Best Dog Kennels and Crates for Large Dogs

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1. Portable Folding Washable Training Purposes

Portable Folding Washable Training Purposes

The portable soft collapsible dog crate is easy to carry and install in two seconds. The strong frame tube design is made of 600D Oxford cloth and Thicken frame structure and can be folded/unfolded in a matter of seconds. Pets can be prevented from scratching. Four-sided Anti-scratch Thickened and Breathable Mesh. The upper, Left, front and the right side of the cage have nets that are non-slip and have pockets for dog toys or treats. There is anti-collision protection and a mesh mat. There are pads on the four corners to protect the pet cage from wear and tear, as well as protect home decoration and car interiors. The bottom of the Pet Pad will prevent cold for dogs, especially on cold days, and it will not cause arthritis if the pet uses it for a long time. ThePortable folding dog soft crate aesthetic design is novel colors match with your pets. Customer service and free replacement. All products are free of cost for a one-year replacement service. Don't be angry and don't worry if you have any problems with the product. They will give you a solution within 12 hours if you need help with anything.

Brand: Yoken

👤I bought a 50 lbs standard aussie for my dog. He likes this crate. He is taller than the crate, but he can comfortably sit or lie down. He likes this crate as much as his normal one. It is very easy to fold or install and your dog can not break it. I use it in my SUV trunk and it works well, so IZIP doors at four sides so that you don't need to worry about orientation or the crate at small space. I can bring it for outdoor dining if I need to. It is definitely a must buy for dog owners.

👤I bought in the last week. My new puppy loves them both and goes to sleep comfortably. I use this in the car or in a hotel room to confine a very well behaved dog. These are easy to keep in the car. The perfect size can be collapsed down to nothing, and saved for the next little one, when she is done with it. This will be useful when traveling. It seems well made for the price. Excellent value.

👤The thing looks great and it sounds great on paper. I have a puppy that pushed through it. The zippers are not good. He barely pushed it. This junk will not work if you get an old school hard crate. We decided to use it as an open puppy playpen because we are stuck with it. He walked through a door that he wanted a toy in. Don't be a sucker like me and think this is a great way to crate train your dog. There are more worthless junk from China.

👤My dog won't ride in the car unless he sits on my lap. He occasionally stands up to get a better look at something. It's cute when he's in my lap. He decides he wants to look out the window. I am doing 80 on the highway in heavy traffic. I love him and also have nightmares about him. I bought this crate because it was well made. It is easy to assemble. Looks great. I put his blanket in it. His favorite chew is no hide bone beef. He got into the crate without a problem. Then began to cry. Then began screaming. Then, through the net, got out. I can not use it. I can not return it.

👤I rarely post reviews because I purchase things from Amazon a lot. We got a puppy on Sunday and I ordered a metal crate for her. I'm a person called WFH. I carried the crate upstairs at night and back down at my desk in the day. I returned the metal crate because it wasn't working and ordered this. It was light enough to carry up and down the stairs, and I liked that you could leave any side open to create more of a "den" feel. It arrived today. I was on a conference call when my puppy ate a hole through the CANVAS. This is not a dog that can chew out a wooden box. I am returning the product. I'm glad I found out about the issue before leaving my dog alone.

2. Soft Sided Crate Lightweight Premium

Soft Sided Crate Lightweight Premium

The aluminum frame is easy to fold out. Do you prefer being locked in a closet? They don't think so and your pet doesn't. The portable crate they designed is small enough to fit in a suitcase. The light weight aluminum frame keeps the crate secure and fully expanded, while the fleece padding and darkened mesh keep your pet comfortable. It's designed for maximum pet comfort with lightweight aluminum tubular framing and makes a great portable dog house. Before ordering, please check your size requirements. For pet comfort, you want room for your pet to be able to stand, lay down, and turn around. The crates are intended to be a lightweight, portable pet house. There are windows on all sides with dark mesh fabric for better air flow and a portable soft sided crate for convenience. If your pet chews or claws, they may be able to destroy the wIndow mesh inherent in a soft sided crate if left unattended, so please keep that in mind while you consider a soft sided pet carrier. The rounded corners protect home decor and the interior of your vehicle. It is made from Oxford 600D fabric and is easy to clean.

Brand: Mr. Peanut's

👤I needed to transport my cats from NJ to FL during our relocation, so I bought these crates. I folded the rear seats of my SUV so my cats could go to the litter box, because they hate riding in the car, and I thought it would be easier on them if they could see through the mesh sides and top. I kept them in a crate for the first few hours because they were stressed out, but eventually they relaxed and went back in the crate when they wanted to. The ride was great. The crate size made it easier to lift the cat because he is 22 lbs. We got rid of the old plastic carriers and now use the crates to take them to vet visits, it's so much easier to load them in from the top. I recommend these for long distance transport or just local vet visits because they are easy to store and break down, taking up less space than our previous plastic carriers.

👤This product is great. I am using the crate as a carrier. I have a cat that is 20 inches long and 18 pounds. I wanted to get something I could hold in it that wouldn't bother the cat. I searched high and low. I decided upon this after three days and twelve hours. It was thoughtfully designed. It was easy to assemble. The handles are strong. I wanted one that had a front and a top entry that was friendly for vets. It has a soft bottom. It is large. The seller was very upfront about the mesh windows, which can be clawed through. I had a friend drive me to the vet so that I could sit back and be reassured. After he got used to it and being driven around, he was interested in looking outside. Before we went to the vet, I started feeding him his dry food in a crate so that he would get used to it. It worked! Very happy.

👤The crate had been destroyed yesterday. It's a pity. This makes me sad. 1. I loved this crate. It is very light and nice looking. And 2. We are away from home. I need this crate. Desperate! I want to let you know that my dog is 13 years old and is 9 lbs. He still has most of the toys I gave away because he has never been destructive. When I needed to leave there again, I put the side of the crate against the wall. He was able to open it from the inside. I'm going to tape it. I need a crate for a couple of hours a day and I am in absolute panic. So disappointed. I have a crate that I use to leave at work so that my dog Mac can stay safe if I need to leave for a little while. He doesn't need to be crated at home, but at work it's safer. The crate is very well made and easy to set up. I have a different one at home. This one is much easier and nicer than the other one. It is also light and sturdy. Mac is a 9 lbs Maltese and this size is perfect for him to stay in from 30 minutes to an hour. I never leave him longer than that. Mac also loved it! There is a His small crate bed was perfect for it. I put his favorite blanket on him. He goes in on his own. I open the crate and he gets inside often. If you have to take it places, I recommend this crate. It is easy to transport when it is folded down.

3. Petmate ProValu Crate Precision System

Petmate ProValu Crate Precision System

The dog crate for medium dogs has two doors on either side for maximum security access and is portable. They provide traditional travel carriers, wire training exercise kennels, play pens and barn-style dog houses. Petmate has been around for over 50 years and is passionate about their dogs, cats and furry friends. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends. All stages are described in the age range description.

Brand: Precision Pet Products

👤My cat cannot be moved in a carrier. He is a sweet cat, but he becomes a demon in the carrier trying to get out. He made his teeth bleed by pulling on the carrier door. I thought I would give the crate a try and see if it would calm him down. It was a miracle fix. Two cats are completely different. My cat was very comfortable in this crate. He did not meow. It was the right size for him. He is about 9 lbs. I thought the crate would be heavy for a small person, but it was easy for me to handle. It has two doors, one on the top and one on the side, so you can choose which one makes the cat more comfortable. I don't know why this cat is so happy in this crate, but it made a huge difference for us. Highly recommended!

👤I love the products of this company. When my dog was a puppy, I ordered an extra small crate. I ordered a medium-size crate from a different company and it was so bad that I had to cut it myself. Had to return it, went back and ordered the medium from this company, just got it today. And it is perfect! I will never, ever get a crate from a different company.

👤The crate is sharp, even though it may be sturdy. All of the cuts are not sanded/ground. I didn't think to check the cut offs as the product description went on about rounded corners, I received the crate. I was awakened by my puppy screaming and yelping, not the I need to go out or I want to be out with you, it was pain, you have to hear it once in your life to know it. She jumped out of bed and into the crate. I found blood on my leg when I checked her out, there was a cut on her paw. She had a blanket and toys in the crate. I checked the crate and there was blood, sorry, but I didn't think pictures was more important than what hurt her. I felt the bar cut me, it was sharp, not much pressure, and I felt the bar where it was cut off. If you buy this crate, I would inspect every cut off as there are many that are not filed or ground smooth.

👤It was the best purchase. It is easy to assemble. Medium is the perfect size for my jack russel mix. He has anxiety and pees when left alone. I put a blanket over him and gave him a toy to play with, he loved it immediately, and after a while he was happy to be closed in at night and when I was not at home. No more accidents for the happy dog.

👤This is a 5-star product. The 5-point locking system was great. The edges are straight. The wire is smooth. A good weight is wire. The only issue we had was size. Our mini-dachshund is just under 9 lbs and should be full grown by 11 months. She can sit, stand, turn around, and lie down, but not stretch out. If you have a dachshund, you know how they love to stretch out, even kicking their hind legs back. The photo was taken in a crate. We are getting a 30” crate. Hope this helps others. The 24” and 30” crate are available. The dog is in a crate. If she decided to stretch out, you can see how much more room she has in the 30” because she is in the same position. The mini is fully grown at 1yr 3 mos.

4. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling

The size chart photos and video can help you understand how to measure your dog. Your dog's measurement should be under 32” L x 24” H. Large building. Iata airline approved 2 dishes and 4 live animal stickers. Sturdy and durable plastic construction makes it easy to assembly Wheels. The SportPet Designs 33” waterproof pet bed fits this kennel.

Brand: Sport Pet

👤The metal that is bent on the window vent isn't welded so there is a small gap where the metal meets, and it must be a cheap alloy because my dog was able to pry it open. There was blood on the side of the kennel. Don't recommend.

👤It isn't big enough for huskies, even if you are flying, so it won't pass. The guide was useless. If you plan to use it for flying, you need to go a bigger size. If you are unsure about the size, you might be better off buying in a store.

👤I ordered this months in advance of my flight so that I can take my German Shepherd with me. I was worried that the airlines wouldn't accept her because she is able to turn around and lay down, but her ears touch the top of the walls when she is standing. I took my dog to the airport to check with Alaska Airlines if the kennel is approved because I live close to the airport. They said that it is fine if the dog can turn around inside. I ordered the kennel because it has the wheels and I have a 105-pound dog and carry-on luggage. I assumed the best thing to do is remove the wheels when boarding the flight. They have a lock function. I was at DCA airport and it was difficult to push her through without losing control when she would adjust inside and she did tip over when going over a crack. I ordered replacements on Amazon for less than $1 because my dog chewed up her bowl attachment.

👤Please size up if you think you need something, because crate is decent for the price. My dog is a beagle mix and his measurement was below what a large crate would fit. I ordered a large crate. I'm exchanging it for a bigger one. He can only lay down if his body is straight. He can't stretch his legs out when laying down because his legs touch the opening of the crate. This isn't bad. It's a problem when he needs to spend hours in a crate on a plane or car ride.

👤The SportPet Rolling Plastic Dog Crate was purchased for a flight from California to New York. The product is much stronger than the models I found at local stores. The crate can be moved through the airport with the wheels. They slide into a grove on the bottom of the crate. They are easy to install and remove. The wheel assembly was of a high quality and I highly recommend it. The XXXL model exceeds the size limitations of Alaska Airline and I purchased it first. SportPet representatives provided excellent customer service here. They made sure that I received the correct crate in time for my flight, even though I was a little panicked when I called. A big thanks to Adrian and Adam. Excellent product and great customer service.

👤I purchased this kennel to transport my German Shepherd from Washington State to Hawaii and it was worth every dollar I spent. This kennel is able to meet every regulation at the airport. The metal bolts that are required to transport animals on an aircraft are found in this kennel. The wheels are easy to put on and take off even with a large animal inside. The snap on containers are perfect for traveling. The metal door of the kennel is pre-drilled to make it impossible to open during transport. The LIVE ANIMAL stickers were placed on the kennel. The double handles make it easier to move the kennel.

5. AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Crate

AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Crate

The soft-sided crate is easy to store. Made with durable material. Multiple screened panels for your pet to look out of, well-ventilated. The pet bed has a plush fleece covering. There are accessory pockets on the sides and top. The shoulder strap has carrying options. Medium sized breeds such as Blue Heelers and Golden Retrievers are recommended.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This was easy to get up from the box. To unfold the cross supports, you have to open the top panel. They will come with rubber banded down. This crate has a good sized pouch that can unhook, another pouch on the top flap, and a water bottle holder and ID card holder on the back. The flaps on the front and top can be rolled and held in the rolled position, which I like. It seems well built. Time will tell. If your dog is a chewer, it will chew through this. It is not made of Kevlar. My golden puppy is 50lb and fits perfectly with room to grow. I was considering getting the 42” as she is only 6 years old and still has some growing to do. I don't think she'll be able to keep up with this.

👤I wanted to swap my kitty's carrier for something larger as she has two sore legs and a benign tumor. I realized that she would have pain because her carrier was too small, after she tried to get into it in a tornado warning. I am very happy I bought this. It took a couple of minutes to build this and make a perfect carrier for my cat. She is a very large cat and this was a big deal for her. She immediately entered! I think the black colour makes it feel darker and more protected, because she doesn't have to stand up or stretch out. Sturdy and foldable! What a great purchase! She is a suspect of anything new. She was sleeping in it for 4.5 hours this morning. I knew I had to write a review. There are pockets for things like food, water and wipes. The front flap can be attached to stay open. If she needs to be taken out of the top at the vets, the top is large. I put it with her favourite blanket. The mat it comes with is too thin and would do in a pinch, so I stacked hers high. It helps with her injuries. It looks like an easy clean. Don't hesitate to buy- it's a great value. I bought the 26 inch size for her. It's so roomy!

👤I still recommend this crate for all of the reasons listed below, but our dog ended up pawing and leaning on the zip to get out, which is a shame because we still watch out for chewers. I still like the idea of a soft crate, but I don't want her to be too comfortable in it. Our new fur baby would be comfortable and have her own space if we had this crate. The crate is big and looks like it! There is plenty of room for our dog. The crate was easy to assemble and take down to pack away. One less thing to forget to buy or pack was the benefit of having the crate come with a crate pad. The pockets are nice. We have yet to use the crate because it was too big for our trailer. We used it in the car for a while, but when we put it in the house for our dog to get used to, she went into it more than her traditional metal crate, and we were concerned that she would try to chew through it. It is packed away and ready to use. If our house was larger, we would use this crate as her sleeping crate in the bedroom and the traditional crate for when we leave. Hopefully this is helpful to someone. I would recommend it and buy it, just keep in mind your chewers! If something comes up in the future, I will update.

6. Unipaws Cushion Wooden Kennels Chew Proof

Unipaws Cushion Wooden Kennels Chew Proof

The dog rate is made of mesh and wood. It's perfect for small dogs. It is large to walk around in. The pressed wood isn't chew-proof. There is a dual-purPOSE. This piece of furniture is used as a dog crate. The side table, end table, and nightstand are elegant. It's a great way to show your decorative side and make your home stand out. You can choose home creativity. The top is wide. The top has a capacity of 150 lbs and is durable to add your choice of home décor such as a small/medium plant, magazines, family picture frames and night lamps. The cushion is soft and comfortable. The plastic tray on the bottom collects dirt, pee, and hair to keep the environment for pets clean. Vendor and full view are available. You can enjoy watching your pet rest in style, if you have a full view of them, as they can see you. It's nice for pet nap time.

Brand: Unipaws

👤The metal grating does not cover the entire length of the crate. The metal grating is smaller than the slats. On the first day we put him in, the beagle ripped apart the side wall. We spent another $120 to reinforce the door locks and line it with plexiglass. This is not the crate for a dog with anxiety separation. It was a complete waste of money. See the photo.

👤My dog destroyed this crate in less than 2 days. It was close to $400. He chewed the fake wood and particle board. Why would you make a dog crate with fake wood, dogs have teeth for hunting animals, don't you think they can chew? What should I do now? Buy another crate. This is a crate for dogs that don't chew. It is not dog proof or durable. It was made of cheap materials. It was made in China.

👤I like the look of this crate. I wouldn't use it for a dog that chews things up, or a dog that doesn't do well in a crate. It's made out of compressed wood, so I think a dog who really didn't want to be contained could bust their way out. My three small dogs don't mind being in a crate, so it works well for them. I might replace the sliding locks on the door with something better in the future because they aren't the best. The small black latch above the handles is not the most efficient way to keep a crate locked. That will probably be replaced as well. The metal mesh on the sides is not plastic. Buy this for looks, not strength. It's a little pricey for what you get. It looks nice.

👤The crate is nice looking, but it does not hold up very well. Maybe it is our dog. The doors and the wiring were torn apart by the husky. One day he came home and looked at me and said, "hey mom, I'm a good boy for getting out of this thing." We tried to contact the seller multiple times, but never got a response. I paid a lot of money for this product. I would pay $100, but not more.

👤I took 2 1/2 hours to assemble. I had to drill my own holes and use my own wood screws for one side of the bottom panel because the holes on that side were not drilled in the correct position. It was very frustrating. Product seems sturdy. Looks nice.

👤I love this dog crate, it looks nice, and you can even decorate the top, my dogs love it. I have two small dogs. It was very easy to put together the directions and everything was labeled as real wood but it was made well and I would recommend this to everyone.

👤This crate is very nice. I have two small dogs that sleep there. There are two of them, one is 9 lbs and the other 12 lbs. I made curtains so they could have a good night's sleep. They've been sleeping in a crate since I got them. I was not sure how they would do on the first night. They were great. I catch my smaller dog there through the day. I added a battery operated light. I love it so much.

7. AmazonBasics Heavy Stackable Kennel 36 Inch

AmazonBasics Heavy Stackable Kennel 36 Inch

A 36-inch heavy-duty pet kennel with a pull-out tray is easy to clean. Made of sturdy iron and polypropylene material. The top opens for easier in/out access of pets and supplies. Most parts are assembled for a quick setup. It is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The door came off on the second day.

👤The door cannot be fixed and the lower screw is falling off which is a hazard. I cannot recommend this product because it has the same issue with the same part twice. We had to return the first crate. The durability is something we love about this. The door seems to be an issue. If the door doesn't work, what good is a crate? The bottom screw fell out on the first one. It should not have happened because we fixed it. The screw was on the floor and the dog was in it. The knob fell off again. This could not be fixed since it is spring loaded. The door was stuck and I was without a crate which was a mess. It was difficult to package and ship a 50lb crate. We received the new one quickly after doing this. Guess what? The screw to the door was in the floor when I let my dog out. What the heck? This is not a cheap piece of equipment. I am waiting for the knobs to fall again. I am not going to be happy if this has to go back a third time. This is a safety issue and since it has happened more than once, it is a manufacturing problem.

👤The kennel is ok. Bars are a little thin. There were bent areas and heavy scratching. There is a change to be made. The lock handle came loose from the gate after the hinge fell. The one year warranty is only for current listing and was not present before. It was present before. When I noticed those bent areas, I asked and double checked. Hate being lied to. Do not buy it. Better aftermarket support can be found locally.

👤The door has broken after less than 2 months of use. Not worth the money.

👤We give up! We have ordered several times, trying to get a crate that is in good shape. We give up! We have received broken crates four times and the boxes are in good shape. I think they are packaged and shipped that way. We have ordered this crate six times and have two that are usable, all the others have had to be returned. I like how the crates look. I have two, the 48" and the 42" ones. I need a second crate. I will be getting a second Doberman in the spring and will put her crate next to the other one. I ordered them one at a time and I like them. They could be better. The screw that falls out of the door is broken. That needs to be fixed by the manufacturer. My husband put a lock on the screws that hold the door in. The puppy we have now is a Doberman, he is strong and still a puppy, with all the energy a puppy has, but he is fine in his crate, because we spend as long as it takes to train our dogs to love their crates. If you plan on having the door come off your crate, you can take proactive steps to fix the problem. We want to lock the screw tight. I asked my husband if he wanted to cancel the one we have been waiting on. He wouldn't wait for the door to fall off, instead he would prefix it. They take a long time to ship out so plan ahead and order way before you need it. They would get 5 stars because they look nice and the dog is standing on a plastic tray. I won't put my dog on a wire floor, so I will only buy dog crates that are plastic. My dogs are well trained so it is very rare that they would have to potty in a crate. Some people like the dog on a metal wire floor because of that. The tray is on the floor. My dogs are trained to accept the crate with no problem, so they are not doing anything that would cause it to fall apart. I don't think this crate would stand up to a dog that didn't want to be in it. If you have a dog that is going to try and get out of the crate, it will fall apart. I have two now and hope that one day I will get the last one. The replacement for my bent crate is missing screws that fell out of the unit. If you want this crate for your puppy, you should order it in advance. I will try again. We will keep trying to find a dog that isn't damaged because our next dog won't be coming to us until next spring. They are poorly packaged. It's inconvenient that you can't just get the missing screws. They don't look like normal screws. Sending a big heavy item back for missing screws is not a good idea.

8. Yoken Portable One Step Soft Sided Applicable

Yoken Portable One Step Soft Sided Applicable

You only need one step to upgrade the portable foldable pet cage. A rotating switch design. The dog cage is designed with a rotating button that makes it easy to open and fold it. It's not necessary to assemble, store and save space. The upgraded zipper is more robust and durable. 600D Oxford cloth and Thicken frame structure were used. Pets can be prevented from scratching. The entrance doors are made of heave-weight mesh with a well-ventilated function. Your dog can come and go as he pleases. There is anti-collision protection and a mesh mat. There are pads on the four corners to protect the pet cage from wear and tear, as well as protect home decoration and car interiors. The bottom of the Pet Pad will prevent cold for dogs on cold days and it will not cause arthritis if the pet uses it for a long time. Customer service is what it is. Don't be angry and don't worry if you have any problems with the product. They will give you a solution within 12 hours if you need help with anything.

Brand: Yoken

👤Absolutely love this collar. It's easy to use and charge, and the led lights make it easier to see at night. I will be getting another dog.

9. Petmate Ultra Kennel Heavy Duty Assembly

Petmate Ultra Kennel Heavy Duty Assembly

Dog air travel concierge. Medium dogs 50 to 70 lbs have tie-down strap holes, wire vent for air and a raised interior to keep them safe. The airline-aDAPTABLE. The dog crate is made with heavy duty recycled plastic material and has an easy-open frontlatch to quickly access pets. Kennedy's houses: They provide a variety of dog houses and crates, as well as traditional travel carriers. Petmate has been around for over 50 years and is passionate about their dogs, cats and furry friends. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends.

Brand: Petmate

👤I promised myself that I would buy a new Petmate Vari Kennel for my dog, but I still bought a small one. My whippet pulled in his legs whenever I took out the yardstick, even though people buy them too large. I bought a larger Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel 36 because my dog couldn't stand up all the way. Why did you pick that? I have been using Petmate Vari for years because I saw how professional dog breeders used them. The kennels are strong if you screw the top and bottom together. You can open the front door with one hand, and there is plenty of space for people to breathe. Veri-Kennel 36 is 36 inches long, 37 inches high, and about 24 inches wide. Your dog needs to be able to lay down and stand up if you want. Wait until your dog is standing up straight, put the yardstick behind fido's head and measure. Wait until poochie is stretched out and measure again. It is difficult to get good advice from your dog breeders or veterinarians. How do I set up the net? Take out the door and set it aside when you get your Veri Kennel. Put the light half-shell on top of the dark one and grab the plastic nuts and metal bolts. It is easier if you have a helpers. Align the top and bottom holes, push the bolts through the holes from the bottom, and tighten the plastic nuts with your fingers. You should leave the nuts on the front until you put the door in place. You can put the door in a certain order. You can tighten the nuts and bolts with your fingers. If a bolt is still loose, you can tighten the nut to pull it up through the hole. How do I use the venom? You can keep your dog near you in places where dogs cannot roam freely, safely, or legally, or give your dog a place to go for a few moments when delivery persons or neighbors come to your door, if you use the Vari Kennel. You don't need to close the door if your dog stays in the crate. There are two more You can use your Vari Kennel for a variety of purposes, from transporting your dog in the back of the car while traveling or from a parking lot into hotels or shows, where a loose dog on a lead would not be appreciated. Make sure your pet has water. Don't leave a dog alone in a car in the sun. Your pet needs the air conditioner on as well. 5. Some dogs like to sleep in a crate at night. Before you can leave a dog alone for more than 10 minutes, you need to train them to like being in a crate. My dog thinks that going into the kennel is fun, so I start out with an open kennel, throwing treats in and sitting nearby. I increase the time I sit by the door by 5 minutes each day until the dog is in the crate for an hour. That is the longest I have left my dog in. Some dogs don't like being left in a crate, and they should never be. If you have a problem, get help from a doctor. Whatever you do, take as many days as your dog needs until he or she is happy and relaxed in his/her kennel. What about traveling with the kennel? Two people can carry it because of the four hand holds on the sides. Feel the letters marked Lift. Just put the empty kennel in the back of your car, put your dog inside, close the door, and you are good to go. If the flight is short, you can use the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel to transport your pet in the pressurized airline luggage compartment. During a flight, your dog should always have water. There are openings on the crate for cable ties to keep the kennel and doors closed. The plastic nuts may not work for airline travel. Water dishes, cable ties, and metal nuts are available on Amazon. What are Kennel no-nos? It is not smart to leave a new dog alone in a strange crate. 2. The dog should have his first experiences in 10 minutes. 3. If your dog is only in the crate for a few minutes, make sure he has access to cool water and the crate is in a cool place, either indoors or in the shade. 4. An hour is the longest you can keep a domestic dog indoors. 5. A closed crate should never be used as a dog house or as a place to keep a dog all day. 6. Never leave a dog in a crate in the sun, rain, or storm. 5. The crate should never be used as a punishment device. The Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel 36 can make you and your dog happy. If you're looking for a smaller crate, check out my review of the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel 32. If you click my name, you can read more dog reviews, check my dog list, and follow me on Amazon. I hope this review has helped you and your dog. Enjoy!

10. MidWest Professional Extra Strong Protecting Leak Proof

MidWest Professional Extra Strong Protecting Leak Proof

Product dimensions are 37” L x 24.75” W x 28” H. There is a For dogs with a weight between 41 and 70 lbs. The mesh is 1.5” x 4” Two slide-bolt latches per door lock the doors in place in a double door dog crate. The dog crate folds flat for convenient storage and travel. The strongest wire gauge and the most durable metal dog crate are produced by MidWest Homes for Pets. The dog crate is great for strong dogs, show dogs and pet parents who travel a lot with their dog.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤"Ultimate crap" is what the part stands for. I own a bunch of the worst dog crates I have ever owned. The hinge design for the end doors is an issue with these crates. On a bad day, the door doesn't swing freely. They are bent when they arrive. The hinges on the crate will be Borked if the crate is not bent beyond use. The hinges will break off on a bad day. My dogs are easy to train. The hinges on my boy's room have been weird from the beginning. They were bent when the crate arrived. One was not completely closed. I used pliers to pinch it. The end door's bottom hinge snapped off this week. When I complained to Midwest about how they package their crates and they were always bent to hell when I got them, they told me that they had never had any complaints about bent crates before. That is obviously a crock. I was worried about fighting them for a warranty replacement. I ordered a crate from another online store. I was reluctant to use the wire gauge for my boy because it was thin. He's the biggest of my dogs, and while he's not a crate destroyer, he is a violent nester and gets crazy when he's in his blankets. I was worried that it wouldn't stay standing. I traded that one for another Midwest Ultima that I had stored away for one of my other dogs. Brand new. Never used. I put it up last night. The door hinges are binding. What a surprise. Tonight, the hinge snaps off. Two of these crates have fallen apart due to the horrible hinge design. I love the crates more than anything else. The wire gauge is heavy duty. The size is large. I like having three doors. The hinges wouldn't break if the doors worked. There are three Midwest Ultima 48" crates that have held together. I had to modify the hinge loops on it to make them work. The side door is different from the end doors and it has lasted. I expect the end doors to break off when I use them. The crate I bought for my dog does not have the horror-hinge design. It has two doors, one on each side, and they both work well. The wire gauge is thick. It makes me want to gag to think about buying another Midwest product in this lifetime, but I may go with a Life Stages crate. This would be a great crate if Midwest fixes the hinge design. It's a good idea to get one from Amazon that won't be mangled. Prepare to return it. They will expect you to try to get it back. If you can, you will want to preserve the box. Good luck getting it back in the box. The smaller crate arrived in one piece. It was still usable despite being bent at one corner. If the box is less banged up, I would recommend returning it without opening it. I've learned this the hard way. You have a chance of the crate having broken welds, bent panels, or door hinges, even if it came from Amazon. You should watch out for that. I don't want to try to get Midwest to replace these crates. You can't just replace the end panels because of the construction. I will be very surprised if I can get a replacement for one of these crates, given their reputation for lousy customer service. Wishing me luck. The broken hinge and pieces are shown in the pictures I included, and one picture shows an undamaged hinge, so you can see the difference. The lighting was poor. Midwest customer service has been great. The triple door version of the model was the one that I purchased. The triple door version was discontinued by Midwest. The two-door version has a fixed hinge. I supplied theMidwest with proof of purchase and pictures of the issue. They have shipped out two brand new replacement crates, under the warranty, after their response was fast and professional. I hope they don't get banged up during shipping, because I haven't received them yet. At this point, that is the open question. They were very pleased with the response from their customer service. I expected a fight to get them replaced. I was pleasantly surprised.

11. Petsfit Portable Crate Outdoor Travel

Petsfit Portable Crate Outdoor Travel

Petsfit soft crate is good for pets up to 23''. The travel dog crate is odorless and safe to use. The doors and entrance can be rolled up. The frame design is designed to hold the mesh in place without using tools. A foldable pet crate is light weight and sturdy. This rate works well for an open bed. It has several mesh designs that make it good for air flow.

Brand: Petsfit

👤I've struggled with portable crates for my large dogs for years. They are too heavy to be comfortable for the dogs. This crate solved many of the issues. I could carry it with one finger. The cloth bottom and soft mesh sides make it comfortable for my dogs. There is a large pocket on the back side of the top, which can be used for storage. The frame has 2 cross bars folded up and secured with straps that open and close to make it sturdy when used. The frame is very well designed and the material is a thick outdoor grade fabric with re-enforced corners, which I assume will endure the most wear and tear. The zippers seem to be of good quality. The German Shepherd dog is a perfect fit for me. My dog requires the large size. This product is very good.

👤We tried everything to keep our dog calm when fireworks went off. The thunder coat, calming treats, lavender oil, and classical music are all included. When fireworks go off, this crate is perfect for our dog. My husband put it together. It is soft and not heavy like a metal crate. It has mesh screens on both sides, and a zip top that you can open. We trained him to lay down in there and to feel comfortable with some treats. You don't want to force your dog into the crate as they will develop a negative correlation with it. We cover the mesh screens with towels to make them feel safe when he is scared. We put his bed in there with some toys and old shoes to make it more comfortable. We don't want him to feel trapped, so we have never put the front entrance zip up. In the summer time, it gets quite warm there because we bought a fan. White noise will be played on the iPad. The large size is perfect for a 50 pound mixed breed rescue pup.

👤I will start this review by saying that I looked on Amazon and other sites before making this purchase. I have two Shepherd/Malinois mixes that have been crate trained. I've used a large metal collapsible crate for years and it's served it's purpose, but it's clunky, heavy, loud, and just a lot to take down and transport with me anywhere. I decided a travel crate was needed and landed on it. I was impressed when I opened it. The material feels like canvas. I haven't used it a lot yet to test long term resilience, but I will come back and make changes if necessary. The second picture shows the crate lying against my sofa. It has a clasp to hold it together and a handle that is well sewn. Assembly was very easy. There are instructions that come with it. I didn't need them. It was easy to see where each piece went once I unfolded it. The first time I put the second corner of the frame into position, it was so new and the fabric was taunting, that I had a hard time putting it in place. Every attempt was easy. The design was thought of a lot by these people. The mesh panels on the side allow for a lot of air to come in, and being able to access the inside from two sides is great. If you have a dog that knows how to worm their nose in a zippers and escape, you can close both ends with a hook. I plan to have a travel mat/bed for them over the bottom that seems like a durable material for dog nails to be on. I don't think it will be an issue. I bought this in the largest size and both my girls fit side by side easily. Every time I set it up, my girls go inside. It was as easy to disassemble as it was to set up. I don't have a single complaint so far, this is a complete win. It's worth it if you're on the fence.


What is the best product for dog kennels and crates for large dogs?

Dog kennels and crates for large dogs products from Yoken. In this article about dog kennels and crates for large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Mr. Peanut's and Precision Pet Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog kennels and crates for large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog kennels and crates for large dogs?

Yoken, Mr. Peanut's and Precision Pet Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog kennels and crates for large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Sport Pet, Amazon Basics and Unipaws are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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