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1. Nudges Health Wellness Chicken Treats

Nudges Health Wellness Chicken Treats

It is easy to tear dried oven jerky into bite sized pieces. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help support bone and joint health. Chicken is the number one ingredient. Natural dog treats. There are no artificial flavors orPreservatives in the products.

Brand: Nudges

👤Amazon often sends us old bags of nudgings. They are dark colored and have a rich smell. They are delivered with a light color and smell like plastic. Fresh Nudges are so worth the money and we love them. If we get more old batches, we will stop and shop elsewhere. Please help Amazon with this issue and stand up to customer support.

👤My dog is a picky eater and she loves this item. I wanted to see if the chicken jerky flavor would be as popular with her as the Nudges beef jerky did. She almost doesn't want to eat her regular food after I place these treats in front of her, so go easy. The instructions recommend only one treat per day. Smaller breed dogs like to tear up these into smaller pieces. It's nice to be able to rip up the treats into smaller pieces for small dogs like mine so they don't have to eat the whole piece at once. My fur baby is very picky and I would buy any of the nudges products if they were well received. If you are still reading, you should buy and try. I think your best furry friend will love them as much as I did, and if not, I think Amazon has a good return policy on these.

👤I have been buying these treats for my dogs for a long time. I usually get them at Sam's Club, but with the restrictions of the Pandemic vaccine and the fact that I have cancer, I have been ordering them from Amazon. I had been happy for a long time. The last 3 or 4 times I've gotten these treats for my dogs, the bag has either had a cut in it or a hole, or the seal had been broken. The treats are hard and dark, which is not good for my pets. This was the last time that the problem was fixed by Amazon. I didn't tell them because they don't know where the quality control is. I'm very sad. After the 2nd complaint, I expected more. I'll be taking my dogs to Sam's so they can have their favorite treats undamaged.

👤Not a happy camper. I received this Nudges Jerky Cuts in my order. We live in Arizona and have record-breaking hot temperatures so this product was never left in a hot area. This is a problem with either the manufacturing at the company or the handling of the product after it is received by Amazon. This is ridiculous that a product that claims to be "Made in the USA" and "natural" should arrive to the consumer with a mold growing inside the bag. Will apply for a refund on this product and may not purchase it again from Amazon if I see the packages on the subscribe and save page. I didn't tell Amazon about the item when it arrived, so they can't replace it. I got a package from Amazon that I didn't use before, but I open it to use and it's disgustingly moldy, and I was told I didn't use it before. Only one of the 2 36 oz. pkgs I get was moldy. I think Walmart or Fry's will be getting my order soon. Bezo's is all about money in his pocket.

2. Jerky Treats Strips Joint Health

Jerky Treats Strips Joint Health

These are the best beef treats for dogs and puppies. They are made from free-range, grass-fed cattle. They are free of rawhide, long- lasting and packed with calories. A guilt-free snack that your dog will love. Their facilities have been inspected and approved to provide clean, safe and healthy canine snacks. Dog dental care is important. The natural puppy and dog dental bully jerky help to remove harmful plaque and tartar. Let your dog chew on the dental treats. The jumbo chews have a lot of flavor and have little to no smell. Junior will be wagging his tail in no time. Their jerky is packed with chondroitin and Glucosamine to help improve and strengthen joints and hips, and your dog will love chewing on it. They are a great alternative to supplements that keep your dog in tip-top shape. Premium beef jerky for dogs and puppies is made in South American facilities to ensure the healthiest and safest dog chews. The plant is in compliance with the strictest of quality assurance standards. Their facilities are up to governing body and USA standards, which leads to a superior product. Unlike many jerkies and treats, their jerky is not stinky or messy. Their strips are made from a single beef muscle and have no grease or smell. Your dog will go crazy for the smell that remains.

Brand: Pawstruck

👤My 6 and a half pound chihuahua mix has not eaten anything other than these treats. He is the most picky dog I have ever known, and he has been a doggy parent to. We have stopped eating dog food. There is nothing that can be done to get him to eat, and any cat or human food he will eat, he always has to have an audience, if there are no other animals or humans around to show off his meal to. Period. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on various brands of dog food and treats to try and find something he likes, but always end up giving other dogs. There is a I was gobsmacked when he took the treats to another room to be left alone with this jerky, because he was so invested in them. He has had steak before, he has had lots of chicken, and he has never done that. Ever. He eats these in 15-20 minutes, even though they are expensive, and he is excited to eat a product for dogs for the first time. I am willing to keep paying for these to keep him fed and happy.

👤A good treat for dogs. I lost a baby last week. When I brought these to her, I could still see her wagging her tail even when she wasn't feeling well. They are thin enough for her to be able to eat easily and digest well. She had a very sensitive tummy and skin and the ingredients were well-tolerated. Thank you for allowing me to show her some tastiness.

👤These are great, but my dog hated them. I was not prepared for the "natural" smell of the treats, so I did not open the bag and point it away from my face. You. Are. You are welcome.

👤My dog likes these. However, they are very thin. She has had difficulty with these. She is a power chewer and quick eater, so she chews off big bites of these and they come off easily. She tries to swallow whole when she chews thicker chews because they divide into bigger strips. If you have a dog that chews slowly or takes a long time to gnaw on a pig ear or bully stick, these may be a great treat.

👤My F2 is fond of them. They are dog treats, but this is not a normal cat. He gets almost everything marketed as a dog. They were thinner than I anticipated. I broke them up for him to avoid him trying to swallow them all. It was easy to break. Would be perfect for big dogs.

👤When I tried to break them into smaller pieces, they were so dry and shattered that they were hard to break. I threw them away because my dog couldn't chew them. I don't know if they are all dry or if they were bad, but I won't test them on my dog again. Would not recommend it.

👤I was looking for natural dog bones and saw the star rating and thought they were a good choice. The results were less than friendly after giving my Morkie only half of the weight. These are a very concerning texture that a dog could easily choke on, and they gave my dog GI issues, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. I was left with no idea where they were made after looking at the back of the package to see where they were made. I don't recommend these bones, but after reading other reviews, it appears I'm not alone. I don't know how the star rating for these is so high. I wouldn't recommend these for small breeds.

3. Triumph Salmon Sweet Potato Ounces

Triumph Salmon Sweet Potato Ounces

It was made with real Deboned Salmon and Sweet Potatoes. The texture is soft and squishy. It's made with wholesome ingredients like garbanzo beans and peas. No artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives.

Brand: Triumph

👤I have been buying Truimph treats. I don't know if I've ever bought salmon and sweet potato before, but my dogs like salmon treats so I ordered the Truimph. The treats were filled with mold. I have been buying Truimph brand treats that have good results. I chose the salmon and sweet potato treats. I don't know if this is a mistake or if it is a mold, but it is a disappointment. The container has mold in it. I called Amazon and was told they would credit my account without returning the treats, but I haven't seen the promised email. feg6tgb,l0p,bg t 0ilttg67l9o 67789087

👤I don't like writing this. My pups love these treats, but when I received my subscription this month, they were out of date and moldy, so I'm worried. A lot of people are complaining about the same thing. My dogs love them, so I hope that this gets straightened out. The pups love the Triumph Turkey, Pea, and Berry Grain Free Jerky. I will give them another look and inspect them before I give them to my pups because I feel pretty safe in assuming that this is not a problem from Truimph, but rather the warehouse where they were stored.

👤I am not happy with this chaotic times. It's not clear who or why the issue continues. Sometimes these come moist and smell good. We buy about 20 jars a month because they are affordable. Sometimes the Turkey jars are dried out and so hard to cut that I cannot use a knife. These are beasts. They were just opened. And they are hilarious. I bet they must be kept in a cool place in the warehouse, not on a porch or in the heat. I am tired of complaining as this is a health hazard and a waste of time and money and I do not know its my problem. We are a non profit organization. We are a dog rescue. We can't afford more expensive treats or treatments at the vet for dogs that get sick from eating them. Both the salamander and turkey. We can't even break them in PIECES for the elderly dogs to eat when they're dead. Don't send them if they are hard or disorderly. Someone needs to report if we receive them again with mold. We will stop ordering Elder remedies with no toxicity. Would you expect your mother to eat hard whiskey? Would you give your baby food that was bad? I don't think so. figure it out... Either AMAZON or the seller... Fix it.

👤After ordering a couple of containers of the Salmon flavor, a brand new sealed container began turning from dark brown solid jerkies to a light color. jerky deteriorated when put in the refrigerator, still factory sealed. The MOLD that was growing on jerky in 2 factory sealed containers of the company's Turkey flavoured jerky even while stored in the refrigerator is not the only reason for 1 start. 3 of the 4 containers ordered are bad.

4. BETTER TREAT Ingredient Diabetic Friendly

BETTER TREAT Ingredient Diabetic Friendly

Dogs and cats love their treats. High value treats include freeze dried salmon. They are non-greasy, perfect for training, or as a heavenly reward. 100% freeze dried. ALASKAN SALMON was caught by a WILD CAUGHT. Pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, or diet requirements can find their treats very useful. These treats are approved for the raw diet. Wild Caught Salmon has less saturated fat and is free of antibiotics and chemicals. They want the absolute best quality salmon. Salmon is a natural source of Omega 3, Omega 6, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, and Vitamins A, B12, and D, which are found in fish oil. Omega 3 and 6 in salmon has been shown to alleviate and prevent hip and joint issues, while supporting a healthy heart. Their treats are made in the USA to ensure human grade quality. Freeze drying has been shown to be the best way to preserve natural nutrients with over 61% more retained relative to dehydration or cooking. Their goal is to make a better treat by only using the best quality ingredients.

Brand: A Better Treat

👤It has finally been done. I found a bag of freeze-dried wild caught Alaskan Salmon treats for my cat that did not contain more than 50 percent scraps. You name it, I mean chunks of skin, bone, pieces of ROT, and more. Some pieces will have Brown spots, and some will be scarce meat-wise. I believe it is unavoidable after trying many brands. The company delivers a full bag of salmon chunks. I think that the skin is still attached to that color. I believe that the skin retains its strength. I still have quality pieces of salmon in the bag. I like to cut the skin off my cat so that he can get hydration in some warm water. He loves them. The water is too hot, which makes the salmon rubbery in texture. The price is hard on me, but so far, after receiving many disappointing brands of freeze-dried salmon that did not meet my expectations, the money is worth it. I pay now or pay later for my kitty's health. Investing in good food for him now will save me a lot of money in vet bills, and most importantly, will save him from illness and suffering. The odor I picked up when I opened the package was the only concern. There was less of a smell of fish and maybe more of a smell of packaging. Anyone? And AMAZON! These products should be shipped in boxes with intrusion. Many of my kitty's freeze-dried treats and meals have been spoiled over the years. The bags are full of crushed pieces. Sometimes an envelope with zero padding is sent with one of these fragile products. Does the problem begin with the manufacturer's shipping procedures or with Amazon's distribution choices? Or both? This quality-control issue would be awesome if it was fixed. On the manufacturer's side of the equation, refunds would decrease too. AWIN-WIN for everyone is a result of a little more care in shipping.

👤This is a great treat for training. It's easy to break up into small pieces with scissors. A little goes a long way. When my dog smells this, she gets very motivated to train. I like the packaging because I can keep it in the bag and it seals up nicely. Highly recommended for picky dogs.

👤I got this today! I have been giving her another brand of freeze dried salmon once a day since she was 3 months old. I found this one. It's perfect. She twirled around in circles until I gave her the piece I soaked in warm water. She likes it and it smells great. I gave my puppy a piece of salmon and she had loose stool twice. She doesn't have loose stool. She eats single ingredient salmon every day, so I can't imagine it was salmon. I tried to avoid the skin on it, but I'm sure it's healthy for her. She hasn't changed her diet today. I'll try again tomorrow.

👤This was a good treat for dogs but not for cats. I ordered this for a miniature schnauzer and loved it. One of my cats ate them but another tried to bite them. It's a great product and will definitely order it again for the dog. The pieces are large and easy to break apart.

5. Purina Waggin Train Chicken Tenders

Purina Waggin Train Chicken Tenders

One (30 oz.) container. There is a pouch for dog treats. There is a real chicken breast. As the top ingredient. There are no artificial colors or flavors. Grain and corn are free. The calorie content is divided by 45.

Brand: Purina Waggin Train

👤I was horrified to see that these treats are made in China, yet they show up in an Amazon search for made in the USA. I don't believe that any food product made in China is worth the health risk, just as I don't believe that any food product made in the US is worth the health risk. The company responded to a buyer's question about the meat being made in China because it is cheaper there. I wonder why. Shame on the company. All of my pet products will be made in the USA.

👤I have given these treats to my dog for a long time, but now they are very thick, and I gave her a new bag of them. She got the acute diahrea for a few days, and then she was sick for three days. When it said made in China, I knew what it was. This is the second time. A product made in China has killed her.

👤I have purchased Waggin Train chicken jerky treats for my dogs many times in the past and have had no complaints about the quality until now. I was very disappointed when I opened the bag. Small bits and pieces of waste product that had been cleaned up from the factory floor crumbled in my hand when I squeezed them from the bag. Half of those pieces that were full-sized were thin and stringy, as opposed to the nice wide and big looking ones that are in the product photo on Amazon's website. I thought it was best to throw the products in the trash because of the bad publicity surrounding them.

👤I didn't notice that the dog treats I received are from China. It's on the back of the bag, but hard to find online. You don't know what chemicals China puts in their products, I'm returning it. Some dogs have died because of their dog treats being the cause ofKidney Failure, there are many articles online about this. I thought it was made in America. Del Monte and several other companies were mentioned in the investigations. Trader Joes chicken jerky treats are made in America.

👤I have been looking for chicken treats that are not made in China. I gave it to my dog a few days in a row and he developed a balled up muscle in one of his hind legs. I rubbed it. This was going on for three or four nights. This was the only change in his diet. I took it away for a couple of weeks. The muscle cramps stopped a few days later. I tried the treat again after 2 weeks and it started again. China is known for having eaten dogs and has very little oversight in its business.

👤I started looking at this product after my dogs had a bad week. The history is shocking. I am angry that this is still on the market.

👤Do not buy them. My dog is sick. He is usually in good shape. He had bad farts. These treats are also made in China.

6. Buckley Functional Healthy Treats Recipe

Buckley Functional Healthy Treats Recipe

Buckley Products are made in the United States of America. Glucosamine and Chondroitin support healthy hip and joint functions. Grain andGluten Free is made for dogs with sensitive stomachs. All Natural is made without artificial Preservatives. They don't use wheat, corn or soy in their Jerky. Product packaging can vary.

Brand: Buckley

👤It's a great price for a treat that's good for joint health since it's eaten quickly. Mac Doogie, my dog, loves this stuff. If Doogie sees the package on the kitchen counter, he will make me follow him to the counter. I can give him some. He would have eaten all of it if I hadn't been careful. I need it to be delivered 1x/month. I probably need to change it to get more. I pet sit and give pieces to the dogs I pet-sit, and they wouldn't leave me alone, staring at my purse. When I gave the poodle a small piece of food, she became "GROWLIE" and her brother ate his quickly. NEVER do that to her again! Highly recommended!

👤My dog told me to tell my owner. My dog has never told a lie, so if he says they're good, I will treat them. Then... I mean!

👤My dog has joint issues and she has lymes. She is like a puppy again after we started giving her these daily. She is running and jumping.

👤My dog loves these treats. She is crazy for them. Sometimes she doesn't like others or eats them slowly, but these treats are gone in an instant. She is a smaller dog so I only give her half. She knows the sound of the bag when I open it to get her one.

👤My puppy loves them, but they are a little expensive. She's a gulper. I have to hold her until she breaks it. She swallows whole. I wish there was a treat that she could chew on her own.

👤These were a good deal for the money. My dog seems to like this treat, I bought two bags. It will give him more time to heal.

👤My dog liked it, but salmon ones were more budget friendly.

👤A treat for the dog. Good value. They devoured the first package. Always on order.

7. Jerky Bites Salmon Chicken Recipe

Jerky Bites Salmon Chicken Recipe

Always rain free. You are not invited to this dinner party. They are serving real meat tonight. There are dog treats that areHOLISTIC. Their Jerky is nice. The bites are soft and can be torn into smaller pieces making them great for small breed and large breed dogs. All love, no fillingers. There are no by-product meals, wheat, corn, soy, rice, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Nothing strange or frightening. Meaty flavors are the first ingREDIENT of REAL MEAT. A variety pack is available in Beef + Lamb, Chicken + Duck, Chicken + Salmon, Venison + Lamb. They are great for training treats, as an everyday snack, or whenever you need your dog to do something other than eat. Pet food and treats are allergy safe.

Brand: I And Love And You

👤My 11 year old yorkie was recently diagnosed with end stages kidneys failure. We know our days are numbered, and he has stopped eating. I opened the bag after getting these and thought it was worth a shot. He ate 3 pieces in a row. I have been cooking him food to make him turn his nose up.

👤My dog eats raw food and various flavors of treats. After my dog ate these, I checked in with the company, and they sent me a bag of something else. Excellent service. I didn't take away a star for my dog's reaction because another dog ate the rest. It wasn't the right food for her belly. There were no problems with the other flavors or the food. I had been committed to Fromm. She likes it better.

👤The scent of these is similar to human jerky. I have two dogs, one is an 18lb dog and the other is a 75lb dog. Both my dogs enjoy the wet dog food I feed them. They've had dry food from this brand before, but we currently feed a different brand of dry food. These treats are great for sniffing and finding. We like to roll pieces up in an old blanket so they can get the treats. They love the game. This is a great game for pups of all ages, but you'll need to work with your dog to ensure they don't rip or tear the blanket. I usually use lung puffs whenever I file my dogs' nails, because they love them so much, and will do anything for them, however, I may try using these treats instead as they seem to really love them. This household has 2 thumbs and 8 paws.

👤Our pups love their jerky treats. They run inside when we hold up the bag. It's true! They have zero weird ingredients and are bite sized. I researched treats and kibble for our pups and they passed the tests. We always have back up bags because I buy the 1lb bag when the price drops.

👤Cooper is a very picky eater and he is 10 lbs. I tried giving him all kinds of treats, but he didn't like anything I bought for him. It was difficult to train him. He fell in love with the treats that list ingredients that are pure. These are the only treat he will eat, and each time I give him one he acts like I just gave him a huge steak or something! He goes crazy over these treats. The smell is the only downside. They smell like fish. I make sure I have at least 4 packs of them in my pantry at all times because Cooper loves them. I have been buying them from Chewy and using their automatic delivery every 6 weeks. The price is the same as Amazon. These treats are very good. The ingredients in the review are from China. Is this true or not? I would not give these to my dog again if they were from China. These are the only treats my dog will eat.

8. Caught Salmon Treats Colorado Naturals

Caught Salmon Treats Colorado Naturals

100% Made in the USA. USA caught salmon. They don't add any products that are imported. All product is guaranteed to be USA born and USA bred. Your dog will love the treats. Dogs go nuts over the slow roasted flavor. It's perfect for training. These treats will make training your dog easier. Dogs love these so much that they respond much quicker than humans. It's healthy and natural. Only the highest quality ingredients are used. It helps to remove Tartar. There are no hormones, chemicals or artificial flavors. 100% guarantee! These treats will be great for your dogs.

Brand: Colorado Naturals

👤This dog treat is made from clean, wild-caught salmon. No secondary ingredients, no Additives, noPreservatives. When the bag gets opened, there's no mistaking the ocean salmon's unique pungency. These are small dried treats that can be easily snapped into smaller bites for smaller dog breeds. The Colorado Naturals offering is best-in-class and peerless, and is a great value at this price point. Was this "Helpful"? Cheers!

👤The vet suggested changing the source of the dog's food. We changed their daily treats as well. The first fish based treats we've ever given have a big odor when opened, but they were the only ones we've ever given. That didn't matter to our two great people. These two are easy to please, but they are on their best behavior when they really like something and react differently to some things. The dog backside hits the floor when we open the package. We will recommend these to others.

👤All is going well so far. When her allergy panel was off the charts, I had to switch my lab to limited ingredient salmon-based food. I don't know how that happens to a dog. I break the treats in half as the strips are long. I love them!

👤The first couple of times we bought them, we loved them. We got a dried out bag the third time. There were little pin holes in the plastic. I fed them to my dogs, as they didn't seem to care, until I realized they were so dry that the pieces had become sharp. I threw them out. I want to buy them again. Maybe a different seller.

👤I bought this product at a pet store. My dogs were crazy for it. A snack that is free of junk and artificial ingredients? I'm in! I ordered a few bags on Amazon and they all came crushed up. The strips should not be crushed. The product smells bad of fish and you have to wash your hands after handling it. I am deducting one star because the company failed to call me back or contact me after I called to complain about the condition of the product. Customer support could be better.

👤I've bought this several times and my dog loves it. When he wasn't eating his food for a day, I broke up the jerky into small pieces and mixed them into his food. He is smart and I was afraid he would just pick out something. He ate everything. I think his appetite kicked in after he tasted the salmon. I buy it for him because it smells like Salmon, which is why I don't mind the strong smell.

👤My dog and I love this snack. She's been eating a brand that's been very good for a long time. I stopped giving her food a long time ago. I didn't trust it. She ran to her favorite spot after I gave her the Kasel jerky. She hasn't done that in a while. She can tell the difference between the two. So funny! She does a dance. The other brand is more expensive. They look like salmon. My dog has no dental issues. This is not very hard or brittle. I would order them again.

9. Pet Craft Supply Dehydrated Alternative

Pet Craft Supply Dehydrated Alternative

Natural and Pure Wild Pacific Salmon are caught in the Pacific Northwest. Slowly dehydrated to lock in maximum amount of nutrition, creating organic, healthy dog and cat treats. Excellent source of vitamins and minerals. This single ingredient treat is made with human grade wild salmon. The same benefits are offered by dehydrated treats. The moisture is removed, but the nutrients are locked in. A pound of raw salmon is dehydrated into 3oz bags. This is a very rich treat. Training your dog can be fun. Natural dog treats are a good way to reward your dog. They can be broken up to use as a cat treat. There is only one ingredient and that is Salmon. Just natural wild salmon that is slowly dehydrated. The scent is strong due to the treat. It smells like salmon. If your pet isn't happy with the product, please contact their team of caring pet lovers. You can visit their website for more information.

Brand: Pet Craft Supply

👤The dog loves them, but they were crushed to small pieces. They are crushed to small pieces and are only suitable for feeding on the kibble. I will not be ordering again.

👤The product sounds great. I was surprised by the reviews. The mine arrived in large pieces. The pieces are shiny, like they were sprayed with something to preserve them. It is mentioned. There was nothing on the package. I couldn't break the pieces apart with my hands. I have a strong 40 yo male and had to get scissors. I had to break into small pieces for my dog. She would have died if she had not stopped. She didn't eat them at first. She eats everything. She has a large stomach. When I went to clean them up, she dove for them and devoured them. She vomited brown goop with chips of treat about an hour later. She was loopy and dizzy. I gave her some water to drink. Woke up to normal. I waited a week before giving her this treat again. She doesn't think it's an allergy to eat salmon regularly. The glaze on the treat is very hard. I threw them out and won't buy them again. I wouldn't buy these treats. It's not worth the risk for your furry children. In my opinion.

👤I bought the salmon treats for my dog because I wanted to change it up a bit. He loves them so much that he can smell them a mile away when I have them. He loves them even though they smell terrible. I will be buying more.

👤I like the smell of treat. If I break it in pieces, my chihuahua will love it. Will purchase again.

👤My cat puked after having the treat. He got a larger portion of the package, but still puked. There have been no issues with my dogs.

👤My Maltese puppy has to have these broken down for treat time, but he goes insane for them. He can't get enough of the smell.

👤My dog loves salmon treats. He refused to eat this one. Would not even sniff it. These treats are not returnable. I recommend skipping this product if you want to spend the money on a stinky item that your dog won't like. If the dog won't eat it, it sounds awesome.

👤I have a dog that is picky eater. She is very picky when it comes to food and treats. She has a small mouth and small teeth. I got these because she loves salmon. She loves real salmon no matter what. She wouldn't even come near them because they are so strong and hard. I don't know what she has against the freeze dried salmon, but she is not having it. No-go for our household.

10. Plato Salmon Vegetables 16Oz Bag

Plato Salmon Vegetables 16Oz Bag

A single ingredient caught Baltic Sprat. Whole fish treats are a natural source of Omega 3 and 6. There is no added corn, wheat, or soy. Feed your dog a treat or a training aid.

Brand: Plato

👤These are the same as described. There was no disappointment there. I was going to give my pets a treat. I knew they'd be a hit after reading so many reviews. It wasn't to be. The English bulldog put a treat in her mouth. One bite on the fish immediately turned into an I-can't-get-this-out-of-my-mouth moment. I thought my cats might like them. There are three of them, two of which are extremely picky and one who tries to steal food off of your plate. I only want one kind of food. They didn't like these fish treats. I thought one of the stray cats might like them. Nope. Wrong again. I put some out hoping birds will pick them up. They don't. However... I put out a few for the birds, but something came through at night and ate some of it. Is a dog Stray? Is that a Raccoon? Opossum? Who knows? There is something around here that will try them. I have a lot of animals around who don't like what most other people's pets like. I'm giving a two star rating because the item is exactly as described, but not one of my pets will eat these. The average is 2.5 stars, but I rounded it all down as a 100% waste of my money. I hope your babies love these!

👤My two dogs and one cat are crazy about these Baltic Sprats. They're smelly and oily. That makes me happy. The dogs eat the sprats whole, whereas I break them into small pieces for my cat. I've learned that the most beneficial food to give dogs and cats is organ meat. It is recommended that you Freeze dried food to maintain the best nutrition. The fish oils for their joints, brains, skin, hearts, nervous systems are very important. They love these Baltic Sprats as a daily treat.

👤The smell was like paint. The bag got overheated because the fish were stuck together. The price is double what it should be. I paid it because I couldn't find them. I had to throw them away.

👤My cats don't like these. They loved dehydrated minnows, but didn't think the sprats would be that different. They smell terrible and are not as pleasant as the minnows. They are a bit bigger. Most are stuck together and have a rusty color to them. One dog chokes on another dog. I suppose because they are hard. I was asked if I could get a refund.

👤This is crack cocaine in Boston. The smell of the batches I recently got was not bad. I use dried fish to puddle a half pump of fish oil for him. I use them for his occasional dose of oil. This seems to be a good alternative to other processed treats. I would love to be able to buy them in bulk.

👤The bad: my dog hates them. I think they're an all natural product. The bad is that (1) They REEK. I had to light a candle when I opened the bag because of the smell. They are soft, like not fully dried, but not a small fish you were hoping to break in half to use as a training treat when your puppy needs high value motivation. I tried to give her less than a whole fish at a time, but I got squishy fish guts on my hands. I might have received an off bag, I was introduced to these by a dog trainer, and it was easy to take the fish out of the bag. It was nice and dried. No guts. I don't know if that's because she got a better bag or just had an older bag evaporate out over time. I won't be trying to see which theory is right because of the price.

11. Premium Healthy Dog Chickpeas Potatoes

Premium Healthy Dog Chickpeas Potatoes

There is a lot of fish, fruit, and vegetables in this area. Their treats are delicious and healthy. Don't feed your dog junk food when you want to give them a treat. It's packed with minerals and vitamins that are essential for building strong bones, teeth, skin, coat and muscle. Dogs love the taste of the treats made with Salmon, Chickpeas, Cane Molasses, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Apples, Blueberries, Zinc Sulfate, Copper, and Calcium. Natural and grain free. Grains, Corn, Wheat or Soy are not in their recipe. Grains and fillers found in lesser quality treats can cause obesity and allergy problems in dogs. Grain free chews are great for dogs with food sensitivities and are made with whole foods. You can feel good about giving your dog healthy snacks that are free of junk. Their healthy dog treats are made in the USA and are of the highest quality. All dogs can be fed their treats made with nature's finest ingredients. Instead of a bag or pouch, they package their treats in a stay fresh canister with a lid that keeps them moist and delicious. Great taste dogs love it. Their dehydrated turkey strips are an excellent training aid because they are soft, tender, and gourmet. Dogs are motivated by smell. They think that the smell of the treats makes them effective and rewarding. Their treats are the perfect size to be used for training treats, making them more convenient, cost-effective and easy to chew. Their biblical family commitment is made in the USA with premium quality ingredients. Their packaging is socially responsible. Please let them know if you don't like their treats. They are a small family owned business of pet lovers who are committed to making great products that are safe for you, your pets and the planet.

Brand: Bodhi Dog

👤My dog is allergic to chicken, so I read the listings carefully when buying treats from Amazon. I've been happy with what I've received from the Amazon sellers, until today. Turkey, chickpeas, pea flour, molasses, sweat potatoes, and cranberries are listed on the page listing. I decided to try it because there is no chicken listed on the ingredients list. The treats contain both chicken fat and chicken meal. Chicken Meal has more chicken than raw chicken, so it's good for people who don't have a chicken allergy. It can come from things like spoiled meat and dead chickens. They're not being quite true when they say "premium healthy dog skeet treats". I haven't opened the container yet, so it might not be the actual treats that stink. These are going back.

👤I bought these because the product I usually buy was not available. The dogs would rather have something else, but they are okay with it. The bad part is that whoever packed this had a brain freeze. They put it in a padded envelope. Half of the treats were broken in the bottom of the envelope after the container was smashed. I put them in a zip-lock bag because the container was not usable.

👤I've bought many different types of treats over the year, most often with packages weighing a few ounces and still costing a ton. The company exceeded my expectations, with a good number of treats for the price and my dogs love them. You can tell it's not a processed product because they smell like real jerky. Would buy again.

👤I have 5 dogs. They all get along. Thank you Jesus! After giving them a bath, I gave them a treat that wasn't their usual treat. I was amazed. They love this treat and listen to direction better when they know they are getting this treat as opposed to their regular treat. I love this treat. Will order more soon.

👤I was looking for a treat that would be good for my dog. I had to find something that didn't contain wheat. When we give him wheat based food, he sheds like a dog. He is slowly losing some weight and is loving these treats. The price point is good.

👤I was disgusted when I opened the new package of Premium healthy dog treats to see that there were thousands of tiny bugs. I'm horrified to think that they have been in our dog's food in the past. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤These treats were received today. The dog seems to like them, but the container is flimsy. The treat container was broken and the treats were loose in the shipping box. The shipping box was undamaged, so it's a treat container issue. I don't think I'll order again because of the shipping issue.

👤Turkey is what we get. I can't stand fish. My dog loves these treats. They break up into smaller pieces for training. I like that they are more natural than the cheap ones. These are healthy snacks, like a candy bar. Guess what's in them. I added them to a prime order this time, but usually get them from Chewy. They came in a brown padded bag. The container was opened, and the lid popped off. Pieces fell out of the container. She eats wood, paper, and pretty much everything so she's not picky. They are good treats. You will be safe if you order something that will be boxed.


What is the best product for dog jerky treats salmon?

Dog jerky treats salmon products from Nudges. In this article about dog jerky treats salmon you can see why people choose the product. Pawstruck and Triumph are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog jerky treats salmon.

What are the best brands for dog jerky treats salmon?

Nudges, Pawstruck and Triumph are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog jerky treats salmon. Find the detail in this article. A Better Treat, Purina Waggin Train and Buckley are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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