Best Dog Id Tags Personalized Bling

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1. Etched Stainless Custom Personalized Double

Etched Stainless Custom Personalized Double

Click "Customize Now" to modify your design. Laser etched tags are permanent. 0.040" is a very strong and durable steel. The tag has a split ring. IO tags are engraving.

Brand: Io Tags

👤I didn't think I'd be writing a review about a dog tag. I bought a cute dog tag for my puppy off of Etsy and it was $17, which is excessive, but he's my first puppy and it matched his collar perfectly! That boy was a waste. The design started to rub off on the edges and it looked terrible within a month. It wasn't due to puppy antics, but a senior dog that was all about napping. I needed a replacement and chose something that was sturdy and durable. I received this tag in November and it still looks great. I don't have to worry about someone not being able to contact me if my dog goes on a solo adventure because the information is etched on. Highly recommend this seller, he did a great job with the product. I will definitely be ordering more for other animals.

👤I ordered these tags 4 days ago and they are here. I am very happy that they came in a week earlier than expected. The tags seem to be good quality for the price. My dogs are rowdy and get very dirty, so if I can get a few months out of these tags, I will be satisfied. I ordered the 1 1/2 inch size tags and included pictures of my dogs for reference.

👤These pet ID tags are the best. And are very affordable. Over the course of 2 years, I have bought 3 tags from this seller. The first costume I bought was not used on an actual dog. I chose this seller because it was cheap and I didn't need anything fancy for a one-time use. I was very impressed when the tag arrived. I liked that the etching was dark and clear to read. The tag that was purchased for Halloween was in great condition and did not fade. I ordered her tag from this seller a year after I got a puppy. Her tag is of great quality and has held up through months of digging in the mud, army crawling underneath everything, and hiking. My dog is white and fluffy, and I didn't experience a rub off of the black etching on her fur. I bought a third tag for my sister's dog because the etching on her old tag was no longer readable. My sister mentioned how much she liked my dog's tag. She is very happy with her dog.

👤I ordered 6 tags to put on my horses. The tags are heavier than I was going to purchase at the pet store, so I am really pleased with them. The rings that were provided with the tags are heavier than the ones at the pet store. I am very pleased with the quality of the tag.

👤The words were very long and deep. That is a good thing. The tag is cheap. Not shiny, rough looking. I wanted to get one to match my other dogs tags, but this one is not as nice. I will do one at petsmart again. In the mean time, it will do.

2. Personalized Collar Identification Engraved Stainless

Personalized Collar Identification Engraved Stainless

The ball chain size is 12 x 2.4 cm/ 4.7 x 0.9 inch, the ID tag size is 50 x 28 x 0.4mm/ 18.6 x 0.16 inch, and the tag silencer size is 38 x. "I'm Lost call my Mom she's ugly crying" is a funny pet ID tag. It comes with a 20mm split ring so you can easily attach it to your pet's collar. There is a new puppy kitten identification. A funny gift for your pets is a perfect gift for a new puppy owner. It is safe and hardy. The dog tag is made from high quality steel and hand polished to make it shiny and safe for your pets. If you don't like their products, they'll give you 100% of the money back.

Brand: Eunigem

👤The tag fell off the dog's collar in the first week. The tag is very strong. Very upset. I can't return the tag because it's missing, so I'm out the money.

👤I love this tag. Came in very quickly. The lettering is legible. My husband works for a company that has an engraving machine and he engraved our address and phone number on the back of it. Saved me from buying something different. Great tag!

👤It would be better if we had the option to personalize.

👤The dog tag was just right for the new kitten and easy to read. He loves it too!

👤I have gotten a lot of laughs from people that know how I feel about my dog.

👤My dog tag didn't have any information about my pets. It's too big for a cat and I wanted it for my cat. It's worthless to me. I liked the caption on the front. I'll order another one from another place. I was not happy.

👤It is easy to read. Everyone at the dog park is happy.

👤Just as shown. Excellent quality. I can take it to the mall and have it engraved on the back. I was very pleased with the purchase. Everyone who sees it thinks it's cute.

3. UDesignUSA Double Personalized Orange Realtree

UDesignUSA Double Personalized Orange Realtree

You can get started by clicking 'Customize Now'. Enter the pet's name and information. To make your name.

Brand: Udesignusa

👤Excellent product! I had Muffins' name on the front and my address and phone number on the back. The metal tag she was wearing made a lot of noise, but the heavier tag makes it less so. It's comforting to know that my neighbors would be able to bring her home if she broke loose and they found her.

👤I needed a lightweight tag since my dog needs to wear two tags. The other two tags don't have my address or name, so I need that info. I had an issue with one letter and they replaced it with a new one. Great customer service!

👤The design and color of the product attracted me. It is durable and attractive. My only wish is for the ring to be an "S" hook. This can be purchased separately at any time.

👤This is so cute! The pink camo text was clear and vivid. The pink color was correct to what I saw on the computer. This product is very nice. It arrived quickly. Highly recommend!

👤The dog tag is light and easy to read. I liked the variety of options for my order.

👤The little dog I adopted was 11 years old. She had a rough life. I wanted to make up for it. I ordered the tag after seeing it. She looked so cute with it on. The silver metal tag is showing through as the paint on the tag falls off. I am not happy with the quality of this tag.

👤I don't like how small the tag is for a cat or small dog, it's great but I don't like it.

👤The letting became very hard to see after I ordered it. There is a black sharpie on it.

4. GoTags Pet ID Personalized Bone

GoTags Pet ID Personalized Bone

Premium quality aluminum pet ID tags for dogs and cats. Up to 8 lines of personalized text with 4 lines on front and 4 lines on back are included in the personalization options. Pick a shape. There are bone, round, heart, bow tie, Badge, Star, Flower, or Rectangle. You can choose either small or large. Small tags are about one inch in diameter while large tags are about two inches in diameter. Small is the recommended size for toy dogs and cats. To place an order, choose shape and size from the choices. Click CUSTOMIZE NOW to choose your tag color and personalize it with your details.

Brand: Gotags Pet Id

👤Looks good... You can see that it is printed on. Will not last. The product description says "engraved."

👤I'm not like a regular dog mom, I'm a cool dog mom. I asked them to put a swear word on my child's tag. I am very happy with it. The engraving is highly visible and easy to read, and it is a different look from the old school military looking dog tags. I bought this in April and took a photo of it in July. I waited a couple of months to see how it was holding up, and I think it is doing very well. Our dog is not very active but I have not been worried about the tag falling off or the dog wearing it out. It is definitely worth it. The number of characters allowed and being able to print front and back was something I was happy about. If the need arises, would recommend and buy again.

👤I thought that the engraving would last more than a week, but for 15 bux, I did not appreciate the convenience. Due to local law, most dogs wear more than one tag. The engraving can't be read when they rub. It is unfortunate. I bought the Persmart one that comes with a clear 3m sticky that protects the contact information.

👤Not very durable. I expected it to be very durable but it doesn't look like it will last very long.

👤I like the shape and color choices. It was easy to personalize my order. My dog's name could be on one side and his information on the other. It was easy to attach it to his collar. I was hoping that by spending the extra money that it would last a little longer, but I was a little disappointed. Any pet owner will know these tags wear off. I've noticed a lot of wear over the last couple months. I don't know how long this will last before my dog's info is no longer legible. It seems like his tag takes the abuse better. Is it because the engraving is deeper? It is possible.

👤These tags use printed-on lettering. The lettering might fade over time. The engraved ones would last longer and be more resistant to wear. How many tags does Fido wear? You will experience wear on the tag. You can have your address, phone, email, whatever you want if you get these. I put my phone on one side and my dog's name on the other. You could have your email, cell, web URL, breed and color of dog, and so on. I give four stars for the flexibility of information on these tags. I got the bone and they worked well.

👤I ordered the star because I know I have a tag for a small dog, but it's so expensive that I don't know if it's going to last. It almost feels like a flat coated hard aluminum. I don't know if it's going to hold up, I got it today. I have my glasses on. I can barely read it. If you order this, try to put the dog's name and phone number on the back, and then put my address on the front, because I put the chip number on the back. This is like a mini dog or a kitten in size, and it's only 14 bucks. Going back to find something bigger. The piece should cost $5.

5. ISENVO Microchip Waterproof Registration Lifetime

ISENVO Microchip Waterproof Registration Lifetime

In the case of the loss of a pet, the owner can use the QR code. If your dog is found, you can use a dog tag with a chip to get your contact information, as well as vital information about your dog's medical conditions. The ID tag has a built-in chip that can be read by a scanning device. You can hang on the collar. You can use the pet retrieval service for free forever on the ISENVO website. If your pet is lost, people can use the pet ID to get in touch with the owner through their website. The chip number and usage method are written on the tag, which is convenient for the person who found the dog to contact the dog owner. Their tag is waterproof and durable, and it holds up to the most active pet. It will not display any owner's information. The person who finds the dog can only contact the owner through the website.

Brand: Isenvo

👤It is very easy to set up an account. It was easy to attach to his collar.

👤It is easy to set up and enter all of the information you need for your pet's return with no additional costs.

👤The value is great. I registered the chip number for my dog because he doesn't have a chip implant. Everything is going well so far.

👤These tags are neat. We have a boxer pup that likes to go for walks around the neighborhood when the door is not locked. We want to call asap if someone picks up my dog. There is more support for that. She has a dog tag and a chip. The table has all of her information on the website. This was easy to set up and the dog was available for it. The kids change her out often. We will always know if she takes a walk if we add this tag to her collar.

👤I don't like putting my private information on a dog tag, so I'm looking for a product that can protect my information and give me extra security for my dog. I'm very happy to have this product. It's a bad idea.

6. Double Stainless Engraved Personalized Silencer

Double Stainless Engraved Personalized Silencer

The glow silencer is a great pet tag noise muffler, you don't have to tolerate the noise caused by pet tags anymore, it is also good lights at night, so you can easily locate your pet even in the dark, you don't have to worry about not finding. Click "Customize Now" if you want to change the pattern. The front side has a single line text. The back side has three lines text and 15 characters per line. The tags are permanent and are 1 inch in diameter. Strong and durable. The tag has a split ring. The io tags are being engraved.

Brand: Io Tags

👤I received a notification that my dog's new tag had been shipped the same day I ordered it. The tag arrived a few days later. There is a small silver line going through the dog's name in the etching, but it is legible with a large print. The glow in the dark is nice for nighttime, but still jingles a bit. We were pleased with the quick delivery and reasonable price.

👤We bought 4 of them for our dogs. There are no mistakes in the engraving and each one looks great. I like that they are smaller than I thought. Will purchase from this seller again. Thanks!

👤These tags are easy to read. They have a great silicone silencer which is important to me. These are among the best tags I've ordered and are easy to read. I would order again.

👤It is the right size. We have a 1-year-old and a 3 months old. It's hard to see where they are during the night, but with the silencer it's easy to spot them. It was easy to modify. I would like to have the option to print their names in 2 rows.

👤This was a great purchase. The engravings on the tree are crystal clear. It is easy to read and the graphics are not skewed. The ring supplied with the silencer is nice and tight, and it works well on a collar or harness. It is unlikely that my cat will break it because it is not likely to get into it. There is a The note is not against the supplier, just a note to people with multiple pets, and the silencer is soft. If a cat starts chewing on it, you will lose it.

👤Tripper likes his new tags. Please call my mom. I love the glow in the dark tag, I can see him before I fall asleep.

👤It was received in a white envelope. I ordered this tag as a back up and it's very good, it's light and won't be heavy on her neck. I rated 3 stars because I can't say about durability. It's worth it for the price. I ordered the reflectors as well and they look great. I would highly recommend this seller.

👤The way it reflects is very easy to read.

7. UEETEK Shape Double Sided Number

UEETEK Shape Double Sided Number

It was made from hardened aluminum. The design is bone shaped. Anti-rust and corrosive resistance is needed for long-term use. Wear resistance without fading. Pets have perfect high-end ID tags. It's also great for a keychain. The name, phone number and adress can be engraved here.

Brand: Ueetek

👤I used this product with my machine. It is engraved easy.

👤The tags are pretty, but they don't come with a way to attach to the dog collar, so it's just the tags. They have their own plastic baggies to keep them from getting scratched. The color selection is good. They were engraved nicely on my machine, although I had a little difficulty lining up the text, but I think that was user error. I would buy them again and again. They come quickly and the only thing I would want different is for them to be a bigger size, but for the price, they work well and have held up well on my dogs.

👤These are cute. It seems like they would hold up. Beautifully engraved. They are great so far, but I can't comment on their durability. This is a great value because there are quite a few in this set.

👤I bought these to use with my foster dogs. I use a pen engraver to make sure that each dog has a tag with their name and contact number on it. It's a good value for the temporary, but I wouldn't invest in anything less than a permanent name for my dog.

👤It is easy to engrave with my Dremel.

8. IVIA Multiple Stainless Collars Harnesses

IVIA Multiple Stainless Collars Harnesses

Small to medium size dogs and cats can be secured. The dog tag clips were tested by the dog rolling, running, jumping or fetching, and their ID tag will always remain securely in place. 304 Stainless Steel is used for Quick Clips and rings. It will never change color, rust free and be more strong than other alloy material, so keep your dogs out of trouble. The dog ID tag holders come with 6 split rings in 3 sizes, perfect for dogs and cats. Choose the right size for your pet. It's easy to use, perfect for small dogs and cats. They will give you a satisfaction guarantee. If it is faulty or not good, they will replace it or give you a new one.

Brand: Ivia Pet

👤Great product! I ordered the medium clips because of the tag rings. I was worried that it would hang too low, but it actually looks fine. Sturdy, looks nice and easy to attach to. It does the job for the ease of changing tags to collars. The clip stays closed and not at all worried about falling off.

👤We have had these for about 9 months and they have been great. Our dog kept losing her name tags, so I bought them. She has not lost one since I bought them. She gave us a scare tonight. She was in the room with her crate, which she is free to go in and out of, when suddenly she cried. After freeing her mouth, she realized her collar was clipped to the crate. She is fine. I can't imagine what would have happened if we weren't home. If you have clipped anything to your dog's collar for tags, it can easily become clipped to something else and cause injuries. We have learned from our mistakes.

👤I ordered the medium IVIA Dog Tag Clips in hopes that it would fit on the large collar ring of my dog. This one worked well. I don't like it when the tags are too far away from my dog. These seem to do the job of hanging in a respectable distance. I don't think I will lose the tags because they seem to be of a heavy, good quality and the clip is secure. I will update this review if something changes. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤Once you have the attached ring, it's easy to transfer tags from one collar to another. Getting the tags on and off the rings is a different story. I understand that you don't want the dog to lose her tags because the ring/ system holding them is flimsy. Can someone come up with a device that doesn't require you to use tools to open a ring and thread the tags along it?

👤This review is for large clips. I have included a comparison photo showing the large IVIA clip compared to the Divoti clip. The IVIA clip is larger with a stronger arm than the one on the right. It is easy to fit over the ring of large and extra large collars and comes in a two pack with six attachment rings of various sizes.

👤Our dog's collar is very strong. It has to stay on his neck throughout the day, despite his antics, constant play, and frequent shaking, and it also has to carry four separate tags at all times. The tags have been held on to the collar's D ring by a thin, lightweight ring. The ring is bent out of shape, sometimes dropping in the yard, and we have to play a game of hide-and-seek with the tags to find them. I was very happy when I received the clips. They are sturdy and easy to attach to the D ring. There are two in case we lose one or get another dog. The hole on the city registration tag was so small that it didn't fit the larger ring, which made it necessary to attach multiple ring sizes to the clip. There is a pretty charm that you can attach to the ring if you want. I've been loving the product since it arrived. If you want to make sure your dog or cat keeps their tags at all times, then you should order these clips and rings. They are worth the price for their ability to hold up to abuse. No more lost tags!

9. Double Etched Stainless Engraved Personalized

Double Etched Stainless Engraved Personalized

It is made for your lucky pet. See their pet tags! The title of this page is "LuckyPet". There is a method for this. Click "Customize Now" if you want to change the pattern. The front side has a single line text. The back side has three lines text and 15 characters per line. The tags are permanent and are 1 inch in diameter. Strong and durable. The tag has a split ring. The io tags are being engraved.

Brand: Io Tags

👤I don't know what I was expecting from my purchase. When I opened the package, I was happy. I was happy that it arrived earlier than what Amazon said. The etching is not polished after engraving and it is not brushed, so it should not affect the edges. It is a decent quality for the price. This was a gift to someone. I paid a lot more for my dogs' tags than I did for this one, the lettering is almost worn away, and the engraving is more prominent. I am very happy.

👤I like the ID tags. I've been to physical stores that have more options for personalization. I like the ability to choose from a variety of visuals, like paw prints. The typeset is easy to read, it's made from a durable material, and it's reasonably priced. I changed my phone number and ordered another from this seller at this price. I was happy with the first one, but I'm just as happy with the second one. This item is very good. The item arrived as expected and the seller got the product out quickly. I would definitely order another dog from Ken and iO tags if I added another dog to the house.

👤The name tag was perfect and arrived quickly. Cute, simple and sturdy. There is a small o ring key chain. You can preview both sides of the tag when you order from Amazon, it's very straight forward. When I was previewing my cat tag it cut off the outer edges of the paw design and all the words on it. That was the only thing I was upset about. The company that makes the tag that I received is about twenty minutes away from my hometown.

👤The ID tag was larger than I had expected. For the price and quality, I really can't fault it. If you are considering a kitten, they will grow into it. It seems like it will last. The engraving is dark enough to be seen across the room, and hopefully will hold up over time. It was hysterical watching my cat adjust to it as she tried to grab it and bite it, but she quickly adjusted to it. It is a good product for the price. Just do it if you are thinking about it. Over time, this tag has held up. I bought another tag for our new cat after I rescued another cat. Being dipped in water when they drink. The tags are looking good. I still recommend them.

👤I was concerned about the price and the quality, but my husband and I love it! I think the cat does too. I was very impressed with how nice it is. I don't know how to write a review about a cat ID tag without sounding crazy, but I am so glad I got this one instead of a more expensive one. Both sides were done. The ID tag we bought never made it to us. I contacted the seller to let them know it was lost in the mail. They apologized and sent another tag. We were completely satisfied after we got it quickly. We will keep these ID tags when we get another pet.

10. Cute Cat Pet Tag Personalize

Cute Cat Pet Tag Personalize

Click "CUSTOMIZE NOW" to add personalized details on both sides of the tag. Check out the item if you add it to the cart. Before you check out, please double check the spell. The tag will be exactly what they were asked to make. Double sided pet ID tags are strong and durable. The product comes with up to 4 lines of personalized text on the back with a max of 20 characters on each line, but they can also accommodate addresses and medical information. The brushed nickel split ring on your pet tag is a must. Please follow the instructions to place your order. You can choose the color of your pet tag. Small is the best size for most cats. There are 4 lines of text on the back of the tag. Need more than one tag? They have 100 designs to choose from.

Brand: Big Jerk Custom Products Ltd.

👤I ordered this tag for my cat in case she ends up outside. In the case of an emergency, I wanted someone to contact me immediately so that I could return her. I chose white writing for the tag because I wanted it to match her collar. The time is not unreasonable because the tag is custom engraved and took a little bit to arrive. My cats collar was attached with a ring. The instructions said to use pliers to prevent scratching. This was not good advice, I found out the hard way. The pliers were able to scratch the tag when they slipped. I found that using the corner of a credit card to separate the ring coils was a better strategy than scratching the tag when it slipped. I like the tag. The print and color look good. The phrase "indoor only cat if I'm lost" lets people know if they find her. You can engrave up to 4 lines on the reverse side of the tag. I put my cat's name, phone number, reward and "I need medication" on the tag. I'm happy with the tag. The bright color and phrase will get attention and let someone know she is lost. The information on the reverse will let them know that she needs medication. I would order this product again for another pet or a family member. I will be updating in the future as to how well the coating holds up over time.

👤These are the best ideas. If I see a cat with a collar and a name tag, I assume it's an indoor cat. BUUUT... I will pay more attention if I see this tag with large words telling me that the cat needs to be taken inside and its worried owner called. The large dog size one is needed for a reg. The small cat is for a kitten. The large tag will be more legible. I promise that it will not look like the cat is wearing a clock. He was a 80's/90's rapper that wore a house clock for a necklace. The tags are not that expensive. It is from Canada. I put my address on it and not the pets name. I am able to bot 4. The same fee is charged. I thought I'd need them at some point. As cat ladies go... We can't just have one. I ordered pet tag silencers to protect the edging because the paint around it chips off easily. U also want contrasting colors. Like a background with white lettering or white letters. The white cat is wearing a size larger than the black cat. The shipping has gone down since I bought mine. I paid $6.

👤These tags are perfect for our two kittens. We live near a wildlife preserve that has many wild animals that prey on pets outdoors. Some of our neighbors are braver than me, and so this tag helps us make it clear if they are lost. What a great idea. The tags are lightweight and have my favorite color. The seller refunded my shipping for the extra tag I ordered. Since they are personalized, the tags got here in record time. My cats seem to like them just fine.

11. PetDwelling Pet Profile Emergency Location

PetDwelling Pet Profile Emergency Location

The designs are made of Zinc and have a laser engraved URL on the reverse side. There is a one year limited warranty. Pets can be created with photo, breed, owner info and vet info. Any web browser can be used to manage profiles. The owner gets an email with a scanned location pin and a map on it. Video and photo uploaded. Text and email support. Enter URL to setup and use the tag to access the pet profile. A pet can link to multiple tags. You can manage multiple pets with one account. If your pet is lost, the finder can read the QR code on the back of your pet's coat and then contact you to return your pet. You will get an email alert with a scanned location stamp. You can access the profile on any device. No applications were needed. Hundreds of pet owners have been helped by Pet Dwelling in the last 9 years. Pet dwelling takes user data privacy and cybersecurity very seriously. They care about protecting your data and are based in NYC. It's safe to use pet dyeing.

Brand: Pet Dwelling

👤I hope the manufacturer replaces this or refunds my money and then I will change the rating but it is horrendous. I bought this at the end of August and the disc fell out in the house. I tried to put it back, but it snapped in half. I have a big dog. I have children. This is a rough house, but 4mths? That is crazy! It has been on his collar. I will change the rating if this is corrected, but I will not remove my review because it is a great product. I would say that it was corrected. We will see.

👤I was trying to find a small order of O-rings to replace a broken one. I found this tag and thought it was worth a try. I registered the tag and didn't think about it. My phone rang when my daughter came to visit. I saw that my dog's tag had been scanned. My daughter laughed when she told me that she was just curious about what would happen if she scanned the tag, since she was in the same room as Lola. It works. It looks like social media is a good place to use to find us if she ever needs help getting home. I'm happy she has it.

👤I had to put it to the test when the dogs got out. I got an email about a scanned tag and a phone call from the person who called me as I was heading towards that area from the email. I am so excited to have these on my dog's collar.

👤After a month of owning it, the tag fell apart. The metal insert that held the code fell out and got lost. The ring snapped off after the tag. The product would have been great if it wasn't so bad. There is a good idea behind it.

👤Only vets and shelters can check for micro chipping, which is the best option. The majority of people have a phone. I thought this was a great idea. It's a good thing because you can store all kinds of information that you can't fit on a regular tag. It's important that your pet is well taken care of while in someone else's temporary care. You get an email when it's scanned. If you get an email on your phone, you will get a notification that your pet has been found. The map is on drugs. After I set up the profile, my husband scanned the tag to demonstrate how it works. The tag on my pet's body was scanned in New York. We live in Texas. I scanned it. Again in New York. The good news is that this is not a gps locator. It would be a relief if you were immediately notified that your pet's tag had been scanned.

👤The product works as intended and is great for anyone that wants to quickly communicate important information to people that recover lost pets. My dog has a chip, but it doesn't have our contact information. This tag allows me to warn people to keep him away from cats, as well as include ways to calm him. If he is ever lost and the person trying to help is completely ignorant about him, all the details will be important. The website that the tag uses is a little clunky. The locations reported are not as accurate as the device allows. When you visit the home depot website, it asks for your location. You will get an email with the location. It's important to include some contact information. The website could use an update, but I am impressed with the overall concept.


What is the best product for dog id tags personalized bling?

Dog id tags personalized bling products from Io Tags. In this article about dog id tags personalized bling you can see why people choose the product. Eunigem and Udesignusa are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog id tags personalized bling.

What are the best brands for dog id tags personalized bling?

Io Tags, Eunigem and Udesignusa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog id tags personalized bling. Find the detail in this article. Gotags Pet Id, Isenvo and Io Tags are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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