Best Dog Knee Brace for Torn Acl Hind Leg

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1. Labra Supportive Protects Compression Arthritis

Labra Supportive Protects Compression Arthritis

If you want to place your order, be sure to measure your dog's leg before you place your order. This is not a knee brace. It won't fit on your dog's knee. Flexible torsos. The flexible straps on these braces are more accommodating for all leg sizes. The metal support is at Metal Springs. The metal support springs were sewn into the side of the brace. This provides an unparalleled level of support and stability for your dog. Their brace exceeds the high expectations of certified veterinarians.

Brand: Labra

👤It works as advertised. My Lassa poo dog tore her anterior cruciateerin and was unable to put weight on her hind leg. The small brace fit perfectly and was not bothering her. It is made from soft material and has stiffeners on the sides. My dog is much more mobile now that she is able to put weight on her leg. The brace is kept all day and removed at night. The product is well designed. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered a brace. It didn't fit my dog. The owner was very understanding. He told me to donate the brace to my favorite dog clinic. He went beyond 5-stars.

👤The supports were great. They helped my dog walk. I would put them on her in the morning and then take them off at night. It wasn't long before they stopped working. I ordered four smalls in total and received four medium ones. I bought two smalls in October of 2021. I used them on my dog and they helped. I wanted to know if the smalls would be a better size for her. I ordered two more smalls and received two medium ones. There are two I contacted Labra via email with my Amazon order information and photos of the items that were the wrong size, but instead of sending me the correct size, they said I would have to return them to Amazon and then order a new set from Labra. The two month mark is when the Velcro stops sticking. The first set I ordered stopped sticking to the fabric when I was about to return it to Amazon. After 2 months, the material is no longer grasped. The Velcro is awesome at first, but then it stops working. I received the second set in 2 months, but the Velcro on the second set has stopped grasping the material. When the dog gets up from laying down, the hock support slides down the leg. Once my dog stands up, I have to change the position of the support. These are worthless once the Velcro stops sticking. There are five The metal does not go all the way into the stitching. You can see where the add ends if you look at the photos. The end of the spring pokes into the dog's leg after he wears the support for a while. The end of the metal would not poke through the neoprene type of material if the spring was sewn into the ribbing at the edge. I realized that my dog really needs the supports to be able to get around once I put them on her. The medium sizes fit my dog, there was no overlap or space between the material, but I wanted to see if the small would be even more snug and supportive or if it would be way too tight. I would expect the small size to share the same defects as the medium size, now that I have had all four fail at the two month mark. I will start the return process.

2. Hemp Joint Support Supplement Dogs

Hemp Joint Support Supplement Dogs

PAIN RELIEF: Pain relief can be provided by their blend of organic hemp seed oil and powder. There is aILITY AID. Their soft pet treats increase mobility in dogs. There are many benefits. Omega 3,6 and vitamins and minerals are provided by the supplements. It is safe for pets. Each treat is balanced to make it safe and effective. There are Tasty Treats. The treats are made with chicken and natural flavors.

Brand: Wildpaw

👤If it was available, I would give you a 10 star rating. Our little bear is close to 14 years old. He was having hip problems. We thought we'd give these a try and see what happened. He was losing his balance because of his hip problem. He has a new lease on life. He is more active than he has been in the past. Thank you so much for a great product! The little bear said thank you so much.

👤A chocolate labrador has been struggling with arthritis in the past couple of years. We've tried a lot of products, but none have worked out. He seems to have aged back to puppy stage. He doesn't have the slow, stiff movements he used to have when he gets up. He is back to playing with his friends. Many of our dog parent friends have already recommended this product.

👤If your dog has joint issues, try this! My dog has had issues with her back legs for years. I was thinking of putting her down because she was hurting so bad. Before making hard decisions, I bought this item. She was sprinting this morning after giving her one of these last night. She is letting me pick her up without screaming. She ate all of her food this morning, and it was a trial to get her to eat.

👤My elderly dogs have been using oil for a while. One is a cancer survivor and the other has mobility issues. I replaced this product with the CBD oil to see if there was a difference. I was not happy because my dogs wouldn't eat the treats. They are treat snobs because their diet is mostly raw meat and their treats are usually beef, chicken, or liver jerky that we make at home. They both devoured the treats after a few tries and now look forward to them. I don't think the use of theCannabidiol oil is a thing of the past. They seem to be doing better with this product. The difference is subtle and anyone who is really in tune with their dog will probably be able to pick up on it. The price is the only negative for me. I thought the premiumCannabidiol oil I was buying was pricey, but these treats are in a different league since I'm giving them 8 of them a day. Still, anything for the doggos? Especially in the sunset years. My girl is running to greet me at the door. My little guy still likes to run and chase his toys, but he is able to do it now. I'm sold.

👤My cavalier is 12 years old. His long life is due to lots of love and grain free food. I thought I would lose him that day. His back end wasn't working and he coughed every 10 minutes. The second and third pictures were taken after three days. I am blown away.

👤In November of last year, I re- homed the 8 year old Yorkie mix, Missy. She was anxious because of the physical changes in her life. She gave me a bag of her stuff, which included a month's supply of high-cal wet food and treats. I wanted to set up a routine that would calm her anxiety. I looked for a supplement that would help her with her health. I decided to try it. I noticed subtle changes in her agility, energy level, and mood over the next few weeks. She is more independent and less anxious than when I first got her. She's become more playful and expects to play the game every day as part of our routine. She took the last step out the back door at a jump, which was kind of surprising. We play a game that gives us the chance to exercise. It is very basic. The wait command is done by Missy really well. I tell her to wait and then I walk across the backyard. I called her to come. She runs over quickly and gets praise. I walk in a square in our large yard a few more times. She loves it and her energy is boundless. I'm very happy that I found Wild Paw for her.

3. Agon Protects Compression Stability Arthritis

Agon Protects Compression Stability Arthritis

Please remember! The item is to support the HOCK. Please be patient before ordering. The measurement is 2 inches above the rear hock and 2 inches below the hock. There is a product compass that has sizes X-large above 7.5 inch and below 6.25 inch. Product length is 9 inches. The Agon Dog leg brace will help heal the pain from injury or surgery. Support and stabilization are provided during the injury. Assist them to loosen the inflammation. Loss of stability can be caused by arthritis. It's a great way to cover cuts and wounds. Wrap your dog's leg with their Extra Supportive Canine Leg Brace to keep him from licking and chewing. Your dog can suffer from injuries to its knee as it keeps jumping on the fence or garden. If your baby is injured, it will need a canine hc brace. The extra supportive canine leg dog hol brace is lightweight and flexible. The canine hock is prone to strains of arthritis after an operation. The dog hc bra is a therapy product that reduces pain and inflammation. Quality guarantee. The dog has a joint Wrap made of sponge rubber. The material is used for wetsuits. Soft sponge can be used to take care of wounds and relieve pain.

Brand: Agon

👤It was perfect for my pitty who just tore her secondACL in less than 4 months, still has trouble in the mornings after being still all night. She loosens up as she gets around. She needs to let it heal before she strengthens her muscles. I've tried a lot of the more expensive ones, but it's better than the one I've used. Excellent product.

👤A few weeks ago, my little guy, a Jack Russell Terrier, injured his rear leg. It was healing well, with us limiting his movement, but he cannot be contained! He reinjured his leg. He couldn't stand on it and wasn't putting any pressure on it either. He either moved on three legs or not. I ordered the brace after that. The size small I bought was too big. Returned and ordered a small. This fit my guy perfectly. It was hard to get him to move the first few times he wore it. He refused to walk with it. He got used to it and it has kept his leg stable. He gets most rambunctious when we only use it for walks and outings. A happy boy is in the picture. He walks very well in the video attached and has gotten use to it. You can see how it provides rigidity and stability.

👤I received it the same night after I ordered it. I was disappointed because it seemed flimsy and not supported. We were going to take him to the vet on Monday because we knew his leg wasn't broken. His inquiry took place on Friday. My dog wouldn't get off the floor or walk on his hind leg. He was told to go outside to use. There is a bathroom. He sat there because he refused to back up the stairs. He's 130 lbs. and we couldn't pick him up. We were outside when the Brace came. He looked at me as we put it on. He jumped on me and ran up the stairs, which is odd for him because he will only jump on command. It was not a miracle, but it definitely helped him. He was able to walk on it. He was acting normal by Monday, with the brace still on. I think this worked for my dog.

👤I ordered the brace because my older German Sheperd was having trouble going up and down the steps. He needed a bit of support on the stairs after pulling a leg muscle. After a few days of use, his leg doesn't need the support. I had a challenge deciding what size to order, but I think the larger size would have been too big. Be careful to check the leg for the brace. My dog had some experience with this. Extra padding was put under the brace in a few places on his leg. I put the brace back on after I left it off so he could check his leg the next morning. If your dog needs this brace longer than mine, you might want to get a dog sock. I didn't check the sellers website to see if they had something like this.

4. Ortocanis Original Immobilizer Dislocation Movements

Ortocanis Original Immobilizer Dislocation Movements

There is support for this. The Ortocanis Knee Brace has a weaker support than the lateral splints. This is the best way to avoid the movements of the knee. Pain relief can be achieved by maintaining a stable joint and increasing it's temperature. Optimal joint temperature increases blood circulation, improves Oxygene delivery, and increases performance for a faster recovery. VeTERINARIAN PREMIUM QUALITY: The knee MIP is designed to provide superior support and comfort. The fixed angle of the metal splint assures the correct position of the knee and guarantees a higher stability for the dog. Need help with software? If you don't need a strong support with a metal splint, you can check out their Ortocanis Knee Brace, which is made of 2mm neoprene and is completely flexible. The blood circulation is increased when there is a light compression. It's usually suggested in cases of osteoarthiris. The upper belt may fall off if a dog has a fallen hip. If your dog needs it, check the Ortocanis knee brace fastening belt pack.

Brand: Ortocanis

👤I have fit hundreds and hundreds of knee braces on humans, and I know the importance of stability. The only small support for dogs that I could find was this one. It allows a degree of extension and a limit on the movement of the joint. I like that it combines the metal stays with the comfort and flexibility of the neoprene. It's much easier to attach the brace to the knee if you first attach the long belly strap. It allows our dog to walk while putting her weight on her knee. I have read that surgery for theACL is expensive and not a cure. I am giving her Vetpro's Hip & Joint supplements to help her reduce inflammation and pain. This isn't going to be a quick fix. I'm hopeful that it will fix the problem. I'll try to update later.

👤This has changed the game. My old girl can barely walk. She's been able to walk without collapsing since using the brace. She tolerates it for hours at a time. I'm going to get one for the other side.

👤My dog tore his Cranial Cruciate Ligament. He is not a good candidate for surgery due to his age and other problems so we needed something to help him heal. He is shaky when he tries to stand, so we ordered the brace. The Ortocanis brace has given my dog some stability. It is easy to use. My dog's thigh measurement was 14 inches and the large brace says it fits 13 inch to 15.74 inch but it's not big enough to fit around his leg. The only way I am able to get the enclosure to close at the top half is by using the velcro. This has not been a problem and it works great. I would go up one size larger if I were to order again. I am very pleased with the stability of the brace. We only put the brace on when we take our dog outside and then remove it when we come back inside. We keep him confined to one room so he can heal. I would order this product again.

👤My dog has a torn knee cap and is going to have surgery on a waiting list. He still likes to walk, but his pain made it hard for him to walk. I bought this for him because I didn't want him to take pain meds. His surgery is months away and he can't keep him. No more limp legs afterwards! He tries to run in the brace. My dog's happiness was brought back by this brace.

👤I will no longer use this product. I bought this product to help my dog with stability, and it was actually working well. After giving my dog a bath, I noticed that the bottom of the brace on her leg was rubbing and creating an open wound. I believe that this was caused by running and playing and that there was no broken brace. I was happy to see improvement when I first put it on, but I was not expecting this result. If you use this product, you should check your pet frequently.

5. AGON Dog Knee Brace Professional

AGON Dog Knee Brace Professional

The Agon dog leg brace is the right choice if your dog is having a difficult surgery. Their knee support brace for dogs is designed to help support recovery, knee and joint articulation, so your beloved pet can run and play as before. The Agon neoprene knee brace has an innovative design with a hinge stabilizer that can be adjusted to help provide the optimal support and leg position for recovery. The knee brace for dogs is made with the highest quality materials, which are elastic and breathable, and offer your dog both excellent comfort and superior mobility. The professional dog leg sleeve is ideal for knee and joint injuries and post-surgery recovery as it can help alleviate pain and discomfort and maintain the joint in the right position for support and stabilization. The joint support knee brace can help reduce inflammation and pain. It can help your dog stay in shape during the recovery period and improve performance.

Brand: Agon

👤Our dog's knee slipped due to injury. He has healed without surgery after we put him on rest and used a brace. Highly recommended.

👤I used an ace bandage to hold the strap around the body. You get the harness and strap with it.

👤A 6yr old German has a CCL injury. Excellent product.

👤The Agon dog knee brace was a big gamble. I had faith that the brace would fulfill its promises. The geriatric dog that we adopted was the focus of the gamble. Our newest family member came to us with a traumatic medical history, including intervertebral disc disease, broken bones and deep tissue injuries. He no longer needs a wheelchair because of intensive, long-term therapy. Some of the leg's muscles were irreversibly atrophied. The brace was a last ditch effort to give the leg support. This brace would have worked if anything could have worked. It's made of stretchy neoprene. The bonus feature is innovative. Being able to adjust the leg's extension degree is what sold me. Our dog's leg muscles are too atrophic to benefit. Even though our dog's support needs are too great, I will recommend Agon's knee brace for being innovative. The brace can provide a dog with comfort and support to recover from a leg or knee injury.

👤My dog has a partial CCL tear. His right knee is not healed yet, but his left is. I ordered the brace for his knee because he's a 70lb Belgian Shepherd. The fit wasn't right for his dimensions, but the size was fine. Even though the brace was snug around his thigh and lower leg, there was a lot of dead space in the knee. As he walked, the brace didn't provide any stabilization for the knee. It made it more difficult for my dog to walk. This brace has nothing to offer your pup, so save your money and walk with a short leash.

👤I read the instructions and placed it on my dog but it didn't help at all, the box was smashed upon delivery, and the bar inside the strap was not what I was looking for.

6. Ortocanis Brace Patella Luxation Arthritis

Ortocanis Brace Patella Luxation Arthritis

Light compression guarantees stability and improves balance among the muscle groups for a full support and avoids injuries from turning into more serious conditions. Measure based on their instructions in the video. The size chart can be found in the images. Increasing the joint's temperature can help reduce the inflammation that can be caused by kneecap problems. Optimal joint temperature increases blood circulation, improves Oxygene delivery, and increases performance for a faster recovery. VeTERINARIAN PREMIUM QUALITY: Their knee brace is made to provide superior support and comfort without compromising the dog's mobility. The dog leg can be better adapted to the High Performance Neoprene. The upper belt may fall off if a dog has a fallen hip. If your dog needs it, check the Ortocanis knee brace fastening belt pack. Need more support? The Ortocanis Knee Brace is made of 2mm neoprene. The blood circulation is increased when there is a light compression. The "Ortocanis Knee Immobiliser" is a more rigid and stronger support. The upper belt may fall off if a dog has a fallen hip. If your dog needs it, check the Ortocanis knee brace fastening belt pack.


👤I am very thankful for the brace. My 12 year old yorkie was diagnosed with a luxating knee cap that was giving her trouble for several months. My vet said surgery was the only option and that a brace wouldn't help. I decided to try the brace out as a last resort. She is no longer limping after wearing a brace for 3 days. I will put her in for another day if she starts limping, she will be fine. She doesn't need surgery thanks to this brace. It's worth a try if your dog has the same problem.

👤I wanted to write a review about this purchase. We have a very active 8 year old Lab who was just shy of 100 lbs and the vet diagnosed him with anACL tear, but he wasn't walking on his back right leg all of a sudden. He just had a surgery in May to remove a 5lb growth from his side, so surgery was not something we wanted him to go through this soon. I started my own research and found that surgery didn't sound like anything we would want for him. I thought a brace would give me some support, but I didn't want to commit to a specialized brace just yet, so I found this option that came with good reviews. After reading reviews on the size, I decided to buy an extra large. My good boy had no issues with the slip on of the brace, it was perfect. It slips on the leg and the strap wraps under his belly, and even after laying down, it stays in place, even after he's on his feet again. He was able to take a short walk in the woods, which he normally does at least twice a day, despite his brace. We are giving him supplements to help the joints heal, but we are still making him rest, so it's looking good, but we don't know if it will work. He's able to get around the yard when he's allowed. Thank you for this option.

👤Since she's too old for surgery, my 75lb senior mix needed some extra support and stability. This is the best brace sleeve that I have tried. The cheaper ones on Amazon are not as good as the better ones. It is good material that does not cut into the groin. Goes on and comes off easily and helps keep her stable while she heals. She doesn't try to pull it off, so it's pretty comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

👤I got this for my dog. The weight wouldn't fit on the rear leg. This works well and stays on, even when sitting, but it will slide back up when he stands. If you are in between, I would suggest measuring carefully before ordering. My guy took an L after trying an L on the "breed" chart. It goes on/off easily and gives him the support to heal. I take it off when he's going to be calm, as the lower strap rubs on his "weenie" and makes it a bit red. That's why I only gave 4 stars, a softer outer sheathe on that under strap would help. That would be the only improvement I can think of.

7. HAND Immobilizer Dislocation Arthritis Neoprene

HAND Immobilizer Dislocation Arthritis Neoprene

Strong resilience. Dog knee brace help alleviate loss of stability caused by injuries, improve the balance between muscle groups to obtain sufficient support, so as to avoid more serious situations caused by re-injury. Useful for dogs. The dog knee brace can help reduce inflammation by increasing the temperature of the joints, which can reduce pain caused by kneecap problems. It helps the wound heal by keeping your dog from licking and chewing. Support and soft care are important. The dog's mobility is not affected by the fabric's support and comfort. It is easier to adapt to dog legs with its elasticity. There are 8 different sizes to choose from. If you want to buy a dog, please refer to their size chart. Stand behind your dog to see if he is left or right. New design. The dog knee brace they added recently is more stable and does not slip off, and it has a dog harness and connecting strap.

Brand: In Hand

👤It helped my dog. I bought a lot of braces for my border collie, but this is the best one since she hurt her leg. Quality and design are better on Amazon. The straps on the dog's body are great and hold the knee immobilizer tight over the dog's leg. Good price and good quality. Very happy with them!

👤The previous review stated that it offered little to no support. Material is not beneficial to the dog.

👤My dog tore his knee. I found this one online and decided to try it. It was easy to put on. My dog was rejuvenated by it. Will see how long it will last. So far, so good!

👤The dog brace is very soft and elastic, and does not bother my dog, it helps him with his daily walks. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My dog has a partial tear in his CCL. I ordered a Large one and it fit like a glove. It was made using soft, neoprene material. You just slip it over your dog's knee and then put the straps around the bottom of his leg and around his waist. Both straps use a type of material called velcro. The strap that goes around his waist is behind his penis and allows him to go to the bathroom. The strap might be uncomfortable for non-neutered dogs. This brace fit well, but it didn't provide the stabilization that it should, and it didn't have the features to do that. The brace is more affordable than most, but it does nothing. There is no benefit for dogs with CCL injuries. The rating is 2 stars because it is well made and affordable.

8. NeoAlly Support Reflective Stability Arthritis

NeoAlly Support Reflective Stability Arthritis

The short version is for smaller breeds and dogs with shorter legs. The lower joint of the dog is not supported by this brace. It provides support to the entire leg, and is an indirect benefit to dogs with knee issues. It is important to choose the correct size for your dog. The video and size chart will show you how to measure and choose the correct size. The best effect can be achieved by combining NeoAlly Organic Hip and Joint Supplement. The NeoAlly Dog Braces come with 2 Reflective Velcro straps that can be used to secure the brace around the ankle without moving or sliding down, as well as providing visibility and safety in the dark. There is adequate support. The dog brace is made of 4mm premium quality nylon and neoprene and is soft and durable, does not rub, pinch or hurt skin, and is suitable for longer wear and repeated uses. Vets recommend to wear braces on their legs. The NeoAlly package contains a pair of dog braces.

Brand: Neoally

👤I have an older dog. She can still walk on her own, but she often tripped over her own feet or her legs would slide and cause her to fall. She was told by the vet that she wasn't using her back legs well as she got older. I wanted to help her walk better. I got her socks because I thought the hard wood floors were messing her up. They only helped a little and all the socks were too big for her. A wheelchair was too large. I found these braces after reading. I didn't think it would help her much, but I was surprised it wasn't wasted. I don't understand dog anatomy and what needs support. She can stand and drink and eat without any issues. I think she notices the difference after only 2 days. She is walking around the house with more confidence. It makes me happy. I know her time is coming soon. She will have more time to be herself.

👤The vet put my 15 yo bi dog on ant and inflammatory pain meds after she tore her knee. She has been on the medication for a couple weeks. I found this little brace while researching what else I could do for her. It's so small, it's almost like fabric, so skeptics were initially skeptical. We ordered it and put it in her. It took her a day to stop hopping. I think she realized it was helping her leg. She is walking and slipping less. I'm disappointed our vet didn't suggest something like this in the beginning. I will show it to her and explain the improvement so she can benefit from it.

👤Lucy will have an X-ray next week that is likely to show a luxating patella in her right rear leg. She can enjoy her walks without kicking her leg up. She got used to them in less than a minute. She weighs around the same as for reference. She is wearing a sz. It was small. I am very happy with this purchase. The new vet said it was not a joint problem and could be nerve damage. She is still enjoying her walks despite her therapy and braces.

👤The material of the stripes is very bad. The edges are very sharp, they kept scratching my little dog's feet, I didn't know until he cried and didn't want to walk.

👤This is the second pair of braces I have purchased. I loved the 1st competitor, "Agon". My dog could not move as her 2 hind legs would stick together because the braces on her were not closing correctly. These are better made. The straps are working as they should. Highly recommended!

👤I'm using a brace to take some of the strain off my dog's knee, which has a partial tear. Even though it is on her ankle, this brace supports her as she squats to pee. She keeps her foot aligned with her knee. She is able to walk more normally and her spine is in better alignment.

9. Joint MAX Triple Strength Antioxidants

Joint MAX Triple Strength Antioxidants

The ingredients were selected to target every aspect of joint health. Their formula has anti-oxidants to help reduce stress. Older or middle-aged large dogs or smaller dogs with maximum joint support needs should take this supplement. Glucosamine and Chondroitin help keep joints and tissues mobile. Chondroitin is needed for healthy cartilage as it absorbs water to keep it hydrated. Omega 3 fatty acids help ease joint stiffness. It supports endurance and normal muscle recovery. The ingredients work together to help keep your dog active. MSM is an organic form of sulfur. Glucosamine and chondroitin have sulfur bonds. Sulfur and chondroitin form a substance called collagen, which is a fiber that gives cartilage its flexibility. The health of your dog and their joints is dependent on the amount of Antioxidants you give them. Your pet can be mobile and happy with the help of vitamins C and D. Quality product with quality ingredients. The National Animal Supplement Council sets quality and safety standards. The quality seal is obtained by companies that promote the well-being of beloved pets. Products with this seal are determined to have consistent quality control and accurate labels. Try their product without worry, it's a 100% product guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Pet Health Solutions

👤This seems like a high-quality product, which is why we have purchased it four times from this vendor. When I opened the sealed package the most recent time, it seemed as though the volume was different than before. I weighed the contents without packing because I have experience in both human and animal food in a category called CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS. The correct weight was closer to 1600g than 1800g, which is 12% less. The contents of the tub, lid and plastic bag weighed less than the indicated volume when weighed with the packaging. I reported the issue to Amazon.

👤The rottie is notorious for its hip and joint issues, I have a large rottie who is still very young. I've had her on this type of supplement for a while. I was using armor. They have the good stuff, and she eats them. It is expensive. They come in a small package. They have lower potency per each, and are missing some of the supporting factors. If you order the large jug, this product is an amazing value because of its ingredients, potency, and doses. It has all of the things you want, including the hyaluronic acid, that many other do not. My dog who will eat anything turns her nose up at them. She will spit it out if I put it in her mouth. This is like a treat in our case. I have to keep her mouth shut until she starts chewing. I'm sure I could crunch them into her food as well. I bought them for the effect and the value and I will probably buy them again. If you want to drop it on the floor and walk away, they might not be right for you. Other dogs may love them, but mine does not. They are loaded with just about every ingridient that is known to help, not flavors and fillers. This is my opinion of the product after the first bucket.

👤The oldest dog in my house had issues with his hips, limpng and general movement. Buck was X-rayed by our vet. Hip displacia was worsening and they found severe spine arthritis. We were told to put him down because we were devastated by the diagnosis. I've had to make this choice before but I didn't think it was the right one this time. I could see that he still had a good life left in him. I started with the popular "Pet Lab" product and was surprised to see some very favorable results, however with 3 dogs it was very expensive. I was looking for a similar product when I found Joint Max. I use it daily for my dogs and Buck's condition has greatly diminished since the diagnosis in June of 2019. He chases after the youngest dog, plays in the grass and snow, and even rolls around on his back. He has a limp from time to time and my vet gave him a pain pill for his geriatrics. He has a more vibrant quality of life because of the combination. I ran out of joint max for a few days and could see that he was getting worse. I was waiting for the package to arrive. I am amazed at how much the product has changed my fur babies. I started my German Shepherd right away. I won't run out again.

10. JIFRE Adjustable Stability Protector Recovering

JIFRE Adjustable Stability Protector Recovering

The light compression is a great way to protect your pet from injuries and to improve balance among the muscle groups. Increasing the joint's temperature can help reduce the inflammation that can be caused by kneecap problems. RECOMMENDED: VETERINARIANS. The dog brace is made with care to provide support to the dog's rear leg from injuries that can cause damage to the knee, ankle, and hip. The dog hock sleeves are used to protect the pet from coldness and to restore the injured area faster. Please take a look at their chart and measure based on their instructions because each animal has a different body size.

Brand: Jifre

👤Not good stability, not sized as advertised.

11. NeoAlly Stabilization Immobilization Rehabilitation Stability

NeoAlly Stabilization Immobilization Rehabilitation Stability

The video and size chart show how to measure and choose the correct size. The instructions to select the correct size are very important. If an incorrect size is applied, your pet won't get the proper support. The hock brace is designed for small breeds with shorter legs. It applies to the lower joint, not the upper one. It won't fit on your dog's knee. The NeoAlly Organic Hip and Joint Supplement can speed up the recovery. Support is needed for solvency and IMMOBILIZATION. There are three options for covering your dog's rear legs: rigid metal strips for stymiing, semi-rigid metal spring strips for stabilization, and no inserts for support and protection. Each brace comes with 2 sets of metal support strips, which can be changed. You can easily take out and put different strips on each brace. You can use strips in the injured leg and strips in the "good" leg to protect it. Soft and absorbent. The Neoally Dog Brace is made of high quality material. The metal support strips do not hurt the dog's skin. The brace is comfortable and safe.

Brand: Neoally

👤I was really happy to see that these lil braces worked. My Chuahua is very old and we don't want to put him to sleep. He has to carry him out of the D house. We are also old. N disabling. He's one of us! We have had so many years of fun. When I saw that we were going to help him by getting braces, I thought we were not doing that. We told them that if it was D best or worse it would happen. At first, he didn't trust them very much, but he kept babbling on his hind legs. We don't have to carry him all the way to the door because there are stairs after the door. He is back to do his bussines. If you need them to be stronger, look at the D stitching on the metal brace in the case you need them. What a great solution! Thanks to whoever it was! It was much obliged! This part is being added after a week of posting D main one. I wanted to say that he got D hang of his braces so well that he fills brave enough to go out and do what he can to get D hang of things to come! He moved more than we thought he could because of the braces. We are so thankful! Tnx.

👤My dog loves it. For a 7 pound pommy, there is a XS. We had to return and get a new one because it didn't arrive with all the braces.

👤It seems like a good item, but needs a bent rod to limit backwards bend. My dog needs a 45 degree joint if it wants to prevent backwards movement.

👤Needed for my dog's knee, and it was a great product.

👤My dog was fit perfectly and helped alleviate his pain. Stayed on. The design seemed very comfortable to my dog. He didn't try to pull it off. He could walk with the aid of a brace.

👤My Morkie had surgery after he broke his CCL. I didn't want to risk surgery for him because he has a heart condition. The vet wanted to make a $2500 brace for him. We decided to try it first. He is running around our yard again. I try to keep him from jumping but he has done both before we can catch him. We only got one type of metal supports, which is the only complaint I have. There is a It's a better alternative to go in debt for something that does the same thing.

👤The Orto-Canis support brace is worn outside for extra lower knee support and it discourages his hiking urination. He doesn't mind wearing them outside, he knows they make him feel better.

👤My dog was diagnosed with a tornACL and I bought this. I should have bought the lower joint support for my dog instead of the hip support. It was delivered the next day, which is a plus, especially when you need it the most. I like the idea of a shin/wrist guard, but this joint support has a few issues. The metal sticks out. The back is too stiff that it prevents from being comfortable. It needs something that is softer. I wrote a review for "I" that I had some knowledge of. I worked for a company that manufactured shin and wrist guards for major "human" brands over 30 years ago.


What is the best product for dog knee brace for torn acl hind leg?

Dog knee brace for torn acl hind leg products from Labra. In this article about dog knee brace for torn acl hind leg you can see why people choose the product. Wildpaw and Agon are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog knee brace for torn acl hind leg.

What are the best brands for dog knee brace for torn acl hind leg?

Labra, Wildpaw and Agon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog knee brace for torn acl hind leg. Find the detail in this article. Ortocanis, Agon and are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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