Best Dog Leash Large Dogs Heavy Duty

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1. TUG Patented Tangle Free Retractable One Handed

TUG Patented Tangle Free Retractable One Handed

Small Leash is suitable for dogs under 35 lbs, Medium for dogs under 55 lbs, and Large for dogs under 120 lbs. 16 ft Tape Leash has an easy-adjust retraction. Roll-on and Roll-off with your thumb are features of the quick lock andunlock feature. It's a super comfortable grip for long walks. The handle is anti-slip. Please review the dimensions before purchasing to make sure that the large leash is larger than expected.

Brand: Tug

👤The leash is working well. Our dog is a bit wild and can put stress on her leash, so I tend to replace them after a year or two rather than wait for a leash to fail. I am more confident that this leash will hold up because it is wider than her previous one. I have large hands. The handle is large enough for me to comfortably hold the lease, even with winter gloves on. The angle of the handle makes it easy to restrain her. The brake button is larger than any leash I've used before, and is very easy to use.

👤I had a great first experience walking my 2 kids with these retractable leashes. The big one chewed up the tape before the second walk. Tim from Tug Pet Products sent me a new product after he explained to me about the product. I went from feeling like I was spending double on one leash to completely satisfied as a customer of Tug Pet Products. Thank you, Tim and the others. It's a good thing. Let me know if you make an unchewable version.

👤There are still 5 stars! After 9 months, there were some issues with the leash. Within 30 minutes, the company responded to my email. I was told in the next email that a new product would be sent to me immediately. I got the new product today and it was great. The company stands behind the leash and that makes all the difference. Thanks for great service! The quality of this product was very good. It just feels right. These are superior to the one's I've seen at Walmart or Target. The poop bags that are attached to the leash make it easy to carry around and clean up after your dog.

👤Well designed! It was easy to hold and smooth. The temporary lock is very easy to use, and I think it would be helpful to anyone with weak hands or arthritis. The hold lock feature is easy to manipulate. The leash can be extended and retracted in a wide array of angles without binding, which has been a great feature for us.

👤My golden retriever and labrador mix is not leash trained. The leash is sturdy and feels great in my hand. The mechanism worked well and I would recommend it to anyone. Can't beat the price.

👤These retractable leashes worked great when we took our two big girls to the beach. It gave them a little extra room to explore and let them know we could stop them from getting into things they shouldn't. They were easy to use.

👤Good product! I have two large labs, one is 90 pounds and the other is 60 pounds. Both pull on the leash. It holds up well.

👤This leash is awesome! I have two large bags. Two-year-old beagle and one-year-old dachshund/Pomeranian mix are fur babies. The dogs are very energetic and erratic on a leash. My fiancée and I attached a bungee leash to allow us to walk them both at the same time. The lock button is easy to push and the handle is soft. We ordered several leashes from Amazon and after a few weeks, they're not good. The TUG Leash has been through Louisiana storms and has been bouncing and biting 2 very happy fur babies!

2. Primal Pet Gear Leash Long

Primal Pet Gear Leash Long

The dog leash has 2 handles, one at the end of the leash and the other at the clip, and they were specifically designed for it. Keep your dog safe at all times. The long leash is great for casual walks, extended sniffing and loose leash walking, and the shorter leash is great for busy sidewalks, bike paths and crowded areas. Dominance and aggression can be controlled. They have upgraded with a Thicker Thumb release knob that won't break easily. Medium to large dogs only can use the Primal Pet gear dog leash with red padded handles. The dual handle dog leash has been manufactured with top quality materials and is PREMIUM QUALITY. They will replace the dog leash if there's a problem, this is a risk-free buy. Click the orange button to place your order.

Brand: Primal Pet Gear

👤This product will not keep your pet safe on a walk after a few months of use, so I wish I could give it zero stars. I don't recommend this leash for large dogs. There are various types of husky, etc. The first leash I bought was for my 9 month old husky/ saluki mix, who was only 45 lbs. The spring mechanism on the clip that hooks the leash to the dog's harness broke off after just 5 months. I sent a message on Amazon and they apologized and sent me a new leash. I was reassured by the owner of Primal Gear that they recently changed suppliers for the clips, so I was confident to try this leash out again. The spring broke again, this time while I was walking my dogs, and the clip completely came off my harness, so if anyone knows anything about them, please let me know. I can't recommend a product that will keep your dog safe while on a walk. I am very lucky that both times the leash broke, I was not walking near busy streets and there were a lot of people around to help grab my dogs. It's a pity.

👤Over the years, I've spent hundreds of dollars on collar/leash sets for my dog, and have tried many brands. I've recently become the temporary dog mom to two more dogs, and one is ideal, two are manageable and three are insane. The two new dogs broke the clasp of the leash. Kong is good with leashes, but $30 x 2 is not in my budget at the moment. This leash is just as durable and comfortable as the kong traffic leash, and half the price. I walk three dogs twice a day. The nylon and knot that shorten the leashes were killing my hands and I was starting to ache. I heard my hands say thank you after eight miles.

👤This is the best leash ever. I have a 60lb pit mix that has a pulling problem. The trainer had me wear a Gentle Leader collar with a 6ft leash while I was training with him. What a difference it made when I need to correct him with a quick yank and that "tsst" sound. I wasn't always able to execute the correction as swiftly and with as much force as I needed to because of the lack of strength in my left arm. I had to wrap the lease around my left hand to get a grip on my dog. This would hurt my hand and I wasn't comfortable walking that way. I kept saying "I wish I had a leash with two handles" and then decided to search for one since it seemed I can't be the only one that has ever thought that! All my issues have been solved by this leash. It gives me extra security because I know I have him close when I need it and he can explore when he wants to. I can easily correct him when I need to. It also works as a two person leash, allowing me to hold the shorter handle, while my husband holds the longer one, and we get to hold hands in between! I have used it to teach my son how to walk with a dog, with him holding the shorter handle and me holding the longer handle. I can jump in if my son stumbles.

3. DPAWS Leash Large Leashes Breed

DPAWS Leash Large Leashes Breed

A custom design. This heavy-duty dog leash was created for large dogs to ensure their safety. Theirs was designed to prevent breakage because it was designed for the strength of the dog. Heavy duty. A strong hook and a thick rope are used to reinforce the rope leash. The dog leash is perfect for large dogs. It's great for training, walking and running your dog. Their rope leash is strong enough to keep your dog near you at all times. Their dog leash is made from high-quality rope material and it is comfortable for the owner. The leash gives the owner security. The look. Their braided rope dog leash has a modern look and feel. Large breed dogs have leashes that are both comfortable and functional.

Brand: D-paws

👤I'm very excited that my leash's are here. I have two big labradors that are hard to walk with. The leash is very strong and lightweight. I want to thank D-PAWS for finding the leash for us.

👤This item is awesome! I had trouble finding a leash that was comfortable for my 85 lbs pit/rott mix, but this leash has exceeded my expectations. He no longer tugs or pulls the way he used to and the grip is a lot more comfortable on my hands. I would recommend this leash to anyone with a large dog.

👤This is perfect for my pit bull mastiff, who is 100 lbs. Light weight and strong. It has a small amount of elasticity which is great for the dog if they pull. The handle is super comfy. If your dog is a fast walker, it doesn't get uncomfortable in your hand. The quality was really good and the price was good.

👤I am a full-time dog sitter and this leash is great. I use it to replace all of my clients leashes, no matter the size or breed. I would grab one if you cared about quality andDurability.

👤I love this leash. It is comfortable to hold. I have a pitbull terrier and he is very strong, but this leash is very sturdy. You need a leash. The leash is 10 times better than the kong I have had.

👤Well made leash! My dog likes to pull and tug on leashes and this leash holds up very well. I like how comfortable the leash is in my hands, especially in the winter.

👤This leash is great for hiking with my dog. My dog is about 60 lbs and holds up well. Great buy for people with bigger dogs.

👤The leash is very sturdy and comfortable. I would recommend someone.

4. FIVEWOODY Bungee Absorption Handles Training

FIVEWOODY Bungee Absorption Handles Training

The heavy duty dog leash is made of nylon material, lasts longer, and has a large loading capacity. Two padded handles make it easy to control your dog, the top handle is used while walking, running, or jogging, and the bottom handle is used on busy sidewalks, bike lanes, and crowded areas. The Anti-Shock Bungee design and soft handle make it easier for the owner and the dog to control the dog. A dog leash with a metal eye-splice and clip hook could beat a huge pulling force to keep your dog safe in a vehicle while driving. You can choose 4.5ft or 6ft for the length of the elastic dog leash. They support returns for 30 days.

Brand: Auroth

👤If you plan to use the seat belt buckle, you should not buy this leash. I left the buckle in for a week and it wouldn'tlatch. I have to spend over $300 to have the entire seatbelt system replaced because the button wouldn't budge and the buckle was stuck.

👤I expected it to be a little bigger but it is. I have a 95 lbs female Doberman who loves to pull and this had her under control quickly, the compression helps if your dog jerks the leash a lot. Highly recommended.

👤Where has this leash been for my dog for years? It has everything I want except the handle could be padded a little better, but that is a minor complaint. We've taken my mom's lab puppy for at least 20 walks with this leash and feel it will last for many, many more walks. The built in seat belt clip makes it easy to transfer your dog to and from your car.

👤I am not an expert on leashes. I know there are better and more heavy duty leashes out there, but from every leash I've ever bought, this one makes my other leashes look terrible. I have a pitbull who is huge and loves to pull. Let me tell you that pitbulls are hard to walk. Pitbull owners are being dragged. Even though I am training him to stop pulling, this leash held up all day and I am in love with it! When I opened the door for my dog, I was concerned that the seat belt buckle was not fastened. Maybe I didn't push it all the way or my dogs were unbuckled. I was a little cautious. If you don't have trust in this leash, you can snap it on the leash with an industrial carabiner, make sure it's not those cheap colorful ones. Get a heavy duty one. Don't cheap out, this is for your dogs and other people's safety. My dog likes pulling so I put a carabiner on him. It is a precautionary measure. The leash is 10/10.

👤This is the best leash ever. I know this is for big strong dogs, but it's perfect for our little frenchie puppy. She tries to get to everyone she sees. When we first got this leash, she was wearing clothes lining herself every time, and we hadn't found a harness that fit her. She can run fast and she doesn't get hurt or choke. The reflective stripes are bright at night. Since we live in Texas, we do a lot of night walks. I love the seat belt buckle. I don't have to use all kinds of tricks to keep her in the car because it has that. She just hops in the back seat and I attach the leash to the harness, so she can go wherever she wants. She can look out the window while sitting on the seat. She can't get out of the window. Everyone is safe. My kids got hold of the leash after we had to wash it, but I don't know what the recommended method of cleaning is. It was a mess. I put it through the wash with a load of towels and dried it on low for a bit and then sun dried it, it looked good as new. I would buy it again.

5. Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Leash

Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Leash

It is advisable to have hardy and ability. The dog leashes are nearly 2X thicker and stronger. 3mm thick and 1” wide with tightly webbed nylon for enhanced rugged construction. Yes! There are dual hands for total control. Two padded handles give amazing control. If you want to take your dog for a walk through a crowded area, use the standard handle or grab the built in traffic handle. There are trimmed hands for coinage. The handles are premium neoprene and have amazing hand comfort. On those walks through the park with your dog, you will love it. Be safe at night. You are both safe and visible on your walks. The thick D-ring and heavy clip add safety to attach your favorite dog training clicker or dog poop bag holder. There is a 100% moneyback guarantee and a great gift idea. Your money back if you love your new double handle dog leash. A nylon leash is a great alternative to a rope slip lead for dogs. Medium and big dogs can use this. Click to add to cart.

Brand: Paw Lifestyles

👤This is the best leash I've had. I've bought three of them because I like this leash so much. Why three? Let me tell you something. I'm on the third leash because the big oaf of a self-proclaimed, self-protection canine unit chewed through the first two leashes. The leash is great. It's not weak. Barky McBarksalot has a knack for freeing herself from the confines of mankind, and the fact that she once chewed her way through a chain link fence should tell you all you need to know. She only chews things that keep her from standing next to me, so I don't have to keep her leashed for two seconds. She is fine when left alone during work hours. She doesn't like being able to protect me from the many dangers in this crazy world. The extra D-ring at the main handle allows me to clip the leash to the first handle with a carabiner when my Secret Service dog is chewing on it faster than McGyver. The clasp is solid, and the stitching is reflective, which is very handy when you can only walk your fur missle at night. Do these things have a safe word?

👤The seller apologized and sent a replacement. The clasp is not easy to use. The seller acted quickly and did a great job. I have had dogs of various sizes. I have a leash that I purchased in 1999 for my first dog and it still works great, is not worn out and the clasp is heavy duty and still holds firm. I like the lower loop in the leash that allows me to hold the dog close. I have been using this leash for almost four months. I was forced to push the clasp in and down in order to open it after I received the leash because the mechanism did not align correctly. I almost returned the item right away, but after a few days the clasp seemed to be working better and I was happy with it. This morning. The leash on my 69 pound mutt was disconnected when the clasp opened on its own, as I was out for my usual morning walk. I spent the next ten minutes trying to corral my dog, running after him, catching up to him, and finally finding him and getting him in my grasp. I will not use the leash anymore for fear of the same thing happening. I take my dog on walks in my neighborhood and then I take him to a park 10 miles away. I will not jeopardize my dog's life because of a faulty leash clasp.

👤Love this! My dog is a 1 year old husky and he is very strong and durable. I don't have to strain my hand when controlling him because of the short handle. I had to pull in the second handle because it was too short and I couldn't just grab the short handle. I use the short handle as a training method when we go past people or animals because I love it. I will start to walk him with the short handle if he starts to pull towards people or animals because he doesn't like it when I use the long handle. I got the blue shirt for him and it goes perfectly with his collar. The length of the lesh is not long. The handles have padding inside, so it's comfortable if he pulls. Would it be a good idea for big dogs or dogs that pull?

6. FunTags Reflective Padded Training Walking

FunTags Reflective Padded Training Walking

Combat gloves are available. The padded handle is comfortable on your hand. You can protect your hand from rope burn by walking with your dog. The material is repelled and hexagonal. The nylon fabric has high density. The reflective threading through the full dog leashes enhances visibility and would be reflective at night. It would be safe to walk in the dark. TheROTATING CLASP: The leash can't be twisted and the dog can get enough freedom. You need to control your dogs. The long leash allows your puppy to have enough space to walk. Medium to large dogs can use the 1.0" width, while small to medium dogs can use the 3/4" width. The perfect mixture is here. The dog leash is a single product. Their nylon collar is made to match their leash. You can find the matching collar by searching "B07Z6BY9".

Brand: Funtags

👤The leash is almost perfect, except for one flaw: the reflective substance is only on one side. The leash is easy to hold and comfortable. Half the time we're walking, there is nothing being reflected because we only have the reflective substance on one side. I wish they'd made the reflective material dual sided.

👤A nice leash. The handle is comfortable. The only negative is that the reflective stitching is only on one side of the leash and not both sides, but other than that all good so far.

👤The leash has a lightly padded handle. Both leashes we ordered broke within 2 months of use. My golden retriever was able to snap the leash in half, not at a seam but through the nylon. She broke the thing off by pulling on it and was off to the races. She is strong but this leash should be able to handle an energetic puppy. If you are still training your dog not to pull, then stay away from this brand.

👤I don't think the leash is 6 feet long, but it's sturdy and gets the job done. I have no issues with it. It's only reflective on one side. The purple is simply beautiful, might consider getting them in other colors as well. It was difficult to clip the dog bag holder onto the handle because it was so thick, and the large opening made it slip off my wrist. I like the leash.

👤A lightweight leash and snap! It's easy for my dog to wear. The stitching on the leash is visible at night. Very happy with it.

👤It's fine as a leash, but my 70 pound male dog snapped it like it was nothing. I didn't use it as a leash. I am trying to train him to do his business while on a leash and he is very attached to me. It was about midnight. I attached two of these to each other because I thought the extra length would make him feel more comfortable doing his potty and poo poo. After about ten minutes of waiting for him to leave, I looped it around and thought I'd come back in 10 minutes. I didn't make it 50 feet before he snapped it. I didn't mark it down below 3 stars because I didn't use it as intended, but this is a puppy. A very big puppy, only a puppy, and the only stressor was that he wanted to be by me. I had only used this 3 times before and it was very easy to pull on it as I was walking him. It doesn't cost much to take it for what it is worth. If you have a large breed, they can break this leash pretty easily. I wasn't upset at him or the leash because it didn't cost much, and I was just happy that he did that. I snapped the metal clip right in two when I walked back to where I tied him up. I bought a 6 foot leash for a small to medium dog and would say it was probably 5 stars but for a large dog I would look elsewhere. My dog chewed through the fabric part in 5 minutes, and all these other reviews said it was better to control or train your dog. They can chew through a metal fence. It's not the leash's fault, but your own.

7. Mighty Paw Retractable Reflective Quick Lock

Mighty Paw Retractable Reflective Quick Lock

A dog retractable leash, a dog collar, a collapsible water bowl, and a roll of Pet garbage bag are all free gifts. The collar is 15.3 inches long. The retractable leash has a one touch quick-lock braking system that makes it easy to control your leash length. You can operate with one hand. The retractable dog leash has a tangle-free clip that handles even the most playful dogs. tangles are a thing of the past with the U-shaped leash guide. A premium nylon tape leash as well as a durable steel coil reduce jams for a stress-free walking experience. They added a reflective safety ring and chose a heavy duty reflective nylon leash tape for ultimate night time visibility. You and your dog should be safe on nighttime walks. The anti-slip handle on the retractable dog leash keeps your hands comfortable even on long walks. The bonus d-ring holds poop bags or keys.

Brand: Mighty Paw

👤Normally, I don't go for retractable leashes, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I like the bright green color that is reflective. The leash action is smooth and quiet. It's easy to press the button to stop the leash from extending or to lock it up. A quick flip up of that small locking button unlocks the leash. The green coating on the handle provides some grip. There is a metal loop you can attach to the poop bag holder. I don't use this as my main leash. I prefer a strong leash that gives me more control on main roads because my muscular 62 lbs dog is leash reactive. I don't think the retractable leash will hold over time or over excessive or sudden very hard pulls, depending on how much lead was out when the pulling started, and I don't think it will hold over time if the lead is out. That's the only reason I don't subtract a star. When we are off-road and doing trail walks, we are less likely to run across people or dogs. I don't feel like I'm being pulled back on my heels when he does those sudden stops for sniffing because the line behind me is giving me time to slow down and wait. It made for a more enjoyable walk. If you have a calm dog on a leash, it can be a perfect main leash because it will obey commands reliably. If you have a strong pull with some reactivity, this makes for a great secondary leash for trail walks and other areas where people and dogs won't be a problem.

👤The lock on this leash is malfunctioning. I own two chihuahuas. One of them is very strong. He has pulled forward, stopped pulling, and then pulled again when he sees another dog. The dog can run forward suddenly when the lock releases without me hitting the switch. If we were near a busy road before I found out, my dog could have easily run into the road if he was pulling in that direction and the lock was released. In the process of ordering new leashes, I keep my thumb on the button, if the lock releases as described above. Hope this review doesn't lead to a tragedy. Don't buy it if you already own it, and don't expect the lock to work as it should.

👤I bought leashes for my dogs. I was concerned that they could break in the near future because they were to be replaced with Flexi leashes. At first glance the leash looks sturdy. I must have been spoiled by the other leashes. When you are using two of them at the same time, the weight of the mighty paw becomes apparent. The handles are large and not as comfortable to hold as other leashes. The locking mechanism is unreliable. It's easy to accidentally lock it when you just want to use the button to release the leash. When you want it to stay locked, it springs loose. Pros - highly visible tape seems to hold up in chewing and abuse. Handles are too wide for small hands. The locking device is unreliable. I have been using these leashes for a week in hopes that I would get the hang of them and become confident. That has not happened.

8. Ladoogo Comfortable Padded Reflective Leashes

Ladoogo Comfortable Padded Reflective Leashes

The foam handle on the Ladoogo dog leash helps you maintain a firm grip on your dog without digging into your hands, which is important when your dog pulls a lot. The perfect length is 5 ft, it gives you enough freedom for your dog, but also gives you control. DURABILITY. Made of strong rock climbing rope and a strong, tangle free, and rustproof hook that is stronger than other standard dog leashes. High visibility at night is due to reflective threads. All purchases are backed by a hassle-free warranty.

Brand: Ladoogo

👤These leashes are great. I like the rope style for dogs. The handle is comfortable and the hard wear seems sturdy. It is very reflective at night when light shines on it. I prefer a longer lead, but it depends on your dog and location. I think these are worth the price point and I love having them for grab and go.

👤Our old leashes were a patchwork of knots and frays trying to stay together. I have a dog who is an extreme puller, but I am still trying to get him to use the traditional nylon leashes. My hands have been bruised, angry red, and even a lovely welted look from my big guy pulling me, and wearing gloves doesn't help as much as I would hope, because it's Florida and gloves are not appreciated for the extra heat. I have nylon leashes on hand, along with these. Thankfully my dogs aren't the type to chew on the leashes so I can't comment on the 'chew' durability of them. The plastic pieces that others have mentioned breaking are not something I can speak to. I have only had these a few weeks, so I don't know if they will hold up for years. One big thing. Is this good for arthritis? My Father is a great walker, but he has bad arthritis in his hands, and the first day he went on a walk using one of these leashes, he was so happy! He said it was like clouds for his hands. He didn't have a big puller and the medium one from the dog group. If you have arthritis or other hand joint pain, this is a step up from the regular nylon style handles. I wish this was offered in different lengths. I would have preferred the standard 6ft leashes.

👤These leashes are a great deal. I've only used them a few times. They seem like they will hold up. The handle is comfortable even when my dogs pull and they are a good length. There's a metal ring to clip things on to, like our poo bag dispensers. When I opened the box, there was a strong smell, but I hung them up outside for a while and it went away.

👤These leashes are wonderful. Strong and easy to use on the hands. While your dog isn't restricted too much, it's important to have control. I am confused by the number of bad reviews. It's rope. There are toys made of rope. It won't last if you let your dog chew it. They aren't for chewing. It should not be in the dog's mouth. The leashes are not on the owners. The leashes are great when used as intended. I think they're a good choice. I had an issue with the wrong item being sent, but the seller sent the correct item out immediately. The shipment arrived quicker than the initial one. I'm very happy with the seller.

👤I tried to get in touch with the seller, but there is a 12 month money back guarantee and no response. Customer service was bad. Poor quality. This is a great leash and a great deal. The handle is easy to use on the hand. It seems sturdy and gentle against the skin, but I was a bit scared at first, but the dogs that I would get rope burn, it appears that it is thick rope yet gentle against the skin. I hope these are the last ones. If I run into issues, I will update the review.

9. Kytely Comfortable Handles Training Reflective

Kytely Comfortable Handles Training Reflective

2 pack dog leashes at a time, more different combinations for you to choose. There is foam padding on the underside of the two traffic handles which makes them very comfortable. The same lead can be changed from full length to a shorter one with the help of 2 padded handles. Premium quality is made of nylon material, D ring and metal clasp. At night, reflective stitching is more noticeable than it is at daytime. It is more convenient to use the ring on the end handle.

Brand: Kytely

👤The leash is light. I wouldn't use a large dog. The second handle is too far away from the clip for keeping a tall dog out of traffic. I like the padded handle. My dog doesn't like to get out of traffic, so I like the second handle. If a car comes, we need to get her over to me on the road. It's the perfect height for her to be pulled to my side when I grab the second handle. The stripping is very reflective, but I wouldn't expect it to be easily seen by cars due to being on a leash. Her size is 20 pounds and she is a Jack Russel Terrier in height. My dog is 100 lbs and has a height of a husky. I don't think it's a good idea for it to be easy to see by cars' property. I recommend it for getting out of traffic or around strangers. Adding a reflective harness and wearing a reflective vest is a good idea if you are walking in the dark.

👤I kept the second one in the car in case I forget to bring the primary one with me when I go out with the golden retriever.

👤They have held up well since I used it a couple weeks ago. Our dog is a 80 lbs puppy who just sits down when he feels like it. I can raise him up by his harness if I position the leash over my shoulder. I have a slight advantage in this test.

👤There are two untrained puppies and one cheap double handle leash. The set of 2 were ordered hoping they would be better quality. The 2 handles are easy to hold and let go of when you want to give the pups some space. The leashes seem to be better than the lightweight one we have. Our pups are now 25 and 30 pounds, and they are strong enough to handle all the treats.

👤We absolutely love these leashes. The material is thick. We expect them to last a long time. The leash doesn't feel great on our hands, but it's still better than any leash we've had in the past, and we have a red heeler who pulls like there is no tomorrow. The leashes handle our boys well.

👤They feel a little cheap because you get what you pay for. They were cheap.

👤I had to replace the leashes for my dog. These won't make it past his teeth, but he needed them for a while while he was with the cone recovering from his neutering. If your doggo is known to bite through leashes, invest in one of those chain leashes, otherwise they are great for extra leashes to have for the price.

👤Within a few weeks, our new Golden chewed through her first leash. A two pack seemed like a good idea. She still likes to grab and carry the leash in her mouth even though she has grown accustomed to chewing it. The leashes have handled the tug of way beautifully. I can wash one of the packs and use the other. I wash them in a mesh bag and they are holding up. Would buy it back.

10. QiMH Retractable Tangle Free Reflective One Handed

QiMH Retractable Tangle Free Reflective One Handed

The heavy duty retractable dog leash can be extended up to 16ft (5m) for heavy-duty pets. Powerful dogs can use their retractable leash. The pet leashes can be adjusted to give them more freedom while you are in control. The quick release and brake buttons are very easy to use. The retractable one-handed locking technology built to run smoothly and automatically adjusts to the desired leash length with max control and safety. The automatic puppy leash is a humanization design. Their leashes for dogs are made of nylon ribbon and tangle free. The reflective material on the edge of the leash will be visible at night by reflecting the light that ensures your dog's safety. Impact cracking can be prevented by the environmentally sound plastic case. The handle is made of nonslip material that fits in your hand like a glove and can give you a comfortable handle feeling. The switch button is very convenient to use and you just have to put your thumb on it. A dog retractable leash, a dog collar, a collapsible water bowl, and a roll of Pet garbage bag are all free gifts. The collar is 15.3 inches long.

Brand: Qimh

👤The leash is great for the price. It is easy to use. It is suitable for my mom who has arthritis in her hands. It has a travel bowl, 2 sets of dog bags, and a bag that clips onto the leash. Such a great design. Oh, ugh. So cute. The locking mechanism of the leash broke when my dog pulled the leash out of my hand when I wasn't awake. I tried to make it work because we had just gotten it, however it was broken and wouldn't lock properly, it wasn't safe for my dog. The seller took my information and sent it to me in 3 days. I will stay with this company because of their good customer service. It is a good price and practical, but also eye catching and adorable. The seller is nice and accommodating.

👤The retractable leash is good. The lock mechanism is easy to use. Sometimes, it can be hard to accidentally open the leash due to how the lock works, but you get used to it. It is definitely worth the price. I only used the leash and poop bag. I can't comment on the portable water bowl or the collar that came with it. The dog is moving. Let me tell you something. They are very thin and flimsy. I made a mistake using these to pick up my dogs poop. I had to use four bags, the first three of which were broken at the seam when I put my hand in them and flipped them inside out to try to grab the poop, and the fourth bag, which I carefully put my hand in after putting my hand in it. After walking my dog around the park and stopping at a trash can, I noticed the bag had busted open again and the poop was gone. I looked around to see where the poop could have fallen, but I couldn't see it. Do not make the same mistake.

👤My dog is sensitive to noises and doesn't like the sound of a retractable dog leash. Even though it is incredibly annoying, I usually use a traditional leash. I bought this for my brother's new dog but when I heard how quiet it was, I decided to get a second one for myself. My dog doesn't mind. So happy to have found this! The dog bowl and trash bag holder is free. It's good!

👤The seller contacted me after I left my feedback, asking how they could make things better. I decided to get the refund because I didn't think the replacement could hold up to my pup's strength. I was issued it in less than 24 hours. This leash is not heavy duty for a big dog, but for an average dog or one that is not an aggressive walker - the bonus items that come with it are fine. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy is already 86 lbs. and I bought this for him. The package was nice and the bonus items were great, however the leash is not the highest quality and I was certain it would snap whenever he pulled it. The other day we put the leash on him, and I turned my back to grab the keys from the hook, while still holding the leash, as the dog chewed through it in link seconds. I was looking for a heavy duty dog, but it wasn't that.

11. Eco Clean Handles Control Reflective Walking

Eco Clean Handles Control Reflective Walking

Extra 1 traffic handle close to the snap shortens the reach to pull your pup closer to you. 6 foot long is 2mm thick and 1 inch wide. The dog leashes are not as strong as the thicker and stronger leashes. Night visibility. You and your dog are visible at night. The handles are padded for ultimate control and comfort. It's great for medium to large dog breeds, and may also work for smaller dog breeds as well.

Brand: Eco-clean

👤I do not write many reviews. The leash is one of the best I have found. I haven't had a dog in nine years. I didn't think I would have another one. I got rid of my leather training leashes. A stray came up. I trained and showed dogs. Leather was the only way to travel. I saw this one after buying one that was hard to hold. The handle is lower and I was attractive to it. Also like the idea of padded handles. This is the best leash I have ever owned. It is nice that the stitching is reflective. There is a If you have a sturdy dog, then you should buy this leash.

👤This is what I needed. I have a 65 pound black German Shepherd. She gets excited on walks with other dogs. She wants to play with everyone. The shorter leash helps her make sure she doesn't surprise others when trying to hug them. This is great for night walks as it is reflective. My black dog can't be seen at night so I use a shorter leash a lot. The handle is still comfortable and has a little padding. This is great for the price. This is still good, even if it were 8 feet.

👤We swapped from retractable leashes to this one and can't imagine going back. The two handles help with a very secure and comfortable grip on the dog. The reflective stitching is pretty and effective. The dog leash hardware is sturdy and high quality, which you really want in a dog leash.

👤I like the short handle because I can keep my Doberman puppy close to me, but I can let her roam if I want to. The only reason I didn't give this five stars was because it was a bit difficult to hold the extended lead when using the shorter length. When she is leash trained, I will switch from the short lead to the longer one. This is a 5 start lead and it is strong and reflective.

👤This has been a lifesaver. After my dog started pulling, I needed a really short handle. This has been perfect. The longer handle is too long for me. I looped it around the shorter loop and got a perfect length. It seems to be very well made. I knocked a star off because if my dog chews on it, you can see the cloth starting to give. A 40lb dog is a huge chewer. I still trust the reliability of the leash. I've been able to use the leash to pull against her entire strength, and I have not had any incidences with the leash. She will destroy it if she ever decides to sit on chewing it.

👤My dog is strong. The soft padded handles have made the process of training him to not pull on our walks a dream. I had to get something different after using a few leashes and getting blisters. I was the first to see this one on my search.


What is the best product for dog leash large dogs heavy duty?

Dog leash large dogs heavy duty products from Tug. In this article about dog leash large dogs heavy duty you can see why people choose the product. Primal Pet Gear and D-paws are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leash large dogs heavy duty.

What are the best brands for dog leash large dogs heavy duty?

Tug, Primal Pet Gear and D-paws are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leash large dogs heavy duty. Find the detail in this article. Auroth, Paw Lifestyles and Funtags are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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