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1. UDesignUSA Double Personalized Realtree Outdoor

UDesignUSA Double Personalized Realtree Outdoor

You can get started by clicking 'Customize Now'. Enter the pet's name and information. To make your name.

Brand: Udesignusa

👤Excellent product! I had Muffins' name on the front and my address and phone number on the back. The metal tag she was wearing made a lot of noise, but the heavier tag makes it less so. It's comforting to know that my neighbors would be able to bring her home if she broke loose and they found her.

👤I needed a lightweight tag since my dog needs to wear two tags. The other two tags don't have my address or name, so I need that info. I had an issue with one letter and they replaced it with a new one. Great customer service!

👤The design and color of the product attracted me. It is durable and attractive. My only wish is for the ring to be an "S" hook. This can be purchased separately at any time.

👤This is so cute! The pink camo text was clear and vivid. The pink color was correct to what I saw on the computer. This product is very nice. It arrived quickly. Highly recommend!

👤The dog tag is light and easy to read. I liked the variety of options for my order.

👤The little dog I adopted was 11 years old. She had a rough life. I wanted to make up for it. I ordered the tag after seeing it. She looked so cute with it on. The silver metal tag is showing through as the paint on the tag falls off. I am not happy with the quality of this tag.

👤I don't like how small the tag is for a cat or small dog, it's great but I don't like it.

👤The letting became very hard to see after I ordered it. There is a black sharpie on it.

2. MYLUCKYTAG Code Service Dog Tag

MYLUCKYTAG Code Service Dog Tag

The zinc alloy is made of nontoxic zinc and treated with acrylate to give it a smooth, rust-free and durable surface. The diameter is 1.2 inches and the weight is 0.2 ounces. Setup and use. Scan the tag with aqb code and you will be able to enter multiple emergency contact, upload multiple pet photos, and more. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. No need for an application! Pets have their own pet ID tags. You can change the pet id tag at any time when your address, phone number, age, and size change, and your pet grows older. The pet ID tag is vivid and distinctive. Scan a tag to receive an email. If someone scans the QR code, it will send your pet's location to your email, and you can view the scanned location on the internet. This service is free. Pet ID tags are important to ensure the safety of your pet. services They are passionate about animals and focused on their safety. There are no subscription fees. Click on "visit the MyLUCKYTAG Store" above or below the product title to find a more suitable dog tag.

Brand: Myluckytag

👤If your dog is lost, someone can take a photo of the dog and send it to you with a gps location. It is really brilliant.

👤My service dog and I are about to be deployed overseas. I wanted something that I could simply update for every move and this was perfect. She looks professional with the rest of her gear.

👤It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is possible to add almost any information you need for your furry child, including an address, a brief description, and even a photo, if you choose to do so. The material is good. I would buy again.

👤The tag for my dog looks really nice. I like the quality of the product. It is very easy to set up a profile online. I sent an email to the company customer service because of the issue with the QR code. Their answer solved my problem. I'm writing this review because no one nowadays gives you that peace of mind when you purchase online. This product is recommended by me.

👤The product looked solid and not heavy for the collar. It was easy to set up.

👤It's a great way to find your animal.

👤I like it but it pulled up a website.

3. K9King Official Service Federal Protection

K9King Official Service Federal Protection

A premium dog ID made of heavy-duty materials with bright, easily recognizable enamel lettering and graphics on both sides will make your out and about with your service dog easier. Saving time on ring expenses is important. The personalized Federal Protection animal name tag will help you enter with your Service support dog hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers and airplanes as per ADA laws. The large 1.25-inch PSTD dog ID has a vibrant Red Medical Alert symbol in the center and will make your large, medium or small breed dog look adorable. It's always a good idea to buy it once and use it forever. The deep engraving on the seizure alert dog tag guarantees it won't fade like other tags. The metal lobster clasp is strong enough to hold your pet's harness or leash. VETERAN is a family owned small business. Buy from an Amazon Brand registered company. If you own a service dog, offer this elite seizure dog tag as a thoughtful gift to a service dog parent.

Brand: K9king

👤When I ordered this tag, I didn't think much of it. $10 for a large, three-color tag? I thought the metal would be flimsy, the clip would snap off, and I would be lucky if it lasted a month. The tag arrived. The lettering is debossed and the paint is inside the stamp where it won't rub or flake off. The tag is large and won't break. The edge of the tag is machine polished so it won't irritate your dog's neck or chest. The clip is mounted on a free- moving swivel, which is more comfortable for your dog than a fixed-position tag. I think it is justified to make a big deal about a dog tag. This product is made in America for people who care about their service dogs and people who take pride in their work. Two paws are up.

👤It is a blessing that I wear it around my neck to show I can go anywhere with him. Sometimes I get stopped, but I just show them the service dog info and they are good to go. Some people are still very rude to me. Sometimes they bug me. I walk away and yell at them because I know my service dog is on it. I have issues that need a service dog, not all disabilities are visible, just because I don't look it doesn't mean I don't need a service dog... Yes, geezzz.

👤Thank you for the tag. After almost two years, I have a service dog. I got a very good service animal and he will provide me many years of service. He stays on my side. Two years ago, I had a horrible car accident that left me with brain injury, walking and balance issues. I am getting out of the chair. What a great experience! I can not tell you all the barriers I have encountered. The other driver had borrowed a vehicle from the other driver. Every day is a new day and I am going in the right direction. My service dog will be useful to me.

👤I love this tag. I received it yesterday and it exceeded my expectations. The tag is listed as small, but it is not. My dog has other tags so anything larger would be difficult to fit on her collar. It's obvious and I like that it's two-sided and on a swivel, the rest of her tags get twisted backwards no matter how much I try to keep them straight. The quality is heavy but not too heavy. I'm ordering a second one for my disabled veteran son because I loved it so much. The tag is not too small because he doesn't like "collar clutter" and his dog is bigger than mine. Thanks for the great product!

👤Exactly what I needed for my dog. I don't want to answer questions when I walk into a business. Though we don't have to have our service animals marked in public, it will be easier to just show his tag instead of explaining how it's illegal to ask more than "is your dog a service animal and what task is he trained to do?" Thanks for the tag. I and my dog are very appreciative of it.

4. GoTags Pet ID Personalized Bone

GoTags Pet ID Personalized Bone

Premium quality aluminum pet ID tags for dogs and cats. Up to 8 lines of personalized text with 4 lines on front and 4 lines on back are included in the personalization options. Pick a shape. There are bone, round, heart, bow tie, Badge, Star, Flower, or Rectangle. You can choose either small or large. Small tags are about one inch in diameter while large tags are about two inches in diameter. Small is the recommended size for toy dogs and cats. To place an order, choose shape and size from the choices. Click CUSTOMIZE NOW to choose your tag color and personalize it with your details.

Brand: Gotags Pet Id

👤Looks good... You can see that it is printed on. Will not last. The product description says "engraved."

👤I'm not like a regular dog mom, I'm a cool dog mom. I asked them to put a swear word on my child's tag. I am very happy with it. The engraving is highly visible and easy to read, and it is a different look from the old school military looking dog tags. I bought this in April and took a photo of it in July. I waited a couple of months to see how it was holding up, and I think it is doing very well. Our dog is not very active but I have not been worried about the tag falling off or the dog wearing it out. It is definitely worth it. The number of characters allowed and being able to print front and back was something I was happy about. If the need arises, would recommend and buy again.

👤I thought that the engraving would last more than a week, but for 15 bux, I did not appreciate the convenience. Due to local law, most dogs wear more than one tag. The engraving can't be read when they rub. It is unfortunate. I bought the Persmart one that comes with a clear 3m sticky that protects the contact information.

👤Not very durable. I expected it to be very durable but it doesn't look like it will last very long.

👤I like the shape and color choices. It was easy to personalize my order. My dog's name could be on one side and his information on the other. It was easy to attach it to his collar. I was hoping that by spending the extra money that it would last a little longer, but I was a little disappointed. Any pet owner will know these tags wear off. I've noticed a lot of wear over the last couple months. I don't know how long this will last before my dog's info is no longer legible. It seems like his tag takes the abuse better. Is it because the engraving is deeper? It is possible.

👤These tags use printed-on lettering. The lettering might fade over time. The engraved ones would last longer and be more resistant to wear. How many tags does Fido wear? You will experience wear on the tag. You can have your address, phone, email, whatever you want if you get these. I put my phone on one side and my dog's name on the other. You could have your email, cell, web URL, breed and color of dog, and so on. I give four stars for the flexibility of information on these tags. I got the bone and they worked well.

👤I ordered the star because I know I have a tag for a small dog, but it's so expensive that I don't know if it's going to last. It almost feels like a flat coated hard aluminum. I don't know if it's going to hold up, I got it today. I have my glasses on. I can barely read it. If you order this, try to put the dog's name and phone number on the back, and then put my address on the front, because I put the chip number on the back. This is like a mini dog or a kitten in size, and it's only 14 bucks. Going back to find something bigger. The piece should cost $5.

5. InstaPetTags American Custom Double Personalized

InstaPetTags American Custom Double Personalized

Click the button on the right side of the page to personalize. You can choose a preferred style for your pet tag. You can modify your new tag by entering details.

Brand: Instapettags

👤We've had it on for a while and it's very nice. Even with him running through trees and rolling in the dirt, it still looks great. There is an update. The tags are still new and we have a rowdy sand box playing mud slinging rough playing woods chasing rottie Brothers. I can still read them. No peeling or dirt build up.

👤The lettering on the pet tag started to scratch off and become unreadable after a few weeks of use. I like the tag, but I wish they were more durable. I don't know if I would buy another one.

👤This has held up with my dogs. I was surprised that the letters haven't faded or scratched up. It is very much worth the price.

👤Excellent quality... Well done. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I thought the tag was larger.

👤These dog tags are awesome! The color is easy to read. Most others are on the market. I would prefer it again.

6. Anzir Personalized Pets,GPS ,Scannable Location,Cat

Anzir Personalized Pets%EF%BC%8CGPS %EF%BC%8CScannable Location%EF%BC%8CCat

Federal law protects. Lettering and Graphics are bright and recognizable. The best choice for your dog is a personalized dog tag. You can link the dog id tag to the mobile app and change it at any time. Adding health info will help the finder take care of your pet. If someone scans the QR code and shares it, your pet's location will be sent to your email, but it's not a gps tracker. Someone can see your contact info. The tag can be used on any phone. The pet id tag on the website or app is the only thing that will make the code work. The pet id tags are all over the world. Every owner can register their pet in the international database. If you want to setup and use it, you need to use the QR code to enter the website or install the app. You need to enter your phone number and e-mail in order to get your pet tag activated. Start enjoying your new funny pet tag. If you find your pet, anyone can access your pet's profile to contact you. Share the location of your pet. No apps are needed. There are no additional costs for being free for life. There is a free pet profile page. Petmso member list and gps location sharing function are included. 24 hours/7 days support contact. A wide range of designs are available for custom dog tags. Premium color printing makes thePet tag look modern. The dog name tag is more durable because of the 5-layer print protection. Dog tags are made of plastic and Crystal drops of glue. The dog collar tag is noiseless. It protects silent dog tag from damage.

Brand: Anzir

👤This product is ok. It works, but not perfect. The company is based in China. Their website is slow to load in the US. The English translation of the web links is terrible. The English translation of their website is terrible, designed by someone who has only a remote understanding of English language, so it's hard to understand. I don't understand why Chinese companies don't spend a lot of money to hire English speaking people to set up their website and marketing related things. There is a button for "determine" on this website instead of the button for "enter" The website is slow to respond. You can't make changes easily, some of the links don't work, and the map doesn't show where the scans were done. The tag is nice looking and a good concept if you are willing to tolerate the hassles mentioned above. This company is not ready for prime time in the US. I would look for another place to live until they fixed their bugs.

👤I bought this for my cat because we like to walk at night. The tag is larger than I thought, it's about 1/2 the diameter of a door knob, so it's a bit large for my cat, but I put it on his harness in the event that he breaks away from the leash. I had no idea how to register or sign up for the service after testing the software. I was directed to the correct website by another company who mistakenly contacted me.

7. Funny Keychain Owner Personalized Engraved

Funny Keychain Owner Personalized Engraved

After sales service. If you have a problem, please don't hesitate to contact them. They will give you a full year warranty and a free replacement if you don't like it. Fun engraving reads "I'm Lost, As Fuck call my Human". The piece brings joy and laughter to everyone. Dog tags for dogs engraved are made of thick and sturdy steel. It won't fade or rust. The engraving is permanent. There were no harmful laser chemicals used. A cute gift box is ready for a new dog parents gift and is perfect for family friends who own pets. It is guaranteed after sales service. If you have a problem, please don't hesitate to contact them. They will give you a full year warranty and a free replacement if you don't like it.

Brand: Iweca

👤It was very small. The title should be X- Small Dog Tag. It is not worth that much for a small dog tag.

👤The item is of good quality. The lettering is fading after less than a month.

👤She lost the tag and ring the first time she hit the end of her cable and wore it for about 4 seconds.

👤This dog tag is perfect for a puppy. She runs away because she loves to visit her neighbor.

👤It is hard to read with days.

👤Our friends love this tag.

8. Extodry Custom Personalized Address Accessories

Extodry Custom Personalized Address Accessories

These bling pet tags are useful for finding your pets easily after they lost in various outdoor activities such as traveling, participating in themed parties, dog shows and so on. The pet id tube tag is made of brass, which is light and waterproof. A small note with a name, address, phone number, and other information can be created. 5 packs of dog tag tube are included. The ring diameter is 9mm and the tag tube height is 35mm. It is small and lightweight. The dog tag barrel tube can be used as a decoration and as a necessity to prevent pets from missing. Put the label in the barrel and tighten it. Pets may loosen it during activities, so please check it after a period of time.

Brand: Extodry

9. Funny Collar Stainless Prowling People

Funny Collar Stainless Prowling People

The disc pendant and key ring diameter are measured. The patron saint for the protection of animals is St. Francis of Assisi. The funny pet ID tag reads "I got lost prowling for b**ches, have your people call my people." It's suitable for any cute cat or dog. The funny dog tag has a split ring so you can attach it to any dog or cat collar. A hand stamped pet tag. The single disc tag is both practical and funny. Many boys have been distracted by a pretty lady. The small size and light weight is perfect for your dog or cat, providing a comfortable feeling for your pets. It was a good choice for the dog lover. A perfect gift for a pet owner. Birthday gift, Christmas gifts,Thanksgiving day gifts for pet lovers, dog owner, cat owner, friends, family and so on. Dog collar tag is Highly Polished. It doesn't rust, change colour or tarnish and is hypo allergenic. A funny pet tag for your dog. There is a Velvet Pouch for free. The dog id tags come in a pouch. This is a great tag for dogs.

Brand: Dabihu

10. MYLUCKYTAG Stainless Steel Code Tags

MYLUCKYTAG Stainless Steel Code Tags

It is made of a high polished steel and is rust resistant, ideal for long-term tags, and it has double-sided engraving for clarity, permanence and durability, which is ideal for long-term tags. The weight is 0.35 ounces. Setup and use. Scan the tag with aqb code and you will be able to enter multiple emergency contact, upload multiple pet photos, and more. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. No need for an application! Pets have their own pet ID tags. You can change the pet id tag at any time when your address, phone number, age, and size change, and your pet grows older. The pet ID tag is vivid and distinctive. Scan a tag to receive an email. If someone scans the QR code, it will send your pet's location to your email, and you can view the scanned location on the internet. This service is free. Pet ID tags are important to ensure the safety of your pet. services They are passionate about animals and focused on their safety. There are no subscription fees. Click on "visit the MyLUCKYTAG Store" above or below the product title to find a more suitable dog tag.

Brand: Myluckytag

👤It is not thin and weak but it is not thick and bulky. I think it would be better for him to not notice it and for it to not get in the way. I can update the profile whenever I want.

👤You're done once you enter the information on their site. When it is scanned, they send you an email with a link of the coordinates and a map of the location. The site about your dog can be read by the QR scanner. If you add a picture of the dog, it will be shown.

👤I think this pet tag is smart because if someone scans it you can get an email with the coordinates to where the tag was scanned, and then use a map to find it.

👤This is not what I ordered. I received a pink paw print tag that is too large for my dog. It is nice quality but not what I ordered.

👤It's perfect. My ferret is cute.

👤It's easy for lost dogs and their owners to be found. A quick Scan of the code will notifies the owner the coordinates and will give them contact info without having to drive to a vet. I would recommend.

👤El producto es una calidad. Aunque se raye, pero una bolsita para evitar. Mi perrito tienes un elegante. La recomiendo ampliamente.

11. Weewooday Pieces Silencer Cover Protector

Weewooday Pieces Silencer Cover Protector

You will get 2 pieces of dog tag silencers in green and blue colors with the size of 5 x 5 x 1 cm and 2 x 2 x 0.4 inches, the quantities and colors are enough for your pets to use and replace. The dog tag will make a noise when your dog moves, so you have to keep quiet. The dog ID tag cover is made of quality fabric, which is durable, water resistant, and can be applied for long time use. The dog tag protector is easy to use, it can be attached to the dog collar and applied to hold the dog tag firmly. The pet name tag pouch has a hook and loop fastening at the back which makes it easy to open and close, making it convenient to place the pet ID tag.

Brand: Weewooday

👤My boys look so handsome because of these dog tag holders.


What is the best product for dog id tags personalized?

Dog id tags personalized products from Udesignusa. In this article about dog id tags personalized you can see why people choose the product. Myluckytag and K9king are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog id tags personalized.

What are the best brands for dog id tags personalized?

Udesignusa, Myluckytag and K9king are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog id tags personalized. Find the detail in this article. Gotags Pet Id, Instapettags and Anzir are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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