Best Dog Leash Retractable with Light

Retractable 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Mowis Retractable Anti Slip 360°Tangle Included

Mowis Retractable Anti Slip 360%C2%B0Tangle Included

BC Retail Inc. will replace it if it breaks. There were no questions asked. The original manufacturer of this warranty is BC RETAIL Inc. 3rd party sellers should be avoided. The nylon dog leash is durable and can handle any powerful large dogs, up to 55 lbs., as well as medium sized and smaller dogs, giving them maximum freedom with one hand control. The sturdy hands are made of plastic and have a soft handle which fits your hands well. The brake and lock safety system allows you to adjust the length of the leash as you please. The area is controlled and you can walk your dog there. You should be given maximum visibility and safety while walking at night. This will lead to safer nighttime walks. You can get a free roll of plastic bags with the dog waste disposal and bags included.

Brand: Mowis

👤I carry a mini flashlight and a retractable leash while walking my dogs. I have tried a few other retractables with lights built in, but usually had one of two issues. The light was not very bright, or the handle wasn't right for my hand. The leash seems to do a good job. The light is bright enough for me to be able to locate and pick up any dog discards, and the handle is comfortable even with my large hands. I will look and see if they make them for larger dogs, so my kids get a new leash.

👤If it was a cord, I would love it. The wind blows the ribbon and it doesn't open properly. You will have to manually do it because there will be slack in the line. Sometimes it does on its own. buttons are cheap and don't always work right, but other than that flashlight works great. Those are also jammed. The bag holder is great. It's nice in your hand. Doesn't "snap" too hard but is much harder than it should be for a leash. *update* The line almost stopped. By itself anyways. The ribbon they used is so bad that it folds over on itself. The flashlight's batteries usually last longer with these. If you ignore the fact that the line is so weak the wind can blow it, the product will work for about a month. Get a better one if you spend a couple more dollars. I just bought a one from Burlington that came with three tennis balls for free, a flashlight, and a cord ribbon, and it also had a cord ribbon. I couldn't believe I found it for $8, it's made for bigger dogs, but it works great. I will have more time to watch what the little boy is doing instead of messing with this stupid leash because I will no longer be dealing with this thing. $17 was wasted.

👤I like it. It is light and convenient. I have a concern about the safety. The line tends to bind up or not always disengage when it is bent in half. It works well, but there was one day when I needed it to be retracted. I couldn't get it to reel in because I locked it. It is normally fine. I like it. This is a potential safety risk to be aware of. There is an update on 11/3/2020. It doesn't work anymore for us. Even though we are extra careful, the line has gotten so twisted that I need to pull it back many times. I can't recommend it to anyone due to safety concerns, since it's been 5 months since I bought it. * There is an update on 1/2-21. The replacement unit was sent by the manufacturer. The leash line is starting to break again after about a month. I had a scary moment where I needed to pull it back. I had to manually pull it in. It will need to be replaced.

2. Retractable Rechargeable Flashlight Newnique Walking

Retractable Rechargeable Flashlight Newnique Walking

Small and medium-sized dogs breed under 55 lbs. and can benefit from the Retention Lash for 16ft nylon tape and 20inch chew proof cable combo. It's easy to handle and control. The one-handed locking mechanism works well. The quick brake, pause, lock and unlock help you to adjust the leash. To make sure the safety of pets and pedestrians is protected. The anti-slip handle makes it easier to hold. You can control your dog at any angle with the anti-twist design. The cable at the end stops your puppy from chewing through it. The rope is not chew proof. Carefully use. It's perfect for night walks. The light is bright enough to help you see where to pick up the poop. The transparent glass lens makes the flashlight brighter. The nylon leash and chew proof wire cable have reflective elements on them. It makes walking at night safer. Excellent resilience and replaceable battery. You don't need disposable batteries to create waste. You just have to put it on the charging base and get ready for your next walk. 3 hours working time after 1.5 hours charging The overcharging protection feature prevents damage from overcharging.

Brand: Newnique

👤I am very pleased with this retractable leash. It seems sturdy enough, the anti chew extension is the right length and weight for my 30 pound dog, and the rechargeable light is adequate for our night walks. I took off one star because I couldn't fit all of my fingers into the handle. I adjusted my grip and left my finger out.

👤The leash is great for walking at night. There is a bright light in the handle. If someone walks up on you at night, you can see them. The leash has a great charge.

👤This lease is wonderful! My puppy is black. It's hard to see if she's doing her job at night. With the light, I can make sure she uses the restroom and that I don't walk in it.

👤The light is weak and useless. It's a waste of money.

👤I am very happy with my purchase, it is the best dog chain I have ever purchased, easy to walk with, and you won't regret your money.

👤Many leashes with lights didn't last. Finally, one that should last.

👤The extendable leash I picked up was the same one I used for my 30-pound dogs who have worn out two other retractable leashes. My expectations aren't high because those leashes were the cheapest you have. This leash still failed to impress. The leash material is thin and not as easy to use as nylon leashes. I don't like how solid it is, so maybe it's helpful that the dogs get a sterner "snap" when they hit the end. The ergonomics of the handle are terrible. It was too wide from side to side. It was too narrow from top to bottom. It never feels planted in my hand. The halt button is the worst part, after months of ownership, I still can't figure it out. Sometimes it doesn't open. Sometimes it doesn't. It's a challenge to get it unlocked. There is no rhyme or reason to it. The light seems to work. There's that.

👤The leash was the right weight for my dog. I'm not sure how it would hold up for a larger dog, but it works well for my dog. The light is an added feature and has been useful. I would recommend it. No issues.

3. BabyHomder Retractable Leash Retracting Dispenser

BabyHomder Retractable Leash Retracting Dispenser

The length is suitable for small medium pets under 44 lbs. The leash handle has a diameter of 3.5. Light weight but sturdy, that both adults and children can easily hold. The handle and light weight are designed to be held for long periods of time without fatigue. The nylon belt on the leash has a high density. The buttons are easy to use and lock andunlock with one hand. It's tangle-free, great for walking, jogging, running, camping, and hiking. It's easy to carry the collapsible bowl and cute paw shape dispensers outside. If your dog is hungry, just open the bowl and fill it with food or water. The lid can be opened to open a new bag. Professional technical support is included in the retractable leashes. Feel free to contact them with any reason. There is a

Brand: Petimp Store

👤The carabiner that comes with the poop bag and bowl is too small for a leash. I bought another carabiner for the leash because of a review that said this. I took a picture. You can see in my last two photos that I bought a carabiner from another seller. If you want to see the one I bought, you have to click on the link. The line for the leash is thin, so I understand the low reviews from some buyers. My dog is only 10 pounds and she doesn't tug the leash. The leash is shown in the video. It's perfect for me because I'm afraid of big dogs and I don't want my dog going so far from me. You don't know if something bad would happen. Better safe than sorry. You will need to buy another carabiner if you want to attach your accessories to your leash. If the seller told me before, I would have given a 5 star.

👤Okay. The leash broke on me and I had to write a review. I had to physically hold the leash around my hand to stop my dog from walking further from me because the locking mechanism stopped working. This leash didn't last me a full year, and I honestly believed it would give me a longer run, even though I had no issues with it before. I don't know why the leash broke so easily because my dog is a mellow dog and her pulls are not strong. It was kind of disappointing.

👤I bought this for my dog, she's a small lap dog with some energy, and she's 800-244-0167 My parents could take their dog out. It comes with a smaller dog dish bowl that can be used for food or water that has a sweet coconut smell to it. The bowl should be put in two different sizes, a smaller one and the biggest one. I ran out of memory in the video so I was cut off, but the video has my opinions of the dog leash in it. The area where you put your hands through is large and comfortable, and the materials feel sturdy. On the side of the leash is a stop mechanism and a release button, similar to most leashes. The bowl has a dog on it, but it was hard to see. The product came with a disposable canister and dog bags. To use the bags, it's easy to load the canister and tear them. The bags were large enough to fit everything you see in the video. Is it worth it? Yes, it is. We will be using the bowl and leash on our road trips. I apologize, but I can't get the video to be uploaded. *

👤I love this leash. I have never owned a retractable one before, but it is very easy to use. The extra stuff that comes with it is great. I put the bowl in my truck for my puppy. Everything seems to have been made well. I would definitely recommend it.

4. Retractable Walking Traction Anti Slip Handle

Retractable Walking Traction Anti Slip Handle

Theurdy Material The dog leash is made of nylon and the hook is chrome plated to prevent twisting. The edge of the leash has a light that can be seen at night. The plastic shell is friendly. It is possible to walk your dog at night without fear, thanks to the 3M lighting range, which can be used for 4-5 hours after full charged. Pets can be fed when it is dark. The handle of the retractable dog leash is made of non-slip materials. It is easy to use. It allows you to take pictures of it while walking the dog. The retractable dog leash is easy to control and runs smoothly. To maximize the safety of pets, adjust the dog leash to an appropriate length. The total length of the leash is 10 feet. Each package comes with a retractable dog leash and a charging cable. Small and medium-sized dogs are suitable for 10 feet traction rope. Up to 20 lbs. If there is any concern or unhappiness with the product, they will replace it for free.

Brand: Frontsea

👤Would have liked to have been able to return the item. It is non returnable because it was prime. It's really hard. I have learned my lesson the hard way. There are pros and cons. The handle design is comfortable. There are some things that are CONS: The flashlight coverage is poor. The finish on the handle attracts dirt. It goes in the garage.

👤The locking mechanism works. The leash is very thin.

👤It worked well for a few weeks, but now won't withdraw often. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤I like the idea of a lease but it is too heavy and not bright enough.

👤The leash is strong and durable, and the light is a great perk. The light makes it easier to pick up messes in the dark. It's a great tool to have.

👤I like the circle design but the quality is terrible and I don't trust the snap either.

👤I had a leash for 3 weeks. The cord broke. It wouldn't recommend except for a small dog under 20 pounds.

👤I like the idea of a leash. I have one complaint. I would like the leash to be longer. We are used to having the longer ones, but it is taking us a bit to adjust. Otherwise a good product.

5. Retractable Flashlight Movement Disconnect 1 Purple

Retractable Flashlight Movement Disconnect 1 Purple

The dog Leash is retractable and has a weight of 0.5lb. Rope can be extended up to 10 feet. Small and Medium dogs are for under 120 pounds. The use of touch lighting technology, double-sided Rgb flow ring, four different touch screen to show different effects, both sides of the flow ring is safe at night. It is possible to change six different color rotation effect in the open. You. The dog is very attractive. In the dark. The dog leash is made of sturdy nylon and the outer is made of Sturdy Abs. The U-shaped Rope Outlet is not Roll Rope. Pets have more freedom of movement. The high precision bearing core can stand impact without breaking. The Tpe Anti-slip Handle is comfortable and easy to grasp. Control of the distance, quick lock, pause andunlock buttons, easy operation with your thumb, is easy to use. It is easy to carry and control the distance between you and your dog.

Brand: Caishow

👤I have a 12 lbs dog so I got the smaller option, but it was a little tight on my hand. Not enough to reject but very snug. If you have large hands, you might want to get a bigger one. I have had it three times in the last week and am pretty sure I turned it off. It seems like it could turn on if it is laid on the switch side. I like the idea of the side lights, but wish there was a way to keep them a single color. The flashlight should be a bit brighter. It's heavier than my previous leash. Enough of the cons is still relatively light. The leash material is sturdy and seems better than ribbon that was my last retractable leash. I like the length, it is not as long as some, and I feel I have more control over the dog, while still allowing her to wander. The brake system took some time to break-in and to train me how to use it to slow the dog down. The light switch failed, it doesn't turn on when expected, and sometimes turns on by itself, so time will tell if the mechanism holds up. Between that and the small hand opening I will be back.

👤I have a 12 pound Shi Tsu who is very fast and can dart in and out of any direction. The leash is easy to pull back. The spotlight is bright at night but not very good at dusk. The circle part is nice. I don't think it's necessary. It's cool. There is a The material on lead is strong but soft enough that it won't cut into your hand if you grab it instead of locking it with the button. When I'm wearing my extra fuzzy mittens, it's difficult to reach the button with my thumb. If you happen to walk your dog in the rain and the material gets wet, be sure to lock it and let it air dry, otherwise it will smell terrible later.

👤Would not buy again. The leash is too short for a retractable category. The case is not comfortable to hold. The leash is not strong enough. The on/off switch placement is the worst. It is difficult to turn on when in use, and sometimes light touches will make the light go on or off, or turn it off. It takes a lot more pressure to turn it off when it's down. Weird. Whoever designed this, never had to walk a dog at night or use it at all, so it's not a problem.

👤The on off switch is very touch so if something runs against it will waste battery. I had to tape the battery cover closed because I couldn't put it on because I couldn't fit batteries in it.

👤It's easy to hold, and it's value for the money. It was worth every single penny that I spent on it. The flash light feature is very bright. The leash does not light up in colors. The leash didn't twist at all. My dog loves it. Absolutely worth the money.

6. Coleman Pet Retractable Leash Black

Coleman Pet Retractable Leash Black

There are three products in 1 - a retractable leash, flashlight and compartment for disposable bags. For dogs over 50 lbs. One Touch Lock and Release Button are easy to use. The rubber grip handle is black.

Brand: Coleman

👤The light and bag holder is falling off. The lock on the light and bag holder is easy to remove. I have lost the light a few times, but no one has found the bag holder.

👤I love this leash. I use a retractable leash during the day that has a cord instead of tape, which makes it easier to pull off. You just have to pull on the tape a little to get it to open. I carry a "jaws" type pooper scooper with me because I hate using plastic bags to pick up my dog's poop, and the flashlight is attached to the leash handle. I can find the poop in the dark with the flashlight attached to the leash. It's nice to be able to see where I'm going. Definitely recommend.

👤The leash is a thin ribbon, like a bow on a present not secure your dog, but it is a cool looking leash. The locking and unlocking mechanism was clumsy. It will only get worse because it did not always withdraw the first time. I had to stop and untangle my dog when the leash got stuck under his legs. It would break within a week of normal use. The rubber on the handle was subpar and I could feel my hand getting stuck to it. The flashlight and poop bag dispensers are great for having two cut outs so you don't have to spin it around and around a millimeter at a time to find the end.

👤I bought 2 of these for my dog. The leash broke after some use. The first time I ordered it, I was a bit hesitant. The same thing happened yesterday. I was the one walking the dog and he did nothing to cause this. My dog does not do anything to cause this problem. I would order something else.

👤When it works, the leash is useful. There is a problem. We ordered 2 of them in August and one was missing parts. Returned it and ordered another. Four months later, another one has failed. There is a broken leash locking mechanism. The lock no longer works. It is not returnable anymore. I'm out of the cost. There is a lack of quality control prior to shipping. I would not recommend this item to you. The leash locking mechanism is made of plastic and after a few months of use, the plastic parts on both of the units I purchased have broken. One broke off completely and is rattling around in the round leash reel housing. The second one broke with the leash fully extended. It would not be unlocked. I had to use a small screwdriver to get it out of the locked position. It no longer has a lock. That's better than not having the leash reel in. The locking mechanism can be accessed by sliding the light towards the back of the hole. One of the first two leashes had a missing part. The bag roll assembly has it. The leashes still function, but they can't be locked. The button needs to be held down to stop the leash from reeling out. The lights work well.

7. OasisUSA Retractable Medium Walking Leash

OasisUSA Retractable Medium Walking Leash

Night Safety is a Retractable dog leash that has a built-in flashlight with non-detachable LEDs that makes walking with your pet safe at night. You can adjust the leash according to the size of your pet and control it by your thumb with the extendable nylon strap. The retractable dog leash is made of nylon that is strong for the pet and soft for the dog, so it is chew proof and can be used anywhere. It is easy to use. It has a single button for lock, free and pause. You can control your dog's movements with a light leash. The retractable dog leash with light has a soft rubber handle and lightweight design that makes it easy to hold. If you don't like their product, you can claim your 100% refund. Quality packing is a great gift. You can add a gift message at the checkout. It's perfect for dogs under 95 lbs.

Brand: Oasisusa

👤I've tried this brand before. They are known for their kitchen products. I thought I would give their dog leash a try because I was happy with my previous purchases. The leash was received today. The lock mechanism works. The lights are helpful as it gets dark early outside.

👤The leash has lights on it. The locking mechanism makes it hard to find poop in dark. The switch is hard to use and requires two hands to open and close it. I thought it would loosen over time, but it is getting even stiff by the 4th walk. I only had this for a couple of days and it stopped working when I returned home. Is it a waste of money? Cheap parts and designs.

👤The product was poorly designed. The battery cover is falling off. The light feature is always on because of the touch. The lock is hard to switch and you need to stop the animal. There isn't a quick push button to stop your animal. The slow work of the retraction leads to the animal getting tangled in the leash.

👤I would recommend anyone to buy this product because it is comfortable to hold and has three different lights.

👤My favorite color leash is not my least favorite. The light on the restraint/release button pops if you brush against it. This model is not recommended by me.

👤We can enjoy our night walk with more leisure now that I can see him. The product is easy to use and durable, it is not too heavy. I would recommend purchasing this item if you only need 2 batteries.

👤I like this, but the switch for the light is very sensitive, and it seems that whenever I pick up the leash, the light turns out. I have to cycle through all of the variants before it stops.

👤When we put the leash on our dog, we realized the lights don't work, and it rattles when you move it around, so clearly something is broken.

8. KONG Ultimate Retractable Leash Extra

KONG Ultimate Retractable Leash Extra

Measures 16' long. It was built to last with a soft grip. The belt has reflective stitching. The lock mechanism has an intuitive brake mechanism.

Brand: Alcott

👤After a few uses. After trying to stop my dog from bolting using the lock button, it is permanently locked in the retracted state. It seems to have sheared something or knocked an internal gear off. I liked the ruggedness of this leash, but I am disappointed. Also. The lead ribbon can be chewed through. My puppy got it on his teeth and put a small hole through it. I am not a fan of Kong products.

👤Do you want to get a lease from "Flexi"? I went through 3 of them and one time the leash snapped near the ring and my dog ran out into the road. I didn't give a response to the email I sent them. My Kong was made when I found this leash. I thought it had to be strong because their toys are the only things my heavy chewer shreds. It's been a month since I had it, and it's already lasted 2 weeks, and is better and stronger. This leash is for anyone who has a big, strong dog that likes to chase wildlife.

👤Look out when there is a squirrel. My dog turned into a demon. He pulls me around like a paperdoll. I bought a retractable for a large dog and a Kong harness. This combination is the only way I can keep my laid back buddy out of harms way. Kong products have never let me down.

👤The button is too far forward. Unless I have small fingers, my thumb barely reaches the button unless I grip the handle in a way that's not very natural for me. It can be 888-353-1299 I have 80 lbs. A doberman is pulling a freight train. Sometimes I think I locked the leash and he pulls it. I used to have the giant leash. The leash is prone to tearing near the clasp, but they lock in very well. There is an update. The reviewer below me experienced the same issue. KONG products were supposed to be some of the best.

👤Kong products have always been a favorite of ours. Our 1 year old is happily occupied by the treat stuffers. I loved the leashes. Our pup is strong one and maybe he bit the nylon in a big puppy, but this leash broke. The company sent a replacement. How great! Their customer service was very pleasant. I love Kong!

👤I bought a dog leash. It is useless one month later. The lead is no longer safe to use. I have had leashes from TJ Maxx that have lasted longer. Kong has a 2 year warranty, but I am not thrilled about it.

👤You could get a cheaper version at the big box. Saving a few bucks or the chance that your pet will bolt for something is more important. This is strong and has a good grip. I don't worry about Vader breaking the lead. My dog is worth the price.

9. UPSKY Retractable Scalable Flashlight Small Medium

UPSKY Retractable Scalable Flashlight Small Medium

The Retractable Belt is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, up to 16 feet in length, and provides comfort and maximum freedom for your pet in a safe environment. The flashlight gives you maximum visibility and safety while walking at night. The battery is not replaceable. One Button Brake and Lock: One-touch braking and locking safety system, which allows the dog leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease, walk your dog freely in open area with one hand braking, ensure that you have complete control over your dog's safety. Premium material is non-toxic and odorless, and it has a comfortable grip for long walks. The nylon ribbon is strong and durable. The anti-slip handle helps you maintain a strong grip on dogs that are pulling and running.

Brand: Upsky

👤The leash snapped in half while I was walking my puppy. There is no way my dog, who is 5 lbs coukd, can cause a decent leash to break in this way. I wanted to like this product, but I was disappointed.

👤The order was expected. I didn't realize that there are two flashlight options. That's an A+ for me. It looked sturdy. Have not tried it yet. I'm sure it wouldn't be a disappointment. The leash was tested by me. I am impressed. The leash is blocking the flashlight when it is on. The setup of the flashlight could have been better.

👤It is a leash for a price. I'm 70 years old and my hand is in the handle. I like the "stop" button. The last call for doo has a flash light. The leash is a good fit for my dog, she is 18 pounds and can be a puller.

👤It's useful on walks with my dog. The flashlight is useful on night walks.

👤This is a good leash. It feels good. It's easy to stop the leash from folding and put it back in free roam mode. It came with 2 flashlight and was comfortable to use. There is a spare spare just in case, but the flashlights aren't super bright. This dog leash is recommended by me.

👤I didn't believe what we got for this price. These are worth it for the price. An extra flashlight was included.

👤I used the leash for a month and the tape broke. The case has no screws to open it. I was able to pull out the tape using twizzers. I tied the ends together. This is not strong. I hope I can use it for a while. The leash is useless because the tape won't open. The seller isn't interested in reading the reviews. The leash should be replaced for free.

👤I don't like the button function. The maker contacted me about my issue with the button, so I am giving this item a revised review. Customer service is the best.

👤The product broke twice. I had to return it for a refund. It cost $12 to return it. Not happy.

👤The item was so flimsy that I almost had my puppy killed. It is for a kitten, not a dog.

👤This lasted for a week or so. Our dog got her teeth on it briefly, and because it is thin it almost snapped. Good for small dogs, who won't chew it. I was disappointed at how thin it was.

👤The leash was chewed through by my dog.

👤Les chiots qui tire. C'est rapidement.

10. Nasus Retractable Walking Detachable Flashlight

Nasus Retractable Walking Detachable Flashlight

The retractable leash gives dogs more freedom to wander, sniff, and poke around. Dogs could be trained, walked and jogged. It is convenient to store auto-stretch tracking tape. The Button Brake & Lock is practical and flexible to adjust the length of the leash to stay an appropriate length you need; More comfortable experience would be given by the ergonomics of the handle grip design with internal cozy cushion attached, which could also prevent hurting by the tape; and an extra hook included The dog leash light is made of non-toxic, rust resistant plastic and has an internal mechanism to prevent it from being stuck. Pets are allowed for safer night activity with a flashlight that is powered by 3AAA batteries. It's a good idea to have better visibility of dogs at night. The burlier retractable leash is 26ft long and 0.4ft wide and can be used for any type of large, medium and small size dogs up to 100 lbs.

Brand: Nasus

👤It had been a long time since these two old coots had been in charge of a dog. He needed to relieve himself frequently because he was very old. It was perfect for us on cold nights. We put the lead to his collar and took him to the porch, where he would relieve himself in the grass as we stood under our roof. After the heavy rains or snow passed, we would go out to retrieve the solid waste. When the weather allowed us to actually walk him, the retractable action gave him the opportunity to explore, the light helped us to see where we were walking, and the poop bag clip gave us an extra hand to carry the bags. The leash is high quality and sturdy. The light provided a constant beam despite being used often. We would buy this product again.

👤We love it! Maybe this one won't break as often. Heavy work. It is large and heavy. I'm 74 years old. It's okay for me. Either she does or we like the extra length. She can explore more. The light on top helps me get down the stairs at night and also to know when she's pottied. Push the stop and release buttons together to stop it. Then pull her in. It broke in July. Still better than most. I had to replace it in September. I added a bungee cord after getting another Nasus. My third Nasus update. It will last longer than most. This is about a year. I think the bungee cord helps. Maybe when I have to pull her. Love the number 26. Will appreciate the light when it's over. I'm almost 76 years old now. The weight of Nasus is fine. Love the exercise.

👤This leash is very nice. I was worried that it would fall off as I had read that the ribbon kind of leashes have a problem with that. I have not had a problem with that. I like it. I find it hard to use the flashlight in front of me when my dog lags behind, as the leash doesn't want to extend easily with it bent like that. My dog was taught to walk behind and never in front. I have to use another flashlight to light my way because the flash light is facing down most of the time. It would be great if it was a little brighter. I live in the forest and it gets dark here. These things don't affect how this product works. They are from my experience. I did a lot of research before ordering this and I still think it's the best one out of all the others. This product is very good.

👤I have had this leash for a month and I absolutely adore it. The first thing you need to know is that the leash is large and heavy. This is not the leash for you if you are looking for something small and lightweight. I needed a heavy duty leash because my dog is strong. He destroyed at least 15 retractable leashes. This is the best I have ever tried. The width of the ribbon is much more durable than the one he pulls. I have a hard time keeping up with him with shorter leashes because he loves to run. The flashlight is useful for night walks. If you have large hands, this leash is for you. It's so roomy! If you have a strong dog with a strong pull, this is the most durable retractable I've tried so far. Excellent product, recommend if you need it.

11. TUG Patented Tangle Free Retractable One Handed

TUG Patented Tangle Free Retractable One Handed

Small Leash is suitable for dogs under 35 lbs, Medium for dogs under 55 lbs, and Large for dogs under 120 lbs. 16 ft Tape Leash has an easy-adjust retraction. Roll-on and Roll-off with your thumb are features of the quick lock andunlock feature. It's a super comfortable grip for long walks. The handle is anti-slip. Please review the dimensions before purchasing to make sure that the large leash is larger than expected.

Brand: Tug

👤The leash is working well. Our dog is a bit wild and can put stress on her leash, so I tend to replace them after a year or two rather than wait for a leash to fail. I am more confident that this leash will hold up because it is wider than her previous one. I have large hands. The handle is large enough for me to comfortably hold the lease, even with winter gloves on. The angle of the handle makes it easy to restrain her. The brake button is larger than any leash I've used before, and is very easy to use.

👤I had a great first experience walking my 2 kids with these retractable leashes. The big one chewed up the tape before the second walk. Tim from Tug Pet Products sent me a new product after he explained to me about the product. I went from feeling like I was spending double on one leash to completely satisfied as a customer of Tug Pet Products. Thank you, Tim and the others. It's a good thing. Let me know if you make an unchewable version.

👤There are still 5 stars! After 9 months, there were some issues with the leash. Within 30 minutes, the company responded to my email. I was told in the next email that a new product would be sent to me immediately. I got the new product today and it was great. The company stands behind the leash and that makes all the difference. Thanks for great service! The quality of this product was very good. It just feels right. These are superior to the one's I've seen at Walmart or Target. The poop bags that are attached to the leash make it easy to carry around and clean up after your dog.

👤Well designed! It was easy to hold and smooth. The temporary lock is very easy to use, and I think it would be helpful to anyone with weak hands or arthritis. The hold lock feature is easy to manipulate. The leash can be extended and retracted in a wide array of angles without binding, which has been a great feature for us.

👤My golden retriever and labrador mix is not leash trained. The leash is sturdy and feels great in my hand. The mechanism worked well and I would recommend it to anyone. Can't beat the price.

👤These retractable leashes worked great when we took our two big girls to the beach. It gave them a little extra room to explore and let them know we could stop them from getting into things they shouldn't. They were easy to use.

👤Good product! I have two large labs, one is 90 pounds and the other is 60 pounds. Both pull on the leash. It holds up well.

👤This leash is awesome! I have two large bags. Two-year-old beagle and one-year-old dachshund/Pomeranian mix are fur babies. The dogs are very energetic and erratic on a leash. My fiancée and I attached a bungee leash to allow us to walk them both at the same time. The lock button is easy to push and the handle is soft. We ordered several leashes from Amazon and after a few weeks, they're not good. The TUG Leash has been through Louisiana storms and has been bouncing and biting 2 very happy fur babies!


What is the best product for dog leash retractable with light?

Dog leash retractable with light products from Mowis. In this article about dog leash retractable with light you can see why people choose the product. Newnique and Petimp Store are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leash retractable with light.

What are the best brands for dog leash retractable with light?

Mowis, Newnique and Petimp Store are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leash retractable with light. Find the detail in this article. Frontsea, Caishow and Coleman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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