Best Dog Jackets for Medium Dogs Camo

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1. ThunderShirt Polo Anxiety Jacket Medium

ThunderShirt Polo Anxiety Jacket Medium

Millions of dogs with anxiety are helped by the ThunderShirt, and it helps to calm 80% of cases. Trainers and veterinarians recommend for thunder, fireworks, separation, anxiety, travel and vet visits. Their dog jacket calms anxiety with no training and no medication so your dog stays drug-free. The patented ThunderShirt design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement due to a variety of environmental stimuli; it is also great for rescue dogs. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund.

Brand: Thundershirt

👤My experience with the shirt is positive. It did reduce my dog's anxiety, but not eliminate it. The shirt looks well made. I have not owned it for a long time, but there are no signs of wear or flaws. Before you start, read and follow the directions. I focused on the lower scoring reviews before buying. I am comfortable that many people did not follow the directions given to them, resulting in a poor outcome. Don't introduce your dog to the ThunderShirt during an event that makes them anxious. They will associate the bad event with the Thundershirt. Follow the directions on how to make the first exposure positive for your pet.

👤Our lives were saved by this. It was literally. We had a very anxious rescue dog, and we were having a hard time with her. She had accidents on the floor and would bark all the time. She was so scared that she wouldn't let anything relax her. We found the shirt. It calmed her down. She went from being scared all the time to relaxing on the couch and going to the dog park. She was a brand new dog when she wore the shirt. We have bought 3 new ones since buying our original one. Each lasted about 6 months with constant use. We used almost all of the hours it said to use. It worked for us, and we never had any problems. We would go for baths, wash the shirt, and go to the groomers. I was happy with the quality of the product, and the price was a good amount of time. This is a great way to help an anxious dog. The only negatives was that it was very difficult to remove the fur stuck in the velcro. I don't know how that would be avoided, but I think it was a great life saver and I would recommend it!

👤Within 10 minutes of being left home alone, my APBT would tear up furniture. I got the large size for him and it fits him well. His chest is 29 inches and his neck is 19 inches. I chose Large because it was too big for similar sized dogs and I had read other reviews that said it was too big. We left him home alone for up to 2 hours and he didn't destroy anything.

👤Henry is blind and he howls when he thinks he is alone. I was skeptical about the shirt because it didn't work well with medication. I am surprised by how well it works. When I put it on him, he wags his tail and goes to sleep. Henry is an 11 year old special needs rescue and he gives 5 stars for making him feel better. The dog is relaxed and not stressed if you follow the instructions and introduce the shirt in Times. Don't just put it on during a storm and expect it to work. It is vital that it is on the right way, it can be confusing first time, so double check the instructions.

2. Coodeo Reversible Reflective Protection Waterproof

Coodeo Reversible Reflective Protection Waterproof

1. Camouflage can be worn on both sides. Camouflage side can be used to hide the hound in various terrain, and flame orange side can be used to warn vehicles and hunters. 2. The jacket of the hounds is made of 4.5mm waterproof neoprene, thick but comfortable, which can keep your dog warm when hunting in winter and protect him from the sharp things of nature. 3. A multi function. The iron ring and handle on the top of the hound suit was designed by their designer to make it suitable for more scenes of their life. 4. The famous factory is where Hound clothing is produced. The product is carefully controlled. The products are comfortable. Quality is the most important thing. 5. Excellent reputation. They want 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied. They will try their best to answer your question. They will give a refund without any reason.

Brand: Coodeo

3. SafetyPUP XD Reflective Protects Accidents

SafetyPUP XD Reflective Protects Accidents

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund. SIZING can be used for dogs 35 lbs to 60 lbs. The chest is measuring a diameter of 24 inches. The 300D Oxford Weave fabric and reinforced stitching ensures a vest that is more durable and resistant to play. The orange fabric and reflective trim on your pet's body help to avoid accidents. The vest is comfortably in place thanks to the easy adjusting straps and dual sided fabric. Their 100% money back guarantee means that the purchase risk is free. If you don't like what you see, they will give you a money back.

Brand: Safetypup Xd

👤I bought the SafetyPUP XD dog vest about 2 weeks ago, and I am completely satisfied with it. With the start of hunting season, I had some real safety concerns to deal with, and I exercise my Border Collie, Kibo, in the nearby woods. I didn't think spray painting "DOG" on his sides would work well if a hunter was blinded by "buck fever", so I found this vest, and it is more than I expected. The material is light and thin, which is important, because Kibo thunders through brush, thickets, branches and the like while he circles me during our hikes, and the fabric is like Kevlar, it seems indestructible. The custom fit to the dog is perfect, and the straps fit like a glove, with no issues with his pace, speed, or durability. The front of the vest makes attaching a leash fast and easy, and it's close to the collar so it doesn't interfere with coming or going from the car. There is a I can see Kibo from a further distance, and keep an eye on him. The vest can be wiped off easily if it gets wet or dirty, and after the exercises, the vest can be folded up and put away for the next day. I am very pleased with the product. I had gotten a different dog vest, and did not like it at all. It is well worth the price because of the research I did on it. Highly satisfied with this.

👤I've waited a long time to write this review to see how this vest would hold up over time, and I'm very pleased. We own 14 acres of land and 12 of them are wooded. There are trails that wind through our property that are used by hunters. We decided to play it safe because we like to take our Catahoula for walks all year round. My husband and I both wear construction vests, so we figure out how to have a four-legged family member. This is great for our hound boy. He's got a big chest, but is very lean. It's easy to get a custom fit with the velcro-style closure. We can see him from far away, even in deep brush, because of the high visibility of the color. The reflective striping and paw print are nice touches. The fabric is light. Our Otis likes to roll around in mystery piles, and the best way to clean them is to wipe them clean. He sniffs through a lot of sense underbrush and briars, and this has held up without any tearing. This is a great product at a decent price.

👤During hunting season, I got this for safety. The bright color and reflective nature of this is the good. The fit is perfect, I went by the size given. If your dog gets into brush it might tear. I got it for the days he doesn't need warmer layers, just visibility. My dog wears a harness and is always on a leash. This needs to be over the harness. I would like to have a port on the back for the leash attachment. I would have given 5 stars if it had that. I'm going to make a hole, reinforce it, and see how it holds up. Please consider it for future products, I haven't seen any high vis gear with this. It's pretty please? It's a good thing.

4. EMUST Reflective Adjustable Preserver Camouflage

EMUST Reflective Adjustable Preserver Camouflage

The dog life vest is made of premium nylon and mesh fabric which is waterproof and also allows for quick drying and proper drainage. The dog safety lifesaver is great for keeping the dog dry. The dog life jackets for dogs are available in 7 different sizes, from XXS to 2XL, meet most dogs. If you want to choose the right size for your dog, please measure your dog twice and refer to the dimensions chart. If your dog is between two sizes, they suggest the larger one. The dog float vest has a sturdy rescue handle on top, which makes it convenient to grab it when putting into or aiding leaving water. The wide reflective strips on the flotation are especially helpful for owners who walk their dogs in the evening. The dog flotation vest is stylish and eye-catching, which makes your dog to be the focus at pool, beach, or boating with you. The dog life preserver has a belt and quick-release buckles that make it easy to put on and take off. It's easy to grab with a handle on top. The Heavy-duty D-ring Hook is perfect for dog leashes. Bright colors and reflective stripes enhance visibility.

Brand: Emust

👤These vests are for Newfoundlands. Very strong. It's not restrictive at all. We bought the XXL for both. It's highly recommended for a giant breed.

👤My dog swims like a seal on his own, diving in water and swimming across rivers. I thought he would be better off with a life jacket while he was out in the water. The front padding and the Velcro wraps around his tummy make it a custom fit. Getting a band for them or tying them off keeps them out of the way when the straps need to be adjusted. The jacket doesn't get caught on logs or branches in the water, and my dog seems to swim a lot calmer when it's on. It is very easy to put on and take off. This is a great investment if you are going to take your fur baby out on the water.

👤It was perfect for my miniature dachshund.

👤It seems to be sturdy. It causes our dog to float more on his side as well as on his back when he jumps off the boat. He is able to swim straight without it. Will have to try another brand.

👤She likes to go on the water. I worry if she jumps off. It's easy to lift her up and we have had no incidents thus far.

👤I want it to work first and then do the rest. My dog is between sizes and comments recommended to be bigger. My dog doesn't like it because it is bulky and hard for him to keep his head raised because of the neck area. It is very easy to grab onto my dog in the water while he is wearing it, because it gives me peace of mind. This is a sacrifice that is well worth it because my dog loves to swim and this restricts his mobility similar to how lifejackets restrict ours.

👤My 15 lbs "chiweenie" fit perfectly in the small size. He is not a great swimmer on his own. He was able to paddle around the pool because of this jacket, which kept his back on the top of the water. His head was out of the water. I was impressed with how well he floated. Not heavy. It's not a problem for female pups if it's close to his private area on the belly area. I would order again.

👤Our pets were protected on boat trips with these additions. The first time we put them on the dogs were a little nervous, but now they are used to it and go nuts whenever we get them out. If they fall in with the handle, it's easy to grab them. On our second trip, our Miniature Pincher fell off the dock and was easy to grab and pull back on to the dock and save the dog from a more difficult situation. They seem to be able to tighten easier with the straps, but it's hard to make larger. A dog is snug.

5. Pieces Jacket Layers Windproof Weather

Pieces Jacket Layers Windproof Weather

You will get a warm dog jacket in red and navy blue, and a replacement for you to change, but please measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail before purchasing. M size is 39 cm/ 15.35 inches in neck circumference, 48 cm/ 18.9 inches in chest circumference, 35 cm/ 13.8 inches in back length, please measure your pet's size carefully before making order Their pet jacket has two holes in it to make it easy for the dog's two front paws to stick out, elastic edges of foot and waist, and each jacket has with 3 pieces snaps, easy to put on and take off, your puppy can move flexibly while. Their pet dog jacket is lightweight and wind-proof, but not easy to wear and tear, and it is soft to touch, so your puppy dog will feel warm in the cold winter. It is suitable for most dogs and cats, it is nice for indoor and outdoor use, not only will your dog be nicely dressed, but also protect your pet from the cold wind.

Brand: Syhood

👤My dog loves these jackets. They are not heavy duty or waterproof, but do resist well. I have attached pics and exact measurements of my little girl who is 15 months old, fully grown now, and she has a weight fluctuates of over 13 lbs. My chiweenie wears these jackets inside a lot. She is constantly cold. I thought having belly snaps would be a bad idea because dogs in the past have found it easiest to accept if they did not have to put their arms through a jacket. I took a chance on these because it's hard to find the right apparel for each dog. I have a female for those with males. I owned male dogs in the past. I can't say 100% because I only put this on my current female, but Fromm experience says that the jacket covers belly well for warmth, but leaves enough cut room for a male dog to pee on it, which is a common occurrence. My female dog is on a slender long ratio build and is healthy weight, which is why these jackets fit her. The size chart values for these jackets technically say a Medium for the 3 measurements wouldn't line up to fit right with not all 3 size chart values matching my dog's precisely measured body. Medium chart listed values are too short for a dog comparison. The jacket fits her perfectly, she is comfortable, and never steps out of it. She learned that jackets mean treat and that I had to distract her with a jacket to get her to eat. She realized she loves wearing jackets and sweaters inside since she used to cry and whine when I turned my heat up to almost 80 degrees. The length of her jacket is not as long as her dachshund's, but is definitely a good fit that doesn't get in her way, or cause her not to have enough warmth coverage. The guide said she is 12 years old. It is not tight. It is larger than 12” but it is perfect for her. I don't think a 15” neck dog would fit in a Medium. Especially if the dog has short hair or is a broader build structure. I think a dog up to 14” is comfortable. Haley's chest is 18.9 inches, it's not too big or small. I can fit a few fingers inside. Sometimes I will put a jacket over her thin indoor sweater if she already has a heavy winter jacket. It wouldn't fit over a heavier sweater. With the jacket alone, she is never too tight or loose, she doesn't get tangled up, and the jacket fits great all over by style cut that doesn't pull anywhere or flap. She likes to wear these jackets around inside. They have a nylon ish or something similar on the exterior that can get wet in rain, and underneath the belly can get wet from snow, but I just take it off and the jacket dries extremely fast. It is lined with a soft thin fleece type fabric that she likes. The outer shell of the jacket has a small amount of insulation. I found a jacket that fit her and I can't believe I found it. I can't find anything with every dog I've owned. Every dog is different. Every company sizes are different, and almost any different apparel item I read is likely to have different size charts as you scroll. You don't know which chart to use. Your dog would need anywhere of 3 different sizes if you had to choose between 2 or 3 places. It has been difficult to find clothes for my dog due to her breed mix, which makes her dimensions genetically combine a smaller and slight build chihuahua dog with a larger and short but rectangular long dachshund. She is influenced by both sides of her mutt genes. I included photos and a video hoping they help others. The jackets are very high quality, especially for this price. I would buy every single one if they had this product in 10 colors. She wears the jackets all the time except when she is in a crate and I have to run an errand. The jackets are holding up well, with no wear and tear, compared to how much they are used. That's amazing to me as well.

6. VOOPET Snowproof Windproof Waterproof Weather

VOOPET Snowproof Windproof Waterproof Weather

Before buying, be sure to tell your dog's owner the length of his neck, chest, and back. If you want a small dog coat, you should not choose the size without measuring. Dogs are very warm in the winter. The dog jacket is windproof and snowproof. Good coat for dogs. The cold weather dog jacket will bring warmth to your pet. It's easy on and off. The voopet puppy dog jacket has a snap design that makes it easy to take off. The fleece jacket for dogs with belly velcro design can be adjusted to fit the dog better and warmer. You can use an elastic leash on the hind legs to keep the dog's clothes on. There is a deficiency in the hood. Get your dog a small outfit for winter. The voopet dog jacket is a great choice. The dog has a coat with a hood. It is very warm when it is put on, and it can prevent wind, rain and snow. If your dog has a lot of time indoors, you can remove it. Clean up. You can wash and dry the outer layer with a wet wipe. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Voopet

👤I love the color, the snaps, the warmth, and the water resistance in rain and snow. She is cold in the house without it, but she likes wearing it. If the coat is left on too long, the elastic that extends from the front part of the thigh to the back part of the buttocks will cause red inflammation. The garment stays clean if you eliminate it outside. I will change the elastic to a less strong kind, but I would recommend it.

👤I got a medium for my dog. I think it's a perfect fit. I can put her vest on. The vest is not shown in the picture because the hood is rolled back. The hood can be removed. I think it's cute. I love the quality. The material seems to be water resistant on the outside and soft on the inside. It is her first coat. I'm very happy with it.

👤She doesn't like the night safety light around her neck, but this coat has a snap that can hold it. This coat is cute. The small fits my shorkie very well. 10” neck, 15” chest and 15” length. I wanted to see if it kept her warm, so I got her to wear it on a potty break. I could tell it did by the way it did. She was able to stay outside longer and not have the shivers even though she was putzing around and refused to walk with it on. When I took it off of her, I put my hand under her belly to unvelcro the strap and it was very warm. The fleece kept her warm. The hood is not right. It is best folded down and snapped at the back of the neck to provide a wind block. If I can get her to get used to it, I will keep it. I would definitely recommend it. I don't like using elastic bands to hold the coat down because I know she would pee on them, and she's very skinny. No issue to worry about if you have a male. You should be safe if your female is a bit larger.

👤I bought and returned 4 coats before finding this one. Some were thin and flimsy and others large in the chest. This one is perfect for my dog and it is cheap. It is easy to put on and thicker than most other coats I have found. I love that it's changeable so that we can size up if we wanted to, and it's long enough for us. The hood may keep the neck warm.

👤So far, so good. The fit is good. I have a small stocky dog and his coats are too long in order to fit around his chest. This coat has a design that accommodates this well. He is wrapped around it. The hood comes off, which is good because we don't use it often. It curves in near his tail so it doesn't flip up when he wags his tail.

7. Casual Canine Hoodie Large Green

Casual Canine Hoodie Large Green

The poly-cotton blend is machine washed. ribbed sleeves and a keran pocket. The camouflage color pattern is classic. Also available in contemporary colors.

Brand: Casual Canine

👤Absolutely adorable. The first three pictures show my dog being too tight on the XL I returned. He is not very long. He is an odd size so things are either too tight or too long. The XXL is better for him than the XL is. He is more of an x-ray half in this. The inside material will keep him warm on walks.

👤I got this for my dog. The description says small is 10 feet long. I ordered the small because it was the same as the other shirt she wore. The shirt is 9 inches wide. I asked the seller for an accurate size and it was not what I was expecting. I would have ordered the small if I had known. The shirt is well made and cute. The seller will make you pay to return it if you don't like it. I was able to get an exchange for an x-small from the seller after many emails, but it was a hassle. Very pleased with the quality. My little girl is cute. They finally got a better size. The chest neck length is X- Small (11"-12") and Medium (15"-18") Large (17"-21") X-Large (18"-22") 30"-34") XX-Large (22"-26") 35"-41")

👤I love this sweater! I bought a size medium for my 16lb Tweenie for a plane trip and it fit him perfectly. He jumped onto our suitcases after I put it on him. I'm ready to leave! It's funny. The inside is warm and soft. The outside is well made. The sweater is large and thick, which I think is great. It goes all the way to the base of my dog's tail. When my fur baby is having a barking episode and scanning areas for any and all threats, the oversized hood is good for him because I will pull it over his eyes and it will cut off the visual stimuli. There is a pocket on the lower back. There is a leash access hole at the base of the hood between the shoulder blades. The sweater sleeves are large. It's easy for short legged pups to get lost inside, so it wouldn't be a problem for a bigger breed. They end up moving around on the floor. As an owner of a dachshund who is always cold and loves sweaters, we have learned that sleeveless hoodies are the best for this breed. No problem. It is easy to fold and tuck for a temporary fix. I bought this sweater and I would recommend it to everyone. I might come back and buy more. Great price! Excellent quality!

👤My dog has a broad chest and short legs. It is difficult to find hoodies that fit him. This is one of the best fitting hoodies I have ever purchased. It fits him just right in the chest and many of them don't fit well. It is a tad long for the back, but I will need to cut it a little under so he doesn't pee on it. Definitely not a deal breaker! Did I mention how warm it is? He is a terrier mix and is always cold. I bought a large. It is very strong. You can't tell because I washed it when we got it. I am glad it did shrink some. He likes it. I am very happy with this hoodie.

8. Carhartt Chore Repellent Cotton Canvas

Carhartt Chore Repellent Cotton Canvas

100% ring spun cotton. Carhartt Firm Duck is a dog coat. The dog coat has roots for the hardest working dogs. Made with duck canvas and a water-repellent coating, it protects your pup from the elements. The quilted liner is made of nylon and has batting for warmth. The tabs at the neck and chest make it easy to take on and off. The straps for chest and waist are hook and loop lined. Medium (Chest Girth: 22"- 28") and Small (Chest Girth: 16-21") are the sizes. LargeChestgirth 25"- 38" See the size chart in the images.

Brand: Carhartt

9. Preserver Camouflage Adjustable Buckles Swimming

Preserver Camouflage Adjustable Buckles Swimming

The shirt is called a Cool Cabo Print. The camouflage print on their dog life vest is popular among hunting dogs and pups who enjoy romping around outdoors. The camouflage pet life vest is very popular with boy and girl dogs. The pet life jacket has an adjusted design to ensure a secure fit. They have different sizes of the dog life preserver jacket. If you want to choose between two sizes, choose the larger one. There are details. The reflective accents along the straps of the dog life jacket keep your pet visible at night, dusk and dawn. W/ is fit. The top handle. The dog life coat has a top handle that makes it easy to maneuver your pet. You can attach your own leash with a D-ring. BREATHABLE & COMFY - The camo life vest for dogs is made out of lightweight mesh fiber and will keep your dog comfortable. It dries quickly and doesn't absorb any water.

Brand: Yoyoung

👤The jacket worked as it should. He thinks he needs to be as well, but he has to work harder to swim and stay afloat. The jacket helps with that.

👤Our lab loves it. She has a lot of confidence at her old age. She keeps going further away from the dock. It's funny. There is a It is great! Take your measurement and order accordingly. The lab is 65 lbs over weight. The best adjusts her size. It is almost too big.

👤The best purchase for my dog. We love our second vest. It's easier for our dog to swim and retrieve, and he doesn't have to work as hard. The handle on the back is sturdy and makes it easy to pull him back into the boat. He is a large dog. I wouldn't let him go without it.

👤It's a nice jacket. I'm grateful for the straps and closure. I would like the chest part of the vest to be a little longer. My dog has a broad chest, and it's barely attached to the velcro. I was hoping it wouldn't detach when my dog was in the water, but I was confident that the tether straps would hold him in. He wore the vest well. It gave us confidence that he would be safe in the pool. If a dog pulls, I would not recommend using the leash ring. Why take the chance? The handle was sturdy enough to pull the dog out of the water. The vest needs to be snug for your pet in order to do its job. All in all. It does its job and seems comfortable. It works well. The material for the chest area could be used a little bit more. My dog's breed is a Miniature German Pinscher and it's recommended to order close to the size your dog would wear.

👤The vest seems to be well made. It's difficult to strap on a Husky because the bottom of it's attached with a piece of string, but once it's on, the fit is great. My only complaint is that the foam material is thin and barely keeps my husky up. Provides assistance for swimming and playing in the water, but I worry about preserving life. If a dog was stuck on the water for a long time. Overall, good value, good construction, and a happy customer.

👤I haven't used it in water yet because I used it as a Halloween costume. I have a golden retriever and a lab and neither seemed to care about the life perserver. I think it kept my lab warm. The shark fin didn't stand up like in the picture, that's the reason for 4 stars. I sewed the front and back of the fin together to make it stand up. My lab became a great white shark because of this.

👤It fits my 98lb Bullador perfectly after I tightened the straps a bit. The product is a bit of a pain but I love it and my dog does not fight with me when I put it on him.

10. Outward Hound Granby Splash Jacket

Outward Hound Granby Splash Jacket

SIZING BASED ON GIRTH. Dogs are all shapes and sizes. There's a dog life jacket for your dog. They made it easy for you to choose a size that supports them based on their measurement. If the dog's girth size is higher than this size, they recommend changing it. It's good to drink with safety in mind. The Outward Hound Granby Splash life jacket is designed with bright colors and reflective accents to provide better visibility while swimming. A front neck float helps keep your dog's head above water. Novice and experience swimmingfriendly: The Granby Splash dog life jacket is made with ripstop material that provides maximum buoyancy in the water without restricting movement on land. A secure fit is provided by the side release buckles and the neoprene belly band. A multi-handle design. It is easy to restrain and lift your dog out of the water if they get into trouble while swimming with dual grab handles. Play it safe. There is no pet accessory that is impervious to damage. Do not leave with animals that are not supervised. If it is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤It is made with quality materials. It won't be too heavy for your dog, because it's low profile. I only saw the size of the girth, but I saw the weight on the packaging to help you make your decision.

👤Great lifejacket! My mini long-haired dachshund is not a strong swimmer and I ordered this for him. He's able to stay afloat with this vest, but we're still working on keeping his head above water, but the neck piece on this vest helps a lot. The size we ordered was small. He is only 9 pounds, but all of his measurements put him in the Small range. I was worried it would be too big, but he fits in the small since the straps cinch him in. He has room to grow because it's a little big in the back.

👤There are two pictures attached. I bought this size for our 7 year old female pit-boxer mix who runs a pretty consistent 46 pounds. She has a neck to tail ratio of 19 and a chest to neck ratio of 27. I bought her a Hurtta winter coat. She is not designed for cold weather. This large is a perfect fit for the dog. You can see in the photo that there are 3 fairly standard buckles. The male part of the buckle clips into the female part when you adjust the straps. You squeeze the male part to release it. The life jacket can be put on the dog while still leashed, an important feature when getting ready to go onto the water from a boat launch or other public area. The jacket is easy to put on the dog. I don't think the order of the parts is relevant. You put it on their back. I have watched all the John Wayne movies. Put it on their back and wrap it around the chest piece, grey in the product photo, and put it on the other side. The two buckles should be inserted after that. I like the wrap-around piece because it's elastic to provide a secure fit, and it's also good for holding it in place while you buckle it. The dogs are protected from straps going around their chest to prevent sore spots from rubbing. You should secure the throat piece first. This piece goes under the dog's chin and is held in place with a piece of velcro. The flap helps the dog keep their head out of the water. The jacket is firmly fixed once the dog is in it. I carried her back and forth on the lawn with the two grip straps on top. There's no getting out of that jacket that I can see between the wrap-around chest piece, the buckled straps and the velcro. Our dog likes playing in the water at standing depth. I let her go to test the flotation device. I tried to encourage her to swim, but she went straight for the shore. I didn't get as good a flotation test as I would have liked, but I brought her out 4 times and it all worked out. I wish I had bought the Clownfish design. Our grandson is a big fan of fish and the movies, and I think he would have liked seeing our dog in that outfit. I'd love to buy this again.

11. Puppia Authentic Mountaineer Winter Large

Puppia Authentic Mountaineer Winter Large

The fleece vest has a harness. The back side of the zippers is closed. The outer shell is waterproof. The pendant is called the PUPPIA SMART TAG. Large is a neck of 18.9 inches and a chest of 11.8 inches.

Brand: Puppia

👤My dog is 13 lbs and she has a neck and chest size of 18-19. I bought this for her as a retirement birthday gift. An expensive coat for a senior dog. She is a large in the step-in harnesses. Her best friend is 9 lbs and wears a large coat. I ordered both of them because I suspected she might be in between Large and XL. I kept the Large because it fits like a snug glove and I hope she doesn't gain weight. The XL will be returned. She would be exposed to the wind even if she wore a sweater underneath. The L has arm holes that are almost 2x larger than the XL. If he/she doesn't fill the arm holes, the wind will blow through them. The dog's back was hanging off the XL. The length on the chart is correct. The length is 14. I didn't mind that the coat was too big for her. The more medium side of the spectrum of apartment dogs would benefit from the XL. I would love to have a size in between a L and a XL, but I like the quality of Puppia so much, a snug coat doesn't bother me as long as she is not uncomfortable. I took pictures of both sides.

👤I decided to size up because I read all the reviews. The people of the Havanese are related to the people of the United States. She has a long back and a large neck. Many of the reviews said the sizing chart was off. I ordered a larger one. A 12.6' neck is very close to an 18.9' chest, which is way off. The large is behind the leg holes. The length is noted at 12.25' but mine is 12.25' perfect for my dog. The large fits her perfectly and the quality is very good. The overlap makes it possible to tuck and zip her because she is a fuzz ball. The intergal harness on the jacket is great and I have a Puppia harness that we really like. How hard can it be to change your size chart?

👤I got this vest for my dog at the end of last winter, but now that it is getting cold again, I am just getting around to reviewing it. I love this vest for my dog. He is a 13 pound Papillon and wears a large size. The harness is attached. My dog pulls when we walk so he needs a harness. The harness makes it easy to use. It is easy to put on and even his long hair doesn't get in the way of the zipper. This vest is very good. I put it in the washer and dried it on the floor. It comes out fine!

👤This is the best strap for a dog coat. I had no problems walking my 1yr old Sammy. The camo print is very popular this year. Since he is a wiener dog my only complaint was that the coat wasn't long enough for his long torso. It's still doable, and he was kept warm. He is 16 lbs stocky and has a large fit. It is expensive for the quality that it provides. It would be perfect if the price was more affordable. If you want to spoil your dog, I still recommend. I love this coat. I got two more Sammy colors. This is the best coat for winter. It's ideal for any dog. He is now 17 lbs, 12 lbs neck, 20 lbs chest, and still fits. It is only slightly snug. It would be too loose if I got the next size up. I have tried.


What is the best product for dog jackets for medium dogs camo?

Dog jackets for medium dogs camo products from Thundershirt. In this article about dog jackets for medium dogs camo you can see why people choose the product. Coodeo and Safetypup Xd are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog jackets for medium dogs camo.

What are the best brands for dog jackets for medium dogs camo?

Thundershirt, Coodeo and Safetypup Xd are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog jackets for medium dogs camo. Find the detail in this article. Emust, Syhood and Voopet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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