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1. QIYADIN Comfort Anxiety Breathable Calming

QIYADIN Comfort Anxiety Breathable Calming

This shirt will help reduce your dog's anxiety during thunder, thunderstorm, loud noises, travel, fireworks, flames, strangers, separation, vet visits and many other situations. Thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers recommend the dog anxiety vest. It is possible to make an anxiety vest that is soft like a mother's hug. When the dog is restless, the massage part on the back of the coat makes them happy. The thunder vest is a safe and effective way to help your dog stay stress-free. The anxiety vest is easy to wear and clean. The neck and back of the anxiety body wrap are designed to fit your dog better. The jacket is easy to carry and can be cleaned by machine or hand. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Please choose a correct size for your dog. The chest size is 13 to 17 inches and the weight is 8-14 pounds. The breed is similar to the Cairn Terrier. If you choose the smaller size, it will be used. The wrap can be adjusted to fit your dog or puppy. Dogs have a reflective strip on their neck and back. This vest is made of durable fabric and contains a number of soft materials. It is elastic and allows continuous mild pressure.

Brand: Qiyadin

👤My dog is a rescue and is very anxious, we have tried many things to calm him, but this coat works the best. He is happy to wear it and it is made with quality fabric so it has lasted him. It's easy to wash.

👤My dog became frightened of thunder after the storm. She has never experienced thunder in 11 years. We had a storm move in the day I got this. Put the shirt on her and it calmed down. I am surprised how well this worked.

👤I received this and tried it on my puppy, but he is still scared to go outside, and people thought this could help, but it still isn't working.

👤This vest is great. If you have a pet that is afraid of storms. You need a vest. My dog just sat down and didn't shake or cry. The item is the best I have ever purchased.

👤It works well with an anxious dog. My other dog liked the sound of the Velcro and pulled it off. It was in pieces within two days.

👤I like this shirt but would prefer the neck to have a strap instead of loops. I am afraid it is too tight on his neck. My dog is around 4 lbs.

👤Only use it once, and it will work great.

👤It fit my Pit perfectly, but the fabric ripped when trying to separate it. He has stopped shaking.

2. Clothes Knitwear Sweater Thickening Winter

Clothes Knitwear Sweater Thickening Winter

The dog breed range is for small, medium and large dogs. Your pet dog is warmer. The sweaters are not suitable for large dogs. Refer to the size chart in the product description.

Brand: Jecikelon

👤It fits him perfectly. He is wearing a small in case anyone needs an idea for their small one.

👤This sweater is warm. Buddy is only 4 years old and he has a small growing room. This fabric will not shrink.

👤Very soft and cute! Medium fits my truck. The tzu was perfect. She has short legs but her sleeves are long. It's not tight or loose. She seems to be comfortable with it.

👤My puppy joined us in October. When the sun was out, it was easier to train the toilet, but at night, he would sit between my feet and not go to his spot. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a sweater that he would wear for a few weeks at best. The fit was perfect. It was soft and cut so it wouldn't interfere with the training of a male dog.

👤I bought a size medium for my 8lb. maltipoo puppy and it fits her perfectly. I bought this once before, in pink, when she was small, but she outgrew it so I bought another one in grey. Excellent quality and warm, perfect for cold weather.

👤I bought a large for my rat terrier mix that has no hair on her underside. I was looking for something that would keep her warm on her chest and tummy, because she is hairless under there. The jacket does a good job. It is surprisingly good quality. My dog isn't exactly a prissy dog, but it's a good thing that it's tough and rugged on top. It doesn't seem long enough for her, that's the only complaint I have. The neckline is off and the back isn't going far enough, as if I grabbed the wrong size. She is long legged and long-haired, so perhaps her awkward size is the reason for the awkward fit? I assumed a large would fit better. It is still warm and goes on and off with ease, and it fits well enough to do its job. I would buy it again if it was a bigger dog or smaller dog.

👤It was listed as large, but it was really small. I'm returning. A roll of paper towels is 15” long.

👤The medium is perfect for my mix of chihuahuas and miniature pinschers. It's just a little loose, but it's comfortable for her, she just pops her head through the neck-hole whenever I pick it up. She likes wearing it. It's very soft on the inside and outside, and unlike many dog clothes that I have bought in the past, it covers her whole back. I'm going to buy more in different colors so we can swap them out throughout the fall and winter.

👤The sweaters are nice, but the sizes are not consistent. I ordered a large for my large breed dog and it fits my small dog, so I didn't read the item right. I ordered a smaller one because he loved it so much. Disappointing.

👤It's great for my girl, but watch the size of the sweater for the small dog and the med for the big one. You never know.

3. VOOPET Snowproof Windproof Waterproof Weather

VOOPET Snowproof Windproof Waterproof Weather

Before buying, be sure to tell your dog's owner the length of his neck, chest, and back. If you want a small dog coat, you should not choose the size without measuring. Dogs are very warm in the winter. The dog jacket is windproof and snowproof. Good coat for dogs. The cold weather dog jacket will bring warmth to your pet. It's easy on and off. The voopet puppy dog jacket has a snap design that makes it easy to take off. The fleece jacket for dogs with belly velcro design can be adjusted to fit the dog better and warmer. You can use an elastic leash on the hind legs to keep the dog's clothes on. There is a deficiency in the hood. Get your dog a small outfit for winter. The voopet dog jacket is a great choice. The dog has a coat with a hood. It is very warm when it is put on, and it can prevent wind, rain and snow. If your dog has a lot of time indoors, you can remove it. Clean up. You can wash and dry the outer layer with a wet wipe. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Voopet

👤I love the color, the snaps, the warmth, and the water resistance in rain and snow. She is cold in the house without it, but she likes wearing it. If the coat is left on too long, the elastic that extends from the front part of the thigh to the back part of the buttocks will cause red inflammation. The garment stays clean if you eliminate it outside. I will change the elastic to a less strong kind, but I would recommend it.

👤I got a medium for my dog. I think it's a perfect fit. I can put her vest on. The vest is not shown in the picture because the hood is rolled back. The hood can be removed. I think it's cute. I love the quality. The material seems to be water resistant on the outside and soft on the inside. It is her first coat. I'm very happy with it.

👤She doesn't like the night safety light around her neck, but this coat has a snap that can hold it. This coat is cute. The small fits my shorkie very well. 10” neck, 15” chest and 15” length. I wanted to see if it kept her warm, so I got her to wear it on a potty break. I could tell it did by the way it did. She was able to stay outside longer and not have the shivers even though she was putzing around and refused to walk with it on. When I took it off of her, I put my hand under her belly to unvelcro the strap and it was very warm. The fleece kept her warm. The hood is not right. It is best folded down and snapped at the back of the neck to provide a wind block. If I can get her to get used to it, I will keep it. I would definitely recommend it. I don't like using elastic bands to hold the coat down because I know she would pee on them, and she's very skinny. No issue to worry about if you have a male. You should be safe if your female is a bit larger.

👤I bought and returned 4 coats before finding this one. Some were thin and flimsy and others large in the chest. This one is perfect for my dog and it is cheap. It is easy to put on and thicker than most other coats I have found. I love that it's changeable so that we can size up if we wanted to, and it's long enough for us. The hood may keep the neck warm.

👤So far, so good. The fit is good. I have a small stocky dog and his coats are too long in order to fit around his chest. This coat has a design that accommodates this well. He is wrapped around it. The hood comes off, which is good because we don't use it often. It curves in near his tail so it doesn't flip up when he wags his tail.

4. SCPET Waterproof Windproof Apparel Weather

SCPET Waterproof Windproof Apparel Weather

The new reflective stripes and IPX 5 waterproof material are perfect for hiking and outdoor, reflective pipe for visibility in the dark. Their dog cold weather coats have an upgrade leg rope that is more fit for the body to comfortable and you can help your pet. The high collar and magic strip make it easy to adjust and relieve the pressure on the dog's scarfskin and hair. The dog outfits are made of high quality thick polar fleece, the inner layer has a cotton design, the outer layer is waterproof, and snow-proof. Your dog will not feel cold. If you want to purchase a large size coat for your dog, you should take each measurement a bit lightly, so there will be room for the coat. If you have a dog winter clothes size problem, please contact them.

Brand: Scpet

👤My dog is a pitbull. He is 85 pounds. I ordered a 3x because his chest is so big. He found a jacket that goes around his chest and still has a small room. It's not a big deal that it's a little bit longer than his body. Great purchase. It is soft on the inside and waterproof on the outside. It's easy to put on.

👤He isn't sure he likes it, but his mom does. It keeps him warm on the cold days. The 3xl fits him perfectly.

👤I have an 83 pound dog that I wouldn't consider to be overweight. I received this in a 2X and it was too snug on him. It took me two months to get the next one sent to me from China. It is fantastic, but it has been a long time since it came. The first one I ordered took less time to get to me. The 3X took a long time. I don't know why. The inside is soft and water resistant, but not heavy or bulky. There are no issues with getting on your dog. It's made of Velcro. My dog likes it. He used to have a sweater, but now he has this, which covers a lot more space, and it goes all the way up to the top of his neck. There are two rubber bands that your dog has to put through his back feet to make sure that they don't go up on him. You don't need them. Just for an extra thing. It is a good investment for the price. I have seen more expensive ones that have done less and looked less quality. I mean pet stores and a chewy which are both complete rip offs. I can't figure out how a company can have commercials that say they're cheaper than people. Petsmart Petco are the same as what you get from Amazon. I suggest that you always go up one size at the minimum for your dog. Don't worry, it has a hook. Unless you are looking for a snug fit, we barely fit your dog with the Velcro and tight around his neck. It is very visible to people. I would go with the red color if you were looking for that.

👤It is a dog coat, and a dog has got to pee, so it could be cuter, thicker, longer, cover his ears, and all that jazz. It is a great coat and fit. Astro was ordered for XXXXL. He is on the larger side for a dog. I have never tried to slip his legs into the back elastics, it works great without the bother. I love that the neck can be folded or unfolded. I usually unfold it for him to wear outside if it's cold. He doesn't mind the easy on and off. It only takes a second. I like the design and function.

👤When I take my dog home from work, I have to take the harness off and put it back on because the coat doesn't fit without it. The harness can be worn under the coat and the leash/harness' D ring can connect when the little spot is opened. My dog is a senior and gets cold easily, but this coat keeps him warm as it also covers his chest and stomach, instead of just the two narrow straps some coats have at the neck and stomach. It's warm, easy to get on/off, and can be worn over a harness, so I would give it 10 stars. Great looking!

5. Gooby 72106 Blk M Fleece Weather Medium

Gooby 72106 Blk M Fleece Weather Medium

Soft Fleece to keep your dog warm. When the cold weather hits, make sure your small dog is warm with the soft and comfortable Gooby Fleece Dog Vest. It is made with 100% polyester to keep the air warm and to keep the water out. The small fleece dog vest is made to last. Imagine this, outside it's snowing and freezing and your dog has to go. Their Fleece Dog Vest is a pullover that you can quickly and easily put on your dog and head outside, without spending minutes trying to put it on. This hassle-free small dog fleece is easy to slip on and off when there is an emergency. This isn't a typical small dog sweater or small dog jacket. Choose from over 17 different colors to make sure your small dog is the warmest. It is large enough for your dog to walk and go to the bathroom. It has an O-ring on the back to use for short winter walks. If your dog pulls, it's not recommended. During the winter, your dog's winter clothes are exposed to salt, snow, and all that gross sidewalk slush. They made the dog fleece vest machine-washable to remove dirt easily. No worry about the dog getting ruined after a walk. It is good to put it in the washer and dryer. They make finding a winter fleece vest that fits your small dog easier than any other winter sweater vest or dog jacket for small dogs. You can measure your dog's chest size with a tape measure and choose from one of their five easy-fit sizes that suit your dog. For accurate fitting, they recommend choosing a neck opening that is bigger than the dog's head.

Brand: Gooby

👤I love the fleece. It fits all of my dogs. It's light enough that my dogs can wear it in the house and not get too warm. If you are choosing a size compared to my pups, all of my dogs are fit and in good weight, which should be taken into account. I have three terriers, the largest is 20 lbs, the smaller ones are 13 and 10 lbs. The dog needed a large size. The M on the 13lb terrier was way too tight when I bought the same size for the 10lb and 13lb terriers. A size L is required for the 13lb dog. The dog needed a size M.

👤I have a small puppy who is less than 20 lbs and I got him a cute fleece for the cold weather. After a few days of use, the clip broke when my puppy pulled the leash, and he ran away. I was able to stop him but the product is poorly built and could result in my dog being lost. I guess that is what you get for a $10 item. Beware.

👤Medium is the perfect size for our chihuahua. It's important that we find clothes that he can wear all the time because we always have issues with his clothes. My dog wears it over his other clothes because it's large and he ordered it in a large. Definitely recommend.

👤I bought my dog according to the chest measurement shown in the photos. I got a large, and my dog is in the water. It looks like she is wearing a bra on TV. The tag on the item lists the size by weight. My dog is between a small and a medium. Don't buy if you're warned. The quality of my useless purchase seems to be good, and my dog seems to like the concept.

👤Medium was originally ordered for my jack russell. He is short and chesty. I ordered large, but it was not large enough around his chest. He's only 10 lbs. I put it on my miniature pincscher and it fits perfectly. She's slender compared to him, they are similar in size. The large fit my Jack Russell and Min pin who normally wear small/medium Size references: JR: 20 chest, 13 neck, 11 neck, 5 waist.

👤The pup seems comfortable in it, and the leash attachment on the back makes him happy. I don't have to fight with him being around a sweater. The negatives have nothing to do with the fleece. The size chart on the Amazon listing has nothing to do with this fleece. You can't go by the weight on the size chart. A small would be the size for an 8 pound dog, according to the tag on the fleece. I ordered the small for my chihuahua, his usual size, and it's definitely a tight fit. It fits him well. I plan on ordering the medium for him because he usually swims in a medium in anything else I've tried on him. I have no complaints about this fleece. I might give this one to my friend who has a smaller chihuahua. This review will help someone avoid the problem of not knowing what size to get.

6. Weather Reflective Waterproof Windproof Sweaters

Weather Reflective Waterproof Windproof Sweaters

The reflective stripe and elastic leash is great for the dog because it prevents the dog from running around at night. The dog wear jacket is suitable for wear to travel, as it can slowly adapt to the dog's body, and it is suitable for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking, and training. The jacket fabrication cost is better because it is made of high-quality double fleece, the inner layer is made of cotton and the outer layer is made of a high quality raw material. The waterproof no leak zip that avoids rain and snow flow in the dog outfits, the protective Pain-Free Zipper Guard design, and the collar position and pocket on the backsider make it suitable for all traction. The hight collar and double metelbuckle is a hight collar and double metelbuckle that is designed to protect the dog neck and add extra warmth. No more having to put a collar on your pet's head. The size of the dog sweater is measured. Measure your dog's chest girth and back length by following a sizing guide to choose a large sized pet coat. Take each measurement with care, as there will be room for your dog to breathe and move. If you have a problem with your dog's winter clothes, please contact them, they can give you a refund.

Brand: Seicipet

👤I was surprised by the quality of this coat. The photos in the listing make it seem like it is thick and warm. There is no adjustability or stretch for the neck, so make sure to carefully measure your dog's neck. The chest is much more flexible, to the tune of about 12. The cargo pocket is large, and the zip covered and envelope closed allows access to a d-ring on a harness. The reflective strip at the base of the collar is attached to two D-rings. Depending on your dog, this could be a turtleneck collar. If your dog is like mine, he/she could get her lower jaw caught in the collar if she fights the coat, so I would caution against it. I would give this coat five stars, even if I didn't know how long it would last. What can you expect in the long run? This coat is short. A dog with a chest of 22 and a back of 23 would not have enough length for hip coverage. I'm not sure what I missed in the chart. How long is the coat? The elastics that are supposed to hold the tail of the coat in place are useless. If you have a deep-chested lean dog, you may want to look elsewhere for a full-coverage coat.

👤It works perfectly on my doe. The coat is a lot warmer than I anticipated, the inside fur is soft, the pockets are nice, and the pocket on top is adorable. There are bright reflective lines.

👤This sweater is great for big chested dogs. One of the hardest things to do as an owner is to find a suitable jacket for my dog since she is barreled chested, but I have found a winner after many trials and errors. The jacket is very well-made and has nothing on the local pet storesweaters. The jacket has a large pocket for small items and is beautiful in person. There is a reflective strip on the top and hidden clasps on the sides. I could've sized down if I needed to. The jacket has a zip to accommodate a harness, two outer D rings, and an elastic leg cord for extra security. I will purchase this sweater in the red for Christmas because it is so good. She is barrel chested, so the best feature is that the chest size is adjusted to her body type. This jacket is a great alternative to the one size fits all dog sweaters and gives me the freedom to adjust to my liking. I would recommend this sweater to others for its price, smart details, and overall quality, and will purchase it more when the need arises. Thank you for reading, hopefully this helps someone, I would definitely follow the sizing guide to find the best fit for you.

👤This coat is made of thick material. It's better than what you can find in the brick and mortar stores. The breast piece is not one size fits all. The reflective piping is a nice touch. It does not get crooked when walking without using the elastic bands. The dog is apparently between sizes. I ordered her a large because of her neck, chest, and length. They said the neck measurement was the most important and they were correct. It fit my dog around the neck, but I had to shorten the straps. The extra strap length was dragging on the ground, tripping up my short legged terrier mix. It is difficult to put the jacket on if you have a hidden piece. It's not a problem to take the jacket off. I took my girl for her first walk in 40 F. She doesn't handle the cold well because of her thin coat. She was still cold by the end of the walk. I was surprised because the coat is very thick and the breast piece did not fit her well. I love the coat, but I think I will have to return it. The D rings on the back are a great touch, making a harness unnecessary if you don't have a strong puller.

7. Carhartt Chore Repellent Cotton Canvas

Carhartt Chore Repellent Cotton Canvas

100% ring spun cotton. Carhartt Firm Duck is a dog coat. The dog coat has roots for the hardest working dogs. Made with duck canvas and a water-repellent coating, it protects your pup from the elements. The quilted liner is made of nylon and has batting for warmth. The tabs at the neck and chest make it easy to take on and off. The straps for chest and waist are hook and loop lined. Medium (Chest Girth: 22"- 28") and Small (Chest Girth: 16-21") are the sizes. LargeChestgirth 25"- 38" See the size chart in the images.

Brand: Carhartt

8. Jacket Outward Hound Granby Splash

Jacket Outward Hound Granby Splash

SIZING BASED ON GIRTH. Dogs are all shapes and sizes. There's a dog life jacket for your dog. They made it easy for you to choose a size that supports them based on their measurement. If the dog's girth size is higher than this size, they recommend changing it. It's good to drink with safety in mind. The Outward Hound Granby Splash life jacket is designed with bright colors and reflective accents to provide better visibility while swimming. A front neck float helps keep your dog's head above water. Novice and experience swimmingfriendly: The Granby Splash dog life jacket is made with ripstop material that provides maximum buoyancy in the water without restricting movement on land. A secure fit is provided by the side release buckles and the neoprene belly band. The design is singlecurbless. A top grab handle makes it easy to restrain and lift your dog out of the water, and it provides easy access for a rescue should they get into trouble. Play it safe. There is no pet accessory that is impervious to damage. Do not leave with animals that are not supervised. If it is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤It is made with quality materials. It won't be too heavy for your dog, because it's low profile. I only saw the size of the girth, but I saw the weight on the packaging to help you make your decision.

👤Great lifejacket! My mini long-haired dachshund is not a strong swimmer and I ordered this for him. He's able to stay afloat with this vest, but we're still working on keeping his head above water, but the neck piece on this vest helps a lot. The size we ordered was small. He is only 9 pounds, but all of his measurements put him in the Small range. I was worried it would be too big, but he fits in the small since the straps cinch him in. He has room to grow because it's a little big in the back.

👤There are two pictures attached. I bought this size for our 7 year old female pit-boxer mix who runs a pretty consistent 46 pounds. She has a neck to tail ratio of 19 and a chest to neck ratio of 27. I bought her a Hurtta winter coat. She is not designed for cold weather. This large is a perfect fit for the dog. You can see in the photo that there are 3 fairly standard buckles. The male part of the buckle clips into the female part when you adjust the straps. You squeeze the male part to release it. The life jacket can be put on the dog while still leashed, an important feature when getting ready to go onto the water from a boat launch or other public area. The jacket is easy to put on the dog. I don't think the order of the parts is relevant. You put it on their back. I have watched all the John Wayne movies. Put it on their back and wrap it around the chest piece, grey in the product photo, and put it on the other side. The two buckles should be inserted after that. I like the wrap-around piece because it's elastic to provide a secure fit, and it's also good for holding it in place while you buckle it. The dogs are protected from straps going around their chest to prevent sore spots from rubbing. You should secure the throat piece first. This piece goes under the dog's chin and is held in place with a piece of velcro. The flap helps the dog keep their head out of the water. The jacket is firmly fixed once the dog is in it. I carried her back and forth on the lawn with the two grip straps on top. There's no getting out of that jacket that I can see between the wrap-around chest piece, the buckled straps and the velcro. Our dog likes playing in the water at standing depth. I let her go to test the flotation device. I tried to encourage her to swim, but she went straight for the shore. I didn't get as good a flotation test as I would have liked, but I brought her out 4 times and it all worked out. I wish I had bought the Clownfish design. Our grandson is a big fan of fish and the movies, and I think he would have liked seeing our dog in that outfit. I'd love to buy this again.

9. EMUST Jackets Winter Clothes Weather

EMUST Jackets Winter Clothes Weather

The dog apparel for cold weather is available in 7 sizes and 9 colors. Measure your dog and compare it to their chart. If your dog has a stout buid, please select larger size. Premium Material: The dog coat for winter is made of high quality material, so it is thick, lightweight, and warm for pets. The dog jacket vest has a hook and loop on the chest, a rib for neck, extra elastic band, and a hole for the collar. The puppy jacket they make is both stylish and pretentious. The cold weather dog vest is suitable for most small, medium and large dogs. For all indoor and outdoor activities. The cold weather dog coat is easy to put on and take off, it is machine washable. If there is a problem when you get it, you can contact them.

Brand: Emust

👤We like the jacket, it was nice, but the sizes were so different that it didn't work. He was a little tight on the neck and arms, he was a little uncomfortable in it. The photo doesn't show how big 3XL was, but it looked ridiculous. It is disappointing because we liked it. If that helps anyone, my dog is 52 pounds.

👤I have a small male chihuahua that is easy to put on and off with a harness. It doesn't touch his genitals, so there are no splashes on the undercoat part, which was important to me. The harness zips back up for added warmth, and the back has a zip so I could slip my lead onto it. I would recommend it. My dog feels great and it fits great.

👤I received my dog's new coat in the mail today and so far it's great! It is easy to put on and remove and it is warm. I haven't tested it on a walk yet but I usually put a jacket on my dog and he becomes immobile and frozen. He was walking around in this one. He is 90 lbs and I ordered the XXXL. It seems to fit. The coat is great for the price.

👤It is nearly impossible to find a jacket or sweater that fits perfectly for a Vizsla owner. It is difficult to find something that falls into each category with a long body, narrow chest and muscular disposition. I bought this jacket for my 7 month old Vizsla before we went to Vermont. The trip was rainy and 40 degrees. The jacket seems to be waterproof. The mud on the jacket wiped off easily. It fits perfectly, but I wish it was 1-2 inches longer on his back. Next is to hang dry. I ordered a 44 pound dog for my 7 month old.

👤I chose this coat because of its color, style and price. These are all beautiful and I like subdued colors. I like the quilted fabric, reflective trim, and gathering on the chest. The quilted fabric for the collar would have been better for my dog. I will not lose sleep over it.

👤I love this coat. My dog is 35 pounds. Even though he is on the low end of the size, I got the XL because he is still growing. I don't want to have to buy another one in a few months, so it's a bit big on him. Even if he doesn't grow it will still be a nice fit. I wanted the extra room and ordered a fleece to go under it. It looks amazing. It's really high quality and nice. He bit me like crazy trying to put it on but he bites me like crazy trying to put anything on so that's nothing new. He is not pawing or biting at it now that it is on. I like the back zip up. I like it so much that I might buy a second.

10. Kuoser British Windproof Weather Apparel

Kuoser British Windproof Weather Apparel

Premium quality is made from Polyester fiber. The material is made of terylene/cotton and has a soft and warm outer layer. This material can keep your pup dry even on a foggy day, and it's water-repelling, so it can keep your pup out of the water. Creative design. It's easy to put on and take off the hook and loop. Small snacks and keys can be held in a pocket on the back. Penalties for work: fines. A classic British style plaid design, never out of date, lightweight, durable, and Exquisite sewing, has a hole in the neck. It's possible to get 7 sizes for nearly all kinds of breed furry friend, such as Teddy, chihuahua, beagle, poodle, bulldog, Schnauzer, Labrador, Golden Retriever, etc. It's suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities in autumn and winter. Quality: Excellent. They want to create the best dog coat. If you have a problem with the dog jacket, please contact them and they will solve it within 24 hours.

Brand: Kuoser

👤I have a long-legged dog and it's hard to find appropriate items for him. This works well for him. He thinks he's hot when he gets to wear it. It has nothing to do with our stupid reactions. It keeps him warm and dry on our rides. It was packaged well and got here quickly. When you need to clean it, it washes fine. I put it in on a cold day. I put it in the dryer with other items. Looked fine. I don't think it shrunk. I would buy this again.

👤Ted is cool and comfortable in this coat. He was able to weather the fall rain because of the ladies in the neighborhood. Ted sees the cost as easy on the wallet as he is a frugal guy and likes to get a good price. The waterproof and soft lining is his favorite feature, but most of the back pocket is for his snacks, poo poo bags and keys to his ride. Measure before purchase. Ted is a beagle that needed to be bigger. He likes to think that it is due to his muscular body, but it really was the length of his back. You go, Ted!

👤I bought this dog coat for my dog. The Large size was chosen based on the measurements. It was too small for her. The coat is easy to get on and off, but will need to be returned for a larger size. On the product page, the measurements appear to be incorrect.

👤I am happy with this jacket. I was trying to find a jacket for my dog. She is aShar pei and her neck is normal, but her girth is bigger than most dogs. This is changeable. Her breed has corse, short hair, and they get cold fast when she goes potty outside. She felt comfortable enough to use the restroom when she wore this, and she didn't shiver at all. I can't say if it's good for a place with a lot of snow because it doesn't get crazy cold here. I live in Texas. It works well for 35 degree weather. Thank you for making larger sizes for my dogs.

👤We love this jacket. It's well made and the adjustment on it helps it get a snug fit so it won't slide around while he wears it. When it's cold outside, our dog finds comfort in wearing a jacket all the time. The inside is soft and silky. This is the best jacket our dog has ever had. It is even better than the first one.

👤I know you can't see much of the product, but does that matter? I don't think so. The jacket is very soft and my guy is great in it. He is just under 4 lbs. This would fit a large dog. Definitely not any bigger! It's perfect for our family photo shoot.

👤The puppy is 8 weeks old. She is not as big. She has a large tummy. It fits her perfectly. I'm going to get a bigger one. It was raining. It kept her warm.

11. MIGOHI Jackets Windproof Waterproof Reversible

MIGOHI Jackets Windproof Waterproof Reversible

British style dog coat. This stylish plaid dog jacket has a soft and warm inner layer and a water resistant outer layer. The Magic Sticker Closures around the neck and belly make the coat very easy to adjust and take off. The material is high quality. The filling is made of fabric and fiber. It's warm for pets in cold winter and autumn. There are 7 sizes- X, Y, S, M, L, and XXXL. Please measure your dog and compare it to the size chart they have. The ranges are suitable for most small, medium and large dogs. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, please contact them for an after-sales service.

Brand: Migohi

👤I would give this jacket ten stars. I am very happy with my purchase. It arrived two days after purchase. The xxl was the perfect size for my dog. It appears to be well made, with no gaps or defects. My dog loves it. He seems to be very comfortable. We live in Wisconsin and winters are harsh, snowy and cold, so we have tried a variety of different jackets to protect our dog from the elements. It is easy to put on and take off. It can protect against the elements. The design is great. The design of the belly area makes it possible for a boy to go potty without pee'ing on the fabric. I will definitely be buying another one in the future, and would recommend this jacket to anyone.

👤I got this in XXL because of a review of my dog, Bart. She didn't have a beagle, but the size of her dog in the picture she shared seemed very similar to mine and her review was very helpful. I have gotten a few jackets for him in the past, but it wasn't thick enough for the cold and his failing health. The one he used was a little too loose with the neckline and was better for fall weather. I found other coats, but they were too small even after I measured them. So it works! I was very happy that I could make him more comfortable. He was enjoying the fresh air despite his health issues, so he wanted to go outside. I put the lighter weight coat I had on over this one for extra warmth on the extra cold days we had and when we went outside for his winter constitutions before his health finally did get the better of him on the 19th. I have no regrets. This jacket made me feel better. So much better! It was more warm, thicker, and he had a covered belly. He seemed warmer and didn't shiver, which made me whisk him up and bring him inside, ruining his moment. She mentioned in her review that the folds covering over his privates was too much. I duct-taped the area with black gorilla tape I had handy and it held and worked perfectly. I know. I know. I could try and sew it, but I don't have time or the knowledge to do it, and then what fun would life be without finding more uses for duct tape? I miss my little guy, but this coat was great for him in his final days. Thank you! P.S. I have found a few pictures of Bart's older, thinner fall coat on, but the pictures of this coat are mixed with them. I believe that he got a coat that was a bit ill-fitting in the neckline and held just at the end of the velcro, but I don't know if that's true. It's good for fall and is not thick. It's not for winter. It's good to know any extra things when you're looking for coats, so I mention this all again.


What is the best product for dog jacket?

Dog jacket products from Qiyadin. In this article about dog jacket you can see why people choose the product. Jecikelon and Voopet are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog jacket.

What are the best brands for dog jacket?

Qiyadin, Jecikelon and Voopet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog jacket. Find the detail in this article. Scpet, Gooby and Seicipet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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