Best Dog Kennels and Crates for Small Dogs Made In Usa

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1. EliteField Folding Outdoor Multiple Available

EliteField Folding Outdoor Multiple Available

The EliteField soft crate is 36" long x 24" wide x 28" high, so it's larger than most other soft crates, and it's fully assembled in seconds. The frame of the crate is made of strong steel tube and the cover is made of high quality fabric and mesh. Three mesh doors on the top, front, and side are for convenience and for sunlight and breathability, as well as two accessory pockets on the top and side. The crate has a handle and hand carrying straps on it, as well as hand carrying straps and a padded shoulder strap on the carrying bag, which allow for many carrying options. The New York-based Pet Product Manufacturer has a 2 year warranty. The "EliteField" brand is the #1 brand on Amazon. This can be seen when you search for "Soft Dog Crate" on Amazon. Important information in the "Product Description" section below is related to the Product Quality Guarantee, 100% Money- Back Guarantee, and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Brand: Elitefield

👤Update! I have been contacted more than once to remove my comment. They got their good reviews by doing this. I will be returning for a 100% refund. I got a cage a week ago and it still smells like vinyl. Overall disappointing. I am in between one and two stars. I like the idea but don't like the smell. There are cheap materials screaming poison. I had a baby and learned a lot about harmful materials, this cage screams I'm full of vinyl, VOCs and other harmful stuff. I can imagine how my puppy would feel if I left her there. It is a very clever idea and design is great. Better materials would be advised by me.

👤Many different types of crates have been purchased and used by us. People have said that the soft crate is not the fault of the crate because their dog destroyed it, but it is an education issue in that a soft crate should not be used to crate train a dog. A good quality wire-crate is the best for that. We've used soft crates before to give a crate trained dog a time out or to keep a dog in a hotel room. The NozToNoz "Sof-Krate" is one of the soft crates we have. The cost of the N2N is about the same as the one in this picture, but there is a difference of quality. The NozToNoz has a large side door, an end door, and a moon roof door. The N2N had a semii-canvas panel on one of the long sides. The weight is the same but the N2N felt a bit lighter. The sturdiness is not compared side by side. The canvas cover on the N2N is tightly stretched across the frame. The attached pouch was not something that was important to us, but we did find that the Elite Field has too many straps and things hanging. Why would you put a strap on a crate that is designed to hold a dog up to 90 lbs? The N2N had a thick rubbery bottom which was not as thin as the Elite's. The black rubber bottom on the N2N went all the way around, and we appreciated that feature. Returned this item. We think the N2N is a better value than the Dollar. We didn't like the fact that the item we received appeared to have been used, and the large cardboard box it arrived in looked as if it had been opened and taped several times. We didn't feel confident that we were getting a new item for the full price we paid because we weren't sure if the seller was re-selling returned product.

👤This crate was bought for traveling. I used it a few times for that purpose, but also used it when my dog was on crate rest after a leg surgery. I like the crate. It's large. The frame is sturdy and the material feels decent. The mat that comes with the crate isn't the best, so I recommend replacing it. There are a lot of reviews about dogs chewing. Yes. If your dog is a puppy, chewer, or escape artist, don't get them a soft sided crate. From any brand. Dogs who are calm in the crate are the best to use. My dog is well behaved and calm in the crate, I have had no issues with the fabric, mesh, or zippers. It survived three grand mal seizures. If your dog is a puppy, chewer, or escape artist, do not get a soft sided rate. Of any brand! The water situation is my big issue with this crate. There is only one bowl that is made for use with a soft-sided crate and it is too small for a large dog. The newer version of this crate has a spot for a water bottle, but the model I have does not. As long as you get the newer model, this isn't a problem. It was pretty pleased.

2. Medium MidWest Folding Divider Protecting

Medium MidWest Folding Divider Protecting

Medium dog breeds can benefit from the Life Stages, a double door folding metal dog crate. A "MidWest Quality Guarantee" 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a free divider panel are included in the Versatile 2-door dog crate. They manufacture the iCrate and the Life Stages dog crate. The Life Stages is made of heavier gauge steel and has a tighter wire mesh making it stronger than iCrate. The dog crate door is locked with two heavy duty slide-bolt latches. The dog crate is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenient storage or travel. While you're away, durable design creates a safe place for your pet and provides for your dog's "den" instincts. Patented rounded corner clips greatly reduce the risk of sharp points in your dog's crate.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I have bought many crates for my dogs in the past 45 years, I bought the cheapest one and the most expensive one. You used to have to pay up to $200 for standard great at the pet store. Thank goodness for Amazon. I added a golden retriever named Bentley to my stable. He's just a little guy at 12 pounds, but he's going to get bigger. He fits in a small crate. He can get in it, but he can't turn around. I went to Amazon to find a crate for him that I could grow into. Midwest stood by me with crates during my dog show days. They made a sturdy crate out of heavy-duty material that was well engineered and put together. A few things have changed since I bought a crate a few years ago. Midwest was one of the first to offer a folding crate and they did it well, and they still do. I chose the middle size because it is a little bigger than the other manufacturers middle size. The double doors, one on the side and one on the end, are some of the features I like. Each closes and locks with two hasps. The bottom tray is made of plastic and is easier to clean and resistant tocorrosion. I ordered this crate from Amazon and it arrived quickly. I had it set up in less than 5 minutes after it arrived. The location where I was going to use it was against a wall and the doors were not right. It took me 3 minutes to swap the ends by bending back four hooks on each end and squeezing them tight again. To do in my crate. I should say that the crate was ready to leave. I left both doors open when I was going to introduce him to the crate so he could wander in and out at his leisure. I put a few toys and a water bowl in their as well as a wee wee pad and some bedding. He was curious and wandering around. He was screaming and crying for most of the night the first night. He was in a crate for the first time. I put him in a crate on the second night and he was quiet until the morning. I took him out when he started vocalizing when he saw me. As your dog grows, you can change the size of the crate. I'm not using a divider or giving a full run of the crate at this point. The price of these is amazing and I am happy that Amazon is selling them. If you go to a pet store, you will get a crate or imitation for $150. I think you'll be very happy with the quality and operation of this crate, I recommend Midwest. If you're a first-time buyer, you should check the standards of the AKC for how big your dog will be. You will have to buy bigger later on if you buy too small. I love it and give it five stars. I know you will too. If you found my review helpful, please click yes on the button below, I will leave reviews to help others make decisions prior to purchase. I use your reviews to help me with my purchases as well. My reviews are accurate and factual.

3. DEStar Outdoor Shelter Removable Resitant

DEStar Outdoor Shelter Removable Resitant

The new material for dog crates created by DEStar creates a more natural and outstanding appearance, and due to PE wicker's strength, this dog crate can last longer from dog biting. The rate cover is included. The cover is made of a material that is very durable and has strong abrasive resistance, and it can be used to protect dogs and crates from bad light or rain. The front side of the cover can be rolled up to make it easier for dogs to get in and out. Large Calibration. The PE rattan wicker kennel is a good size to fit almost all open area inside or outside the house, and it has a hollow feature that will enhance air ventilation. Premium details. The dog house has a plastic slide-out tray on the bottom which can be easily removed for mess cleaning and is easy to put back. It's easy to install, all the parts are prepared and you can just screw them together and make a beautiful dog crate in 15 minutes.

Brand: Destar

👤There are foot prints on the tray. There were screws and washers in the box that was torn. This is the second time. The original picture was not posted by Amazon. The total number of washers and screws should be 20.

👤Put it together in about 30 minutes. It's easy enough. It should have been about 15 minutes. I had the back upside down so I had to double check the top to make sure it fits. Don't tighten until all the pieces are together. The pieces of the rattan are loose and will invite chewing. It's not as heavy duty as your standard jail cage, but it looks better. The tray is flimsy. I will be requesting a new crate because it was not cheap. This should be a quality tray. It's beautiful. I don't know how long it will last. My dog is not interested in this crate. He loves his crate, but I hope he doesn't destroy it. I'll update after my dog uses it. Customer service was great. I received a partial refund for the damaged crate pan, but it is impossible to find a pan that fits the crate because it is not a standard size. A Medium is too small and a Large is too large. A pan is needed because the bottom of the crate is wide gapped wires. Finding a replacement crate pan has been a real challenge, as I love the crate and its holding up fine for my 56lb bulldog. The pan replacement will not work because of the thinner supports breaking. I went to Lowe's to get a piece of plywood. The measurement is 21.4 x 33. If the pan is ever damaged, you won't be able to find a replacement. He thinks his crate pad is a toy.

👤It's braided bamboo appearance provides shade and also provides sunlight to come into the cage without being so dark. It's not heavy if you needed to move outside. It has a nice rubber tray that is easy to slide out of. It was easy to put together. I am using mine for a dog.

👤This dog crate is awesome. My poodle is about 50 pounds and it is the perfect size. It's a great accent piece to my family room, unlike other crates that are ugly. My dog is happy in his new home. I wish the rattan was a bit more firm on the outside to make it look more expensive. A thought, not a big deal. For the price, it can't be beat. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I rated it a one because a zero might have appeared that I overlooked it. The tray in the original crate was cracked and dirty. It was thin and cheap to make. I gave it back for a new one. The tray was cracked. Attached are photos of both. The floor gave a tray this thin couldn't possibly reinforce. If the tray wasn't broken when it was installed, it would crack if a dog moved around on it. I had two wicker crates the same size as this one. I tried this one because the trays are no longer available, but they were of superior quality. It arrived this morning and is going back today. You don't want your pet on this tray.

4. Petmate ProValu Crate Precision System

Petmate ProValu Crate Precision System

The dog crate for medium dogs has a 5-point lock system and 2 doors on either side for maximum security. Rounded corners make the portable kennel easy to clean. The dog training kennel is travel friendly and has a divider panel to accommodate puppies as they grow. The finish is rust resistant. The crate can be used for storage and travel. There is a 24 x 18 x 19 measurement. Dog safety and comfort are dependent on crate and kennel training. They have traditional travel carriers, wire training and exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses and more. Petmate has been passionate about their dogs, cats, and furry friends for over 50 years. They've produced a lot of eco-friendly products that pets will love. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and other small furry friends. Check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy.

Brand: Precision Pet Products

👤My cat cannot be moved in a carrier. He is a sweet cat, but he becomes a demon in the carrier trying to get out. He made his teeth bleed by pulling on the carrier door. I thought I would give the crate a try and see if it would calm him down. It was a miracle fix. Two cats are completely different. My cat was very comfortable in this crate. He did not meow. It was the right size for him. He is about 9 lbs. I thought the crate would be heavy for a small person, but it was easy for me to handle. It has two doors, one on the top and one on the side, so you can choose which one makes the cat more comfortable. I don't know why this cat is so happy in this crate, but it made a huge difference for us. Highly recommended!

👤I love the products of this company. When my dog was a puppy, I ordered an extra small crate. I ordered a medium-size crate from a different company and it was so bad that I had to cut it myself. Had to return it, went back and ordered the medium from this company, just got it today. And it is perfect! I will never, ever get a crate from a different company.

👤The crate is sharp, even though it may be sturdy. All of the cuts are not sanded/ground. I didn't think to check the cut offs as the product description went on about rounded corners, I received the crate. I was awakened by my puppy screaming and yelping, not the I need to go out or I want to be out with you, it was pain, you have to hear it once in your life to know it. She jumped out of bed and into the crate. I found blood on my leg when I checked her out, there was a cut on her paw. She had a blanket and toys in the crate. I checked the crate and there was blood, sorry, but I didn't think pictures was more important than what hurt her. I felt the bar cut me, it was sharp, not much pressure, and I felt the bar where it was cut off. If you buy this crate, I would inspect every cut off as there are many that are not filed or ground smooth.

👤It was the best purchase. It is easy to assemble. Medium is the perfect size for my jack russel mix. He has anxiety and pees when left alone. I put a blanket over him and gave him a toy to play with, he loved it immediately, and after a while he was happy to be closed in at night and when I was not at home. No more accidents for the happy dog.

👤This is a 5-star product. The 5-point locking system was great. The edges are straight. The wire is smooth. A good weight is wire. The only issue we had was size. Our mini-dachshund is just under 9 lbs and should be full grown by 11 months. She can sit, stand, turn around, and lie down, but not stretch out. If you have a dachshund, you know how they love to stretch out, even kicking their hind legs back. The photo was taken in a crate. We are getting a 30” crate. Hope this helps others. The 24” and 30” crate are available. The dog is in a crate. If she decided to stretch out, you can see how much more room she has in the 30” because she is in the same position. The mini is fully grown at 1yr 3 mos.

5. Pet Dreams Bumpers Protective Comfortable

Pet Dreams Bumpers Protective Comfortable

The new safety buoy provides the ultimate protection. They spent years improving on previous models to provide you the best bumper yet. Don't miss this chance to upgrade your bumper if you have a 1st or 2nd generation one. After my puppy got her paw stuck in the bars of her kennel twice, I knew I needed to find a way to make it safer. It looks great and is well made, so it keeps her from getting caught in the bars. Setting up and Maintenance are easy. The bumper is padded with 1” thick, high density fiber to keep it in place without sliding down. They use high quality, high density bonded fibre that is machine washed and provides the comfort and protection your pup needs when they lay down against the metal crate bars. 100% machine wash and dry. Universal fit works with both front and side doors. The bumper can fit in both front and side door crates thanks to their innovative vertical stitching. A new bumper doesn't have to mean a new crate. If you have a crate with an orientation that's different, you can just rearrange it. The rate is not included. Their crate bumper is over 5 feet in length and comes with the entire inside lined with premium fabric to protect your baby. Their crate bumpers are tall enough to keep paws safe and ensure that collars don't get stuck in bars. While he was rolling over, his collar got stuck on one of the hooks. He tried to pull a few times. Use your car to protect against the hot metal bars. No covers to remove means that it is 100% clean.

Brand: Pet Dreams

👤I was disappointed with myself for the price, I thought it included the pet cage. You stated the size was 36”x 23”x 25” and I thought that was the measurement of the cage. You need to state clearly that the cage is not included.

👤The bumper is nice. The price point may not be suitable for most. The metal crate sides give me some comfort from the Velcro attachment. It helps to have toys and treats inside the cage. This review was honest and helpful.

👤Shipping was fast. They are soft and well made. They are very easy to place. They fit my kennel well. I got these because my daughter was pregnant. These help keep the warmth in and also keep the edges padded for her puppies. I would recommend getting a set of your dog is about to have some pups, I got these, and I am so glad I did.

👤The bumper is in the crate. It is secured to the outside with tabs. The material is soft and allows privacy. It doesn't affect the view of your fur baby. The bumper gives them a soft padding. It is a great place for dogs to call home. It can be dried. I haven't washed it yet.

👤These bumpers are great. It was easy to install, the thick material was wrapped around the cage perfectly. My dog likes to see and chew on the pieces of the first day.

👤When we travel with our cats, I get a cage bumper pad to protect them from stray litter and to insulate them. I think this pad will do all three.

6. Lucky Dog Patented Stabilizers Removable

Lucky Dog Patented Stabilizers Removable

Customer service and free replacement. All products are free of cost for a one-year replacement service. Don't be angry and don't worry if you have any problems with the product. They will give you a solution within 12 hours if you need help with anything. The sliding door system makes it easy for your pet to get to their home. shins and knees are protected from hitting and open crate doors if there is no extruding door. The building is built with sturdy wire construction and rust-resistant e- coating. Pet owners can easily move the crate from one room to another with the convenient top handle. Corner stiffeners help support prevent accidental collapse and excess rattling. It is impossible to open 90 degree safety bandages by your pet. Pets can push the door outward if the latched positioning is not used. The easy-access side door can be used for crate positioning. It is easy to clean the Lehman-PROOF PAN. It's easy to clip on the floor-pronation feet.

Brand: Lucky Dog

👤I love sliding doors. A door that could be closed on a puppy is the reason my puppy goes into his crate for a nap. There is a large crate in our bedroom. The crate door is not in the way when I walk around the crate at the end of the bed. The wire is a lighter weight than some of the other crates and he doesn't chew on it. I plan to buy a 36” sliding door crate, which will be lighter than my previous crates. It is easy to set up, and should be easy to fold up. carabiners are on the end door to make sure it stays locked. The sliding doors lock in different directions. A nice feature.

👤My crate was damaged and my pamphlet was inside but I was not able to tear the paper. It was hard for my mom to set up the crate because she was 52 years old, but I was able to assemble it myself, even though I didn't know how to set it up. crate has been through every season The crate is still in place like it was on the first day of purchase. My mother has a very nice house with 3 dogs. I had company over and the internet workers were not comfortable with my mom dogs being out. I had to put all of them in a crate. Since the 6 month dog is getting big as the two older ones, a bigger size may be needed.

👤I bought 2 of this product. I have 2 German Shepherd pups that are comfortable in 1 because of a metal piece that was provided to separate them. They now sleep in their own crates. They are large and comfortable. It is easy to tear down and portable these crates. Definitely recommend this product. They are small so be careful when picking them up.

👤I bought it because it was considerably less. The item I received reflected this. I was very disappointed that all the pieces were not included in the box that was in poor condition. The crate was missing rubber feet, corner stabilizers, and one latch, and the divider panel was not included. This should not have left the warehouse. The wire crate is not as sound as the name brand, and it is thin. It might be a bit more solid if it had stabilizers. It was easy to set up and the door glides nicely. I chose this crate because of the option. Great for saving space.

👤The crate came way earlier than expected and was undamaged. The things metal are mentioned in some reviews. I haven't found this to be the case. I like the sliding gate. If my other dog wasn't so hard on the gates, I would buy another. Highly recommended.

👤I was able to make the crate work, but it was a pain. The tray broke in multiple places within a few months. I've bought many brands and never had this issue before. I'm going to have to spend another $80 to get a metal tray as I don't trust putting another plastic one in this crate.

7. LUCKUP Strong Kennel Assemble Playpen

LUCKUP Strong Kennel Assemble Playpen

The frame is made from industrial steel that is resistant to rust and is hard to be damaged, so it is suitable for medium and large dogs. The front door can be used for pets and the top door can be used for interacting with your dog. You can lock the wheels of the crate and move it anywhere you please with the help of the rotating locking casters. It's easy to assemble, just need to fit it with four wheels and eight screw bolts, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The tray is easy to clean and helps you catch the fallen dog food. The dimensions are as follows: 37.5"L X 25.5"W X 32"H; Internal height of the dog cage is 27"H; Metal pipe spacing is 2; and the floor spacing is one color.

Brand: Luckup

👤The dog cage was purchased to try to keep our dog out of harms way. The bars were sturdy, but the latches were not. My son came home on 2-15-19 to find our dog hanging in the cage. He squeezed his head through the door and died. Our dog would be alive if the latches were stronger.

👤I adopted a pit bull that had a case of separation anxiety and he destroyed the cheapo wire crate by breaking the front door off and snapping the tiny welds. The 38 inch cage has plenty of room for the 80 lbs man. The install is self explanatory and fast. The thicker the carpets, the wheels will not roll across them.

👤A dog was rescued. She's perfect in every way. Her separation anxiety was not included. We have fostered many dogs in this house. Many high needs cases were taken on by us. She was the first person that we could not acclimate to a crate. Things get destroyed if she isn't in a crate. She is smart. She would find a new way to break out when we rig the crate again and again. She was able to get out of her crate in 15 seconds. We tried the bathroom with another dog. Nope. We tried to calm ourselves. We played soothing music. We tried different anti anxiety drugs. Nothing helped. In order to save our home and hope for safety for our dog, we bought this crate. I was not sure. I was concerned. Our saving grace was this. She was scared of it on the first day. My husband forgot to put the wheels in place. She has not tried to chew the bars or locks. She can't destroy the pan. She has not ripped up her bedding. She feels safe and secure in this crate. She goes inside willingly. She is calm. If I needed to, I would buy this again.

👤This is a five-star facility. I took off one star because of the damage on the bars. I expect it to look new when I pay full price. If your dog has separation aphasia, this is the Kennel to buy. 30 lbs. is ours. A Cocker Spaniel escaped from a canvas kennel. He injured himself and bled his paws. He has gotten staph infections on his belly because he salivates excessively. We needed a cage with smooth bars and open grate on the bottom so that the dog wouldn't get sick from the drool. The cage seems to have helped calm our dog. The first time we put our Cocker in a house, we watched him from a security camera. He tried to get out by sticking his nose out of the bars. For the first time in his life, he fell down and woke up. It was like, "Well, I can't leave here so I might as well chill out." We paid more for it. We would have saved a lot of money on broken blinds and clawed doors if we had just spent the money. Don't spend time or money on other things. Get this fee!

8. Bodhi Dog Repellent Training Corrector

Bodhi Dog Repellent Training Corrector

Don't train your pet to re-mark areas. Their not here! Your furry friend won't be able to revisit and mark the same spot twice. spray those areas your pet frequently visits with their Not Here! A spray. The need to re-urinate in that area will be eliminated with their special formula. For indoor and outdoor training. Their not here! It works well for both indoor and outdoor training. Let the area dry before applying Not Here! A spray. If necessary, repeat. Their formula is safe to use on most fabrics and can be used on indoor plants as well. Use in conjunction with a breaking training plan. The spray will eliminate the scent so your pet won't want to use that area anymore. Your puppy won't come back to the area to urinate because of their formula. The quality of their products is something they stand behind. Help Shorten House. There is a breaking time. Positive potty training reinforcement is important to shorten housebreaking time. The training time will depend on the pet. Praise, pets, and treats are important for potty training. Use in conjunction with a housebreaking training plan. Their ethical family product is made in the USA using socially responsible practices, locallysourced and sustainable ingredients, animal cruelty-free production and eco-friendly packaging. If you don't like it. Let them know if you want to spray. They are a small family-owned business of pet lovers who are committed to making great products that are safe for you, your pets and the planet.

Brand: Bodhi Dog

👤I adopted a senior chihuahua who had been a street thug and was not housebroken. It was an uphill battle because of the stubbornness of the chihuahuas. He kept peeing on a wall in the dining room that he had secretly marked. I was about to pull my hair out when I found this product. He is a tiny dog. So far, it is so good, after a thorough cleaning. I spray the area several times a day. He hasn't gone back in 4 days. The scent of clove and peppermint is strong but it is not obnoxious like other products I tried. After a few minutes, the smell of the room is gone. This product is very good. I am on my first bottle. I will definitely order more.

👤If a product tells you what it is supposed to do, then no explanation is given why it does what it does. If the Bodhi company had done any research, they would tell you the truth. They say that your dog won't pee where you spray it. They don't explain why it doesn't work. Dogs smell pee. I smell pee, so they think this is a pee place. This is a masking scent. Windex will fail for the same reason as this. Many dogs find a location convenient and still smell pee even with the masking scent. There are many reports that the masking scent doesn't work. If you soaked the pee location on a carpet or rug, the pee scent will be hard to cover over. If it does mask the scent, the dog will think that this is a good spot and I don't smell pee, so maybe I'll make this a clean smelling spot. Good training is the only way to make sure that your dog is successful and that means giving your dog a chance to pee outside, every time he gets excited, every time he takes a big drink, every time he eats a lot, and every time he wakes from. If you promote his successes outside, praise him when he goes outside, and use this expensive product to mask the scent, you will make a thousand times more progress than if you don't.

👤So far, they have only used for 3 days, but so far, they seem to have done the job. Hope the success continues. I would recommend so far. It has a clove sent. I like it. It is strong.

👤My senior dog pees on the furniture despite having a pee pad down. I've been spraying. For a few days and so far, it's been great. I would recommend it to others.

👤This stuff is amazing. I had doubts about it. My sisters male dog peeing all over the place has not been a problem for me. He doesn't want to use the puppy pads like the other dogs. I had issues with him peeing on my bed. Since I got this spray, it has not been an issue. You have to make sure it is kept up like every other day when you sweep and mop, but this stuff is a miracle in a bottle, it is connected to all the rooms in my house, and I tested it out on my room, bathroom, and kitchen.

9. PremiumCare Calming Infused Anxiety Separation

PremiumCare Calming Infused Anxiety Separation

Help your dog relax. Their calming treats help your dog cope with external stresses, enhances brain function and has a calming, relaxing effect for dogs that are responding negatively to stress. Their soft chews are made in the USA in a compliant facility and are safe for your dog to eat, and they are made with natural ingredients like passion flower, ginger root, and chamomile. Promoting a mellow effect and well being is what it is called. Their treats have a calming effect on your dog's nerves and are great for keeping your dog from responding negatively to environments that can cause stress, and may help curb destructive behavior and cope with external stresses brought on by loud noises, vet or grooming visits, moving, or travel. Their all-natural calming formula helps maintain a normal emotional balance, it also promotes relaxation with Organic Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, and Valerian root. If you don't see a difference in your dog after 30 days, you can return the chews for a full refund.

Brand: Premium Care

👤He's named after the dragon. He also watches the show. He's 9 months old and growing fast. He's mostly a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky, with a small percentage of mutt and wolf, according to Embark DNA. Now that I've given you a description of my dog, let's discuss why I bought him these treats. First of all, she has high anxiety. Some might think that that is common in those breeds. You would be correct. There is a The dog has been to the emergency vet three times and each time he vomited and nearly vomited up the lining of his stomach. He was going to die. They ran all the tests. Completely healthy. Cause? There is anxiety. The dog has to be with people. Not just any human will do that. No. He wants his parents. Sometimes we have to go somewhere. Daddy is working. When Daddy goes to work, he has a baby with him. Yes, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that I mentioned he's huge. Sometimes mom has appointments and has to crate him. Dear God. The dog ate through his crate. I was gone for an hour. An hour! When I got home he was howling at the dogs. I heard him before I got home. I haven't mentioned his other issues. His need to chew has cost us a lot. I will stop there. The baby needed help. The vet gave him tranquilizers. I turned to aholistic treatment because I didn't want my dog to be prescribed drugs. This stuff isn't a miracle worker. He wasn't a perfect dog over night. There is a It does give him some relief, without knocking him out. A knocked out dog will never learn. He is still a giant puppy. Behavioral training is in progress. With this stuff, I can actually work with him. I knew he was smart, and now he's eager to learn. There is a He was nothing like that two months ago. He loves these things. A little too much. He gets a hug from his dad at the door and heads to the treat jar. He has to do several things in order to get each one. He goes crazy over these just as much as he does his actual treats. The terrifyingly anxious dog that was given tranquilizers to keep him from vomiting his stomach lining is now off the hard drugs and is comfortable in these treats. He loves them, he's no longer zonked, and he can learn. They get five crowns. I give them five stars.

👤This product works well on my 10mo old husky. He needs to be calm for car rides and sometimes going to doggy daycare. Kicks in quickly and lasts through the night.

👤Beware! The first chew I saw looked like this, with a piece of blue plastic sticking out of it. I don't know if they work because I wouldn't risk anything.

10. JESPET Crates Folding Carrier Rabbits

JESPET Crates Folding Carrier Rabbits

It's easier to travel outside with the 36”L* 24”W* 27”H size. Please allow a deviation of 1 inch for all dimensions. Ample Ventilation for use in all season is provided by the three entrances door. There is a carrying strap and fleece mat. The frame of the crate is made of strong steel tube and the carte cover is made of durable fabric and mesh. Quality fleece bed provide a comfortable place for your pet. It's easy to carry and lightweight. Storage and setup can be made simple with collapsible Bars.

Brand: Jespet

👤The crate we bought was large enough for both of our dogs to share. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, because it has sliding bar locks for the top bars, and if you pull them apart the whole frame folds down. It has a nice carry handle. One of our dogs tore a hole in it, but Jespets sent us a replacement piece very quickly and we were able to use it. If I need another one, I would buy from them again.

👤My 13lb cat outgrew his hard shell carrier. I had no choice but to upgrade. I needed a carrier that my cat would be comfortable in while we traveled for 27 hours. This thing was perfect. My friend hates car rides and I made him a disposable litter box so he wouldn't have to leave the car in the loud world. It was nice knowing he had all the extra space, even though he didn't use the litter boxes until we were at a hotel. There are straps and clips that can be used to strap the carrier down. Huge, has a bunch of windows, straps and clips, and a soft bottom insert. I wouldn't want to carry this long. I'd be willing to walk with this from house to car. There were no pockets. This is not suitable for airplane travel with pets.

👤This is a very nice kennel. It can be used for car trips and vet visits. The mesh sides allow them to see what is happening. They like using the top as a hammock. They feel safe with this case. They love hanging out in it and we keep it open at home.

👤When we are camping, we use this portable dog crate. He can sleep in on one of the pop-out beds. It works great when we zip him into the cage. He tried to chew his way out of the cage when he was alone for a while. We do not leave him in the cage unattended. We were able to glue the chewed area together. This is the perfect size for Deke. Deke's camping adventures can be found at

👤A lightweight travel kennel was needed for a dog with lots of energy. She is happy wherever we take the dog. It has good air flow for our warm climate. She doesn't like chewing on the inside and usually has to be persuaded out of it. It has been a lifesaver.

👤I was caught last year when I didn't have a carrier that I could carry my dog in because I didn't have one. I looked at smaller carriers in local pet stores, but I didn't want him to be cramped in there, since he's a 16-pound chihuahua, and I also didn't want him to be able to stand up or turn around. If I had this carrier, I would be able to find a shelter that would take us if I left. I wanted one large enough that he could stand up and turn around. I found this one after a few mistakes. It's easy to set up, and it's well made. I like fabric better than the hard-sided ones. It has straps on top of it. It can be done with help from my dog. This dog carrier is very good. The lambs wool liner is a nice touch. Don't buy one that doesn't fit.

11. Petmate Ultra Kennel Heavy Duty Assembly

Petmate Ultra Kennel Heavy Duty Assembly

Dog air travel concierge. The large dog travel kennel has tie-down strap holes, wire vents for air flow, and a raised interior to keep the dogs comfortable. The airline-aDAPTABLE. The dog crate is made with heavy duty recycled plastic material and has an easy-open frontlatch to quickly access pets. Kennedy's houses: They provide a variety of dog houses and crates, as well as traditional travel carriers. Petmate has been around for over 50 years and is passionate about their dogs, cats and furry friends. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤I bought this crate for my dog. He was 800-273-3217 He hated being left alone and in a wire crate when his brother was adopted. He ended up drooling so much that he tried to escape and cut himself, he tried to chew the wires off the crate to escape, and he tried to get the zip ties off. I tried a lot of things in his old crate, but I was about to take him to the vet to get him on his anxiety meds, when I found out he was on a thunder shirt, essential oils, and dog separation anxiety music on the iPad. He destroyed the other crate so I bought this one. I put the dog bed in the living room because I thought he would destroy it. He has not been able to escape or hurt himself, so he is in the crate. I could tell that he was getting used to his crate over the last few weeks. He has been in a crate for a few days and just laid down. This is a big step for him. I can tell that he is safe in this crate. I am so grateful that this crate is helping my dog. The crate is worth a lot of money. My dog is about 70 pounds and tall. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤I have two German Shepherd mixes, both around 65 lbs, and I got the largest vari kennel available that was listed for 70-90 lbs. Both have standing ears, so they can't sit upright without flattening their ears. In the photo, you can see my boy's head peeking out. The kennel is made of plastic and is easy to put together. I would like to see them sell 42" or 46" sizes. The jump from 40 to 48 is very big for pet owners like me who have dogs that are just in-between. The 70-90 lbs kennel is too small for a dog with upright ears.

👤The crate was delivered on October 10, but just a couple months later it is useless. The crate was delivered without bolts. I received a credit from Amazon for buying new bolts at a local hardware store. The dog weighs 65 lbs. He was able to open the crate and escape. He was out of the crate when we got home, so I made sure to triple check the latch with my wife the next time we left. He was able to open the door and push it off. I used metal clips to hold the door on until he realized that the plastic is so low quality that he can just chew his way out. The plastic crates are the same quality as most dog toys, but he is a smart dog and a bit of an escape artist, and this crate was a disappointment from the start. Shop somewhere else.


What is the best product for dog kennels and crates for small dogs made in usa?

Dog kennels and crates for small dogs made in usa products from Elitefield. In this article about dog kennels and crates for small dogs made in usa you can see why people choose the product. Midwest Homes For Pets and Destar are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog kennels and crates for small dogs made in usa.

What are the best brands for dog kennels and crates for small dogs made in usa?

Elitefield, Midwest Homes For Pets and Destar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog kennels and crates for small dogs made in usa. Find the detail in this article. Precision Pet Products, Pet Dreams and Lucky Dog are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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