Best Dog Leash Retractable for Large Dogs

Retractable 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Retractable Tangle Free Reflective Training Anti Slip

Retractable Tangle Free Reflective Training Anti Slip

The box has additional stickers and glue. You and your dog will be the talk of the park with your unique traction rope. It is comfortable to grip and non-slip, not easy to break free, enjoy and love outdoor walking at any time. Use your fingers to easily control rolling, push forward to lock, you can control the safe distance of your pet, you can release your pet to move freely, great for walking, jogging, running, hiking. The dog leash can be easily retractable and released at any angle, giving your pet plenty of room to enjoy free. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The kind of leash is durable. If you have any questions about the product, you can contact them at any time.

Brand: Winkkbey

👤It is cute and light weight. If you are like me, you have bought a number of these because their lifespan is questionable. This is cute, does the job and feels like it will last as long as all the others. There is no magic here, only a cute handle.

👤Exactly what I was looking for.

👤I had a retractable leash before this one. The leash is very thin and lightweight.

👤Would recommend for small to medium dogs.

2. GUDWING Retractable Walking Medium Button

GUDWING Retractable Walking Medium Button

The nylon cord material provided by the supplier of automotive safety belts is strong and durable, and no noise is made for daily use. The retractable leash works for any dog with up to 77 lbs in weight, giving them maximum freedom while under your control. One Button Break to lock is a safe and reliable brake system. The retractable leashes are held securely at that length because the brake button is pushed. The Anti-slip Handle is easy to grip and safe to hold, it provides enjoyable walking experience with your pets, and you don't worry about the dog leash hurting your hand when the dog runs about madly. 100% guarantee. The leash is made to last. You can return it to them for a replacement or a full refund if you have any problems. That means you can try it and not be at risk.

Brand: Gudwing

👤A friend bought a dog that broke its leash. She loves it and has stopped the jerking. My friend is disabled and has trouble walking, but she keeps her balance with this leash. The 26ft length of the guillotine can be used with a service dog who needs to run out a bit more. You can't have a dog off leash in a populated area. The manufacturer has a 100% guarantee built to last and a full replacement if it breaks, so we think this is great. It is a very sturdy leash. The other brand leash broke and my friend says she trusts it not to do that again. It is a win. She had it for a while. It is a good purchase.

👤I bought the leash because it said "Heavy Duty" in just a few walks and it was unsafe to use because it could snap.

👤After only 2 weeks, it stopped.

3. QiMH Retractable Tangle Free Reflective One Handed

QiMH Retractable Tangle Free Reflective One Handed

The heavy duty retractable dog leash can be extended up to 16ft (5m) for heavy-duty pets. Powerful dogs can use their retractable leash. The pet leashes can be adjusted to give them more freedom while you are in control. The quick release and brake buttons are very easy to use. The retractable one-handed locking technology built to run smoothly and automatically adjusts to the desired leash length with max control and safety. The automatic puppy leash is a humanization design. Their leashes for dogs are made of nylon ribbon and tangle free. The reflective material on the edge of the leash will be visible at night by reflecting the light that ensures your dog's safety. Impact cracking can be prevented by the environmentally sound plastic case. The handle is made of nonslip material that fits in your hand like a glove and can give you a comfortable handle feeling. The switch button is very convenient to use and you just have to put your thumb on it. A dog retractable leash, a dog collar, a collapsible water bowl, and a roll of Pet garbage bag are all free gifts. The collar is 15.3 inches long.

Brand: Qimh

👤The leash is great for the price. It is easy to use. It is suitable for my mom who has arthritis in her hands. It has a travel bowl, 2 sets of dog bags, and a bag that clips onto the leash. Such a great design. Oh, ugh. So cute. The locking mechanism of the leash broke when my dog pulled the leash out of my hand when I wasn't awake. I tried to make it work because we had just gotten it, however it was broken and wouldn't lock properly, it wasn't safe for my dog. The seller took my information and sent it to me in 3 days. I will stay with this company because of their good customer service. It is a good price and practical, but also eye catching and adorable. The seller is nice and accommodating.

👤The retractable leash is good. The lock mechanism is easy to use. Sometimes, it can be hard to accidentally open the leash due to how the lock works, but you get used to it. It is definitely worth the price. I only used the leash and poop bag. I can't comment on the portable water bowl or the collar that came with it. The dog is moving. Let me tell you something. They are very thin and flimsy. I made a mistake using these to pick up my dogs poop. I had to use four bags, the first three of which were broken at the seam when I put my hand in them and flipped them inside out to try to grab the poop, and the fourth bag, which I carefully put my hand in after putting my hand in it. After walking my dog around the park and stopping at a trash can, I noticed the bag had busted open again and the poop was gone. I looked around to see where the poop could have fallen, but I couldn't see it. Do not make the same mistake.

👤My dog is sensitive to noises and doesn't like the sound of a retractable dog leash. Even though it is incredibly annoying, I usually use a traditional leash. I bought this for my brother's new dog but when I heard how quiet it was, I decided to get a second one for myself. My dog doesn't mind. So happy to have found this! The dog bowl and trash bag holder is free. It's good!

👤The seller contacted me after I left my feedback, asking how they could make things better. I decided to get the refund because I didn't think the replacement could hold up to my pup's strength. I was issued it in less than 24 hours. This leash is not heavy duty for a big dog, but for an average dog or one that is not an aggressive walker - the bonus items that come with it are fine. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy is already 86 lbs. and I bought this for him. The package was nice and the bonus items were great, however the leash is not the highest quality and I was certain it would snap whenever he pulled it. The other day we put the leash on him, and I turned my back to grab the keys from the hook, while still holding the leash, as the dog chewed through it in link seconds. I was looking for a heavy duty dog, but it wasn't that.

4. Segarty Retractable Medium 110lbs Button

Segarty Retractable Medium 110lbs Button

The retractable leash can be extended up to 26 feet. While you still had control, a long and strong leash gives your dog more room. The dog leash core is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL and is great for powerful large dogs and small to medium dogs. The dog leash is 385g. The safe and reliable brake system has one button. Simply push the brake button back and forth, the retractable dog leash will stop and be held securely. The dog retractable leash has an U-Shaped inlet/outlet and strong spring so it will work without binding or tangling. The dog training leash grip is comfortable to hold and covered in a soft anti-slip material that is safe and easy to hold when your dog pulls.

Brand: Segarty

👤The recoil spring is the guts of this device. The recoil is a weak design and it's beyond me that the spring takes a back seat with all the other quality materials in this product. The lack of a strong spring means that the slack in the leash cord winds around the legs of your pet and you spend a lot of time undoing it and hoping your animal survived the tangle.

👤I like the leash. It is longer than others I have had. It is strong. It works great for them, I have PWCorgis. The clip would be too heavy for any smaller dogs. It is a good clip. It springs out with ease. The stop button works. I can lock it up to my liking. I would buy it again.

👤The leash is heavy duty compared to the last one. She chewed through her leash in the car. This is the best leash we have ever owned. It's comfortable to hold. My dog has access to more of the yard because the leash is a good length. I don't know if this one will last, but I have dropped it on the floor several times and it hasn't broken yet.

👤There are two puppies, a Rat T errier mix and a Jack Russell mix. Full of energy! They weigh about 8 pounds each, but they work out on this leash. It was easy to fix because the tape folded over. I like it. I added a dog collar to the handle to loop around my wrist. Fast shipping as well.

👤I liked the length of the leash and the strength of the spring hook, but it was a bit noisy when it was extended out. The leash hanging out after only 3-4 uses is because it lost the ability to fully withdraw. It may be that way because the leash material is wide, like a typical fixed length leash, and that was the reason I decided to purchase this style, but I am going to try another leash with a cord instead. The spring may not be strong enough for the lead. This may serve a need for me when I take my dog to one of the county parks and it will be able to fully retracted.

👤It would be even better if it had a better thumb-control feature. It's not easy to get the control button to lock or release. A kid would have trouble with it, especially under an "emergency" like a car coming down the street and the dog owner needing to quickly shorten the leash. When I see a cat, I have a Mountain Cur that can be very powerful. I'm only 190 lbs. The dog will pull me off my feet. If the leash is extended, my dog can reach a full gallop which could separate me from my teeth. A quick leash shortening doesn't help if the leash can't be pulled. Is any dog leash better made? My first one was a different brand. My dog ripped the nylon leash in half. Just like that. I'm looking for the right leash.

5. Flexi Giant Retractable Leash Extra Large

Flexi Giant Retractable Leash Extra Large

Large, active dogs have a robust tape leash. Thanks to the 26 feet tape, dogs have good freedom of movement. Convenient handling thanks to single-handed use of the brake button. Neon-colored belt improves safety. Ide, stable belt extends.

Brand: Flexi

👤I submitted a review yesterday that stated that the item I received was molDY, SCRATCHED, and most likely used. My review was not accepted. I think Amazon did not believe me. I risked asthma by opening the item and taking photos. I would love to photograph the smell. There is a I think that Amazon should spend their time trying to figure out how this could have happened, rather than rejecting an accurate review, considering the beautiful items shown on "Flexi's" listings.

👤The dog leash arrived in 2 days. If it is broken and unusable, it is not new. The leash tape is broken. The handle and tape are scratched and dirtied and the recoil spring does not work. There is no way anyone could mistake this for a new product. Look at pictures. 1 star.

👤This is a retractable leash for a large dog. I have a 135lb Rottweiler that has destroyed all the other retractable leashes on the market within 3 months. I can tell you that the Flexi Giant is going to last a long time because it is a big step above the others. Love the high visibility lead. Update on July/12/17 I bought the giant in 3 months. The other retractable leads fell apart at this point. I am very happy to say that it is working as good as new and is showing no signs of wear. The lock is reliable even with my dog in a 4-wheel Low pulling, and the lead retraction is still smooth. Great product!

👤This is the first time in 20 years that the product has not been great. We replaced some that were worn out after a long time of good service. We were shocked when they broke after 6 months of moderate use. The model seems to have a design flaw since the tape broke on both of them. We don't know what we will use now, but it won't be this!

👤The leash is holding up fine because my dog is 90 lbs. It seems like a good value to build quality for a price. The bright green material is easy to see in the dark. I like how the roll of material hangs down, it's easier on my wrist, and my dog has failed to break this leash after a year of chasing squirrels and deer. It's still going strong.

👤This is what I have been looking for. I bought the same model 10 years ago and it looks a little bit inferior. I like the yellow safety tape color for extra protection on night walks, but the ribbon was a little bit thicker on my original leash. I gave a bad review to the leash I bought a couple of months ago, but it snapped after a month of use. The version is almost three times the price. Life lines should never break. The extra money should be spent on safety and quality. You can watch my video.

👤If you're nervous about using a flexi because of your dog's weight, I recommend this. I have a dog that is 90 lbs and can lunge at people. I was unsure of the physics of the situation, but most flexi leashes say "up to 120 pounds". Isn't the speed of a 90lb dog making it hurl itself in midair more like 200 lbs? We have tested it and it works. I would be comfortable using it for a large dog like a saint bernard. I use a front clip harness to help minimize the force of pulling and stress on the leash. If you have a dog under 75 lbs, this is a lot. 30+ feet is longer than most retractable leashes. It's great for a park or beach. I use it to practice telling my dog to stay and then calling him to come. The black handle portion is large and heavy compared to most flexi leashes and I wish it was 888-282-0465 888-282-0465.

6. EC TEAK Retractable Walking Medium Tangle

EC TEAK Retractable Walking Medium Tangle

The nylon tape material provided by the supplier of automotive safety belts is strong and durable, and no noise is made for daily use. The retractable leash works for any type of dog up to 120 lbs in weight, giving them maximum freedom while under your control. One Button Break to lock is a safe and reliable brake system. The retractable leashes are held securely at that length because the brake button is pushed. The Anti-slip Handle is easy to grip and safe to hold, it provides enjoyable walking experience with your pets, and you don't worry about the dog leash hurting your hand when the dog runs about madly. 100% guarantee. The leash is made to last. You can return it to them for a replacement or a full refund if you have any problems. That means you can try it and not be at risk.

Brand: Ec.teak

👤The spring is definitely a stronger one. I have never had good luck with retractable leashes. I don't want the kids to use it just because they don't pay attention to it staying flat, but so far no problems have arisen after a few weeks of constant use. My catahoula appreciates not having to be on her feet all the time in the city and it gives her an off leash feeling. Long leads or free range are what play and excersise should be. This is a huge help because he isn't quite tamed enough for free range.

👤I returned the item in less than a month because I wanted to save some money. I used the item with our dog. In that time, it has been slowly and not fully retracted. I live in Southern California and it has never rained so it's not my fault. The dog is very active and runs back and forth. The lock is stiff and does not work properly because the retraction mechanism is whack and you can't engage the stop without engaging the lock. Its poorly designed and seems to be poor quality. I had one last 6 years with a 75# Labrador and they are tough.

👤Everything is looking great so far. I like to let my dog wander when it's safe, so I wanted a longer leash. It's 26 feet perfect. I would take a long one. I know I'm in a minority. The products fault is not the button and lock work backwards. I can tell it works. I have tried other build quality, but they are not as secure as build quality. Good value.

👤This is my first time writing a review and the item I bought was disappointing. I had a new fur baby and wanted to make sure he was safe on my leach, so I was trying to save a few dollars by replacing it. This leach is very weird and uncomfortable. The majority of its weight is in front of your hand, not below it. I was going to overlook that and was going to get used to it in my back yard before taking the dog down the road. Absolutely do not know what the lock mechanism is. I've been used to being pushed and stopped. Lock at a desired length. I could not get this leash to do what I wanted it to. No problem with it. I couldn't just use the stop break for a quick stop, it seems like lock orunlock is it. It was difficult to get the dog closer for me. I suggest a different brand. The Tug brand is better for keeping your dog safe if you need a well working lick mechanism than this one is.

👤We live in an adult community with no fenced in yard. Sometimes the German Shepard mix rescue needs a quick trip to the backyard to relieve himself. He has 26 feet of leash to go outside and we are able to stand in our doorway. It's helpful at night or in the middle of the night when a walk isn't feasible. It works well in cold, icy or rainy weather when it's difficult to go for long walks. I recommend this leash for that purpose. It solved our problem.

7. Retractable Leash 16ft Durable Upgraded Medium Large

Retractable Leash 16ft Durable Upgraded Medium Large

The retractable dog walking leash is light-weight and durable, created for pet parents who want to give their furry friend more freedom while maintaining safety and control at all times. Small to Large breed active dogs up to 115 lbs. are suited for heavy duty leash suits. Toughness and resilience. The retractable pet leash is strong and durable. The tough plastic is made by American GE. The snap hook is reinforced at the joint. One bottom lock system is a reliable and safety system that has been upgraded with one-handed locking technology. The U-shaped tape inlet is anti-tangles. The Japanese have created a system that can cycle back and forth over 70, 000 times, which will ensure a rust-free environment, and will provide years of reliable use even in freezing temperatures. The handle has a rubbery grip material that fits in your hand and is comfortable. All Life Stages is an age range description. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can buy risk free. Are you not happy with the retractable dog leash? They will do everything they can to make it right if you reach out to them. You can experience the difference that real quality makes by clicking 'add to cart'.

Brand: Meegood

👤The leash is light and durable. My dog has been with me for 5 months and this is the 3rd leash we've gone through. He chews on everything. He tried chewing through it but it was hard to break the outer layer. The grip on my dog's hand is very comfortable and easy to use. It would be more convenient to have a longer leash for me. Despite the con, it still deserves a 5 star rating.

👤If your dog is an explorer who needs some extra room to wander in the wild, I highly recommend this retractable leash. The nylon cable that I bought is strong enough to handle my 20lb shiba inu who likes to pull and run when he gets excited. The handle is easy to hold. I wear gloves when walking my dog in the winter because the handle doesn't slip. If you have a poop bag holder, you can easily clip it to the handle. The leash holds up well in a lot of walks. It is the same, if not better, than the expensive leash you get in a retail store.

👤I love this leash. It's great that size is great. I had to return it because it was too heavy. This is the right size for my hands. It is also sturdy. It gets a lot of use in the city. My 30lb aussie puppy has been pulling and darting after squirrels. I have had no issues. It is easy to lock. It has a push button lock. The unlocking was the only thing that took some getting used to. To give the switch slack, you have to slide the switch forward and push it forward. I am used to it now. It is not a big deal. Love and would recommend!

👤I was sad that it died. We used it for 6 months. Duke is 100 lbs and loves to run. One evening when my son took Duke out to walk, he saw another dog and ran. Duke is not my son. My son doesn't wear a leash because he hasn't bolted after a strange dog in several years. My son allowed the leash to pull all the way out instead of pressing the button. Duke ran off when the leash was fully extended. We had to open the case to manually pull the leash. I feel like a leash made for a big dog should be reinforced against this kind of thing. There are a number of simple modifications I can think of that would be able to accomplish this. The release button is very simple, the grip is comfortable, the case is durable, and the retraction is strong. It worked well. I might consider this again in the future, but I would prefer a dog that is a little bigger than a puppy. My opinion? This is a great choice if you have a large dog.

👤We had this for a few weeks but have noticed it is much stronger than our previous one. The line on this one is thicker and does not fold up like the thinner versions. We have a Doberman so we want the dog to stay on the leash. I'm thinking of buying another one to keep in the RV.

8. UPSKY Retractable Scalable Flashlight Small Medium

UPSKY Retractable Scalable Flashlight Small Medium

The Retractable Belt is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, up to 16 feet in length, and provides comfort and maximum freedom for your pet in a safe environment. The flashlight gives you maximum visibility and safety while walking at night. The battery is not replaceable. One Button Brake and Lock: One-touch braking and locking safety system, which allows the dog leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease, walk your dog freely in open area with one hand braking, ensure that you have complete control over your dog's safety. Premium material is non-toxic and odorless, and it has a comfortable grip for long walks. The nylon ribbon is strong and durable. The anti-slip handle helps you maintain a strong grip on dogs that are pulling and running.

Brand: Upsky

👤The leash snapped in half while I was walking my puppy. There is no way my dog, who is 5 lbs coukd, can cause a decent leash to break in this way. I wanted to like this product, but I was disappointed.

👤The order was expected. I didn't realize that there are two flashlight options. That's an A+ for me. It looked sturdy. Have not tried it yet. I'm sure it wouldn't be a disappointment. The leash was tested by me. I am impressed. The leash is blocking the flashlight when it is on. The setup of the flashlight could have been better.

👤It is a leash for a price. I'm 70 years old and my hand is in the handle. I like the "stop" button. The last call for doo has a flash light. The leash is a good fit for my dog, she is 18 pounds and can be a puller.

👤It's useful on walks with my dog. The flashlight is useful on night walks.

👤This is a good leash. It feels good. It's easy to stop the leash from folding and put it back in free roam mode. It came with 2 flashlight and was comfortable to use. There is a spare spare just in case, but the flashlights aren't super bright. This dog leash is recommended by me.

👤I didn't believe what we got for this price. These are worth it for the price. An extra flashlight was included.

👤I used the leash for a month and the tape broke. The case has no screws to open it. I was able to pull out the tape using twizzers. I tied the ends together. This is not strong. I hope I can use it for a while. The leash is useless because the tape won't open. The seller isn't interested in reading the reviews. The leash should be replaced for free.

👤I don't like the button function. The maker contacted me about my issue with the button, so I am giving this item a revised review. Customer service is the best.

👤The product broke twice. I had to return it for a refund. It cost $12 to return it. Not happy.

👤The item was so flimsy that I almost had my puppy killed. It is for a kitten, not a dog.

👤This lasted for a week or so. Our dog got her teeth on it briefly, and because it is thin it almost snapped. Good for small dogs, who won't chew it. I was disappointed at how thin it was.

👤The leash was chewed through by my dog.

👤Les chiots qui tire. C'est rapidement.

9. Fida Upgraded Retractable Tangle Free One Hand

Fida Upgraded Retractable Tangle Free One Hand

The extra length of 26 feet gives your dog more room to run, and you can control him through the retractable leash. Medium and Large dogs can use 26ft high strength nylon tape with a rust-proof hook. The internal coil spring is top quality and reliable for a long time. The thicker and durable tape is embedded with white reflective strips which increase the security and visibility for dogs and their owners at night or early in the morning. The anti-slip handle has a comfortable grip. The Quick Brake System only works with your thumb. It's convenient to stop your dog or let him go. Theangle-free -- It's a great design for walking, jogging, running, camping, and hiking. No risk to place an order. They commit 30 days money back without any reason. Professional technical support is included in all of Fida retractable dog leashes. Contact them at any time.

Brand: Fida

👤I have no issues with this leash so far. I think it's a good idea.

👤It feels good in the hand, smooth reel inside, rubberised handle, and well shaped. I have bought other brands.

10. Retractable Anti Chewing Tangle Free Anti Slip Handle

Retractable Anti Chewing Tangle Free Anti Slip Handle

The 26ft long retractable dog leash has two heavy duty wire ropes which are chew proof and the fabric rope of the leash is not chew proof. The dual dog leash is designed to be used for two dogs walking, running or training. The internal coil spring is perfect for large dogs up to 120 lbs. The pet leash has a very simple locking mechanism, easy roll-on and roll-off feature, and a one-handed brake. The anti-slip handle on their retractable dog leash keeps your hands comfortable even on long walks. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any problems.

Brand: Lanwandeng

👤The wire rope chew proof links are not as good as the leash because someone crimped a loop on each end of the rope without removing the vinyl. Everyone doesn't know that you can't securely crimp a ferrule onto vinyl. One of the loops pulled out of the crimped ferrule and let the dog go free within the first 100 yards of the walk. The leash is a bit confusing once it is locked, you have to release the tension on the leash before it will disengage. Most leashes do not make it retract if you release the button.

👤Our puppy loves chewing on her leashes and I bought this for her. She gets crazy on our walks when she wants to eat the leash. The idea of this is great but the weight of the clip on the cable makes it drag. The leash can't keep up with the puppies. It doesn't fast enough. I have to keep it away from her legs even if we're just walking. The button is terrible. There isn't a brake. It locks. It's not fun to keep clotheslining your dog. This is okay without the cables. I hope it's a mistake with the brake button. I haven't figured it out yet.

👤This is a great reel for our dog. He likes to hunt and will take off in a hurry if he finds something to chase. The tape runs out of the reel quickly and is very hard to bind up. The reel has a steel cable connection. The hooks are heavy duty, the cable has a nice coating on it, but make it a bit heavy for a little 8# guy to haul around on a walk. I am very happy with it and I would buy it again.

👤I was very excited to find a leash that was more than 26 feet long. When it arrived, I attached it to my black lab and we went for a walk. I was looking for a leash that would allow my dog to run further. There are a few issues with this leash that make it useless. 1) The locking mechanism keeps the leash from being loosened. I had to manually open it. I walked for 10 minutes and did it over 30 times. It is a big pain. There are two more The mechanism used to draw the leash back in is very weak and can cause the excess slack to drag on the ground and get tangled up in the dogs feet. I would have to manually feed the leash into the housing. It has a leader like they use to catch sharks. My dog was not able to chew through it like he did on the other leashes. That is a huge plus. The other issues were difficult to ignore. I returned it to Amazon. The best on the market would be to build a more robust locking feature that does not lock by itself. The excess should be drawn back in with a stronger mechanism.

11. Ruff Ruffus Retractable Heavy Duty Retracting

Ruff Ruffus Retractable Heavy Duty Retracting

was designed for resilience. Their dog walking leash is made with a nylon ribbon with a chrome- plated snap hook that is tough enough to hold a dog walking leash. Dogs can be up to 120 pounds and can be tough to control. Get in control. The retractable dog leash comes with abrake n lock system to give your pup room to wander while you are still in control. You can use free mode to let your dog explore, lock the leash in place, or smoothly reel it back in with just one button. Thoughtfulness in design. You will love the anti-slip handle, the premium spring that is tough enough to work in freezing temperatures, and the 16ft cord that allows your dog to explore but still remain within safe confines. Get your freeBies. They have included a free dog waste bag, a travel bowl with every heavy duty retractable leash, and a roll of plastic waste bags. The waste bag dispensers clips onto the retractable pet leash to let you enjoy the walk without having to hold it. Buy risk free. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Are you not happy with the retractable dog walker leash? They will do everything they can to make it right if you reach out to them. You can experience the difference that real quality makes by clicking on 'add to cart'.

Brand: Ruff 'n Ruffus

👤This product is not good. I had a leash for 3 weeks. See the photos. My dog is 16 lbs, but the leash is rated for over 100 lbs. I was glad that I noticed the tear so that it wouldn't break in a dangerous area. The product couldn't last more than a month. My other retractable leash lasted a year before it was torn. The locking mechanism is not as easy to use as other leashes. I am surprised this product has so many positive reviews. A leash is dangerous for your pet. Be warned!

👤I have had many retractable leashes and the last one broke. I bought this one because it was the best seller and had a 5 star rating. The collapsible dish was not included in some reviews. The leash is 5 stars and the seller is also 5 stars. The seller of the collapsible dish contacted me by email before I received the leash and accessories, saying that she would have it shipped to me if I didn't receive it. The retractable leash is better made than any I have had before, and the poop bags that came with it, along with a roll of bags, is also better. The collapsible dish came with the leash so it was not an issue. I know you will be happy with this leash.

👤I feel that customer service is no longer relevant. I have to eat crow because I now know that if I had reached out to the company before I left a review, they would have taken care of it quickly. I received a personalized note from the company offering a refund for the product after I left a review. It's clear that the company cares about their customers and that they come first. I would encourage support of the company. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future even though I am not fond of this product. The quality is okay, but the lock is backwards from every other leash I've ever used, it's really difficult to get used to. The leash is cumbersome. I waited too long to return, but if I could I would give it back.

👤The Leash arrived in perfect condition. I am a first time user of a tape retractable leash, but I hated the cord retractable that would invade every area of my car. I thought it was worth a try. I have only been using the leash for a few days with my Chiweenie, and so far so good. The one press control can be a challenge, but I'm sure it won't be an issue after a little more use. My dog is very good at getting wrapped around trees and the tape seems to be hardy. I don't see any signs of wear. The bowl is a good addition, but it needs to be attached to the poop bag holder as the clip doesn't fit over the handle. The handle is big enough to hold any hand and comfortable with a rubbery feel.


What is the best product for dog leash retractable for large dogs?

Dog leash retractable for large dogs products from Winkkbey. In this article about dog leash retractable for large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Gudwing and Qimh are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leash retractable for large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog leash retractable for large dogs?

Winkkbey, Gudwing and Qimh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leash retractable for large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Segarty, Flexi and Ec.teak are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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