Best Dog Lick Mats 2 Pack

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1. Udorich Licking Anxiety Grooming Trimming

Udorich Licking Anxiety Grooming Trimming

It's a great gift for animals. Studies show repetitive licking increases a dog's happiness. Their dog food mat can be used to curb destructive behavior during times of stress. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND SAFE. The Udorich licking pad mats are made of food grade Silicone that is safe and harmless to your pet. Their mats are freezer-safe and can hold frozen treats for your best friend during hot summer days. Simply apply peanut butter or pet snacks on the dog peanut butter lick pad, it's easy to clean and use. It can be washed with hot water or placed in the dishwasher. There are health benefits. Their dog licking mat promotes fresh breath by rubbing the tongue. Slowing down their eating improves their digestion. Sprinkle dog calming chews as a snack. Considerate after-sale sexual activity. Their greatest wish is your satisfaction. Please contact them if you have any problems with the dog licking mats. Within 12 hours, the Udorich Team will offer you a solution. Please make sure your pet is visible. This is not a toy.

Brand: Udorich

👤First time dog owner. A friend suggested them. I freeze pumpkin, peanut butter, wet dog food. My golden retriever is busy. Just slap one of these on the side of the tub with some peanut butter and it will work for bath time too. It's worth the effort to clean them, but they can be a bit hard to clean.

👤I gave it to my dog and she loved it. It gave me 20 minutes to finish my assignment. I put some Greek yogurt in her and she liked it. It did not slide on the ground. She was able to remove the cup, but my biggest issue was that she got a hold of it. Don't let your dogs get a hold of it, just watch them closely.

👤I bought lick pads twice and I was happy with them. I have a large dog, two medium size dogs and a small dog and they all love licking the pads. I use these pads with peanut butter to keep my dogs occupied. I found that they have good tiles. The bigger dogs tend to pick up the lick pad and take it to their bed because it's not as strong on textured vinyl plank. I would suggest using a dish brush instead of a sponge, but the dishwasher is the best for cleaning.

👤My cats have been sniffing from stress. Since July, my Charlie has been in and out of the er. He has high stress and is on medication for anxiety. I saw a post about this for animals that were stressed out and I thought it was a good idea because my cats love it and my kids don't like their food cold. I just spread out whatever treat or cat food is on there and they love it, it's one of the best things I can give them to help them relax.

👤My purchase included two mats and peanut butter. You just spread the peanut butter or other dog friendly product across the mat and stick it to the floor. I have two golden retrievers and they love playing with toys. I put them in the dishwasher when I run it. Great items to keep the kids busy while I clean.

👤I like peanut butter. My dog loves them. I don't use them for anxiety because I just break up the monotony once in a while. We all like a surprise. I try to hit it against the door. It stays for a while. Enough. It will be on the floor later. Then into the dishwasher. Would I buy again? Yes.

👤My dog is young and bored. I spread his favorite treat on the mat when I need him to calm down and give me some peace. It keeps him busy. He knows when I get the mat out.

👤My dog loves this item. It is constructed with no burrs or sharp edges. I put peanut butter on it. I need to use a tooth brush to get the section clean because one section collects food bits that she can't remove. That's a small price to pay for a nicely designed item that keeps my dog occupied.

2. MateeyLife Licking Premium Suction Grooming

MateeyLife Licking Premium Suction Grooming

Licking mat is a unique form of pet slow feeding dog bowl for dog, puppy, cat and kitten. The design of the lick mats has different texture which reduces the speed of a pet's eating and prolongs its time in the house, thereby cleaning the pet's tongue and promoting healthier teeth, which provide dental care and improves health digestion. The structure of the building is reducible. It is a calming mat that helps calm and soothe your pet by helping them to lick it. It is a bane for pets to be bored. They are busy to relieve anxiety. It is also an ideal way to relieve anxiety for grooming, bathing, nail trimming, training, and medical treatment. The feeding mat has 77 cups that you can stick on any smooth surface, such as the wall of the bathroom. Their design helps guide portion control when spreading treat and wet food. There is a hole in the mat to dry it. Food-GRADE, freeZER, and dishwasher safe. Their pet lick pad is made from food grade silicone. The mat is safe for your pet. It's dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and freezer safe. 100% satisfaction guarantee. The licking mat service is hassle-free. Please contact them via Amazon if you have any issues. They will give a full refund or replacement. This is not a chew toy, and you shouldSupervise your pet while using this mat.

Brand: Mateeylife

👤When I leave my dog alone, I use this to treat him. It is difficult to clean peanut butter. If I soaked it in hot soapy water and then used a scrub brush I could get it clean. The item is a good quality and the cups on the bottom do a good job of keeping it in place.

👤I freeze my dogs favorite treats so they last longer. I put the carpet in his kennel so he doesn't push it around because there isn't anything to stick to. I give it to him while I'm away from him. He gets really anxious when I leave. This is a nice treat for him. This is one of the best things I have ever purchased.

👤My dog takes at least 29 minutes to lick peanut butter off his food. It calms him and it is a great thing to do if I can't get him to exercise that day. The floor is textured, so I stick it to a window instead of on the floor. Works well!

👤These have been great for enrichment. The size is perfect, the cups are strong, and they seem very tough. I would buy them again.

👤It is easy to spread on this mat. However, it is becoming detached.

👤Your pet doesn't have to push it across the floor or off the table because of the great power. Slows down when our cats are eating turkey baby food. It's easy to clean with a rinse. Great price too!

👤It looks great. Dogs will like it. I can't find a way to contact the seller because ours didn't come with the spatula.

👤I was pleasantly surprised that the suction worked well on the back. It was easy to clean. The product is great.

3. Lickimat Boredom Anxiety Reducer Alternative

Lickimat Boredom Anxiety Reducer Alternative

LickiMat helps calm and soothe your pet by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking. The Licking Mat is safe for your dog to use. It's great for times of stress such as vet visits, bath time, nail clipping, injury recovery and fireworks. RECOMMENDED BY VETS. Trainers can help reduce crate training time by redirecting licking habits. It works with yogurt, peanut butter, spreadable treats, raw, wet, dry and liquid foods, allowing your pet to enjoy just a small amount of food. LickiMats are a great delivery system. Good behavior and replacing anxiety with a treat. It's perfect for crate training. Slow feeders for dogs. LickiMat's Lick Mat textured surfaces promote pleasurable licking action, which is good for dental health. It removes food and odor-causing pieces from your pet's tongue. The Licking Mat was the original one. Serve healthy treats such as yogurt, peanut butter, purées, spreads and all manner of organic and healthy treats. The food settles in the mat and slows the feeding. Less calories, healthier treats and longer duration. LickiMat Playdate is perfect for small meat or fish. LickiMat Soother and Buddy can be used for treats that are spreadable. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND SAFE. Please make sure your pet is visible. This spoon is not a dog toy. Your pet should be supervised. If you have a puppy, please order a LickiMat Tuff. It is dishwasher safe. The original Lick Mat for Dogs was created.

Brand: Lickimat

👤I always try to find ways to make my huskies more active. He was on the first lickmat for 30 minutes and I brought him the second for another 30 minutes. He didn't finish the treats. I use a maze bowl to slow him down because he is a fast eater. He liked the lickmat and was gentle with it. I am happy with my purchase. A picture of other treat stimulators was included. If not every other, the lickmat may be used daily. I put a spoon of almond butter on one pumpkin and a spoon of pumpkin butter on the other. I put them in the freezer for a while before giving them to him.

👤Our dog is friendly. She is both nervous and bored, and her default is licking anything she can before she is caught. I was hopeful that this product would fit her perfectly, but it exceeded my expectations within an hour of delivery. I own two mats for 45 minutes. I took the time to wash and prepare the first mat for her trial run. After setting it on the floor, her tongue has been trying to reach the last bits of peanut butter for 20 minutes straight, and she has only one small break to look at the mat. I can see that she will be busy for a while yet, and this has instantly resolved both boredom and licking at the same time in the exact method I had hoped for. I am sure she will be just as engrossed as I am when I try the mat. The 65 pound Shar-pei doesn't seem to mind the 8”x8” square, but I would like to see a larger size.

👤Our dog loved licking the peanut off of it. The material seems to be made well. I gave it three stars because it is hand wash only. I don't mind the hand wash part, but cleaning the grooves is more important. It was easy for our dog to tear it. I told him not to chew it because it would hurt the Pb, but he did and after a few gnaws, the damage had been done. Silicone toys are great with him, but not these. Maybe I will try the tuff ones. I will save my money and get something else.

👤I use these Lickimats with my two dogs, both of which have anxiety. Adding a bit of baby food to the mat and freezing it will distract my female from her separation anxiety when it's time for my husband and I to leave the house. My male is afraid of being bitten and will bark and act very nasty whenever he is upset. He gets upset when anyone comes or goes in and out of the door, whether it's us, friends, or strangers. The Lickimat, smeared with baby food, provides a distraction when it's time for someone to come into our home or leave, and he's slowly becoming more and more comfortable with these situations since he's starting to associate them with the Lickimat. If you keep it up as part of a routine, it will definitely work for dogs with anxiety if it is mild.

4. KILIN Dispensing Alternative Grooming Training

KILIN Dispensing Alternative Grooming Training

Thecking mat reduces your pets' eating speed and prolongs their enjoyment, which improves their health. Slow down and eat healthier. Studies show that repetitive licking increases the levels of an anti-depressant in your dog. Their dog food mat can be used to curb destructive behavior during times of stress. Licking pad textured surfaces promote pleasurable licking action, which helps protect your pet's teeth and gums. It removes food particles and odor-causingbacteria from your pet's tongue. It's easy to use and clean, just sprinkle peanut butter, pumpkin, yogurt or their favorite treats on the pet mat, you can let your pets enjoy the time of food. The residual food from this dog toys can be easily cleaned by a dishwasher or hot soapy water. Your satisfaction is their greatest wish. Please contact them if you have any problems with the dog licking mats. Within 12 hours, the Kilin Team will offer you a solution. It's a great gift for animals.

Brand: Kilin

👤I thought this product was not good. I put peanut butter on it. The tub was stuck to the wall. It wouldn't stick. Not to the tub, not to the tile wall, not to the glass enclosure. Was disappointed. My wife took it to clean it. The thing sticks like a charm if you wet the cups a bit. My dog finished the peanut butter without it falling. Put it on the outside of the tub and the pup will get stuck to it. Awesome. We have had the best shower yet. This is helpful for the shower alone. No more fighting to get the dog out of the tub.

👤We got this in time for NYE. Our dogs are very nervous with loud noises. The licking mats provided a distraction. The dogs calmed down after we spread peanut butter on the mats. The mats are easy to clean, sturdy, and the dogs couldn't chew them up, which was great!

👤A great distraction for our puppy. The peanut butter or yogurt frozen pad is amazing. The pads seem sturdy and the cups seem strong. We don't allow her to play with it because she destroys toys, but she just licks it and we take it away when it's gone. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤These are great. I have a lab mix and Ridgeback that work well together. Put some peanut butter on one side and yogurt on the other and pop in the freezer for an hour and a half. Make sure you put a rag under them to avoid a mess, as others have said, the cups do what they are supposed to. My dogs are chewers and haven't tried chewing this, which was a bit of a surprise to me, particularly with my big girl who does anything to get to her food. If you are worried about your dog chewing up the mat, you should supervise and correct.

👤The lick mat seems average but it serves its purpose. The shower wall or glass door is not very powerful from a vertical angle. Within a few minutes, Is falling down. If you can find a smooth surface that will allow it to move, sticks won't be a problem. The other side of the honeycomb-shaped half holds mashed or soft food. I bought this to distract my dog while I cut her nails. I have to work fast and add more to the mat to get all four paws done, but it has helped her relax over nail trimming. I would have chosen a different mat, but this one will do.

👤My dog licked it. The blue color has worn off where he was focused, when I went to clean it. What is this colored with? The color has never left the toy he licks. I am returning it because it makes me uncomfortable and I don't recommend this brand. He did enjoy it, and I found that the suction worked well on our floors. Hopefully better results will come from trying a different brand.

5. Calymmny Suction Cleaning Grooming Training

Calymmny Suction Cleaning Grooming Training

2 x large pet lick mats, 1 x food Spatula, 1 x Muti-Bathing grooming brush, and 1 x wooden tooth brush are included in the package. One purchase will meet all your needs. The peanut butter mat is great for dogs and cats. It's suitable for small to large dogs. The dog lick pad will bring happiness to you and your pets. It helps calm and soothe your pet by helping release the feel good hormones. It is a good way to keep the dog occupied and to relieve anxiety at home. Dental Health & Fresh Breathgreat for dog and cat dental care at home, the textured surfaces promote pleasurable action, which generate saliva helping protect your pet's teeth and gums. Promoting your pet's dental health. Their large dog lick mat has 72 powerful cups, which can be used to spread peanut butter or your pet approved treats on the dog mat, and stick it on your tub, shower wall,tiles or any smooth surface. Please add some water to the wall. Their pet lick mat are made of food-grade silicone and non-toxic. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and it's suitable for different size dogs.

Brand: Calymmny

👤Our dogs love them! It's like Christmas morning when they see the mats. I haven't tried it elsewhere yet, but I don't think it works well on our wood floors. I'm curious to see if it will make toenail trimming less of a torture event. If we don't get the mat on the floor for our puppy in a hurry, he'll grab it and throw the food around the room like paint. I think he was just trying to extend the licking time or ask for a bigger mat. It has been a big hit.

👤They can't be dragged all over the house. It's large enough for 2 or more cats. Slows feeding my cats.

👤It's not nice to have a mess after pulling to release something. It works better after I cut off all the cups. My two large dogs happily lick their peanut butter. Great idea, but less suction would have been better.

👤I freeze the mix between soft dog food, sun butter, and veggies. They are a treat, but they help our 5 pitty rescues.

👤It sticks crazy to my countertop, even though it won't fit in my ceramic tile. It would work in a tub or fridge.

👤The product was delivered and shipped quickly.

👤It's not deep enough to put a lot of food on.

👤The package arrived without the toothbrush.

6. BZBRLZ Slow Feeder Lick Suctions

BZBRLZ Slow Feeder Lick Suctions

The 4 in 1 dog licking tableware set consists of 2 slow feed snack plates and 2 licking pads, which keep your dogs entertained and distracted during their bathing. There is rooming time. Advantage 1: Slow feeders can be combined to feed more than two dogs at the same time. Advantage 2: Anti-skid design, prevent the pet food plate from sliding; Large suction cups design, can stick the lick mat to the bathtub, tile, glass, keep puppy still for bathing. Before putting the cups on the floor or wall, make sure to wet them. The lick pads for dogs are made from food grade TPR and ABS material, which makes them easy to clean and work great for wet or dry food. The unique design is suitable for all dog breeds, making them easier to lick and reduce anxiety. Dog Lick Buddy says that the slow feeders replace a dog bowl, which slows down the dog's eating speed. 30-Day money back and 12-Month product quality insurance are provided by them. If you're not satisfied, you can contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Bzbrlz

👤The red/aqua trays are TPR, and the two green ones are Silicone. The green ones are very flexible, but the TPR material is a blend of rubber and plastic. We adopted a puppy who was the runt of the litter and he was noticeably smaller than the others, so no surprise that he was being starved by his little mates. He was ordered to slow his eating. Observation: They can interlock, so you can change the configuration around. It's easy to clean with Silicone/TPR. I used the two "lick pad" feeders, which left the other two for other purposes. A small parts tray organizer is an alternate use. A small parts tray organizer is an alternate use. There are various compartment sizes. There were no cons. rating this 5-stars, at $10

7. Dog Lick Pad Enrichment Perfect

Dog Lick Pad Enrichment Perfect

Happier and love more. The action of licking mat pad can help your pet soothe and release the feelings of slobber, which will make your pet's teeth and gums healthier. The bumps on the dog lick mat can help remove food from the pet's tongue. Your pet will like it. A dog lick mat calms dogs to curb destructive behavior. The lick mats for dogs are a great way to control weight, soothe the stomach, and improve digestion, all of which are great benefits. The dog licking mat is easy to use and clean. The licking area is suitable for spreadable food like peanut butter. The slow food area is suitable for small food items. The hot soapy water can easily clean a dog lick mat. Large mats are suitable for large dogs. The material of the lick mats is soft. The package includes a dog licking mat and spatula. The dog slow feeders are not a chew toy and should always be used with care. Quality after-sales customer service is available. If you have a problem with the dog treat mat, please email them. They can help you with your problems.

Brand: Allwin

👤I have a pet sitting business. I have used these mats for cats with their wet food and dogs with peanut butter and it is a great treat. I give these as gifts to my dog friends and clients with a jar of peanut butter.

👤I put the dragon fruit and peanut butter in the freezer for my dogs to eat. They were busy for a while because they loved them. It is a great way for dogs to snack. The mats were easy to clean and the spatula made spreading fruit and peanut butter easy.

👤This mat is great for slowing him down. It helps to reduce how much he barks. I enjoy that very much.

👤Both dogs and cat like it. It should work like that.

👤My dog loves mashed sweet potatoes and peanut butter on the mat.

👤The mats are good. Didn't get the spatula.

👤These mats are great for keeping our pups occupied for at least 30 minutes trying to get all the peanut butter out of the grooves. They are sturdy and the cups are nice. The dishwasher was clean in less than an hour. Great purchase!

👤My pug is an energetic bunny and he is all over the place. This is a lifesaver. She is busy for an hour. She loves peanut butter. It is definitely worth buying.

8. Raw Paws Lick Dogs Cats

Raw Paws Lick Dogs Cats

Dog grooming for anxiety. The licking mat for dogs is a great way to relieve stress on your pets. Licking the dog activity mat can help relieve anxiety for dogs and cats. The lick pad for cats and dogs makes bath time, nail clipping or grooming a breeze. If you want to reward your pet with a treat, stick their lick pad for dogs with cups on the floor. The dog leash supports growth. The Raw Paws pet mat promotes healthy digestion. The slow feeders will slow down fast eaters. Their fun cat lick pad is a cheaper alternative to a dog or cat puzzle bowl. Their dog lick pad is an easy-to-use tool that helps clean harmful germs from your pet's tongue. The cat and dog mat for licking can be cleaned with soap and water or on the top rack of your dishwasher, made from food grade silicone. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They value their customers' satisfaction and stand behind their brand. If you're not completely satisfied with their cat and dog licking mat, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Raw Paws

👤I need to give some background on Trixie. She is a Siamese girl who would kill me if she thought I was eating. That is not an overstatement. Moxie is our very energetic 18-month-old puppy. Trixie eats her food fast and doesn't bother to chew it. Why? She wants to eat Moxie's food as well. The Lick Mat is where that brings us. Food that is in pieces or chunks doesn't easily press into the mat; it kind of sits on top; even when moistened, the suction cups don't stick to some surfaces such as butcher block and linoleum. The clever puppy? She can easily pull the mat up, run through the dog door and into the yard to play with it, if she wants to. She doesn't need to eat with this. When moistened, the mats stick well to marble tile and the smooth food (pté) really gets in the crevices and makes Trixie work for it. Normally she finishes a meal in about a minute, but with the Lick Mat it takes at least 20 minutes. If you want to distract your pet while doing something unpleasant to him/her, I recommend this product. You want your pet to enjoy his/her meals and not pull it off the floor and run away.

👤My dog loves them! I'm glad he has something to lick other than his paws because he is a nervous licker. He licks one for over an hour and I filled it with peanut butter because I thought it would only offer a few minutes of licking. He uses the other in the dishwasher. On a flat floor, it works well.

👤I got these to help keep my dog focused on the injury. It takes about 5 minutes for him to get his full pumpkin. I put it on the floor and on a cabinet. I use my fingers to pull the remaining pumpkin from the little fillers after I blast it with the sink sprayer. To dry it, I put it on the wall. It sometimes falls off, which I think is due to being wet, but this isn't a big deal. Hold the mat in your hand or set it on a non- sticky surface as you apply your treat of choice, otherwise it will splatter your face when you try to remove it from a surface that is not sticky.

👤When I got a new puppy, I was determined to make the baths as easy and regular as possible, and I can tell you that these mats are very helpful. My first few uses were only with peanut butter, but since then I have used frozen plain yogurt, peanut butter, or a mixture of the two. I keep the food in the freezer so they are ready whenever I need them. I stuck these to glass doors and tile to keep my lab mix distracted while I check for ticks and clip her back paw nails. If you have a treat motivated pup, there are so many uses.

9. Hyper Pet Alternative Snuffle Calming

Hyper Pet Alternative Snuffle Calming

Your pet will love it, studies show that repetitive licking increases the amount of a neurotransmitter in your pet's system. Their dog food mat can be used to curb destructive behavior during times of stress. This dog treat puzzle and cat treat puzzle companion is a great boredom buster because it provides tons of interaction with your best friend as a great boredom buster. Adding Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread dog peanut butter, pumpkin, or yogurt will reward them. Their dog mat and cat food mat promote fresh breath by rubbing the tongue, it's a fun health benefit. Slowing down their eating improves their digestion. Sprinkle dog calming chews as a snack. The design is thoughtFUL. Their quadrant design helps guide portion control when spreading cat food, dog treats, dog snacks, or wet dog food. The raised patterns are sure to keep your pet engaged. Not meant for aggressive chewers. It's easy to clean and the dishwasher is safe. The dog lick mat is made in the USA and comes with a limited warranty for chewing. While using your pet should always be visible. Please watch the video for more information.

Brand: Hyper Pet

👤The mats for my dog were very exciting to me. Put peanut butter on it after washing it. She liked it. She threw up 3 times in an hour. She is allergic to latex, which is a very bad allergy. We had to take her to the hospital after she vomited five times in 24 hours. If your dog has an allergy to latex, this may not be the best toy. I think it was sprayed with something.

👤The mat is not anti slip. Terrible product.

👤The material is made well. It's hard to clean the crevices, but I'm sure that's normal. I have to leave them in a corner because they don't have a way to stick them to the floor. It works for the purpose I needed it to do, and it will keep my dog entertained a little longer after I leave. Thanks!

👤We have 5 large dogs. This is better than the toys they have. It is easier to clean these. They should use less peanut butter. If you are watching their weight, less peanut butter is good. I make sure no one starts to chew on the mat. I picked them up immediately to discourage them from chewing the mat. They love them and have used them twice. The company is great and I had dealings with them. The company's glitch was not the problem. The company and licky mat are recommended by me. It's a good thing. There is a I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I wish I had found this sooner. My mini Aussie is very fond of it. This is the only thing that takes him more than 2 seconds to finish, and he is great at games. I put a small amount of peanut butter on each square and he licked it. Can't wait to use it when I'm gone. I found it works well on a hard wood floor, even though others commented it moved a lot.

👤I didn't order these for that reason. My dog likes to lick the blankets and carpet, so I ordered these. I wanted to give him a safe place to lick so I ordered these. He loves them. He will lick and chew on the square when he grabs it. I watch for small pieces that come off, but he doesn't destroy them. It is strong. It is easy to clean. I would recommend them for many reasons. It would be a great idea to put the food on the eating mat if you are traveling and don't want the food all over the car. For medicines with food. Great product.

👤My shih tzu absolutely loves his treat mat, I received it over a week ago. Spread peanut butter over and freeze. He ran into the kitchen when he heard the freezer door open. It's easy to clean, nice size, and high quality. I will purchase these for my dog moms.

👤Our little former animal is trying to destroy the mat. She ripped holes. I like the design of the product, so I'm not deducting stars from it. She has a lot of behavioral and psychological issues related to food. She's the sweetest little cat. We have a cat that was wild. She would not just bolt hers down and try to eat the other cat's, she would also bite them. It's difficult because she's tiny and she's overweight for her build. We need to lose weight for her to be a good vet. Our other cat eats at a slower pace but also gets more food, which causes her to panic. This helps slow her down. She gets full a little earlier. When she uses it, she leaves our other cat alone. It isn't fun to clean but that's okay.

10. Hipoll Mat丨Boredom Reduction丨Treats Bowl丨Interactive Trimming丨Bathing

Hipoll Mat%E4%B8%A8Boredom Reduction%E4%B8%A8Treats Bowl%E4%B8%A8Interactive Trimming%E4%B8%A8Bathing

The licking mat helps dogs to reduce boredom and anxiety at home by releasing endorphins. The dog licking mat is ideal for suppressing destructive behavior. You need to be accompanied by a guardian to use the mat to feed pets. Hanging Hole Design and Unique Patterns are part of the set. The size is 7.9 inches. The licking pad can be used on the bathtub, counter, glass, ceramic tile, and the wall of the bathroom. The hole is designed to dry the dog licking mat. The dog peanut butter lick pad is easy to clean and use, just apply peanut butter or pet snacks to the dog lick pad. It can be washed with hot water or placed in the dishwasher. Silicone material is food grade and safe for pets. It is soft and durable. There is a microwave and a refrigerator available. The dog bowls are slow. Considerate service is provided for the dog slow feeders mat. Please contact them if you have any issues. Within 12 hours, they will give you a solution. It's a great gift for animals.

Brand: Hipoll

👤My dog liked this mat. It lasted less than a day. The blue one shows you how it should look. The red one shows how it looks with my puppy. There were pieces all over the place. I felt it was necessary to show what could happen to other dogs if they got into a choke hold. If I gave a five-star review, I received an invitation for 15 credit on an Amazon product. I don't do that. Anded is upset that others might put in a good review and encourage me to purchase when they want it for less. The buyer should beware.

👤One of my dogs has a neurological issue and is an obsessive licker. I just feel bad watching him sit and lick the air for 10 minutes at a time because he's not causing any damage. It makes the fur between his eyes and above his nose very hard to clean, he's one of the flat faced breeds. I have not had a chance to try them with a treat on them. He was on the bed when I opened the package. I put them on the floor because he started licking it and then he went to one of the pads. I don't have to worry about them getting lost under the bed or chair because they are already there, it's only been a day. He falls asleep next to them because of the calming effect. I'm happy I got this for my dog. I've worked with animals as a vet tech and dog trainer for 20 years. Where have these been all my life?

👤I have a golden retriever puppy that is easily distracted and I needed to slow him down a bit and focus on him. Looking forward to using them in the tub.

👤My dogs were busy for over 30 minutes because it was easy to use and clean. I kept my dogs entertained while I worked by freezing peanut butter and Greek yogurt.

👤It is very handy when I need to keep my puppies entertained. It's a great idea for bath time.

👤My dog was refusing to eat from the dish. His eyesight is fading, so perhaps he didn't like the feeling of being blinded by his flat puggy face below the rim. He preferred the food to be pushed onto the carpet. He was immediately intrigued by the product I poured Mochi's dishful of food onto. He started going after everything. This product works as an environmental enrichment. It was washed off in hot water. The back of the mat has Stinkers, so it can be stuck to the side of a bathtub, covered in peanut butter, to distract a dog. It's an awesome, simple, and affordable product, and a relief to me. My little guy is very fond of crumbing it.

👤The dogs enjoy the suctions to floor.

👤Just used it once. Puppy likes this one. It's bigger than most of the mats I've seen and the cups are easy to stick to. I put the first one in the freezer so I could let the dog try out the second one. I put some wet dog food, treats, peanut butter, yogurt and raspberries in the house and have been enjoying the peace and quiet. Will take the smaller ones to the camper.

11. Ulmpp Suction Feeders Licking Training

Ulmpp Suction Feeders Licking Training

The Ulmpp Dog Lick Pad is made with safe and qualified materials. It is completely safe for your dog to lick it off. For example, peanut butter, canned food, raw dog food, yogurt, pumpkin purée or baby food! There are 72 cups on the back of the pet food mat to help secure it on a smooth and clean surface. The raised edges of the texture pattern keep the bathroom, shower or counter clean. It helps calm and soothe your pet by promoting licking. The dog treat mat is safe for your dog. Great for times of stress such as vet visits, bath time, nail clipping, injury recovery and fireworks. Their unique lick pad design reduces the speed of pet's eating and prolongs meal time, thereby reducing and improving digestibility. The dog licking mat can be used as an alternative to a dog bowl, not just during bathing/combing time. This interactive dog toy textured surfaces promote pleasurable licking action, which creates saliva which helps protect your pet's teeth and gums. It's a good idea to remove food and odors from your pet's tongue.

Brand: Ulmpp

👤I bought this to help with boredom. I give my dog greenies to help with her breath after vet checks, but she still has a little bit of bad breath after that. I can tell a difference when we use these frequently. I put her favorite wet food or soft food into it and make sure it's deep into the nooks and crannies so she can go for at least 30 minutes. I'm thinking of freezing it to make it more difficult for her.

👤Comes with everything you see. The two mats and spatula are included. It's easier to get the soft food I feed my cat out of the can. Well. She gets the full effect. It seems to reduce her anxiety a bit, and it also helps her to slow down while she is eating which is a positive. The mats that come with the order are easy to clean. Just spray them. I don't know if they are dishwasher friendly, so I haven't put them in the dishwasher. I wash them to make sure they are safe. You should beware. The design of your faucet throws water everywhere when it hits the mats. That is how physics work. I wore a lot of water when I washed them. Prepare for them to spray everywhere. They are inexpensive and well made. I am pleased with my purchase, they calm my cat down. I would buy the exact ones again if I ever need replacements. My cat is really excited when she sees a lick. She knows it is dinner time and she is ready.

👤I got these for my new cat, who is 11 months old, and she eats like someone is going to steal her food. She has been with me for three months but still eats fast and sometimes throws up. I spread the canned food across the mat and she eats it slowly. I am sure it would work with dry food, but she only eats on her dry food. The bumpy side is not as easy to rinse off. I try not to put food on that side as it gets too close to the cat and it will be hard for him to get most of it.

👤This one has the cups. My dog is kept away from the peanut butter because they stick to any hard surface. I wish I'd gotten one a long time ago. If you have a dog that likes to bark and bully when cooking supper or have company, it's definitely recommended. Cleans up well with a scrub brush, hot water and dish soap. It is possible to dry the side of the sink.

👤The dog has a spatula and mats to apply food. The mats were smaller than I thought they would be and the application of the "yummy" didn't last as long as I would have liked, but they are great for smaller dogs. The mats are flexible and can be put in the freezer so the treat will last longer. I like the spatula because it allows me to clean the sides of the peanut butter jar. I like this product. It is trying to keep my dog from licking my furniture, the carpet, the wall and my feet.


What is the best product for dog lick mats 2 pack?

Dog lick mats 2 pack products from Udorich. In this article about dog lick mats 2 pack you can see why people choose the product. Mateeylife and Lickimat are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog lick mats 2 pack.

What are the best brands for dog lick mats 2 pack?

Udorich, Mateeylife and Lickimat are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog lick mats 2 pack. Find the detail in this article. Kilin, Calymmny and Bzbrlz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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