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1. TWO Haven Expandable Kennel Medium

TWO Haven Expandable Kennel Medium

Can be assembled in multiple configurations with the purchase of an additional unit. Set-up and take-down are easy. Storage and Portability can be done with a foldable. Sturdy steel construction.

Brand: Two By Two

👤It's easy to assemble, everything fits together well and is sturdy once assembled. If necessary, I like the ability to expand. I feel safe putting my dog outside. Side panel covers for shade would be nice, but I can make them myself. If you think it has a large dog, you should go to a chain-link enclosure. Not very heavy. I would recommend anchoring for windy days.

👤The door can't stay shut with the latch.

👤The gate door can't open because of a broken handle. The pet owner has to disassemble part in order to get in.

👤I don't want my dogs to go to a hotel. I bought this for them and they love it. My dog can't escape, that's the best thing.

2. Bosely Protect Design Foldable Playpen

Bosely Protect Design Foldable Playpen

Their pet fence is rust proof and weather resistant which makes it last longer. The metal playpen can prevent the fence from slipping due to the dog jumping. The dog fence folds down to flat for easy storage and transport. The panels can be rearranged into different shapes to match your space. Their dog fence has 8 panels, each with a width of 40 feet. The panels are foldable and suitable for camping. The outdoor and indoor puppy playpen's packaging contains full instructions. They will reply to your suggestions in 24 hours, if you have any problems with the dog playpen.

Brand: Bosely

👤My dog should be coming home soon after knee surgery. He needs something big enough for him to have space and be able to lay down. He is bigger than his sister and we think it will work. You just need to buy a cover. It is sturdy and tall after being assembled in 10 minutes. It is 64X64 when in a square.

👤I bought this for my very active Belgian Malinois so he can play in the house. He loves it. There is enough room for my husband to play with him. He is a jumper and the height is amazing.

👤It works well to keep my dog in. Well built.

👤The pen is very light. It's not useful for a labrador retriever, it's good for a small dog or a young puppy.

👤I don't know how I would have made it. It's much better than a crate. You can put the crate in the gated area. There won't be an accident in. Highly recommend and worth the money.

3. Neocraft Small Outdoor Dog Kennel

Neocraft Small Outdoor Dog Kennel

My Pet Companion's Dog Kennel can provide large space for your pets so that they can play with pleasure without being injured. It is very comfortable for your pets. The kennel is 2.5'W x 2.5'L. You're given 5 sq. There is room for your pets. The Double-Door allows you to keep your pets inside while you play with them. You can connect additional dog cages together to cover a larger area. The Heavy Duty Dog Kennel is designed to last. Sturdy steel construction increases longevity. A wire panel with a frame. The nylon is non breakable. The dog crate is made of high strength wire. It will not be destroyed by large dogs and will provide resistance against rust, corrosion, and fading even in the most extreme climates. Waterproof. The cover is made of 600D polyester. The dog cage has a steel roof frame and a waterproof covered outdoor dog kennel that fit it perfectly. The roof pitch of Pet Crate allows for water, debris and light snow to run off instead of accumulating on the roof. The dog cage has high visibility and is well-ventilated. They can live in nature and breathe the fresh air. It's easy to understand. The Dog Kennels for Medium Dogs is a must-have for dog lovers. You can set up the dog kennel without tools. Their outdoor dog crates, houses, and pens are easy to set up. My Pet Companion Pet Crate can be dismantled quickly, which doesn't waste a lot of time. It's possible to lock it up. It is very easy to use the new design. The door is opened when the latch is turned up. The door is not open if you put the door down. Your dog can be kept in a cage. TheExpandable design and weather-resistant dog kennel roof covers are ideal for outdoor use while the compact design is perfect for indoor use.

Brand: My Pet Companion

👤So pleased with this building. The assembly instructions left a bit to be desired and the video was not helpful, but it didn't take me long to figure it out. I have two Russian Toy Terriers, one is six lbs and the other three lbs. The perfect size for them is this kennel. The cover helps block out the sun and keep the grass cooler. The dogs hate the rain, hope this will make it easier for them next time. It is rather frightening to take two small dogs out to relieve themselves at night knowing there are animals around. A cover makes a big difference. I didn't put the feet on the kennel. I used landscape pins to secure the kennel. The shade of plum is beautiful. All parts seem to be high-quality. Very happy.

👤We bought a Chorkie because we were worried about the birds. We decided to buy a second one for him because he's still small. I'm hoping he'll like the freedom because we just put it together. I put a net in the middle. I'm looking to see if I can get another top for him that protects him from birds and owls.

👤The smaller version of the octagonal shaped one is what this is. This one collapses for travel.

👤Product is built to meet its purpose.

4. HITTITE Anti Rust UV Resistant Waterproof BigYards

HITTITE Anti Rust UV Resistant Waterproof BigYards

This is a portable folding pet cage that can be used indoors, outdoors, and travel. The portable design makes it easy to carry, and it can be used in a car. It is suitable for cats, puppies, ferrets, rabbits and other small size pets. Before placing an order, please measure the pet's height and weight. The dimensions of their dog kennel large are 8'L X 4'W X 6'H. The frame and mesh of the large pet crate are pre-galvanized and coated with a substance to prevent rusting. Large dogs can be housed indoors. The welded wire outdoor pet kennel large is a great place to keep your pets safe and secure. The dog playpen large has a waterproof cover that protects it from the elements and gives you years of worry-free use. The elastic ball straps of the pet playpen are strong enough to hold the cover securely. The roof pitch of the heavy duty dog playpen allows for water, debris and light snow to run off instead of accumulating on the roof. The dog crate is easy to clean because of the raised legs.

Brand: Hittite

👤The panels are easy to move around on. I use it in many different ways. The panels are not very wide and that is the only complaint I have. I have to go sideways to get my butt in it. If you are a large person, it would be hard for me to do it.

👤It was easy to set up. My 8 month old shepherd mix tore the door open in less than 10 minutes and had to put a steel plate in front to keep her out. Not satisfied with the price. Purchase a real chain link fence kennel for larger dogs at one of the box stores.

👤Not worth the money. The gage of the structure was very thin. The box was smashed and all the pieces were missing. Amazon paid back my money. I will be more careful with the reviews. They were mostly good. I was not happy with the reviews and product.

👤There are missing parts. I had to modify until I have more time to work with the manufacturer or seller to fix the issues. It was too much of a hassle to come back. I like the product and hope we can work something out.

👤It was missing all the parts and no phone number to call.

👤It was not as strong as I had been looking for, but it was easy to put together, and I hope to get the rest of summer and a winter out of the top cover.

👤The hardware needed to assemble the kennel was missing.

5. HONGFENGDZ Playpen Indoor Outdoor Enclosure

HONGFENGDZ Playpen Indoor Outdoor Enclosure

The dog fence panels are made of metal and give dogs a large enclosure to play and run in. Pets should be kept safe and the house clean. Puppy enclosure for small dogs, puppies, bunny, rabbits and small animals. The foldable dog exercise pen with door is easy to store and transport, and the puppy playpen is easy to set up and take down. Large dog fencing can be configured into any shape to meet your needs, can be used as outdoor pen fencing, gate, corral for dogs, rabbits, cants. The heavy duty dog playpen system is sturdy enough for small dogs, animals, and rabbits. The puppy fence is great for dog gate kennel outside and is anti-proof.

Brand: Hongfengdz

👤This playpen is sturdy enough that you can be sure that your little terror remains behind bars, just like mine. You can easily step over the panels when you have to clean up the haz-mat. It's bad for full size dogs. The little piglet can't seem to keep from missing the carpet, so it had to be separated and back together many times. The panels are unphased. Definitely stronger than most. It was cold out.

👤I like this thing. I raise a few litters of puppies a year and this has made my life better. However. There are a few things I don't like about it. It's sturdy enough to raise large puppies in, but it doesn't fold together when assembled, so moving it around is a challenge. The door makes it easy for mom to get in, but not the babies, the CON, which are easily opened by accident. I have had to put clasps on the door to make sure the puppies don't escape again, now that they are older.

👤I think the indoor puppy playpens are a good idea for every home. A sturdy puppy playpen is a must-have item for anyone who has ever raised a puppy. Puppies can have fun in the large, sturdy Playpen that is located outdoors. I can change the shape of the playpen with multiple panels and a doublelatch door. The playpen is easy to assemble and has heavy-duty metal with a rust-resistant coating. It folds down easily for storage, but some of the panels are 31 inches wide, which may make it difficult to carry around. I also get ground anchors. It is 73 inches in diameter when assembled. It is easy to assemble, sturdy and durable, three different height options, and a doublelatch door that folds down easily for storage.

👤This playpen is good, but no one reads 3 star reviews. It's made out of good material and you can have the pen fit the shape you want. It is very simple and easy to assemble, and there are a lot of options to choose from. My puppy tends to jump up on the sides as most would do but where the pieces connect the gap is enough to get a paw stuck and this has happened several times. You have to be very careful when you change the cage shape because the connections can break. They are connected with a long rod that goes through small holes on the sides that are long enough to pin in the ground outdoors. It's not as sturdy when placed indoors because you can't stick the rods in the ground. It's not a bad purchase, but having to watch a puppy constantly while they're in a playpen is not a good idea.

👤It's perfect for my new puppy. The assembly was easy. He will not be able to escape his area.

👤The pen was really good, but comparable ones were double the price. I have a 5 month old spina bifida English bulldog and I am going to rescue another spina bifida English bulldog who is only 9 weeks old. I wanted a bigger pen that they could use while I am at work and something that had an open top so I could see them while I was at work. I was concerned that my 5 month old would try and escape this but I watched her all the time and never jumped up on the pen. This looks nice and definitely fits the bill. Highly recommended.

6. GPR Portable Folding Locking Zippers

GPR Portable Folding Locking Zippers

It is not suitable for small pets. The unfolded size is 32.7 inches long, 23.2 inches wide, and 23.2 inches high when folded. The iron frame is made of 600D Oxford cloth. The maximum load-bearing is 20 kilo/ 44 lbs. The cloth cover can be washed. The travel dog cage is safe and odorless. It is the ideal size for cats and puppies. The dog cage is made of strong and lightweight steel pipes. Installation and storage can be achieved by fastening or disassemble the four buckles. This model is easier to carry than the other dog cages on the market. The installation can be completed in a few seconds. The upper, back, front and the right side of the cage have nets with non-slip zippers. The fabric is strong enough for cats and dogs to stay in, and won't break. There is a pocket on the left side for small objects. The cotton pad on the bottom of the pet cage will not cause arthritis if the pet uses it for a long time. There are anti-collision protection pads on the four corners to protect the pet cage from wear and tear, as well as protect home decoration and car interiors. The mesh on four sides can be rolled up and fixed, which makes it convenient for pets to enter and exit freely, as well as interact with their owners. This is a portable folding pet cage that can be used indoors, outdoors, and travel. The portable design makes it easy to carry, and it can be used in a car. It is suitable for cats, puppies, ferrets, rabbits and other small size pets. Before placing an order, please measure the pet's height and weight.

Brand: Gpr

👤I needed a dog crate for my new dog. I didn't want a metal folding crate. I did a lot of research before buying this crate. I think I found the best crate for value, quality, design and use. My dog is not a chewer, so I have had no issues with her chewing her way out of the crate. I was surprised when she greeted me in the morning when I woke up the first time I closed her in. The door was closed across the bottom. She used her nose to push up the zippers and get out of the crate without a problem. I zip the crate closed at night and she is happy until I open it in the morning. I find it difficult to roll the door up each morning and put it on top of the crate, so I just pull the door up all the way and put it on the crate. That is working well for me. I have not folded the crate. It was ready for use in a couple of minutes. My dog is crate trained and she doesn't have to be forced to sleep in a crate. The crate is working well for me. I was initially concerned that the crate did not have curtains to cover the screened sides. Since the screen is black, I think she has a lot of privacy. I put a bath towel on top to cover the area. I have only been using this crate for a few weeks, so I have nothing to say about it. I will update this review if circumstances change.

👤I use a portable dog crate in the hotel rooms when I travel with my dog because it is very heavy duty and easy to fold up and pack away.

👤I was concerned about engaging the frame after reading some reviews. It was very easy. The frame is strong. The clasps/clips are easy to use. I could do it with one hand. I folded a small fleece blanket inside the crate and left it there. The crate has straps to keep it folded. It is lightweight to carry with one hand. The placement was dependent on the velcro rolling up the flaps. Some of them were out of range of the other tab. I wouldn't use this crate for a dog that likes to chew or paw its way out of confinement. This is only for a dog that is crate trained.

👤The back seat of a Dodge Ram Crew cab has a seat that folds up and the platform down, so the 30 inch portable crate can fit in there. It is tight and there is no room to wiggle around. Hope this will help some future dog owners who are looking for a safe and practical way to haul their pets.

👤It seemed great at first. I bought it on 12/23/21 and it came apart at the seam on 1/19. The seller contacted me and offered a full refund. Companies that stand behind their product and make it tight when it fails are appreciated by me.

7. Hound Heater Protector Mounting Template

Hound Heater Protector Mounting Template

It is water resistant for outdoor and indoor use. The Hound Heater is powered by a long-life 300W heating element and lasts for years. It is safe construction. The cord is heavy duty and has rounded corners. All wires and components are protected by an internal heat shield. Saves energy. The Hound Heater is safe, dry heat up to 75 feet and only runs when needed. Set it and forget it, the thermo sensor bulb allows for accurate control of the heat in your pet's house. It is easy to install. If you need special mounting brackets, they are available separately.

Brand: Hound Heater

👤The hound heater is perfect for my application. It keeps the interior temperature in my dog house at a higher than average of 11-16 degrees higher than the outside temperature. It hasn't gotten very cold yet, so I haven't tested it on medium or high settings. It was 42 degrees out last night in California, and my wireless temperature monitor which I mounted inside the dog house, read 58 degrees. My dog house is four times larger than the one designed by this heater. It does what I wanted, which is to keep the temperature above 40 degrees. If you would like to replicate my setup, here are the items I purchased from Amazon. There is a shed on the Amazon website. There is a dog door on the Amazon website. The extra large dog bed is perfect for the shed.

👤We are on our 4th winter and we bought this in 2016 Several cats are taken care of by us. The first 3 winters for 2 cats it was in a plastic sided hut with reflective thin insulation. We built a tiny house from an open sided trailer because we were afraid it wouldn't heat up. It is awesome! This thing is great for controlling drafts for your pets. The tiny house is 33 feet high and 7 feet wide. There are 2 in foam insulation. We just went through -8 degree weather. The temperature inside was 80-90 degrees. The cats were happy. We have set it at the absolute lowest setting and it is staying between 60 - 70 degrees with the outside temp around 30 degrees. You place it in a unit. It will be cold if you use an open door dog house or a cardboard box. Double flaps on the doors will keep it insulated and will do well.

👤My dog house is the first thing I have. I built a house with 1 1/2 inch foam insulation in the side, roof, and floor. I have a dog door. I have a barbecue temperature transmitter in the dog house that I can use to remotely monitor when I'm not there, and I have a Wemo that I can use to control the heating in my house. I know. The joke of a heat shield inside is horrible and potentially dangerous. The bottom plate does not get hot. The face of the heater is cold at the bottom for about a quarter way up. After being on for about 30 minutes, the top three fourths got too hot for me to brush my finger against. The built in temperature tells the unit when to come on or off, so if it got cold outside, it would be unsafe for dogs to brush up against it. I built a wood barrier to cover the top three fourths of the heating element. It makes sure the dogs don't get burned by the heat. The modification to my dog house solved my problem perfectly, but I would think it wouldn't have much effect if the house wasn't insulated or a door. I was considering a heat lamp in a paint can, plugged into a temperature outlet and turned on and off when needed, but I decided against it. If I could, I would give 3.5 but I would go with it once I met my needs. If I didn't have a way to build this wooden shield, I wouldn't rate it a star.

8. IRIS Exercise 8 Panel Playpen White

IRIS Exercise 8 Panel Playpen White

Convenient enclosure for your pets. The panels are made from plastic. The access door has double steel latches and panels interlock securely. It's easy to assemble; it's suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The entire unit is 63.0 x 63.0 x 34.3 Inches, with a panel of 26.3 x 1.5 x 34.4 Inches and a door opening of 15.25 x 20.75 Inches.

Brand: Iris Usa, Inc.

👤I am writing to express my grave concern about the item that was purchased for our puppy. We started using this item last week. This item is intended to be disassembled. The poles that are inserted between 2 panels have a plastic end cap on each end, with the top having a flat cap and the bottom having a pointed cap. On the first use, the top flat caps began to fall off. I put them back on and didn't think much of it. After a few days of using the playpen, we noticed she was having trouble breathing. It was really really bad. We were able to remove the white plastic top cap from the playpen after a chaotic emergency scene full of the Heimlich and sticking our hands down the dog's throat. The poor dog freaked out as she couldn't breath and bit my mother, so there was a bloody scene. It was lodged in her throat and could have killed her. Thankfully, we were able to divert the crisis, because my toddler was also found with one of the caps in his mouth. I am appalled that Amazon would sell something like that. No reasonable person would think that the end caps of a new product would fall off, creating a hazardous situation for children and pets.

👤This pen is perfect for a small and low energy puppy. If your puppy has boundless energy, read this to learn about how we modified the pen to work. The apartment building we live in is in the middle of a dog friendly city. Rowdy wasn't allowed to go outside to places that other dogs might have gone to because he hadn't had his shots yet. We were not able to bring our puppy outside to go potty because of that. There is a A litter box with an 8-panel pen.

👤The golden retriever puppy I have is not fully house-trained. I wanted a playpen that would allow me to leave her alone while I do stuff. The 8-panel playpen is perfect. She has a lot of room to play, it's lightweight, sturdy and only costs about $70. I decided to modify it to help it maintain its shape. I am not handy at all. Anyone could make this. Here's how I did it. I got a small pipe from the store. The employee was asked to cut the pipe into pieces. I used a drill to cut a small hole through one end of each piece, making sure the holes were big enough to fit a zip-tie through them. I found a piece of electronics at the hardware store. I picked up a lot of zip-ties. I secured the pieces of the playpen with zip-ties after assembling it. It turned out better than I anticipated. My puppy is not going to get out of this thing now.

👤My puppy climbed out of the pen like a mountain goat. If your dog is half goat, you will have better luck.

👤It's suitable for small puppies like mine. Larger pups would probably not be strong enough to be contained. It works for my puppy. It is expensive for what it is. I was happy to pay the price because I didn't want a cage or crate.

9. Neocraft Companion Kennel Roof Cover

Neocraft Companion Kennel Roof Cover

It was manufactured in China. Purchasing goods made in China supports the anti-democratic take over of Hong Kong. Support ethical business practices.

Brand: Neocraft

👤We bought this because we wanted our dog to be able to go to the bathroom on our patio but not be able to get to the rest of the yard. It was difficult to get it together. I am a 60 year old woman that is not very strong and I was able to do it on my own. The cover wouldn't fit over the top of it, but you can buy extra pieces and extra cover if you need it. We don't need it since it is already under a cover and our dog won't be able to jump out. We pushed a piece of furniture up against it. Our dog will not be able to move around. I want to put something soft on the bar that runs over the top of the door because I keep hitting my head on it.

👤I put my dog and cat out for a few hours at a time they love it.

👤This looks great and is easy to assemble. The cover protects your pet from the sun and rain. I live by a major highway and like to be outisde when we are. I can make sure he stays in place and has room to move around as he is only 20 pounds. If you are going camping with larger dogs, this could be used as it would make you feel like you are part of the family. It looks great and is sturdy. I got some indoor outdoor carpet so that the dog isn't lying on the ground.

👤Everything was sturdy and easy to assemble, but it was missing a piece, so I would give them 5 stars.

👤It's great, but it would be better if we had all the parts. To cover the entire kennel.

👤It is easy to assemble.

👤It was easy to set up the kennel. The top faded quickly and was not attractive. I wanted to purchase another one so I could expand it for my dog, but the price went up a lot.

👤I bought another one after I liked the first one. The second one was delivered at the wrong address and when I put it up one panel was bent and the other rod was bent, so I wasn't happy about it.

10. Weatherguard Universal Season Waterproof Kennel

Weatherguard Universal Season Waterproof Kennel

Universal dog pen cover. Any existing chain link or welded wire outdoor kennel with a top rail will be compatible with the cover brackets. All weather clothing. The WeatherGuardT Kennel Cover system is made of heavy duty all-season fabric that won't crack, fade or peel when exposed to the elements. Protection and comfort for your pet. The fit and quality are perfect. The roof frame is perfect for 10ft. X 10ft. The cover slips onto the frame with ease. Shed the rain and trees. The WeatherGuard kennel cover has a low pitch roof and tight fitting cover to keep rain and debris out of the frame. The cover is waterproof and includes a 10ft. The cover has elastic cords.

Brand: Weatherguard

👤Don't leave the cover on during a snowstorm, I made a mistake. I knew it was coming, but I didn't think to remove the cover. The cover caved in and caused the whole thing to break, which destroyed my chain link kennel. It was frightening to see. The product has a few holes in the center of the cover that allow water to get into the kennel. They had to be plugged in.

👤The cover provides shade. I didn't want to spend that much money on something I could build myself. I decided that it would be worth the extra $20 to avoid the hassle of building it. The tarp seems to be of good quality. It has 2 holes on each side to help drain the rain water. The top has slipped off one end of the pitch, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

👤The dog pen is larger than the top. It took a little adjusting to make it fit and several people to hold and tighten the different holders. The bad news is that the rain has been awful. It has been put to the test and not a single holder has come loose. I am very pleased with the price.

👤The cover held up during the first snow fall. The snow sat on the cover and allowed ice to form. I had to clean it off every day. The cover doesn't stay in place at the ends so there was snow or rain in the kennel. There's just too much flapping around and we can't scare him because the grommets are gone. It isn't worth it. My dogs only have partial coverage over the run.

👤The first snow fell and took the entire 10x10 lot down. Poor construction andlimsy metal.

👤The screws are too tight. I can't get the screws on the bar undone because they are so tight. I can't get the two screws on the last "L" bar to be undone, so the whole thing is useless. I waited until the weather was nice to install it. I am really upset.

👤The tarp is what makes it seem like it would be the whole kennel. I could have bought a regular tarp for less money. I returned it.

👤The first snow storm made this stand out. The weight of the snow was too much for the flimsy pipe and it collapsed. We only had four inches and I can't do anything about it. I wasted my money. It would have been better with a regular tarp.

👤I didn't read the description. The 1010 dog run was included. I'm returning it.

👤Excellent for keeping our long haired dog dry.

👤The shelter blocks the UV rays and lowers the temp inside the cage.

11. Homey Pet Heavy Metal Casters

Homey Pet Heavy Metal Casters

The stackABLE cage has a side bar space of 1 and a floor grid bar space of 0.48". It's easier to put your animal in and out of the open top. The cage can be moved with the help of lockable casters. Your pet is kept clean and dry by the floor grid. The metal heavy duty design has a safety auto lock design. The pull out tray is very strong. The tray can fit inside the cage for better protection.

Brand: Homey Pet

👤These cages are used for my daughters rabbits. The cages are sturdy, easy to clean, and look nice. If we get more rabbits, we will be ordering more of these cages. They have enough space for a litter box. The door opens to the side so the rabbit can easily jump in and out of the cage. The lid is open for easy access.

👤Can't beat the price. The hardware is of good quality. The screws were used to stack another cage. Two 6lb bunnies live in it. The wire bottom panels can be placed under the tray so it is paw friendly and the tray is snug so it won't slide out.

👤The cage is strong. The plastic latch is very disappointing. The instructions have the same latch. I put one piece upside down despite reading directions very carefully. The baby Flemish Giant bunny is in it. She should be able to hop in and out later in life. Our dog opened the door without our knowledge. We use a zip tie at the top to be extra cautious. I don't know how to secure a chain better. The tray is pretty flimsy and cracked in two places, missing one small chunk. The trays are replaceable. I didn't want to pay to get one back. If I could see a different system, I would buy this again. The construction of the cage is very high quality.

👤The box and product are damaged. !! There are many reviews on this product where the box and the product inside have been damaged. The instructions are terrible. Hire someone who is proficient in English to write your instructions. Not one of the screw counts was correct, so you have to teach your employees to count. $125 dollars for a damaged Kennel with missing parts.

👤I like this cage. I breed dogs with my family. There were 11 collie puppies that we had recently. I needed a way to get the puppies to the vet. Clean! I like how sturdy this cage is. We were able to wheel the entire cage to the vet because it has nice durable wheels. I had my brothers build the cage for me and they had no problem with it. The sliding tray on the bottom is a great feature. Puppies are kept clean and out of messes. There is a nice door. If you have several puppies in the cage at the same time, it is easy to just get one out at a time. I would recommend this cage. It is worth the money.

👤It was easy to put together and perfect for my boys. The larger version of the walking surface bars is easier to walk in than the smaller one. Their feet are always clean, and their poops fall through easily to the tray. I use a bunny litter box that connects to the bars in the corner to make it easier to clean up. I put large puppy pads on the tray below and the tray is easy to clean as I just have to roll the pads up and replace on the tray. The single access door is locked. Since I have a larger model, I have not used the top access panel, but I would use it if it wasn't there. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble it, it is made out of solid and durable material. If my boys need more space alone, I may purchase another.


What is the best product for dog kennel outdoor?

Dog kennel outdoor products from Two By Two. In this article about dog kennel outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Bosely and My Pet Companion are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog kennel outdoor.

What are the best brands for dog kennel outdoor?

Two By Two, Bosely and My Pet Companion are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog kennel outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Hittite, Hongfengdz and Gpr are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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