Best Dog Leashes for Medium Dogs 10 Feet

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1. Hoanan Tactical Military Strong Medium

Hoanan Tactical Military Strong Medium

The long dog leash is made of thick and wide high strength polyester material, reinforced stitching and a hardware buckle. Both are durable and lightweight. It's suitable for dog training or daily life. Long leashes are used for dog training. You can give your dogs different training needs. Training leads. Great long training leashes for strong small, medium or large breeds to follow your stop or recall instructions. Soft materials on the dog handle give you a very comfortable grip during the training time of your large breeds. The warranty is for 2 years. If you have a problem with your use, send an email to them and they will make it right for you.

Brand: Hoanan

👤There was nothing tactical about this leash. It looks like a cat leash. It's good for small dogs.

👤Training for a dog. She likes to run in circles. O.

👤It is nice and soft once washed. The snap should be a little bigger.

👤I bought a 30 foot training leash for my dog. It was useful to teach him to come when he's far away. It was inconvenient for other things. I got a 15 foot version. This is better for our training. We've been using it to practice tricks and loose leash walking. It's great for scooter rides, we had to hook up three 5 foot leashes before we got this, the 30 foot would get tangled in the scooter too easily. The leash in the 15 foot version is perfect for our training.

👤We got it for our girl to use in public campsites, where leashes are required, but our girl would just get herself caught up on stuff and we moved to a e-collar and a 1ft shorty leash on her harness. This is a good quality lead and can be used for all animals, except goats, who can chew a lot of anything in a short time.

👤This is a thick leash. It is very durable and feels well made. It's nice to be able to take my dog to the big open field across the street and still allow him to run and run in an off area. Love the color as well. Highly recommended.

👤Great for training. Nice thick. Both strong and durable. The dog is not going to get loose with this.

2. Dog Leash Lockable Reflective Threads

Dog Leash Lockable Reflective Threads

TheShock Absorbing Reflective Bungee uses innovative Zero Shock BUNGEE Technology, which is perfect for control and cushion the pulling, effectively slowing down the tension on the hand, reducing laborious traction, which makes dogs' walking enjoyable! The dog leash cord has reflective stitching on both sides to improve its visibility and protect your dog in the dark or low light. The new design of the clasp is made of zinc alloy and is rust-proof. The same material is used by climbers and gives you peace of mind. The dog leash can be twisted and the dog can get tangled if you don't have a professional clasp. The heavy duty reflective dog leash is the most popular in the market. Their large dog leashes are made of nylon rope and have a reflective line along the length of the leash to keep you safe at night. A firm grip is provided by the soft padded handle, which is comfortable and non-toxic. Enjoy the feeling of walking with your dog and protecting your hand from rope burn. This long dog leash is great for running and walking large dogs. The diameter of 1/3 inch is small enough to meet small animals. The diameter of the leashes is the best choice for large dogs. A dog leash is suitable for outdoor sports.

Brand: Jenico

👤During walks, the bungee and rope clip has come undone. Our dog is a high energy animal and has had a couple of adventures. We were able to get her back after chasing her. This is not a good leash to use with her.

👤I am not sure about this product. The handle has a soft grip. You can unclip the bungee. The cord is very thin. I need a strong leash for my 100 pound dog that has pulled me off my feet chasing after a squirrel. I don't want my dog to snap it. I gave it to my friend and she loves it.

👤I let my German Shepherd run around when I take her for walks. She doesn't hesitate to run off if she sees someone she wants to say hi to. I want to give her freedom but still have control. Myka is very small for a GSD, weighing in at 56 lbs. This is why I didn't worry about the rope being heavy duty. The rope is meant for use as a tie-out or free roaming security. I don't recommend using this for daily walks even if you get a shorter length. The material is not strong enough for a big dog. I ended up getting tangled in the rope when Myka was chasing her ball, the rope burn is not very fun.

👤This is our third long leash and we hope it lasts longer than the other two. This one is thick and round. The leash does stretch a bit, even without the stretchy black extension on the end. Our dog is a rescue and still has her duclaws. The black extension on the end was removed because the hook on which it was attached got stuck onto her duclaw. We were looking forward to having that piece on the end, but luckily the attachment can be removed. Oh well.

👤The 50ft leash is great for my two large dogs. The bungee foam handle is reflective at night. It's helped our hikes and has helped us not get ripped or shredded by the dogs on our hikes. It was a great camping experience as a tie out. It's a pain to hold when you can't use all 50ft. Helped with pulling as well. 10/10! Definitely recommend!

👤The orange leash is 16 feet long. It's perfect for walking my dog and it's orange for fall. I like to coordinate colors with the seasons. It can be used on large dogs. It is not rectractable. I prefer this type. It is thick and sturdy. The latches are made from high quality materials.

👤Normally I don't do reviews, but I had to do this. Our puppy likes to run from us and we don't have a fenced in yard so this leash has been perfect for him. He doesn't have to lose him. I got this because of the bungee cord. Since it has a bungee on it, it won't hurt him, but he can still get his zoomies out. If your dog takes off on you, you can get rope burn from the leash if you don't hold the handle. We got the 20 ft one and are very happy with it. It can get wrapped around his leg, but he has learned how to get out.

3. ZeiBOR Strong Comfortable Reflective Threads

ZeiBOR Strong Comfortable Reflective Threads

Their dog leash is made from rock climbing rope. The 1.2-inch diameter dog leash will not be affected by how you drag or how hard the dog bites. It's great for walking, running or training. This 10 foot length is a perfect balance between freedom and control, give enough freedom to your dog and everything is under your control. The soft padded handles protect your hand from rope burn when your dog is running wildly on the road. The metal clip hook is very strong and will not fall off if you lose control of your dog. They added high reflective materials in the process of weaving and made it into spiral textures to make sure the safety of you and your dog is assured. You can get your money back even if you have a quality problem. What are you not sure about? It's a great gift idea to get this new leash for your dog.

Brand: Zeibor

👤It is a good leash. It's comfy for me to hold. You can tell it is strong. I can't use it because it's too heavy for my puppy. This will be great when she grows up. I ordered it in different lengths so I could know how long it was. I highly recommend.

👤It works great as a leash, but it is not able to resist chewing. I went to the pharmacy to pick up my wife's script and it took me about 7 minutes to get there.

👤The leash has a great handle. I would give it a 5 star because of the black bands that cover the stitching at the handle and the slide up and down stitching. Doesn't interfere with the leash but should be put on better.

👤My dog is 50 lbs. The handle broke after 4 days of use. Thanks for the easy return.

👤The protectors at the bottom came loose. They slide down the leash.

4. Oneisall Hands Multifunctional Training Double

Oneisall Hands Multifunctional Training Double

It is possible to adjust for various lengths. You can adjust the clasp at the ends of the leash through the ring, perfect for short, medium and long leashes. The nylon and soft mesh velvet handle isdurable. The nylon fabric is durable. The mesh velvet handle is soft and comfortable. Strong and Rustproof alloy clips. The hooks used to harness the dogs are strong. It's easy to change lengths and allow more slack. Great walking and running for dog owner. The leash is great for walking, hiking, and running. It is great to have a leash that is long enough to allow for some freedom of movement when walking around the neighborhood or hiking in the mountains. It's easy to use and comfortable to wear. It is easy to change the length. It is comfortable to hold. The clasps are easy to use.

Brand: Oneisall

👤I like the flexibility of this leash. I have tried a lot of leashes and my wife wants to hang me by a leash if I buy another one. This leash is perfect for my needs. I weigh in at over 300 lbs. I can wear it around my waist and on my shoulder. I can make it short when we are in public and long when my dog is outside. It is inexpensive and great.

👤I have a lot of nerve damage in my arms and hands, so I can't hold the lead with my hands. I found this lead and I am happy! I don't have to tie a waist lead that isn't really secure, or wrap a regular lead around my hand several times to avoid dropping it, and my dog doesn't have to pull away in the blink of an eye. Not to mention that most waist leads feature bungees, which encourages pulling. The lead is great for a lot of things. I wear it crossbody because the two padded sections go over my shoulder. The option is to shorten the walk to only one section if you want to walk through a busy area or traffic crossing. The lead seems thin, but my dog is only 50 lbs, so it seems adequate.

👤This is for small dogs. The clasp is small and not very durable. My dog will pull out when I use it. The seller contacted me for a replacement. I returned the leash through Amazon. I was asked to change my review. When they remove large dogs from the description, I will change the review. It is not a good leash for large dogs.

👤I got a crossbody leash after taking my service dog on outings. The normal leash made it difficult to grocery shop and push a cart because I needed two hands to hold it. She is very well trained but loses a hand to a leash frequently. The leash has been what I needed. You can change it in different ways. If you need your dog closer to you, or if you want to let them out a little to potty, there are two different lengths you can choose from. My dog is not a chewer, but the quality is good. It has been exactly what I needed. Thank you for the leash!

👤Love the length. I can put my small dog on a down next to me if I want to reach down to her. The padding is on par with it. The clip rings could be adjusted, or there were more options. It is a bit tight on the ring I am using, but it is doable next time. It works well. I'm not very tall at 5'4". I am over weight, so that takes more time for the shoulder option, yet it still reaches the small dog.

👤Absolutely delighted with this leash. I use it for running and walking with my Shepherd mix attached to her chest harness. She likes to test her boundaries. She doesn't get that extra bonus where my arm would have allowed her to go further. She quickly learned to stay closer. If you have a dog like mine that is in shoulder-mode, it's attached to you above your center of gravity. If your dog gets excited it can cause you to fall. Especially when running. It's been easy to recover from the times we've gone out with it, as I just grab the leash with my hand. The nylon has a smooth inside so it doesn't catch on clothes and feels better in the hand. There is a I might add a nylon loop clip to grab onto for crossing the street more securely. I don't think this will change my opinion of the leash. It works well and is as advertised.

5. MayPaw Mountain Climbing Reinforced Connection

MayPaw Mountain Climbing Reinforced Connection

Let's say goodbye to the problem of connecting completely with a leather connecter and strong stitches. To let your dog appear more noble and fashionable, you should use pure color. It's easier to match your dog's collar or clothes with a variety of colors. Rock climbing rope is easy to clean. It is suitable for outdoor walking, backyard, beach, hiking, hunting, training exploring and so on. Easy to pick up. This rope lead is guaranteed to be high quality. All daily use for small medium large breeds is 1/2 and 1/2 by 4/6. Please contact them for professional help if you have a problem.

Brand: Maypaw

👤I've always had a hard time finding a leash for my small dogs that's not too big because it's too heavy. The clip is small and strong, making it perfect for the 6ft leash. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤This leash is awesome! I got it in a size of 10ft 1/2” and it was blue and pink. It has a touch of stretch to it which is great since it helps ease the tension when coming to a stop. I use the BAT 2.0 protocol with my dog and this leash is perfect for her. It is sturdy. There is norope-burn like you can get with nylon leashes. We went from a 6ft leash to this one. It is working well. This product is a great price for a 10ft. 10ft leashes are more expensive than similar ones.

👤Some people said the leash came apart, so I added more threads on the end. The rope seems very sturdy and good. I have a dog. He can pull very hard. The leash is perfect. I added more threads on the ends to hold the loops together. The rope will not break if the ends stay sewn together. The clip works well too. I had to add a little oil to the spring lock part as it got hard to open, but it has held up great. Can't say how well it holds up when a dog chews on it. If your dog starts chewing on it, just pay attention and tell him to stop. The hand loop is big and comfortable, but it would be nice if it had a rubber grip. I am happy that the seller did not put something there that would fall apart, because I use this leash a lot in the winter. It is still comfortable.

👤I read the reviews before buying and some people said it wasn't elastic enough and others said it was too elastic. My take is here. The leash is braided into it's fibers, which give it a slight stretch. It's elastic enough to take the edge off my dog when he sees a bunny.

👤I bought this to use with my dog. I have a few shorter leather leashes that are fine for short walks and everyday use. Since she is still a pup, I wanted something bigger to give her room to wander when I walk her in the park. I tried a retractable leash, which is very light, but I didn't like the way it could be pulled out of your hand if the dog jerked and you were not ready for it. The button controls are difficult to use. I went with the small size to keep it light and strong for her when she is full grown. It has a nice handle and a solid clip. It is easy to coil and thick so it doesn't get twisted. It looks like a high quality leash at a very reasonable price. It's about as perfect as a leash can be. I am very happy with the purchase and can recommend it.

6. MayPaw Training Traction Playing Exploring

MayPaw Training Traction Playing Exploring

The 10ft dog leash gives your dogs enough space to play and explore. The dog leash is made of high quality hardware and will not twist while you play on the beach or explore on your backyard. The first kind in the Amazon platform is brilliant and unique colors. Dogs need special gear when walking outside. Are your fur partners jerks? The soft padded handles are great for walking dogs. Rope burn? No way! MayPaw has a wide range of dog leashes, dog bandanas, slow lick pads, and other pet supplies. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Maypaw

👤This is great. I wanted my dog off the retractable. Kain's quick movements made it difficult to use the lock andunlock button. I didn't know what to do. I owned horses. I did some research. He is very energetic and willful. I think a retractable is best for older dogs. Kain plays darts in the grass. The lead is perfect. 10 feet is not too short. It is nice because of the rope material. The grip is great. I tie the bag and it fits. He likes it.

👤The leash is 10 feet long. It gives the dog a chance to wander off the path, but it's not long enough to get them back. It's strong enough for any dog that likes to walk you, instead of you walking them. The leash is a little heavy for the smallest dogs, but the colors are great and it should last for a long time.

👤I bought a 10 ft leash to limit my dog's access to the house during TPLO surgery recovery so she wouldn't follow me around the house. It seems very well made. This feels strong enough to keep her in check, as she is 90+ pounds.

👤This is a nice leash. When we had a dog, it was my favorite to grab it. I had to remove the foam from his puppy stage because he would chew it right off. It was a nice looking leash. A bit heavier than the standard leash.

👤I am really happy that I bought these leashes. Very strong! It was great to walk my huskies, they were 10 ft. long to give them some freedom to explore. I would recommend it if you are thinking about it.

👤I had to return the leash because it was too heavy. The people of the Havanese are related to the people of the United States. It's appropriate for larger dogs.

👤I have a dog that is 60 pounds and it's easy to handle with that leash.

👤It's definitely a good leash, but it's not durable. My puppy bit through it in 3 hours. A waste of money is buying this for a dog that is teething.

👤I was looking for a longer leash for my dogs to give them more area when we stop or slow down for a while. I ordered a second one because I was very pleased with the first one and wanted both dogs to have the same length lead. They are comfortable on the wrist and hand. Medium to large dogs are what I have. I look for a large clip which the leads have. The material is very strong and well made. I recommend them.

👤This is the best 10ft leash that we have tried and we have been using it for about 2 weeks. We have a 160lb dog who tends to pull during walks and leashes break at the clip or the strings break very quickly. We are happy that there is some breakage in one area that is reinforced.

7. DOYOO Leash Thick Durable Nylon

DOYOO Leash Thick Durable Nylon

The heavy duty leashes are made with the strongest 1/2 inch diameter rock climbing rope and are rustproof. Soft padded handles for a comfortable shock grip. The foam handle helps you maintain a firm grip even when your dog pulls hardly. Enjoy the walk with your dog and protect your hand from rope burn. Highly reflective threads dog leashes keep you safe and visible at night. 10 ft is a perfect length for walking, running or training that reaches a balance between control and safety, giving enough comfort and freedom to your dogs. Silicone collapsible bowl and poop bags dispensers are included.

Brand: Doyoo

👤These are light and comfortable to use, so they are good for long walks. If I need to bring the pups closer to the walkers, I can coil them easily. The rubber part covering the connection areas never stays put, so I marked them down one star. I have a feeling that will eventually affect their durability. They are good leashes at a great price. I would buy them again for my foster pups.

👤My golden is 60 pounds. It is a good length and has some stretch to it. The handle is comfortable. I don't recommend this for large dogs unless they are very calm. I don't think this will hold if he were to try and take off after something, he still pulls quite a bit. The stitching is starting to pull apart after one walk. The cap was covering the stitching for 5 minutes. I will update if it holds up. I will be looking for a more durable leash for my dog. A calm and well behaved dog is great.

👤Two leashes with a clip. A portable bowl and poop bag container is a bonus. For training and walking. The grip is comfortable. Thank god, he is beyond chew stage. He is strong. Will check to see if they hold up. One should be kept in the car for daily use. Good length is needed for training events. Great colors. Great price! Not too thin or thick. They don't seem to fall apart, but we will see. The Aussie weighs 50lb and has a shoulder measurement of 20 lbs. Highly recommend.

👤I have a 80 pound pit who uses one of these and does well on it, despite being a tugger. My small shepherd mix does well on it. They are light for my dogs and feel great in my hands. The colors reflect light at night for safety. The colors are bright. I've ordered four of them and they are absolutely gorgeous. The bowls were a bonus. There is a poop bag.

👤If your dog is interested in chewing on things, be careful with this leash. There are two rubber sleeve things and a foam handle cover. I keep my dog on a leash most of the day because he is in training. I can practice commands with him. I removed the foam from the handle because I was concerned he would chew, but there are two rubber sleeve things that cover the handle and clasp. I realized I needed to take them off after my dog chewed it up but did not completely devour it. My dog vomited and became very sick about an hour later. He vomited some rubber. He couldn't even hold water after it irritated his stomach. We had X-rays and he was ok, but just beware. I don't think any of the pieces were so large that it would have been an issue. I have never had a dog react like this.

👤Overall happy with these. The leash was expected to be more durable. If I allow the dog to use the full slack of the leash and then he gets closer, it's going to start to wear out, which is already happening after a month of use. I have been shortening the leash to avoid this. I like the padded handle, but I expected the rope to be more durable.

8. Fida Retractable X Small Durable Walking

Fida Retractable X Small Durable Walking

If you have a problem, contact them. Money back is provided within a year for The Quality Problem. Extra small dogs or cats or small animals up to 18 lbs. can use a tiny retractable leash. Black Retractable Pet Leash has a 10ft high strength nylon tape with a rustproof swivel hook and a top quality internal coil spring. Leash is a safe reflective dog. The leash tape is reflective. The reflective cord leash increases security and visibility for dogs and their owners. The Ergnomic Anti-slip SOFT Handle is made of durableABS material and is super comfortable for long walks. Roll-On and Roll-Off with your thumb are easy to use. It's Tangle-free, great for walking, jogging, running, camping, and hiking. No risk to place an order. 30 days money back without any reason and a one year warranty. Professional technical support is included in all of Fida retractable dog leashes. Contact them at any time.

Brand: Fida

👤This is a person named LOGAN. I have had him for fifteen years. He came to live with me and was a full-grown rescue. He may be more than fifteen years old. He's healthy. He can sense the sound of percussion and vibration. He is partially blind. He probably has dementia. He wanders wherever his nose leads him. He tracked a rabbit this morning. I haven't seen him move that fast in a long time. I would have liked to have captured it on video. I would've liked to see the chase, but this leash worked perfectly, preventing him from charging after that rabbit. There is a person named Logan. I am a full-time traveler. We go from one National Forest to the next. Dogs are not allowed to be on leash longer than six feet. I wouldn't have it any other way because if he wasn't on a leash, he would wander off and get lost. I don't let the Fida retractable dog leash get closer to me than a few feet. I have a cable for camp. The retractable leash is used for walkabouts. The video that I posted here was shot during a hike. The leash is shown and how well it works. The leash is doing its job. This is a good product.

👤The leash is a bit lackluster. I bought this one instead of another leash for my second dog because it was cheaper than the one I had before. I thought that this leash may be just as good, but it isn't. The leash is very light. It feels cheap and doesn't have a good grip. When the lead is twisted, I need to pull it out and make sure it doesn't twist again. The brake system is poorly designed. You have to push the button away if you want to keep it locked. Sometimes when you push down to break it, it locks itself. It's a pain to open. We're lucky that the Kong harness was able to hold the small latch. I think the leash is ok. Would I buy another one? Absolutely not. I'll spend the extra money on the leash. I wouldn't get this for a medium-sized dog.

👤That's correct. I make dog leashes for my macaw so that she can fly. I gave this one a try because I needed a replacement for a leash that we wore out. Does the leash make sense? She flies like nothing is there as the line plays out. The lock and unlock mechanism is easy to use and works with every touch. It may work for you if it works well with my baby.

👤I feel good in my hand. The lock works well. Retract works well. The downfall is the lead. I had a terrier pup that got out the door faster than I could and I only had to scrub my door for 5 seconds. I was able to tie it back together. I am only leaving one star because I think the lead should be more durable. I would give it a solid 5 stars if it wasn't for the quick failure.

9. Jackpet Training Medium Backyard Camping

Jackpet Training Medium Backyard Camping

The dog leashes have a width of 1 inch. The easy off hook makes securing the leash to the harness easy. Control of your pet is provided. The design is strengthened by nylon stitching. It will fit any body perfectly. They are waiting to help you and your pet with their needs.

Brand: Jackpet

👤He can explore but I can't keep him under control. I bought a leash for 20 feet. He loves being on his leash for walks outside.

👤This leash is not built to last. A very flimsy leash. This is something I would expect to see in a dollar store.

👤I don't like the texture and how wide it is. It was a good lead.

👤The dog chewed through it within 10 minutes of using it. I am.

10. SALO Durable Walking Training Leashes

SALO Durable Walking Training Leashes

The long dog leash is made of nylon. It is 1inch wide to add durability. Perfect length for hiking, training or camping. If you want your dog to have more room to sniff and explore, you should use a dog leash. Matching dog collar also available separately. The snap hook is easy to attach to the dog's collar. A one year warranty for any quality problem is super customer service. Their professional service team will reach you in 24 hours.

Brand: Salo

👤We don't have a fenced yard so we clipped this leash to two other leashes for short periods outside. After 6 months, it broke down. Our puppy was sitting next to me as I was doing some gardening. The leash was broken. Neither of the other leashed did that when I pulled on it. Only the nylon leash.

👤I wanted a longer leash for my dog so she could have more freedom when she is on a leash. It's lightweight and thinner than the leashes I'm used to, but since it is quite a bit longer, I find that the lightness is a plus! It's still light enough so that the weight doesn't pull on my pup, despite being two times longer than the leashes I typically use. I can keep it off the ground without feeling like I'm pulling on my dog. The color: The colors look great. I ordered the blue and it's the same color as the one shown online. The price is mentioned. The 10' leash costs the same as the 6' leash from Petsmart. It's a good leash and it's a bit cheaper than the other ones. Quality is a Cons. The quality of the leash is reflected in the price. I think it is a good leash, but it is not very expensive. The hardware will show signs of aging with regular use. Heavy leash chewers and larger dogs would be able to bite through the leash with little effort. I would recommend this leash for dogs that don't chew.

👤I have had this leash for 13 months and it broke today when my dog pulled a little when he saw a cat. We have 3 cats in our house and he's not aggressive just cat curious so he pulled lightly. There could be dangerous situations if she breaks on walks. Each person in my house has their own leash that they use to walk their dog. The leash broke when it was a year old. I would not recommend this brand to others. The material is a bit stiff, but it's a good leash for the price, I hope it can be softened up a bit with more use.

👤These leashes are great. I got a 10 and a 20. The leash is made in a way that it almost never gets on things when I let it go and my dog takes off at full speed. It is like a new color.

👤A well-trained 50 pound dog has a great length. Light in the hand. It is very thin, but it is strong.

👤These leashes are amazing. They are comfortable to use. I bought some for my friends.

👤I live in the city and need to let a special needs dog run, I have a great lead that has a 20 pomerain. The 10 ft lead works great.

👤Three were bought in different colors.

11. TAIAN Adjustable Leashes Medium Orange

TAIAN Adjustable Leashes Medium Orange

The dog leash is 10 feet long and 1 inch wide. The D-ring is convenient for the dog poop bag. The nylon leash is durable and has a rotation clip to resist twisting. The Max length is 10 feet, the Min is only 5.5 feet. There is a perfect balance of freedom and control. Their dog leashes are the ideal choice for small, medium, and large dogs.

Brand: Taian

👤This leash is suitable for a medium-sized dog. The color is striking. I bought it for my cat because it was long. She can walk on the deck. Most leashes of this length are more than that, and I can't imagine how superior they would be.

👤It's a nice leash, but when it's not taut, there is a huge gap between the strands that makes it difficult to handle.

👤My two dogs and various foster dogs are walking together. I have three leashes that are adjusted to help me keep everyone in line and minimize the leash tangling that happens when they are all on the same leash. I can make them work with any combo of dogs. I was worried that with constant pulling or a sharp tug the adjustment might slip and the leash would gradually shorten, but that hasn't been the case. They stay put remarkably well once adjusted. They are perfect for my needs and I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I clip my black lab to my belt loop and we walk around together. I don't worry about her getting lost with a leash. She loves going to the hardware store.

👤The leash works with my dog. It is very sturdy and makes walking my dog easy. I have daschunds that tend to try to go on their own. They have enough time to explore and not stray too far. Very strong.

👤The handle portion is a little stiff at first, but starts to loosen up over time.

👤There is no D ring at the top of the leash, but it's sturdy and it's easy to use.

👤If you are looking for a simple leash, this leash may work. Don't buy it if you need the D ring near the handle. I got two of them, but neither had the D ring. Both were returned.


What is the best product for dog leashes for medium dogs 10 feet?

Dog leashes for medium dogs 10 feet products from Hoanan. In this article about dog leashes for medium dogs 10 feet you can see why people choose the product. Jenico and Zeibor are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leashes for medium dogs 10 feet.

What are the best brands for dog leashes for medium dogs 10 feet?

Hoanan, Jenico and Zeibor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leashes for medium dogs 10 feet. Find the detail in this article. Oneisall, Maypaw and Maypaw are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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