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1. Fit Choice Resistant Breathable Textilene

Fit Choice Resistant Breathable Textilene

Fit Choice regular-shaped extra large dog house gives a spacious room for your furry large size lady. Extra large dog house large dogs will embrace them to avoid separation anxiety while you don't have time for them. They will love the feeling of being surrounded. Bring your pet friend home. The Fit Choice dog house is made of 600DPVC with Textilene 2x1 bed and 1x1 window. Textilene is a solar screen made of tightly woven polyester. You don't have to worry about your dog getting hurt when they are sitting in the large dog houses because they don't have to. It is not easy to get dirty, but it is easy to clean. The bedroom is strong. The Fit Choice elevated dog house is great for your pet friends. The dog house is made of sturdy, durable 600D PVC and strong steel frame metal and has 4 anti-skid feet. Not even to think about it. A large dog house with more weight and support up to 178 feet can be found at the middle beAMS. The air mesh bottom is scratch-resistant. It is durable for your friends to take a nap, sleep, and shade from the sun, wind, and rain. CASTLE IS BUILT IN MINUTES. Fit Choice outdoor large dog houses have no tools or screws needed. You can build your dog's home in a few minutes. The top of the big dog house can be connected to the camping ventilated dog house with elastic ropes, which will allow your large dogs to get in the cozy castle right away. You can disassemble the waterproof cover if they want to watch the sun set. Fit Choice portable ventilated dog house can be taken anywhere you want. The large dog house outside will make your dogs feel at home. The dog house has a travel bag and lightweight design. It's ultra-portable when you go for a picnic, go camping, and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. You will have fun with your dog friends indoors as well as outdoors.

Brand: Fit Choice

👤It's a tarp doghouse, which is great for where we live since there's hardly any rain or snow. I will still be putting some weights at the very bottom, just as a precautionary measure. The roof vent flaps don't stay on, so I will be adding a longer strap. If you follow the picture correctly, everything will be labeled. The rods are made of metal and the connecting joints are made of plastic. The tarp cover and mesh bottom feel good. Unless you plan on reinforcing it, I wouldn't use it for the outdoors with the weather of heavy rain or snow. Is it possible for the indoors? Go crazy. Occasionally I have to have my dogs outside. I have two dogs, a Golden retriever and a 50lb Australian Kelpie, they can fit inside together if they choose to. I know how they are. I would have bought a smaller size for my smaller dog, but my golden has a habit of sleeping on my smaller dogs bed and house, so I wouldn't have bought a larger size. Before buying, you should consider weather and your dog's behavior. It gets a thumbs up from me. If you found this helpful, click the button.

👤When you stretch the bottom to fit in or it seems it doesn't fit, leave the two lower edge pipes loose as that's what makes it firm.

👤I bought a bigger one. The product arrived quickly. You can see in the video that it is easy to set up and Charlie likes it.

👤I got an extra large for my German shepherd, he's 56 pounds and it moves all the time, the net under doesn't hold him so it falls. Is it for large dogs? The measurements are not correct. The last peace doesn't need it. I thought I could trust the rain and leave my dog out, but it rained on him the whole time. This portable house was the worst I have ever seen. Don't buy.

👤I highly recommend this. I have a very large dog, a bloodhound, who is around 8 months old. It is perfect for summer months. I bought the extra large and it looks like it could be used as a small tent for children. I had an issue with the lower part. They were quick to send out a replacement after the thread came loose. A great product with excellent customer support is what one could ask for. Highly recommend this product!

👤I love this! They ordered the biggest one. My dog loves it. The plastic pieces that hold the legs together crack very easily. My dog is 73 lbs and it is cracking. I wouldn't recommend this for a dog over 100 lbs.

👤My dog stays in a patio room at night and I bought this because of it. We'll build much bigger than I expected.

👤My dogs chewed it up after about a week, but I was easy to assemble and looked great. It has a big hole at the bottom that makes it hard for my dogs to jump into it. I'm sure this would be a good house for calmer dogs, but not for my psychos.

2. Ferplast DogVilla Breeds Measures Inches

Ferplast DogVilla Breeds Measures Inches

The dog house is made of robust plastic that is waterproof and UV rays resistant and is ideal for small dog breeds. The patented fold-out porch has a side panel that opens into a porch and a fold-out door on the right or left side. A large entry-way, fold-out porch along with built-in ventilation and drainage system provides a dry and healthy living space for your dog. The outdoor dog house is easy to build and disassemble.

Brand: Ferplast

👤The thing is made of plastic. It is very thin and brittle. A leg was broken. There were two plastic tacks in the bottom of the box. I don't know how many there are, but they could easily fall through the gaps in the box. I would have sent it back to the delivery man. I couldn't get it back in the box. I don't think it's worth the time and trouble to glue the leg back on. This is produced and sold by companies that are well-known. I bought two heating pads for the dog from the same company, but I haven't used them yet. I hope they are better than this mess.

👤The item should not be in the sun. This wasn't mentioned in the description.

👤We received a used/opened house for $200 and I was very angry. There were two plastic screws that were loose at the bottom of the box. The door way seal, dial things, and vent cover were missing. The product box was re-taped and bent up with pieces of the original plastic wrapper stuck in the tape. The quality control is terrible. We couldn't put it together because all four of the tighteners were missing. It's ridiculous to repackage an opened product without checking to see if a bag of screws and the door frame is in the box. I returned if for a refund because I was too afraid of receiving another second-hand product for the price of a new one.

👤I have a house for my ducks. They had a wooden one, but it was bad. I used plastic to avoid problems with the mold. The easy open side panel is great for cleaning bedding. It took 15 minutes to assemble. Pictures but no words are the instructions.

👤This little dog house is adorable. Our little guy is very fond of it.

👤Right out of the box. The entrance door had to be put together. The horseshoe needed to be inserted into the entrance. There were two screws that needed to be put in. The issue is here. You can't screw it in unless you have an electric screw driver that has a hole in it. We told them to screw it. The set had eight screws. We couldn't find the rest of the screws. About thirty times after watching the video. It took us about an hour and a half to screw the screws, slap it together with the side walls and the roof had four washers that kept it tight. It's still holding up five days later. We couldn't find where to put the other screws. The product is great but the information on the directions and video are not good.

👤The dog house is large. I bought the Large size because I saw some reviews that the dog house was smaller than I expected. This thing is bigger than expected when it is assembled. I have 2 small english bulldogs that will be sharing this and there is still a lot of room. The instructions on how to assemble this thing are not very useful. Just use common sense to put it together.

3. MidWest Homes Pets Required 12EWDH S

MidWest Homes Pets Required 12EWDH S

No tools assembly folding wood dog house, Eilio outdoor dog house features their patent-pending no tools assembly and can be set-up instantly, simply un-fold the dog house and your work is done. The small dog house is 21.74L x 33.59W x 25.28H and weighs 42 lbs. It's ideal for small dog breeds with an adult weight up to 25 pounds. An outdoor dog house is large enough for your dog to relax in comfort and is protected from the outdoor elements. Eilio's floor is elevated from the ground to provide great air circulation and a dry surface for your dog, each ground post is equipped with an adjustment foot to create a level platform.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I usually don't write reviews, but this one deserved one. This is better than I anticipated. It took less than 10 minutes to set up. It just happens. It seems sturdy. I got in to feel it out and it didn't creak or bend. I got the Large size and it holds my baby. There is a I will update my review if I have any issues.

👤The house is not made for winter. The design is great because it unfolds and sets up easily. I bought it as a cat house for the winter and the floor has slats with small gaps in them and a finger hole to easily raise the floor when folding it back up. The floor has to have more material to cover the gaps. They say this is for air circulation, but only during the summer. I insulated the entire house with a roll of Reflectix roll insulation from Lowe's. The woodworker that installed the larger overhang for me said it was only 1 1/2” high. It is a great basic design, but it could be improved upon. The small house is a poor value because it has taken a lot of modifications to be winter ready. The Trixie Pet Products plastic door was only $6.62 and it was the perfect size for the door opening. I needed a house in a hurry. I really needed it and it came very quickly. It gave me something to work with, but the price seems high for all the additions I needed to make to make it winter ready.

👤My dog's bed fit perfectly in the package and it was put up in mintues, my boss girl is excited to own her first doggy house thank you!

👤The unfolded in under 1 min. This thing was engineered by someone. The item arrived in perfect shape after being shipped to me. It was well packaged. It smells great. Looks great. The cat moved quickly to it. There is plenty of room for a family of cats or dogs in the small.

👤It's an ingenious design, you just pull it open. I'm a 64 year old single woman and didn't have to assemble this. I carried it from the front yard to the back. This is great as I live in a state of hurricanes and will be able to simply close it up and bring it inside during a storm. I love that it has a slatted/ventilated floor that reduces heat and spills because I live in a hot, humid climate. It's very easy to clean because the top flips up and back on itself. The outside of the top is the same color as my roof. Water will run off the back of the slanted roof. The entrance is covered by the top by an inch or two. I don't have a dog that I'd make sleep outside, so I got this to help out a cat colony I'm working with. I took it from the front yard to the back and set it down to take a picture, but the cats saw it and gave it their approval. Cats were hit by the shingles. I got this in May 2020, it's August 2020. It is only 2 1/2 months old. It was under a tree. I went out to bring this inside because of the impending storm. The wood on the back of the top was warped, rippling, and warped as soon as I opened the lid. The bottom piece wouldn't collapse as it did when it first arrived. The wood was warped and no longer fit in the back. I peeked inside to make sure it was clean, but never tried to open it or collapse it. I was completely surprised by this. I don't think this will last very long if it starts to break down and warp in 3 months. I wanted to let you know that I'm updating this review.

4. Durable Hardwood Folding Outdoors Urnporium

Durable Hardwood Folding Outdoors Urnporium

The dog gate has 2 way hinges. It can be used in many different ways. The puppy dog gate is made from wood that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is fully assembled and folds. It's easy to use and put away when not being used. The wood pet gate is solid. There are 4 panels. The size is 72” W.8” D 24” H. The vertical bars are a distance of one-hundredth of an inch. Large openings are used to keep pets out of certain areas of the home. It is an attractive pet product and strong. Large openings are used to keep pets out of certain areas of the home. It is an attractive pet product and strong.

Brand: Urnporium

👤These gates are easy to use and look nice. They make sense in my kitchen, where I don't have standard doorways for typical gates, and they make it easy to walk through the puppy's section of the kitchen. A rough collie puppy is growing quickly and is not a small pup but she respects the gates. She can slide past the edge if she is determined and if she wanted to she could jump up and knock them over but she doesn't. She goes in her crate when we need her safely tucked away, because keeping her in her part of the kitchen works well for us. They are nicer looking than typical gates.

👤I expected it to be larger than it is. Any dog larger than a football can leap over it. It's difficult to move. I placed the Springer Pit at the top of the stairs to keep it in the basement. It's useless for that. I thought I could re-purpose it for a toddler gate, but it's useless for that. It looks nice.

👤I bought this to keep my dogs from cutting across the middle of the room in the basement when they come in the door door from outside. It works perfectly. I can easily remove it when we are together.

👤We have a small JRT who doesn't try to push on the gate so we can keep the dog out. The smaller gate (4 panels) we bought to use along side this one has worked well. If you have a dog that won't push or knock down a gate, it's highly recommended.

👤I needed to keep the dog away from the front of the fence and the neighbors. This was very sturdy and made it through the rain. It's beautiful and would go well with any landscaping.

👤I am very pleased with the product. When I bought a second one, I realized how effective it was at keeping the dogs off the stairs. A big dog could jump over it. I like the fact that I can move this product around the house. A practical dog gate.

👤Like the gate. It is what I wanted.

👤I have a new puppy and a long staircase. I wanted a gate that wouldn't detract from my home as well as keeping our new addition safe. This fit the bill.

5. Fit Choice Resistant Breathable Textilene

Fit Choice Resistant Breathable Textilene

The dog house for large dogs is luxurious. Fit Choice large dog house is a good size for medium-to-large dogs, such as German shorthaired pointer, bulldog, standard poodle, and border collie. Their big dog house is outdoors so they can embrace them to avoid separation anxiety. They will love the feeling of being surrounded. Bring your pet friend home. The Fit Choice dog house is made of 600DPVC with Textilene 2x1 bed and 1x1 window. Textilene is a solar screen made of tightly woven polyester. You don't have to worry about your puppies getting hurt from the sun, wind, or rain when they are in this elevated dog house. It is not easy to get dirty, but it is easy to clean. There is a unique bedroom. Medium-to-large size dogs can stay in the Fit Choice elevated dog house. The dog house large dog is made of sturdy, durable 600D PVC and strong steel frame metal structure with 4 anti-skid feet, supporting up to 135 lbs. That is great for your pets. Their dog house is scratch-resistant and has a mesh bottom. It is durable for your puppy to take a nap, sleep, and shade from the sun, wind, and rain. CASTLE IS BUILT IN MINUTES. The Fit Choice dog house has no tools or screws needed. You can build your dog's home in a few minutes. Your puppy will be very excited to get in the castle. The top of the large dog house can be connected to the camping dog house with elastic ropes. You can disassemble large dog houses when they want to watch from a height or a distance. Fit Choice portable dog house can be taken anywhere you want. Your pet friends will always have feelings for their belongings, and feel at home in this large dog house outside. The big dog house is lightweight and comes with a travel bag. It's ultra-portable when you go for a picnic, go camping, and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. You will have fun with your companions indoors as well as outdoors.

Brand: Fit Choice

👤The large was ordered for an adult German Shepherd. The raised cot-style bed I had previously is the same size as the bottom. It is doable if you put it together. The whole set up took about 20 minutes. I put the bottom bed in place. I used the edge to piece I that was completely un-velcros to help slot the C and E rods into the B pieces. The doghouse shaped frame is a no-brainer. Make sure the edges of the mat and cloth are in the same direction. The instruction sheet shows you where the pieces go, but not the order of putting it together. Hopefully this will be helpful. The house has nice lines and is a great place for my dog to hang out.

👤This is a strong dog house. The rubber mallet is all you need. The cheap China instruction sheet only has a stick drawing. The parts are marked well and the quality is excellent. Great product.

👤It's easy to set up despite the typical cryptic direction-by-icon. It seems to be made well for what it is. The house is tough enough. The elevated floor is important in the southern states where there is a problem with ants. The floor portion is attached with strong Velcro. If this gathers dirt over time, it will not function, so be careful to keep it clean. The roof has nice vents. My dog is large. There is plenty of room for both of them. I was able to fit the parts back into the carry bag. We have only used it once, but I would recommend it.

👤We were looking for a dog house that was elevated. We have two Labradors who stay inside when we are at work or not home, but they are outside when we are not. When it gets cold, I wanted something to protect them from the wind. Since we live in Texas, that is not very often. It still happens. So far, so good. Our girls are very sturdy. The house is bigger than I thought. It is more comfortable for them. I was worried about the cost but these are great. Our dogs love it. Extra padding on the dog mat seems to work perfectly, I bought it for that. Even though they rarely get in together, they have plenty of room to move around if they need to. These are perfect for what we needed because we have a completely covered area. Each of my girls has their own.

👤It is huge. I got the large for my pitty. I could fit another one in there with her. Sturdy. It's easy to put together.

👤This is the easiest thing I have ever done. It was very easy to put together. My dog and cat love it. I want one for myself that I can fit in when I go off the grid. Would get 5 stars. I ordered 2. I only received one. I had to contact Amazon to get my second one. Either the Fed ex stole it or the place I bought it from only sent one. It seems to be sturdy. I love it so far.

6. TRIXIE Products House Small Medium

TRIXIE Products House Small Medium

Mineral roofing felt, waterproof sealer, and plastic cover feet provide ultimate protection for long-term outdoor use. The slanted roof sheds rain water fast and away from the door, which makes it easy to clean and organize your dog's home. The TRIXIE House can be level even on the ground with the help of rot free plastic cap feet. On rainy days, elevated floor to keep humidity out and floor panels that can be removed for easy cleaning. Small dogs up to 45 lbs are suitable for the door opening of the interior dimensions.

Brand: Trixie

👤We are aware that it is not the most sturdy doghouse. You can't expect to pay that much for a house that will last a long time. Beyond that. It is great. The Pros and Cons are similar. My Borzoi is 75 lbs and 30” at the shoulder. It's pretty weather proof out of the box, but I need a coat of paint or a deck sealant to make it work. If you have a dog that chews up things, you won't see this last long. It does not take damage well. My dogs don't do that. This dog house is an excellent base to start with, it has Lifted off the ground, which is a great feature. You can add insulation, weather sealant and support to the floor. It only took me a few hours to do 2 dog houses, and I spent under $50 on product. The first photo shows the insulation installed, the second shows how I added boards to support the floor, and the third shows the type of insulation I bought. The weatherproof Clear Deck is from Lows.

👤The process of looking at ratings for products can be both positive and negative. There seems to be an almost even divide between high and low ratings. I should not have purchased the dog house because of the low ratings. Trust the low ratings, which are fully deserved for this product. The house is made cheaply with thin materials that break easily if you look at it wrong. We found 888-353-1299 The plastic feet were cracked and the wooden legs broke as the house moved. One year later, all the legs have broken off, splinters all over, broken panels at the bottom, and a $300 vet bill for fixing a torn dog ear due to one of the wooden pieces having broken off and slicing open the dog's ear. It would have been addressed if it had broken off right away. I would encourage anyone to stay away from this product because it is so cheap and easy to splinter. We are trying to find a different solution. There is a lot of money wasted on more than one front. I would give this zero stars.

👤It's only been a week, but it's so far so good. It is fine, we got it for a tortoise hut. Kevin is happy in his new home. The reason I wouldn't recommend it for larger animals is that the floor is just 888-353-1299 Some reviewers had problems when their dogs broke the floor when they tried to use it. I recommend a second person to help hold the frame because it was easy to put together. It will be easier. It's an attractive house. It's great for tortoises.

7. TYX Kennels Weatherproof 17 71inx22 04inx18 89in 45x56x48cm

TYX Kennels Weatherproof 17 71inx22 04inx18 89in 45x56x48cm

The sloping roof design and raised floor can help with the air quality of your pets. Air can circulate through windows and doors. The dog house is large. The wooden dog house is rainproof and sun-proof, and it's comfortable and warm. Doghouses made of logs are carefully polished, high-temperature charcoal burning, and have effective protection of pet safety, health and environmental protection. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are good for outdoor use and give pets a good night's sleep. A safe pet house is very eco-friendly and won't cause any harm to your pet. The dog house is perfect for your backyard, patio or deck. Cats and miniature dogs smaller than 42 cm are suitable. 666968 cm is suitable for dogs less than 56 cm in length.

Brand: Tyx

👤The price and pictures made me believe it was bigger than it is. The bulk of the price is due to shipping it from China. It's my mistake for not seeing the measurement in centimeters. I was pleasantly surprised that the seller gave me a full refund and allowed me to keep it, even though it wasn't worth the cost of shipping it back. I don't have a clue what I'll do with it. If you're looking for a large doghouse, you have to buy the bigger one, which is more expensive, and be sure to size it according to centimeters.

👤The instructions are easy to follow. My puppies first birthday present. She was curious, but not sure if she would like it. I moved it to the patio. She and her brothers go in and out with bones. They.

👤Pieces were broken when they were unboxed. The price we paid was very small. It was way over priced. Instructions were written in Chinese.

👤This thing is strong. It smells good, looks good, and the pup loves it. This is for our German Shepherd and he loves it. The roof is made with real roofing so it is waterproof. The roof is large enough for the pup to walk in and lay down, and he can see better from there. If he doesn't want to be disturbed, he can hang his head out the door or hide in the corner. The insulation kit was bought here in Washington. We were able to fit a nice memory foam mattress in there for him and he still has room to relax. The slatted wood at the bottom of the house makes it difficult for the pup to sleep without a bed. It's nice that it's raised because you can leave it outside and it won't get swamped on the ground and ruin the wood. The plastic feet help with that. I recommend this to everyone. We did not screw the roof into the house since the insulation kit goes in and out via the roof but it is heavy enough to sit on and not move.

8. EcoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral House

EcoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral House

The Albany will never rot, warp, splinter, crack, or succumb to bugs. Two entry/exit points are needed by outdoor cats. It's easy, no tools required. Weather-proof, bug-proof and rot-proof.

Brand: New Age Pet

👤Excellent. I bought two. This is a nice looking house and it doesn't look like a big deal in your garden. I had a problem with one of the screw holes on the roof. I have 3 out of 4 which completely secures the roof. I put an electric cat heating pad on top of towel padding on the floor. I have 2 baby blankets that are curled around the interior for cuddling. If I have a cat in the house, I wrap a blanket around the non door parts of the house and put on some thick plastic to protect it from the wind. I put a couple of clothes pins in it. I put an open folding lawn chair in front of the door so they don't get snowed in during a bad snow storm. It's important that an animal doesn't get trapped in the house during heavy snow. The house worked well in the bad weather. The cat is very happy with the heated water bowl and outdoor heating pad that I placed inside the cat house. The photos show how I set up the door and how my cat sleeps in it. Here is the Rick if you are having trouble securing the doors. You can make mini warehouse vinyl doors by cutting the vinyl piece into the panel on the opposite side of the 2 tabs. The cats can push through a solid vinyl panel if it's sliced to resemble a fringe. It's easier for them to push in and out. Attach the door to the inside of the house with a prepared vinyl door. Double secure the door with a piece of tape. The door is not exposed to the weather. This works well. I hope my tips help you.

👤The product is a quality product and I have had it for a month. It took a long time for the cat to use it, but it did for the first time today when we had a light snow. He/she curled up in a ball and slept for over 3 hours after I took this photo, even though most of the snow is melted. It's worth it if it gives you a day's rest. It will house him/her through the rest of the winter. I followed the recommendation to leave the front door open.

👤It would have been better if it had an awning or overhang. It wouldn't get in. I had to make my own makeshift awning because I have this sitting on my back deck. I had to drill a hole in the side of the cord to fit the cat heated pad. There are two doors, but I only received one flap. It would be great if there was a bigger one to accommodate two cats.

👤I use two of these for cat shelters. The units are sturdy. I made a few modifications because I wanted to provide warmth and shelter for the homeless in winter. I used mylar bubble wrap to insulate the inside of each shelter. The seams were sealed with duct tape. I put straw underneath each unit so the cats could nest inside, and added styrofoam beneath each unit so there was a layer of warmth to prevent air drafts from beneath. The cats took to them quickly and slept in them consistently on cold nights and even during the day. I used the "snugglesafe pet warmer" which is a gel disc that can be microwaved and retain heat for 8 hours, during the cold weather. The shelters are keeping the cats safe and warm. The model has a second door so the animals can't get trapped by prey who could potentially block them inside, and I highly recommend it.

9. DEStar Durable Waterproof Plastic Elevated

DEStar Durable Waterproof Plastic Elevated

The large and spherical house is located. The dog house is large enough for dogs of different sizes, so please check the dimensions before buying. The DEStar dog house is designed with 2 vents at the front and back, which helps to keep the dog warm. The higher base prevents the dirty water from flowing into the house, protects the lovely dog from dirt, rain, snow, and frostbite, and offers your puppy a sense of belonging. The waterproof roof is deconditioned. The smooth surface of the pet house makes it easier to clean, the slanted roof protects the dog house from heavy rain, and the dog house is safe even in a heavy rain. The dog house is easy to install and clean, and an adult can assemble it within 30 minutes if they follow the instructions step by step.

Brand: Destar

👤Too small for my dog. She is not comfortable in it. Product is adequate for dogs up to 50 lbs. Looks nice.

👤The purchase was the worst ever. The dog house does not fit the dog it says will fit online. They want me to say that it took a couple hours to assemble, or they won't return it. I wouldn't recommend this company. It is also poor quality. It is not worth the money I paid. Don't buy.

👤The shelter is light enough to pick up amd wash indoors and easy to hose off outside. If it is not moved too much, it is sturdy. I consider a large dog to be a smaller dog. This is not going to work with our dog.

👤I had to return it because it was not as large as it was stated. It was clear that this was not going to work when I pulled it out of the box. I would buy another brand.

👤Excellent product, looks stronger than my other dog home. It is easy to assemble. Looks strong. I will keep this post update for future reference.

👤The instructions are easy to follow. My puppies first birthday present. She was curious, but not sure if she would like it. I moved it to the patio. She and her brothers go in and out with bones. They're starting to like it. Don't be discouraged if they are scared first. They can see all sides of the kennel. They'll love it when you put a treat or bone inside. It is easy to wash with the water hose. Happy puppies!

👤The dog house is small. I bought a dog house for my German Shepard, but he can't fit inside. I'm very disappointed. I wanted to return it, but it's a lot of a hassle. It is also overpriced. Other dog houses are more reasonable.

👤I have two small dogs. I chose the medium size because it has enough room for them to stretch out. The house is so cute that I would recommend buying a soft pad at the bottom since it is a hard plastic. My dogs like it. It was well made.

👤The med out is the most roomy for my small dog, but this is a cute house. She is only 12 lbs and with blankets it is tight. My other dog doesn't have a lot of room. It is very small.

👤This is used for our goat. It was easy to assemble and clean.

👤The item was shipped quickly and was true to the description.

👤I contacted the Customer Service at Vivohome and they were helpful and responsive. I would buy from them again. Keep up the good work. It was Tj.

10. ROCKEVER Outside Outdoors Weatherproof Insulated

ROCKEVER Outside Outdoors Weatherproof Insulated

Large dogs under 80 lbs, cats and other smaller animals are recommended. Please check the photo for more details. It is easy to clean. It's easy to get into the inside by opening the roof and the floor can be taken out for cleaning. It's easy to assemble. The pet house can be assembled with pre-drilled holes. The stable structure will never fall apart once correctly assembled. Pets should be protected against bad weather. The wooden dog house is leak proof and will keep your pet warm and dry in the rain. The roof is slanted so rain won't sit on top. The plastic window is not always in use. Each house has a vingl flap that can be taken off. Amazon will take responsibility for the shipping. If there is any damaged parts, please let them know and they can fix it.

Brand: Rockever

👤It is easy to assemble. I like the design. A light coat of stain won't hold up in the rain. I gave it two coats of Kilnz. I think it will last for a long time because it has a good protective coat. I put in a wood floor and carpeting to keep the wind out of it. My wife likes the plastic covering. It had a soft piece of cloth/blanket for the floor, but it did not come with insulation. The weather in San Diego is not a big issue for us.

👤We bought this as we moved across the country and now have a nice yard for our cat. He needs a place to sleep and hide out, and this seemed to be the perfect solution. The four corners were very easy, but the roof and the hinges that hold the roof up were not. The hinges that hold it open were more difficult than the hinges that held it down. Predrilled holes are used for the walls. Not much for the rest, like marks on the wood. The hinges were marked left and right, but when we put them in as we thought they were proper, the lid wouldn't close. The hinges work well now that we revered them. I think the company that made it has a different right and left than we do. I think it is cedar and should hold up well, even though my wife plans to urithane it to make it water proof. Time will tell. The roof is made of asphalt and sand. We don't have to mess with that chore because the vinyl flaps were pre-installed. It is sitting in a spot that looks great.

👤I don't know how insulated it is since it just appears to be single layers of plywood. It is just as advertised. We needed to have the door on the opposite side from the picture. That wasn't an issue. You can flip the front panel.

👤The border collie is in a small house. I knew I was going to do some modifications when I bought this house. We put 2x4s under the floor because there is no support. I insulated it because the walls are a half inch thick and made of light weight wood. We will keep it under the porch. It's hard for me to imagine this being out in the elements for a long time. 4.5 stars. Only because it was damaged. A light weight house.

👤The box was damaged when it was delivered and the slate inside the dog house was damaged. The sides and the bottom were easy to put together. An electric drill is required to drill into the doghouse. The instructions weren't helpful to attach the latches required for the top, it was difficult to put it together. Not worth two hundred dollars.

👤I was shocked at the lack of quality andDurability in this product. The house is falling apart after only 3 months. Pictures on both sides of the side floor supports are cracking the bottom pieces of wood. The house was built according to instructions. I took a picture of the under supports to show they are correct. I thought I was getting a quality product and spent more than I wanted. My dog is medium in size. Will not be used much longer. Wow!

11. Precision Pet Petmate Weather Resistant Adjustable

Precision Pet Petmate Weather Resistant Adjustable

Large dog house. The cabin dog house's raised floor and slanted asphalt roof provide protection from the elements and keep the cabin dry. It is assembled in 3 steps. Pets can get away from wind and rain with an offset door. The dimensions are 46.1" x 32.7" The outdoor dog shelter is strong and sturdy because of its solid wood and steel hardware. Large dog breeds are accommodated in the outdoor dog house. It's important for dog safety and comfort to have crate and kennel training. They have traditional travel carriers, wire training and exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses and more. A variety of heavy-duty products such as wire crates, chicken coops, and rabbit hutches are offered by Precision Pet. Also has litter box accessories. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products. Check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy.

Brand: Precision Pet Products

👤We have room to spare and we have an 85 lbs shepherd. It is easy to assemble. It smells great and looks good. The power drill can help with installing the feet. My fur baby likes it.

👤I was excited to get this done before the rain. My golden just loves it, it was easy to put together. It is not weather rain proof. The insulation insert I bought is soaked and the sides of the dog house are missing. So disappointing... My dog is without a dog house because of the rain.

👤A pile of waste. It fell in less than 3 months. It fell apart. The bracing on the frame fell down after the floor came apart. The rear wall boards are coming down. Don't buy this stuff.

👤It was perfect for what I wanted to do with it. I'll leave a review later for how the insulation worked out, but still need to get a heater for it.

👤It looks like the pictures. It is easy to put together. My dog was laying in it while we attached the roof. The navy precision insert is large so the floor is extra insulated. I have a dog that can stand, lay and turn around. The roof is strong enough to handle snow and rain.

👤The product says it is an Extreme weather dog house. Maybe the roof, but that's all. If this was for extreme weather, you would think they would use heavier duty wood. It comes with a red wood that is very light. Very soft and lightweight. As you tighten the screws, you have to watch for the wood to dig into it. There are gaps between wood slates. The medium I ordered for my Australian Shepard was 49 pounds. I can't say I would trust the floor to hold up for long. The roof is the only quality part of this item. He chewed through the door frame and the corner of the roof in the first night. The packaging was not good. There was no covering outside. It was the main box. The tape holding the box together was torn and tattered. I had to open the product on the front porch and take piece by piece and build in my backyard since I couldn't carry it without worry of it spilling out and tripping me in the process. Instructions could be better, but it's easy to build, and the design is cute. It would be better if it was more durable all the way around. I would recommend this for areas with mild climate.

👤I received an email saying the shipping was being delayed and it appeared on my front porch. The piece was already broken off when I opened the box. It was an easy fix, I just nailed it in two places and put it together in 15 minutes. The wood smell is nice to me, but my dog didn't seem to care for it. I woke up the next morning and saw how much he disliked it. It was a waste of time and money. If your pet isn't a teething Mastiff named Beast, you should buy a house.


What is the best product for dog house outdoor?

Dog house outdoor products from Fit Choice. In this article about dog house outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Ferplast and Midwest Homes For Pets are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog house outdoor.

What are the best brands for dog house outdoor?

Fit Choice, Ferplast and Midwest Homes For Pets are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog house outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Urnporium, Trixie and Tyx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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