Best Dog Leash for Small Dogs with Poop Bag Holder

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1. Dispenser Flashlight Carabiner Leak Proof Walking

Dispenser Flashlight Carabiner Leak Proof Walking

Perfect match with various types of poop bags. Garbage bags can be a problem when training dogs. The noise produced by the plastic dispensers will not be as annoying when walking. The dog poop bag has a built-in flashlight and 3 button cells. It's convenient to clean dog poop at night when you walk the dog. Each poop bag holder has a roll of 15 waste bags. The dog poop bags are made of PE material and are leak-proof. The environment should be kept clean. The dog poop bag is easy to carry with a black metal carabiner clip. The leash clip is used in the dog waste bag holder. The poop bag holder is the best choice when you walk your dog at night because of the combination of blue and gray. Enjoy walking and leisure time with your pet. 2 Pack poop bag dispensers with the led flashlight, 2 carabiner clips, and 2 roll of waste bags are what you can get. The poop bag's size is 12.8 x 8.8 inches. The bag holder has a width of 1.6 inches. 2 Pack poop bag dispensers with the led flashlight, 2 carabiner clips, and 2 roll of waste bags are what you can get. The poop bag's size is 12.8 x 8.8 inches. The bag holder has a width of 1.6 inches.

Brand: Eliamo

👤I enjoy using the light for early morning or late evening walks and have been using them for a couple of months. You can get standard size poop bags at dollar tree for a buck, so you're not stuck buying bags that only fit this holder. I used the little potty bag carriers that looked like a bone, but they are double the size and hold up to abuse, so they are not as durable. My dog likes to pull when he's on a leash and the other dogs would slap into something and leave my bag rolling as it hit the ground. I'm happy to say that hasn't happened with these, and I don't anticipate it happening in the future. $10 is a great value.

👤If you have a dog like mine, the flashlight comes in handy. He can leave his pile on a sunny day. He will take a deuce at 9pm once it is dark. What is he going to do now? I'm prepared for dark captures now. As he goes, I shine a spotlight on him. I don't have to look for things anymore. There's nothing worse than looking for poo in the dark. It's a great buy and comes with a backup so you don't need help.

👤The concept and price are great, but only one of the two works is worth anything. The batteries were in one of the units. I ordered new batteries but they wouldn't work. Happy with the one that works so won't return, but other reviews show bad batteries.

👤I absolutely adore this idea. The flashlight was useful for walking. I flashed it on to find the poop. It was much easier to use the flashlight feature on my phone in the winter when I am bundled with coat and gloves. The problem for me is that dog leashes don't get handled gently. They fall off wall hooks, the dog drags it, it is thrown into the car, and an inexpensive flashlight cannot survive even one of those. Hats off to the great idea, but it's not practical. Within a couple of weeks, the flashlight broke.

👤It worked well for a few days when I opened it. The button was easy to press and the light was bright. I was happy with it until it stopped working with my dog. I had to use the light on my phone because I couldn't use my coat pocket with my mittens on. I tried changing the batteries, but they didn't work again. I can't return it since I threw it away. A big waste of money.

👤The flashlight is bright and perfect for after dark walks. The bags that come inside are of the highest quality. Even though your phone has a flashlight, this is much easier to maneuver hanging off of a leash, while you try to find and pick up the poop!

👤I was so excited when I first used it, it worked great. After that, the button wouldn't turn on, and then it wouldn't work for a couple hours when I wasn't using it. I would just look at the light. The bags fell out of the ground when the two pieces came apart. It was hard to make sure my puppy was safe as he transitioned from the car. This is not a bag holder.

2. Pogis Poop Bag Dispenser Earth Friendly

Pogis Poop Bag Dispenser Earth Friendly

It is easy to use and easy to take. The large pet waste bag is designed to fit all dogs and cats and has a hook for easily removing a bag from the roll. Their poop bags are thick enough to make sure there are no messes, and large enough to fit the largest dogs. Attaching the Metal Carabiner Clip + Hook & loop Fastener to your leash is secure. Smoothly detaches from roll and features a marked opening side. Fresh scent helps to lock in odors. Pogi's handy poop bag holder has 15 dog poop bags. Pogi's handy poop bag holder has 15 dog poop bags.

Brand: Pogi's Pet Supplies

👤It broke in less than a month carrying poop bags for our cavachon, but it doesn't qualify for returning. It breaks if you drop it. Too bad. I suppose this was built to be used as a display piece, but one would expect their product testers to anticipate such treatment. I will put it in a shadow box or a display cabinet if I order another.

👤The product is very good with a great price. This holder looks secure. I've dealt with cheap ones that are free when you buy the poop bags. They are fragile and hard to open. My bags were bought on Amazon. The bags are easy to refill. All you have to do is take the old one out and put the new one in. This one is convenient because it requires you to open it to get to the bags. I paid $12 for this one, but I believe I bought it from a Petco. I use that one on the leash in my car. I wanted another one for my other dog. I'm confident that this one will last, and it's easy and stress-free to use, since all of the cheap ones were annoying and kept breaking.

👤The opening to pull the bags through is large enough to make it easy to pull a bag out when you need it, and the product is nicely made. The dog leash is attached to the dispenser with a strap and a harbinger. I use an extension-a-leash, but the harbinger was too small to go around the leash handle, but the strap worked great. I was able to pull the leash with the strap. It doesn't hang down very far. I would recommend this to everyone, and I would order it again. Very happy with it.

👤Trying to keep the cap on the holder is an exercise in frustration. It has fallen off several times. There are two things that happen when it falls off. 1. You realize that your roll of bags is completely on the sidewalk. 2. You have to backtrack for up to a half mile. We love the Pogi bags and have used them for years. We have never found a good holder after the initial holders cracked and fell apart. We are resigned to having a few bags in our pocket.

👤Great bags! It's easy to open the post-consumer cardboard core. It is easy to grip and doesn't slip in your hand. There is a The Pogi's poop bag dispensers are large, leak-proof, and Earth-friendly. If you use a key ring, you'll be able to hook the leash open if it twists up. The metal loop keeps the dispensers parallel to the ground. I have a 7 year old, 60 lbs, American Staffordshire Terrier named Amstaff, who they bags 'accommodate' her waste, and with length left no protect your hand and tie easily.

👤I bought this for my golden retriever puppy. He is 6 months old. My 7 year old son and his cousins have walked our puppy and dropped the leash, let the bone dispensers drag and bang all over the pavement, and even caught between a lawn chairs. It is still intact! The bags smell great and don't feel like plastic. They were easy to tear apart. Installation of new bags is simple, you just need to remove one end and meet the small inner pegs with the cardboard inside the new roll to hold in place. Bag rolls are too thick in some reviews. You need a 15ct roll to fit inside the bone.

3. Pack Poop Holder Leash Attachment

Pack Poop Holder Leash Attachment

2 Pack poop bag dispensers with the led flashlight, 2 carabiner clips, and 2 roll of waste bags are what you can get. The poop bag's size is 12.8 x 8.8 inches. The bag holder has a width of 1.6 inches. Walking without a leash. A leash attachment for your dog. Without carrying the unused dog poop bags on hand, I enjoy hand free walking. The set includes 2 dog poop bag dispensers and 2 dog poop bag carriers/holders. There is a poop bag dispensers. Premium Oxford fabric is more wear resistant and waterproof. A big enough room to hold a roll of dog poop bags, money, keys, and even dog treats. There is a hole in the middle for pulling out bags. Just put everything you need in this bag and enjoy your outing. Attach to Leash. The bag can be attached to any leash, harness, waist or running belt with a hook and loop. You can clip the bag on backpack, pocket, or on the leash with a durable clip on the bag. A dog bag carrier. Give you a walking stick. When walking a dog, there is no need to carry the poop bags with you. Carry at least 2 wasted bags. It is easy to clip to the poop bag or the leash. It is easy to use. The dog poop bag carrier is made of steel. You can use it for a long time. It is very easy to use. Tie a knot in the poop bags. The metal holder has a knot on it. Begin your walking time! It is easy to use. The dog poop bag carrier is made of steel. You can use it for a long time. It is very easy to use. Tie a knot in the poop bags. The metal holder has a knot on it. Begin your walking time!

Brand: Hilihali

👤It was perfect! The clip and straps keep it from dangling and from walking on your arm, and the clip ensures it won't slide down your leash. The bag dispensers have the right amount of tension. The bags won't slide out on their own, and you won't have to pull out a bag when you need it. The pouch is large enough to hold two rolls of bags or a roll of bags and a small set of keys. I use it to store pepper spray that I carry with me on our walks. The holder for used poo bags is small. I don't like carrying around a stinky bag of poo, so this gets it out of my hands until we get home.

👤Since the plastic ones keep breaking, I decided to try these. They were a little more expensive, but so far so good. I like that they can attach the leash to the long side so it doesn't hang off from a clip. The pieces that attach the leash are cheap. I don't plan to take it off often. I hope they hold up. The bag material behind the bag is cut into an 'x' and the hole where the bags come out is plastic. The plastic front piece can easily be unrave since it has no back. It's a good size in that it holds more than an average roll of replacement bags and a single key, and it's also possible to put an ID in it. The metal bone used bag holder works well. It's heavy on a leash. I attach it to my dog's collar, but that doesn't work when you have to use it. It is solid metal and doesn't have sharp edges. Overall, a good purchase. Hopefully it will hold up.

👤I have to rely on the hooks to attach the leash because the velcro on the dispensers is not very effective. The plastic dispensers break if you accidentally drop the leash, so I like the egg shape dispensers more. The only problem with these dispensers is that it's hard to pull them out when you're down to the last few bags. I have to pull out the bag with the roll. The poop bag holders work well. I like not having to hold a dog when I walk. I haven't had any issues with the holder tearing bags, tearing clothes or damaging anything. The dispensers definitely don't hold well, but overall happy with both items.

👤I don't want to dock a whole star for this, but I have a hard time getting the bags to feed through the little hole. I'm not sure if others have the same problem. I think it will become less of a problem over time. The material seems strong. The clip function for hanging poop bags was useful to us. If my dog poops far away from the trash can, I just clip it on to the dispensers until we find a trash can. Trash cans are rare on the hiking trails.

4. Dispenser Flashlight Leak Proof Holder Carabiner

Dispenser Flashlight Leak Proof Holder Carabiner

Clear instructions have been posted. When you need to pick up the dog poop, the dog bag dispenser for leash has 3 button cells and anLED flashlight, which makes it convenient to walk the dog at night. There are 9 rolls of pet waste bags. There are 135 bags in 9 rolls. The bags are easy to tear off. When picking up poop, keep your hands clean. The carabiner clip can be fixed on your dog's leash, and it's a nice accessory when you go out with your dog. The lightweight dog waste bag is easy to carry. The dog poop bags are made from a material that is friendly to the environment and degrades quickly in an outdoor environment. Walk with your pet and care for the earth. The size of a single poop bag is about 12 feet by 8 feet. The bag holder has a width of 1.6 inches. The size of a single poop bag is about 12 feet by 8 feet. The bag holder has a width of 1.6 inches.

Brand: Eliamo

👤I bought it for a family member who lives in Florida. She complains that it is hard to see in the dark to pick up after her dog. She can use the light as a walking light. The bags are always useful and it fits on the leash. A great gift.

👤This item is the same as described. It's convenient to have the clean up bags handy. I would often forget to bring a bag and not be in a position to clean up after my dog when I need to. The problem was solved by attaching a bag dispenser to the leash. The flashlight is useful.

👤What I was looking for was price and function. The flashlight is useful. Right onto the leash. The D-ring is not very strong. I will still give it 5 stars. The dispensers are easy to load.

👤The flashlight is attached to the dispensers. It helps with pickup and keeps us visible at night.

5. Tuff Mutt Attachment Dispenser Lightweight

Tuff Mutt Attachment Dispenser Lightweight

There is a secure VELCRO ATTACHMENT. The bag can be attached to any leash, harness, waist or running belt. There are disorganized bags. The dispensers are convenient for pulling out bags one by one. It keeps your bags in place until you need to use another one. The poop bags are rated on the earth. Included: They are teaming up with Earth rated to give you more value with your order. It's much easier to get to your next outing with their dispensers that hold your poop bags and have room for a few small treats, cash or a light set of keys. The bag is lightweight and no bling, making it the perfect accessory to take on your adventures. You won't know it's there. The bag can be attached directly to the leash with the 2 strips of velcro. There is a lifetime guarantee. Buy with confidence. This will replace the cheap plastic dispensers that you own.

Brand: Tuff Mutt

👤So. The old bag fell apart. It was time. The cheap plastic ones were not durable enough for me. It had to not open. It had to be easy to load. It needed to be easy to swap out. I am asking a lot from a dog poop bag holder, but I am an American and we expect the best, so is a poop bag holder that doesn't suck too much to ask for? This poop bag holder answers the question. It zips up. The rubber bag iris is made of plastic. The bag is well made. I have two poop bags. I have two little Westies and you might think they don't poop, but they do. Too many bags is not such a thing. I like the tabs that attach the bag to the leash. The bag is held close to the leash by the generous tabs. Zero drag when you are running. It's very streamlined and compact, and I like how it doesn't hang andbump. The bag has a plastic d-ring if you want to avoid the tactical aspects and stealth profile. If you must, you could use it to hold keys. It was a great purchase. It is definitely approved by Doc Martin.

👤The bag holder is easy to attach and I like the design of the strip that keeps it out of the way. I had to exercise caution when using the green bags because they are thin and could potentially mess with my hands. I use AmazonBasics dog waste bags and they fit well in this holder. I received an email from the owner of the product within a day. I uploaded the images of the documents. I mentioned my observation on the delicacy of the included roll of bags when I received feedback from the owner. He wrote, "We know that those waste bags are cheap, and they do not reflect our brand quality." We will be replacing those with better quality bags very soon. Great product and great customer service. In March of 2016 I bought this item. Shipping was free with Amazon Prime.

👤It took less than six months for them to fall apart. I like the size of this dispensers, the neutral colors, and will say that it stays put on the leash perfectly- never shifted, slid, or flipped. The nylon is thin and stretchy. It held up well to the elements, but it could not hold up for a long time without bags tearing around the hole. This is not worth $13 because you will have to keep replacing. It was replaced with a lifestyle company. It is a little bigger than I would prefer, for those of you who like to keep a backup roll, keys, or treats, there is plenty of room. The material is a lot thicker than the TuffMutt, so it will hold up better in everyday use, but I prefer the size of the TuffMutt. It's not worth it to try the PL one.

👤I have had this for 4 years and they need tweaking. carabiners should be included in this style of bag dispensers. It is possible to MacGyver the Velcro, but it is not a substitute for what is actually attached to the D-ring. The rubber cross slit will break. It won't take long for it to happen. My first dog disintegrated in under a year, even with just one dog. I tried to save it, but she wasn't happy about it. I asked the sellers how their tuff mutt leash bag was. I saved the email and it was sent a replacement. The rubber dispensers held a little longer and didn't blow out as much. I was able to get it back to life, far superior to what I was sold, but a double stitch is just common sense. It has been fine, besides the two problems. There is never a problem with the zipper. The fabric is still. Customer service is great. There is a The bag holders are soft and fully attached. This may not be perfect, but it is better than most.

6. Wild One Dispenser Attachment Refills

Wild One Dispenser Attachment Refills

The elastic band that loops onto any leash, tote bag, or belt loop is the Wild One poop bag dispensers. It's perfect for hiking, walking, and running. A cap that twists off in no time is an easy way to Reload poop bags. There is no venison or lost bags in this location. The poop bag dispensers hold rolls in the center of the dispensers so they won't rattle around or get lost. All standard dog poop bags are compatible. The dog poop bag dispensers are designed to fit all standard poop bag rolls. It comes with one roll of Wild One's plant-based poop bags. All components of the poop bag dispensers are matched in color for a cool, consistent look for any style.

Brand: Wild One

👤The design of this dispensers is simple and efficient. Some of the others I've used have come off randomly. When I lost my other dispenser, I bought this one. I liked the color and price. It turned out to be a good purchase. I like the bags that came with it, but I don't see the need to buy them again in the near future. It's hard to find the dispensers at most grocery and convenience stores.

👤The poop bag holder is small. It works as it should. It would be much easier to get the bag quickly if there was an edge to tear the bags off. I like the sleek decision and feel of the holder and that it has a strap versus a clip to secure to the leash which gives more options of placement.

👤These fit the usual pet waste bags I order from anywhere and the attachment style makes it to where you can install it to any leash type, including the bulky handles on my retractable leashes.

👤Plastic and fabric were used in the holder-dispensers. One was chewed and the others broke inside, making it very difficult to get bags. This one is comfortable enough to be worn like a bracelet or attached to my dog's leash. It's nice to see that it's practical and sturdy. Like Jenny would say, recommend!

👤Exactly what we needed to keep our dogs on a leash. It came with a sleeve of bags. I would definitely buy again if needed. I am happy I bought this.

👤The design is simple and cute. It is easy to clean. I bought a second one in black to put with my puppies bag.

👤I was pleased with this product. The green brand poop bags are held well.

👤It's easy to swap the holder for a different leash. It holds the poop bag rolls. It was a great price and I love the color. I bought multiple.

7. EBLSE Retractable Dispenser Extendable Leashes

EBLSE Retractable Dispenser Extendable Leashes

If you are not completely satisfied with their dog poop bag holder, they will give you a full money back guarantee. If you have any issues, please contact BELLERATA and they will be happy to help you. The Leash is flexible. A tangle-free leash will give your pets more freedom to move around and will not make you feel like you're in the lead. The dog leash can be up to 16 feet long and last for up to a year without breaking. Large dogs up to 100 pounds, as well as small and medium dogs, can be controlled with this retractable leash. The leash outer case is made of strong nylon tape and a sturdy inner spring. Must-haves in your daily life. One handed brake, easy to pause and lock are easy to control. Your puppy can explore without restriction. Combining the waste bag dispensers with the dog tractor will let you enjoy walking with your dog. The grip is suitable for long time walking. A small voice when the leash is pulled. This dog training leash is guaranteed to be 100% satisfaction. You can return it for a replacement or a full refund if you have any problems. That means you can try it and not be at risk.

Brand: Eblse

👤Thia is a good quality leash. The attached bad dispensers is my favorite part. It doesn't get in the way of other leashes. If you have smaller hands and thumbs, the lock feature might be an issue.

👤It's good for small to medium size dogs up to 30 lbs.

👤The locking feature for the leash broke. Do not buy it.

👤I love the bag holder, it fits in my hand. Yes.

👤I like how this lease is small and meaty. The lock is firm and holds well, and it fits your hand nicely.

👤Ok product. The rope for leash is already ripping when the bag dispenser falls off.

👤I assumed my dog wouldn't chew through the leash because it was strong. My pomeranian chewed through the leash.

👤1 personne qui doit sortir de soir et mettre en lesse son chien. Is vivent en campagne donc moufette et d'autres petits amis. elle va diminue le risques du a l'ge...

👤I found it hard to use. The slide back and forth lock annoyed me. I bought a different lock after giving it away. The attached poop bag holder was very nice.

👤The price was great and the job was done well. The quality is average. The cord needs some help when it doesn't always come back up. I would buy the product again if this was a small complaint.

👤The poo bag holder can't stay because it twists and can't always go back in.

👤The Promenade, Pratique et ergonomique.

8. MalsiPree Dispenser Waste Holder Carrier

MalsiPree Dispenser Waste Holder Carrier

The pet waste dispensers have a hook at the bottom to carry used bags. The new dog poop bag dispensers add an alloy holder to hook the waste bag with feces or deposits, so you don't need to carry on your hand all the time when walking, running and hiking with your dog. The lightweight dog poop bag holder is secured by elastic straps and can be used to hold a leash or retractable leash. Keeping your bag out of the way. The poop bag holder made of thick waterproof fabric is ideal to make sure bags can be pulled out one by one smoothly. TheMalsiPree poop bag holder has more fix ways, including elastic attachment, long straps and a metal buckle. It can be fixed to a variety of objects. Perfect match with various types of poop bags. Garbage bags can be a problem when training dogs. The noise produced by the plastic dispensers will not be as annoying when walking. Perfect match with various types of poop bags. Garbage bags can be a problem when training dogs. The noise produced by the plastic dispensers will not be as annoying when walking.

Brand: Malsipree

👤I spent a lot of time reading reviews and researching poop bag holders. I'm glad I went with this one. It fits a roll. I was able to squeeze a small bottle of hand sanitizer because I needed it. I wanted to simplify my system and was tired of things dangling from my leash. I used a climbing rope leash and it was fine, but I moved it up to my handle and now my life is different. This poop bag holder is for you!

👤It seems to be the best way to carry poop bags when I walk my dog. I thought it was saying that you could put the used bag in a compartment. I was surprised by how small it is. I saw what it was after looking at the page again. Getting old can be dangerous. It always beats the alternative.

👤I've tried a lot of different bag dispensers and this one is my favorite. It has a lot of straps to hold it in place. It has a small clip to hold the bag. When you pull out a bag, it stays in the container. Even with gloves on, the bags come out easy. The only issue I have is that the zip ties don't stay completely closed. The bags are not at risk of falling out if it stays shut. I jog a bit during our walks. I bought two and got rid of the rest.

👤I tried three other hard-shell poop dispensers, all of which gave me trouble by randomly popping open or clattering loudly against the furniture whenever I dropped the leash. One made a soft but annoying squeak as it swung back and forth from the leash. I tried the "MalsiPree Dog poop bag dispensers" which was soft-sided and it was much better. It's lighter, quieter, and has elasticized tabs so it hugs the leash instead of swinging back and forth as you walk. I'm able to squeeze in a second roll of bags because it's flexible, which has already proven helpful twice when a roll ran out and my dog decided to "go" a second time. It's much quieter if you drop the leash or put it against furniture, as I often do when I'm sleepily heading out for an early morning dog walk. This one has a "star" opening that grips the bags better so they don't come spilling out too quickly or slip back inside the container where you can't get them, unlike the hard shell dispensers, which have a slit or a hole to feed the bag through. This one is simple and effective. The bag doesn't get "soggy" or become heavier in the rain because of the fabric's water repellence. I think it's perfect.

👤I got this because I liked the way it was attached to the leash and it wasn't swinging around when you walked your dog. I don't know if it's the bags I'm using or the holder, but the bags don't always work. Sometimes I have to open the door and feed it again. It's not a big deal, but can be annoying if you like convenience. The corners of the dispensers are already getting holes after about a month of use. If we're not careful, I don't think this will last for more than a year. Not a bad purchase but not perfect either.

9. Poop Bag Dispenser Holder

Poop Bag Dispenser Holder

The dog waste bag dispensers pouch is a great gift. Sturdy and durable design is what it is. The G.A.S heavy duty dog poop bag holder is designed to be long- lasting and sustainable, which is why it's so popular. Their poop bag dispensers are made from thick, sturdy cotton canvas fabric, rust proof metal hardware, a metal clip and strong zip, and they are designed to last. There is space for keys and treats. The poop bag holder can hold more than one roll of poop bags. You will have plenty of space in the holder to keep a key and treats. Attaching to most standard and retractable leashes and harness. The bags are disorderly. The dog poop bag holders they have designed have the perfect size hole for easy use. They think they have found the perfect size. Large enough to let bags out, but small enough to stop them falling out on their own. Their 100% back to nature promise includes no rubber or plastic surrounds that catch on the bag, which is why you'll notice it. The pack includes a free roll of 15 of their top selling dog poop bags. These bags have been a top seller on Amazon for almost 3 years and they know you will love them. They are a great companion to your new poop bags holder. It's their mission to bring you high-quality dog supplies that can go back to nature. They don't use plastic in their production. The dog waste bag holder doesn't have any nylon, or other trash in it. They are big believers in the power of charity to change the world. 10% of their profits go to the Soi Dog foundation. Do you want to help us? Become a part of the team by adding to the cart. It's their mission to bring you high-quality dog supplies that can go back to nature. They don't use plastic in their production. The dog waste bag holder doesn't have any nylon, or other trash in it. They are big believers in the power of charity to change the world. 10% of their profits go to the Soi Dog foundation. Do you want to help us? Become a part of the team by adding to the cart.

Brand: G.a.s

👤This is the best poop bag holder I've ever purchased. The clip is sturdy and useful. The canvas is a nice quality and the bag pulls out from the bottom very easily.

👤I can't say how many poop bag holders don't come back from walk or come back whole. I don't know what my husband is doing, but poop bag holders get destroyed or lost at an alarming rate. Not this one! It's one piece, so there's no chance of it falling apart. The connections are made of metal and clip. It's worth the extra effort to have the holder come back from walks, even if it's a tiny bit tricky to load the first bag. It's a great price and they fit a lot of bags.

👤This is a perfect match for the GAS poop bags. The friendly stuff is good for the environment and also made the right way. The zip/latches are of high quality. Finally! So over cheap stuff. The stitching is sturdy and they operate smoothly. You can use the latch to loop around to the opposite ring. It can be attached to a leash. The hole that the bags are put in is snug and nice, so it doesn't move back into the dispensers and make you dig it back out again. It was perfect. The packaging makes for a fun gift. My friend is going to get her first fur baby and I ordered one for her too. A gem of a product that is all the boxes, including some of my money going to the soi dog foundation. I love it!

👤I will not buy another plastic egg. The dispensers are made of durable, well made, and not made of plastic for those of us who prefer not to use plastic products. There were reviews that critiqued the process of removing a bag. The slot at the bottom of the dispensers is very narrow. I just cut a couple of stitches at each end and it works. The integrity of the dispensers stitching was not compromised by cutting the two stitches on either side. Well designed product!

👤It is too heavy for a small leash. A carabiner would be better than a small cable piece for attaching it to. If you don't have a retractable leash, the clip won't fit and it would weigh the leash down. The bag is well designed. I didn't care for the weight or the attachment of the leash. Only the poo bags fit.

👤The poop bag holder is very sturdy and convenient to use. It is difficult to load, that's the only knock. It is difficult to thread the bags through the opening because it is small. I have been using this poop bag holder for a month now and I am satisfied with its performance.

👤Excellent quality. I bought a set of keys. It has a metal clip. It is durable. There's a small hole to feed bags. It's pretty neat! The bag can be used to hold keys and other items, even though it is small. There is room for a single house key or something small with the poop bags inside.

10. Dispenser Carabiner Attachment Durable Treats WEKEY

Dispenser Carabiner Attachment Durable Treats WEKEY

6 ft length and 1/3” width are suitable for the small and medium-sized dog. Your pet can walk in a pleasant space. The dog poop bag holder is a great design that fits both treats and bags. The front pouch can hold 2 rolls of dog poop so you don't have to worry about running out. The back pouch is a good place to keep your puppy's treats. It is also suitable for cash, card, or tissue if needed. It's a great choice to easily clean up messes and carry dog treats for going outside. It's easy to access the leash with the carabiner and Velcro attached. Attach the poop bag to the leash by hooking it to the ring at the handle, or by using the two straps that attach to the leash itself. If you use both, it would be better. There are many ways to wear your equipment. It is sturdy around the leash and won't hit your hand. The bag dispensers section is easy to pull out and set up. There's no need to worry about droppings when there's no trash can. The rubber opening for the bags is great when you want to pull out a bag with one hand. The treat section can keep dry treats in perfect condition. Two rolls of dog poop waste bags are included in the package, along with two dog poop holders with carabiners. Two packs are good for interchange use. The bag dispensers would help you keep your dog clean and keep yourself clean. The inner layer of the puppy is made of a quality material and has extra resistance to wear and tear. It includes two rolls of bags and 15 PCS bags per roll. If you have a complaint, please contact them and they will try to make it right. The inner layer of the puppy is made of a quality material and has extra resistance to wear and tear. It includes two rolls of bags and 15 PCS bags per roll. If you have a complaint, please contact them and they will try to make it right.

Brand: Wekey

👤The poop bag holder appears to be well made. I keep the poop bags in my pocket because I don't like the plastic holder that comes with them. The holder works better. The holder has two zip-up compartments. One roll is included with each holder, and the smaller, front compartment holds the poop bag roll. It takes a bit of work to get the first poop bag through the opening, but it is doable since you only need to do that for the first bag in a roll. The second compartment has a small section that could hold a few keys. The larger section could hold more than one thing. Also, etc. You can attach the holder to your leash with either a clip or two velcro attachments. I found that the velcro worked better with my leash. The pictures show a bag that is not as big as it actually is, but the images show a bag that is much bigger. I don't want something large hanging from the leash, so I like the actual size. A good deal for 2 poop bag holders with 2 poop bag rolls.

👤There are two poop bag holders that are shaped like backpacks. There is a roll of tiny bags on one side and a poop area on the other side that can hold an additional roll of poop bags. There is a hook on each holder to hook this onto a belt loop or leash. The leash can be secured to the holder with the straps. The thick leashes hold well, but the small ones will slip around on the Velcro. The included poop bags are not easy to open. It is important to lay the roll of bags across the bottom of the holder so that they don't fall off. The poop bag dispensers are in the shape of a backpack. The double compartment design holds a backup roll. The current price is pricey at $7 per holder.

👤There is a set of 2 poop bag holders. A cute backpack style with a front pouch for the current poop bags and another compartment for additional poop bags, treats, or small things like lipgloss, a key etc. This is a good design. I like the features on the bigger side of traditional holders. Amazon will donate to your favorite charity. Amazon will donate to the charity of your choice when you make a qualified purchase if you use Amazon Smile. You can check out how Amazon Smile works at My shopping is going to Unravel, at no cost to me. Unravel is a nonprofit organization working to spread knowledge about the grim realities of cancer in children. The money raised by Unravel will go to the fight against cancer.

👤These are very cute. They will have a spare roll. I like that. I need more when I pull the last bag out of the holder. The bags are included with the holders. I have a large dog and a thick leash. The clip will not fit around it. The weight of the leash made it feel odd to me and my dog. She looked back as if it was pulling on her. I couldn't use it as a treat bag. Her treats are too large to fit in the bags. The bags are fed out of the hole. Sometimes it does. It tears off without the next bag feeding through, and I have to feed the bags through the feeders again. 4 stars. The bag should be attached to the leash handle. I am still adjusting to the weight. Regular holders make feeding bags easier.

11. TwoEar Retractable Dispenser Reflective Anti Slip

TwoEar Retractable Dispenser Reflective Anti Slip

Heavy Duty and Durable. Extra-small and small dogs and cats can use this retractable leash. There is a scratch-free material housing and strong nylon tape. The coil spring is top quality. One hand operation is easy to use. The button is easy to operate with your thumb. Excellent for running with your dog. Highly reflective material in black tape ensures the safety and visibility of you and dog when walking at night. The design is anti-twist and can be smoothly released and retracted at any angle. The anti-slip grip made of upgrade soft material makes it more comfortable for long walking or running. There is a free bonus and no risk to order. They give 30 days money back without any reason. They are sure your dog will love it.

Brand: Twoear

👤Woody is sixteen years old and mostly blind, so he sleeps a lot, but I take him for a walk at least once a day to keep him active. If he is serious about following a smell, then he can tug and go on his way because this leash gently rolls itself up, which helps him know where to go. The bag attachment is something I love. If he does his business in a neighbor's yard, I always have a bag. The bags are sturdy and do not break open if you grab grass. I recommend this leash and attachment. Excellent product.

👤I love this leash. This is the third retractable leash that I have purchased. I have always complained about how big or heavy the handle is, but I never considered a smaller option. I didn't want to take the giant blue one in the picture after taking my dogs regular non retractable leash to the park. I was so embarrassed that I forgot her poop bags. This made me want to go to Amazon right away. I found this gem. It fits my hand better and locks and unlocks very easily. The length of this leash is perfect for my dog, who is used to walking next to my feet.

👤The product is of good quality. I would recommend it. The money is worth it and it is the same as the picture. It is even better than the ones at the store.

👤It works better than the one I owned before. It doesn't feel cheap.

👤I have a dog. If she bolts after a squirrel, she almost takes me off my feet. She is a tank. We chose her size because she ripped her last retractable leash. I bought a large leash that says it can handle up to a 120-pound dog. So far, so good. The lock on the leash is different from the last one. I like the bright green. I can always find it.

👤I was a little concerned when I read the reviews, but it was fine. It is a great value and I have used it a few times.

👤It is pretty large. I forgot to pick the size. It came in perfect conditions.

👤I used it for the first time. I have a dog. This is not a giant dog tugging on it. It's complete waste of money.

👤My puppy ran free in a field full of sheep, next to a road, after the lead broke for the third time. She is within the advertised weight tolerance. The puppy, the sheep and the drivers on the A road 50 yards away were all put at risk by this piece of rubbish. Fortunately she followed me back to the field and the only dogs we encountered on the way home were female and friendly.

👤It was difficult to use. The poo bag holder is not comfortable. My Maltese pup ran into the road in front of a car because the lead's tape/cord snapped. After only 2 months of use, a lead shouldn't snap.


What is the best product for dog leash for small dogs with poop bag holder?

Dog leash for small dogs with poop bag holder products from Eliamo. In this article about dog leash for small dogs with poop bag holder you can see why people choose the product. Pogi's Pet Supplies and Hilihali are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog leash for small dogs with poop bag holder.

What are the best brands for dog leash for small dogs with poop bag holder?

Eliamo, Pogi's Pet Supplies and Hilihali are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog leash for small dogs with poop bag holder. Find the detail in this article. Tuff Mutt, Wild One and Eblse are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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