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1. Mighty Paw Tangle Free Adjustable Weather Resistant

Mighty Paw Tangle Free Adjustable Weather Resistant

Walking two dogs is easier. The leash is the perfect solution for walking two dogs together. Even after a long walk with two dogs, the rope handle is comfortable. The D-ring is used for carrying bags or keys. The leash can be adjusted from 4 to 5 Ft to fit all dog breeds. The rope handle of the climbers is 36'' long. The hook is tangle-free and can be used to let your dogs run, sniff, and just be dogs. The dog leash has a attachment that moves with the dog and keeps it from getting tangled. The dual dog leash makes it easier to walk your two pups on one leash, but they have built it to last. The rope used for the leash is 12” climbers rope, the same rope rock climbers trust their lives with, and weather-resistant nylon. The business is located in Rochester, New York. Their dogs always come first in the design process when they build dog products.

Brand: Mighty Paw

👤If you have multiple large breed dogs that you walk alone, you need this. I use it for my cane and pitbull. I just added another puppy to my family, and my puppy is walking all over the place. My dogs were a nightmare to walk. My walks have been made easier by this coupler. They don't mind being on the same leash and moving around with ease. It would be great if it had a second handle at the base to make them more careful when they see their neighborhood dog rivals. I look a lot less of a crazy dog lady with this accessory.

👤The tandem leash is great. If you have different sized dogs, the straps can be adjusted. They never get tangled if they go different directions. It is very high quality. The tandem piece can be clipped onto a different leash if you don't like it. Great quality, affordable cost and convenient!

👤Absolutely amazing double Walker. I would like to have this sooner. If you like to walk both dogs at the same time, it's definitely a must. The handle makes walking pain free. I had a dog. The dog likes to sniff but the lab listens. It makes walking them pain free and enjoyable. Definitely recommend buying. I love everything I've received from this company.

👤It's well made and allows me to walk my two shurikies without as many as possible, but I accidentally dropped one leash while I was holding two. I thought it would be too heavy for my Shorkies, but the leash weight is in the part I hold and the dogs seem fine in tandem. The two people on the left are mine.

👤I finally found the double leash I was looking for, a shorter base leash than others I have tried, a comfortable padded handle, and it seems to diminish the arm pull created by 2 overly excited dogs. The quality of workmanship and presumed durability of this leash has led me to buy 2 more for just in case.

👤I gave the leash portion to a friend who preferred it, because the grip on the leash wasn't the best for me. The coupler is great. I used it to take my own dog and my neighbor's dog for a walk. I use it as a double ended leash for my dog. Being able to adjust either side means it can be used in conjunction with a training collar while still being secured to a harness as a safety backup.

👤The product was perfect for my dogs. I had to do separate walks because their pace and direction were not the same. This invention came into my life. I had an issue with it pulling my small dog up or my big dog down because of the height difference. It worked perfectly after a little bit of adjustment, with one strap on the larger dog further down the harness. I have had the leash for a few months and have not seen any wear or tear. I would highly recommend fur-parents who have more than one.

2. Black Rhino Comfort Grip Training

Black Rhino Comfort Grip Training

Two hands. The leash has two handles. The leash can be extended to 6 Ft with one handle. The clasp on the second handle can be used as a traffic lead. Better control is to use the long leash for casual walks, runs, or jogs and to allow your dog the necessary space to use the bathroom. The short leash is good for busy sidewalks, bike paths, and crowded areas that require close control of your dog. The traffic handle is perfect for teaching a dog to walk beside you. Their handles are padded with a high tech grade A neoprene and give you complete comfort when walking your dog. Medium to large dogs. Their dog leash is perfect for medium to large dog breeds, but may also work for some smaller dog breeds as well. It isdurable, dependable, and weather resistant. They pride ourselves in the quality of their dual handle dog leash. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with their product, they offer a money back guarantee. Absolutely risk-free buy. You can add to the cart now.

Brand: Black Rhino

👤We are very pleased with this leash. We weren't prepared for her pulling tendencies when she came to us from a foster. She has improved her pulling with the help of the leash and harness. We have been using this leash for about a month, and though she still tests her limits, I feel a lot more secure with this leash compared to some of the generic cheap leashes. The neoprene handles cushion my fingers against some of her more energetic walks. The front handle helps us get a good hold of her in case a kid on a bike rides by, or if we walk past a dog that wants to say nasty things about our mother. It makes us feel like we have control of the situation, which makes our girl feel like she doesn't have to defend our honor or chase down the weird puppy on wheels. I don't think the reflective stitching is very effective, but I love the waste bag holder. After we hang the full bag from the holder, we open the bottom strips of the bag and close them tightly over it so that it doesn't slip, and then we head home. I plan to purchase more for future pups we bring into our family because I am pleased with this product. The quality and performance of this leash has me very happy and I wish there were more colors for the entire leash. I am annoyed by the advertising on Amazon. Why is it necessary to use images of female models in bikinis to sell a dog leash? The leash is still strong two years later. When our girl first came into our lives, she was pulling a lot, but sometimes she gets a little energetic and enthusiastic on walks, and the neoprene protects our fingers. The hardware has held up well. We upgraded the bag holder to a plastic cylinder and added a Silicone loop ware holder, and we joke that we have the Cadillac of dog leashes. If we ever add a second dog to our lives, I will buy this leash again.

👤The padding is comfortable and the leash is well made. I think the traffic handle is too close to the dog, but that's my personal preference. The fault lies in the snap hook that is used to attach the leash to the collar or harness. 98% of leashes use these, and most of them are cheap and unsafe. My dog shakes off a lot on walks. He shook so hard that the snap hook's weak spring undid itself and he got away. This is not the only leash he did it with. If you have an active dog who shakes off a lot or pulls and tugs a lot, you should look for a different leash. I eventually found the right leash without a snap hook, and the peace of mind has been priceless.

👤Really like this leash! It is affordable, yet tough. The traffic handles have great comfort grips. I have a strong girl with a 75lb pit mix. She throws her full body weight into it when she sees a squirrel. I like that the poop bag holder is flat against the leash, rather than dangling and getting in the way. I clipped it to the D ring so it wouldn't slide down the leash. I put a travel size hand sanitizer in it because it has enough room. The style of the hole that disburses the bags is similar to that of a hole in a wall, but it grips them and keeps them in place. The product is awesome and the price is great. Would recommend anyone.

3. Leashboss 3X Traffic Walking Training

Leashboss 3X Traffic Walking Training

Pezakf dog training leash has soft foam padded handles that protect your hand from rope burn. Enjoy the time to walk or run with your dog. The double handle leash is perfect for medium and large dogs and allows you to decide how close to keep your dog. The handles give close control and allow for room. You will not find another leash like this one. Even when your dog pulls, the padded handles of the Leashboss 3x are still comfortable to hold. The leash has two padded handles, the first at 12” and the other at 18. This leash features heavy duty construction and high quality materials assembled in the USA. The leash is made of 1” nylon and has heavy duty clips and poly-bonded nylon threading. The leash has a traffic handle for extra control. The handle allows you to keep your dog safe when crossing the road or walking near traffic. Leashboss products come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty that protects against defects, product issues and chewed leashes.

Brand: Leash Boss

👤It's very manageable and allows you to teach heel command by using the length to wrap around your waist and hold with both hands. The comfort in hand and around waist usage as well as the reflectivity at night was something I was impressed with. If necessary, I would buy it again. I never had a puppy before and was horrified when she broke other leashes with a sudden movement, I went for this one. She's only 40 lbs but she's strong and moves erratically. I got this for my service dog, who is a very large, tall dog that is used for balance and gets up and down in and out of bed. This leash allows for control at length and up close depending on the situation, as he currently weighs about as much as I do. I can't find a pre-trained service dog through the VA, so I have to train my own from a local shelter. Great product.

👤I've had dogs all my life and I have a lot of leashes. This is the best one I have ever purchased. The leash is strong and soft. It is a good length for walking. The leash has 2 traffic handles sewn into it, and all the handles are padded. I use the traffic handle closest to my dog, but a taller person can use the second handle as well. The metal clasp seems to be very good quality, easy to open, and close quickly, and it has a way of keeping the leash from twisting. This is a great product.

👤Our rescue dog is 73 pounds and very energetic. We found a leash that we can appreciate. This one functions as advertised on Amazon's web site, so it's not a leash. We have had a remarkable turn-around in walking with him when we use a No Pull Dog Harness with him. There are times when an unknowing Squirrel is spotted, but the pulling is nothing like it used to be. The leash and harness are to blame for the relief we now experience. The handle closest to the leash attachment clip is helpful when our monster decides he wants to go crazy. It happens. . We expect the leash to last a long time. Both products are recommended when used together. The dog is now 87 pounds and the leash is still functioning. I wanted to replace it with a red one, but apparently that has not been available for years, I wonder why given that colors are included with the description on the web site. Still satisfied.

👤One of my dogs has an issue with people and the other has an issue with other dogs. The basset mix is 50 lbs and the doberman mix is 75 lbs. This leash is the only one that I trust to hold them secure during their freak outs. Other leashes have broken or been opened at times. The leash is strong and the clips can be trusted. There's a metal ring on the lead handle that can be used to clip things to or from another leash. We also have the Leash Boss long lead. Not this product. We use these leashes with our Chai's Choice harnesses religiously for over five years. It's recommended for strong and difficult dogs. The leash might be too heavy for a small dog.

4. Leashboss Leash Pattern Collection Reflective

Leashboss Leash Pattern Collection Reflective

No more leashburn with 2 handles. The leash won't get into your hands. When your dog pulls, keep a firm grip. The traffic handle at 18” is perfect for when you need more control. The lead comes in a colorful pattern with a matching collar. Your dog will stand out from the crowd with bright patterns on the front and reverse. 3 lines of thick reflective threads on both sides of the 2mm thick webbing make it highly visible at night. Soft padded handles make walking a big dog painless. The padded handle protects your hands when your dog pulls. You can hang your keys on the d-ring below the handle or clip on the poop bag dispensers.

Brand: Leash Boss

👤I don't know why stretch is a point, this leash doesn't stretch, and I wouldn't want it to - it isn't a bungee type leash. I did not want to lower rating by dinging it for stretching. The blanket pattern we purchased is very pleasing and gets a lot of praise. The leash is large, well sewn, both handles are padded, and the traffic handle is well placed. When I need to safely control the pup, the traffic handle does the job without any issues, since she is taller, and it would be awkward for a toy or miniature breed. I think the leash will be in use for a long time because of the active Labsky puppy. The D ring for keys is useful, the swivel clip improves ease of use, and the reflective stitching makes us more visible. Highly recommended.

👤The space pattern should be pink/purple. I received a leash. The handles have a soft lining, but do not have thick padding. The lining is soft and comfortable, but not what I was expecting and may not be the best for arthritic hands. I think it is better than the nylon leashes that cut into your hands. The bottom handle is stationary, unlike other leashes where the lower handle slides along the leash fabric. A leash is definitely sturdy. I would have liked to receive the colors I ordered.

👤I had hoped for a bigger duty but it was a little lighter. I have other leashes and lead lines as well. Lighter duty can be ok as the handles are very comfortable. I bought all of the patterns. The reflective stitching is not as bright as other leads. It should be reflective enough to be seen. These leashes would be better for trained animals. I have only opened two leashes so far. There was a small defect on one of them. I expect that to take a long time. I will keep them all. I would recommend getting a heavier duty leash for hazardous conditions.

👤The leash is soft and not harsh on your hands if you have a puller, and the color is great. The first handle is too short so you have to keep your dog close if you are going to walk with it. If you use a chest ring you have to be very careful. My dog got his foot stuck in the handle. I saw it before he tried to pull at anything and it could have hurt him.

👤Our dog has a collar, I've been a fan of Leashboss for a long time. We wanted to buy this leash, but it only came in black. Our dog wears a black collar with reflective stitching and a reflector on it. I highly recommend that collar as well. I bought a leash immediately after I got the email saying that there were colors in it. It's really comfortable because both loops are padded. It looks like it has reflective stitching, which is nice. For a long time, we have been looking for a leash like this. We didn't want to buy a short leash, but didn't want to wrap a long leash around our hand to catch him when we wanted to. The leash is perfect. The quality is top notch. This leash is very good.

5. JSXD Comfortable Reflective Leashes Rope Purple

JSXD Comfortable Reflective Leashes Rope Purple

The dog leashes are made of strong rock climbing rope and are stronger than other standard dog leashes. Double handle design with soft padded helps you maintain a firm grip even when your dog pulls hardly. Enjoy the walk with your dog and protect your hand from rope burn. A perfect balance between freedom and control can be found in the 5 ft length dog leash. You can shorten the distance of your dogs by using the second handle. It gives your dog enough freedom to do what you want. The reflective rope on the dog leashes keeps you safe and visible. The dog poop bag is large enough for the largest dogs. There are 15 dog poop bags. It's great for walking, running or training. If you want to make walking a real pleasure, you can lead your dog, dog breed, or other animal for a walk in the park or country trail.

Brand: Jsxd

👤A sturdy leash. The handles are foam. Great for a large dog. The rubber covers on the leash slide all over the place. I am going to glue them down. The glue and stitching that hold the leash seams together are exposed by this.

👤I have purchased more leashes than I should. My dog would turn his head for a single bite. He only had one bite. The others snapped or the retraction broke. This is a 50lb dog but all the leashes say over 100 lbs. The leash has held up. Multiple bites. Sturdy and strong.

👤I bought this for my dog. So far, it has lived up to its expectations. The rope and foam handles are thick and comfortable to hold. The length is very long. The baggie holder can be changed. I removed it from the leash because it is a distraction. I recommend the purchase to large dog owners.

👤6 weeks later. The seller told me to not return the leash. I had an idea a few days later. The last photo can be seen. The weight of strength is 2700 lbs. The garbage clasp component needs to be addressed by the manufacturer. If a 5 month old dog can snap it. It should be from the start that it will last him. My 5 month old Yellow Lab snapped the clasp right off. The materials used in construction are bad. Do not buy this. Returning for a full refund. It looks like a nice leash but the sleeves slip off easily. There were 4 of 6 that slipped off. I don't know why the manufacturer can't do better. No worries. The first thing I did was to secure them all with Weld and now they are all permanently in place. Do I get a kickback for completing the manufacturing process?

👤If you have a hard pulling dog, this leash is great. The handle has padding on it. I used to come home with rope on my hands from my dog, but not anymore. I like having the mid-point handle because I can control my dog more when there are small children around. The leash has held up for a couple of months now without showing any signs of breaking, because my dog pulls hard when he wants to get somewhere. I'm happy with the purchase. The little joint covers have come loose and fallen down the leash. I'm going to glue them, but haven't gotten around to it. It's annoying to deal with, but it doesn't seem to affect the leash's function. I just keep pushing them back into place and eventually I'll glue them down. That's the only real complaint I have.

👤I loved using this leash when I first used it. The handles are soft and comfortable to hold. I bought this for our new puppy and we haven't used it a lot. Within a few weeks, the handles were starting to rip. The little black covers don't stay in place. They can be glue in place. We can no longer use it because of the foam handles ripping off. The leash is strong and lasts a long time. I really wanted to love this leash, but it is not functional.

6. Dog Leash 6ft Long Comfortable

Dog Leash 6ft Long Comfortable

The dog leash has two handles, one at the end of the leash and another at the clip, and both are black padded. The dual hold points are great for running and hiking. Extra safety is given by double handles. The long leash is easy to control, the longer handle is enough for your pup to explore for more sniffing freedom, and the extra shorter handle gives you a nice, good grip. The handles have soft cushion pads on the inside grip which makes it really comfortable to hold onto, and the double-sided reflective stitching stripes help put less strain on your hand when your dog pulls. Medium to large dog breeds are perfect for large dogs. Extra large dogs can use a heavy duty clip. The extra D-ring metal loop is convenient to clip your poop bags, keys, training pouch or an accessory. Order now to make walking more enjoyable, because it is risk-free and you will get a 1 year replacement warranty. They will work on your concern until it's solved and you're 100% satisfied, if you have a question, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Milcraft

👤I got this leash for my husky about 6 months ago, and after walking with it for nearly daily, I have had no issues with it. The leash is long enough to give the dog some freedom, but short enough that they wouldn't get far enough to be in danger if the dog were to lunge toward the road while on the sidewalk. The double handle is very useful. I've used the leash daily for months with a dog that likes to pull, and the clip hasn't given out a single time. The handles are easy to use. The reflective function works well too. I would definitely recommend this leash to anyone.

👤I bought this leash for my dog because I wasn't fond of any of the other leashes we had on hand. I was looking for something that was affordable. I think I found it. It's very comfortable to hold on. I didn't have a problem with my wrist getting stuck in the handle like I have on other leashes. It seems to hold up well so far. The shortest handle seems too close to the dog, and that's my only complaint. We have a large dog. He's about 80 pounds and comes up past my knee caps when standing. I don't have to completely bend over to pet him, but I can't reach him without doing a slight side bend. If you have a smaller dog, I don't think you'd be able to use the shortest handle unless you're on the shorter side and enjoy bending over while you walk. The border line is too low for our dog. I wouldn't recommend a small dog, but larger dogs should work just fine. It might be a little awkward for the medium sized puppers.

👤We adopted a 12-week old Shepard mix this spring. Since we are in a city, we wanted to be very intentional with leash training. The leash has been great for keeping our 7-month old boy out of the way of other pedestrians. It's very durable. Between a brief leash chewing phase and frequent "off leash" moments on sidewalks and on hikes, this thing has been through some stuff. It doesn't look pretty but it is holding up. We bought a backup but haven't needed to swap it into rotation yet. It isn't as aesthetically pleasing as some of the fashionable stuff advertised on social media, but I would highly recommend it.

👤We only had leashes for girls, so we bought this one for a male rescue pup. The clip that goes on the collar broke within a month of using it. You have to push it shut because it's like the spring inside broke. If our dog was a runner, he would have been gone with this leash broken on our walk. Our dog does not pull on walks, the leash did not break due to misuse or extended pulling, and I am very clear about that. It gave up on a walk and refused to stay closed.

7. SUNNQ Handles Reflective Training Durable

SUNNQ Handles Reflective Training Durable

There are dual palsy hands. The leash has foam handles to prevent rope burns. It is easy to hold. The lower traffic handle is very convenient for getting quick control of your dog in crowded situations, for crossing the street, for dog training, or whenever you just need a little more control. STURDY & DURABLE. The leash is more than 2.5mm in thickness. It has a heavy duty safety clasp and metal D ring to clip poop bag dispensers. It's strong enough for big dogs. Two reflective stitching threads on each side stand out when car lights shine. This feature can help you see at night and keep you and your pets safe. Size guidance is available. The length is measured from the handle tail to the metal clasp head. You can choose between 4 foot and 6 feet long leashes. Please note: Medium to large breed dogs are not allowed on this leash. Dogs are not allowed to chew the leash.

Brand: Sunnq

👤My dog is active and strong, which is why this is my 3rd of this kind. It is a strong leash that I use a lot.

👤We use this as a training leash because it has reflective lines all through it and the dual handles make it easier to teach puppies to walk on a leash. She could put little dents and holes but it would take her hours and hours to chew if we left her alone with it. We bought two of them to leave in a car and one for the house.

👤I use this when my dog is training. I don't want him dragging a leash through the house. If I take him to a new area and want him to be close to me, I use this. It is very thick but not heavy.

👤I like the extra hand loop when I need to keep my dog away from me. I've used it for a while and it seems heavy duty. My dog is not a chewer, but I think he could chew through a leash.

👤I have a dog leash that is still going strong. The second handle is in good condition and I use it everyday because my dog will grab the leash and bit it from time to time. The handle pads are comfortable and are a life saver. If your dog is trained, the second handle is a good length.

👤I like the padded handles. I can hold the leash with both handles. Only a few use the leash after it is ripped.

👤I bought two of the leash for myself, one for the house and one for the camper. I bought my friend's one too.

👤We had two german shepherd dogs for a month.

8. SparklyPets Hands Free Leash Medium Large

SparklyPets Hands Free Leash Medium Large

If you have large dogs, you need a two dog leash that is shock-Absorbing. The bungees on the leash prevent injuries from medium or large dogs. Being able to fully control your dogs may be important, especially when crossing a busy street. The handles on this double leash are foam-padded and will allow you to hold your dogs whenever you need it. They offer a dual dog tangle free leash for those special moments when you don't want to worry about getting twisted leashes. Your dogs may enjoy the freedom of moving with the no tangle swivel splitter. Whether you prefer a hands-free leash or a traditional one, they've got you covered. Their dog leash for 2 dogs can be switched from hands-free to hands-on in a matter of seconds. Their products are made from high-quality materials. They are confident in their dog leashes. If their dual dog leash isn't right for your dogs, don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Sparklypets

👤This is not a substitute for good training. If your dog is like me and pulls in certain situations, he will still be able to pull you with this product. This product will save your shoulders and arms a lot of wear and tear. I have a 55 pound poodle. He walks and jogs a lot, until he sees a car or squirrel that he wants, and he pulls it crazy. This is a very good product. I could tell that my dog wouldn't break it when I put it on. It is easy to adjust to heavy duty. My dog was connected to the rings as instructed. It was nice to not have to constantly correct him. He reached the end of the bungee and realized that pulling wasn't going to be very effective. I had to pay close attention to his body language because even with this device, he could pull me over. If I was playing around with my phone and not paying attention to my dog, I would have planted it. This is not a substitute for training. I am happy with the product. After just one hike, my shoulders are thanking me because I anticipate it will hold up well over time.

👤This leash is hands free. It has been great and we have used it a lot. My dog and I feel more comfortable on the bungee leash. The leash has 2 handles. I can pull her closer to me when I pass people on the trail. It seems strong and well made, which is what I need for my dog. My husband and I can switch off. I like to use trekking poles on certain hikes. A lot of people don't like to leash their dogs for hiking, but there are rules we need to follow and this leash will help.

👤It was a great compliment to my pup's harness. He can go everywhere with me. I found the leash too short after using it a number of times. I'm 6'7", so my legs are longer than most, but I was kicking the dog in his heels. I use part of his seat belt. I took the mutt on a walk to the gas station and I put the leash on the outdoor propane tank. Someone let me know 30 seconds after I walked inside that he had escaped. He was able to damage the leash without much effort after he backed out of his collar. He's strong for his size, at 80 pounds. The clip broke as I tried to unhook him. A new leash was in the mail the morning after I contacted them. Great customer service.

👤I have been using this leash for about four months and I am still impressed. I would add another rubber part on the second handle to make the leash different. It can be difficult to get your hand through the loop without the rubber grip if there is tension on the leash. The second D-ring on the belt has a tendency to bunch up. It is amazing to have to hook up another dog, or keys, or potty bags, but with my very pull-driven dogs, the D-ring can get a little cramped in how it is connected to the belt. I don't know what the best remedy would be, but these are small annoyances and don't affect my rating. This Lash is for sale! You will not regret it! It's a good thing. I hook my two huskies up to this leash with a coupler. They are definitely pullers, but the bungee in the leash makes it so that they're pulling and jerking doesn't phase me, especially not like having them jerk my arm out of a sockets using a regular leash. Being able to use both hands is great, I don't have to worry about my dogs getting away. The leash part of this ring is very useful for holding things like keys and potty bags, as there are many D-rings on the belt part. This leash is very sleek because of the black metal. I think it will hold up against my two pullers.

9. YOUTHINK Adjustable Retractable Reflective Training

YOUTHINK Adjustable Retractable Reflective Training

The hands free double dog leash has a belt and a buckle that is perfect for general double dog leash or hands free dog leash. Soft neoprene and foam leather materials of two padded handles help you grip softly and save your shoulder. The built-in zinc alloy is a good way to keep your dogs away from you. The waste bag dispensers are easy to reach and are thoughtful and enhanced. The dog can sit, stand, and stably in your car with the car seatbelt buckle. 2 high-stretch bungee cords can be extended from 18.6 to 32.7 inch with strong pulling force, which helps to absorb sudden shock perfectly, reduce the risk of getting hurt for you and your dog. The Youthink walking leash is made of high quality nylon and will last up to 400 lbs, and the reflective strip around the dog training leash is designed for night walks and misty hiking's safety.

Brand: Youthink

👤Good quality, strong hooks and buckles. I have two larger hound mixes, one is 70 lbs and the other is 6 years old and still learning not to pull. The seatbelt buckle on the permanently affixed portion of the leash is a great feature. I like the option of the second extension coming off when one isn't with me. The bungee feature gives the dog a sort of warning that it is pulled to its max, and relives some tension on the waist belt. I want the leash to be close to perfect for us, as I often run into the back of the puppy if she slows or stops suddenly- a tad more room would deter that. The waist belt is not so slippery, so the buckle doesn't slide right when pulled by a dog. Good purchase! I hope it lasts. I have an idea on how to keep that belt from pulling tight. If it works, I will update.

👤I love this leash. It looks a lot stronger than I thought. I don't think there will be a problem with the puppies when they are 60 lbs each. I've taken them out several times and they don't get tangled, I don't get pulled around, and it's not too long to not have control. I would consider it if they made a 3 way way. This product is definitely worth the money. It has pull handles on both leash extensions, in case one of them gets a little unruly.

👤The carabiner snapped. My pups are not aggressive. The company replaced it. I don't have high hopes for how long this will last. Love the concept but won't walk them both without it. The bungee is a must, I can wrap it around my waist with the handles. I would like to see the sections disconnected from the main line. I think I will use this to make a mock up.

👤I have two dogs, a husky and a small dog mix. This works well for both of them. Sometimes the little one gets tugged out of the pee position. There is no tangles because the middle is on a 360 swivel. I love it!

👤My dog ran into the road in front of a truck when the leash snapped while my husband was walking our dogs, it was only after he ran into the road that the leash was fixed. He is ok. I am angry and horrified that this happened with a barely used leash.

👤One side is held on by a carabiner which doesn't have anything to lock it in place, it just clips. When I was with the dogs, one of them came unlatched from the leash. Do not recommend.

👤It's perfect for our two dogs, 50 and 75 lbs. I like being able to put it around my waist, rather than holding the leash.

👤I love this leash. It is easier to walk the two pullers that I have. I like having my hands out of the way.

10. DOGSAYS Traffic Handles Training Reflective

DOGSAYS Traffic Handles Training Reflective

The dog leash has two handles, one at the end of the leash and another at the clip, and both are black padded. The dual hold points are great for running and hiking. Extra safety is given by double handles. The long leash is easy to control, the longer handle is enough for your pup to explore for more sniffing freedom, and the extra shorter handle gives you a nice, good grip. The handles have soft cushion pads on the inside grip which makes it really comfortable to hold onto, and the double-sided reflective stitching stripes help put less strain on your hand when your dog pulls. Medium to large dog breeds are perfect for large dogs. Extra large dogs can use a heavy duty clip. The extra D-ring metal loop is convenient to clip your poop bags, keys, training pouch or an accessory. Order now to make walking more enjoyable, because it is risk-free and you will get a 1 year replacement warranty. They will work on your concern until it's solved and you're 100% satisfied, if you have a question, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Dogsays

👤I have been using it for a few days and have some thoughts. The leash is thick, heavy, good stitching, padded handles, and reflective. A lot of features for not a lot of money. My dog is a puller and I use the second handle a lot. I have a thin, long leash that I've been using for a long time, and I switched over to this 5ft x 1in leash because my dog is 50 pounds of muscle. 5ft is a good length without having to wrestle with a leash. Some of the potential downsides are subjective. I'm not sure how I feel about the weight. The clasp is heavy and it's a double layer leash. I think I do like the weight and am getting more and more used to it, even though you think of it as heavy duty or just heavy. I don't think the tag they put on is necessary. Nobody cares about the brand of this product. It's a thick plastic tag sewn on at the bottom of the handle that can cause rope burn. The leash is very smooth but with the thick hard plastic tag on it, you're at risk of hurting yourself. I think it can be cut off, which is what I'm going to try to do. I hope there isn't also glue. The inner material of the handles feels slippery and the padded handles are comfortable and smooth. The intention was to stop rope burn. It might not feel so slippery once it's broken in. I don't think 1inch is thick enough for me. I would prefer a deeper blue tone than the light blue I bought.

👤A male and a female are our big dogs. The boy dog is green. The girl is wearing purple. I'm happy that I found this leash for her. The leash is thick. I don't have to worry about her breaking it or chewing through it. It has a way to keep her close and at the end. I can thread the leash through the bottom loop to have a make-shift harness when I need it. I can clip a carabineer on the lower handle to the lower handle on my boy dog's leash. BOOM! There is a double leash. This is a good leash. Highly recommended.

👤The leash is made to last. I like that the traffic handle is a little farther away from the clip than a lot of others because you can walk your dog while holding it. It is a little shorter than a lot of leashes with traffic handles. I was looking for a leash that I could use more easily in public, like walking through crowded spaces and having my dog close to me or give her more freedom when there's space. It is great for that. The padding on the handle is soft. The reflective stitching is bright. It is a nice red and the clip is good.

👤Over the last few years, we have purchased six of these in different colors. The'second handle' is a great way to maintain control when you need to cross a busy street. Each dog has a leash. The handle of our smallest dog's leash gets a lot of dirt and cement contact since she's a 24 lbs cocker spaniel. These wash up well.

11. Shed Defender Shock Absorbing Bungee

Shed Defender Shock Absorbing Bungee

There are three leashed hands for total control. The three-handle leash allows you to walk the dog at different lengths and give you the ability to quickly choke up. You don't need to wrap your hand in the leash to make it shorter. Extra comfort is provided by the soft, neoprene lining on the handles. It is safer for the dog and the owner to use shock absorbers. There are stretches from 4 to 7 feet. At 4 feet. It is short so that it doesn't drag on the ground and get tangled between your dog's legs. It was stretched out at full length. It gives the dogs a lot of room to run. There is a D-ring at the top of the leash to attach accessories and it is made of premium quality and durable materials. Any size dog will hold up with the heavy-duty metal P-Lock. PAW IT FORWARD They give a portion of the sale to an animal shelter or rescue group. Every month they pick a different shelter or rescue to spread the love.

Brand: Shed Defender

👤I wanted to love this and my daughter did the same. He was not as easy to control because of the springy nature of it. We didn't really like it. It was ok as a leash, but it didn't work with my dog. It might work well with small dogs.

👤My dog has the best leash I have ever owned. This is high quality and it makes our walks better. This will be my only leash, and it's an upgrade from the previous regular leashes. All of the handles are padded. The leash is inexpensive for all the features and high quality. It's a great deal.

👤I am a pet sitter and dog walker so I have a variety of leashes and collars that I use to walk my clients. The leash is good for use with a small dog. I own a 20 lbs. Sheltie/terrier mix with high prey drive when he sees a squirrel. When he pulls the leash when I walk him using the mid-leash traffic handle, I let it out full length and call leave it, and he gets a reward. The advantage to this leash is that it doesn't tug the walker off balance and it doesn't snap the dog to a sudden halt. I tried it with a larger dog and it was too much for him.

👤I love this leash. My puppy has a lot of energy and this leash is helping me avoid upper arm and back pain due to his unexpected take offs during training. It should last a long time. I would recommend this product.

👤The leash works with all dogs. I was skeptical at first because I have a smaller dog, but it actually works for him. The handles on the leash help if your dog tries to jump on people or if you are trying to keep your dog away from people. Definitely pleased.

👤I bought this leash on Amazon in July of 2020. I use it a lot and appreciate it in handling my GSP, who weighs half as much as I do, and pursues his interests vigorously. A friend of mine has a German shepherd that is difficult to manage.

👤This is a good leash. I have a strong dog and this leash allows me to control it. The middle handle is usually used on the average walk, as I loop the last handle around my wrist. I grab the handle closest to his neck when I need more control. I don't know how long the bungee will last, but so far it seems very durable.

👤The waist band on a pair of Hanes underwear is equivalent to the shock absorbing elastic on the leash. It is very weak and is not capable of resistance to absorb a medium sized dog. The three handle option is not worth the price. Returned to Amazon.

👤We have tried a lot of leash options and this one is the best one we have used so far. The bungy is strong, the grab handles are easy to use, and everything is of the highest quality. The hardware is high quality. You can see why this leash costs a little more, once you get it in your hands. It's worth it because of the excellent product and quick delivery.


What is the best product for dog leash large dogs double handle?

Dog leash large dogs double handle products from Mighty Paw. In this article about dog leash large dogs double handle you can see why people choose the product. Black Rhino and Leash Boss are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leash large dogs double handle.

What are the best brands for dog leash large dogs double handle?

Mighty Paw, Black Rhino and Leash Boss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leash large dogs double handle. Find the detail in this article. Jsxd, Milcraft and Sunnq are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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