Best Dog Jerky Treats for Large Dogs

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1. Kingdom Pets Premium Chicken 48 Ounce

Kingdom Pets Premium Chicken 48 Ounce

All of their treats are free from corn, soy, and grain. Your dog can enjoy the rich flavor of farm-raised chicken and sweet potatoes. Dogs of all sizes are loved by them. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy their treats. It is possible to make easy-to-break jerky into small pieces for smaller pets or remain full-sized for large four-legged friends. Dogs with allergies and food sensitivities are less likely to have an allergic reaction to limited ingredients. Eliminating Additives supports healthy digestion. Their high quality jerky is the perfect healthy training treat. Break them into bite-sized pieces and your dog will love them.

Brand: Kingdom Pets

👤My dog was very sick and kept me up all night when I held up a Milk Bone and a chicken and sweet potato in the other hand, she took the Milk Bone. She used to love these things, but they look burnt and made my dog sick. As much as they cost, I want a new one that isn't burnt. I've purchased them before and she loved them so much she would rather take a Milk-Bone now that she knows they made her sick. You don't get refunds from third-party sellers if you call Amazon. I've been upset about this as much as they cost. The bag was full of the bad sweet potato wrap. I've bought these before. They looked good and my dog loves them. I'll never buy from them again if I can't get my money back.

👤I've been giving my dog treats for the last three years. I've never had a white fungus growing on this brand like I had with Blue B, Cadet, or some of the others. I put them in air-tight containers to preserve freshness. If I can, I put in a new slice of apple. It keeps them fresh and moist and covers the smell so that Brick doesn't know when the container is open. The white powdery fungus grows when the treat gets too dry. I believe that this is the cause of the deaths of our dogs. I think it's not because it came from China, but because it set too long and the fungus was able to grow on sweet potato. The treat did not remove the fungus. Kingdom Pets dog treats should be safe. I would never feed my dog anything if I knew it would hurt him. When he gets a sweet potato from me, I'm going to taste it to make sure it's fresh. My taste buds would know if the fungus is present because it tastes like an old sink washrag. A study on that might help find out what is causing the dog deaths. I think it is the white powdery fungus that is the reason. I had no reason to doubt Kingdom Pets high quality standards. Wmk.

👤My dog and my dog sitter love these treats. My spoiled dog knows where I keep him in the kitchen and when I feed him his supper he stops and goes to the cabinets where the treats are kept and gets his treat. He finishes his supper. The dog sitter has a dog that goes straight to the cupboard when she comes over. When the pkg gets to about 1/3 I order a new one. My dog might not eat again if I stop making these.

👤The last time I got this product, the potato sticks were a bit softer, but my dogs still devoured them! After a week of having them, I noticed one of my dogs was starting to have loose stools, and the other started not wanting to eat her dinner. I decided to only give the other treats and the dogs improved within a week. I had some left from a bag and they have been eating them. My dogs love these cookies and I believe that this was a bad batches. I'm throwing away the whole bag since I'm afraid to order again.

2. Pur Luv Chicken Jerky Treats

Pur Luv Chicken Jerky Treats

Chicken First: Pur Luv Chicken Jerky Dog Treat are made with only whole proteins, and feature 100% Real Chicken as the very first ingredient. The treats help satisfy your dog's instinct to chew. Pur Luv treats feature limited ingredient decks so you know what you are feeding your dog. The Pur Luv Chicken Jerky is a healthy snack with no artificial flavors, colors, orPreservatives.

Brand: Pur Luv

👤Even though the price is lower, our dogs are worth more than inferior products with no accountability. Many of the positive reviews say how much their dog loves it. The dog loves the taste of ethylene glycol, but it kills them in hours. Do not test whether your dog likes it or not.

👤I couldn't see the ingredients on the image. It's chicken breast, vegetable glycerin and salt. There is a sugar alcohol. It can cause stomach upset in people and dogs. I wouldn't have ordered this if I'd been able to read that. I didn't read that far, but it is listed below. Shame on me! I gave Mr. Fussy a piece of one that I broke off. He got up and walked away after smelling it. That was this morning. He hasn't touched it since 3 AM of the next day. The buyer should beware. I will not buy this again. I usually make my own chicken jerky for him. He always eats that. My is 100% chicken. Nothing was added. When I ran out of mine, I was hoping to use them. Nope! They go into the trash.

👤My biggest concern is where the product is made. I was warned by several of my veterinary friends to be careful with meat products from other countries. The countries that do not follow USA regulations regarding food animals and/or their processing are listed. I won't be buying this item again. I don't want my dog to get ill.

👤There is too much vegetable glycerin and not enough chicken in this product. The treats have a plastic texture.

👤The dog liked the flavor. But it made him sad to say the least. I had to stop.

👤I have a picky eater. She is a food snob. She has only been given the best and freshest foods and treats for 3 years, and now she won't be able to find any of the processed food or snack items in almost every store. You can tell the jerky is made from a chicken breast. If I let her, she would eat the entire bag because she likes this treat. I recommend buying because you can't go wrong price wise and for the healthy aspects.

👤The dogs love their treats. The strips were used for the toy. I cut the strip in half. Both dogs love their treats.

👤The value is something we like. These are nice and chewy, so they don't leave behind chicken-dust like some of the crumblier treats do. These are fun and fresh.

3. Purina Waggin Train Chicken Tenders

Purina Waggin Train Chicken Tenders

There is one 18 oz. There is a pouch for dog treats. The chicken breast is the #1 ingredient. There are no artificial colors or flavors. Corn and grain are free.

Brand: Purina Waggin Train

👤I was horrified to see that these treats are made in China, yet they show up in an Amazon search for made in the USA. I don't believe that any food product made in China is worth the health risk, just as I don't believe that any food product made in the US is worth the health risk. The company responded to a buyer's question about the meat being made in China because it is cheaper there. I wonder why. Shame on the company. All of my pet products will be made in the USA.

👤I have given these treats to my dog for a long time, but now they are very thick, and I gave her a new bag of them. She got the acute diahrea for a few days, and then she was sick for three days. When it said made in China, I knew what it was. This is the second time. A product made in China has killed her.

👤I have purchased Waggin Train chicken jerky treats for my dogs many times in the past and have had no complaints about the quality until now. I was very disappointed when I opened the bag. Small bits and pieces of waste product that had been cleaned up from the factory floor crumbled in my hand when I squeezed them from the bag. Half of those pieces that were full-sized were thin and stringy, as opposed to the nice wide and big looking ones that are in the product photo on Amazon's website. I thought it was best to throw the products in the trash because of the bad publicity surrounding them.

👤I didn't notice that the dog treats I received are from China. It's on the back of the bag, but hard to find online. You don't know what chemicals China puts in their products, I'm returning it. Some dogs have died because of their dog treats being the cause ofKidney Failure, there are many articles online about this. I thought it was made in America. Del Monte and several other companies were mentioned in the investigations. Trader Joes chicken jerky treats are made in America.

👤I have been looking for chicken treats that are not made in China. I gave it to my dog a few days in a row and he developed a balled up muscle in one of his hind legs. I rubbed it. This was going on for three or four nights. This was the only change in his diet. I took it away for a couple of weeks. The muscle cramps stopped a few days later. I tried the treat again after 2 weeks and it started again. China is known for having eaten dogs and has very little oversight in its business.

👤I started looking at this product after my dogs had a bad week. The history is shocking. I am angry that this is still on the market.

👤Do not buy them. My dog is sick. He is usually in good shape. He had bad farts. These treats are also made in China.

4. Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

HUMAN-GRADE: Why would you feed it if you wouldn't eat it? Their treats meet strict USDA standards for human consumption, from the ingredients they are made with to the kitchens they are made in. All natural. Chicken Strips are made from all natural chicken breast from USA farms. Your dog loves the rich flavors of slow cooked meat. High quality ingredients. Truth is the first ingredient. They cook their Chicken Strips in small batches using honest ingredients like chicken, organic cane sugar, and Rosemary extract. All natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every bite is full of real meat flavor and free from artificial flavors and colors. The US-GROWN CHICKEN: Full Moon treats are made in the United States using ingredients that are USDA approved.

Brand: Full Moon

👤I am sorry, after buying these for a while. Sugar is the second ingredient. My view is that all sugar is bad for your dog, either because of a natural wolf/dog diet or because of the fact that sweets can give your dog a taste for other sweets like xylitol and anti-freeze. Both will kill your dog.

👤I travel with my dogs and businesses that allow well-behaved pets. I carry treats for most of the dogs we're going meet since we are likely to encounter other people with their pets. I like the Full Moon treats because they are very short in ingredient list and I can trust the treats are safe for most pets. I carry a list of ingredients on my phone for owners who want to make sure their pet is consuming the right stuff, and have eaten a portion of a treat to show that I consider it safe for pets and their parents. Full Moon treats are not cheap, but they are not as expensive as some "name brand" treats.

👤Our dog is 14 years old and he is very picky about what he eats. He won't eat the treat if it doesn't taste good or has the right texture. The Full Moon chicken strips have good flavor, have a texture that he can chew easily, and they seem to satisfy him after every meal. He doesn't like the texture of most jerky treats. This is the only treat that he likes. Hope Full Moon makes these treats forever.

👤My dog likes these treats. They help her clean her teeth. The freshness of the product is a problem. I usually order every couple of weeks, and one time they will be fresh and soft, and the next time they are so hard my dog can't chew them. I don't know if I'll have to throw them out or not. The bag has a date on it. Even though the date will be the same, it is still the same problem as I tried to order 2 bags at once.

👤The dog seems to like it. I got a dried ground chicken product instead of a true dried chicken product. I didn't find the information that it's a reconstituted, dried meat product if it's in the description. I like the human grade quality, the ease of breaking pieces off, it might be good for treat-training, because you can make the pieces very small, which you can't do with the whole meat, jerky-type product.

👤Annie's favorite snack. I give her one strip a day but don't over feed her. I break that into little bits and feed them whenever she's good outside or when she runs up to her food cabinet in the kitchen and taps on it to let me know its treat time. I would be in trouble if I started eating them in front of her. Annie has a sensitive stomach. She's been getting them for years and never had a problem with them. I would highly recommend trying these based on our experience with them.

5. Dogswell 842192 Joint Chicken Jerky

Dogswell 842192 Joint Chicken Jerky

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are important for dog hip and joint support. The dog treat is made with real duck. Grain free treats are made with no grains or added flour. There are no artificial colors or flavors, no animal by-products, and no wheat or soy. New Zealand Green Mussels and Duck are high quality ingredients. Feed real meat treats that are made in the USA with high-quality ingredients and 60 percent of their calories come from fat.

Brand: Dogswell

👤The reviews are mixed, but I can give you our experience with this product. The 15 year old yorkie has a lot of issues in his back. We purchased this at Petsmart and they don't sell it anymore. We were happy to find it here. Oliver was under the care of a specialist who was taking several medications. We gave this product to him daily to help him with his medication. He stopped taking that medication. He readily takes this special treat daily. I like it that it is free of grains and artificial preservatives. I like that it is made in the USA. Our experience with Oliver made me recommend it highly.

👤The product arrived quickly. Two of my dogs are six month old Australian shepherd pups, one has a possible hip issue. Our older two dogs are both healthy and active. We have added more chews to their diet and exercise program. I picked them up on a whim and now only order them once. This is our seventh bag. The first two weeks have seen a decrease in limping and pain. They love the taste, so I use them while training the pups. I make sure they get the recommended dose. This product is very good.

👤My Scottie loves these treats. I can offer her pills as a reward. Almost all dogs love duck. This is the treat for all dogs. They aren't too hard and aren't too mushy either. Great treat!

👤One of our dogs has trouble with his back and hips. I think they are helping. They all love them. 2 of them are picky eaters. One will eat anything. I think so.

👤The Yorkie turned 12 yesterday. She has been eating these treats since she was small. The vet says she can't believe she is in good shape. Still acts like a puppy. Yorkie have hip problems. The Yorkie is still jumping. The amount was the only thing we messed up on. She gets half a day because she is 5#. When she got a whole she had elevated urine enzymes.

👤My dog has become a treat-terrorist because of these Chicken Jerky treats. She likes them so much that she comes up next to me and barks until I give her one. She gets more than the recommended amount of extra Glucosamine, so I hope there is no problem with it. She's an old dog and I treat her. She is still very playful and springs up on my high bed. They are expensive, but not good for my girl.

👤My old bird dog loves these treats. She is 16 years old. She goes to the back door every morning to get her treat. It's fun. She doesn't move as much. These treats seem to make her feel better when she does move. It's the least a person can do for an old friend that has been a great help. She was able to get me the birds. I feed them to her.

👤My dogs love these treats, they are the highest in Glucosamine content I can find.

6. Jerky Treats Vitamin Mineral Packaging

Jerky Treats Vitamin Mineral Packaging

The ingredient is beef. There are vitamins. Minerals. Omega 3 and 6 are important for your health. There are 15 vitamins and minerals for your dog.

Brand: Jerky Treats

👤We've purchased these for years at the local store and never had a problem with them. The eyes of the dog that purchased these online started watering and getting gunk in them, like she was allergic to something. She was back to normal in 2 days after taking her off the treats. The bag used to say "made in USA", but now it says "produced by Topeka Kansas", which is a sign that they are cutting corners and producing an inferior product. Get your dogs something else made in the USA.

👤We have purchased the Jerky Treats Tender from a number of different vendors. Our dog likes them. The texture of the chew seems to have changed when the manufacture changed to a bag instead of a plastic canister. The chews were firm. The chews in the bag are very soft, and leave a lot of small crumbles, as well as a good amount of sticks which have broken in packing and shipping. There is a I'm pretty sure our "pup" would give them 5 stars. The "old" recipe would be great to come back to. Judy Austin.

👤I make sure my treats don't have anything to do with China. The treats don't shout on the package. Says it is from OH. The ingredient and source of beef is from North America. I would like to know that it is made in the USA. They know how many people know about the deaths of dogs from China. Sorry. Sounds like they are hiding something. Sending it back.

👤The package smell rancid, but I have always loved these treats. My dog is not going to eat them. I put them in my treat jar after opening them. I went to get one for my dog, but he smelled them and turned his head away. I smelled them. Yuck! I threw the bag away because I couldn't return it. Huge disappointment.

👤The buyer was completely deceived by the seller, as he said it was non allergic yet full of CORN CORN SYRUP,SOY,RYE and GLUETEN.

👤The bag is new and my dogs love it, but the box they used to come in was broken and they need to go back to the box.

👤The dogs eat these, not me. The two dogs love each other. It's nice to be able to buy a 60 ounce bag. They are ok for the dogs and there is one good thing made in USA.

👤I have ordered these many times and my Boxer and Puggle are not yet bored. They are soft. More like a game. I put them in a jar. It is a big bag and you get your value. I don't feel guilty letting my dogs have these.

7. Joint Health Jerky Treat Chews

Joint Health Jerky Treat Chews

Dog treats made with love are high quality. Their delicious, guilt-free dog snacks are made from the highest quality ingredients and are bursting with flavors that your dogs will love. Their facilities have been inspected and approved to provide clean, safe and healthy canine snacks. Their furry friends deserve the same goodness that comes from all-natural food. Their food should be made from free-range and grass-fed cattle. These tasty treats are free from all the allergens that your pet might be allergic to. happy The high meat percentage makes it easy for your pets to digest. These long- lasting chews are great for showing your dogs love and care. They are perfect for removing plaque and Tartar that can cause gum problems and other dental diseases. Even dogs that are not perfect will keep coming back for more. These health jerkies are great for your dog's joints and hips because they are packed withGlucosamine and chondroitin. They are a great alternative to supplements that keep your dog in tip-top shape. Support a small business in the USA. They are a company made up of like minded dog-lovers who are passionate about source and develop products. You can find a huge selection of Bully Sticks, Bones, Jerky, Yak Chews, Hip & Joint supplements, and more. They never source any product from China, only from countries that you can trust.

Brand: Pawstruck

👤My dog likes these treats. He doesn't say thank you when I offer them to him. He runs after it. If you ask me, it's rude.

👤My dog loves beef sticks. He ran towards his bed to get his treat after I opened the bag. He is allowed to eat them in the house because they don't have much of a smell. I give him a day off. I would highly recommend this product. It is a good size treat for my dog, who is 60 pounds.

👤Both of my dogs love the flavor of it. I was looking for something that my small dog would enjoy. They are pricey. The dogs like the amount in the bag. There is a For dogs over 25 lbs they won't last long, but for my 15 lbs dog they're a nice thin, easier chew treat. If desired, cut in half. These strips are about 2 inches wide.

👤The one my dog received smelled like dead fish. The bag was opened 5 days after I received it. I didn't care that much until I opened it. I couldn't risk giving my dog a bad jersey that smelled like dead fish because he was already excited. The smell was really bad. I had to close it. I was going to keep buying them because he liked them. Very upset.

👤I wanted my dogs to love these treats so I hoped they would grab them and carry them over to their bed and chew away for a while. I was completely off guard when my dogs shot me with a "what the heck is this" look, after they had sniffed the treats, and pulled back their fuzzy heads to one side of the other. My Miniature Schnauzer is a solid white 11y/o, and my Morkie is a silver and white 16y/o, and they both went ahead and took the treats. He was completely unenthused and would much rather have his usual "Nudges" brand treat. Bruno and Otis are not alike. Otis will eat anything he can get his hands on. Bruno walked away from the last treat I gave him because he was fed up with the two older dogs who have lost at least 2 teeth. Both dogs struggle and become frustrated when they can't get the treats out of their mouths or onto the smooth concrete of our covered porch because it's almost impossible for them. They end up being incapable of doing much except licking at the dog treats which end up on our hardwood floors. Sounds weird? It is truly odd. It's gross to watch Otis spit all over the floor while he mostly chases the treat across the floor until it hits the baseboards or ends up under the furniture. It's not fun for us or for them. Otis is the funniest dog I've ever seen, he'll drop a treat regardless of bread or type, he'll lay down calmly and chew, he's just the funniest dog I've ever seen! So it's that, or he basically inhales some things and freaks us out because we expect him to choke himself to death one day. Otis has yet to grab hold of one and maintain hold for more than a few seconds. No lie. Bruno has always been casual and has never been one to snarf down his favorite snacks: tuna packed in spring water and Gala apples, both of which he and I share regularly. Both of these boys have lost a few teeth over their lifetimes, which makes this particularly thin treat even worse. Otis lost two of his canines and a few of his teeth before we adopted him to save him from being euthanized after his mom died. Bruno lost a small tooth and three of his tiny bottom incisers, but he still has all of his canines, and this tiny pink tip of his tongue is still sticking out. Usually while he's sleeping or relaxing with his mouth closed. Silly, silly, silly, but adorable. If you have an older dog with missing teeth, a dog with a smooth flooring surface or a dog that is clumsy, these treats are not for you. I can't believe how small these things are. They're a bit thicker than a piece of paper. You can see light through them, so don't expect them to be large like a bully stick orudges, or even like the type of beef jerky that we humans eat. These are more hassle than they are worth and neither of our dogs showed much interest in the smell or taste. I'm sad for the $20 worth of treats. Hope this helps someone out there who is disappointed.

8. Farmland Traditions Chicken Jerky Treats

Farmland Traditions Chicken Jerky Treats

Dogs with allergies and food sensitivities are less likely to have an allergic reaction to limited ingredients. Eliminating Additives supports healthy digestion. All of their treats are free from corn, soy, and grain. Your dog can enjoy the rich flavor of American farm-raised chicken without any artificial flavors. Dogs of all sizes are loved by them. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy their treats. It is possible to make easy-to-break jerky into small pieces for smaller pets or remain full-sized for large four-legged friends. There is pride in Farming. Their products are made in the USA at their FDA-registered facility in Southern California. Their high fiber jerky is the perfect healthy training treat. Break them into bite-sized pieces and your dog will love them.

Brand: Farmland Traditions

👤I have bought these treats for my dog before and she loves them, which is why I bought them again. This batches has made her sick. When I opened the bag and treats, I noticed that there was a brighter shade of orange. I didn't think anything of it. I gave my dog 2 treats the first day I got the bag, and the next morning she threw up a yellow/orange bile with bites of the treats in the discharge. I thought maybe she played too much because her stomach rejected it that morning. I gave her a couple of treats that day and she threw up in her bed. She didn't eat her regular food for a day and a half. I think we got a bad treat. The production lot that I purchased might be worth looking into. The rest of the bag was thrown away.

👤The treats are completely different than the ones I've purchased before, so don't care about the bag. The stuff is dried out and snaps like a twig, if you can snap them. My kitchen shears couldn't cut through the thin bones and gristle that were in my kitchen. I opened the second bag after I purchased the first one and it was just as bad. I soaked 3 pieces in water to see if they would rehydrate, but no luck. These are pieces of wood. I will not give to my chows. I see that these are not available to return to AMAZON. I'm out $60+ and I'm not happy about it. Why doesn't it? There is a clear warning on items that they cannot. Be returned! I would like to speak with the manufacturer or seller on Amazon. This is not acceptable.

👤My dog loved it but a few days later he became sad and had blood in his stool. Some chunks came out as is, sharp and hard. We contacted the manufacturer, but they didn't reply. A friend's small dog had the same symptoms. Don't buy a small dog.

👤The bag was opened today. We try to buy these treats in advance. On April 29th, it was purchased. Today is two days short of thirty days. There is a bag full of treats. Amazon won't accept a return on this product. It was an expensive mistake on our part. One of our pups wouldn't eat them if they were over cooked, but the other would eat them if they were not. The product in this bag is so bad that we will not feed our pups.

👤The monthly subscription was canceled. The last two bags have been terrible. The strips are so dry that they can be snapped. They were a bit soft. Our dogs won't eat them anymore. Chicken and vegetable glycerin are the only ingredients. There were no sugars, salts, or anything else. Our huskies love these things because they are tough enough to give them a few minutes to gnaw on. They still love these after 3 years of getting them, but have gotten tired of every other snack we've purchased. I never had a problem with upset digestion. They smell like cooked chicken, which is a nice change from the way some dog treats smell. We have these on our monthly subscription and will keep getting them.

9. Nudges Steak Jerky Dog Treats

Nudges Steak Jerky Dog Treats

It is easy to tear dried oven jerky. The number one ingredient is real USA beef. Corn, wheat, soy and animal are not allowed by products. Natural dog treats. There are no artificial flavors orPreservatives.

Brand: Nudges

👤My two rescue dogs love to eat these treats. I contacted the company to find out what the content was in the treats. The lady told me that they did not have that information. Really? The old Buddy has a disease and is dying. I don't want to give my Charlie a dog food that may cause him to have a bad reaction to it, all dog food should be required to list the amount of salt and phosphorus in it. These are moist and easy to chew, but I will not buy them until I get an answer. I will not make my dog's death quicker. We had to put our old Buddy down, so did these treats add to his death? I don't know. My little Charlie won't get them until I get an answer.

👤The grillers looked and smelled good, I got a bag of them. The Jerky looked like it had been there a long time. It's terrible and smells like old book covers.

👤I'm not sure about this review. I have been buying this for a long time. I have a lot of dogs. I have a dog that only eats this product. The treats arrived last week and I opened them and offered part of them to the person who was interested. He walked away after turning his head. I smelled something that wasn't right. The smell is unusual. Not rancid or anything like that. You know how the dogs smell when you buy as many of them as I do. It didn't smell right. I ordered another bag because I didn't want to just cross them off my list. The new bag was in good shape. It was used the best by 10/01/2019. The bad bag was the winner by 11 June. I know when a product doesn't pass the smell test because I have purchased a lot of it. I am not sure what it means. I might be out the price of a bag of treats. I will let this forum know if it happens again.

👤The dogs beg all the time for them, and they practically inhale them. Can't keep them in the pantry long. They probably wouldn't be the hit if they were cheaper. Two old dogs with terminal illnesses are getting what they want for as long as they are able to, and since they are our fur babies, we are letting them call the shots while they can. They have been good for 14 years.

👤My dog loves these treats and I would give them 5 stars. I contacted the company to inquire about the sodium content as it is not listed on their website. This info is important to me because my dog has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart. They didn't reply. I won't buy these again.

👤My dog went crazy after I bought a small pack of these. I ordered this pack and she devoured them. I tried to slow her down by breaking it up into small pieces. I walked away from the kitchen after I did it for the first time. She had to separate all the food before she could get to the steak. This is a pup favorite that I will buy again. I might just keep buying each flavor so she doesn't get used to it.

10. Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

Full Moon Natural Treats Chicken

HUMAN-GRADE: Why would you feed it if you wouldn't eat it? Their treats meet strict USDA standards for human consumption, from the ingredients they are made with to the kitchens they are made in. All natural. Chicken Jerky is made from sliced, whole muscle chicken breast. Each piece is slow cooked in their ovens to bring out the flavors your dog will love. High quality ingredients. Truth is the first ingredient. They cook their natural Chicken Jerky in small batches using honest ingredients like chicken and cane sugar. All natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every bite is full of real meat flavor and free from artificial flavors and colors. The US-GROWN CHICKEN: Full Moon treats are made in the United States using ingredients that are USDA approved.

Brand: Full Moon

👤I first thought it was something wrong with the treats when I noticed my dog was itching. She would vomit a few times a day. When I called the vet, they told me that the majority of the time they find out that a dog is allergic to chicken, it's because of a lot of itching and upset. I didn't think my dog was allergic to chicken. I had an allergy test done on her at theholistic vet. I was surprised that she was allergic to chicken, salmon, carrots, pumpkin seeds, and rice. I changed her diet to beef and she improved. My parents changed their dogs to beef because they were also having issues with their snot, and they noticed a huge improvement in their dogs. We wouldn't have thought it was the case. The original review states that I have started soaking these in water for 15 minutes and then breaking them into smaller pieces before giving them to my dog. It takes about that long for the chicken jerky to break into smaller pieces. I thought this would be a safer option since she eats them so fast. I will put them in her homemade dog food when I can't get her to eat her food. My dog has had a sensitive stomach for years and no matter what food I bought or how expensive it was, she would still vomit after eating. I started making her food. The recipe for homemade dog food is for people who have similar issues with their pups. In a separate large pot mix, I cook a pound of chicken thighs, 2 cups chopped fresh carrots, 2 cups cooked sliced chicken, 2 cups frozen green beans, 2 cups frozen sweet peas, and 1 can organic pin. I mix the rice and vegetables after they are done. Feed the dog twice a day. Hope your dog enjoys it!

👤I bought a few bags of treats. I have never had an issue with mold, but these treats that my dogs love gave them both very loose stools. Everything is back to normal after I stopped these treats. I'm not sure what they are, but my Lab / Border Collie mix dogs can't tolerate them. I will have to throw away the treats. If your dog has a problem, you might want to stop the treats.

👤I have been buying this product for a long time. I opened the new bag for my dogs and saw something shiny. The strip of plastic was stuck to the treat. What damage could this have done? I don't want to think about it.

👤I have been buying these for my dog for a long time and have always been happy with them. The bag I received was full. I can't feed my dog crumbs because they are half the weight of the bag. I hope this is just a coincidence. My dog loves them and I have always been happy with them.

👤My pups get their breakfast first thing after coming back inside from their potty break. I am very careful with dog treats made of chicken, but this one is made in the USA and claims to be 100% human grade. It is getting harder and harder to tell where dog treats are made. Many will show that they are assembled in the USA using raw materials from foreign countries. I have been using this product for a long time and my dogs have never had any problems with it. My dogs love them. They only get half a treat each day.

11. Fruitables Ounce Grain Grilled Treats

Fruitables Ounce Grain Grilled Treats

The strips are made with bison meat. The sweet taste of bison is what dogs love and it is a healthy alternative to other red meats. Dogs with allergies or sensitivities can benefit from this recipe. No artificial ingredients. The highest quality global ingredients are produced in the USA.

Brand: Fruitables

👤The first ingredient is chicken and the second is natural flavor. The natural flavor is salt. Guess what causes high blood pressure. I was curious to see what the natural flavor was, since my dog has hypertension after weeks of eating this treat, and the company said it is SALT. My dog is on blood pressure medicine because of the company's deceptive practices. It would be better if the customers could be transparent and know that the treats have salt in them. This is not true for pet owners who are looking out for their dogs health. I hope this review helps other pet owners.

👤This was a great product. The manufacturing process may have been changed by the manufacturer. Our three dogs used to go nuts for this treat, but now they are not interested in it. They refuse it. The treats are softer in texture, appear to be a coarse grind, and are brown in color, with very hard chunks, white in color, of what appears to bone or cartilage. The chunks are a bit larger than the strips. The white chunks look the same as they come out the other end. When taken out of the bag, the strips just fall apart. If you can find a whole strip in the bag. I don't think'strips' is an appropriate word for a product description. It should read the pieces. Very disappointing. We found plastic wrap in a pouch of treats. Another foreign substance is being called 'premium, no filler, no by products, nothing artificial' dog treats. I don't see it on the ingredient label.

👤I am concerned about the source of Salmon on this product. The word "wildly" is used 3 times on the packaging, but the description on Amazon says "Made with premium quality USA wild caught and farmed salmon filets and skins". I want to feed my dog. The other reviewer said that this description was deceptive. It could be either " 100% Wild Caught" or " 100% Farmed" Salmon. I was looking for a wild ALASKAN Salmon and I was able to find it using the word "wild" and "wigd". I would like to see the product changed to be 100% wild caught Alaskan salmon. I think the quality of this product is good, and I like that it is made in the USA, as the label says, "Our Promise: USAsourced and made, whole."

👤I've been buying Fruitables bacon dog treats for a while. Our dogs love them because they are free of wheat, grain and other harmful substances. I have two people, one male and one female. I split a bacon strip between their dinner bowls. I top off their kibble with it. It's easier for them to chew because they are hard. They eat their special Science Diet low fat kibble because it has served as a motivator. It has worked well for the past few years and helps motivate them to eat. Since they are older dogs and my male is having dental issues, we should break them up. These are a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of a good source of If your dog has had pancreatitis, be careful with the bacon. You don't want that to happen. I believe in moderation even though they are getting older. It's funny because I rarely forget their crumbled jerky. When I'm in a rush to get dinner on the table, I sometimes forget to top off their food and they will both sit there, not eating and just stare at me until I realize that I forgot to crumble the jerky in their bowls. They clean their bowls. This is a great product. It's also made in the USA. I don't buy dog treats made outside of the USA because you can't trust the standards from other countries. I think they have different flavors like bison, chicken, and beef. I like bacon for them because they love it. That's right! It's a great product and I'm sure your fur babies will love it. I've bought their product for years and have gotten bad batches here and there, but that's been rare.


What is the best product for dog jerky treats for large dogs?

Dog jerky treats for large dogs products from Kingdom Pets. In this article about dog jerky treats for large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Pur Luv and Purina Waggin Train are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog jerky treats for large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog jerky treats for large dogs?

Kingdom Pets, Pur Luv and Purina Waggin Train are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog jerky treats for large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Full Moon, Dogswell and Jerky Treats are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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