Best Dog Kennels and Crates for Medium Dogs Indoor

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1. MidWest Professional Extra Strong Protecting Leak Proof

MidWest Professional Extra Strong Protecting Leak Proof

A leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber feet, and a free divider panel are included in the double door heavy-duty folding metal dog crate. Product dimensions are 31L x 21.255W x 23.75H inches. The weight is 33 lbs. There is a Dogs with a weight between 26 and 40 lbs. The mesh is 1.5” x 3” Two slide-bolt latches per door lock the doors in place in a double door dog crate. The dog crate folds flat for convenient storage and travel. The strongest wire gauge and the most durable metal dog crate are produced by MidWest Homes for Pets. The dog crate is great for strong dogs, show dogs and pet parents who travel a lot with their dog.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤"Ultimate crap" is what the part stands for. I own a bunch of the worst dog crates I have ever owned. The hinge design for the end doors is an issue with these crates. On a bad day, the door doesn't swing freely. They are bent when they arrive. The hinges on the crate will be Borked if the crate is not bent beyond use. The hinges will break off on a bad day. My dogs are easy to train. The hinges on my boy's room have been weird from the beginning. They were bent when the crate arrived. One was not completely closed. I used pliers to pinch it. The end door's bottom hinge snapped off this week. When I complained to Midwest about how they package their crates and they were always bent to hell when I got them, they told me that they had never had any complaints about bent crates before. That is obviously a crock. I was worried about fighting them for a warranty replacement. I ordered a crate from another online store. I was reluctant to use the wire gauge for my boy because it was thin. He's the biggest of my dogs, and while he's not a crate destroyer, he is a violent nester and gets crazy when he's in his blankets. I was worried that it wouldn't stay standing. I traded that one for another Midwest Ultima that I had stored away for one of my other dogs. Brand new. Never used. I put it up last night. The door hinges are binding. What a surprise. Tonight, the hinge snaps off. Two of these crates have fallen apart due to the horrible hinge design. I love the crates more than anything else. The wire gauge is heavy duty. The size is large. I like having three doors. The hinges wouldn't break if the doors worked. There are three Midwest Ultima 48" crates that have held together. I had to modify the hinge loops on it to make them work. The side door is different from the end doors and it has lasted. I expect the end doors to break off when I use them. The crate I bought for my dog does not have the horror-hinge design. It has two doors, one on each side, and they both work well. The wire gauge is thick. It makes me want to gag to think about buying another Midwest product in this lifetime, but I may go with a Life Stages crate. This would be a great crate if Midwest fixes the hinge design. It's a good idea to get one from Amazon that won't be mangled. Prepare to return it. They will expect you to try to get it back. If you can, you will want to preserve the box. Good luck getting it back in the box. The smaller crate arrived in one piece. It was still usable despite being bent at one corner. If the box is less banged up, I would recommend returning it without opening it. I've learned this the hard way. You have a chance of the crate having broken welds, bent panels, or door hinges, even if it came from Amazon. You should watch out for that. I don't want to try to get Midwest to replace these crates. You can't just replace the end panels because of the construction. I will be very surprised if I can get a replacement for one of these crates, given their reputation for lousy customer service. Wishing me luck. The broken hinge and pieces are shown in the pictures I included, and one picture shows an undamaged hinge, so you can see the difference. The lighting was poor. Midwest customer service has been great. The triple door version of the model was the one that I purchased. The triple door version was discontinued by Midwest. The two-door version has a fixed hinge. I supplied theMidwest with proof of purchase and pictures of the issue. They have shipped out two brand new replacement crates, under the warranty, after their response was fast and professional. I hope they don't get banged up during shipping, because I haven't received them yet. At this point, that is the open question. They were very pleased with the response from their customer service. I expected a fight to get them replaced. I was pleasantly surprised.

2. Stainless Training Included Lockable Removable

Stainless Training Included Lockable Removable

Their heavy duty dog crates are made out of STAINLESS STEEL and have all parts welded so they can prevent aggressive dogs from escaping. It helps the crate stand up to the elements, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Safe and non-hazardous dog cages protect your pet's health, so you don't have to worry when it chews and licks. The front door can be used for pets and the top door can be used for interacting with your dog. You can lock the wheels of the crate and move it anywhere you please with the help of the rotating locking casters. It's easy to clean, and you can use it outdoors. It is easy to assemble, all the hardware pack is included.

Brand: Confote

👤This crate has worked better than any other crate I have gotten, but still it is not worth the price. My dog has an anxiety problem. He finds a way to get out of every crate we have gotten him when he is left alone. We try to be with him as much as we can, but sometimes we have to leave him alone. We have tried a lot of different crates and I have bought a lot of them in the past 6 months. I was hoping that this one would work. I was expecting to get my money's worth but it wasn't the case. The first day we got it, my dog got out of the crate. When we left our dog in the crate to test it out, we made sure all the locks were set in place. We have a live video camera in the dogs room, but it only lasted 20 minutes. He was out of the crate. The crate was very flimsy when he broke the latch. We have had to buy padlocks to reinforce it. If you have a dog like mine, then I suggest buying multiple padlocks and placing them around the cage because my dog is very persistent. The build of this crate feels very cheap. The wheels on the bottom don't lock as they should, and the latches are flimsy. It isn't worth the money you spend on it.

👤My boy is 95 lbs, and has tore through every kennel we have gotten him in. He gave up on the first day. He knows he is not leaving. He can spread out all the way in this giant kennel. I know my house is safe while I am at work. It was so easy to put together and it took about 10 minutes to put it together, it came with everything you need to put it together, and it was easy to grab his bed for cleaning. It is heavy, be careful. You will need to put it in a room that you want it to stay in. It didn't fit through my doorways for me. I would purchase again. I don't think I will need to. Just buy it!

👤The product was not in great condition when shipped to us. The box was damaged and the crate inside was not protected at all. If the only issue was shipping damage, we could still use the crate for our dog. The crate was put together and we found a lot of issues. The places where the crate was welded together looked terrible. The wire piece that went on top of the crate was so flimsy that it moved around with a few centimeters of free space on each side. The damage from shipping was small, but it made a big impact on the crate and caused a lot of damage to the bottom of the crate. I thought I would give the seller another chance because I tried to chalk the issues up to the damage from shipping. I offered to send this one back after I asked for a replacement. I think they would give me a small portion of the cost, but they didn't send it back. I was shocked by the offer as I hadn't used the crate yet and saw many red flags of poor craftsmanship. I have been using these crates for many years and usually buy a new one every year or two for my 8 year old dog, but I switched back to the other brand because it seems more reliable and safe.

3. Homey Pet 43 Stackable Divider Feeding

Homey Pet 43 Stackable Divider Feeding

Only one upscale concierge is included. The inside height is only for French bulding or puppies and the side bar spacing is only 1.15. Four feeding doors with two feeding bowls give you more convenience to feed your pet, and lockable wheels give you more convenience to move the cage. The package includes a divider, a cage with screws and latches, 2 feeding bowls, 2 trays, 4 Casters, and 2 metal floor grids. Double doorlatches make it double security for your pets, and aremovable divider panel allow you to adjust the cage size into two small or one big cage. OnlySTACKABLE with the following: NT-43-S, NT-43-T.

Brand: Homey Pet

👤I ordered this for my pups. One is a boxer and the other is a dachshund. I didn't want to put them in the same crate, but also didn't want to have two separate crates. It's two crates in one. I feel comfortable leaving them in it. It was easy to put together. It took about 20 minutes to assemble from the instructions. Shipping was fast. I received it Wednesday afternoon after ordering it Tuesday afternoon.

👤When I opened my box, my trays were broken. I think everything would have arrived in tip top shape for $200. I finished setting up the cage. It was very easy to put it together. I did it myself. It was easy to bend back after a couple of wires were bent. It is great for my Yorkie, but tight for my American Bullies. It is for my yorkie. Someone should reach out to me about the trays. The cage fell a little short of meeting my high expectations, but I was happy with the price I paid. The clips hold the chains, not the chain itself. Homey Pets is replacing the broken trays. Chain locks are no longer used for the cage.

👤It doesn't make sense that the product was damaged when you buy it. You expect it to be good. And it is not.

👤The set up was three tiers. Two of the tiers had pieces from the factory. There was no damage to the box or the bent piece. The floor is not a mesh but a grate. When a collar is left on an animal, the tags slip between the grate and end up twisting and getting caught, which is a problem with this. Make sure you anchor this unit to the wall. I expected a better quality from something that cost $600, but this unit works well.

👤Poor manufacturing and poor packaging is what this is. The top cage was ordered first, but it was wrong and should have been the bottom cage. If the seller's description is wrong, make sure you contact them to get the correct model number. The bars on the cage are bent. There are 6 bent bars. After full assembly, we should return to as normal looking as possible. The frame had to be bent to get the screw holes to line up. I went to Lowe's to get better grade screws to make sure the cage stays assembled. The grate on the right side of the cage is not level with the railing. The cage is completely assembled so we are left to deal with the railing that won't budge. For a cage that costs almost $200, I expected better quality and less issues with assembly. I am not going to disassemble or return a 60 lbs cage at this time. If you are ok with the cost and associated issues, you should look at all options before purchasing this cage.

👤This will get a 10star review. This has made my wife mad and I much more comfortable. It is easy to assemble. The wheels make it very easy to move, it has two trays for each side. The cage is by the front door so the doors can hear if anyone is there. It is easy to clean if there are accidents inside the cage. I would purchase this product 10 times. It can be used as a single cage and the separator comes out on demand. There is also an extra set of bowls. I haven't found them online yet.

4. EliteField Folding Outdoor Multiple Available

EliteField Folding Outdoor Multiple Available

The EliteField soft crate is 42" long x 28" wide x 30" high, so it makes your dog feel more spacious, and it's fully assembled in seconds. The frame of the crate is made of strong steel tube and the cover is made of high quality fabric and mesh. Three mesh doors on the top, front, and side are for convenience and for sunlight and breathability, as well as two accessory pockets on the top and side. The crate has a handle and hand carrying straps on it, as well as hand carrying straps and a padded shoulder strap on the carrying bag, which allow for many carrying options. The New York-based Pet Product Manufacturer has a 2 year warranty. The "EliteField" brand is the #1 brand on Amazon. This can be seen when you search for "Soft Dog Crate" on Amazon. Important information in the "Product Description" section below is related to the Product Quality Guarantee, 100% Money- Back Guarantee, and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Brand: Elitefield

👤Update! I have been contacted more than once to remove my comment. They got their good reviews by doing this. I will be returning for a 100% refund. I got a cage a week ago and it still smells like vinyl. Overall disappointing. I am in between one and two stars. I like the idea but don't like the smell. There are cheap materials screaming poison. I had a baby and learned a lot about harmful materials, this cage screams I'm full of vinyl, VOCs and other harmful stuff. I can imagine how my puppy would feel if I left her there. It is a very clever idea and design is great. Better materials would be advised by me.

👤Many different types of crates have been purchased and used by us. People have said that the soft crate is not the fault of the crate because their dog destroyed it, but it is an education issue in that a soft crate should not be used to crate train a dog. A good quality wire-crate is the best for that. We've used soft crates before to give a crate trained dog a time out or to keep a dog in a hotel room. The NozToNoz "Sof-Krate" is one of the soft crates we have. The cost of the N2N is about the same as the one in this picture, but there is a difference of quality. The NozToNoz has a large side door, an end door, and a moon roof door. The N2N had a semii-canvas panel on one of the long sides. The weight is the same but the N2N felt a bit lighter. The sturdiness is not compared side by side. The canvas cover on the N2N is tightly stretched across the frame. The attached pouch was not something that was important to us, but we did find that the Elite Field has too many straps and things hanging. Why would you put a strap on a crate that is designed to hold a dog up to 90 lbs? The N2N had a thick rubbery bottom which was not as thin as the Elite's. The black rubber bottom on the N2N went all the way around, and we appreciated that feature. Returned this item. We think the N2N is a better value than the Dollar. We didn't like the fact that the item we received appeared to have been used, and the large cardboard box it arrived in looked as if it had been opened and taped several times. We didn't feel confident that we were getting a new item for the full price we paid because we weren't sure if the seller was re-selling returned product.

👤This crate was bought for traveling. I used it a few times for that purpose, but also used it when my dog was on crate rest after a leg surgery. I like the crate. It's large. The frame is sturdy and the material feels decent. The mat that comes with the crate isn't the best, so I recommend replacing it. There are a lot of reviews about dogs chewing. Yes. If your dog is a puppy, chewer, or escape artist, don't get them a soft sided crate. From any brand. Dogs who are calm in the crate are the best to use. My dog is well behaved and calm in the crate, I have had no issues with the fabric, mesh, or zippers. It survived three grand mal seizures. If your dog is a puppy, chewer, or escape artist, do not get a soft sided rate. Of any brand! The water situation is my big issue with this crate. There is only one bowl that is made for use with a soft-sided crate and it is too small for a large dog. The newer version of this crate has a spot for a water bottle, but the model I have does not. As long as you get the newer model, this isn't a problem. It was pretty pleased.

5. LEMONDA Foldable Stainless Removable Lockable

LEMONDA Foldable Stainless Removable Lockable

Their herbal supplement is made in the US and developed by a team of leading herbal nutritionists; no side effects, the effect is soft and the composition is tested. Their dog crates are made out of non-toxic and heavy duty steel and have all parts welded, which helps them resist rust, corrosion, and scratches. You don't need to worry about your pet's health because it's safe and non-toxic. Approx. size. 122x 81x87 cm/ 48.03x31.89x34.25inch The front door can be used for pets and the roof door can be used for interacting with your dog. The dog cage can be moved easily with four rotating caster wheels and two of them are lockable to keep the pet kennel in place. An extra mat is provided to make the environment for your dog easy to clean. A plastic tray can be slid out to wipe and clean fallen dog food. It is suitable for most large dogs. The dog crate adopts the upgraded anti-escape lock, which is better in escape prevention, than the double locking mechanism. The door is locked in place and your dog is safe inside. When you are out, your dog will not escape and will not destroy furniture. It's easy to assemble because most of the parts are pre-assembled and you don't have to use tools. When not in use, their dog kennel can be folded into a small size for storage in narrow places, and set up in seconds for use again.

Brand: Lemonda

👤The quality of the new home is very strong. The size is perfect. It is easy to assemble. I like it very much.

👤My dog was able to escape after he destroyed the wire crate. I bought a dog crate again. This is the best crate for large dogs. It looks nice in our garden after I put it together. I sleep better because of the double bolt locks and the fact that he destroyed the crate trying to get out at night. A happy pet owner. The quality is good.

👤The ziptie worked well despite the missing part. My dog had knee surgery and needs to be away from our other dog. This is large enough for a 72lb bulldog. It makes a lot of noise. I like how I can fold it quickly. It's a good buy.

👤The floor of the kennel is open. It has two flimsy plastic things that won't last long with a dog. I wish I could send it back, but it would be a big hassle and I will have to build a floor for it.

👤The welds are not easy to make. The metal was damaged in delivery. I am worried about the hinges holding up over time. I like the overall design of it.

👤Good place to stay. The only problem is that the welding from the frame to the nut broke off easily, so I have to fix it. It seems like it was a quick job to be sent off.

👤I need a way to bring my baby Pygmy goats into our garage during the crazy Texas winter. The dog crate we tried was a metal one. It was enjoyable. Baby goats make a huge mess. The double bottom crate is the perfect solution. I am very happy with this purchase. It is on wheels for an extra bonus. It makes cleaning better.

👤It's easy to assemble, good quality, and perfect for my puppy. It is easy to open and close doors.

👤Je suis satisfahit de se produit.

6. Carlson Pet Products SECURE FOLDABLE

Carlson Pet Products SECURE FOLDABLE

The dimensions are 24 inches long by 18 inches wide and 19 inches tall. SECURE ALL STEEL The single door design has a locking system. A black pan is replaceable and washed. It's foldable and travel is also travel. Storage and car travel can be done with a foldable system. Smaller breeds and puppies can be bred up to 25 pounds.

Brand: Carlson Pet Products

👤It's the best bang for the buck. It can be folded flat for storing and traveling. I got a small for my dog and it's perfect. I had a small for the foster pug and it was perfect. I hope this helps.

👤It was easy to assemble. I put my dog in it for an hour and when I came back he had bent the bars on the cage. I'm not sure if my dog is strong or if the cage is not as strong as I thought.

👤I don't think this is cheap. I bought this because I needed to crating my Peke. As of yesterday, I needed it and it came through. I checked it out carefully when I arrived. Nothing was flimsy or bent. It took me about 2 minutes to put it together. It is sturdy and well made. It is also proof of stupidity. My Peke is only 9 lbs, but she is not a fan of crating, so she was crying and bouncing around. She was putting a lot of pressure on the sides. No problem! While I am putting it together, there are no sharp edges that can hurt her or me. I slid it under my bed after collapsing it. Similar crates cost more. The tray is made of plastic. It would be difficult for Hercules to break it. She could lie down once she was done with her argument. There is a product called "B00BIUEQLK" that can be found on the website.

👤A portable crate. If you need it, the whole thing can be taken on the go. We bought this crate for our puppy. When we are away, she eats too many things and so the cage is a safe place for her to be when we can't keep watch. The crate is large enough to hold two small dogs or one medium dog. We bought a pet bed to go with the crate.

👤I'm impressed with these so far. We've used them three nights in a row. Each of our young Great Pyrenees had 2. Our house was destroyed by them when they were 9 months old. One of them pushed their way out of the front panel without opening the door. She is a master escape artist. I put zip ties around the sides and corners. I added a leash clip to the door to make sure they were protected at night. No more escaping. I don't fault the product because they're well made. She's determined. These are definitely recommended by me. There is a lot of space. We got the large ones. They have enough room to stretch out all the way. We also sleep quietly all night. It is definitely worth the price compared to similar products on the market.

👤My dog seems to be comfortable. He settled in for a nap after a couple of times. The doberman is at least 28 inches tall and he can sit and stand with his head down. He likes the fact that he can see and hear us. The crate is sturdy. I am happy with the purchase. The price was right and the delivery was fast.

7. Furpezoo 31 5x19 7x22in Kennels Chew Proof Puppies

Furpezoo 31 5x19 7x22in Kennels Chew Proof Puppies

The side- opening door design is convenient for pets to enter and exit and to clean the dog cage. Pets can run out of the cage if you put food in the skylight door. You can pet your pets by opening the skylights. The double door is locked. TheFurpezoo wooden dog kennels are made from a high density fiberboard and 8mm diameter metal iron pipe. The 8mm iron pipe can easily cope with the bite force of a pet and can be used for many purposes. This combination can protect your furniture and also ensure the safety of your pets when you are not at home. This crate is designed with an open side and has a spacious interior which can be decorated with a waterproof mat or bed to provide your companion with the maximum comfort. The pet's inner peace of mind and avoiding the feeling of being confined is ensured by the open side slats, which are 2.36” between the iron pipes. The crate is easy to install with a step-by-step manual and the packaging has instructions and an accessories bag. It is recommended that the installation is done manually. The wooden dog crate is safe and easy to clean, and it is an ideal addition to your bedroom or living room, suitable for puppies, kitties, and other animals. It is easy to clean the crate by wiping it with a damp cloth. It is recommended to use it against the wall to increase the stability of the dog cage without scratching the wall. When opening the top door, it's best to handle it gently and not fully open it to avoid damage to the door lock and hinge.

Brand: Furpezoo

👤I found out that it had been used or tried to be put together, and it had some flaws on the corners of the wood.

👤It shouldn't take more than an hour to figure this out. I've never seen an assembly directions worse. The diagrams are hard to read and the directions are incomplete. Each type of screw is referred to by a symbol that is not used elsewhere in the assembly diagrams. The individual panels were often not marked with "up/down" or "front/back" The holes for the hinges and latch were not pre-drilled. The mechanism to keep the top door in place isn't working. I only give it 2 stars. The rear panel is solid so the dog can't see out, which is why I bought it. Even though the back was solid, it should have been open. I'm returning it as soon as I can disassemble it. I don't recommend this item.

👤I like it in the living area. I bought the white. It is more expensive than the metal ones, but it is still attractive. Our fur baby is very comfortable in it. She chewed the plastic bottom of her metal crate when she was left there for a while. The wood floor is strong. I wish the bars were closer together. I wonder if a small kitten or pup could fall through. Think of unsafe baby cribs of the past. Our household is too large to have a problem with this. I subtracted 2 stars from 'easy to assemble'. It was easy for me to assemble it. It's a good thing.

👤The crate looks better than the metal ones. It looks better in my living room. The top opening is good for giving toys to a puppy. It was easy to put together and the puppy has not been able to escape.

👤The product is what the pictures show. It looks good and works, but it is not a professional grade. Customer service was quick to get my crate back to normal after I accidentally dropped something heavy and broke the top panel. The customer service is great. I'm very happy with the product and the only thing that has changed my situation is because of customer service. I'm so grateful.

👤I bought two of them within the last three months. They are by each other. I feed the dogs. The newer one has cracks running up and down the wood grain. I will be contacting the manufacturer. The crates are only used 50% of the time because the dogs are between this and another residence. The one is cracking and I am not happy about it. You will need two people to set it up. I hope that we can fix the issue of the pink bowl.

👤It is not easy to assemble. The wood has begun to chip with the particle board showing. The dog spilled a small amount of water and the bottom of the pool started to warp. I wouldn't but this product. This crates a chihuahua.

8. Petsfit Travel Indoor Outdoor Inches

Petsfit Travel Indoor Outdoor Inches

For large dogs. If you want to choose the right size, please compare it to the kennel you have. The crate is safe and odorless to protect your pet's health. There are two doors and a top entrance that can be rolled up. The frame design is designed to hold the mesh in place without using tools. A foldable pet crate is light weight and sturdy. This rate works well for an open bed. It has several mesh designs that make it good for air flow.

Brand: Petsfit

👤I've struggled with portable crates for my large dogs for years. They are too heavy to be comfortable for the dogs. This crate solved many of the issues. I could carry it with one finger. The cloth bottom and soft mesh sides make it comfortable for my dogs. There is a large pocket on the back side of the top, which can be used for storage. The frame has 2 cross bars folded up and secured with straps that open and close to make it sturdy when used. The frame is very well designed and the material is a thick outdoor grade fabric with re-enforced corners, which I assume will endure the most wear and tear. The zippers seem to be of good quality. The German Shepherd dog is a perfect fit for me. My dog requires the large size. This product is very good.

👤We tried everything to keep our dog calm when fireworks went off. The thunder coat, calming treats, lavender oil, and classical music are all included. When fireworks go off, this crate is perfect for our dog. My husband put it together. It is soft and not heavy like a metal crate. It has mesh screens on both sides, and a zip top that you can open. We trained him to lay down in there and to feel comfortable with some treats. You don't want to force your dog into the crate as they will develop a negative correlation with it. We cover the mesh screens with towels to make them feel safe when he is scared. We put his bed in there with some toys and old shoes to make it more comfortable. We don't want him to feel trapped, so we have never put the front entrance zip up. In the summer time, it gets quite warm there because we bought a fan. White noise will be played on the iPad. The large size is perfect for a 50 pound mixed breed rescue pup.

👤I will start this review by saying that I looked on Amazon and other sites before making this purchase. I have two Shepherd/Malinois mixes that have been crate trained. I've used a large metal collapsible crate for years and it's served it's purpose, but it's clunky, heavy, loud, and just a lot to take down and transport with me anywhere. I decided a travel crate was needed and landed on it. I was impressed when I opened it. The material feels like canvas. I haven't used it a lot yet to test long term resilience, but I will come back and make changes if necessary. The second picture shows the crate lying against my sofa. It has a clasp to hold it together and a handle that is well sewn. Assembly was very easy. There are instructions that come with it. I didn't need them. It was easy to see where each piece went once I unfolded it. The first time I put the second corner of the frame into position, it was so new and the fabric was taunting, that I had a hard time putting it in place. Every attempt was easy. The design was thought of a lot by these people. The mesh panels on the side allow for a lot of air to come in, and being able to access the inside from two sides is great. If you have a dog that knows how to worm their nose in a zippers and escape, you can close both ends with a hook. I plan to have a travel mat/bed for them over the bottom that seems like a durable material for dog nails to be on. I don't think it will be an issue. I bought this in the largest size and both my girls fit side by side easily. Every time I set it up, my girls go inside. It was as easy to disassemble as it was to set up. I don't have a single complaint so far, this is a complete win. It's worth it if you're on the fence.

9. Zampa Pet Portable Crate Carrying

Zampa Pet Portable Crate Carrying

If you are looking for a foldable dog crate that combines all the functions with a touch of class and innovation, ZAMPA Pet Crate is the perfect choice. Quality: Excellent. Pet crates are durable and well-ventilated. No assembly is required. They made a video for instructions on how to fold Flat, lightweight and easy to carry. What will happen in Zimbabwe? Please don't hesitate to contact their customer service team and they will make it right.

Brand: Zampa

👤I like the way this is constructed. The crate can be thrown into the car. My 7 month old pup can stand up in it, and when he is over 100 lbs, it will still be big enough for him. The cross bars that you hook together when you expand the crate to its full size are awkward to use, and could easily be designed to work better. Sometimes they get stuck when you try to collapse the crate. My dog was happy in the crate for the first month. He was unhappy when I put him in the crate so I could go work outside. He ran his claws down the inside of the mesh door. There is no way to fix the mesh that I've come up with. Unless your dog is happy in the crate, don't buy. The crate is a decent price.

👤We'll be using this tent as a portable home if we have to evacuate to a hotel or other location. When he worked at the track, Hawkeye was accustomed to spending time in a kennel, and we continued that practice at night since he's been with me. He likes to go in whenever he feels like a little privacy. I'm 5'7" and he's 78 pounds, but we can fit in there comfortably. 48x31x31. There is plenty of room for him to stand up. He doesn't have to lie on a hard floor because there is a fleece thing in the bottom. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, and it's light enough that I can carry it without difficulty. Applause! I don't think this is a good idea for a puppy or dog who is not used to being "crated", as they could easily take it apart. If your dog likes a lot of light, or loves to see what's going on around him, this might not be the best solution, because the "windows" are darker inside than an open metal "cage-type" kennel. I don't think it's designed to be a home for a rambunctious pet, but it's just right as a "Confinement area" to meet hotel and shelter requirements. It's perfect for us. I can put it up and take it down in less than 2 minutes. I love it! I would like to thank you for resolving my problem.

👤I put my dog in the crate so that I could leave her alone but still be safe. I only went to the grocery store for a short time. My dog wasn't in the crate when I came home. I panicked as I knew she was in the crate. The crate door was partially open and it created an escape route for my dog. She was able to open a portion of the crate door on her own. I would like to say that my dog is a skilled escape artist, but that is not the case. She is a 4 month old collie and does not seem to have any skills or intelligence at this point in her life. These crates are not suited to be used to keep your pet contained during the shortest of owner absence. The crates are well constructed but the door that can be opened by a dog renders them useless. For a small price, I recommend buying a wire or plastic container. Don't use these expensive crates as a means of containing a three month old puppy.

10. Homey Pet Heavy Metal Casters

Homey Pet Heavy Metal Casters

The stackABLE cage has a side bar space of 1 and a floor grid bar space of 0.48". It's easier to put your animal in and out of the open top. The cage can be moved with the help of lockable casters. Your pet is kept clean and dry by the floor grid. The metal heavy duty design has a safety auto lock design. The pull out tray is very strong. The tray can fit inside the cage for better protection.

Brand: Homey Pet

👤These cages are used for my daughters rabbits. The cages are sturdy, easy to clean, and look nice. If we get more rabbits, we will be ordering more of these cages. They have enough space for a litter box. The door opens to the side so the rabbit can easily jump in and out of the cage. The lid is open for easy access.

👤Can't beat the price. The hardware is of good quality. The screws were used to stack another cage. Two 6lb bunnies live in it. The wire bottom panels can be placed under the tray so it is paw friendly and the tray is snug so it won't slide out.

👤The cage is strong. The plastic latch is very disappointing. The instructions have the same latch. I put one piece upside down despite reading directions very carefully. The baby Flemish Giant bunny is in it. She should be able to hop in and out later in life. Our dog opened the door without our knowledge. We use a zip tie at the top to be extra cautious. I don't know how to secure a chain better. The tray is pretty flimsy and cracked in two places, missing one small chunk. The trays are replaceable. I didn't want to pay to get one back. If I could see a different system, I would buy this again. The construction of the cage is very high quality.

👤The box and product are damaged. !! There are many reviews on this product where the box and the product inside have been damaged. The instructions are terrible. Hire someone who is proficient in English to write your instructions. Not one of the screw counts was correct, so you have to teach your employees to count. $125 dollars for a damaged Kennel with missing parts.

👤I like this cage. I breed dogs with my family. There were 11 collie puppies that we had recently. I needed a way to get the puppies to the vet. Clean! I like how sturdy this cage is. We were able to wheel the entire cage to the vet because it has nice durable wheels. I had my brothers build the cage for me and they had no problem with it. The sliding tray on the bottom is a great feature. Puppies are kept clean and out of messes. There is a nice door. If you have several puppies in the cage at the same time, it is easy to just get one out at a time. I would recommend this cage. It is worth the money.

👤It was easy to put together and perfect for my boys. The larger version of the walking surface bars is easier to walk in than the smaller one. Their feet are always clean, and their poops fall through easily to the tray. I use a bunny litter box that connects to the bars in the corner to make it easier to clean up. I put large puppy pads on the tray below and the tray is easy to clean as I just have to roll the pads up and replace on the tray. The single access door is locked. Since I have a larger model, I have not used the top access panel, but I would use it if it wasn't there. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble it, it is made out of solid and durable material. If my boys need more space alone, I may purchase another.

11. Replacement Pan Long MidWest Crate

Replacement Pan Long MidWest Crate

All MidWest 42 inch long single and double door folding metal dog crates are leak proof. The replacement pan is 41.3L x 27.75W x 1 and is for the MidWest dog crate models 1542, 1542DD, 1642, 1642DD, 1942, 1942DD, The leak proof pan is easy to clean and odor resistant. The design of the pan makes it easy to clean in the event of an accident. The replacement pan is injection molded which is stronger and more durable than a vacuum sealed pan. The replacement pan is designed for dog crates but also has multiple uses, such as a tray around the house.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤A crate pan is a re-purposed life in my house. After repairing a water leak under my kitchen sink, I began to look for a pan with a lip that could protect the base of my kitchen sink cabinet from further damage. The pan is perfect for my sink cabinet. The under-sink pans were $60, so this one was a big savings and may even be a better solution since the material seems really sturdy. My review of this product is for its purpose as an under-sink pan, not as a dog crate pan.

👤Great for cat litter boxes. To contain the mess in the box. It is easy to clean and keep what is underneath from being ruined. I have two large crates for my 3 large dogs, but they don't need to be used anymore if there is an injury on a dog and he/she needs containment in the house. I had begun pulling the tray to place the foster cats litter boxes and the feeding area on. I now have 5 pans in the house and only two crates for dogs. A reasonable price for just this pan or even a larger one is what you get. Video shows my newest foster family and two of the pans used for them.

👤Update... I have used these pans for many years. We breed dogs. I have been pleased with the pans and Midwest crates. The pans have changed recently. They look different. We have had to replace more than we can count, because they either arrive broken or crack within days. I opened the replacement and found it had broken. I'm not an expert on materials but they seem harder and more prone to cracking. If they weren't subject to this cracking, we wouldn't need a replacement pan. They have cracked on the corners, sometimes have cracks in the middle, and one arrived with multiple cracks. The boxes arrive in perfect condition. It's possible that the packaging might be a part of the problem because the rest of the pan is covered with cardboard. The changes in physical makeup of the pans seem to be the cause of the broken and cracked pans. We have had issues with two of their crates recently, which makes us suspect the issues are quality control and related to the new style pan. The original reivew was original. The pan will fit into the MidWest dog crates, but will also fit into others of the same size. We've cracked a few pans accidentally since they're not made of heavy plastic and being able to replace just the pan at a reasonable price is a blessing. We have five dogs and one chews the sides so we have replaced other pans. The pan cracked on its own from rubbing on the wire bottom. I recommend placing a scatter rug under the pan and between the wires of the crate to prevent slippage, but it's important that the rug is smaller than the pan and doesn't protrude as it could create a choking hazard to your dog. The pan tends to slide a little bit, which makes the sounds of a dog moving rather annoying. If you have an older dog who tends to have accidents, having an extra pan can be helpful. A friend told me that she replaced the pan in the middle of the night when there was an accident and then cleaned it off the next day. I can see where this could be beneficial. It's a good pan to have.


What is the best product for dog kennels and crates for medium dogs indoor?

Dog kennels and crates for medium dogs indoor products from Midwest Homes For Pets. In this article about dog kennels and crates for medium dogs indoor you can see why people choose the product. Confote and Homey Pet are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog kennels and crates for medium dogs indoor.

What are the best brands for dog kennels and crates for medium dogs indoor?

Midwest Homes For Pets, Confote and Homey Pet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog kennels and crates for medium dogs indoor. Find the detail in this article. Elitefield, Lemonda and Carlson Pet Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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