Best Dog Knee Brace for Torn Acl Right

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1. NeoAlly Support Reflective Stability Arthritis

NeoAlly Support Reflective Stability Arthritis

The short version is for smaller breeds and dogs with shorter legs. The lower joint of the dog is not supported by this brace. It provides support to the entire leg, and is an indirect benefit to dogs with knee issues. It is important to choose the correct size for your dog. The video and size chart will show you how to measure and choose the correct size. The best effect can be achieved by combining NeoAlly Organic Hip and Joint Supplement. The NeoAlly Dog Braces come with 2 Reflective Velcro straps that can be used to secure the brace around the ankle without moving or sliding down, as well as providing visibility and safety in the dark. There is adequate support. The dog brace is made of 4mm premium quality nylon and neoprene and is soft and durable, does not rub, pinch or hurt skin, and is suitable for longer wear and repeated uses. Vets recommend to wear braces on their legs. The NeoAlly package contains a pair of dog braces.

Brand: Neoally

👤I have an older dog. She can still walk on her own, but she often tripped over her own feet or her legs would slide and cause her to fall. She was told by the vet that she wasn't using her back legs well as she got older. I wanted to help her walk better. I got her socks because I thought the hard wood floors were messing her up. They only helped a little and all the socks were too big for her. A wheelchair was too large. I found these braces after reading. I didn't think it would help her much, but I was surprised it wasn't wasted. I don't understand dog anatomy and what needs support. She can stand and drink and eat without any issues. I think she notices the difference after only 2 days. She is walking around the house with more confidence. It makes me happy. I know her time is coming soon. She will have more time to be herself.

👤The vet put my 15 yo bi dog on ant and inflammatory pain meds after she tore her knee. She has been on the medication for a couple weeks. I found this little brace while researching what else I could do for her. It's so small, it's almost like fabric, so skeptics were initially skeptical. We ordered it and put it in her. It took her a day to stop hopping. I think she realized it was helping her leg. She is walking and slipping less. I'm disappointed our vet didn't suggest something like this in the beginning. I will show it to her and explain the improvement so she can benefit from it.

👤Lucy will have an X-ray next week that is likely to show a luxating patella in her right rear leg. She can enjoy her walks without kicking her leg up. She got used to them in less than a minute. She weighs around the same as for reference. She is wearing a sz. It was small. I am very happy with this purchase. The new vet said it was not a joint problem and could be nerve damage. She is still enjoying her walks despite her therapy and braces.

👤The material of the stripes is very bad. The edges are very sharp, they kept scratching my little dog's feet, I didn't know until he cried and didn't want to walk.

👤This is the second pair of braces I have purchased. I loved the 1st competitor, "Agon". My dog could not move as her 2 hind legs would stick together because the braces on her were not closing correctly. These are better made. The straps are working as they should. Highly recommended!

👤I'm using a brace to take some of the strain off my dog's knee, which has a partial tear. Even though it is on her ankle, this brace supports her as she squats to pee. She keeps her foot aligned with her knee. She is able to walk more normally and her spine is in better alignment.

2. HAND Compression Protects Prevents Injuries

HAND Compression Protects Prevents Injuries

Useful for dogs. The dog front leg wrap is a useful therapy product, it can help with dog wounds, relieve dog joint pain and save them from future injuries. There are metal spring strips in the front leg wrap that give your dog more support. It makes sure the dog is stable. The front leg hock braces come with 3 reflective Velcro strips that are more stable than moving or sliding down, this makes them a safer design. Visibility and safety in the dark are important. High quality. The dog leg wrap is made of high quality neoprene, shockproof, flexible and soft, which is usually used for wetsuits. It's easy to wash and doesn't hurt the skin. It's perfect for most dogs. If you combine the two sizes they offer, it will fit the leg brace perfectly on the knee or body part.

Brand: In Hand

👤I'm using this leg brace to help deter dogs from licking. It had worked well so far. This brace is made from material that feels wet. It takes a licking and dries quickly. The strength of the velcro is very good. You get 2! They are clean. It can be easy off, but it is also easy on. He's managed to get it off after I fell asleep for 30 minutes. He's never been able to remove it. When we put it on, he's left it alone. He knows that it's the brace. If you are dealing with a granuloma, the product will start to degrade after a month or so. 2 sets. I'm going to order my second set today. If you are going to be away for an extended period, make sure you pair this with the soft cone. If the dog is roughhousing with family or friends, the brace will try to come off. I usually have a sports wrap on it to give it better traction. This is a great weapon to have in the first aid arsenal. There is a I want you to know that there are many other people fighting this battle. We are still trying to find the cause and are narrowing it down to allergies. Keep fighting! Remember: Cone, Wrap, and Kennel. There are games and exercise.

👤My dog is wearing a s/m. It works for her. She injured her ankle because she is an active dog. I put on the braces because I was worried she would hurt the uninjured leg. After one day, the braces helped. My girl realized that and started playing harder. If your dog is like mine, you might want to limit their activities. I take hers off at night if the swelling goes to her paws. Great product! It is easy to put on and remove.

👤My dog received the support he needed. The brace helps our dogs gain confidence and stability after they suffer from arthritis. It's easy to put on and stay in place, my dog walks better with his support, so this product helps us to feel more at ease. This product is very good.

👤I was very happy with this product. I have an Australia Shepherd mix who is 100 lbs and has arthritis in his front leg joints. The L/XL was the perfect size for me. I was unsure about buying from this seller because there was only one review, but I was looking at $17 for one brace and this seller gives two braces for $12. I used them on my dog during his walk tonight. I was very pleased with the support they gave him. Official results are a little early. If you're looking for a good quality flexible brace for your dog's front legs at an affordable price, I would recommend it.

👤The Shepard dog had hurt his leg. I knew it was not broken, but it hurt him to add weight. We received it the next day after we ordered it. Max was able to use it immediately after his injury and it helped him heal. It only took a few days for him to no longer need it. Thank you so much.

3. Agon Compression Protects Stability Arthritis

Agon Compression Protects Stability Arthritis

You'll receive a pair of wraps with the measurement. L/XL is 6 feet tall with 3 spears. The length is XXS/XS: 2, S/M 4 and L/XL 6. The Agon Dog Wrap will help you dog to heal the pain from an injury or surgery, help them to loosen the inflammation, and save them from future injuries. The injury in one leg caused the imbalance. The Agon dog braces make sure that the balance of the body is maintained so that the dog doesn't get injured. Why is it that a lion front is the best for your dog? Agon Dog Brace is made of smooth mesh sheet which is easy to wear, doesn't hurt the skin, and is easy to wash. The nylon material is flexible and robust at the same time. The ease of brace is improved by the straps in it. If your dog needs a good support, go ahead and buy Agon Dog Braces. The sizes of aGON dogs vary depending on the breed. There are two size options, Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. The brace can be fit perfectly on the knee or body part with the help of two Velcro, which makes it easy for the user and the dog. It is important to get a perfect size as it will not loosen and stay tight all the time. The healing process for the dog is sped up by a perfect size.

Brand: Agon

👤My 15 year old arthritic dog is a different animal. My boy was weak in his joints and would often fall into the pavement. I was considering letting him go and this broke my heart. I bought the Agon Hock braces as well. If my dog stumbles, he doesn't go all the way down. He's more sure of his footing. If you're considering the other brand that has a similar emblem to Agon, don't. The Agon braces endure six months of heavy use, but that particular product only lasts about one month, and well-fasteners are weak and not sticking. I don't think the knock off braces for the front legs will hold up as long as they did when they were only a couple months old. I take off my braces three times a day. If the others don't last as long as these did, I will buy them again. A life span of 6 months is pretty good, considering how many times I put these on and take them off each day.

👤What a great product! I ran a vet clinic years ago, and now do animal behavior and dog training, I have an American Staffordshire named Leroy who has a hyper extended front leg, and I put a support brace on him. I take it off at night. It's nice to have the right amount of support without it being tight. There are two support braces in a pack. They work well. Even if your dog only limps from arthritis, or is overweight, or does not need support on his legs, I would highly recommend them. They would be good for a dog that runs with their owner. I'm very happy with them, they are a really good support brace.

👤These have helped my dog. I thought she was suffering from carpal hyperflexion. One day she was walking on her heels and she was in pain. She was kept off her feet after this subsided. She is not old enough to have surgery. I noticed that she was shaking and hunching as she walked around in the cold, but I thought it was the cold. She's very stubborn. There is no shaking when she stands with her back flat. I am glad I tried these because it is amazing. It took her a day or two to figure it out, but she has mastered it. I try not to put them on too tight because they slip down occasionally.

👤I haven't used the front leg braces yet, but my 12.5 year old Hampshire wears the rear leg braces to help with his weakened rear leg posture. It's a good product and appears to be working for him. Limit Time: He is more stable when he wears a brace. He wears them for 5 hours at a time because the box says no more than 6 hours. I don't want to damage his circulation. The box says not to leave them on overnight. Make sure to adjust them often. Don't just put them on and forget about your pet, it's trial and error. When he is most active, I put them on when I return from work and walk after dinner. He is not active after 9:30 p.m. so I remove them when we settle in for the night.

4. LOOBANI Portable Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation

LOOBANI Portable Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation

The harness is well made and comfortable. It has padding on the chest and back, so your dog can wear it all day without rolling or scratching. SUPPORT HIP SLING. Elderly dogs, weak hind legs, hip dysplasia, arthritis pain, IVDD / TPLO are some of the reasons why Loobani mobility aids is a simple and effective solution. CCL surgery is one of the most disabling ailments. Make it easy on yourself. Excellent to help your dog stand up, up and down stairs, get in and out of vehicles, onto furniture, outside for a bathroom break, or to provide some assistance when taking a walk. COMFORT & NO PAIN- Providing ultimate care to weak and senior dogs through a soft lining with a sheepskin-like covering. The handle has padding that is perfect for protecting your hand. Heavy duty patrol. A nylon band runs through the sling to hold the weight of any breed. The straps were long enough to fit many breeds. Even if your dog is short or tall, this carrier will work for you. It's easy to use and carry. The lift sling can be moved out of the way easily if she needs to go. Put it into a portable gift bag after folding it. It is machine washable.

Brand: Loobani

👤When our 13 year old great dog suffered a stroke and lost her rear legs, I researched slings. I didn't order the ones that come up first in the search results because I took my time. The nylon outer material is very strong and similar to seatbelt material. The thinner material in other slings will bunch up when the dog squats to go to the bathroom. It's difficult for the dog to empty their bladder because of the pressure on the bladder. How do I know? I'm pretty sure that this material is comfortable for the dog because it almost doesn't bunch up at all. As for how sturdy this material is, I created a wheelchair for our dog as she still hasn't recovered from her back injuries. I used this as a sling and cut 4 holes in it so I could attach it to a wheelchair. Under the weight of a 150 lbs dog, there is no ripping. I am very happy with this product. Don't spend your money on other things. This is easy to use and sturdy.

👤My dog is a big Pyr/Shepherd mix and has arthritis. I have tried to help him up the steps, but he ends up sitting and not being able to stand up, because his back legs give out when he tires out. This sling has helped a lot. He got used to the large size very quickly. The straps are long enough for me. I put it on when we are walking and then I put it on when we get home. He doesn't collapse if he has the support. He is able to do most of the work while I provide stability for his back legs, which makes getting up the steps easy. We used treats to help him get used to it. I can use the leash in my left hand to pull him if I want, but I can't "herd" him with it, because he'd freeze like a statue if I put any tension on it. It took no time at all for that process to work well. I don't use it through the entire walk or he would pee on it, because it's wide and covers up his pieces parts. It is easy to slide it on and off, but I don't need that level of assistance yet. I think we will use the sling if we need to because he has issues with pooping and sitting down suddenly. If it comes to that, it should be fine. He has a hard time getting up from lying on the hardwood floor on damp days and this helps me get him standing easily. The sling is sturdy, the straps are sewn on well, and the sherpa lining is soft. It will be easy to throw it in the washing machine if I have to wash it. I am very thankful that I found this. I was at my breaking point with his back legs collapsing and the injuries I was sustaining getting him up the steps. I was afraid of how to care for him because we were having so many problems. He has not had to overwork himself because he has the sling to help him with his walks. I highly recommend this product, it has changed the dynamic of his care.

5. Cosequin Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets

Cosequin Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets

Veterinarian Recommended If your dog is having trouble jumping into the car, climbing stairs or going for walks, your vet may suggest Cosequin supplements. Cosequin supplements are formulated to meet a variety of needs. Cosequin for dogs is available in a tasty chicken flavoured chewable tablet to help your dog maintain healthy joints. Cosequin is a high quality, dog joint supplement and is excellent for long-term use and maintenance. Same great formula may vary in packaging.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤I had good results with the first bottle of this product and I wanted to give it another try. My dog ate the last pill from the first bottle. He wouldn't touch the 180 pill size I ordered because we had noticed more activity and general health from the first bottle. I hid the pill in his food because I thought he was just being picky. He ate his food and left his pill in the bowl. I ground the pill and he ate it. He started scratching and pulling out clumps of his hair after about a week. I read an article about the product and the fact that some of the sellers on Amazon were selling counterfeit products. Amazon was not an authorized seller of the products I called the factory number to find. The counterfeit products are probably made in China. I hope I caught this in time for my dog.

👤I had seen reviews that said the product was fake. There were several red flags in one review. The seller was given a try because of the fast shipping. I have bought this product before from Chewy's, but my dog is very picky about what he eats, so it was a shock that he loved them. I bought another bottle from Chewy's after the bottle from Amazon, so that I could compare the two. It would be helpful to mention what I experienced, there aren't many noticeable differences. The bottle I got from Amazon was damaged. The box that it was in was falling apart. The dog is a tad bit more yellow on one of the fakes than on the real one. The silver seal on the picture is missing, compared to the other. There was a plastic seal on the real product. The smell of the products is very different. The fake smelled like old vitamins. The fake ones were very brittle and broke in your hand if you weren't careful. The texture of the real ones was sturdy and they smelled like beef. When I gave Zeus the fake product, he immediately spit it out and walked away. I knew something was wrong when he followed me around when I carried the bottle in my hand. He ate the bottle I gave him so quickly that he came back looking for more. I wouldn't buy them from this seller because you don't want to start any health problems that could jeopardize your fur babies.

👤Duke is a chocolate spaniel mix. I am biased, but he is the seeetest dog who ever lived and who will live. I have been keeping a close eye on him since he turned twelve, because I was afraid he might develop the Lab hip problems. Duke started having problems with the stairs. Duke was in pain when we went upstairs to bed and he would pace back and forth, hesitate at the bottom of the steps and whine before finally coming up the stairs. It broke my heart. I know he didn't like being away from us, so he stayed downstairs. I think the cold felt good on his sore joints as he started sleeping on the bathroom tile. I started researching supplements after about a month of this behavior, because I realized it wasn't just a pulled myscle. Enter this product. The directions say to give the dog 2 pills a day for the first months, and then go down to 1 pill a day after that as a maintenance dose. It's convenient for us and our wallet because this bottle will last Duke 4 months, which is very good for us and our wallet. Since starting this supplement, it has been 3 and a half weeks. Duke is a new dog. He is active, jumping up and down, and even westling with his brother, Chunk. I can see that Duke feels better. He is happy. He has a sparkle in his eye that is usually seen in younger dogs. My Big Brown Boy has become my Big Brown Bouncing Boy, and I am so happy that he is going to be feeling better a lot further into old age than I previously thought possible, because of this supplement that has absolutely changed his life. We are confident that Duke's golden years will have a better quality of life because he goes up the stairs for bed with ease.

6. NeoAlly Supportive Stabilize Sprains Arthritis

NeoAlly Supportive Stabilize Sprains Arthritis

This brace is for your dog's hock, not the other way around. The video and size chart can be used to choose the correct size. The best effect can be achieved by combining NeoAlly Organic Hip and Joint Supplement. Give your small, short-legged dogs the right hock brace to keep them mobile while healing. Their dog brace has metal spring strips and a smart angle design. The dog leg brace supports and Stabilizes Rear legs. Remove or insert metal spring strips to support the rear leg. They also help with body balance, and provide support after regaining mobility. The rear leg brace has a perfect angle design and is secure. It has 2 reflective straps for a snug fit. The leg brace for dogs stays in place while keeping your pets visible in the dark. It is easy on canine's skin. They made this acl brace for dogs with 4mm soft, nylon lining, so they are not too soft.

Brand: Neoally

👤My special guy is 15 years old and he is a mixed breed dog with short legs. He is an in the house dog and does not go on walks because of his back and arthritis problems. Over the years, he has had trouble jumping onto the couch and walking up or down the stairs, and this has gotten worse as he has lost balance with his rear legs slipping out from under him. He has lost muscle tone in his right back leg, and wouldn't put his foot down, because of the pain in his thigh leg. I knew I had to do something when he couldn't put his foot down. I found out that these braces could be useful. I was skeptical of something small. I got it from AMAZON in less than an hour. I bought the small size and they fit perfectly. He is able to walk, go down the steps to the potty, and stand to eat, and has gotten used to wearing them. You take them off at night. It has made a huge difference in my dog's life. We had to carry him in and out of the house so he could not go to the bathroom or eat. He's not going to jump on the couch anymore, but he's doing everything else. I recommend anyone who is skeptical to try it. Customer service was helpful.

👤My fur babes hind legs have a luxating patella. She has terrible arthritis and hip dysphasia. We have tried many different things to help her, she is only 8. She is a shiba. When it comes to trying new things, she is as shiba as one can get. She almost had to be muzzled to put them on tight once they were on, but she hated them so much that she didn't want them on. She started walking faster and faster. Fast! When we came inside, she jumped onto the couch. She has not jumped that high in a couple years. This was the first time we put them on. I will buy a few pairs just to have on hand. The metal springs need to be sewed in. They are popping out the top side. I wish it had a different way of wrapping it or a longer version of it. It would be nice to have a zipper. It's hard to keep it tight because of the Velcro. If I don't tighten them enough they slide down and I have to fix them. I may try a different brand when I purchase more, but I know these work. It's a good idea for any pet parent who has a child who is difficult to walk. Even if it is due to a different condition, it is worth the try. I cried when I watched my dog for the first time in these and I see her being active again.

👤I don't like having to give a single star because the product worked well for a while. My older dog was having issues with his legs. I decided to give him more support by using this product. He was able to be more mobile, but later started limping. I removed the braces and the spring poked through one of them and found one of his legs. This product idea is great for an old dog but the design flaw makes it not worth the risk. If you use this product, make sure that the spring is not poking through the brace because it can cause injury to your pet. I feel terrible about this, but I wanted to help him be able to move around better and I wanted to help.

7. Alfie Pet Jeron Right Compression

Alfie Pet Jeron Right Compression

The best fit is the overall length of 3. Give your pal the support he needs to move more comfortably with the rear leg dog hock wrap. It is ideal to provide support for your dog while he is recovering from an injury. It is perfect for elderly pups with arthritis. It supports from all angles and is made of soft, comfortable neoprene, which makes it ultra-wearable for everyday use. It is easy to put it on your pal, just wrap your dog's rear leg with the opening over the hock joint, and then put it on.

Brand: Alfie

👤The small size is best for small dogs. The picture is not accurate. We purchased it for our yorkie and it was way too large for him.

👤I bought a medium size for small dogs. The medium works well for my dog, who is 16 lbs. I bought 888-739-5110 She is doing great and it really works for her.

👤I don't think it was worth it for the money. The item was smaller than anticipated. It's not easy to put on. I tried to get the item on my dog but it became full of fur and I could not return it.

👤It's a waste of money. It is useless.

👤Poor quality material doesn't provide support.

👤Flimsy material! Not a lot of support! I returned it.

👤I ordered large because I needed to cover a wound on his right rear leg, I have a Greyhound. The dog in the ad has a flat back, but it looked like it would work in the pictures. The brace slides off when a Greyhound does not. It doesn't fit a large dog like a Greyhound. Small dogs and big dogs have the same size, but the difference between a chihuahua and a great dane is quite different. This did not work for my boy. Think about the size of your dog and brace. Don't do what I did.

👤It was not made right. Send it back.

8. Poveo Splinted Brace Patella Tracker

Poveo Splinted Brace Patella Tracker

When your dog has a knee injury, there are other options. Poveo's knee brace is designed to help the active recovery process of injury. It is designed for dogs and has a lightweight splint that does not strain. The femoral-tibial angle is used in the design of the splint to help it heal. Abnormal skeletal and muscle posture correction is needed for your dog. It is designed to relieve stress. They have prepared different sizes by testing the brace on different breeds of dogs. Refer to the size chart image to get the optimal size. The current choice size is 2XL-Left/Top girth, with a max of 12 and a Thigh height of 7. This product is suitable for dogs with a patellar dislocation higher than level 3 or immediately after surgery. If the dislocation is level 13 please select the Hinge option.

Brand: Poveo

👤I am waiting for a review before purchasing the knee brace for my little dog.

9. Agon Compression Protects Stability Arthritis

Agon Compression Protects Stability Arthritis

The above measurement is S: 3.75", M: 3.50", L: 5.25", and XL: 6. The Agon Dog Wrap can help your dog by: Heal the pain from injury or surgery Provide support and stabilization during the injury Assist them to loosen the inflammation Save them from future injuries The injury in one leg caused the imbalance. The Agon Dog Braces make sure that the balance of the body is maintained so that the dog doesn't get into any more injuries. Why is it that agon rear hoof is the best for your dog? Agon Dog Brace is made of smooth mesh sheet which is easy to wear, doesn't hurt the skin, and is easy to wash. The nylon material is flexible and robust at the same time. The ease of brace is improved by the addition of the Velcro. If your dog needs a good support, go ahead and buy Agon Dog Braces. Depending on the breed of the dog, the sizes would vary. Agon has 4 different size options, which are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. All sizes have two starps, which makes it easy for the user and the dog to fit the brace on the knee or body part. It is important to get a perfect size as it will not loosen and stay tight all the time. The healing process for the dog is sped up by a perfect size.

Brand: Agon

👤I blame myself for not looking closely at all of the photos of the product, which show that the support brace does not reach the knee. I read all of the reviews and thought, "Maybe I'll try it", because I kept seeing people say that this brace provided support for dogs withACL injuries. I ordered the X- Small based on the size chart provided by the company. My first mistake was that. It was too small for my small dog. The length is too short for my short legged dog, even though the diameter was correct. The X-small is for teacup breeds, which is not mine. There is a There is no way the brace will provide any comfort, support or relief for your dog's injury. Please don't buy it for that, and ignore all the reviews that say it helped their dog. It doesn't reach theNEE. The knee cannot be stable in any way. If your dog has an injury to the hock area, it would provide some support. I'm giving 3 stars because the neoprene fabric doesn't provide the stretch and thickness needed to provide the right compression that will make a difference. It would be less likely to slide down the leg if it was just a bit more elastic. I'm not sure if neoprene is the right fabric for this, but the concept is great. The length is too short to provide stabilization from the knee to the hock, which needs to be explained in the product description. If you're thinking of buying a brace for your injured dog, I'm going to give you an illustration of the location of the knee and the location of the brace. I don't know how to return it without a receipt.

👤Awesome! I was told my dog needed a surgery. I contacted my neighbors for advice. I was told to try a knee brace, massage, and supplements. I put the brace on my dog this morning for the first time. He was confused at first, but got used to it. I noticed that he was walking faster and more comfortable. The bad knee needs more weight on it. We just had the best walk we've had in a month, and he seems rejuvenated. He seems to have a chance to stop putting too much weight on that leg with the help of the braces. It's good! I think he is as well.

👤My 14 year old Cockerpoo tore his anterior cruciateeum while running. His recovery seemed to be dim because he was overweight. I chose the AGON brace instead of purchasing a custom one. He felt more secure when he was placed on my boy. The brace allowed him to have more mobility. The brace needs to be removed at night. You have to keep the leg undisturbed when you remove it to avoid injury. My boy continues to do well a week later. This brace has been a lifesaver for him.

👤When my dog's knee came out of alignment, I gave him some support. My limping friend was helped to walk without a limp until his muscles got stronger and he was able to rest. If the dog is doing better, take it off, it won't make the dog weaker in the long run.

10. Compression Protects Prevents Injuries Arthritis

Compression Protects Prevents Injuries Arthritis

Continual practice is expansive. The dog front leg wrap is useful for therapy. It can save dogs from future injuries and relieve dog joint pain. It can be used to protect your pets from snake bites. There's no shortage of accessibility: MAINTAINSTABILITY. Dog leg brace helps with loss of stability. It is important that the balance of the body is maintained so that the dog doesn't get into any more injuries of joints or knee, which can affect the dog's mobility. Safety design. Each dog front leg brace comes with 3 strips of Velcro that can be adjusted easily and securely in place. It's easy to remove, please remove the brace at night to allow the leg to breathe. There are metal spring strips in the front leg wrap that form a splint to provide more support and stabilization for the dog legs during an injury. It isdurable: Premium quality neoprene is the material of the front dog hock joint brace. It is easy to wear and doesn't hurt the skin.

Brand: Wovomo

👤I have only had these for a short time but they fit my 8 month old Lab puppy who won't slow down long enough to let his wrist heal. I've tried vet wrap, but he doesn't like it. My older dog is jealous. I have to put wraps on him as well.

👤The headline says it all. The picture is included. I put the brace on him yesterday and he just got used to it today and he doesn't jump off the sofa anymore, which is great! I put the long strip down on the bottom so that it doesn't slip off and make a smaller shape for the leg. The other one was put on because he shifted the weight back to his leg. I will update this as soon as I can to see how this works.

👤I bought these for my Border Collie mix. He enjoys playing with the younger dogs that he helped to raise. He has a titanium plate in one arm, but I can see that arthritis is starting to bother him now that he is a little older. I want to protect him from injury. These braces are great. Especially for the price! They are easy to put on. My boy doesn't mind his at all, he will come to me when he is a little sore but wants to play, he will ask for them. So thankful for this product.

👤I have a 1 year old German Shepherd that has a wrist injury, and she doesn't like resting. She still wanted to be an active puppy, so I thought giving her some support and stability would help her recover easier. It was easy to put on and take off, and she was cooperative, so that was nice. It took her a couple of hours to get used to it, but it really made a difference for her.

👤They are rigid. I think it would work in a pinch if you needed something temporary. I have a giant breed dog and these aren't going to help on his legs as he grows.

👤My german shepherd has arthritis and the straps work well. Excellent quality and flexibility.

👤My dog is a rescue who had a broken leg which wasn't medically attended to on time and healed at an outward angle, it helps him keep it a bit straight. He doesn't like wearing anything and will chew on anything that's on him, so keep an eye on him when he's wearing it. I like this product a lot.

👤My dog has arthritis in her front legs. She likes to chase a ball. I wanted to make her legs stable. Unless you plan to walk your dog fast, don't waste your money on these braces. If your dog is still running, you can't make them tight enough to keep them from falling off. I will be returning them tomorrow.

11. Labra Supportive Protects Compression Arthritis

Labra Supportive Protects Compression Arthritis

If you want to place your order, be sure to measure your dog's leg before you place your order. This is not a knee brace. It won't fit on your dog's knee. Flexible torsos. The flexible straps on these braces are more accommodating for all leg sizes. The metal support is at Metal Springs. The metal support springs were sewn into the side of the brace. This provides an unparalleled level of support and stability for your dog. Their brace exceeds the high expectations of certified veterinarians.

Brand: Labra

👤It works as advertised. My Lassa poo dog tore her anterior cruciateerin and was unable to put weight on her hind leg. The small brace fit perfectly and was not bothering her. It is made from soft material and has stiffeners on the sides. My dog is much more mobile now that she is able to put weight on her leg. The brace is kept all day and removed at night. The product is well designed. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered a brace. It didn't fit my dog. The owner was very understanding. He told me to donate the brace to my favorite dog clinic. He went beyond 5-stars.

👤The supports were great. They helped my dog walk. I would put them on her in the morning and then take them off at night. It wasn't long before they stopped working. I ordered four smalls in total and received four medium ones. I bought two smalls in October of 2021. I used them on my dog and they helped. I wanted to know if the smalls would be a better size for her. I ordered two more smalls and received two medium ones. There are two I contacted Labra via email with my Amazon order information and photos of the items that were the wrong size, but instead of sending me the correct size, they said I would have to return them to Amazon and then order a new set from Labra. The two month mark is when the Velcro stops sticking. The first set I ordered stopped sticking to the fabric when I was about to return it to Amazon. After 2 months, the material is no longer grasped. The Velcro is awesome at first, but then it stops working. I received the second set in 2 months, but the Velcro on the second set has stopped grasping the material. When the dog gets up from laying down, the hock support slides down the leg. Once my dog stands up, I have to change the position of the support. These are worthless once the Velcro stops sticking. There are five The metal does not go all the way into the stitching. You can see where the add ends if you look at the photos. The end of the spring pokes into the dog's leg after he wears the support for a while. The end of the metal would not poke through the neoprene type of material if the spring was sewn into the ribbing at the edge. I realized that my dog really needs the supports to be able to get around once I put them on her. The medium sizes fit my dog, there was no overlap or space between the material, but I wanted to see if the small would be even more snug and supportive or if it would be way too tight. I would expect the small size to share the same defects as the medium size, now that I have had all four fail at the two month mark. I will start the return process.


What is the best product for dog knee brace for torn acl right?

Dog knee brace for torn acl right products from Neoally. In this article about dog knee brace for torn acl right you can see why people choose the product. In Hand and Agon are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog knee brace for torn acl right.

What are the best brands for dog knee brace for torn acl right?

Neoally, In Hand and Agon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog knee brace for torn acl right. Find the detail in this article. Loobani, Nutramax Laboratories and Neoally are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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