Best Dog Jerky Sticks

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1. Nudges Health Wellness Chicken Treats

Nudges Health Wellness Chicken Treats

It is easy to tear dried oven jerky into bite sized pieces. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help support bone and joint health. Chicken is the number one ingredient. Natural dog treats. There are no artificial flavors orPreservatives in the products.

Brand: Nudges

👤Amazon often sends us old bags of nudgings. They are dark colored and have a rich smell. They are delivered with a light color and smell like plastic. Fresh Nudges are so worth the money and we love them. If we get more old batches, we will stop and shop elsewhere. Please help Amazon with this issue and stand up to customer support.

👤My dog is a picky eater and she loves this item. I wanted to see if the chicken jerky flavor would be as popular with her as the Nudges beef jerky did. She almost doesn't want to eat her regular food after I place these treats in front of her, so go easy. The instructions recommend only one treat per day. Smaller breed dogs like to tear up these into smaller pieces. It's nice to be able to rip up the treats into smaller pieces for small dogs like mine so they don't have to eat the whole piece at once. My fur baby is very picky and I would buy any of the nudges products if they were well received. If you are still reading, you should buy and try. I think your best furry friend will love them as much as I did, and if not, I think Amazon has a good return policy on these.

👤I have been buying these treats for my dogs for a long time. I usually get them at Sam's Club, but with the restrictions of the Pandemic vaccine and the fact that I have cancer, I have been ordering them from Amazon. I had been happy for a long time. The last 3 or 4 times I've gotten these treats for my dogs, the bag has either had a cut in it or a hole, or the seal had been broken. The treats are hard and dark, which is not good for my pets. This was the last time that the problem was fixed by Amazon. I didn't tell them because they don't know where the quality control is. I'm very sad. After the 2nd complaint, I expected more. I'll be taking my dogs to Sam's so they can have their favorite treats undamaged.

👤Not a happy camper. I received this Nudges Jerky Cuts in my order. We live in Arizona and have record-breaking hot temperatures so this product was never left in a hot area. This is a problem with either the manufacturing at the company or the handling of the product after it is received by Amazon. This is ridiculous that a product that claims to be "Made in the USA" and "natural" should arrive to the consumer with a mold growing inside the bag. Will apply for a refund on this product and may not purchase it again from Amazon if I see the packages on the subscribe and save page. I didn't tell Amazon about the item when it arrived, so they can't replace it. I got a package from Amazon that I didn't use before, but I open it to use and it's disgustingly moldy, and I was told I didn't use it before. Only one of the 2 36 oz. pkgs I get was moldy. I think Walmart or Fry's will be getting my order soon. Bezo's is all about money in his pocket.

2. Jerky Treats Tender Jerky Hl Jerky 7q

Jerky Treats Tender Jerky Hl Jerky 7q

Cadet dog treats are good for dogs that like Solimo Dog Jerky Treats or Nudges Jerky Cuts. A new look. The recipe has been improved. There is a new packaging. Made in America and with American beef.

Brand: Jerky Treats

👤It is rare for a dog to get sick after eating it. The ingredient list includes garlic and onion. Who feeds their dogs onions and garlic? My fault is trusting. It might work for others.

👤We used to buy the product when it was packaged in a plastic container, like the one shown on the product site. What arrived was in a different bag and different ingredients. The dog liked the product in the container. She won't eat the food in this package. I don't know what changed in the ingredients, but I will never buy from this provider again. I think it was a bait and switch. I tried to give our dog a snack from each bag, but the problem was only one bag. Not the case. The change was universal.

👤These treats are dry and smell terrible. They don't list the ingredients. They are frightening. Some things I never heard of are included in the beef and other ingredients. There's a reason why you get so much. Many of the 4 star reviews can be found here. They all say the same thing, but in different ways. I wonder why? I'm good at analyzing things.

👤The container they came in was very convenient, and I have been buying these treats for years. They come in a huge bag that is too big to fit on the counter, and they have to open the seal each time. I wish I had saved the last container. I could transfer them. My dogs used to go wild when I got one of the treats, they used to take some persuading to eat them. The treats were shipped in a padded envelope and so many were broken up and crushed inside the bag that it probably made it worse. There is a noticeable difference in what the treat looks like now that the recipe has changed.

👤This is a good deal. It can be hard to find stuff like this online because you have to pay close attention to the ounces to make sure it's worth the money. Dog treats are hard for me because I want to make sure they are good for my dogs and also good for me. I buy my dogs expensive treats and foods but I always want something cheaper for training and to stretch out the more expensive treats, and these are my go-to. I spent a lot of time comparing products and found this to be the best deal. When I ordered it, I thought it was under $20. I have two medium-sized dogs, an American Bully and a Frenchton, and these treats last longer than their other ones. I will be ordering again. I'm changing my review to 4 stars because I found out they sell this for only $12 at the store. They had a discount when I was there, and I got 3 for only $7.99 each. It's a very good deal, even at $20, compared to similar items on Amazon. I'll be buying it in bulk at the store to save a lot of money.

3. Newmans Own Chicken Recipe Sticks

Newmans Own Chicken Recipe Sticks

Chicken is the top ingredient. No wheat, corn or soy. The pouch helps maintain freshness.

Brand: Newman's Own

👤The Newman's Own Foundation is the beneficiary of the profits of Paul Newman's food company. My dog likes Newman dog treats, he doesn't care. I use Newman's Chicken Snack Sticks to train my dog. When he is crate training or sitting before crossing the street, he gets a 1” long Chicken Snack Stick. When my whippet does his part, I give these out as a reward. My whippet is having a great time. What do Newman's chicken skewers look like? They are packed in a foil pouch that keeps them moist. They are easy to break off into pieces to make treats. Newman's Chicken Sticks are a low in water and fiber and high in calories. The amount of fat andProtein is good for your dog. What are Newman's chicken skewers made of? They contain a number of high-calcium and high-fat foods. Apple cider adds a sweet/tart flavor. The treats are moist because of the mosasSES. Cocoa nut gleen keeps the treats moist. The sticks are being held together by GELATIN. ToCOPHEROLS help preserve the treat by providingVitamin E. Is Newman's cat safe to give to my dog? Chicken snack sticks are safe so far. Newman's has similar types of treats. I will compare 3 similar types according to appearance, ease of preparation, nutrition, ingredients, and price. Newman's chicken skewers don't require cutting and break off easily into reward-sized pieces. Chicken snack sticks have the best ratio of calories and fat of the three types, but they are the same as beef snack sticks. They have tocopherols with vitamins E and E. They also contain molasses that is bad for teeth. The ingredients appear safe. Chicken snack sticks are the cheapest of the three treat types. Newman's beef snacks are soft but still require a lot of cutting and making a mess. They are the same as Chicken Snack Sticks with less calories and more fat. The beef snack bites contain tocopherols. They also contain molasses that is bad for teeth. The ingredients appear safe. The price is between beef and chicken snack sticks. Newman's. BEEF JERKY TREATS are difficult to cut to treat-sized proportions. The beef spencer treats have more sugars and starches than the other treats. The beef Jerky treats have tocopherols. They also contain brown sugar that is not good for teeth, as well as unnecessary paprika and garlic, which might be poisonous. The thiosulfate in garlic can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs, according to the veterinary manual. Beef Jerky treats are 3-4 times more expensive than Beef snack bites. The winner of the brand competition. Chicken snack sticks and beef snack bites are ranked as follows. There are beef Jerky treats. Chicken Snack Sticks have a lower price and are easier to prepare than the other two. If you have ever tried to train a dog, you know the value of reward treats. My dog is much safer from accidents if he sits and waits before crossing the street. He likes eating the treats. You have a choice of reward treats. I decided to use Chicken Snack Sticks from now on after seeing that they are better for me than the other two. I will post an update on my Amazon Profile page if this changes. Click my name to read reviews, check updates, and follow me. I will see you there. I hope the review has helped you and your dog. Enjoy!

4. Newmans Own Treats Original Recipe

Newmans Own Treats Original Recipe

It was made with grass-fed beef. Tasty dogs love their meat. It is naturally preserved with no artificial colors or flavor enhancers. Grains, corn, wheat and soy are not included. The pouch helps maintain freshness.

Brand: Newman's Own

👤I have two dogs, a 12 year old chihuahua and a 4 year old chihuahua. The jerky is very soft. The older dog has had dental issues. This can be a challenge for her, so as long as I tear it into smaller pieces she's fine. She loves this so much that she does a dance called the "Jerky Dance," where she stands on her hind legs and spins. I love it because the beef is New Zealand-sourced. I want to eat it myself. I was buying this at local retailers for a while. I went to Amazon because I was having more trouble finding it. I contacted Newman's Own about availability and was told that the product was being discontinued. They make a soft meat treat which smells similar but is not as meat-like. My girls will eat it, but this is their favorite treat. When this is no longer available, we are not sure what to do.

👤The treats smell like beef jerky. All the profits go to charity because we love the ingredients. Our dog will do anything to get these treats. This can be difficult for a puppy owner. He loves these more than any other treat. 2 packs a month is what we buy for our Dutch Shepherd. The price is very good. Highly recommended. These treats are very good.

👤My little dog loves them, as did my little dog before her. Some of her friends like them so much that if I give them something inferior, they will turn up their noses. Not my dog! She will eat anything, but she is not happy about these. You can cut these to size for a Yorkie or St Bernard. Everyone is happy.

👤These treats are made from grass-fed beef, so they are free of wheat. I am allergic to thegluten and treat time was always marred by my fear of it on my fingers and counter. Our dogs are crazy for Newman's Jerky. The texture and size of them make us like them. They don't smell bad. They're moist enough to cut into smaller pieces for our three pups. Since our dogs are small, we can cut each treat into 16 to 25 pieces.

👤The 140z bag contains more than the smaller bag. The cost is more than the amount. Getting a whole bag free is like that. My dog loves the treats. She waits every morning for her "begin the day happiness". The description on Amazon says they are sticks. The squares are large. They are easy to eat. They're gone. Give them a test. Newman's Own is a caring brand. I love their philosophy.

👤My dog loves these treats because they have a potent smell and if I open the bag, he will run from across the porch. I have a picky dog who I sometimes have trouble persuading to come inside. Other treats don't help her. She won't come closer because she won't shake this bag of treats. If I open the bag and let the scent go to her, within 15 seconds she comes running and is licking her lips. That's great! The dogs love these treats so much they are my go to treat.

5. Science Diet Turkey Treats Flexi Stix

Science Diet Turkey Treats Flexi Stix

Glucosamine and Chondroitin can be used for joint health. Turkey is the #1 ingredient. The shape is easy to break. A rich flavor that will get tails wagging. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Brand: Hill's

👤I bought these because my roommate's dog had become sluggish and didn't have the energy to play anymore. He was 13 years old and seemed down in the dumps. I knew he was having some kind of pain because he would limp around sometimes. I looked online to see if he would benefit from the treats, but they were very expensive. I found this brand. I started giving him two treats a day. The stuff seemed to help his hip/joint pain go away. He started to act like his old self again. It is great to see him happy, and he loves this stuff. He is so excited when he sees the bag. If your dog needs a little pick-me-up, I recommend this stuff.

👤The Flexi-Stix are easy to break into small pieces and are suitable for dogs with missing teeth. You can break off small bits with light pressure from your thumbnail. The only downside is that they are smaller than anticipated. I don't have a bag anymore, but they are very short and slim. I can't remember. If you have a small dog, these are enough to pay for a few tricks. One stick would be gone in the blink of an eye if you had a big dog. I've found that the Hills Science Diet Jerky Strips are more substantial for big dogs, and are tough enough that they can be wedged into one of those open Kong-type balls, so that the big dog can at least work at pulling the Jerky Strip out. Small dogs and bigger dogs are referred to asDR Flexi-Stix.

👤I am not eating them. I don't know if the flavor is good, but my two pups seem to like it very much. My vet recommended this brand so I'm confident they are safe for my fur babies. I like that they are not very expensive. Overall, 5 stars.

👤After they devoured the first bag, I had to open the second one. I need to be careful with what I give them because one is overweight and the other has a condition called diabetes. I give them carrots as a treat because I want their teeth to be clean. Since I don't eat much red meat myself, and their food is weight management for both of their health needs, I wanted something they would enjoy that was a bit more "naughty" for them than mom's boring old carrots, green beans and frozen fruit or cantaloupe. It's hard to keep cutting up cantaloupe for them because of my own health issues. We're all a mess. We take care of each other. I added it to my subscription and save so my babies will get it every month, they loved all of the treats, I got them in all of the flavors. They need to be happy. They keep me happy.

👤It's easy to break up for small dogs. My dog eats poop, but she loves them. You can't go wrong with the science diet. The brand has a lot of good fats. My vet sells this. For a million dollars more. I trust my vet, but he told me that the treats stacked up. Feed your dog 25% and 10% fat. If it's high in fat, it's probably a good food. Do not use this as a supplement for your dog's food.

6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft Moist Venison

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft Moist Venison

There is a pack with real meat. The BLUE Wilderness Stix are made with wild salmon, venison, and halibut to cater to your dog's wild side. These soft-moist and meaty dog treats can be fed whole as an irresistible snack or broken into pieces to make them perfect training treats. There are dog treats that are free of the rain. Wilderness natural dog treats are grain free and contain no corn, wheat or soy, which is great for your dog. FeeDING GUIDELINES Wilderness Denali Stix dog treats are only intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding. There is a bag of BLUE Wilderness Denali Stix HighProtein Grain Free Soft-Moist Dog Treat.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤I don't know what it is, but I can't pronounce it, we have a 6 year old dog who has severe allergies to Chicken, Grass, some Trees, Bees and some other things. She is prone to Bladder Stones. She can't have Chicken because it's expensive and she has to eat a prescription dog food. We searched high and low and wasted a lot of money on products that claimed to be Chicken Free. Wilderness Blue is a great food for dogs and cats, and I stumbled upon it while looking at the products of the renowned chef. Who have allergies? I decided to give it a try because our vet would have approved if she didn't have the Bladder Stones. I ordered the biscuits for the girl. The person who loves them the most is Sophie. I bought several bags of flavors that don't have poultry in them. I ordered a few bags after seeing the sticks I saw when I ordered more biscuits. These are the things thatSophie loves. If you are like some people, and stink, stay away from these. These Sticks and the Biscuits are delicious. I mean...Stink. Stank. I gag when I open a bag. I don't know why these stink. I got over it because of the fact thatSophie loves them. I put her treats in a big jug. She's so smart that when she wants one, she'll sit in front of it and stare at it. The Biscuits and Sticks were approved by our vet. These are more expensive. Milk Bones or a box of cookies. I will continue to buy Blue Wilderness treats as long as they are good for our dog and she loves them. Not just an animal, but a part of our family as well. Blue Wilderness was thinking about a healthy product for our animals.

👤The Labra dog we adopted has severe allergies. We're still working on pin pointing the culprit but I have tried to put him on a very limited diet and include treats. We're trying to avoid these because they don't contain poultry, grain or beef, which he loves. They stink, but otherwise they're great! If your dog has food allergies, these might be the treat you're looking for.

👤There is an update. Thank you for a hassle free return. There is a white substance on the product in the sealed package. It looks like a bug. After opening the first bag. Nov 2020 is the final date. I threw it away because it would make my dog sick. Will try to get the other two bags back.

👤The item was received today with a best if used by January 2017!

👤These used to be great. The last two packages we received looked and smelled bad, even though they don't expire until August of 2020. I think the seller might have changed or received a bad shipment.

👤I have been searching for snacks for my mother's dog with allergies and I was sure she would like them. I thought I would give these a try because the dog loves Real Meat Venison Jerky. The dog wouldn't eat them. The dog refused to eat the food my mother gave him. I started a return on an order from Amazon. I had treats on my desk, but my kitten found them and tried to drag the bag away. I gave the kitten one of the treats and she started eating it. She tried to bury it after a few nibbles. The kitten ate the bag I gave her after she was interested in it again.

7. Jack Pup Bully Stick Treats

Jack Pup Bully Stick Treats

Jack&Pup's bully stick chews are great for dogs. The bag of 5 inch long irresistible natural dog treats has softer patty-like chew treats for dogs that will tickle his palate and relieve his tension and boredom. There may be different packaging. These healthy dog treats are made from grass fed beef that has been treated with hormones or antibiotics. The jerky strips are made in a sterile facility. What you see is what you get. The taste. Your puppy will be returning for more and more of these delicious bully sticks. Dogs of all ages and sizes love the natural flavor of beef and pork. The dog chew is a perfect treat for small dogs as well as young puppies and older canines as it has a softer consistency and texture for an easier chew. Great as a reward for good behavior. The nutty The vitamins and minerals in their bully sticks are essential for the growth and health of your dog. This is a treat that will help your dog's bone and muscle strength as well as promote healthy mouths, teeth and gums by removing plaque through the chewing motion. This is an amazing flight!

Brand: Jack & Pup

👤My dogs knew what was in the box when it arrived. They were able to smell it when I opened the box. I don't like the smell of many dog treats. These treats are easy to chew and my older one who is starting to have issues with hard, hard treats was able to eat these without any issues. I only gave them 1 at first to make sure they didn't have any issues, and only gave them 2 every other day. I have not seen either of them have any issues with these treats, even though I give them a few every other day. They have solid poops or anything else that goes wrong. The bag is large enough to hold things. My dogs love the treats.

👤I ordered these once before I looked for a substitute for my usual brand and my pups loved them. I was surprised to see they had changed. The first order was long and thin, the most recent order was shorter and thicker, and had a bit more humidity to them. pups still loved them. I went in to get a couple and found MOLD! I will keep them in the freezer from now on. I need to order them again. So disappointed.

👤My dogs like these treats. It seems to be their favorite as they know where I keep them and come begging for more. It keeps them busy for a while. It is good for my pups as it is full of vitamins and minerals so I can feel good about it.

👤When I first bought them, my dog used to love them. They were thin and soft. They are now thick and tough. My dog will choke on them if I break them down into 1/2” pieces. I have bought them 5 times hoping they would return to their original state. I guess not. No more for us. If you have a large dog, my poodle can't handle them.

👤Jack&Pup has a lot of different treats. My dogs have all loved them and this one is no exception. These treats are small enough to fit in my dog's mouth. When he likes something, you know it's good because he loves these. He comes running when I open the bag. I love that these are made in a sterile facility with the highest quality ingredients. The beef comes from animals that are free range. They've never been given antibiotics. Jack&Pup products are of the highest quality. You won't find a company that cares more about giving you a high quality product than this one.

👤My dog likes these treats. She likes every treat we have tried from this brand. They are made in the US and offer quality ingredients. She hears the crunch from the bag as soon as I walk by. These treats are exactly what they look like. They don't have the same smell as some of the others we've tried. I usually give them to her in bite sized pieces, as they break apart easily. The bag is a good size and there are a lot of treats in it.

8. Pup Peroni Original Flavor Snacks 25 Ounce

Pup Peroni Original Flavor Snacks 25 Ounce

There is a 25-Ounce bag of pup-peroni dog treats. There are dog snacks that are fat-free. Dogs can't resist the smell. There are tasty treats without guilt. It is easy to break into small pieces of soft jerky.

Brand: Pup-peroni

👤I started giving my dog these treats because she likes them. She started to have blood in her stool after she incorporated this treat into her diet. I was told by my vet to get her off of the treat because it was the only change in her life. After stopping the treat, there was no more blood. Everything came back negative after the vet did exams. The ingredients in the stick were most likely to have messed up her digestion.

👤I opened the two packages I purchased on 12/14. The sticks are hard when they should be soft. Both bags have an expired date in January of next year, so no air has leaked in. They are not sure why they are old. It's too much of a pain to send them back. I think I'll switch to a more dense type of bag to see if I can get better bags there.

👤"Go to" for my dogs. It's their morning treat. They expect it. Can't tell you if it's an organic treat or not. I love this product because I know they love them. I have a 10 year old French bulldog that looks like a young adult, so they must not be dangerous.

👤They are the same as Walmart if you buy them at the right time. My dogs love them. I break up the Red Dye #3 into 1” pieces and they get two or three per day. Did I say how much my dogs love these? They need to be somewhat junky. Right? I buy these when they are cheap at Amazon. Arrive quickly and fresh. There is a large bag.

👤The product looked like it had been sitting on a shelf for 13 years. The treats were very hard to break apart. I know how these treats should look and feel, I have purchased them many times from the local grocery store. I was very disappointed in Amazon for not monitoring their inventory quality and number of days in inventory. These treats are not for sale. Purchase from the store.

👤All 4 of my large dogs got sick from eating these snacks and we never had this issue before. G.I has a severe case of scurvy.

👤I have been giving these treats to my dogs for a long time. The last order was missing. The treats were very hard, and it was said that they were old. There was no preparation. My dogs know the date on the package. One of my dogs is sick. I won't give them this treat. I will be very careful of the treats I give. AMAZON, you need to be aware of this and hopeful. The other "flavors" of P.-Peroni treats have been good. It was just this "lean" flavor. That was not good.

👤I always bring treats with me when I deliver because some of the businesses have dogs there. I usually give the dogs Alpo snaps or Milk Bonemaro snacks, but these were cheap so I tried them. The sticks were given to 5 different dogs. All the dogs turned away and didn't want to be near them.

9. Blue Dog Bakery Treats Grain Free

Blue Dog Bakery Treats Grain Free

Beef Sticks are all natural and made with high quality USA premium beef. Each stick is packed with big taste and plenty of nutrition. Reward your dog whether you are at home or out on the range. USA Prime Beef is the most popular ingredient, with no artificial ingredients or binders. Their mission has been to pack their treats with healthy ingredients. All of their treats are free of artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. Premium, healthy ingredients grown on American farms are the basis of all of their treats. They're made for dogs, but they only use human-grade ingredients for their treats. Dog treat alternative. They started making healthy treats in 1998. They were the first all natural, premium and low fat dog treat option to be nationally distributed.

Brand: Blue Dog Bakery

👤My dog has a lot of food allergies. He develops a horrible rash after eating food. It's hard to find treats without those ingredients. These Beef Sticks are very popular with my dogs. They are easy to divide into 2, 3, or 4 bites. It's easy for my oldest and youngest dogs. They don't have an offensive smell and are not greasy. My Golden dog has not developed a rash from these treats. Will definitely buy again if nothing changes. Let me know if my review is helpful to you. Thanks!

👤The pouch that they came in was a little tore up after my dog opened his present. So as you can see in the pictures I have posted. I put the remaining treats in the air tight container. I would treat my dog every couple of days until January 24, 2020 when my dog will be old enough to be euthanized. This is what I saw when I looked at Mister Dog Sticks. I shared photos with Blue Dog. To make it short, Blue Dog said that they would like to give me a coupon for 10% off my next purchase. That is very kind. Not! I'm pretty sure that Blue Dog won't be purchased for my dog in the future. 10% off!

👤My service dog loves them. She was able to show me the treat she wanted after I learned that they are called Deli Sticks. I found the smell odd, but I didn't know what the problem was with the aroma or the taste of a nice treat. I've always been told not to give dogs pepper so I'm going to check that out before I order another bag. I'll be surprised if the pepper is a problem, considering the other healthy ingredients in these treats. I recommend these treats for your dogs if you are comfortable giving them a little pepper or if you confirm that it's safe.

👤My dog likes these deli sticks. She starts licking her chops when I reach for the bag. It has a great treat and a great smell. It is less expensive through Amazon than it is in the store. I couldn't find it in several pet stores that I looked at.

👤I bought these to use with the Qwizl Interactive Treat for dogs. I put one in the cookie ball. He spends a lot of time chewing and trying to get the beef stick out of there. He stopped chewing on household items that were definitely not ok. I use these as a treat when I try to get him to bring me his ball. The beef stick is soft enough that I can pinch off a small bite as a reward. I trust the items I purchase from Blue Dog Bakery so I was willing to try them for the first time.

👤I always look for good quality treats for my dog. I have to choose his treats carefully because he has a bad stomach. These smell like beef. I wanted to see if he could tell. They smell like meat and not chemicals. I will buy these treats again because they have great ingredients, good packaging, and the brand is one I can trust to provide me with a product I can feel good about feeding to my dog. Try them out! I'm sure your pupper will love them.

10. Best Bully Sticks 6 Inch Natural

Best Bully Sticks 6 Inch Natural

100% All-Natural Beef. Their joint jerky is made from high-quality, free-range, grass-fed angus beef and provides an excellent alternative to rawhide. Their joint jerky is free of hormones or harmful chemicals and is rich inGlucosamine and Chondroitin. Their joint jerky is long-term and durable, and it promotes dental health. Each stick of jerky is high in essential vitamins and high in calories. These 100% digestible dog chews are completely safe for your pet and made of natural beef.

Brand: Best Bully Sticks

👤This product is vastly different from Best Bully Sticks, so be aware of the reviews you read. All of the bags I've purchased have had dark brown pieces. The bag was very thin, variable in size, and had bully stick bites. Which is not the worst thing. The smell is bad. The smell was the same as the last bag of bite pieces. If you get a bag like this, you can return it since Best Bully Sticks has great service, but there must be a supply shortage of their raw materials and they are now producing crap. They should stop selling products until they get quality stock again.

👤I bought other products from Best Bully, but I had to get them for Cash the Border Collie, because of the lightening deal. There is a I wasn't sure what to do with them. I don't like giving Cash big treats if it's a special occasion. I opened the package and found a full Joint Jerky for him. You can see him in a picture. He chewed it until it was gone. It took several minutes. There is a I broke them in half after the first one and then the last one. They are hard to break by hand. They are similar to a JOINT in that they are stringy. It is best to cut them with kitchen scissors. He loved them full size, but they broke in half or tiny pieces. The Joint Jerky treats were at least 12 inches in length.

👤These are the best dog treats on the planet. I have gotten them from Best Bully Sticks for years and have given them to more than 20 different dogs and I have never seen a single one refuse it or abandon it. They love it as much as humans do their version. It will lure a dog running around the neighborhood after it escapes through an open door. Until you shake the bag and wave it in their direction. It was a bang! A dog is wagging its tail.

👤I was very satisfied with the other Best Bully Stick products. The Joint Jerky Bites are not in the value pack. Many of the smaller pieces have fat. I don't think dogs love them. Not for indoor feeding. The best Bully Stick customer was contacted. The value pack consists of the ends of the sticks that are different from each other. The short ends have more fat but are not different from the longer cuts. I was asked to donate the unused portion of the $26.99) back to them. My dogs will be offered the longer pieces.

👤One of my dogs likes these, but not much else. There were little black beetles and a lot of crumbs of either chewed treats or droppings in this batches. I only found two beetles. I can't trust this brand again. This is a real problem.

👤I have bought these 15 times. The quality has gone downhill. I found a weird string embedded in the chews and they looked thinner and had a strange look to them. I called the company and was promised a replacement. They took my information and never replaced it. I didn't take pictures. If you want a company that doesn't lie to you and stands behind their product, then this company is for you. I will not buy from them again. I noticed they were thin the last few times, but I have never complained. There are better products out there. Don't take a chance with your dog's health.

11. Jerky Treats Strips Joint Health

Jerky Treats Strips Joint Health

These are the best beef treats for dogs and puppies. They are made from free-range, grass-fed cattle. They are free of rawhide, long- lasting and packed with calories. A guilt-free snack that your dog will love. Their facilities have been inspected and approved to provide clean, safe and healthy canine snacks. Dog dental care is important. The natural puppy and dog dental bully jerky help to remove harmful plaque and tartar. Let your dog chew on the dental treats. The jumbo chews have a lot of flavor and have little to no smell. Junior will be wagging his tail in no time. Their jerky is packed with chondroitin and Glucosamine to help improve and strengthen joints and hips, and your dog will love chewing on it. They are a great alternative to supplements that keep your dog in tip-top shape. Premium beef jerky for dogs and puppies is made in South American facilities to ensure the healthiest and safest dog chews. The plant is in compliance with the strictest of quality assurance standards. Their facilities are up to governing body and USA standards, which leads to a superior product. Unlike many jerkies and treats, their jerky is not stinky or messy. Their strips are made from a single beef muscle and have no grease or smell. Your dog will go crazy for the smell that remains.

Brand: Pawstruck

👤My 6 and a half pound chihuahua mix has not eaten anything other than these treats. He is the most picky dog I have ever known, and he has been a doggy parent to. We have stopped eating dog food. There is nothing that can be done to get him to eat, and any cat or human food he will eat, he always has to have an audience, if there are no other animals or humans around to show off his meal to. Period. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on various brands of dog food and treats to try and find something he likes, but always end up giving other dogs. There is a I was gobsmacked when he took the treats to another room to be left alone with this jerky, because he was so invested in them. He has had steak before, he has had lots of chicken, and he has never done that. Ever. He eats these in 15-20 minutes, even though they are expensive, and he is excited to eat a product for dogs for the first time. I am willing to keep paying for these to keep him fed and happy.

👤A good treat for dogs. I lost a baby last week. When I brought these to her, I could still see her wagging her tail even when she wasn't feeling well. They are thin enough for her to be able to eat easily and digest well. She had a very sensitive tummy and skin and the ingredients were well-tolerated. Thank you for allowing me to show her some tastiness.

👤These are great, but my dog hated them. I was not prepared for the "natural" smell of the treats, so I did not open the bag and point it away from my face. You. Are. You are welcome.

👤My dog likes these. However, they are very thin. She has had difficulty with these. She is a power chewer and quick eater, so she chews off big bites of these and they come off easily. She tries to swallow whole when she chews thicker chews because they divide into bigger strips. If you have a dog that chews slowly or takes a long time to gnaw on a pig ear or bully stick, these may be a great treat.

👤My F2 is fond of them. They are dog treats, but this is not a normal cat. He gets almost everything marketed as a dog. They were thinner than I anticipated. I broke them up for him to avoid him trying to swallow them all. It was easy to break. Would be perfect for big dogs.

👤When I tried to break them into smaller pieces, they were so dry and shattered that they were hard to break. I threw them away because my dog couldn't chew them. I don't know if they are all dry or if they were bad, but I won't test them on my dog again. Would not recommend it.

👤I was looking for natural dog bones and saw the star rating and thought they were a good choice. The results were less than friendly after giving my Morkie only half of the weight. These are a very concerning texture that a dog could easily choke on, and they gave my dog GI issues, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. I was left with no idea where they were made after looking at the back of the package to see where they were made. I don't recommend these bones, but after reading other reviews, it appears I'm not alone. I don't know how the star rating for these is so high. I wouldn't recommend these for small breeds.


What is the best product for dog jerky sticks?

Dog jerky sticks products from Nudges. In this article about dog jerky sticks you can see why people choose the product. Jerky Treats and Newman's Own are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog jerky sticks.

What are the best brands for dog jerky sticks?

Nudges, Jerky Treats and Newman's Own are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog jerky sticks. Find the detail in this article. Hill's, Blue Buffalo and Jack & Pup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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