Best Dog Jackets for Medium Dogs Waterproof

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1. Kurgo Reversible Weather Water Resistant Reflective

Kurgo Reversible Weather Water Resistant Reflective

It's possible, reliable, and adjusted. The dog vest is great for keeping your dog warm during the cold months and the warm months when out on walks, hikes, and runs. There is reflective piping for visibility in the dark. Water resistance and light weight: The right amount of coverage is needed for a loft dog jacket to keep your dog warm. For complete freedom of movement, an athletic fit is needed. Water resistant, microtomic, ripstop material is more durable than other jackets. WEAR WITH HARNESS: The coat has a zip on the back that allows access to the dog's harness. It's easy to walk, run, or hike during the cold months. Air dry, machine wash gentle. Size and fit are important. Please measure your dog around the widest part of the chest and lower neck, then refer to the size chart for the correct size. Depending on the dog's shape, back coverage will vary.

Brand: Kurgo

👤When the German Shepherd comes back into the house after the snow or rain, I have less of him to wipe down and dry. This coat is "PERFECT" I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I wasn't sure if he would take it off or just chew it up. Zeus was not interested in less. It didn't bother him at all. He wore it for two hours here in Michigan. It's only ounces. It slips over your dog's head, and you just put the "T" shape under his chest. There is a lot of wiggle room. The Zeus is 100 lbs. He has a neck of 25" and a chest of 37" I ordered the large one. He was all white from the snow. We shook the snow off of the coat. It was not wet. So was Zeus. I would recommend this to any dog owner who wants to keep their dog dry. It's not keeping your dog warmer than those thicker coats, but they will stay dry when they come back in the house. The title says "coat", but the description says it's a dog accessory. It doesn't state that it is a coat for dogs. Keep in mind what you will purchase. Happy holidays, thanks for reading. BYE.

👤He loves it! Our Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback has an X-large. From the neck to the tail. The widest part of the rib cage/chest is 29" round neck. This is perfect for any jacket he purchases. He can't stay balanced because of his arthritis. It is very easy to hug on him and put the pieces together on his underside. The fur doesn't cling to the slick material. Like a sleeping bag. He had to go with Lime green as it was the only color that was available in x-large at the time and it couldn't work for him as the hard tooth Velcro side would rub his skin. There is no fur in that area. He doesn't mind the green though as he says it's all about comfort for him. He can do his business without obstruction because the jacket is cut perfectly on the underside.

👤The Doby is always cold, I have a Doberman and a husky. He doesn't want to play outside very long with the Husky. I was not able to find a jacket that was long enough to cover his back. He's 70ish lbs but has a 30" back. And with the deep belly... He is a hard dog to fit in. When the back belly strap hangs low, they pee on it. There is a The jacket met all the marks. I love it! It's not very thick. It's a good weight. If you want a healthy, active dog, you need a weight that's below 15F. The XXXL is better than the XXL. It is a flattering shape. It looks good. He can wear his backpack over it. To keep it waterproof, I never wash it with detergent, just the Nikwax Tech wash. It's machine wash and dry. He likes it and he doesn't like jackets. It is very sticky. Maybe too much... A few threads have been pulled. Its not the highest quality... You're looking at paying over $60. The jacket is amazing for the price. Absolutely worth your purchase.

2. SCPET Waterproof Windproof Apparel Weather

SCPET Waterproof Windproof Apparel Weather

The new reflective stripes and IPX 5 waterproof material are perfect for hiking and outdoor, reflective pipe for visibility in the dark. Their dog cold weather coats have an upgrade leg rope that is more fit for the body to comfortable and you can help your pet. The high collar and magic strip make it easy to adjust and relieve the pressure on the dog's scarfskin and hair. The dog outfits are made of high quality thick polar fleece, the inner layer has a cotton design, the outer layer is waterproof, and snow-proof. Your dog will not feel cold. If you want to purchase a large size coat for your dog, you should take each measurement a bit lightly, so there will be room for the coat. If you have a dog winter clothes size problem, please contact them.

Brand: Scpet

👤My dog is a pitbull. He is 85 pounds. I ordered a 3x because his chest is so big. He found a jacket that goes around his chest and still has a small room. It's not a big deal that it's a little bit longer than his body. Great purchase. It is soft on the inside and waterproof on the outside. It's easy to put on.

👤He isn't sure he likes it, but his mom does. It keeps him warm on the cold days. The 3xl fits him perfectly.

👤I have an 83 pound dog that I wouldn't consider to be overweight. I received this in a 2X and it was too snug on him. It took me two months to get the next one sent to me from China. It is fantastic, but it has been a long time since it came. The first one I ordered took less time to get to me. The 3X took a long time. I don't know why. The inside is soft and water resistant, but not heavy or bulky. There are no issues with getting on your dog. It's made of Velcro. My dog likes it. He used to have a sweater, but now he has this, which covers a lot more space, and it goes all the way up to the top of his neck. There are two rubber bands that your dog has to put through his back feet to make sure that they don't go up on him. You don't need them. Just for an extra thing. It is a good investment for the price. I have seen more expensive ones that have done less and looked less quality. I mean pet stores and a chewy which are both complete rip offs. I can't figure out how a company can have commercials that say they're cheaper than people. Petsmart Petco are the same as what you get from Amazon. I suggest that you always go up one size at the minimum for your dog. Don't worry, it has a hook. Unless you are looking for a snug fit, we barely fit your dog with the Velcro and tight around his neck. It is very visible to people. I would go with the red color if you were looking for that.

👤It is a dog coat, and a dog has got to pee, so it could be cuter, thicker, longer, cover his ears, and all that jazz. It is a great coat and fit. Astro was ordered for XXXXL. He is on the larger side for a dog. I have never tried to slip his legs into the back elastics, it works great without the bother. I love that the neck can be folded or unfolded. I usually unfold it for him to wear outside if it's cold. He doesn't mind the easy on and off. It only takes a second. I like the design and function.

👤When I take my dog home from work, I have to take the harness off and put it back on because the coat doesn't fit without it. The harness can be worn under the coat and the leash/harness' D ring can connect when the little spot is opened. My dog is a senior and gets cold easily, but this coat keeps him warm as it also covers his chest and stomach, instead of just the two narrow straps some coats have at the neck and stomach. It's warm, easy to get on/off, and can be worn over a harness, so I would give it 10 stars. Great looking!

3. Kyeese Waterproof Windproof Reflective Adjustable

Kyeese Waterproof Windproof Reflective Adjustable

The dog wax jacket is waterproof and windproof, it keeps your dog warm and stylish in the winter. The reflective part on the neck and the waist offers safety when walking on the night. It is easy to put on and take off with a hook and loop on the neck and waist. Dog jacket with specially slected plaid pattern lining inside, makes it soft to your dog's skin, and also cute to look. If there is a problem with the jacket, please contact them so they can make it right.

Brand: Kyeese

👤One of our goats got sick earlier this month and lost weight, but I don't blanket them. I decided to give him a blanket while he was bulking up. He is a Nigerian dwarf who is 45 pounds and wears an XL. He does not have to worry about his ability to urinate because the wrap around his waist fits perfectly. I don't have to worry about him getting caught and stuck because of the safety features of the Velcro. I only had to make a small adjustment since he is narrower than a dog. It can't be beat for the price.

👤I have never had a complaint about the construction of the other KYEESE dog jackets I have purchased. They will or will not fit your dog. I have a 16 month old mini golden dog that is 32 lbs, has a back length of 22 inches, and hair that is more poodle like than the typical dog coat. I have 2 jackets that are winter-proof. The KYEESE model is too small in the back length for my dog and the XXL model is too large in the neck and chest for my dog. The fleece grabbing his hair is the reason I have kept them both. The main subject of this review is the waterproof Windproof version, which has more of a flannel lining and is more prone to slides because of the excess room in the chest. They only cinch up to a point. The jacket was returned. This winter has been cold in central NJ. The fleece lined version is warm and for the most part my dog does not mind wearing them except when the XXL coat catches a wind from behind and all but slides the coat off of him.

👤I love it! A stylish dual warm flannel lining is on the outside. My 10 year old yorkie won't let me bend his legs to put feet in any clothing I'm guessing due to arthritis, so I use a strap around his neck and belly. I ordered it according to the size chart and it fit him perfectly.

👤The pros are 1. It has a waterproof exterior. Nice colors inside and out. It is poorly constructed. My dog wore it out in a month. I had to sew the belly strap back on after it came un-sewn from the jacket. 2. The length across the back is too short and doesn't go all the way down to the tail, so no matter what size you buy for your dog, it won't be warm. 3. It's just a single layer of vinyl on the outside and a single layer of flannel on the inside, with no padding between. I bought it because it doesn't provide real warmth. It's more of a rain jacket.

👤Happy it fit! The last two did not. It is not supposed to stretch. The chart appears to be accurate. My dog likes to wear it, she isn't trying to shake it off like some of the others I've had. There is a small flaw in the material shown in the third picture which I cannot pick off and I don't want to rip the material. There is a flaw in the material that I can't get off, so I can't get a credit from Amazon.

4. LESYPET Leather Waterproof Winter Jacket

LESYPET Leather Waterproof Winter Jacket

The dog jacket is made of water resistant faux leather and has a soft fleece lining. The dog coat with cute fur collar and button decoration is cool and stylish. It is easy to put on and take off, it is clean by machine wash, and it is water resistant. A great gift for small dogs like chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy poodle, Maltese, Pomeranian, make your puppy the most fashion star when walking out. The M neck and chest girths are recommended for dogs of 8 to 12 lbs. Pick the larger measurement if it is between two sizes.

Brand: Lesypet

👤I have been shopping for coats all over the place trying to find one that was high quality, warm and fit my chihuahua but had no luck until I found this one! I have to say... I love this one! I'll list off the reasons I like it. It's actually warm. No more cold puppies! It's more than one layer. A very fluffy cottoney layer covering the entire inside of the coat, some small cloth layer after that, and a leather-like material on the outside that blocks wind really well. Many of the coats I bought for him were flimsy. This one is really nice. There's also the big, fluffy faux fur around the neck. 2. It actually works. I ordered the coat based on the weight of my little guy and it fit perfectly. I had gone through many that were either too large or small. This one works out perfectly. His arms were not too tight or loose like others. He doesn't pee all over the coat when he takes a pee. It leaves a nice gap so he can go to the bathroom. 3. It looks great! He looks like a little guy in the pictures. I had him try a lot of the other coats. This one makes him look like a really nice guy. I love it! Everyone that sees him in it. It definitely draws attention and sparks a lot of conversations so be prepared for that. A lot of people like the way it looks. The stitching on some of the coats fell apart before I put it on him. This one looks like high quality stitching. 5. This coat is the cheapest one I've ever purchased. Due to my past experiences, I really wasn't expecting much here. I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on him and took him for a walk in it. My little guy wears a harness instead of a leash and I would love to see that change. I would like to see a small slit in the back to allow the ring to pass. I had to cut my own and stitch it up, because I saw that there was an added layer of warmth in there. I will recommend it to my puppies little friends, because I absolutely love it.

👤This is the warmest jacket I have found. It's perfect for the cold mornings in Arizona. The quality is better than I expected. The XL fits him perfectly, as he is 12 pounds. My chihuahua is 9 pounds and long, so I got her an XL, but it's too big around the chest area. I'll try the large. I hope the pics will give a better idea of the size.

👤This is very cute and warm. When it was 2 degrees outside, our dog was very happy to have a faux sheepskin lining. Our dog has no problem moving while wearing the leather/vinyl coat. It looks like we paid at least 3x the price, and it does not feel cheap at all. This is a coat for small dogs. Our small dog is 9 lbs and is a Havanese. She has a large coat. I looked at the other reviews to see what worked for her. I almost went for a medium, but I am glad we bought the large. This doesn't pull on her tummy and has snaps to keep the coat in place. A great purchase. Maybe should have gone with the medium. Her legs are getting lost in the coat. A great coat!

5. Didog Weather Jacket Winter Clothes

Didog Weather Jacket Winter Clothes

Please make sure to measure your dog for the correct size before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit. All size S won't fit your baby because he wears size S. If the measurements are between two sizes, choose the larger one. Light weight and waterproof are the qualities of the jacket. Let your dog play outside. It is easy to put on and take off. The stitching has been done strongly and the D-rings on the back can be attached to the leash and create a harness function. Please contact me if you are not happy with the product quality or service. They will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

Brand: Didog

👤I like this coat. It's not easy to put on. To get a proper fit, you need to measure your dog. The small girl is 10in tall, has a chest 17in long and weighs 11 lbs. The large was the perfect size for her. A medium size girl is named Mandy. The neck is 15in, the chest is 21in and the length is 35llbs. She was in between the two. I wanted the length to be longer. I took in about 1in on each side after purchasing the 5xl. It works great for her. The coat is great and the price is even better.

👤I have returned more than 5 different jackets because they were too small, too big, or too short, and they were cut in a way that made them too small for my puppy. I have a slender Boston Terrier who needed a long vest and this vest fits her perfectly. I could fit my arm in the jacket under her tummy, but what does that cold air do? If they aren't close to her tummy, it defeats the purpose. This vest covers her tummy and her butt, then the top covers her hips. She doesn't shiver anymore and she doesn't mind putting it on and letting me zip it. As she moved around, others had the same problem. This product is highly recommended.

👤We went for their " Large" since it was too big for her, but she was too small for it. We'll try to exchange it for a small, but I think it may be too big. I will update once we get it. It's difficult to find something that will fit her because she has broad chests and small waists.

👤When they told me to get a medium, I was worried. I have a dog. It fits perfectly. It's easy to put on, I've used it less than a dozen times. My dog is well trained. He waits for me to zip the harness. It just broke. This harness has not seen a hard day of work in it's life and the zip just fell off. Completely. I didn't do anything. I pulled the zipper down to reset it after it separated.

👤I have a dog. This coat is cute and keeps him warm. He loves it. It's too long, it gets in the way when he goes to pee, and I have to hold it up so it doesn't get wet. This coat is a great quality.

👤The dog coat is perfect. This was an amazing find for the price. It zips on the top of the back. A set of rings for attaching a leash in the area that a harness would attach atop the back is included. It is long enough to cover the top of the tail and the underside of the tail so that your pup won't pee on it. The fabric is waterproof and has a nice puffy coat style. The fit is perfect if you follow the instructions. When you try to dress my king Charles up, he doesn't like wearing anything, he doesn't like a bow in her hair, and she isn't usually the most cooperative little girl. She cooperated because you put the 2 front paws into the arm holes on the bottom. She was a bit frightened by the sound. I am certain that it will be fine because it didn't hurt or cause her grief. She looked like a High Class Ski Princess when I looked at her after putting it on.

6. IREENUO Waterproof Rainproof Adjustable Reflective

IREENUO Waterproof Rainproof Adjustable Reflective

IREENUO dog raincoat is made of waterproof nylon fabric and fleece lined material to keep it dry in the rain. The rain and dirt can be easily removed from the waterproof surface. Dogs can enjoy the freedom of movement and no longer get wet on rainy days with the waterproof dog coat. It is a perfect match for winter. This dog coat is made of fleece to keep it warm in winter. The best companion for outdoor activities. The widened and Lengthened Velcro makes the dog jacket stay firmly in place, unlike the traditional dog raincoats, which can be changed to fit different dogs. There are reflective stripes on the back of the rainproof jacket. The night walk needs to be improved. The reinforced edge of the harness hole on the neck is very strong. Medium and large dogs are recommended for this waterproof dog coat. Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. If your dog's measurement is between two sizes, please choose the larger one.

Brand: Ireenuo

👤It's easy to use. There are no buttons for old people. Your dog is like Superman. I put it on my dog and he took off. There were dashes of red here and there. He stopped to put some soil in the grass of his neighbors. He ran again. I think he's still running now that it's dark. 6 hours is a good amount of time. I'm sure he will be fine. It needs to be run off a little. The crazy dog ran by me on the way to my car. I am trying to get to work and he goes with the flag off the neighbor. He cut his eyes to see what he was doing. Day 3 was edited. He's taunting me. He will let me pet him as he runs up and down. He goes crazy when I take his coat off. You name it, it's barking. He ran off again after throwing me. Day 4 was the last day of it. In 4 days, that coat didn't come off. He growls when I try to take it off. I will give him meatballs and canned cheese. I think he likes his coat. 5 stars.

👤It was easy to put on. Excellent quality and fit. The Doberman gets cold in the rain. The coat is perfect. I was happy that this worked because it was hard to find a fit for his big barrel chest. We ordered a second one for our puppy. A little big. She will grow!

👤The reviews mentioned Doberman and I chose this brand of jacket. The strap under the belly has a lot of Velcro to keep it securely attached. My Dobie is 70 lbs and tall, but this jacket fit him well, and has room for adjustments as he grows. The blue and grey looked nice and the reflective strips were brighter than I had expected. I thought the jacket would be heavier in thickness but it seems to be plenty warm. My short haired boy is cold in the winter because of the rapid drop in temperature. The outer shell of this jacket is water resistant and it will keep him warm and dry. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤She likes her new jacket. Its not heavy. She doesn't like getting rained or snowed on. There is no need for a tail strap. I wish there were more colors to choose from. I got the 3xl. She is 19 around the neck, 36 around the girth and 28 long. Big for a female dog.

👤This is for my golden retriever to keep his coat dry. It was easy to off with the velcro. The fleece lining is water resistant. The dog is warm and dry. I ordered a large one. My dog is very broad in his shoulders. It doesn't have a lot of room to spare on the neck. There are a lot of overlap under the belly. When walking or playing, it does not come undone because of its sturdy nature. Very happy with the purchase.

7. Didog Fleece Lined Winter Small

Didog Fleece Lined Winter Small

The sleeveless winter vest is specially cut for small dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, so you can wear it all year. Measure the circumference of the largest part of the chest. If there are two sizes, please follow the size chart and size up. Keep your dog warm all winter long, with an inner fleece with turtleneck design that keeps him warm in the nippy weather, and a splash-proof layer made with 100% nylon that helps keep your dog dry from rain or light snow. The small fleece dog vest is lightweight and easy to clean. The gun is anti-ZIPPED. The top zip on the back is stronger and easier to put on and take off than a snap button. A dog's fur or skin can get stuck when it zips up, and it's a very painful experience. The Didog sports vest has two D rings on the back for short walks without a dog collar or harness. If your dog is a strong puller, they recommend limiting the usage. The reflective strip on each side is very visible near street lights or head lights. Full coverage and warmth is ensured by the elastic fabric edging and elastic band on the belly.

Brand: Didog

👤This jacket is very nice. Continue reading until you get to the part about ripping. The stripe is reflective. She's difficult to see at night because she's mostly black. The stripe helps. It's easy to put on, but not around the neck. Her hair is long and the guard for the zip up doesn't go all the way up. That is not a big deal. I think it will keep her warm. The tabs on the back are already being ripped by less than a month after using it. I don't think I'll be able to use it much longer. There is a rip on one side of the picture.

👤The coat was good quality and design. It was too large and not usable because it was at the top end of all dimensions. Any site identified return could be free and include shipping. They refused to pay shipping costs when I needed to return it to China, so I had to package it, print shipping labels, and pay to return it to China. The seller admitted that it would cost more than the price of the product. They offered a 50% refund, not the full one. They have not communicated in any way after I sent additional messages that I could accept them giving the smaller size.

👤I've been trying to find clothes that fit my dog. Even though she is small, she still has a long back, which makes finding a jacket that covers her in the winter very difficult. We live in NYC where it is too cold for her to enjoy time at the park in a coat, so a warm coat is necessary for her to enjoy time with her friends. I needed a harness built in, so I found this jacket. My dog's harnesses were rubbing a spot on her arm, no matter how many I tried. Getting a harness to fit over a coat is not comfortable for her. I needed a harness and coat combo for her arm to heal. This was perfect. The inside is very warm and the outside is water and snow-proof. The price is better than other options I was looking at. I can't believe how well it fits her, all the way down her back. The loops for the leash are sturdy and work well for her. I found this product and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to find a warm coat for their dog. If you follow the size chart, you can see if your dog's dimensions fall into any of the categories. The chart is accurate.

👤We bought this coat for our dog. It fit perfectly and we did measure before. We put on the harness, then the coat, and finally the leash, because of the winter time. This coat is amazing. Attach the leash to the coat, then put it on. It looks great, it has saved a lot of hassle. It is also reflective. Also, note: Your dog will not stretch at all, you need to make sure. It's a must buy.

8. Vecomfy Fleece Collar Waterproof Cotton

Vecomfy Fleece Collar Waterproof Cotton

Fleece Collar, Super Warm,High Quality Soft Fleece lining, keep your puppy warm in the cold. Premium waterproof fabric, dark blue and blue stitching design, more fashion. There is a strip at the bottom of the zip up to avoid hurting dog hair. Elastic Band on hind legs, easy to put on and take off, wind-proof. The chest size of a dog is related to the back length of the dog's clothes. When measuring, don't be tight.

Brand: Vecomfy

👤My Yorkie tolerates this coat. The elastic rear leg straps keep the end of the coat in place, but they drive him crazy. It stays in place even without using them. There's a buttonhole to put a leash through to attach to a collar, as well as a small opening down the back that is perfect for attaching a leash to a harness. The faux fur lining/collar is soft and water resistant, but not as waterproof as a raincoat. It seems like it keeps my little guy dry. If your dog doesn't like having his head put through a pullover, be aware that it's a pullover with a hook-and-loop closure. There is also elastic for hind legs. Even on a small terrier, it goes on very easily.

👤Chubbs loves this jacket and we have had it for a month. He is a 50lb sharpei mix and we got a xx-large to fit him. The soft collar is big enough for his neck and the velcro makes it easy to get it on his body. The leash is connected with a zip up opening under the jacket. The back leg elastic straps were cut off because they were not needed. It's a perfect jacket for the Chicago winter.

👤I bought this for my dog. He doesn't like coats made for dogs with thick necks. The coat is not for rain. The first time I put it on him, we had rain. The coat was soaked all the way through to his skin. We haven't had a lot of snow yet, but it has kept my dog warm and dry. The best thing about this coat is that the tabs are behind his legs. I only found one coat that had enough distance between the tabs and straps to keep a male dog from peeing on it. The coat gets sprayed because it is too long under the belly. This one has a cutout. The tabs are short, so you have to be careful to press them firmly, or they won't hold. This coat is water resistant and has straps instead of tiny tabs.

👤The coat was easy to put on and stayed in place. He has a long body and a thick neck. The collar can be folded. The elastic loops for the back legs were not too tight or loose, and my dog appeared to have no difficulty in any of his activities.

👤I ordered two of these for my two small poodles, and I'm happy with the warmth they provide! The thickness and weight of the jacket are similar. They provide a good shield against cool temperatures, even though there's no padding or insulation. Our winters are mild in the USA, and I live in a warmer area. These are ideal for our weather, and maybe even warmer than we need. I grew up in the snow belt and would love to have something like this. You can connect a collar or thread a leash at the top of the whee. One is small above the neck cuff. The back of the coat has a harness on it. If you don't want to use it, it's larger and zips shut. There are loops to put their back legs through, so the coat will stay in place in windy weather, and the flaps that circle your pet's chest and attach with velcro. I would give the fabrics and construction five stars. The leg loops are a great feature and would be easy to replace if Fluffy or Fido pulls them loose. I think these are water resistant enough to keep pets dry in a light rain, but they don't seem to be waterproof. It's difficult to tell the puppies apart when they're on the run, so I bought two colors. To determine what size you need, you should measure the back length of your pet as well as the widest area of the chest. I'd buy these coats again, I'm very happy with them.

9. Kyeese Windproof Reflective Waterproof Adjustable

Kyeese Windproof Reflective Waterproof Adjustable

The dog jacket is designed for waterproof and windproof, so it keeps your dog warm in the winter. The harness hole and reflective part on the neck and the body offer safety when walking on the night. The dog jacket has a soft fleece lining that makes it comfortable to your dog's skin. It's easy to put on and take offElastic leg straps are added for extra secure on windy days and can be put on and taken off easily. If there is a problem with the jacket, please contact them so they can make it right.

Brand: Kyeese

👤I'm finding that a jacket that fits well on Dog A may not work on Dog B even if the fit guide says the owners should both buy the same size. I have found that ordering a size up was a good decision for this product. A "large" fits my Border Terrier perfectly. The stretchy rear leg straps are a bit weird, and I wonder how durable they will be, but my dog tolerates them, and they do help snug the jacket around his hindquarters. Scooter's jacket shed water nicely while I was getting my ski parka wet, as we just came in from a walk. It's a plus that the trim is reflective. If it fits your dog, you'll like it.

👤As we are out a lot, the 7 month old German Shepherd needs a jacket. She wore this jacket 3 times before a tummy strap fell off rendering it into a sort of cape. I bought the sewing needles and dental floss on Amazon again to reinforce the poorly sewn seams. I don't appreciate shoddy quality on clothing of any sort, but the cost wasn't astronomical. When it comes to seams. If your dog is a goofy goober, knucklehead maximus, the straps are going to need reinforcement, so I think this jacket would be great for older, less active dogs.

👤It's easy to put on and take off. It's perfect for a Pug's back, don't fold it up at the end. Your best friend can be seen in the dark with the reflective accents on the exterior. I purchased 3 of them and would highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing them. They would be perfect at twice the price.

👤It was nice, but the sizes are too small.

👤These are good for wet weather. The reflective stripes on them make it easy to see the dogs at night. The leg straps work great, we don't use them. I cut them off. We leave the neck strap together and just slip over their heads and they are out the door. I would recommend them to you.

👤The elastic leg bands stretched to the max on my 10 Ib maltese was too small. Half of her back was covered by a coat. The size is not accurate. I will be returning for sure.

👤The belly straps need to be reinforced because they are tearing already. My mom is not a huge deal for me but for someone else.

👤I bought the 3xl for my german shepherd and it fits nicely. When the temperature gets below freezing, it will add some extra warmth. It was very easy to put on her. I recommend that you size up.

10. VOOPET Snowproof Windproof Waterproof Weather

VOOPET Snowproof Windproof Waterproof Weather

Before buying, be sure to tell your dog's owner the length of his neck, chest, and back. If you want a small dog coat, you should not choose the size without measuring. Dogs are very warm in the winter. The dog jacket is windproof and snowproof. Good coat for dogs. The cold weather dog jacket will bring warmth to your pet. It's easy on and off. The voopet puppy dog jacket has a snap design that makes it easy to take off. The fleece jacket for dogs with belly velcro design can be adjusted to fit the dog better and warmer. You can use an elastic leash on the hind legs to keep the dog's clothes on. There is a deficiency in the hood. Get your dog a small outfit for winter. The voopet dog jacket is a great choice. The dog has a coat with a hood. It is very warm when it is put on, and it can prevent wind, rain and snow. If your dog has a lot of time indoors, you can remove it. Clean up. You can wash and dry the outer layer with a wet wipe. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Voopet

👤I love the color, the snaps, the warmth, and the water resistance in rain and snow. She is cold in the house without it, but she likes wearing it. If the coat is left on too long, the elastic that extends from the front part of the thigh to the back part of the buttocks will cause red inflammation. The garment stays clean if you eliminate it outside. I will change the elastic to a less strong kind, but I would recommend it.

👤I got a medium for my dog. I think it's a perfect fit. I can put her vest on. The vest is not shown in the picture because the hood is rolled back. The hood can be removed. I think it's cute. I love the quality. The material seems to be water resistant on the outside and soft on the inside. It is her first coat. I'm very happy with it.

👤She doesn't like the night safety light around her neck, but this coat has a snap that can hold it. This coat is cute. The small fits my shorkie very well. 10” neck, 15” chest and 15” length. I wanted to see if it kept her warm, so I got her to wear it on a potty break. I could tell it did by the way it did. She was able to stay outside longer and not have the shivers even though she was putzing around and refused to walk with it on. When I took it off of her, I put my hand under her belly to unvelcro the strap and it was very warm. The fleece kept her warm. The hood is not right. It is best folded down and snapped at the back of the neck to provide a wind block. If I can get her to get used to it, I will keep it. I would definitely recommend it. I don't like using elastic bands to hold the coat down because I know she would pee on them, and she's very skinny. No issue to worry about if you have a male. You should be safe if your female is a bit larger.

👤I bought and returned 4 coats before finding this one. Some were thin and flimsy and others large in the chest. This one is perfect for my dog and it is cheap. It is easy to put on and thicker than most other coats I have found. I love that it's changeable so that we can size up if we wanted to, and it's long enough for us. The hood may keep the neck warm.

👤So far, so good. The fit is good. I have a small stocky dog and his coats are too long in order to fit around his chest. This coat has a design that accommodates this well. He is wrapped around it. The hood comes off, which is good because we don't use it often. It curves in near his tail so it doesn't flip up when he wags his tail.

11. Reversible Waterproof Windproof Adjustable Reflective

Reversible Waterproof Windproof Adjustable Reflective

There is a fabric called FloeECE PLAID and a waterproof fabric. The dog winter coat is made of two sides. The fleece fabric on the plaid side is very warm and will keep your puppy warm in cold days. The solid color side is waterproof and protects against rain, snow, and wind.

Brand: Pumyporeity

👤The dog coat is very warm in the winter. I have a dog that I need a coat on and I am a foster for a rescue organization. I would cover him in his bed at night with two blankets but in the morning he would be curled up in a ball and it was cold. I thought I'd give it a try, but I found him laying under his coat in the morning, not in a ball, but quite comfortable. I bought the large so he could fit in it and it was roomy for him. I would definitely recommend this coat.

👤Rosie loves this vest, it's stylish, warm, and well made. Basenji was one of the two models for the vest that I saw when I was shopping. The vest was a good fit and they looked sharp. I knew it would be a good purchase. Rosie has barely taken it off since she got it. This vest is great for rainy days.

👤The coat is small. I was trying to find something that my pit bull could get used to without bothering her, since she is only 6 months old. This is great. She loves it. She is a little spoiled.

👤We ordered the starred one because we wanted it to last more than a week, and we ordered one size up because she's a pup and growing fast. Even at 1 size up, it still fits her perfectly. It's not a big deal. She doesn't shiver on her trips outside anymore because she wears it.

👤The little Wonder Woman jacket is very cute. I ordered the X Small for a puppy and it was tight. You can order up one size. I ordered a medium size because the Velcro can be tightened up. The puppy will be bigger before winter ends. It is a great jacket for a dog.

👤I love these coats! It was easy to off and on with the straps, it was fleece blue and red with white stars, and reverses to a red color. In front and underneath. Good for both males and females. It keeps them warm. Miniature schnauzers weighing 15-20 pounds are ideal for medicine.

👤I took 1 star off the overall rating because of her tail/comfort concerns. My husband pointed out to me that it seemed to be long, and that she was not allowing it to Curl when she was out walking. I have to say that it is perfect now that I trimmed it. She is a small dog, but in between sizes. It is cute. A lot of people compliment it.

👤My dogs moved from sunny Florida to Illinois. They do well with the jackets. It took them a while to get used to them. They are very comfortable in their jackets.


What is the best product for dog jackets for medium dogs waterproof?

Dog jackets for medium dogs waterproof products from Kurgo. In this article about dog jackets for medium dogs waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Scpet and Kyeese are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog jackets for medium dogs waterproof.

What are the best brands for dog jackets for medium dogs waterproof?

Kurgo, Scpet and Kyeese are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog jackets for medium dogs waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Lesypet, Didog and Ireenuo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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