pain-free points and eliminating pressure on his throat. It is possible to control leash behaviors like pulling, lunging and jumping with the help of a leash. No more compromising and scheming. A padded nose loop puts pressure on the back of the neck, which makes it harder for your dog to choke and gagging. It allows for a full range of motion. While still allowing your dog to bark, eat, drink and play, take greater control during your neighborhood strolls. It is easy to fit the head collar on your furry friend with the help of the nose loop and neck strap. Their Customer Care Center is happy to assist with replacements or resizing if you accidentally purchase the wrong size. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions. PetSafe brand has been a leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years, and they help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have a 65-pound woman who I hated walking. I felt like my arm was going to be pulled out of its sockets and I was trying to keep her from pulling on the leash. I tried to switch her to a harness to see if it would help her. I was wrong. I was looking for an answer so she wouldn't pull. After reading reviews, I found the leader and ordered it. I was worried she would break it since it seemed like an issue from previous reviews, but I had nothing to lose. I trained her with the leader after I got it. I took her on a walk after training her. It was like walking a different dog. She tried to pull a few times but it turned her around and made her face me. She adjusted quickly after pawing at it a few times. Stress free walking her is a dream for both of us. There is no marks on her fur or on her snout, but there is an area on the top of her snout that is slightly different after a long walk. She can drink water, pant, and even eat with it, as long as she wears it during meal time and gives them treats. I have had a leader for a year. Even if it breaks, I will get another one. I recommend it to my friends who have dogs.

👤When I first tried this on my dog, she rubbed her nose and tried to get it off. I put her 800-273-3217 It seemed like it wouldn't work for her. I put it aside. I gave her a treat and took her outside for a walk last week after I got it out again. It worked. She accepted it again. She is doing great with this and no more pulling. It's like walking a completely different dog. I missed her walk for almost two weeks. I thought I'd take a break because she had gotten to the point that her front-clip harness wasn't a deterrent anymore. After not going for her daily outings for a long time, she was more than happy to ignore the leader and focus on smelling all the great things she'd been missing. We are back to walking. I don't have to work on her behavior as much now that I am having fun on the walk. I put a harness on her in case I need to grab it. The leash is attached to the head lead. I have a leash that has a lighter clip on it. The leash clip is heavier than before. All I can say is that. The leader is gentle for the win-win. There is a safety tip that has been updated. I've had close calls at the vets office. She pulled the lead off her face when the leash became unclipped. I use a carabiner to secure the base of the leash clip to the loop in her collar when I put the leader on. The leash will still be connected to her collar if she gets the leader off again. The setup does not cause any issues while walking or stop the effectiveness of the leader, as shown in the attached photo.


What is the best product for dog muzzle for pitbulls?

Dog muzzle for pitbulls products from The Company Of Animals. In this article about dog muzzle for pitbulls you can see why people choose the product. Luckypaw and Pet Artist are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog muzzle for pitbulls.

What are the best brands for dog muzzle for pitbulls?

The Company Of Animals, Luckypaw and Pet Artist are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog muzzle for pitbulls. Find the detail in this article. Catadog, Luckypaw and Lepark are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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