Best Dog Kennels and Crates for Medium Dogs Outdoor

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1. AmazonBasics Welded Outdoor Kennel Large

AmazonBasics Welded Outdoor Kennel Large

A swing-open door makes it easy to get in and out of the large outdoor wire kennel. Made of durable materials, including metal wire, for safety, optimal stability, and long- lasting strength. Pets can be protected from snow, wind, rain, and other elements with the Weatherguard cover. Plugs included to protect indoor flooring; surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth. Measures 101.6 by 48 by 72.1 inches and weighs 119.1 pounds. It's recommended for small, medium, and large breeds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It began to rust in two days. My dog ripped the cover to shreds after it was sagged in the middle. I can't get my money back as the product is destroyed in a day.

👤We needed something to keep our fur babies safe from coyotes. We have a pet door that lets them in and out when we're not home. I put a tarp over the top of the enclosure to make it more waterproof and secure, because the material on the top is only good for a few months in the Arizona summer. I had to modify the back panel to fit the pet door so our dogs could go in and out to the enclosed area to go potty or hang out. It is roughly 48” wide by 53” deep and 53” tall with a small gate. I put a solar motion light on the artificial grass mat. I am very happy with the product. Depending on the size of your animals, you may have to add some sort of webbing where the panels connect.

👤It's easy to build. The product came a little scratched up. We built the whole thing in 30 minutes. He put it in the ground so it wouldn't move and I used a tool that the instructions warn you not to use because it won't tighten enough. It is a good product, but it is not a good product because the material on the roof frame does not stay tight and will not hold up in the rain as well as the original design would have you believe. I included two times it rained after I tightened the roof cover. I purchased a large size pics for references. My dog was able to escape out on day two after he unlatched the door. The lock on the latch does not have a mechanism. We use a bungee strap for extra safety. The dogs couldn't dig under the gravel that we threw down.

👤The cage has 3 bars for the roof. I bought 18 feet of welded wire and attached it to the top before putting the roof on, it's perfect for keeping predator out of my chickens. I was able to make sure the roof wouldn't fall in the weather by spending an extra 60 dollars.

👤The roof does not look like it was advertised in the picture, but like a few others have said, its not a bad kennel. The roof will not last in the rain and you need a minimum of 5 to get up the right cross bars. It will fill up with water and rip apart if it is in the middle. I'm trying to see if I can get 3 more "roof bars" or cross pieces. I'll see how the powder coating holds up here in the seattle area. They would not buy again unless they put in more "Roof" truss's.

👤I needed to create a space for foster cats so they can walk around in my basement while they get medically squared away and ready for adoption. I wish I'd realized earlier that I could put the door anywhere I wanted to. One thing I didn't anticipate was that the roof blocks out the light completely from the window and overhead light. I bought a roll of chicken wire to attach when I can take a break from feeding and cleaning. If I bought another one, I could double the size or even make a separation inside if I wanted, because I'd have two doors, too! I wasn't sure how to join at corners, but the diagram doesn't make it clear, but it seems like pretty much anything you do works. It's for grown-ups because tiny baby kittens can squeeze out here and there. If the roof is replaced with something more substantial, it will definitely not be secure outdoors or indoors. When I don't need to use it for a while, I will be able to take it apart and store it. I was hesitant to spend the money because it was volunteer work, but I was happy to provide more comfort for the cats. It is possible to hang things from the wire sides. I attached the same water bowls I use in cages and bungeed a couple of cat trees to the panels so they can resist huge cats jumping on and off. Trying to think of a way to add a shelf or two, have to check out the hanging shelf platforms. It's cheaper and less daunting than I thought.

2. Popup Portable Collapsible Crate Mesh

Popup Portable Collapsible Crate Mesh

A great concept and design is a frame with a strong yet lightweight steel tube and a rotational button design for quick collapsible. It doesn't look like a jail cage, so they think your puppy likes it. UpGRADED MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP. 170g and 600D Oxfords fabric is great quality and your pets don't chew easily broken. The process to strengthen your pets broke out is difficult. There is a mat and a bowlCONFIGURATION. It comes with mesh isolation for bed mats and a way to avoid dogs urinating in an emergency. The mat showerproof can be used to dispute a dog's flu symptoms. The black folding bowl can be suspended from a crate. The crate is easy to fold up for packing, and it didn't take up room in the car trunk with your other suitcases. It's a must-have when traveling with your pets, it's possible to open it from the side or top. It is lightweight and the mesh makes it very wellventilated. It is easy to clean and very durable. The mat could be thrown in the washer with the nylon cover if you separated it from the insert. There are tips. Their M and XL sizes are available. Survey your pet's body length and shoulder height. The dimensions are L25.6" x W17.7" x H 17.7". Appropriate for Max (H)15 x (L)22.5 inches.

Brand: Oluckin

👤I travel a lot with my dog, and he has an easier time finding a place to stay. When his den is there. I was lugging his metal kennel around for years, which was heavy, bulky, and noisy, and it was also collapsible. The fabric and screen travel kennel is very lightweight and easy to set up and pack down, and I was very impressed with it. The dog loved it and felt at home when we unpack his travel kennel. It is worth the money.

👤I love it! I have a resting place for my dog when I take her for walks. I just need it to fold when she is done resting. They don't take up a seat at home, they only take up a small amount of space when folded. The portable drinking cup is easy to carry and folds nicely. After all the cups are unfolded, there is a lot of capacity.

👤Absolutely love it. It's easy to put up and fold again if you're travelling. It's easy to zip them up again if you need to, and the sides are open. Puppy is happy to stay in it when we are out, she sleeps in it at night.

👤It is good for all pets.

👤My dog likes it because it is very large.

👤The translucent design looks great. It's very easy to install and would recommend it to friends.

👤I have a small cubby hole on the side and hooks on the other side, but I am not sure what you mean. The black part opens to another compartment. It is a little difficult to open. It keeps a few feminine hygiene products for guests so they don't have to ask or look through cabinets. It can hold the cottenelles. Oh yes. The top is formed so you can put something in it. I have found it to be very useful and it has gotten some of the mess out of the way. Hope this helps, I have a couple pics of myself.

👤It was easy to dry up and use. Plastic is easy to keep clean.

3. Neocraft Companion Kennel Roof Cover

Neocraft Companion Kennel Roof Cover

It was manufactured in China. Purchasing goods made in China supports the anti-democratic take over of Hong Kong. Support ethical business practices.

Brand: Neocraft

👤We bought this because we wanted our dog to be able to go to the bathroom on our patio but not be able to get to the rest of the yard. It was difficult to get it together. I am a 60 year old woman that is not very strong and I was able to do it on my own. The cover wouldn't fit over the top of it, but you can buy extra pieces and extra cover if you need it. We don't need it since it is already under a cover and our dog won't be able to jump out. We pushed a piece of furniture up against it. Our dog will not be able to move around. I want to put something soft on the bar that runs over the top of the door because I keep hitting my head on it.

👤I put my dog and cat out for a few hours at a time they love it.

👤This looks great and is easy to assemble. The cover protects your pet from the sun and rain. I live by a major highway and like to be outisde when we are. I can make sure he stays in place and has room to move around as he is only 20 pounds. If you are going camping with larger dogs, this could be used as it would make you feel like you are part of the family. It looks great and is sturdy. I got some indoor outdoor carpet so that the dog isn't lying on the ground.

👤Everything was sturdy and easy to assemble, but it was missing a piece, so I would give them 5 stars.

👤It's great, but it would be better if we had all the parts. To cover the entire kennel.

👤It is easy to assemble.

👤It was easy to set up the kennel. The top faded quickly and was not attractive. I wanted to purchase another one so I could expand it for my dog, but the price went up a lot.

👤I bought another one after I liked the first one. The second one was delivered at the wrong address and when I put it up one panel was bent and the other rod was bent, so I wasn't happy about it.

4. Loves Cabin 36in Portable Large

Loves Cabin 36in Portable Large

Size and care are important. Up to 65 lbs., 36.6"L x 21.2"W x 21.2"H. The hand wash should be cold (30C). Do not bleach. Don't tumble dry. Don't iron. Don't dry clean. The front and side panels have mesh. The door is easy to open and close. Can accommodate blankets and beds. If you have a party with your friends or family. The pet bed is a good place for a cat or small dog to sleep. Seatbelts are fixed in the car, so they stay in place when you are on the go. Good for travel with an auto vehicle. It is possible to have a COLLAPSIBLE and PORTABLE. Their pop up kennel folds down quickly for easy travel and storage. Your pet will never be bored if you take the entertainment with you. It is risk free to purchase. They know their pop up pet kennel will be great. No questions asked, 100% refund or replacement lifetime. Buy with confidence for your dog lovers.

Brand: Love's Cabin

👤It works well. Love that it breaks down and can be used for storage or travel. My dog loves the bed I put in it. She had never been trained to be a kennel. We use it when we have to leave our dog alone.

👤I'm pretty sure this won't last long. It is perfect for me. I use it in my car when I take my 55lb aussie shep out to the park or vet. It takes up about 2 seats. It's a good size for him. I have a kid in a carseat next to him and he is great for traveling and keeping his anxious ass contained. Obviously short drives. He dislikes the car. This helps us. It is easy to fold up after use. I love this thing. I can take my friend out more now.

👤I had a long layover while moving with a cat. I came across this game changer after some research. I was able to set up the tent, litterbox, and food dishes at the layover. He peed in the litter box after I threw him in there. He looked at it again. He ate some food, drank some water and took a nap. I put a blanket over the tent to calm him down. I put him back in the cabin carrier and took everything out of the tent and folded it up. We were on our way. I felt like it was too much when I was setting it up. I think my cat was a little spoiled but it's worth it. Why should my cat have to hold it and be in a carrier all the time when dogs are allowed to relieve themselves? You need to be able to go at the drop of a dime if you get this, and you need to learn how to fold it so you can master it quickly. There are online videos that teach you how to do it. They helped me. I recommend getting a portable litter box and liner, as well as a large blanket to lay on. I should have gone with a smaller one. The only thing that I can think of is that the windows are open. I know people put dogs in here. It would be nice to have that. Maybe on the next version? If you're travelling with cats, I highly recommend this. Don't worry about people staring, they have questions about where they could get a one for their cat.

👤The pop up rate saved my life when I took my cat on road trips. It's big enough to fit a litter box and can fit a small pet bed, it's roughly the size of the entire backseat of my car. The mesh on the sides makes it possible for you to see your pet and for them to see you. The product could be improved by that 1. It is possible for a pet to bite or claw their way through the mesh if they are very determined. The quality of the mesh could be improved so that the pet can't mess with it inside. 2. You can only access your pet from one of the sides. It can be difficult to fit things into a crate if you are driving. If a passenger wanted to give the pet treats, they would not have enough room to do so, so an opening on the front of the crate would be a great addition. I would recommend this product if you want to make sure your pet is used to the car and that they have everything they need back there. A lifesaver!

5. KELIXU Strong Kennel Playpen Prevent

KELIXU Strong Kennel Playpen Prevent

If you want to install the product correctly, you must download the latest version of the installation guide on the web page. The large dog crate is built to last. It is not easy to be bitten by a large dog. The double door and sturdy metal frame allow you to interact with your dog, but also give you optimal visibility which will make your dog a comfortable environment. The heavy duty dog kennel is easy to clean. The wheels are locked to prevent unnecessary movement. You only need to install the screws and wheels in the easy to assemble accessories. It takes 10 minutes to make a dog crate. The heavy duty kennel is 48"L X 29"W X 51"H. If you have a problem with your dog cage, please contact them.

Brand: Kelixu

👤Not Cane proof. My 1 year old broke the locks first and then destroyed the top support bar.

👤Our 2 year old Great Pyrenees loves this cute crate. We love it! The crate had some scratches on the back side. I didn't report the issue since it was on the back and we needed the crate asap. We still love the crate after almost two months. It has been a relief to have a crate that is escape-proof. Our magician has met his opponent. The crate still looks new two years later. If you are tired of the standard wire crate and plastic tray, give this one a try.

👤I bought this for my daughter's dog who has separation anxiety. He had destroyed crates. This crate is great. I call it Alcatraz. My daughter can now leave for work and not worry about her dog. Great investment! Well worth the money!

👤The head room is perfect for our German Shepherd and the higher ceiling is only slightly larger. The bars have a spacing that makes it easy for us to reach in and give him something to eat. The crate on wheels is a great feature, it can be moved around the room without any effort. It would be rather heavy if it wasn't there.

👤I have a 100 lbs GSD that makes great meat. This one is very easy to put together. There are only two things that will draw you in, the heavy weight of the building and the fact that the slats make it uncomfortable for the dog. This cage looks great, and I am happy with it.

👤The cage is made of toilet paper. The dog broke it out after chewing the top of the bar first and then figuring out he could push the latches out. I am not sure why you would use flimsy latches instead of a welded one. I would give negative stars for this. If you own a small beagle, this is fine. German shepherds will greet you at the front door.

👤Will not contain our lab mix. If an idiot puts a small door inside the large access door, they need to put the cage in until they find a real cage solution to house an animal of such size. The lab was out in less than 10 hours setting up the cage. He was able to open his snout by partially chewing two upright bars. This cage is intended for something else, so don't waste your money. Find a better one!

👤It is easy to assemble and set up, but it is a little heavy to get out of the box and set up, so I had help. The addition of the apex roof gives us an extra head room, which is worth the money.

👤Fantastic product. I can leave my dog. He is safe and secure. The floor is negative. The bars are the same as the rest of the cage. A board was fitted to solve the problem.

6. Petnation Indoor Outdoor 20 Inch Pounds

Petnation Indoor Outdoor 20 Inch Pounds

It's lightweight, portable and great for short outings. The mesh fabric panels are surrounded by a steel frame. For dogs up to 15 pounds, comes with a strap. No tools are needed to fold up and set up. It is 20 x 13 x 13 inches and was made in China. The Port-A-Crate only needs to be one to two inches taller than this measurement, so first measure your pet from the top of his head to the floor. Measure from the tip of your pet's nose to the base of his tail, the Port-A-Crate only needs to be four to six inches longer.

Brand: Petnation

👤When my daughter's cat was going to the vet, we purchased this pet home as a pet carrier. She hated the small pet carrier we had and it was difficult to get her into it. We bought this carrier because it was a little larger, collapsed down to a flat size, and was soft in its makeup, so we thought it would be less imposing. We put it out for her to explore and folding it up was a breeze. The cat was very interested in it and was going in and out on her own. The hard carrier did not have this happen. She seemed more at ease when we brought her to the vet than she ever did with the other carrier. For us, this is working great because it's a pet specific thing, but it's working for us because it's our comfort level with a certain product. It has soft fabric construction, which made me scared as to how she would get through it, but so far she seems very comfortable with it, so there shouldn't be any issues there. We are very happy with the purchase.

👤If you order this one, you might receive a non-destructive carrIER, but I did not. It won't hurt to order and hope you get a good one. There is a So... This is my favorite carrier of all time. I replaced one that I've had for many years. There are some problems. The first two pics show how my older carrier should look. 1. You can see in my photos that the carrier bottom is no longer folded. It just takes a bit more room to store, but the photos are misleading. The folding bottom model was better for me. 3. The top bars are too long for this carrier. They were put on this one by mistake, I'm sure they're meant for the larger carrier. The back of the carrier was made loose by the length of the top bars in the frame. I've also included pics of my carrier, which is nice and tight, as well as how the top and bottom dimensions are the same. I'm returning these, and will try to get them from a different vendor, since maybe all the ones at Amazon are faulty. If you can find one that isn't faulty, then I would highly recommend this carrier. It's been for years.

👤When I saw this, I was very excited. I have had a PetNation carrier for over a decade. I have washed, reassembled and used it many times in that time period. I have had kittens try to scratch their way out. It is still my favorite carrier. I ordered one of these. The carrier I received from Amazon was not as good as the one I have had for a decade. I could tell right away. I was willing to give it a try. Things are different 10 years later. The carrier was set up and I realized that it was broken. There were gaps where the zip wouldn't open. This is not acceptable if you have pets that you don't want to escape and I will be returning this and just continuing to use the one I already have.

7. MidWest Folding Divider Protecting Leak Proof

MidWest Folding Divider Protecting Leak Proof

The 'All Inclusive Dog Crate' includes a free divider panel, a durable dog tray, carrying handle, and 4 roller feet to protect floors. The large double door folding dog crate is ideal for dogs with an adult weight of 71 to 90 pounds and can expand as the dog grows. Your dog's home while you're away from home is a safe place for your dog to call home. Two heavy duty slide bolt latches firmly locks the dog crate door in place, keeping your dog safe inside, and it is waterproof and will contain spills if he has an accident. Easy assembly and portable design, sets up in seconds and folds flat for convenient storage or travel, Roller feet protect hardwoods, make positioning easy. The finish is black.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤The 11 week old German Shepard puppy tried to get out of the top of the kennel by opening the top latch. He was dead when he was wedged in the cage. We were gone for less than 30 minutes. Our children are distraught. We are no longer present. Our puppy was supposed to be in this kennel. I hope this isn't the case for any other family.

👤This is the same as every other wire crate except for one thing. The sliding lock was shaped like a sideways "L". You slide it over, then roll the bar down, and the door will be locked. The straight bar on this crate is easy to slide over. If your dog is the sort that will try to get out or starts barking and jumping at the door, the latch can be side open. Modification of a part that doesn't work is not a good idea. How much do you save by leaving a piece of the bar off? The price goes up, the quality goes down.

👤There are a lot of bad reviews on this. The blame is evenly divided here. 1. If your dog is not crate trained, you cannot leave him unattended in a crate. It is your fault if your pet dies trying to escape. 2. The dog could possibly get out of the latched door. It is cheap and there is a solution. Click the search bar and type in theranger bands after you add this to your cart. Then buy them. You can use these to keep the crate latched. See the photos in my review. The crate is not made to hold a staffie mix like the one you found on the side road. It can be used to crate train a puppy or keep a large strong dog in it. If your dog is big, strong, and has not been crate trained, you will destroy the crate and hurt him in the process. The crates are not to blame. If this happens, it is your fault. This is the third one I received. Two have been perfect. The last one was damaged in transit. Assembly was a terrible pain because of that. It was fine after the bends were straightened. I am sure I could have contacted the seller and gotten a new one, but it wasn't important to me.

👤I bought this crate for the price and the included divider, but also because the description assured me that it had "rounded corners". I thought it would be safe for my puppy to grow. "corners" only means corners. The crate's wires are not rounded. My puppy cut her nose while in the crate. I found out why after inspecting the crate. The hinges on the doors are made by folding the horizontal wires over the vertical wires at the door opening. The ends of the wires are not rounded or filed down, and they are sharp enough to cut a dog's nose or paw on the end door of a crate. Instructions say not to put a dog in a crate with her collar on, and that a dog could catch her collar on one of the wires. How many people read that? I guess you get what you pay for, but Amazon should stop selling this crate until the problem is fixed, because there are sharp edges inside it. I'm going to the pet store to find a SAFE crate. I don't know if it's worth the hassle to return the one I have.

8. Replacement Pan Long MidWest Crate

Replacement Pan Long MidWest Crate

All MidWest 42 inch long single and double door folding metal dog crates are leak proof. The replacement pan is 41.3L x 27.75W x 1 and is for the MidWest dog crate models 1542, 1542DD, 1642, 1642DD, 1942, 1942DD, The leak proof pan is easy to clean and odor resistant. The design of the pan makes it easy to clean in the event of an accident. The replacement pan is injection molded which is stronger and more durable than a vacuum sealed pan. The replacement pan is designed for dog crates but also has multiple uses, such as a tray around the house.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤A crate pan is a re-purposed life in my house. After repairing a water leak under my kitchen sink, I began to look for a pan with a lip that could protect the base of my kitchen sink cabinet from further damage. The pan is perfect for my sink cabinet. The under-sink pans were $60, so this one was a big savings and may even be a better solution since the material seems really sturdy. My review of this product is for its purpose as an under-sink pan, not as a dog crate pan.

👤Great for cat litter boxes. To contain the mess in the box. It is easy to clean and keep what is underneath from being ruined. I have two large crates for my 3 large dogs, but they don't need to be used anymore if there is an injury on a dog and he/she needs containment in the house. I had begun pulling the tray to place the foster cats litter boxes and the feeding area on. I now have 5 pans in the house and only two crates for dogs. A reasonable price for just this pan or even a larger one is what you get. Video shows my newest foster family and two of the pans used for them.

👤Update... I have used these pans for many years. We breed dogs. I have been pleased with the pans and Midwest crates. The pans have changed recently. They look different. We have had to replace more than we can count, because they either arrive broken or crack within days. I opened the replacement and found it had broken. I'm not an expert on materials but they seem harder and more prone to cracking. If they weren't subject to this cracking, we wouldn't need a replacement pan. They have cracked on the corners, sometimes have cracks in the middle, and one arrived with multiple cracks. The boxes arrive in perfect condition. It's possible that the packaging might be a part of the problem because the rest of the pan is covered with cardboard. The changes in physical makeup of the pans seem to be the cause of the broken and cracked pans. We have had issues with two of their crates recently, which makes us suspect the issues are quality control and related to the new style pan. The original reivew was original. The pan will fit into the MidWest dog crates, but will also fit into others of the same size. We've cracked a few pans accidentally since they're not made of heavy plastic and being able to replace just the pan at a reasonable price is a blessing. We have five dogs and one chews the sides so we have replaced other pans. The pan cracked on its own from rubbing on the wire bottom. I recommend placing a scatter rug under the pan and between the wires of the crate to prevent slippage, but it's important that the rug is smaller than the pan and doesn't protrude as it could create a choking hazard to your dog. The pan tends to slide a little bit, which makes the sounds of a dog moving rather annoying. If you have an older dog who tends to have accidents, having an extra pan can be helpful. A friend told me that she replaced the pan in the middle of the night when there was an accident and then cleaned it off the next day. I can see where this could be beneficial. It's a good pan to have.

9. Homey Pet Heavy Metal Casters

Homey Pet Heavy Metal Casters

The stackABLE cage has a side bar space of 1 and a floor grid bar space of 0.48". It's easier to put your animal in and out of the open top. The cage can be moved with the help of lockable casters. Your pet is kept clean and dry by the floor grid. The metal heavy duty design has a safety auto lock design. The pull out tray is very strong. The tray can fit inside the cage for better protection.

Brand: Homey Pet

👤These cages are used for my daughters rabbits. The cages are sturdy, easy to clean, and look nice. If we get more rabbits, we will be ordering more of these cages. They have enough space for a litter box. The door opens to the side so the rabbit can easily jump in and out of the cage. The lid is open for easy access.

👤Can't beat the price. The hardware is of good quality. The screws were used to stack another cage. Two 6lb bunnies live in it. The wire bottom panels can be placed under the tray so it is paw friendly and the tray is snug so it won't slide out.

👤The cage is strong. The plastic latch is very disappointing. The instructions have the same latch. I put one piece upside down despite reading directions very carefully. The baby Flemish Giant bunny is in it. She should be able to hop in and out later in life. Our dog opened the door without our knowledge. We use a zip tie at the top to be extra cautious. I don't know how to secure a chain better. The tray is pretty flimsy and cracked in two places, missing one small chunk. The trays are replaceable. I didn't want to pay to get one back. If I could see a different system, I would buy this again. The construction of the cage is very high quality.

👤The box and product are damaged. !! There are many reviews on this product where the box and the product inside have been damaged. The instructions are terrible. Hire someone who is proficient in English to write your instructions. Not one of the screw counts was correct, so you have to teach your employees to count. $125 dollars for a damaged Kennel with missing parts.

👤I like this cage. I breed dogs with my family. There were 11 collie puppies that we had recently. I needed a way to get the puppies to the vet. Clean! I like how sturdy this cage is. We were able to wheel the entire cage to the vet because it has nice durable wheels. I had my brothers build the cage for me and they had no problem with it. The sliding tray on the bottom is a great feature. Puppies are kept clean and out of messes. There is a nice door. If you have several puppies in the cage at the same time, it is easy to just get one out at a time. I would recommend this cage. It is worth the money.

👤It was easy to put together and perfect for my boys. The larger version of the walking surface bars is easier to walk in than the smaller one. Their feet are always clean, and their poops fall through easily to the tray. I use a bunny litter box that connects to the bars in the corner to make it easier to clean up. I put large puppy pads on the tray below and the tray is easy to clean as I just have to roll the pads up and replace on the tray. The single access door is locked. Since I have a larger model, I have not used the top access panel, but I would use it if it wasn't there. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble it, it is made out of solid and durable material. If my boys need more space alone, I may purchase another.

10. Homey Pet Stackable Non Stackable Economic

Homey Pet Stackable Non Stackable Economic

Product Weight estimate 60 lbs. is based on the size of the bar and the bar space. Up to 2 levels. The box is collapsible for easy storage. The feeding door has an open top that makes it easier to put your animal in and out. Lockable casters are available for easy moving of the cage. It is not suitable for small pets.

Brand: Homey Pet

👤I've been a pet owner for a long time, and I'm happy to say that this Homey 43" cage has been one of my better investments over the years. The merchandise was well packaged and arrived on time. I was worried about putting it together since some reviewers complained about the lack of provided directions. One reviewer referred to it as junk. Nothing could be further from the truth. The instructions were more than adequate. The assembly of the cage was easy. The cage was put together in 15 minutes. I use this roomy cage for my pet rabbit, who is named Loki. I think the cage is an ideal habitat for one or two rabbits if they have been neutered or spayed. I bought a few mats from Eden Farms to place on the floor of the cage to provide a bit of cushion for my rabbits' feet since the spacing on the metal grate that comprise the floor seems better suited for larger animals. My wife refers to my new home as the "Taj-Mahal." It's a good thing. I take comfort in the fact that my rabbit will be safe in his sturdy enclosure when we are not present to supervise the animals. The sturdy wheels/casters below the cage are one of my favorite features. When we are entertaining, the wheels allow us to quickly wheel our pet from one room to another. The cage would be an ideal place to keep a small dog. The 43" cage is strong enough to hold larger dog breeds, but I would prefer the 49" cage Homey sells. I highly recommend this cage for any pet owner who is concerned with quality and comfort for their animals.

👤This is great for my dogs. It's spacious and cozy for them, but still saving space for me. It's easy to clean and move despite its large size. I have not had a problem with my dog getting into the second crate. I have a ramp for her, but she jumps up and down it before I can even set it up. She likes to jump over things. The only issue I have found is that the wheels are difficult to lock and sometimes refuse to lock. I am happy that I was able to find a crate that could hold both of my dogs and I spent a long time looking for one.

👤It's perfect for my English Angora rabbit. It comes mostly put together, just add wheels, unfold sides and secure with screws. It took less than 15 minutes. It's heavy, but I put it together without much trouble. My bunny is large and does well on the included grate, I added a mat and shelf to give her a break from it. I would recommend buying the plastic grate that is sold separately or using the included tray to place the grate. My bunnies get a lot of time outside of their crates. I will be upgrading my other crates soon.

👤The workmanship with this is not up to par. The threaded studs are welded in with subpar welds that caused the gate to fall off. I contacted the homey pet and was told there was only a 30 day warantee. I wonder about two things. If you charge these prices, why is the warranty not better? The spot welds that broke were tiny and had almost no penetration. I fixed the picture myself after not hearing anything for a week. I waste money on overpriced junk that you don't stand behind.

11. JESPET Deluxe Outdoor Storage Pockets

JESPET Deluxe Outdoor Storage Pockets

It's easier to travel outside with the 30”L*21”W*23”H size. Please allow a deviation of 1 inch for all dimensions. Ample Ventilation for use in all season is provided by the three entrances door. There is a carrying strap and fleece mat. The frame of the crate is made of strong steel tube and the carte cover is made of durable fabric and mesh. Quality fleece bed provide a comfortable place for your pet. It's easy to carry and lightweight. Storage and setup can be made simple with collapsible Bars.

Brand: Jespet

👤The crate we bought was large enough for both of our dogs to share. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, because it has sliding bar locks for the top bars, and if you pull them apart the whole frame folds down. It has a nice carry handle. One of our dogs tore a hole in it, but Jespets sent us a replacement piece very quickly and we were able to use it. If I need another one, I would buy from them again.

👤My 13lb cat outgrew his hard shell carrier. I had no choice but to upgrade. I needed a carrier that my cat would be comfortable in while we traveled for 27 hours. This thing was perfect. My friend hates car rides and I made him a disposable litter box so he wouldn't have to leave the car in the loud world. It was nice knowing he had all the extra space, even though he didn't use the litter boxes until we were at a hotel. There are straps and clips that can be used to strap the carrier down. Huge, has a bunch of windows, straps and clips, and a soft bottom insert. I wouldn't want to carry this long. I'd be willing to walk with this from house to car. There were no pockets. This is not suitable for airplane travel with pets.

👤This is a very nice kennel. It can be used for car trips and vet visits. The mesh sides allow them to see what is happening. They like using the top as a hammock. They feel safe with this case. They love hanging out in it and we keep it open at home.

👤When we are camping, we use this portable dog crate. He can sleep in on one of the pop-out beds. It works great when we zip him into the cage. He tried to chew his way out of the cage when he was alone for a while. We do not leave him in the cage unattended. We were able to glue the chewed area together. This is the perfect size for Deke. Deke's camping adventures can be found at

👤A lightweight travel kennel was needed for a dog with lots of energy. She is happy wherever we take the dog. It has good air flow for our warm climate. She doesn't like chewing on the inside and usually has to be persuaded out of it. It has been a lifesaver.

👤I was caught last year when I didn't have a carrier that I could carry my dog in because I didn't have one. I looked at smaller carriers in local pet stores, but I didn't want him to be cramped in there, since he's a 16-pound chihuahua, and I also didn't want him to be able to stand up or turn around. If I had this carrier, I would be able to find a shelter that would take us if I left. I wanted one large enough that he could stand up and turn around. I found this one after a few mistakes. It's easy to set up, and it's well made. I like fabric better than the hard-sided ones. It has straps on top of it. It can be done with help from my dog. This dog carrier is very good. The lambs wool liner is a nice touch. Don't buy one that doesn't fit.


What is the best product for dog kennels and crates for medium dogs outdoor?

Dog kennels and crates for medium dogs outdoor products from Amazon Basics. In this article about dog kennels and crates for medium dogs outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Oluckin and Neocraft are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog kennels and crates for medium dogs outdoor.

What are the best brands for dog kennels and crates for medium dogs outdoor?

Amazon Basics, Oluckin and Neocraft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog kennels and crates for medium dogs outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Love's Cabin, Kelixu and Petnation are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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