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1. Astarin Memorial Remembrance Remember Premium

Astarin Memorial Remembrance Remember Premium

There are product specifications. The stone is 8 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick. There is a slot at the base of the stone for a photo. The photo should be laminated for use outdoors. The chime is 30 inches long with a hook and well packaged. 6 recycled aluminum tubes with a black finish. A long lasting tone is created by the thick tubing wall. The design is elegant. Their professional tuning experts hand- tune each metal wind chime tube to achieve a superior musical. Each chime has a special remembrance seal at the bottom that catches the wind. The wind chime parts are made from Hardened aluminum and strong coated to resist water and wind damage. It is suitable for any garden, yard, porch, patio, balcony, beach home, or decorative accent indoors. Sending a remembrance gift for the loss of a pet is a perfect gift. They will always remember the beautiful sound of their dog. You can find aSIN for the wind chime: B07Z5NZ2L4. 100% satisfaction. If you're unhappy for a month, you'll get your money back.

Brand: Astarin

👤My companion of 16 years passed away recently. She was my best friend and my baby. It was difficult to not have her with me, wondering if she was going to make it out of the front door. She enjoyed sitting on the porch. She was placed near her favorite place and had a wind chime over her. It reminds me of her love. Thank you.

👤The chimes were the perfect size for the memorial. The materials will hopefully last a long time. The chimes are made of a plastic/rubber-like material rather than wood and have a deep, soft sound. The round portion of the wind paddle and the engravings on it add to its charm.

👤I bought this gift for myself and my family after we lost our beloved pet. The wind chime is beautiful and has great quality.

👤This chime is wonderful. Excellent quality. 2 fur babies were lost this past year. We are reminded of the love and joy they brought when the wind blows.

👤These are gorgeous. Excellent quality. It was well packaged. You could just give it as a gift and put a bow on it. The sound is subtle and beautiful. Not apingy sound.

👤A friend lost her dog and I gave this to her. One of the strings was not attached when she opened the gift, but I could not tie it like the other ones. I was a little disappointed that I had to work on it when she opened it.

👤The chime has a nice sound. It was a great way to remember Jack.

👤I am very happy with the sound of the wind chime. I bought it for a friend that was upset with the loss of her dog. I received it quickly, it was packaged very carefully, and it was very well made. I would definitely order another one. Great purchase!

👤My aunt's dog passed away during the summer. I knew I had to give her a gift to say I was thinking of her. I ordered the wind chime for her and waited longer than I would have liked. I was able to blow her mind with this gift. I left a card on her porch. She said it was a great way to remember her boy. Her husband can be a grump, so it annoyed him. It's a great way to remember a furry family member.

👤I can't believe the wind chime is so beautiful. My mother in law had to put down her golden retriever that my boyfriend picked out of the litter as a child. The gift is beautiful. This item is a must buy for me. I was worried that it would be scratched but it was much bigger and better quality than I anticipated. Can't go wrong for the price.

👤The lovelier the picture is. I am impressed. It's a nice gift for someone who lost a pet or just for decoration on my balcony. A few years ago, I lost a pet. Mika is a beautiful Boston Terrier.

2. Unijew Memorial Rainbow Bracelet Sympathy

Unijew Memorial Rainbow Bracelet Sympathy

A simple, meaningful and beautiful remembrance bracelet for your pet. Your friend's paw mark is always in your heart. You will meet on the rainbow bridge in the future. The bracelet is made of 8mm Round Beads and is easy to wear. You will get a bag, card, bracelet, and a rainbow brooch in the package. If you have a question, please email them. They will try their best to solve your problems. Return and exchange are free.

Brand: Unijew

👤I was devastated when I lost my basset hound, Clyde. The bracelet is perfect. The bracelet is made with high quality beads and is very well made. I wanted a bracelet that represented the rainbow bridge, but I didn't want bright primary colors, and many of these bracelets come with black beads to represent the good days. Black does not speak to me as well as it could. The blue and white stones on this bracelet symbolize a beautiful sky, where my boy is playing and waiting for me.

👤I lost my China Girl on June 30th. She was an anxiety dog. I told her I would wait for her again. I bought this item on Amazon after it popped up. I have a feeling that the elastic will break if I keep on fiddling with it. I wasn't expecting a pin or bag to go with the beads, they are very well made. The poem is next to her ashes. It was what I needed to know that she is always with me.

👤The bracelet is pretty. I had to put my dog down after 15 years and wearing this bracelet made me feel better. The stones are beautiful.

👤The review is for the Unijew Pet Memorial Gift, Rainbow Bridge Bracelet for Beloved Dog Cat, 8MM Mixed Color Bead 7 Chakra Pet Memorial Bracelet. I bought this for my sweetheart so she could give it to her sister-in-law. My sweetheart thought this might help her sister-in-law who had to have her baby put down. It was a nice gift and the receiver loved it. I have included the pictures she sent to me. A gift like this is highly recommended. Hope this helps you have a great day!

👤I bought this for my niece who was grieving the loss of her first pet. The bracelet is very well made. It was perfect for her. The shorter version of the poem is good for someone younger. It was short and sweet.

👤I knew my girlfriend was going to be destroyed when she had to put her baby down. Even though he had cancer, it didn't make it any easier to lose him. I immediately started looking for a gift for someone who has died. This looked perfect for her because she's always been a big fan of stones and crystals. When I gave her the gift, she hugged me tightly and said it was the perfect gift and that she appreciated me thinking of her.

👤My friend lost her pet. She can wear it for comfort because of the gift.

👤The rainbow bridge is a beautiful poem that shows the image of meeting your beloved pet or other pet family. It gives one a sense of hope that the suffering they may have experienced before their death is over. I told my grandson that I believe our motorcycle is in a better place. We think of him crossing the rainbow when we see it.

3. BOOM Moments Memorial Favorite Sympathy

BOOM Moments Memorial Favorite Sympathy

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your pet, that's why there is no better way to honor the years of life of your dog or cat than with this adorable memorial frame keepsake. Every time you pass this frame, you will be able to relive the memories that you shared with your best friend. The frame is made with a premium quality wood and paw design twine and comes with a beautiful printed quote, "You left paw prints on their hearts." It's perfect for any cat or dog. Hang it on the wall or stand it on a flat surface is what their frame is designed for. They have two options so you can choose the best place to honor your dog. This product was easy to use. Add your picture to their opening. A perfect gift for a dog or cat loss. Helping a grieving friend or loved one remember a special pet is an experience. The frame is bubble wrapped to make sure it's in perfect condition when it arrives. Upon opening your thoughtful gift, they will discover your special sympathy offering that will last a lifetime. They put a lot of love into their product and they know you will love it too. If there are any concerns, they will only wish for their costumer happiness and they will not ask questions.

Brand: Boom Moments

👤When my nephew's pet died, I bought this for him. He was very touched by it.

👤The memorial frame is perfect for my cat. I like the paw print design and it is large and sturdy. It is highly recommended for anyone who has lost a pet.

4. LEWIS WAYNE Memorial Sympathy Remembrance

LEWIS WAYNE Memorial Sympathy Remembrance

Dog memorial stone is solar powered. The dog memorial stone switch should be in "ON" position when the sun is shining and charging automatically at night. The pet memorial stones can last up to 10 hours when fully charged. The working time of the garden lights is sensitive to weather. The dog memorial stone is made of quality weatherproof resin and is long lasting. The dog memorial ornament is durable and elegant. The Pet Memorial Stones have a dimensions of 4.5” x 5.5” Their sympathy gift for loss of dog is a great way to remember your dog. Each time you see this dog memorial gifts, you will remember your dog. A statue of a dog is resting in an angel's wing. Sending a dog memorial stone is a great way to express your sympathy.

Brand: Lewis&wayne

👤This isn't a solar device. It has a solar panel that stays on all day. The switch has to be turned off during the day. It doesn't cast a pretty glow like the picture when it does light, it's 3 small bulbs. Very disappointed. This was supposed to be a memorial to my dog.

👤On August 8, 2021, we had to say goodbye to Sammy. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and while the pain of losing her will never completely go away, this item helps me remember her in a spot in our yard. The item was in good working order and I had no issues with it. The light comes on at night when it gets dark. It is a way to remember your pet. This is a good way to remember a pet in a special way. The sensor that determines when to turn the light on when it's dark suddenly stopped working, so the lights are on all day. When the battery is using a lot of energy and charging at the same time, it's not certain how long it will work. Since I am past the 30 day return/replacement window, I contacted the seller to see if they would be willing to help. I will update when I hear back from them, they asked if I could send pictures of the item lit in daylight, and I promptly replied. When it rained, I kept the item indoors and sent them photos. They said they would send a replacement in 3 days. They have been very responsive and understanding so far. This seller seems great so far and I will update when I receive a replacement. The seller told me that my replacement should arrive by 10/10. When I receive the replacement, I will make a final update. My replacement arrived today. They had said it would come today. I am satisfied that the item works despite the fact that it may have been refurbished or returned. Hopefully this one will continue to work.

👤This came in dirty and nasty looking for a new product. I was very disappointed to have to clean it.

👤This is not powered by the sun. It doesn't work, even though there is a solar panel on it. You have to turn it off. That is the most disappointing part. There is a It is cheap and made with glue gun strings. Do not buy it. Spend more money if it works. Your dog is deserving of it.

👤We made a statue for a flower garden in memory of our dog and the other two that passed away, after we lost our dog recently. We had two statues for our other dogs and then bought this one for our recent dog that passed away. We look out at night and see it glowing. We were happy to buy it.

👤This was a gift for a dog. She will be missed. I wanted to do something special for my grandsons.

5. OakiWay Dog Memorial Gifts Remembrance

OakiWay Dog Memorial Gifts Remembrance

Sending a dog memorial gift is a great way to show your support and love for a pet lover friend. It will be comforting to anyone who is going through a tough time as they mourn the death of their pet. When you can send this lifetime using beautiful home decor, you should not just send sympathy flowers. This pet memorial angel figurine is made of high quality polished Polyresin material, which has a smooth stone look and feel. The angel's dress was designed to fit the candle light that comes with it, so that it could go through. This dog bereavement gifts for friend and family comes with an LED candle, so that the receiver can light it up once they open the box. The light illuminates solemnly giving a sense of peace and solace when the candle is lit, it glows a warm light and flickers like a real candle for repeatable and safe use. It can be used by people who prefer candles. It is a nice gesture of care and support to give a sympathy card to someone who is grieving. A lovely message is included in this package for friends and family who have lost a pet. The OakiWay in memory of dog gifts gives you the ease of gift-giving with less effort. This product comes in a gift- ready box so that you don't have to worry about wrapping the gift when it arrives! They want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase and that they can help you with any issues.

Brand: Oakiway

👤It is beautiful and perfect. My fur baby is missing a lot.

👤It looked good and the light on it was perfect, I had to put my second pit down a year ago because she had been there for 16 years.

👤Our daughter-in-law lost her dog. It was difficult for her because she hadn't seen her in a while. She had to be euthanized. I decided that we could give her a gift to help her remember her dog and have a remembrance of her. This was a very special gift for her. She cried when she opened it. She lit the candle many times after turning it in. Thank you for the gift. It was perfect in the moment and she will have it for the rest of her life.

👤The flickering battery candle is perfect for the memorial of my dog Cady, who died recently, and I wanted a candle that I could keep lit. The light shines through the paw print cut outs. The angel is made of a material that looks like marble. It is simple and beautiful. This is a great gift for someone who lost their dog.

👤This is a beautiful gift to give to someone who has lost a pet. I wanted to give our friends something special to remember their beautiful fur baby who died recently. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a special gift to honor a furry loved one.

👤I received this yesterday. My dog passed away 3 weeks ago. The candle reminds us that all animals go to heaven. It is beautiful and exceeded my expectations. It is very detailed.

👤You don't know what you're getting with some products. Good friends who recently lost a pet received this gift. I was taken by the weight of it when I removed it from the box after it arrived as promised by Amazon. The painting detail was perfect and it was beautifully cast. It was the perfect height, I expected something smaller. The little candle flicker appeared to be of high quality and not cheap.

👤It is amazing. ... It is so beautiful. I lost my pet and this was what I needed to help with the pain of my broken heart. The packaging is great. Don't think about it twice.

👤I thought it was appropriate to give it as a gift to my sister because she works for dog rescues and she is an angel to the dogs she helps save. I'll wrap it in tissue when I get it out of the box. It came way before it was expected and advertised.

👤I got this in memory of my dog. I am very happy with it and I think it was worth the money. This is the best gift for someone who has lost a pet.

👤I am super encanto el ngel, pero I am not much of a costo.

6. Pet Memorial Wind Chime Remembrance

Pet Memorial Wind Chime Remembrance

A cast wind chime with a paw print on both sides has a design drop pendant. The material is made of high quality. The box is ready to be sent as a present. The box is 8.25 x 5.5 x 1 inches. There was no need for repackaging. This is a great way to honor a loved one who has lost a pet. The poem includes pawprints. All rights reserved by Teri Harrison. It's difficult to say the right words to comfort a pet family member when they're lost, but with this poem it's easier to convey the message of love and compassion. It's perfect for inside or outside display. Hang your windchime on your porch, deck, garden, kitchen window, or near your pet's photo. When the wind blows, you will be reminded of the memories you shared with your pet. The metal paw print can be engraved with the pet's name. A wonderful client gift from a pet sitter. This service is not offered by Amoson.

Brand: Pawprints Left By You Memorial Gifts

👤The product looks terrible. The surface is scratched. There is red paint in other places. The parts of the chime are scratched. It was pretty disappointing.

👤The gift-able box appears to be made of a quality, thick (modern) vellum encased in a plastic sleeve. I put her collar in it. The print is glossy. It comes with the entire poem on thick card stock that's attached by 2 raised, round adhesive dots that are easily pulled away from the box allowing them to be firmly stuck elsewhere. There is a card with the story of the poem. The wind chime is a perfect size and heavier than expected. I hadn't noticed that there was a little hole through the paw pad. The next part of the poem was found on the reverse side of the raised heart. The segments are raised rather than being printed on a piece of pewter, and the poem is engraved rather than printed. The little red heart is engraved on it. The sound of the chimes is perfect. I find it relaxing. I plan to have the letters GRETA engraved in the top pads and the dates of her birth and death engraved on the reverse side. I'm hoping I can find an artist who can engrave her face on the bottom piece using the center heart as her nose. She was a Rottweiler with a loving heart. I bought another of these to have on hand for my friend when they lose a loved one. For $25, I did not expect the quality and detail. Even if the price was twice that, it would still be worth it. If I could, I would give 10 stars. It's perfect in every way.

👤The wind chime was ordered to honor a lost pet. The poem on the inside of the box was ripped when we received the item in the mail. There was nothing wrong with the package, just the inside was damaged. The wind chime was made of 2 pieces. The wind chime won't stay open to make noise because I got the 2 pieces back together. The plastic circle that holds the chimes is falling vertical to wear even if the wind blows and I have to fix it daily. The reminder has become an issue.

👤I bought this item for a colleague that lost her pet. I was surprised when I opened the package to see that my wind-chime was missing. The person that packed the box missed putting in the most important part of the gift. I will not recommend anyone else to buy from them.

👤The wind chime is so small that it looks like a dollar general. It is not worth the price.

👤When our doggos died, our friends gave us the chimes. The poem and chimes are very touching. The friends lost their dog a month ago, so I gave them their own set of chimes. Everything about them is wonderful. The only complaint I have is with the shipping packaging. The chimes were hanging out after the box was smashed. I was able to put it back together. The product is great.

7. Personalized Dog Bone Necklace Charm

Personalized Dog Bone Necklace Charm

The perfect gift idea. The perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, grandma, granddaughter, aunt, niece, sister, best friend. It's a great birthday gift, wedding anniversary gift, graduation gift, Mother's Day gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, or even as a pet memorial gift! The personalized charms are made of aluminum and can fit up to 12 characters to personalize your necklace. Each dog bone necklace is made in the USA. There is sterling silver. The dog paw pendant is made with real sterling silver, which is one of the best metals for everyday wear. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. Their goal is to provide great products at great prices. Let them know if you have any questions.

Brand: Gracefully Made Jewelry

👤If you're smart, you won't waste your money. They are not the same as the pictures. I was very disappointed. The pictures are cute. I am glad I only bought one and sent it back, I hate wasting money, they have these on the internet and they look great, but whoever is making these needs to take real pictures of their product. It's not ok to list something and have it be nothing like what they say it is. I think I've gotten my message across. Happy New Year!

👤I forgot to add something to the necklace I purchased for my daughter. I received a reply directing me to what to do after I email. My daughter received her necklace and it was great. My daughter never knew the difference after you corrected my mistake. This seller and necklace is very good.

👤Exceeded expectations! This is for a friend. The bones were for her pets that have died and her current dog. She put it on a posted it on Facebook, which is a good gift when it gets social media time. The seller is very personable and if you don't need this right away, it's definitely worth the wait.

👤The necklace broke after the second picture. The clasp doesn't open. I think the bones are made of just the heart with the dog paw, not silver. It's not worth it for 23 dollars plus tax and shipping. It is suppose to be hand made but it is very poor quality. I have to buy a necklace to add the nones and heart.

👤I bought one for myself when my dog died earlier in the year and I bought one for my stepsister when she died. I have worn it for 6 months and have not had any issues. Absolutely love it!

👤I loved it. Absolutely perfect, easy to read. I bought my dog-o-holic daughter fur-loves and she cried tears of joy. I can't thank you enough. Xxxxxooxxx

👤This is a beautiful pendant. The names are clearly stamped in the photos. The little bones are made of steel. I don't think you would be able to do this with silver and it would probably not come out as well. The little heart is made of silver and has a stamp on it. The chain is made of silver. I got it for a friend who has lost two dogs in the last couple of years and has adopted two other dogs. I would love to see a cat pendant with mice or fish. There is a chance you could have a combination of dog and cat memories. It doesn't come in a jewelry gift box, that's my only regret. I am very pleased with this purchase.

👤I ordered this for my daughter's birthday. She liked it. She asked that we add her name to the dog that she grew up with that recently passed away, and she wears it all the time. The seller was so accommodating when I contacted them. Very pleased!

8. Aromaflare Lavander Memorial Bereavement Sympathy

Aromaflare Lavander Memorial Bereavement Sympathy

The ritual of lighting a candle can bring immense comfort in times of loss. It is a great way to honor a beloved pet or a beautiful and unique sympathy gift for anyone who is grieving the loss of their dog or other pet. Their candle can help you and your friend start a journey to healing. Each candle is hand poured to ensure the best quality. Their candles are made with 100% soy wax and are toxin free. Roughly 50 hours is how long it takes for the air in your house to be cleansed. The jar candles smell great but not overpowering, they are a mix of lavender and eucalyptus. This long- lasting scent is great to create a peaceful, soothing, and elegant atmosphere that will help people relax and feel happy. The candle was made for a number of purposes, including stress relief, anxiety soothing, and an energy boost. Positive energy goes into every candle. They created memorial candles for animal lovers who are grieving for their pets. Send a candle instead of flowers. Their dog memorial candle is a great gift for anyone who has recently said goodbye to an animal friend or is going through pet loss. They will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours if there are any problems after you receive the candle. 30 days Money Back Guarantee and 12 months warranty are provided by them. Purchase with confidence. They will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours if there are any problems after you receive the candle. 30 days Money Back Guarantee and 12 months warranty are provided by them. Purchase with confidence.

Brand: Aromaflare

👤I ordered this to be burned in memory of my dog. The quality was not good and the way it was shipped was disappointing. Not worth the money.

👤A gift for a pet owner who recently lost her baby. The candle arrived in a plastic bag with padding and the lid was shattered. The smell and artwork were pleasant. The product is good, but it could use more support.

9. K9King Pet Memorial Gifts Remembrance

K9King Pet Memorial Gifts Remembrance

The Pet Memorial Frame is perfect for those who have lost a pet and for those who are grieving. A pet loss ornament is a great way to honor a lost pet. This antique silver lost pet ornament with angel wings is a great way to remember your pet. Remember your rage friend. The memorial dog ornament with the white ribbon is a great addition to your décor. Hang it on the tree, wall or mirror. It was made to stand the test of time. This sturdy Christmas ornament memorial with the deep-etched black enamel wording will never fade, reminding you of the passing of a dog that left his paws on your heart. Their gifts for dogs and cats come with an elegant red velvet pouch and are perfect for pet lovers. A unique pet lover remembrance gift is a great way to show your appreciation. An awesome stuffing idea. A dog memorial gift, a Rottweiler memorial gift, or a Boxer dog memorial gift are all possible because of this exquisite tree ornament.

Brand: K9king

👤I have purchased this item 3 times and sadly 3 pets of family members have passed within months of each other. A red velvet pouch was used to hold Beautifyl. The recipients loved them. A great way to remember a loved pet.

👤My best friend lost her dog after a long battle and now she will always have a reminder of her best friend on her Christmas tree. She loved it.

👤It is a great reminder of my friend that passed. When I am feeling down, it is a good place to start. It arrived quickly and was nicely made.

👤Sentimental idea. It was a gift. The heart in the middle of the wings is the most important part. That could have been bigger.

👤This is a small ornament. It is in a red bag. My friend liked it. A perfect gift for someone who lost a pet.

👤A coworker lost a pet to cancer. The ornament is pretty. It does not feel cheap.

👤This ornament is great for my tree. I need something to represent my dogs who are no longer with us. This looks great. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this for my boss. She lost her fur baby and I thought it was a thoughtful gift. She seemed to like it. The medal is strong. It was worth the price.

10. Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone

Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone

A pet memorial stone in the shape of a paw print is a thoughtful gift for a grieving friend or loved one. You can personalize the memorial for that special companion who has crossed the bridge with a photo frame and poem. This memorial stone is a special way to honor the loss of a furry family member. Keep your pet's memory alive. It will be comforting to have this memorial stone nearby, as it will give you comfort and remind you of the good times you shared with your friend. It's perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The stone can be placed on the base of a shelf, mantle, or table and it will look great in your garden. It is recommended to make the photo look better against the elements. The stone won't come with a picture. It has the look and feel of a real stone. The stone is designed to resist the elements. The measurement are 8.25" high and 8.5" wide. You can get it with confidence, as Pawprints Remembered offers a 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction guarantee and their best replacement policy in the unlikely event that this pet memorial doesn't meet your expectations. Order yours today and you won't have to worry about it. Save money when you buy multiples. Enter code O9O2URZF at checkout.

Brand: Pawprints Remembered

👤We buried our dog in our backyard. We wanted to make that spot extra special by setting something in it. We liked this one because we could put a photo of our dog in it. It's held up well throughout the rainstorms we've had. It's sturdy and beautiful. I would recommend it for those of you who have lost fur babies.

👤We had to make a difficult surgery to put our dog to sleep. For over 16 years, she was with us. She had a long time with our family, but her health problems made her life less enjoyable. I told my husband that I couldn't let her go because she would tell us when it was time. Her breathing was difficult on Friday. I knew if we were ready or not. They told me to come on Monday after I made the call. I only had two days to think about everything, so I kept busy. I thought about how we could honor you on Amazon. The saying was perfect for how we all felt. I received it as promised on Monday. I am very happy that I bought this when it was in perfect condition. We were all devastated after we put our dog to sleep. My son is 6 years old. We didn't let him see the process, so he felt left out. When the stone arrived, we gave him the chance to place it where he wanted to. He could visit her whenever he wanted, because she was buried here. He said he felt better after reading that stone. I think it was simple enough for him to understand and find some relief. Thank you for the product. It means a lot to our family to have had the chance to purchase this and to have it delivered on time.

👤It was perfect on my pet's grave. There was nothing negative to say about the product. It was what I needed and it was perfect.

👤It has been 2 weeks since we lost one of our furangels, and it is still raw. A photo can be put in the stone as a memorial to our baby. He enjoyed playing and lounging in the back yard. We will have this to remember him by whenever we play with a new foster pup, because we want our broken hearts to begin healing.

👤Our grandson's dog died. He was found sleeping next to his bed. He woke up and tried to wake up his friend, but his dad told him that he went to heaven. He died 13 years ago. He was a good dog. Our grandson asked his dad if he could get a tombstone. I bought the stone and sent it to my son and grandson. They looked at all the photos they had of our grandson and other family members, then decided the perfect photo he wanted to place in the Paw Print Stone. The fireplace mantle has it. A great memorial for a dog who was a part of the family for many years. The stone has words on it.

11. Melix Home Memorial Keychain Jewelry

Melix Home Memorial Keychain Jewelry

A pet memorial gift is a good souvenir for a family or friend. They should bring this item like their pet is still with them. Dog Remembrance Gift is a gift for people who have lost a pet. They made a small memorial to help you through the hard times. This is a great way to remember a pet. The personalized pet footprints on the Keychain gives it a nice overall effect. There is a loss of pet gifts. This keyring is stamped on 35x35mm ALLOY. Dog Sympathy Gifts comes with a jewelry gift box, ready for gift giving.

Brand: Melix Home

👤My mom's dog passed away last year. The picture doesn't do it justice. The key chain is shiny. It is in a nice box. When she received it, I almost made her cry. Absolutely stunning.

👤Every time I look at this, I feel like my girl is with me. She's with me even though she crossed the bridge. My sweet girl will always be in my heart.

👤I have had a key chain in remembrance of my two fur babies who have passed away, so it is very sentimental to me. I went to pick up my keys today and the large charm wasn't attached to the key ring, my heart is broken as well as my key ring.

👤This is for the sentiment. I know what it says, but it's hard to read. If I didn't know what it said, I couldn't figure it out. I try to tilt it, but I can't recommend it. There are so many other keychains that express the same sentiment.

👤The main saying came off the key ring after I bought this. The most important part came off. The other charms. It's a waste of money to have something that shouldn't have been there.

👤My friend's dog died and I got this for her. I engraved his name and birth and death dates. She likes it. She uses it on her car keys. It would be great if the engraving was offered with it.

👤This was a gift for my friend who passed away and she loved it so much. She can keep her dog forever because of the touching message.

👤My friend loved the product and the words were hard to read, but she loved it even more after losing her pet.

👤I bought this after my cat died. After a few months, it came apart and the square bit fell off the ring part. Not worth the money.


What is the best product for dog memorial gifts yorkie?

Dog memorial gifts yorkie products from Astarin. In this article about dog memorial gifts yorkie you can see why people choose the product. Unijew and Boom Moments are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog memorial gifts yorkie.

What are the best brands for dog memorial gifts yorkie?

Astarin, Unijew and Boom Moments are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog memorial gifts yorkie. Find the detail in this article. Lewis&wayne, Oakiway and Pawprints Left By You Memorial Gifts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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