Best Dog Kennel Outdoor with Roof

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1. Chicken Poultry Waterproof Anti Ultraviolet Backyard

Chicken Poultry Waterproof Anti Ultraviolet Backyard

The dimensions are 48L X 29W X 51H. The anti-rust metal coating on this pet playpen chicken crate is anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-fading. Product size is 6.56' L x 9.8' W x 6.56' H. The wire mesh is coated in PVC. The wall of the chicken house is made of hexagonal wire mesh that is strong and resistant to damage. The small gaps between meshes add safety to your chicken. The waterproof cover fits their cage perfectly. The cover is needed for your pets to protect them from the elements. The roof pitch of a pet crate allows for water, debris and light snow to run off instead of accumulating on the roof. The pet playpen chicken coop is easy to setup. The chicken coop is constructed with simple assembly instructions. The item will be shipped for 1 package. If you have a problem with the chicken hoop, please contact them.

Brand: Carmyra

👤A complete piece of junk. The welds began to fail or come apart inside the box. It can't be assembled out of box without rewelding.

👤The package arrived on time. Some wording would have been helpful in the directions. If you have a second person helping, the setting up of the frame is quick. There is another story about the attachment of the wire. Definitely need two people. I bought the better ties at the big box lumber store because the ties provided were not the best. I would recommend using a smaller wire and zip ties to secure the nets with plastic coated electrical wire. I plan to use this to secure the nets. I have received many compliment on the run. I'm thinking of buying 2 more ant to house my plants. They are perfect. I would recommend it, it's easy to install, needs some upgrades, but a second pair of hands is very helpful, and it's not hard to install. Will this hold up in the winter? Please let me know if you have a comment.

👤The chicken wire is very thin. It should have been a thicker gauge. I had no issues with the assembly. I un-bent them with a hammer. I put a 3' wire fence around the bottom and buried 4' in the ground for better protection from the raccoon. To install the door, you need to drill a few holes in metal.

👤The metal frame is solid. The tarp roof leaks water all around the edges, and the wire that wraps it is very flimsy. It will keep your chickens contained. It would be easy for a predator or dog to get in. I had to put a tarp over the top to keep the water out and add wood framing to keep the goats from breaking the wire.

👤I was surprised at how easy it was to assemble. It was too heavy for one person to carry. The instructions are clear. The chicken wire part of the assembly requires a good pair of wire cutters. The frame takes about 15-20 minutes to snap together. The wire part took a long time. Zip ties are included. The most time consuming part of the kit was that. They are sending a replacement for the broken one.

👤I'm missing a lot of parts. I can't even assemble it. I contacted the seller and they were able to get all of the missing parts via the internet. The door was easy to assemble with my teen. The frame is sturdy. The door was very high up. There are tools you need to start a pilot hole. The door took a long time to assemble. Any predator with teeth will get in, even if the netting is decent. Hard cloth is needed around the base. There wasn't enough zip ties to secure the net to the frame. A few changes can make this better.

👤We bought a flat roof from another supplier and it had a big shipping fee, so we went with this unit which had no shipping fees. The delivery was a day earlier than I was promised. The tubing for this unit is not nearly as strong as the other one. They will figure out a way to unlatch the door if it's not raccoon-proof. Our other unit has a latch with holes that is much better than the one we have. There is no way to go from support tube to support tube without having to overlap and zip tie the sections because the wire is 3 feet wide. We went up the sides and over the roof with the wire instead of following the directions which called for wrapping around the unit. After we set the unit in its forever spot, we will add iron fence posts between the vertical posts where our wire panels overlap and zip tie them to them. The top is mostly for flying predator and the overlaps will be zip tied at about 6 intervals. We don't use tent stakes to anchor the unit and use iron fence posts at the four corners. They are zip tied in 6 inch intervals after being driven about a foot into the ground. We will cover the whole thing in fence wire to make it more stable and to make it safer from chewing by dogs, coyotes, and other animals. We buy 1000 pc. packages from Amazon of the heavier duty zip ties, because we use hundreds of zip ties to close any entrance gap. We do a lot of modifications to the runs we purchase but for someone who plans to only use what is in the carton I would recommend a sturdier frame and more zip ties.

2. WindscreenSupplyCo Sunblock Coverage Knitted Grommets

WindscreenSupplyCo Sunblock Coverage Knitted Grommets

The mesh Tarp can be used as a dog kennel cover, outdoor Shades, Porch Screen, Pool Shade, Garden Shade, and more. It is a shade cloth for plants and outdoor patio shades. Blocks 85% UV rays and provides shade. Hems and Grommets are on all sides of the shade cover. There are two Grommets that are 24" apart. It is easy to install the shade cloth for multiple applications.

Brand: Windscreensupplyco

👤It has been on our dog kennel for shade and has held up for nearly a year. High winds have had us replacing other options, but this one has done great. It has shade and air flow in the summer. I will be getting another to wrap around the side.

👤The sun shade is good. I have had it for several months and it is holding up well.

👤It was used to guard against the hot sun and some of the wind on the side of our dog's chain link pen. It keeps the heat in the day to a minimum.

👤It is easy to install with zip ties or tarp straps. It seems to have held up well after a long summer. Excellent shade for the pup.

3. DONORO 29 Portable Small Removable

DONORO 29 Portable Small Removable

The portable dog playpen is ideal for use indoors and outdoors. The folds are flat when not in use for easy carrying and storing. The dimensions of the playpen are 29” (diameter) x 15” (H), Panel Size: 11.5” W x 15” H, Door Size: 8.6” W x 9.8” H, and Mesh Cover Diameter: 22. The roomy 8-Panel design dog playpen has a top and bottom. The Oxford fabric and mesh panels are easy to clean. The dog room is large enough to hold an X-small dog. Cat portable playpen with reinforced corners and protected seams ensure your cat's safety. It's a great play pen for baby dogs/cat/rabbit. Two doors with locking zippers are removed for indoor use and closed for outdoor use. The small dog playpen has a water bottle pocket and accessory pockets. The small pet playpen is lightweight and strong, which makes it suitable for travel, camping, and under 12 inches tall.

Brand: Donoro

👤I got two different sizes. The small one for sleeping in at night and the medium one for the day. My house and my puppy are safe when I run errand. I will be gone when. It's perfect for small dogs and puppy training. My puppy is 2 12 pounds and will get to 6-7 pounds. It's easy to pick up and move. I don't have to fold it back down. The top is easy to open and clean. I highly recommend it.

👤I wish I knew about this playpen a year or two ago. At almost 14 years of age, our Boston Terrier has some cognitive issues. She would pace and bang into the walls at night, disturbing our sleep and causing me to worry constantly. Everything has changed because of this playpen. She stays in a safe spot all night. It is her preferred place to sleep during the day, with her bed and blankies inside. I think she senses that it is a safe place for her even though she is blind. It was very easy to set up. We don't use the top or bottom zip-on pieces, as we have it over the carpet, and with the top off, I can lift her in and out when needed. This is a very sturdy and well-made item, and the price was very reasonable. I would recommend it to anyone. The dog we bought was a perfect size. It's just right that it's not too small or too large.

👤I bought this product to keep my dog out of the cage. I have a shih tzu that is 15 pounds. He broke the bottom in less than a week, but today he tore it and escaped. This playpen is a great idea. If my small dog can rip this, then it is not worth it. I want a new playpen or a refund because my dog loved going in and out of this playpen. This is a child. I gave the product two stars and then changed it to four. The company gave me a refund after I wrote a review. The product is good and I like it. I wish it was made with a better material for dogs that use their hands to open the flab.

👤It is a great product. Good quality and easy to fold. It is not good for escape artists. My dog is able to get out.

👤The medium size for my dog was $54. I left him in there for 5 minutes and when I came back he ripped through the mesh. I had high hopes for this, as I thought it was more resistant to dogs than the other ones, and I wish I could get my money back, as I lost $54.

👤Our puppy was big enough to stand on the ceiling. She chewed a hole in the top. We weren't able to use it that long so I might be able to repair it. She had to be put in a kennel.

4. Houseables Kennel Playpen Outdoor Outside

Houseables Kennel Playpen Outdoor Outside

It's safe for dogs. Dogs of all sizes are protected by their welded wire kennel. Dogs can't kick the kennel over because the grating is stable. Smooth welding edges will not hurt or injury you or your dog. Painless setup is an easy and pain-free setup. No tools are needed to connect the pieces. Simply reverse the steps if necessary. Don't keep your dog indoors all day and allow him or her to relax outdoors as you run your errand. They have a kennel that will keep your dog contained while providing enough space for comfort, so you don't have to fear that your dog will get out the yard. Clean-up is easy and hassle-free because the kennel is raised 1.5 inches above the ground. Quickly clean spilled dog food, hose off urine, or power wash flooring to prevent dirt build up. Keep a clean area for your pet. Protect your pet from the elements with a waterproof tarp that drapes over the top of the kennel. Use the bungee balls to tighten the cover.

Brand: Houseables

👤I got this a few days ago. It took us 3 hours to set up, but we are both over 70 and in Arizona, so younger people could have done it quicker. I like it. Is that what I was looking for. I used wire cutter to make a hole for the doggy door and the gate is far away so I can spray to clean it. In Arizona, we have a lot of animals that are getting more aggressive during the dry season. This is strong and high. The roof of the kennel fits under the patio roof because it is 8 ft high. My pet's new "resort" is very nice and I put it on Facebook. I could zoom in on the pictures to see how things were put together, but no instructions came with it. All the parts came with it. I ordered artifical turf for dogs separately from the photo. Both were delivered on time.

👤I got up early this morning to assemble my product since I had some things to do and I didn't want my pit bull tearing up my house again. I went for 3 hours and came back to find my dog missing. It took him less than 3 hours to break out of it. A complete waste of money. My neighbors brought him home bloody, and all of them had to get up from where he had chewed and squeezed through the wires. If you value your dog's life. Do not buy it. It's dangerous!

👤If it wasn't for the seller, I would give this product a better review. The package came with no instructions. We looked online and found a similar item that was almost identical to the one at Tractor Supply and the instructions worked perfectly. If you want to save money, go to Tractor Supply. The product was easy to put together and our puppy was happy with it.

👤I bought this for my baby. I work 7 days a week and needed a place to put her. I can't say much because it's only been one day. I posted a picture for the correct size. She is about 80-90 lbs.

👤My 9 year old helped put it together. It's hard to move once built, so I would recommend putting it together where you want it to be. It's a little flimsy but once in place it's fine. Will do for now, not sure how it will hold up over time, but I think we'll probably end up getting a larger kennel once the puppy gets bigger. Smooth river rock and grass will be put inside and outside of the kennel. Excuse the dirt.

👤Looks great. The company made it right after shipping lost the hardware and cover. It was not their fault. I was able to move the tarp. Customer service is great. It seems sturdy enough, but not for a long term pen. It's perfect for rainy days for my Doberman and German Pinscher to have a break.

5. PawHut Galvanized Metal Chicken Cover

PawHut Galvanized Metal Chicken Cover

Useful for animal lovers. In both urban and farm settings, PawHut's large outdoor chicken coop cage is suitable for chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other small animals. For a long time, heavy-duty frame is used. The outdoor pet cage run is made from a galvanized metal frame and is rust resistant. The design is pet-friendly. The wire's spacing won't cause gaps for paws to get caught on or stuck in-between, which makes it more secure. The cover is made to protect your poultry from the elements and is perfect for backyard use. It is possible to keep animals safe. The small animal enclosure has a door that is locked to make sure your chickens don't escape.

Brand: Pawhut

👤I have had a run of this product for a week and here are my thoughts. It came in two boxes, but both arrived on the same truck, so that was a huge relief. We separated everything from the packaging and removed it from the house. The red ribbon was used to package the fasteners. If you've assembled Legos at any point in your life, you'll get the assembly instructions. Keep referring to the pictures. I had to do the wire over the run. Chicken wire was provided by the manufacturer. I secured everything with zip ties instead of the wire because of the extra 8. We had to cut a small hole in the tarp because it started to collect rain water. I stapled the chicken wire around the opening after cutting a hole for my coop. There are no ground sponges included. I had some landscaping blocks and landscaping supplies to hold the run up. I'm happy with the purchase. If I had more hens, I would probably buy a second one. I will be moving it for the summer and it will be very light. This price was the only one I could find that was close to the run and the coop. After about two months, we built a henhouse in our garage, which already had a door. We added roosting bars, a light,fan and a camera. An automatic door was added after we cut a hole in the garage. We moved the chicken run to a better location and everything is working well. We added fencing because we lost a hen to free range, but moving this run was easy. It's a pity. The shade cover is still intact, and my hens feel safe, even though it's not as strong as it used to be. They hang out on some "play equipment" built by me in the hotter months.

👤Don't buy! This isn't a kit or a pre-assembled piece, you are just fixing it. The poles are not bent. The wire is not pre-cut. Good luck, they just sent you the supplies. It is cheaper to buy supplies at the hardware store.

👤It had a roof. We found out that a Bobcat could kill our chickens. We have an enclosure inside our run that is impervious to dirt. This item doesn't have a foundation so be careful where you use it. We were able to keep the original chicken wire out of the open space. You could put the coop inside since it's tall.

👤The perfect rating would be 3.5 stars. This run is pretty good. The size works for my flock of chickens. There's enough room to add another small coop, which we'll be doing soon. The metal frame is easy to put together. Don't count on very detailed instructions for the rest. This isn't a 5 stars in my book because we have to make some modifications to make this work for chickens. Attaching the wire to the frame with high quality zip ties is the best way to do it. The ones it comes with are flimsy, and I could see them not holding up longterm. The fencing will be reinforced with welded wire hardware cloth to protect it from predators. The fencing is not very strong. It would have been nice to have precut panels for the fencing, but stretching and cutting it was not as bad as I thought it would be. We went over the short sides and the top of it first, and then did the longer sides and gate, which required a little more finessing. Zip ties are used to keep it in place. We've only had it up for a few weeks, so we'll see how it holds up. If it can help keep my flock safe with modifications for security, I'm very happy.

6. ALEKO DK7X7X6 System Playpen Chicken

ALEKO DK7X7X6 System Playpen Chicken

The AlEKO's kennel is designed to keep your pet out of harms way. Heavy duty construction is strong and reliable and can be used as a dog kennel, playpen, exercise pen, cat fence, chicken coop, hen house, and more. This kit is a simple one to build and roll onto it. The package includes a gate, chain link mesh roll, L shaped corner post, upright support posts, tension rod, wire ties, post clamps, and clips. Product dimensions are 7.5 x 7.5 by 6 feet.

Brand: Aleko

👤I have ever spent $220 and it was the worst I have ever spent. We were in the process of moving and didn't put it up until last week. After 4 hours of putting this up, 3 people took this long because the fencing was poorly rolled and the lines were not even. They had to be twisted back in place. We put our dog inside and within 10 minutes she chewed a hole in the steel fencing and escaped. My husband and I bought the lumber and purchased the tarp to cover the small roof line we built. It came out well. After she chewed the hole, we went to our local home depot and purchased a 50 ft roll of 5 ft steel fence and steel clamps for $110. $400 is the total now. The old fence and 2 layers of steel fence were rolled from the inside of the kennel to the outside and back. We neglected the door because we didn't think she would be smart enough to go there. She took 10 minutes to escape. We sandwiched 2x4's cut to size screwed together up the doors of the old fence.

👤I put this together with my wife. My dogs are enjoying their new home.

👤These are backups for our turkeys and chickens. It turned out to be very sturdy and easy to set up. If you need one, you need to get one separately. If you're a big person, you might not fit through the narrow door. I have no complaints about it at all.

👤I would give it 0 stars if I could. It's cheap and flimsy. Don't buy. Save money. I would return it if I could. It would have been a bigger problem due to its size. We had to rig it. The puppies are able to get through the holes because it's so cheap. The foil is stronger than the cage. I will repeat myself do not buy.

👤The directions state that the box kennel is 3.6 feet high. The finished size is supposed to be 35 square feet. The kennel is 7 feet long and 3.6 feet wide. It is not as advertised. The directions don't fit the parts in the box. Do not recommend.

👤I don't recommend this item at all. My dog is a beagle and he was able to bite the wire and escape multiple times. Extra wires are being installed to keep him from biting it and breaking it. I would like to get a more expensive one from Lowes.

👤There are huge openings in the chain link. Small animals can walk through the chain link. I've worn a flimsy item but it's not good enough for what I'm using it for. I need to figure out a way to make it escape proof.

👤It was perfect. It met all my requirements. It is very easy to assemble and there is plenty of room. The delivery time was very fast. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

7. LEMONDA Foldable Stainless Removable Lockable

LEMONDA Foldable Stainless Removable Lockable

Their herbal supplement is made in the US and developed by a team of leading herbal nutritionists; no side effects, the effect is soft and the composition is tested. Their dog crates are made out of non-toxic and heavy duty steel and have all parts welded, which helps them resist rust, corrosion, and scratches. You don't need to worry about your pet's health because it's safe and non-toxic. Approx. size. 122x 81x87 cm/ 48.03x31.89x34.25inch The front door can be used for pets and the roof door can be used for interacting with your dog. The dog cage can be moved easily with four rotating caster wheels and two of them are lockable to keep the pet kennel in place. An extra mat is provided to make the environment for your dog easy to clean. A plastic tray can be slid out to wipe and clean fallen dog food. It is suitable for most large dogs. The dog crate adopts the upgraded anti-escape lock, which is better in escape prevention, than the double locking mechanism. The door is locked in place and your dog is safe inside. When you are out, your dog will not escape and will not destroy furniture. It's easy to assemble because most of the parts are pre-assembled and you don't have to use tools. When not in use, their dog kennel can be folded into a small size for storage in narrow places, and set up in seconds for use again.

Brand: Lemonda

👤The quality of the new home is very strong. The size is perfect. It is easy to assemble. I like it very much.

👤My dog was able to escape after he destroyed the wire crate. I bought a dog crate again. This is the best crate for large dogs. It looks nice in our garden after I put it together. I sleep better because of the double bolt locks and the fact that he destroyed the crate trying to get out at night. A happy pet owner. The quality is good.

👤The ziptie worked well despite the missing part. My dog had knee surgery and needs to be away from our other dog. This is large enough for a 72lb bulldog. It makes a lot of noise. I like how I can fold it quickly. It's a good buy.

👤The floor of the kennel is open. It has two flimsy plastic things that won't last long with a dog. I wish I could send it back, but it would be a big hassle and I will have to build a floor for it.

👤The welds are not easy to make. The metal was damaged in delivery. I am worried about the hinges holding up over time. I like the overall design of it.

👤Good place to stay. The only problem is that the welding from the frame to the nut broke off easily, so I have to fix it. It seems like it was a quick job to be sent off.

👤I need a way to bring my baby Pygmy goats into our garage during the crazy Texas winter. The dog crate we tried was a metal one. It was enjoyable. Baby goats make a huge mess. The double bottom crate is the perfect solution. I am very happy with this purchase. It is on wheels for an extra bonus. It makes cleaning better.

👤It's easy to assemble, good quality, and perfect for my puppy. It is easy to open and close doors.

👤Je suis satisfahit de se produit.

8. VIVOHOME Foldable Outdoor Exercise Barrier

VIVOHOME Foldable Outdoor Exercise Barrier

The VIVOHOME Pet Playpen is made of high quality black powder-coated metal tubes and panels and is rust-proof, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The playpen can be made into a rectangular, square, or octagonal shape with 8 panels, and all doors feature latch panels, so it's simple and easy to make it an entrance or exit. The pet barrier is made with round edges and smooth steel wires to protect your kids and pets from hurting themselves, and anchor stakes are included in the package to keep the fence from getting knocked over. The fence is easy to install with no extra tools needed, and it is flexible and collapsible, making it convenient for quick and convenient storage. The dimensions of the panels are 31.5” x 23.6” This pen is perfect for puppies or smaller dogs who don't like to play, and is also suitable as a chicken house, hen house, or shelter for other animals.

Brand: Vivohome

👤On day 2, my 30 pound puppy put her paws up on the top and one paw slid down at a connecting point between panels and was badly pinched. She screamed with pain. It was difficult to get her paw out. The space should not be there. There is a serious design flaw. I am angry. I had to come up with some barriers. The puppy is hoping it won't chew on cable ties. I don't think the puppy is safe in this pen. I don't recommend buying this pen until there is a safety feature where panels connect.

👤It's perfect for my doberman. I needed something to keep them contained, and this was perfect. My Doberman stays put when it jumps up on the sides. Very happy with this. When we go camping, most likely we will purchase another one.

👤One of our small dogs was not able to get around the fence. He got his paw stuck in the space between the rails while jumping up and down. There is a gap in the photo. The little guy let out a bunch of terrible yelps. I had to free his paw. I was there when it happened. I was going to return the product but decided to turn the fence upside down to avoid danger. The top rails form right angles. There is a photo of a fence.

👤It's perfect for creating a whelping area. It was easy to setup the pen and use more or less panels. The gate and latch are working. We were completely happy with our purchase.

👤The metal playpen is good for pets. I used a playpen to keep my dog from running out. The playpen is foldable and can be moved. It's steady so you don't have to worry about your pet damaging the playpen. It's a great product.

👤Although I had issues with the product, I appreciated the contact with customer service. Thank you, they were very pleasant to deal with. I was so happy to receive this for my two golden pups, but I am disappointed that one of them has managed to wedge herself in the corners where the stakes go. She has fallen out and gotten her paw stuck where the joints meet to bring the panels together, but it is not like she is crazy.

👤The item arrived quickly. This pen was purchased for camping. We camp with a pig and 3 dogs. They were chained up all the time and their chains got tangled up. We now have the option of putting the pen up to the campsite we choose, and our dogs and pig can leave the trailer and go in and out as they please. Just got back from camping. We will be ordering more of these. The dogs were not getting tangled up. The dogs and pig were free to leave the trailer whenever they wanted.

👤I love the panels I got. I have two dogs that are under 15 lbs and one that is a lab puppy that I visit a lot. I have 2ft panels that stay in. I don't believe it folds, but it's easy to set up. The panels can be staked and laid flat if you want to move them. They wouldn't work well with the ground being sodden. I had to move some rocks in Phoenix. This works well. I might order another set of 8.

9. DEStar Outdoor Shelter Removable Resitant

DEStar Outdoor Shelter Removable Resitant

The new material for dog crates created by DEStar creates a more natural and outstanding appearance, and due to PE wicker's strength, this dog crate can last longer from dog biting. The rate cover is included. The cover is made of a material that is very durable and has strong abrasive resistance, and it can be used to protect dogs and crates from bad light or rain. The front side of the cover can be rolled up to make it easier for dogs to get in and out. Large Calibration. The PE rattan wicker kennel is a good size to fit almost all open area inside or outside the house, and it has a hollow feature that will enhance air ventilation. Premium details. The dog house has a plastic slide-out tray on the bottom which can be easily removed for mess cleaning and is easy to put back. It's easy to install, all the parts are prepared and you can just screw them together and make a beautiful dog crate in 15 minutes.

Brand: Destar

👤There are foot prints on the tray. There were screws and washers in the box that was torn. This is the second time. The original picture was not posted by Amazon. The total number of washers and screws should be 20.

👤Put it together in about 30 minutes. It's easy enough. It should have been about 15 minutes. I had the back upside down so I had to double check the top to make sure it fits. Don't tighten until all the pieces are together. The pieces of the rattan are loose and will invite chewing. It's not as heavy duty as your standard jail cage, but it looks better. The tray is flimsy. I will be requesting a new crate because it was not cheap. This should be a quality tray. It's beautiful. I don't know how long it will last. My dog is not interested in this crate. He loves his crate, but I hope he doesn't destroy it. I'll update after my dog uses it. Customer service was great. I received a partial refund for the damaged crate pan, but it is impossible to find a pan that fits the crate because it is not a standard size. A Medium is too small and a Large is too large. A pan is needed because the bottom of the crate is wide gapped wires. Finding a replacement crate pan has been a real challenge, as I love the crate and its holding up fine for my 56lb bulldog. The pan replacement will not work because of the thinner supports breaking. I went to Lowe's to get a piece of plywood. The measurement is 21.4 x 33. If the pan is ever damaged, you won't be able to find a replacement. He thinks his crate pad is a toy.

👤It's braided bamboo appearance provides shade and also provides sunlight to come into the cage without being so dark. It's not heavy if you needed to move outside. It has a nice rubber tray that is easy to slide out of. It was easy to put together. I am using mine for a dog.

👤This dog crate is awesome. My poodle is about 50 pounds and it is the perfect size. It's a great accent piece to my family room, unlike other crates that are ugly. My dog is happy in his new home. I wish the rattan was a bit more firm on the outside to make it look more expensive. A thought, not a big deal. For the price, it can't be beat. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I rated it a one because a zero might have appeared that I overlooked it. The tray in the original crate was cracked and dirty. It was thin and cheap to make. I gave it back for a new one. The tray was cracked. Attached are photos of both. The floor gave a tray this thin couldn't possibly reinforce. If the tray wasn't broken when it was installed, it would crack if a dog moved around on it. I had two wicker crates the same size as this one. I tried this one because the trays are no longer available, but they were of superior quality. It arrived this morning and is going back today. You don't want your pet on this tray.

10. Ruff Ruffus Portable Foldable Collapsible

Ruff Ruffus Portable Foldable Collapsible

There are three sizes in Medium. The large is 36x36x23 inches. Extra Large is 48x 48x23.5 inches. There is a bonus included. The portable pet play pen has a carry case and collapsible food bowl. It's ideal for travel. The roomy 8-panel design has protected seams and reinforced corners. It was made from water-resistant materials. The top can be easily removed for indoor use and closed for outdoor use to provide shade. easy access for your pet is provided by the door. Close the door if you have a pet. They have your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues with your pet grooming accessories, please reach out to them. You can get your kit completely risk-free by clicking on the Add to Cart button.

Brand: Ruff 'n Ruffus

👤I received a playpen and it is so good. The playpen I bought was the medium size. I wanted something bigger than the crates I already have for the two chihuahuas to be inside at the same time. The playpen is small enough for two small chihuahuas. The playpen has a top and a door and it seems to be well made. If I have a problem in the future, I will post more updates.

👤I am an Amazon Prime junkie. This product is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have been using it to domesticate a litter of kittens. The seller reached out to me to make sure everything was okay. Communication with seller has been great. It has been better than a cage. When you take it out of the package, it's almost set up. It is very easy to take down and relocate. Accidents can be caused by liquid resistant nylon. kittens fall asleep within minutes after a full day of activity when I drop a blanket over them. This is the selection you should make if you are an Amazon shopper that appreciates a great product at a great price.

👤When we went to visit family for Passover, I bought this for my 6 week old kitten so he could be comfortable. He is too young to be left alone. He was very comfortable in it. He ate. I keep him at home instead of in the bathroom. I keep his food and water open when we are home. He can eat there. He is very comfortable in it. The quality is excellent. He climbs a lot but has yet to make any holes. He can still enjoy the comfort of the large one when he gets bigger.

👤Customer service is amazing. The play pen is amazing. The puppy loves her play pen. Can fit most of her toys in her bed. She loves to bathe in it and can leave whenever she pleases with the dog door. It is optional to keep on or off the top zip up. Our puppy is very sturdy as she likes to prop herself up and this does not collapse. It is highly recommended to any pet owner.

👤My 8wk yorkie loves it, it's very spacious and gives her room for eating, sleeping, playing and her potty pads... I was happy that my money was spent well.

👤I personally prefer the extra large size, especially for $5 more, so I went ahead and ordered it. The last photos show a size comparison. The original photos are of a large size. The playpens have 1 gallon water bottles inside. The original review was about love. My foster kittens can climb out of a pack and play with this since it zips at the top. I added a pic for comparison to a large hamster cage and a standard pack n play. I think this is a good size, maybe it would have been better to have an extra large one. I think it's good. There is a small litter box and food/water bowls in the picture. It is easy to open and collapse back down. If you want them to have the option to come in and out, it has a foldable door. It is nice but not thick. If you had a destructive pet, this wouldn't be a chance.

11. EXPAWLORER Outdoor Indoor Waterproof Windproof

EXPAWLORER Outdoor Indoor Waterproof Windproof

It is easy to install and remove the 68.8 inch diameter cover for a crate with 8 panels. You can easily fix it to the crate with the corners made from lightweight and durable polyester. Extra defense from the sun and rain is offered by its sunscreen and rainproof designs. The cover obscures part of the light and provides comfort and security for pets indoors. There are functions to prevent dogs from escaping.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤I kept the baby chick in the garage until they were outside. This allowed them to get to know each other better, and kept them safe from the older chickens.

👤It was destroyed in one day. The straps would pull away from the actual cover if you tied it too tight. A dog was able to get a hold of it and tear it to pieces.

👤The product ripped in the first 15 minutes of use. It was easy to set up, and felt like it would be easy to clean, but didn't last long enough to tell. If you have a small dog that won't scratch at the surface, it might work, but for my medium size dog who likes jumping, it was not a good solution.

👤I used it for sunny days and it worked well in the rain. My dogs don't want to go outside in the rain so I put it by the edge of the patio and let them in when they want to.

👤The size of this product is perfect for a playpen. Our puppy used to climb up the playpen and jump over. The dog can't jump over the playpen if the playpen is covered. One of the rope used to fix the cover on top of the playpen fell off after a few days of use. The puppy seems to like an open playpen more than a covered one.

👤I put 2 of them on after buying 3 of them. The rain pooled up on top and the straps on the covers were torn off, causing my rabbits to get loose. The cover cannot handle the weight of the rain, the rain sits on the top and pools up, there is nowhere for it to run off, and the rain is just sitting on the top. It's going to get rained on because it's an outdoor cover. I paid for my rabbits to get loose because I thought I was fixing up a new area. Don't buy, your animals will get loose.

👤I bought this for my Xpen. I can put my 2 toy dogs in the patio for a short time daily and lock the pen so I don't worry about them jumping in the pen or Hawks seeing them. It took me 10 minutes to tie down the pen and it looks nice and provides shade as well as some protection.

👤Fit perfect! And keeps the sun out.


What is the best product for dog kennel outdoor with roof?

Dog kennel outdoor with roof products from Carmyra. In this article about dog kennel outdoor with roof you can see why people choose the product. Windscreensupplyco and Donoro are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog kennel outdoor with roof.

What are the best brands for dog kennel outdoor with roof?

Carmyra, Windscreensupplyco and Donoro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog kennel outdoor with roof. Find the detail in this article. Houseables, Pawhut and Aleko are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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