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1. Friends Forever Extremely Comfortable Strongest

Friends Forever Extremely Comfortable Strongest

The dog is a premium slip rope. It's easy and convenient for crate transfer, potty breaks and training. This slip leash is one size fits all and has a choke guard Buckle to prevent choking. The rope is lightweight and heavy duty.

Brand: Friends Forever

👤It's important for a volunteer at a shelter to be able to lasso and control an animal out of their kennel for a walk. The leash does the trick. The braiding of the leash keeps it from twisting up on itself too much, and with an energetic dog that doesn't walk in a straight line, it's easier to not have to adjust the leash constantly. The bright color of the leash makes it easier to see where it is on the pups neck, or not, if it needs adjusting. I ordered a leash for my wife, who also volunteers, because I was hoping it would do what I was hoping it would do.

👤We went to the lake a week after we got the leash. A quarter mile into the wilderness, my dog jumped in the lake, went across it, and then ran away from us. She had a leash attached to her. There is a The leash stayed on the whole time my husband was able to bring her back. It was brand new and dirty. The quality is still going strong.

👤The leash seems to be very durable. It is a bit stiff right now, I am sure it will loosen up as it is used. The fabric is very tight, but not soft, which is good for overall durability. The material for my slip leads is softer for my dog. I will probably keep it in my car as a spare in case I see a stray, but I think it is a good purchase for the money.

👤I've been looking for a slip rope leash to see if it will help me control my dog. When I couldn't find them in stores, I ordered it on Amazon from Friendsforever. . The best leash by far, it has no "excessive" pulling when he sees a squirrel or rabbit. I used it three times to walk my Great Pyrenees around my neighborhood. It may seem cruel at first, but it's not when one finds it hard to control a powerful dog. My dog slows down when the slip rope pulls "taut". Since the slip rope is the collar, I left his Martingale collar with his tags. Is that correct? If Cesar Milan uses it, then why not try it?

👤I really like this leash, but I wish it had a clip instead of a slide because we use it around my dog's nose when we walk. Lilly's trainer got her used to having it around her nose because she needs to be able to easily correct her. We needed a new leash because the one we had was getting old and we needed something new. I'm just afraid that after time the slide won't hold and I'll have issues keeping it secured around her nose, so far it works well. The leash is strong enough to hold our monster, but time will tell.

👤The slip lead is great for training your dog. It's easy to drop over your pups head, instead of searching for the D-ring on her collar. When the dog starts pulling, she self corrects so that you don't have to worry about her getting to where we need to go.

2. Didog Length Anti Bite Leather Handle

Didog Length Anti Bite Leather Handle

It's perfect for large or strong dogs. The leads are the perfect complement to the collar. The chain is 5mm in diameter and 20" long. The strap is 1.0" wide and 8.0" long. The bolt snap was tested to exceed industry standards. Hardware is guaranteed against tarnish and rust.

Brand: Didog

👤I got two leashes at the same time, one with heavy links and the other with a shorter one. It is easy for a 5 foot 2 woman like myself to control my one-year-old mastiff, who is a bit of a slow one to train, thanks to this one. It's not so heavy that it weighs down the leash and drags on the ground or goes under her feet. I am a happy dog owner because I think this leash will not break for a long time.

👤I have a very strong dog. I was worried when I saw a full grown black lab snap a metal chain as if it were a cotton rope. This is a good length for leash training. I didn't think it would break and I didn't think it would ever break. The clasp felt strong despite being a bit tighter. The handle is a bit uncomfortable but will loosen up over time. I shorten the leash by shortening the clap on the chain when I first started training.

👤I bought this for my puppy who is about 10 months old and is a pit bull mix. He had been allowed to play "grab-the-leash, then pull hard and growl" by the people who previously had him, and this made it impossible to have a peaceful walk with him and my other dog. I have a standard-length, lighter-weight chain leash for her. Almost immediately, the problem was solved. This leash is very well-constructed, feels solid but not heavy, and it's especially useful when I take my dog into town so he can walk around in crowds and socialize.

👤The chrome got stuck in my hand. This is a serious flaw. That's a big defect, but otherwise a great product. Even if you don't grab the metal part, those sharp thin shards can end up in your dog's mouth or anywhere else on their body.

👤Very sturdy. It's not great when you have a mastiff or greatdane because of the length of the leash compared to the length of their bodies, especially if they pull! I was stepping on my dog all the time. It's not great for huge dogs if they walk on a leash.

👤The metal chain was heavy. For a large dog like Rottweiler. They are too heavy for our dog and over an inch in length. The handle is made of leather but it is stiff so it will take time for it to change into soft leather for the owner on the inside. The handle is not comfortable. The handle is not 1” The metal links are long and wide. It was not what I thought it would be.

👤Other reviewers have noted that it's cheap. The chain has a chrome finish. The hook's internals will rust. There is cheap metal on the inside. The outside is covered in a shiny substance. The handle is made of rubber.

👤The heavy part is emphasized. I was looking for a lighter leash. My arm is tired after a walk. It looks like it was made well. Our dog chews through a leash if you don't pay attention. The leash does its job. It is so heavy.

3. Leather Small Medium Puppies Resistant Chewing

Leather Small Medium Puppies Resistant Chewing

The large 72 inches long is approximately 1/2 inch wide. The dog leash clip is secured with a metal chain. Dog chain good for any season. The metal chain could be used for many things. The item is made in China and shipped from the U.S.A.

Brand: Top Choice

👤My wife and I have a leash. The heavy chain is great for special times when it is in use, it is long enough to give some room to move and short enough to rein in the wearer with minimal effort, and it is also great for sensory play because of the temperature retention of the metal. It would work well for a large dog, but it would not work for a tiger or puma, but it is just right for a house wife.

👤I feel like I got the wrong item after ordering this item. It says for small to medium dogs. I got a dog that was too heavy for a small dog. It's too late to return it. When I ordered the black one, I realized I had ordered the wrong thing. Not going to risk it again. Even if you won't be using it for a while, be sure to check your order as soon as you receive it. I'm stuck with a leash that's too heavy for my dog and it's not even the right color.

👤The clasp problem is being complained about by other reviewers. Not every person has it. I have to spend a lot of time dealing with it because it won't open most of the time. I can either fix the issue by using a clasp from an old leather leash or I can return it. I don't think I should trust their clasp.

👤I bought this for my puppy who is 15 pounds and will grow into a 35 pound dog when he's an adult, but this chain is too heavy for him. Better for a big dog.

👤My dog can't chew through a leash. It makes me happy. Lose one star for the crappy clip. When you want to open the clasp, it doesn't move very fluidly. It works fine and doesn't show any signs of breaking, but it is difficult to use. It broke after less than 3 months. The two were separated at the fastening. My dog didn't chew it.

👤The leash is great for teething puppies. The handle is very flexible and can be used for a long time. The handle needs to be corrected. It is too heavy and clumsy.

👤The chains are too heavy for our dogs. The chain would be better suited for 50 pound or bigger dogs. The chains are hard to open and sometimes won't close without forcing it to do so, so I gave them 3 stars. If the latches were different, it would be a great product.

👤The main issue we were having was that he was biting the leash and jumping up as we walked home. It's heavier than a woven/cord leash, but it stopped his biting and let us resume our walks. Our puppy was unwalkable before he got this. He has a harness with this. Works well. The handle could be better. It is small for a man's hand and feels like it could break at some point. I reduced this leash by one star because of this.

4. Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable Pounds

Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable Pounds

30 ft, ultra strong tie-out cable for dogs. Steel cable and clips are strong. Attaching snap on both ends to a post or stake is easy for a protection of the dog's neck. Extra safety at night can be achieved with reflective and anti-rusty vinyl covers. The crimp covers protect the cable ends from rain and rust.

Brand: Petest

👤The broke June 15, 2018, after it was ordered January 6, 2018. Light use was about 1/2 hour per day. The plastic coating is not UV rated, and it has a major rust issue. Our dog went on a walkabout after it failed just in from the yellow plastic "crimp covers". The seller's statement that "Structure feature crimp covers to protect cable ends from weakening due to rain and rust" is not true. This is where the cable failed. Don't buy this product. There is a new word for it.

👤This is a good leash for a small dog under ten lbs. If your dog chews the leashes, this will not last long and it could be lethal. My dog chewed through both sides within a few months. The wires under the plastic were dangerous when she did it for the first time. They cut into her skin after getting stuck in her fur. I had to use a combo of scissors and clippers to shave her fur off after I severed the leash and then tried to hold down my wiggling dog. I was able to pull the wires out of her skin, but my double coat still hasn't grown back right under her belly, because the wires got stuck in her skin. I should have learned from my mistake. I switched the end of the leash thinking I would watch her better since I know this now. We let her out one time. She exposed the wires by chewing and getting them stuck in her fur again and then tried to chew it off her fur since she was in pain. We caught her before it was too late. Do not buy this if your dog has any chewing ability. We were lucky this wasn't a vet trip. The first time my dog chewed it with her baby teeth, she was about 3-6 lbs, and the second time she did, she was about 8 lbs. She is under 6m and her teeth are small so be careful with your pets safety and invest in something safer. I am replacing this leash with fabric or nylon because it isn't durable for dogs that chew. If your dog is supervised by you the entire time on the leash, it will be less likely to chew. If you have a double coat dog, you should not go to the vet for a shaved fur baby because it can ruin their coat.

👤When Buddy wants to be outside, we use the cable to restrain him. One day a friend saw a squirrel and the chase began. When Buddy came to the end of the tether, we expected him to be restrained. Wrong! The cable held up perfectly, however, the rivet that connects the snap to the swivel broke in two, and Buddy was off and running. The chase came to an end when the squirrel ran up a tree and Buddy was able to catch him. The weakest link appears to be rivet.

5. WATFOON Premium Perfect Training Traveling

WATFOON Premium Perfect Training Traveling

Large or X- Large dog's daily walking/training can be done with SIZE XL. Heavy Duty Swivel Bolt snap is tested to exceed industry standards. It is hard to break off a seamless metal welding chain. The nylon handle is padded with foam. If you have a problem, contact them. Money back is provided within a year for The Quality Problem.

Brand: Watfoon

👤Absolutely recommend. I am very pleased with this leash so far. After walking my dogs at the shelter with two rope leashes, I decided to look for a strong, thick chain leash with a durable handle that would be able to handle the biggest, strongest dogs. When it arrived, I was relieved. It looks like it will last a long time. The handle is strong and durable and the chain is thick. I only used it at the shelter, and it was great. I will post an update if something changes. The quality seems top notch. I think this one is going to last.

👤Great leash. My dog was stopped from chewing the leash. The links are more sophisticated than the basic links you find on a choker chain. It doesn't look like you're trying to be a good person. I took one walk to get used to using a chain instead of a nylon leash. I can shorten it with no issues. My dog is a great walker. If this is wrapped around, I'm not dealing with any pulling issues that might create pain points on hand. The leash is a little less than half an inch thick and is not aggressive looking, despite what one reviewer stated, which I suspect is being used to promote an agenda rather than leave an authentic review. It has some weight to it, but I think it's a good way to remind me of the physical connection I have with my dog. The gauge of the nylon for the handle is something I would like to improve. The nylon that wraps around the O-ring that connects to the chain is thin and I wonder if it will wear over time. I have no idea if it will wear at all but it is one small thing. Great product!

👤I was going to use a different walking leash for my Rodesian Tidgeback since he breaks it when he sees something. The handle around the chain looks thin and I have not used it. I know that some sort of mesh material won't hold up.

👤Some of the dogs I foster have issues with walking on leashes. This works great with our large leash and something that is heavy, this was purchase for a pittie who didn't know how to walk on a leash. I only used it on him for a couple of weeks and it worked out to hold him, he was 50 pounds. The dog was 50 pounds and a rescue would bite the leash and jump on people. It was a great price for its value and I would purchase it again.

👤A very heavy duty leash. We use it when we go to her places. She chews on the leash if it is lying down, so it is a great deterrent. Our girl is 9 months old.

👤I love this leash. It is much easier to walk my pitty now that he is 60 lbs. No more embarrassment biting a leash. I won this round poochie. People are scared of pitts, so I don't mind him playing. No one will use other leash when we are not around. The leash has a slight weight that helps with leading.

6. Rexinchen Leashes Dogswalking Traffic Training

Rexinchen Leashes Dogswalking Traffic Training

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Brand: Rexinchen

7. YUDOTE Dog Tie Out Cable

YUDOTE Dog Tie Out Cable

This cable is 10 ft long, 5mm wide and is easy to carry, perfect for small, medium and large dogs up to 100 lbs. If you want to control your dog quickly, 10 ft is a good length. The dog tie-out cable is made from 7 pieces of stiff steel wire with a coating that is crack resistant and rust resistant. It won't be destroyed by even aggressive breeds, and it prevents your dog being scratched. There are 2 heavy duty quick release metal hooks at both end of the leash for making quick and easy connections which are anti-rust and durable. The tangle of the cable will be reduced by the rotating buckle. I strongly recommend that every family has a tie-out cable for their pet. You can use this leash to keep them safe and happy while outside. It gives your dog enough space to move around and be safe. It can prevent your dog from jumping out of the fence. One side connects dog's collar, harness or leash, the other side connects tree, fence, doorknob, pillar, etc. Give your pet freedom for a low price. If you have any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Yudote

👤My dogs haven't tried to chew on the leads. I own two dogs and two leads. I am very happy so far. My dogs weigh in at 83 pounds each. I keep the dogs out for a small amount of time because I don't want to leave them for long. I use it for a cabin in the mountains because the property is not fenced. I like the length. Gave enough freedom.

👤My dog is very rambunctious and this cab is held up well. He's a chewer and so far, he hasn't caused any damage to the cable.

👤I got a second one and it was a great tie.

👤The ability to use the product purchased came bent and although it's able to use it doesn't secure properly and makes me unsure of the products reliability.

👤The dog chain is really good.

👤It is much stronger than standard cables.

👤It works well. Strong!

👤Mi perro is una compré. A Boxer con a Bull Terrier... No me gusta tenerlo amarrado. habia comprado otras cadenas. No es pesado, no es bastante largo, pero me encanta. El hule es bastante funcional para evitar. lo recomiendo.

👤Material resistente aunque el perro lo muerda.

👤I perro no salte la vaya. Y escape.

👤Producto y llega.

8. Petmate 1700 Pound Strength Tieout 15 Feet

Petmate 1700 Pound Strength Tieout 15 Feet

There is a tether for dogs. The heavy duty galvanized steel tie-out cable is designed for exercise freedom of movement and is ideal for dogs up to 100 lbs. The steel tie-out with two brass snaps is safe and secure. Pet safety. Pets can be kept safe while enjoying the outdoors with a variety of steel braided tie-out cables stakes for leashes. Petmate has been around for over 50 years and is passionate about their dogs, cats and furry friends. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤If my puppies lead fails he would be killed, because I don't have a fenced in yard. I am 100% sure that this is true. I've bought leads for my puppies. I have had many dogs over the years. The puppy I have is 6 months old and weighs 65 lbs. He plays hard and easily broke the weaker leads I bought off Amazon. The brands I bought made huge claims and were twice the cost of the brand. They broke in a few days. I thought this brand was garbage because it was so cheap. Not at all! I trust my puppy's life to it and I like it. I regard him as my family's baby so you can understand how much I care.

👤Been there, done that! This was not what I ordered. This was supposed to hold 1700 lbs. There was a surge of strength. My Cane Corso is only 9 months old and is a rescue. Today is. She has a disease where she's in constant pain and she's still not well nourished. SNAP! She had it down and out. She was not running full strength. It's a shame. The company needs to stop their false advertising. A person who has a dangerous animal tries out Threshold thinking they can trust what they read from the product owners. If someone gets mauled by a dog, you should be held responsible. It's on you to tell the truth. I will never buy anything from you again. Absolutely! Boycott will be how my family and I deal with extremely dangerous dangers. You should be in a state of shock.

👤I used this for my dog. I put her on her tie just to go to the bathroom. I usually go inside for a few minutes. She is trying to get into my back door. She broke the connecting clip the first time I used it. There is no way I can recommend this product. I think you get what you pay for.

👤The porch has been covered for 3 weeks. I cannot use one of the clasps. Being a tieout is terrible. I didn't think it would last through a winter. Or a storm. Not great. The quality of the tieout is good but must be used indoors. I don't know how well it will hold up to chewing, because my dog never tried to chew it. I wouldn't buy again unless I needed a tether.

👤The tie out cable was very thin. I noticed some rust on the clip part of the cable after a day outside. I like that it is lightweight. The dog is able to run around on it. You get what you pay for. This is a good deal to buy again. I hope this will last a while. I am lucky my dog is not interested in chewing this because it would break and she is an aggressive chewer.

👤An alpha Labrador is with us. He is a big time chewer and has needle teeth. He found the weakest spot to chew through in every other leash. He does it in less than an hour. Like a game to him. A 15 foot length of metal cable with two metal d-clips is tied out. It appears to be quality upon first use, as everything works as you would expect. My questions with each of these types of products is how it holds up when my dog chews off the plastic covers on the metal terminal joints closing the cable loops and/or punctures the PVC cover of the cable? Is it going to rust? How fast? He won't chew through the cable if it's rust free. The quality of materials over time is what determines it. If there is premature failure, I will have to come back. I don't know why manufacturers put terrible covers on the cable terminal joints. The dog ripped them off in a few minutes. If the goal is to have a chew proof tether, why bother? This product is doing well so far. Hopefully it stays that way.

9. HaveGet Durable Training Reflective Backyard

HaveGet Durable Training Reflective Backyard

It has a dog stake, tie out cable and extension spring. When in the yard, park or outdoor place, keep your dog safe. The dog tie out cable support to 120 lbs is suited for small, medium and large dogs. The wire rope has high strength. It will be reliable to use. The steel cable is covered with a poly-vinyl coating and will not hurt your hand. It won't get stuck in your dog's fur. The design of the metal Buckles can adapt to different collars. Attaching a stake or collar is easy. Protect the neck of the pet. There is a dog stake and a steel cable that can be easily stored.

Brand: Petbobi

👤The cable doesn't get tangled or crimped on itself, and the spring compression takes out some of the initial shock, which is good. Even for a large dog, the length of the stake seems adequate. I was hoping that this would be an alternative to me standing outside with the dog all the time. We have a dog. She stressed this cable to its limit because she was excited to see everyone. She ran to the neighbor after pulling the end of the cable out of the way. The crimping process was not very extensive. I went to Home Depot and bought some cable fastenings. So far, that has worked.

👤This product does what it's supposed to do. I use it when camping with my doberman. It's secure, no issues, and the swivel system keeps him from getting it wrapped or tangled. 100% recommend.

👤The first day we used it, the cable pulled apart. The cable snapped after we put a new metal crimp on it. We used this cable on a 50-pound puppy.

👤It's perfect for my dog. Sturdy and described.

👤My dog's previous Foster Mom recommended the product. This product made it so easy for him to hang out in our unfenced yard, he is a 52lb strong boxer/pit. He wrapped my ankle after I kicked a ball around with him. I was dragged down and the burn is very bad. Kids and adults should be careful when playing with the dog on the lead. I have complete faith that the lead will last because it was easy to install and sturdy.

👤Our 10 month old Pom can easily sneak under the fence. We wanted him to be able to run around outside in the summer. He loves it! He runs around with the ball and we know he is not sneaking outside. Don't be near the rope if you're playing catch, it's rubber material. If your puppy runs fast and rubs against your ankle, it burns and cuts. I have had this happen before, so I know better now.

👤I have a 30 foot dog tie out that my dog doesn't like to stay in the fenced in area in my front yard. I had to stay out so he could enjoy the outside. I don't have to worry about him jumping over the fence because I have a heavy duty dog tie out. I don't have to worry about him pulling out of the ground because it fits tightly in the ground and the cable is very good.

👤This is perfect for my dog. I wanted to take her to places that did not allow dogs off the leash, so this was perfect. The leash is difficult to untangle and that is typical of this material. I thought I would want a longer leash before ordering, but this is the perfect balance of her freedom and also keeping her close by.

👤I was happy to receive my purchase quickly, but it only lasted two days, until my dog broke the clasp on the cable, and I had to take it out. The cable was still secured to my house, and the clasp was still on her collar. If our neighbors dog was home, they would have fought and it would have been devastating. I wouldn't recommend this for a large dog.

10. Petoo Leather Handle Width11mm Indestructible

Petoo Leather Handle Width11mm Indestructible

The Ultra Strong Dog Leash is made of 18k gold and is compatible with the French bulldog, english bulldog, doberman, husky, labrador retriever, german shepherd, golden retriever, beagle and so. 18K gold Cuban chain dog leash is unique. The dog leash is super hip hop and will make your dog look different. Size 4.5' Heavy Chain is whole length 4.5ft( 1.5m), width 11mm(0.4inch), and weight 10.3g. The dog leash has a leather handle. After a hard day at work, you can enjoy love evening walks. No tarnish, eco-friendly for dog.

Brand: Petoo

👤The leash is strong and reliable, which is good for my Shepard. He chews through his leashes, but not this one. The leash has a nice weight and feels good. He looks like a King in the park because of the gold leash. If it can handle my dog, it's a good lead and easy to use. This is the leash for a person that wants a nice looking leash.

👤I got the leash and collar. The name tag fell off. The chain clip is too thick and gets stuck on the collar. They are pretty. They are heavy and have not broken with my 85 lbs, straight muscle, pit pulling as hard as he can. The leash got stuck on the collar because of that. I thought I would break it because it wouldn't come off. The leash needs a bigger place to connect. The gold shimmers in the night. I have had them for a while now and have not had an issue. I would like to have a longer leash. I feel like I'm with my dog. I like at least 6 ft.

👤I was looking at, but it was so expensive. I decided to take no risk with this. The stitching on the handle is amazing. The gold looks like a solid gold chain in a jewelry store. Heavy-duty but not over weight. I got it for my dog and it looks great. I took him to the beach with it and he got a lot of praise. It's an attention getter.

👤I bought this with a matching set. It looks good and feels strong. I wish it was the same width of chain as the choke chain I bought, it would match perfectly.

👤I purchased a smaller size for my dog, which is not heavy for him. The gold finish and leash pattern is amazing. I get asked where I got it many times. It is a must buy if you want to be flashy.

👤My boys will walk down the aisle with me at my wedding. They were excited and pulling, but these held up well and looked very elegant. They are a perfect length to keep the boys close by.

👤I might have gotten a defected product but the clip I got was loose. It was a weak point of the leash because it was small and similar to the chain. I didn't trust the connection with my puppy. The chain and handle looked good. The item is made in China.

👤The leash is nice looking. I use retractable leashes since they serve their purpose well and would be good for dogs who try to chew the leash.

👤This would be a great leash if the chain was half a length longer. If you like a lighter leash, be aware.

11. Mighty Paw Braided Outdoors Off Leash

Mighty Paw Braided Outdoors Off Leash

The 30-foot Tie Out Leash is perfect for giving your dog extra freedom while in the yard, camping or outdoors. It's perfect for all dogs. The tie out cable leash is made with a steel braided cable, so even heavy chewers and teething puppies can't break through. It will hold up to wear and tear, so your pup is safe and secure. Their tie out cable is built for strength and resilience with all-metal hardware and weather-resistant, vinyl-coated, braided steel cable. The braided cable has a reflective vinyl coating around it to make it visible in low light. Your pup's safety is their highest priority. It's perfect for off leash or recall training. The 30' length gives your dog more freedom and an off-leash feel, but you still have complete control.

Brand: Mighty Paw

👤It lasted until the beginning of January after being bought in May. It has been almost 8 months. A German Shepard is rough on it, pulling and chasing squirrels. We live in Northern Ohio with all kinds of weather and leave it outside all the time, so we are obviously rough on them. I've bought a lot of different brands in the last 2 years. There is a The metal hardware on this one held up well. It is easy to use. If the coating got cracked from a knot, stick or animal. I noticed a crack in the coating a few weeks ago and then the inside metal began to crack. It did not tangle often. It has been one of the best I've used and I'm replacing it with the same one for now.

👤I put it on my dog because I use it a few times for nighttime potty breaks. You can see the photo of the deer she saw. She didn't pull hard but it snapped. I got a large leash. My puppy was 40 lbs and made quick work of it. She would have had a nasty run in with the crew if she had not gotten free. This is the same review I left for the Amazon basics leash. I didn't have to go through the hassle of returning the product. The money was wasted.

👤This is a good product for us. Luka had to stay out of our way when we were gardening because of our fence issues. He has a lot of area to roam. He doesn't chew on it, which is a problem with him. The quality seems to last a long time. He is really excited to bring this when we are fishing. Thank you, mighty paw!

👤When I let my dog out to go potty, I use a lead to keep him close to the house. He's a big German Shepherd and this lead seems up for the task. It is very durable. The spring started seizing up after a few days of outside use. There is a little Silicone spray. It was in perfect working order. The manufacturer should add a lubricant to the factory.

👤Really good product. The plastic cover over the crimp on the cable ends came loose the first time it was used. My dog is chewing. The cable is attached for a week and it's cold out. It is very sturdy. My toy Aussie doesn't chew or crimp the plastic covered cable as he does on the lighter weight cables. I would buy it again. Good product!

👤My dog can't chew it. I use it to keep my dog out of the yard. I used a chain link to keep him from chewing it like he did rope. This does not hurt his teeth. I will buy a second one. I will recommend this to others.

👤The cable is strong and well made. If you need your dog to be contained in an open area, this works great. Doesn't tangle around itself or on the dog which is great, but can get stuck around objects or trees so you can't leave the dog completely unmonitored. This works great for us because we haven't tried any other brands.


What is the best product for dog leash large dogs chain?

Dog leash large dogs chain products from Friends Forever. In this article about dog leash large dogs chain you can see why people choose the product. Didog and Top Choice are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leash large dogs chain.

What are the best brands for dog leash large dogs chain?

Friends Forever, Didog and Top Choice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leash large dogs chain. Find the detail in this article. Petest, Watfoon and Rexinchen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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