Best Dog Leash Large Dogs 10ft

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1. NIMBLE Waterproof Durable Reflective Training

NIMBLE Waterproof Durable Reflective Training

The waterproof dog leash is made of 100% Environmentally friendly Flex poly coated nylon strap, durable and tough, it can carry up to 750 lbs pull force. Your dogs will be more comfortable and fresh. The outdoor long leash is 5 feet, 10 feet, 13 feet, 16 feet, 30 feet, and 50 feet. The dog training leash is a great accessory. Great for hiking, camping, training, hunting, yard, beach, recall training, outdoor play with tennis balls, and swimming! Let their dogs have more freedom. The waterproof design is. The dog leash can drag through the water and sand without getting wet. It's easy to clean, it doesn't get wet or stinky. Even when swirling around other dogs feet, the material is not inclined to knot. Dog lead size. The dog rope is 1/2 inch in width and has a length of 100 feet. Pink, bright yellow, lavender, blue, black and orange are high visibility colors. 100% money back guarantee. - If you and your dog don't like this dog lead or size, you can get your money back or buy a new one.

Brand: Nimble

👤She chewed the leash right after I put it on my puppy and took less than 5 minutes to throw it. It was my fault that I used it on my puppy with razor sharp teeth and looked away for 2 minutes. If you are looking for a leash that is strictly "chew proof," this is not the one for you. The material was easy to clean and the color was bright.

👤This is a long lead. It's easy to clean because it's yellow. We go camping a lot and usually tie multiple leashes together to create a tie out, but the leashes get dirty rubbing all over the campground dirt. I bought a waterproof one for my dog's birthday. I'm very happy I did. I've used it at campgrounds, the lake, the beach, blacktop, and so on. I have a strong pittie mix. It's easy to tangle since it's so long, but also very easy to untangle since it doesn't form permanent knots like cable tie-out do. Highly recommended!

👤This leash is great for walking on the beach with a smaller dog, it can drag through the water and sand without getting wet, and it is a great feature in my neck of the woods. The clasp is lightweight and I like it. It opens wide enough to fit through the normal D rings, and it doesn't clank into my dogs knees, as well as clip around the harness handle and things like that. I had to use a rotating fleet of nylon leashes in order to not have to use a wet dirty leash on every walk. I grab this leash for every walk. The 10ft length is nice for allowing for some room to run while also not being a ridiculous amount of extra leash when close heels etc. Even when swirling around other dogs feet, the material is not inclined to knot. I have been using it for 2 weeks and it is holding up great, but I could not allow my dog to chew on it. I would like it to be black, but the pink is pretty cool.

👤My dog was on a 30ft leash for 8 months. Our old one started getting weakened from repeated rain exposure, so we needed a waterproof replacement. I was wrong to think this would be a great replacement. We tried it outside today. Within 15 minutes, it fell apart. I don't know what material this is, but it is flimsy. Our previous leash lasted 8 months, but this one lasted 15 minutes. If you are using it to train your dog in a public place, it is very dangerous. They could easily get loose due to the faulty craftsmanship. There is another leash option.

👤I really wanted to like this leash. I was able to get it shipped quickly despite the current delay. I loved the bright yellow. I thought I would give it a try after reading reviews that it was durable. I was using it to keep a puppy on a leash. It was great to be able to use soap and water to wash it off. I needed something that I could easily clean to replace a rope leash that had a little too much stretch, and it got so dirty I needed something that I could easily clean. It's a great product for someone who has a dog that doesn't chew on leashes. The puppy teeth went right through it, after 5 seconds of chewing, after I was on a video call, this is a 3 month old puppy. If your dog chews on a leash, it won't hold up. Why are you two stars? The hardware was very good and appeared very durable, but the leash material was the exception. I expected this leash to last at least a couple seconds of chewing, but it was easy to chew through and the coating came off, which could have been a hazard. If your dog does not chew leashes, it is still a good leash. When you need to keep a dog on a leash at all times, plastic leashes such as this one are amazing. They're easy to clean, and don't encourage pulling. Since this one was so easy to chew through, I will not be getting another one until she is older. I will be getting a plastic coated cable leash to stop her from chewing through it, and give me enough time to correct her before it is destroyed.

2. LSPDIU Comfortable Reflective Training Camping

LSPDIU Comfortable Reflective Training Camping

The dog leash is made of nylon braid with highly stitched joints and rubber sleeves. The upgraded version of the soft grip will not cause burns and can be used for walking the dog. The dog can not escape if the rope is entangled, so the strong lock will not fall off of the dog. Highly reflective lines are both safe and eye-catching with dogs on night walks. This rope is a great outdoor training rope and you can buy it as a gift for your friend.

Brand: Lspdiu

👤Why would you put a substandard hook on a heavy duty leash?

👤My dog is not allowed to be off leash in the snow. He can not run around and do the zoomies. I wrapped it around the tree because of the weather forecast. He flew around a tree after the line went tight, but he knew how much room he had to run around afterwords. Did zoomies and played fetch. Will be playing when it gets warmer.

👤I was looking for a leash that didn't get tangled and tie into knots all the time. It is easy to unknot when it gets one. The handle is very soft. The strength of the leash is unimportant because I have a small dog. I don't know how it would work with a bigger dog, but I like it. 5 out of 5 stars.

👤I use this leash to walk my husky mix 4 - 5 times daily. I liked the length. Toby took off after we startled the rabbit. If you don't want to lose your dog, don't buy this.

👤The product was shipped on time and as advertised. If you are at full extension of 15 feet, we have a strong puller that is rough on your hands.

👤It is paracord. The black pieces cover the sewing work but they slip and slide all over the place, exposing the weak points. Not worth the money.

👤Medium quality is what this leash is. We'll see how long it lasts.

3. Mycicy Reflective Braided Training Exploring

Mycicy Reflective Braided Training Exploring

The woven design of the leash is comfortable to hold, light weight and weather proof. The padded handle rope dog leash will not hurt your arm from your dog pulling too hard while still helping you maintain a tight hold on your furry companion. The reflective stitching in the webbing will help your dog see at night. The clasp is made of metal and has a snap. The leash can be twisted and the dog gets tangled. Premium components are suitable for small dogs. It's perfect for daily use, walking, jogging, running, camping, and hiking. Medium to large dogs, and extra large dogs are suitable for. They love animals so they give them the best. Mycicy was specialized in pet supplies. If you don't like it, please let them know and they will be here to help you.

Brand: Mycicy

👤The leash is high quality. I was not happy with the cheap ones at the store. The leash that I was using would eventually break. I've gone through many before finding something better. The looks and feel of the braided leash are very high. I am very satisfied with the purchase of the 6 ft version. I've been using it for about a month. I didn't know I needed the reflective strips. I feel better after walking after sundown. No more rope burn is welcome with the padded handle. This is the one that you should look for.

👤I bought a leash for my girl. The length is comfortable and it was of good quality. She was attacked by an aggressive dog. The clasp broke when I tried to restrain her. Not good in the middle of a fight. I think the one I got had a defect, I don't think this is a widespread problem with this product. Test your leashes and collars before you go out. Attach the collar and leash to the fence post or tree and put your weight against it. I will not use them on my partner if one of them fails the test. She means a lot to me. She is 80 years old. Not a runner or prone to bolt after animals. If yours is, you should test these items before using them. It might save your life. I had a costly vet bill. The owner of the other dog has agreed to repay the vet bills. Take care of your pets. They rely on us. Thanks.

👤I've had this leash for over a year and it has held up well until tonight when, as my dog was rolling around on the grass, the clip that goes on to her harness snapped free of the leash. She could have run into the street if she was a poorly trained dog. She didn't. I thought this one would be just as reliable as my other leashes. Not true.

👤This review applies to the Hi-Vis vest, Leash and Dog vest, all seen in photos. This review applies to all three of them, they all work great and were purchased from different sellers. I go on late night walks with our dog whenever it is dark outside. I have been doing this with a head lamp and a light on my back for the past 2 months. I decided to purchase some hi-vis equipment to keep myself and our dog safe. I saw a difference on the night of the first night. Our road is a country road that people use as a pass-through/ short cut to the main road, and all cars have been slowing down at least 1/2 mile away. I can see the cars slowing down when their lights hit the strips. Cars on the same side and myself and our dog have been moving over to the other side of the road to avoid us. I purchased all of these before this happened. I recommend all three of these to anyone who is looking to be seen during the night.

4. Jackpet Training Medium Backyard Camping

Jackpet Training Medium Backyard Camping

It is made with 1 inch width nylon. The easy off hook makes securing the leash to the harness easy. Control of your pet is provided. The design is strengthened by nylon stitching. It will fit any body perfectly. They are waiting to help you and your pet with their needs.

Brand: Jackpet

👤Any dog with strength over 20 lbs can easily break the small metal latch. It's sad that a metal latch can't hold up to the strength of large dogs. I don't recommend anyone with a large dog. I replaced the small metal latch with a sturdy metal one.

👤I was looking for a wide leash that was easy to grip, and this was a great pick. I have a long leash that I can use to let my puppy run a little and train him.

👤The package looked great at first glance. I tried to use it and found the handle was small. I couldn't get it over my thumb because I only had 4 fingers. I have small hands for a man and this thing was too small for me. It would only fit children.

👤Happy customers. The dog is happy and we like the leash.

👤The leash is well made. The clasp is easy to use. The blue and peacock collar are very similar.

👤Excellent build quality and additional length allow more flexibility when playing outdoors.

5. 10ft Dog Leash Chew Proof

10ft Dog Leash Chew Proof

If you have any questions, you can email them. The 10 feet long is great for diary use and can handle up to 850 lbs of force. The cable dog leash made of steel galvanized material is great for large dogs. Residual dominance: The cable reflects light at night or in low light, making it safer for dogs. The Circle-Screw Buckle is strong and has a locking mechanism. Soft hands. The padded handle has a good grip and won't burn your hand. The reflective stripe on the handle provides safety for you and your pet.

Brand: Mihachi

👤This leash was purchased to replace a sturdy leash that my dog chewed through while not being supervised, and I really believe that she is not going to chew through this one. I read two reviews that said the dog chewed the black plastic connection covers, but when used as a leash, there's no way for the dog to reach them. The carabiner latch is too small and it's my only problem with this leash. It's reasonable to think that it would be used with large dogs. The dog collar has heavy D rings. It's difficult and clumsy to hook it to the collar because it's so small. The problem was solved by buying a carabiner for the leash. I only use it when the dog has to be secured in a parked car when the tail gate is raised. The overall rating of four stars is unfortunate because this is a 5 star leash, but it is due to this.

👤I replaced the handle with a leather one. I cut off the caribeaner because it was cheap and weak. I replaced it with a caribeaner that works well. The cable is the only good part.

👤Our dog chews everything, even a tv remote. I didn't realize it was plastic when she chewed through it. I removed the leash. She has started chewing through the plastic tubing around the metal part of the leash. I would have bought something else if I had known it was plastic because it is a choking hazard.

👤The dog hook is large. My dog is German Shepherd. I would never get a hook of this drink. I put on a small dog hook after removing it. There is a second baseball. No. The dog should beROTATED around you. You had to remove your had from the testicles. This was changed by me by adding a sewer connection between the new dog and the old dog. This Lash was not planned out very early. A 300LB dog hook and a 75LB dog hook. The person has hands. There is a plan for really pear licking. I know. I could have sent it back. I had to change the design of the fountain.

👤Our terrier mix can not chew through it. The carabiner clip is not as easy as a clip style leash. The carabiner clip is well made. The leash is not very reflective and the handle strap is very reflective. The PetSafe 3 in 1 harness is reflective, but the leash is not bright at night. If you have an aggressive chewer, I would recommend it.

👤The cable is good for my dog. The carabiner is not a twist lock as shown in the picture, it's a sliding lock, which comes loose. The handle is comfortable and the cable is perfect. The carabiner is small for me so I replaced it with my own twist lock carabiner.

👤I can't imagine this happening to a dog. I think that the cable could be used as a tow strap to help the little blond girl stuck in the sand on the beach because she didn't realize that her Jeep was a 4 wheel drive. There is only one thing missing from this leash. If the dog gets excited from sniffing too much and starts to twist and turn, the leash will bind up and you will have to hold it for her. If you want this one, I suggest you order a swivel and snap it into the end. You don't have to deal with the headaches of untwisting it all the time.

6. TAIDA Durable Walking Training Exploring

TAIDA Durable Walking Training Exploring

Medium large dogs can be difficult to control with nylon webbing material. A long dog leash gives your dog more room to explore. The strength is increased by the inch width. A good quality metal hook can be used to quickly release and connect to a collar. There are many options for use of their 10 feet dog leash. The dog leash and collar are sold separately, as is the dog seat belt.

Brand: Taida

👤Is it strong durable? I was expecting a heavier duty leash after receiving it, but I don't know if I will keep it. I like the 10 ft length of the snap, but I would not trust it for daily use, and I'm considering keeping it as a spare to keep in a vehicle for occasional use. The black leash is from a local pet supply store.

👤I followed Zak George's advice to clip the dog to you. This leash is great for that. It has an extra 2 feet so you can clip it and hold the leash if your dog bolts. I have never had it happen. It could. 6 feet is too short. I like my dog to explore but not get hit by cars. This is perfect for me. The leash is thick and durable, and not like those thin leashes. I recommend it.

👤I've tried many leashes from Amazon, but this one is the best I've ever ordered. I have had a lot of problems with the leashes I've bought off Amazon. The leash is not broken yet. I have two incredibly strong dogs and over time the fabrics in the leash tend to start to pull apart, but this one has shown almost no issue with that. I have never had tangling issues with this issue. I'm not sure if it's the way the material is designed, but it's amazing. The clip is solid and doesn't show any weakness. It's a good length for a dog that is difficult to walk, as it's not too long but not too short. I recommend this product to anyone who is fed up with broken leashes.

👤I bought a longer leash to walk my dog on our property. She is a large dog and on a leash, she is a fence fighter with our neighbors dogs. The longer length allows me to work with her on leash training and to prevent her from fence fighting. I wouldn't use this leash for walking her outside. The leash does not seem strong enough for my peace of mind and I believe she would not be able to break it. I use a shorter leash for my walks. I believe she could chew through this leash in a second. It is a good value and seems to be well made. For a small dog it might be okay to take a walk.

👤I can only imagine what it was like to make this thing. I felt something on the leash that made my hands tingle. It's in the wash in the hopes that the slop will wash off.

👤When my dog puts tension on the lead, it tends to feel as if it will break. My dog is not on a leash. It works for what I use it for, but it wouldn't fit in my everyday work bag for training, and a larger dog could break it. I usually drop the leash before she does. A lot of simpler products were broken by her.

7. Petmegoo Strong Leash Medium Large

Petmegoo Strong Leash Medium Large

60 day return for 2 year warranty service. Your dogs should not chew the leash. Large breed and medium size dogs are best suited for the heavy duty dog leash. The foam hands are sufficiently dense. The soft padded foam handle will give you extra comfort, even though heavy duty dogs often pull you. Night safe reflective leashes for large breed dogs keep both you and your dog safe and visible for a night walk. The length is perfect. The 7.2oz and 5 foot long length is perfect for walking, running, or training because of it's balance between freedom and control. Harden metal clasp. The leash is made from a metal steel clasp. It's perfect for hikes or just a walk in the park.

Brand: Petmegoo

👤I can give honest reviews against a variety of other brands because I have been lucky to get multiple pet products. The leash is the perfect weight. I tested it on dogs. It is strong and light. When using two of these leads, there is little to no tangle. The handle is comfortable. You can attach items with a small clip near the handle. The color is vibrant. The material does not lose its color. 5 stars. I have been asked to add a star rating to my 5 star rating. The roof is a 1-5 stars. I will not fill this rating because my dogs are not chewers. 2. The stretch is composed of 1 to 5 stars. It has a decent bounce rebound. The rating is blank and appropriate for the leash. My rating is still 5 stars.

👤My first thought was, "Petme dog?" What a funny name. The hand grip is very comfortable and the leash looks very smart. Forget it as a training aid. This is best for a dog that knows how to walk on a leash. If your dog still likes to pull, and you have a nylon or leather leash, this will be a nice difference. This leash is thick and round, so it doesn't cut into your palm when walking. My dog thought the rubber grip was a toy, so I had to work with him to stop jumping up and trying to grab it. He ignored it once the novelty wore off and our first was underway. It felt more comfortable when he steered him back on track when he decided to pull in another direction. It is a good leash for walking the dog. My instincts were correct. My dog chewed the rubber handle when I left him alone. There were little rubber balls on the floor. You might want to wait until your dog stops chewing everything you own. It's still the most comfortable leash I've ever owned.

👤I'm happy that I bought this leash. I was unsure if it would be durable, but it is! I'm impressed. I bought this leash based on the color and padded handle. I just bought a new harness for my dog. I got a leash that was red and black. It saves my hands when my dog pulls.

👤A small dog would be ok with this leash. I have a 90 lbs bully and as soon as he pulled on it, it started coming apart. I don't care for the small and hard to deal with collar that you connect to, especially with an excited pup. The grip around the hand part was the only thing I liked about it. I would not recommend it unless you have a dog that is 20 lbs or less.

👤I wanted to give this leash some time before posting a review so that I could get a good picture of how well it works. This is one of the best leashes I've ever used. I'm training a six-month-old lab mix who has never been taught to wear a collar or walk on a leash. The leash has been very efficient in redirecting her to walk alongside me when she is wearing her harness, and it has just the right amount of tension. She can explore without the leash being pulled all of the time. It's nice to hold, and after a few minutes of walking with her, I forget it's there. I will let others know about this leash. There is a The leash has a thick ribbed foam tape handle to prevent rope burn if you hold it with your fingers or around your wrist. There is rubber around where the cord comes together at the handle and the hook has a petmegoo paw logo printed on it.

8. Mycicy Lightweight Durable Exploring 0 18lbs

Mycicy Lightweight Durable Exploring 0 18lbs

A 10 foot dog leash has a diameter of 1/3inch. 140g is all that is needed for this rope dog leash. The nylon rope and padded handle are great for small animals. Walking leash for small dogs. The leash is longer than the dog leash. This is a good length for a tall pet owner and a small dog to explore. The state of Colorado. 9 stylish colors are available in black, blue, red, purple, pink, orange, green, blueorange, and pinkgreen. There are male and female pets that are suitable. This is a great gift for your pets. There is a 2-year warranty on any problems.

Brand: Mycicy

👤The length makes it feel like he is not pulling, so I got this for my Bi dog. The handle is comfortable. I hold onto the rope part and it is sturdy, even though it feels longer than expected and I have to keep him close. I shortened the rope by creating a loop. The color is beautiful.

👤The rope is not as thick as I thought. It has a flexibility that makes me uncomfortable, like the poorly sewn loops are going to tear. The rope is coiling when you try to handle it, like an extension cord or a water hose, because the handle makes it hard to wrap around my wrist.

👤It is a strong leash. The handle is comfortable and the clip isn't broken even after my 65lb black lab tries to catch rabbits.

👤Good for small dogs who like to hike.

👤It seems ok. I think it will work out.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase. I have seen similar ropes at upscale pet stores.

9. Mi Metty Silicone Grip 【10 Transparent】

Mi Metty Silicone Grip %E3%80%9010 Transparent%E3%80%91

Mi Metty dog leash is made of 5mm diameter transparent coated wire rope and is perfect for large dogs up to 250 pound. The cable lead has a zinc alloy clip that rotates at any time, so the wire rope won't wind or knot. The handle is made of silicone. It's soft and comfortable and won't hurt your hand if your dog is large and strong. The size is 10 feet. It's long enough for you to take your dog for a walk. Light weight,anit rust, easy to clean, anti chewing are some of the qualities of the "Other Advantage".

Brand: Mi Metty

👤He chewed the metal brackets that were close to each other immediately after the cover was slid. It would be nice to have a permanent solution for covering these joints. The handle is not very comfortable but it does get the job done. The clip that connects to the collar is hard to use and awkward. It stays connected so that is a plus, but getting it on and off is difficult due to the design and how small the part inside is. I am 6 foot tall and this leash is perfect for me. The dog knows when the leash comes on and he doesn't try to chew it until the first pull back corrects him. I think it's a decent choice, but there is room for improvement.

👤It is one if those things look better on paper. It's nicely made. The handle is soft. If your dog chews the plastic over the cable, you will be responsible for some dental bills. It's funny. When you need to shorten the leash as you walk then you have to hold it with your hand. A shorter one is in order. I'll try to fix it. A reminder to all dog walkers. Cesar The Dog Whisper said don't let the dog walk out in front of you. Pack leaders are not being pulled.

👤It is a sturdy leash. It is slippery on the handle. The handle needs to be different.

👤We keep our dog on a leash because she's chewing through everything. I had to cut it off after she started chewing it. She swallowed some of the black plastic she got off the main line. It goes to the trash.

👤I bought it for my camping trip and it was very successful.

👤The spring on the buckle broke. Very disappointed. Didn't last long.

👤My dog won't be able to chew them.

👤The leash is light and easy to snap on. The handle could be a little more comfortable if it weren't for the great leash.

👤Muy maleable, difcil de romper, aunque los perritos se jalen mucho.

👤The leash seems to be standing against the dog. This is our 6th leash in a year and we hope it lasts for awhile. The handle is a bit uncomfortable but she can not chew it.

10. DOYOO Leash Thick Durable Nylon

DOYOO Leash Thick Durable Nylon

The heavy duty leashes are made with the strongest 1/2 inch diameter rock climbing rope and are rustproof. Soft padded handles for a comfortable shock grip. The foam handle helps you maintain a firm grip even when your dog pulls hardly. Enjoy the walk with your dog and protect your hand from rope burn. Highly reflective threads dog leashes keep you safe and visible at night. 10 ft is a perfect length for walking, running or training that reaches a balance between control and safety, giving enough comfort and freedom to your dogs. Silicone collapsible bowl and poop bags dispensers are included.

Brand: Doyoo

👤These are light and comfortable to use, so they are good for long walks. If I need to bring the pups closer to the walkers, I can coil them easily. The rubber part covering the connection areas never stays put, so I marked them down one star. I have a feeling that will eventually affect their durability. They are good leashes at a great price. I would buy them again for my foster pups.

👤My golden is 60 pounds. It is a good length and has some stretch to it. The handle is comfortable. I don't recommend this for large dogs unless they are very calm. I don't think this will hold if he were to try and take off after something, he still pulls quite a bit. The stitching is starting to pull apart after one walk. The cap was covering the stitching for 5 minutes. I will update if it holds up. I will be looking for a more durable leash for my dog. A calm and well behaved dog is great.

👤Two leashes with a clip. A portable bowl and poop bag container is a bonus. For training and walking. The grip is comfortable. Thank god, he is beyond chew stage. He is strong. Will check to see if they hold up. One should be kept in the car for daily use. Good length is needed for training events. Great colors. Great price! Not too thin or thick. They don't seem to fall apart, but we will see. The Aussie weighs 50lb and has a shoulder measurement of 20 lbs. Highly recommend.

👤I have a 80 pound pit who uses one of these and does well on it, despite being a tugger. My small shepherd mix does well on it. They are light for my dogs and feel great in my hands. The colors reflect light at night for safety. The colors are bright. I've ordered four of them and they are absolutely gorgeous. The bowls were a bonus. There is a poop bag.

👤If your dog is interested in chewing on things, be careful with this leash. There are two rubber sleeve things and a foam handle cover. I keep my dog on a leash most of the day because he is in training. I can practice commands with him. I removed the foam from the handle because I was concerned he would chew, but there are two rubber sleeve things that cover the handle and clasp. I realized I needed to take them off after my dog chewed it up but did not completely devour it. My dog vomited and became very sick about an hour later. He vomited some rubber. He couldn't even hold water after it irritated his stomach. We had X-rays and he was ok, but just beware. I don't think any of the pieces were so large that it would have been an issue. I have never had a dog react like this.

👤Overall happy with these. The leash was expected to be more durable. If I allow the dog to use the full slack of the leash and then he gets closer, it's going to start to wear out, which is already happening after a month of use. I have been shortening the leash to avoid this. I like the padded handle, but I expected the rope to be more durable.

11. NTR Training Reflective Lockable Comfortable

NTR Training Reflective Lockable Comfortable

The lockable hook for medium dogs has a locked clasp with high grade zinc alloy and is lightweight to make sure that the clasp of the rope leash is secure and will not open unexpectedly. The handle of the long leash is made of a soft and sturdy EVA which protects your hand from rope burn, and will afford you and your dog many enjoyable walks together hassle-free. The heavy duty reflective dog leash has reflective thread sewn along the length of the leash to help visibility at night in front of approaching vehicles with headlights on. Allow for total control of your puppy or dog and also allow it to do its business. Rope leashes for all breed dogs are available in black, green, and blue. The diameter of 1/3 inch is small enough to meet small animals. The diameter of the leashes is the best choice for large dogs. The perfect outdoor dog cord is 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet. Large dog leash for outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, training, hunting, backyard, beach, mountain climbing, walking, running, and so on. You can take your pets on all sorts of adventures now.

Brand: Ntr

👤So far, so good. When I ordered this, I was skeptical. I've been making my own for a long time. I won't be making any more. My dog is a strong 90lb Irish Red And White Setter. The lead is strong. The handle is comfortable. If I needed to, I would buy this again.

👤I bought this for my doberman to go hiking and over a few modifications. If I needed to stop my dog before she got up to full speed, I could do it without shredding my hands. Minimum double knots or a serrated slick line is what you need to check your hands up faster. The carabiner type lock is cheap and I don't have a lot of faith in it. It's the perfect length for my dog to explore the sides of the trail, it gives the pair of us some buffer when going up or down rockier parts, and can be tied to one's waist to be hands free for a moment.

👤I use a 70 lbs pitbull to take him out to use the restroom on my ground floor patio because he is socially challenged with other dogs, but the leash keeps him in check and is strong enough to counter if he sees another dog. He's very strong and this leash is very durable. I've had it for a few months and it hasn't come undone. I definitely recommend this buy because I am worry free with it. Unless you have multiple dogs or your dog decides to chew it up, you will only have to buy one leash per lifetime. This product is very good.

👤When we got these leads a week ago, we loved them. They looked great. It snapped on one of my dogs. My dogs have flaws, but they are not any of theirs. He ran to the field after we moved and came back when called. I don't want to imagine what could have happened. It was terrifying.

👤I bought this lead for my 4mo pup and plan to hike with him off-leash. The lead is the most important tool to get him there. The 50-foot length allows me to work with commands in public places, like parks with grass, and to throw fetch toys with enough length to break into a good run. The stretch is perfect, not too much but enough so that the pup doesn't pull his neck when he reaches the end of his rope. It's nice to have a comfort handle, but it isn't necessary. The locking clip/hook gives me peace of mind. The product is perfect for puppy training.

👤The pictures show what it looks like. The rope is very sturdy and the color is beautiful. It is also very heavy because of being so sturdy. I carry it in a backpack. The piece that secures the hook in the D-ring could be a bit stronger. I wish it had a better mechanism. I haven't had an issue with it opening so far. Being a strong rope, be aware of your dog's movements. I have gotten rope burns on my arm and ankle, as well as a rope burn on my arm. It was very painful during the first week and it will take several weeks to heal. If you are going to sit down, make sure you wear high socks, pants, and long sleeves. As they run around and change directions, the rope with brush by you can be fast andabrasive. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.


What is the best product for dog leash large dogs 10ft?

Dog leash large dogs 10ft products from Nimble. In this article about dog leash large dogs 10ft you can see why people choose the product. Lspdiu and Mycicy are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leash large dogs 10ft.

What are the best brands for dog leash large dogs 10ft?

Nimble, Lspdiu and Mycicy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leash large dogs 10ft. Find the detail in this article. Jackpet, Mihachi and Taida are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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