Best Dog House Heater

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1. Heated Heating Outdoor Electric Hedgehog

Heated Heating Outdoor Electric Hedgehog

We stand behind all the products. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact them. Dog is man's faithful friend. When winter arrives, what can they do for their friend? The heated dog beds for large dogs can keep warm in cold days while promoting sleep, can accommodate a wide range of pets, including medium and large dogs, and new born puppies. The big heated dog pad is big enough for a 70 pound American Staffordshire or 50 pound pup and his brother, if you just had a small pad. You might not be able to get her to leave it. Pet heating pads are great for pets. The high setting is for heating the pad up fast and should be used for long periods. The heated bed and the pet heating pad keep the pet warm at night and keep it off the cold floor. It's better to give it more time to heat up than to use it for the first time. The heating cat pad adds an extra silicone case on the power cord to prevent damage and leakage accident occurred, and with a chew guard around the end of the cord protects their pets not easily chew it up. It is easy to clean. They stand behind their heated dog bed pad,heated pet bed,heated dog pad outdoor, and guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions or quirks, please let their friendly and responsive after-sales support team know.

Brand: Anzerwin

👤I bought the heating pad for the kittens that adopted me this summer. I wanted them to have something warm to sleep on as the weather gets cold. I put this pad in the cathouse because it is so warm for them. All 4 of them sleep there. I recommend this heating pad for cats. I give it 5 stars.

👤The ability of this heating pad to produce heat should be a criteria that it's rated on. It's rated on being soft and chew proof. The heating pad heated up nicely for the second time I used it. It's better to give it more time to heat up than to use it for the first time. I'm happy that it can produce warmth. It took a while, but it worked.

👤This pad is large enough. It doesn't get warm enough for outdoor use. I put it on my porch for the stray cats to sleep on, but the low temperature doesn't make a difference to them. The only thing it does is keep the water bowl from freezing. It's probably okay for indoor use.

👤This is a good product at a good price, but I wish it got a little hotter.

👤I bought this bed for my dog, but he won't lay on it. I tried putting a sheet on top of it to make it seem like the heating pad was on his bed, but that didn't work either. It did not get very warm when it was low. I stepped on it with no shoes on and I can barely feel the heat. I hope I can return it.

👤I put a flannel pillow case over this and put it in a pet house. A stray has a bed. Have not seen a rise in the electric bill.

👤I ordered 3 more because my outdoor cats love this heat pad. The cats have a shelter in our detached garage. The heat pads will be used in the garage in their beds with light blankets on top, and on the front porch with a roof and cat house.

👤My dog is cold in the winter so I bought this. It worked well for a while, but it stopped working after a few months. The controller won't heat up when the light turns on. It was overpriced to only use it for one season.

2. Thermostat Control Outdoor Adjustable Temperature

Thermostat Control Outdoor Adjustable Temperature

Their dog house heating system can be controlled from anywhere, even if you're not at work or travel, because it can be operated via APP anytime and anywhere. Multiple people can operate the app. 300 watt of power is enough for fast and effective heating. The components are protected with an internal heat shield and built-in overheating protection. The rounded corners and metal anti-bite cord allow for effective product safety. Flexible time settings can be set to increase or decrease the working hours of the heater at any time. The large dog house heaters for outside have a built-in temperature sensor that stops the heating when the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, so that it only runs when needed to save energy. When the ambient temperature falls below the set temperature by 2C, the heater will restart heating so that your pet is always in the most comfortable and warm environment. Their pet heaters can be used for igloos, dog houses, rabbit houses, chicken houses and pet pigs, as well as for pregnant newborn pets with aging dogs, helping them to stay warm over the winter. The wall mounted pet heater's dimensions are 9'' x 10.2'' x 5''. The dog house has an independent safety bracket. 1. Find a position that is taller than your pet. There are 3 drill holes. The internal connection, 4. Hang on to the heating element. Please read the instructions carefully for more detailed steps.

Brand: Petnf

👤It works as advertised, and I bought it to keep a shed warm. The unit works well and controls it. The app and network connection were simple and straight forward in reading the temperature and controlling it. I'd like to see the actual "on/heating state" state being in the larger scheme.

👤The installation of the heater was very easy. Very pleased with it. It is very hot. Quiet operation. The dog house has a spring loaded aluminum door. I bought the smart heater version. It has real time temperature monitoring and fully programmed timing with a smart phone. I can turn off the temp in the dog house with my phone when I am not home. I tried a few heated mats and was disappointed. The only thing you need to keep your pets house warm is a heater. Highly recommended. If I could, I would give it 10 stars.

👤I bought a heating pad to heat the bed while I sleep instead of using the furnace. I can adjust the heating pad at night without a flashlight or turning on the lights, thanks to the fact that the heating pad has anLED heat level/timer on it. This sets it apart from other heat pads. I wish it had the ability to set the timer for longer.

👤It is a good heating pad for pets, but I wish it had a cover for washing. I like that it doesn't get too hot, and that you can change the heat intensity and timer on it.

👤This heating pad is the best I have ever purchased. I have lower back pain and this relieves it. If time is just what a heating pad should have, there are different levels of hwat. I would purchase again.

👤It's really useful when you can log in from anywhere. Works great.

👤The heating pad does not heat up very well. It is not consistent with the temperatures. It gets cold after a few minutes when I have it on the hottest setting, so I have to turn it off and back on again. I have only had this pad for a few days and it is not working.

👤Es un producto bueno, tiene una ideal para las mascotas. No conectar, no tratar, no producto, no aplicacin del telĂ©fono, pero a la hora de instalar.

3. Heating Adjustable Overheat Protection Waterproof

Heating Adjustable Overheat Protection Waterproof

Puppies with extra heat in extreme weather are provided with alleviate your pup's joint pain. The electric warming pad is a great tool to have on-hand to offer them a cozy spot to curl up inside. The chew resistant steel cover that pups cannot chew through is built for enhanced safety. The built-in overheat sensor makes sure they don't get too warm. All of their heated dog beds are tested to make sure they are safe. You can easily decide the length of heating time by adjusting the timer, from 4 to 24 hours, and temperature ranged from 80 to 131F. The heat wires neatly distributed in the pad provide all-round warmth for your pets. The velvet cover with zip is thick and soft for shorthaired breeds. It will be easy to clean with its machine andremovable features. They stand behind all the products. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact them.

Brand: Stohot

👤The large pet heating pad was purchased by us. The shepherd mix should be comfortable in our camper. It was the right size. The temperature control was also appreciated. We put the dog mattress on top of the camper floor. The pad was set for three dots. We will use it in our garage when she insists on coming and going all fall and winter to play. The timer is useful and practical. The cats love the heating mat so much that we bought one for them to cuddle on.

👤I was disappointed because it didn't get very warm. I was prepared to retuen it. The first dog to discover it loved it. They prefer this over the other beds. It is soft to the touch and warm for my fur babies. The largest was perfect for 2 frenchies.

👤The ferral cats seem to love them. If you choose, they stay on all the time, so you won't have to go out every 9 hours to turn it on. They should last a few years.

👤I have a dog and a cat that like a warm spot. I bought this so they could have one if they wanted to. When my animals are bored, the cords that are used to charge them meet their demise. I was happy to see that this one has a chew protection over the cord. It feels like a durable pad, because the cord is not flimsy and will not short out in a month.

👤My neighbor's cats spend a lot of time in this bed. Their cathouse is inside an open bay garage that is protected from the elements. They have a large heated bed that covers the entire floor of their cathouse to keep them warm. They enjoy their new heated bed on cold days and nights. This is a great product for people with outdoor pets. They don't get too warm if I set the temperature a few degrees above their normal body temperature so they don't wander off and it's warm to keep them comfortable. It warms the inside of the cathouse. The product has time and temperature settings. I set mine to be on all the time during the winter months and I will adjust it to be on for 12 hours at night when the nights are cold.

👤The pad lasted 24 hours. The power cord is chew proof, but our 8 month old, Standard Poodle really worked over the plastic interior. She broke all the internal wires and connections because she ripped the soft exterior material. Do your investment last and is it a good idea for older dogs, but not for younger dogs?

👤I've been looking for a blanket to warm up my 2 sulicata tortoises. We bring them inside when the temperature is below 50 degrees. This is perfect for them. It is easy to warm up. I put a towel over it to protect it from accidents. I ordered a second one because I loved this one so much. The only other option was a pig blanket. It is available in different sizes. I got the large one and it was perfect. I recommend these to anyone who needs a warm spot for their pets.

4. Outdoor Heating Outside Electric Warming

Outdoor Heating Outside Electric Warming

Large dogs, cats, rabbits, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury are all suitable for the Extra Large Heated Bed for Dogs and Cats. The heated floor mat has chew-proof properties. It's easy to clean and shock. A large electric blanket for pets is safe. The heat is low. The heating bed pad has a built-in Thermostat. Medium and large pets like dogs and cats can use it. Help your pet keep healthy in cold winters by using the best warming bed mats. A great gift for your puppy. They are a family of dog lovers. If you have a question about their puppy heating pad, please contract them and they will reply you in 24 hours.

Brand: Fejapa

👤We followed the instructions carefully. One night, it worked. sparks were seen in the switch housing when we turned it on again. A dangerous product. The color is great.

👤There is no way that the temperature can get close to 125. We used it in a crate outside and it barely reached over 80. It still provided warmth, but it wasn't what was advertised.

👤This is something that I love. My dog was adopted by me. I bought her a dog house and a heating pad because she was not house broken. It keeps her warm on cold nights.

👤My cats are in a garage. Mom won't let me bring them in, but this keeps them from getting too cold.

👤It worked perfectly for my cats. They loved it when we had 25 degrees. It worked well and I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤Works well. Our big girl's doghouse is kept warm.

👤The pad is easy to clean. It feels like a gel type filling. I am not sure if it can compete with our cold Wisconsin frosts. My cats use it every morning to sleep in, so it seems to meet their approval.

👤It's easy to clean and it's perfect warmth.

5. Dogloo 29997 Door X Large

Dogloo 29997 Door X Large

Dog houses can be kept warm with custom door flaps. Doors are made of heavy-duty, flexible vinyl and come with hardware. It's easy to install. Bolted in place to your dog house. The dimensions are 18.7" X 19" X 0.25. LB.

Brand: Petmate

👤The door of my igloo dog house is too small. There is an open perimeter around the door. I gave this 2 stars because it's better than the cardboard piece I had up and it doesn't block the wind or rain.

👤The Large door said it was 19.8 x 15.8. It wasn't as big as the one I had and didn't fit my dogloo. I was able to return it quickly, but I had to pay for shipping. The door I bought is 34 x 21. It's 19 feet long and around 18 feet at the base. This was the correct size for my dog. I wish I could just exchange it for the first one.

👤There is a small gap between this piece and the igloo doghouse because I didn't buy the right size. If you purchase the right size, it will make a big difference for your animal. My cat can get in and out of the door, even though it is heavy plastic that keeps the wind out. If you are going to buy a dog house, you should get the door that comes with it. Don't be cheap like the manufacturer. Our animals are warm and comfortable on the cold days with a plug in heater.

👤I ordered a large size. There is a gap on both sides. The holes don't match. I wish people would do a better job of describing the product when it is delivered.

👤Ten years ago, I bought a dog at Walmart. At that time, it was called a large size. We adopted a rescue dog last year. The flap I bought was too small. This one is great and large is now called X-large. The flap is 19 inches high.

👤My dog is an outside dog. I know the dog loves it. It helps keep the heat on. It's a must during the winter. I have a heated bed and dog bowl. Take good care of your pet. It is worth it.

👤The tolerances are very bad. There is a gap between the dog house and door. There is an extra screen in the center. I would give more stars if the door had closer tolerances.

👤This was a really poor fit that required a lot of modifications to even use. I would have come back if I wasn't in a time crunch. I wouldn't pass on this one.

👤The material is plstico grueso, and it is flexible.

6. Climate Right Electric Abrasion Resistant Enclosures

Climate Right Electric Abrasion Resistant Enclosures

The internal heat shield and built-in overheat protection are included in the thermostat dial that is 300 watt of heating power. Simple to install, includes quick mount drilling template for easy installation. The internal fan circulates warm air to heat enclosures up to 75 square feet. The cord is 8 feet long and is abrasion resistant. It's perfect for dog houses, cat houses, chicken houses, rabbit houses, and more.

Brand: Climate Right

👤Great product! I don't like leaving my dog outside in 30 degree weather, but I have to because he is too big for a crate and destroys everything in my house. His doghouse was nice and warm all winter long.

👤I have two small dogs that have to stay in their outdoor kennel during my long hours at work. I started searching for ways to keep them warm while I work because of the cold weather. The one with fast prime delivery came to my door just as fast as this one, but it was $30 cheaper. I was very impressed. The unit is sturdy and well made. I wrapped the doghouse in a comforter and cut a slit in the entryway for a pet door to make sure the inside temp was just right. Not hot. Give or take on the lowest setting according to the manual. I think it's important to insulate your doghouse after it's installed to help retain heat. I feel better knowing my fur babies are comfortable even in the cold weather because I have central heat in the winter. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Well worth $100.

👤I made a dog house. Installation is easy and it works well for heating. The fan is designed to run continuously. The manufacturer decided that it should not be on when the thermostat reaches the set temperature. Just be aware that it works. The 3 fan settings in the item description are not correct. The fan runs at the same speed. The temp selection is constantly changing.

👤The installation template is not close to the size of the heater. I was nervous about installing electrical heating elements into my doghouse, but I worry about my dog. I thought I would try it because it seemed like a safe option. If they can't get that right, what else is wrong with the unit? I don't want the doghouse I put a lot of effort into to burn down, and I definitely don't want my dog killed or injured. I am out. Returning.

👤The template is too small. The original instruction sheet was reduced to a smaller size. I drilled the holes before I noticed. I should have listened to my son who said that the cord hole outline was smaller than the specified drill bit. The bottom surface of the heater is hot. I think the dog wouldn't press against it. They say to mount the heater high. Also note that heat increases. A well insulated dog house would be a better place to use this heater. On a 32 degree windy evening, the temperature in my 16cu ft dog house ranged from 70 degrees 1 inch from the bottom plate to 40 degrees near the floor. During my measurements, the medium setting was being used, but it was running full time. Take the temperature ranges with a grain of salt. The center of your doghouse is not known by the thermostat. This is not a fault of the product. It's the way heat works in a house with an open door. No matter what the heat source is, there will not be an even temperature. I am generally satisfied with the heating ability of this unit, but I am very disappointed in the template.

7. PremiumCare Calming Infused Anxiety Separation

PremiumCare Calming Infused Anxiety Separation

Help your dog relax. Their calming treats help your dog cope with external stresses, enhances brain function and has a calming, relaxing effect for dogs that are responding negatively to stress. Their soft chews are made in the USA in a compliant facility and are safe for your dog to eat, and they are made with natural ingredients like passion flower, ginger root, and chamomile. Promoting a mellow effect and well being is what it is called. Their treats have a calming effect on your dog's nerves and are great for keeping your dog from responding negatively to environments that can cause stress, and may help curb destructive behavior and cope with external stresses brought on by loud noises, vet or grooming visits, moving, or travel. Their all-natural calming formula helps maintain a normal emotional balance, it also promotes relaxation with Organic Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, and Valerian root. If you don't see a difference in your dog after 30 days, you can return the chews for a full refund.

Brand: Premium Care

👤He's named after the dragon. He also watches the show. He's 9 months old and growing fast. He's mostly a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky, with a small percentage of mutt and wolf, according to Embark DNA. Now that I've given you a description of my dog, let's discuss why I bought him these treats. First of all, she has high anxiety. Some might think that that is common in those breeds. You would be correct. There is a The dog has been to the emergency vet three times and each time he vomited and nearly vomited up the lining of his stomach. He was going to die. They ran all the tests. Completely healthy. Cause? There is anxiety. The dog has to be with people. Not just any human will do that. No. He wants his parents. Sometimes we have to go somewhere. Daddy is working. When Daddy goes to work, he has a baby with him. Yes, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that's right, and that I mentioned he's huge. Sometimes mom has appointments and has to crate him. Dear God. The dog ate through his crate. I was gone for an hour. An hour! When I got home he was howling at the dogs. I heard him before I got home. I haven't mentioned his other issues. His need to chew has cost us a lot. I will stop there. The baby needed help. The vet gave him tranquilizers. I turned to aholistic treatment because I didn't want my dog to be prescribed drugs. This stuff isn't a miracle worker. He wasn't a perfect dog over night. There is a It does give him some relief, without knocking him out. A knocked out dog will never learn. He is still a giant puppy. Behavioral training is in progress. With this stuff, I can actually work with him. I knew he was smart, and now he's eager to learn. There is a He was nothing like that two months ago. He loves these things. A little too much. He gets a hug from his dad at the door and heads to the treat jar. He has to do several things in order to get each one. He goes crazy over these just as much as he does his actual treats. The terrifyingly anxious dog that was given tranquilizers to keep him from vomiting his stomach lining is now off the hard drugs and is comfortable in these treats. He loves them, he's no longer zonked, and he can learn. They get five crowns. I give them five stars.

👤This product works well on my 10mo old husky. He needs to be calm for car rides and sometimes going to doggy daycare. Kicks in quickly and lasts through the night.

👤Beware! The first chew I saw looked like this, with a piece of blue plastic sticking out of it. I don't know if they work because I wouldn't risk anything.

8. Upgraded Heating Safety Waterproof Blanket

Upgraded Heating Safety Waterproof Blanket

Medium: 19.7''x15.8''; Large: 29.5''x17.7'' The heating pad has a temperature Regulator with 6 levels. The temperature range can be adjusted. petnf has its own R & D factory which is dedicated to the development and improvement of pet heating pads for six years, to provide the safest products for pet lovers. Pet heating pad with timer, it shuts down when you want. The timing system has 6 levels, the first one is always ON, the second one is H and the third one is Timer button. When the timer is out, the heating pad will stop. The inner of their product is a soft PVC envelope with waterproof and flame retardant qualities. The product has the highest grade of flame retardant. The fleece cover is machine washed. If your inner pad becomes dirty, you can use a damp cloth to clean it. It has wires on it. The wires were fitted with the 83'' chew resistant cord in order to prevent pets from getting electrocution. You have to take your pet away from the wires. In order to prevent the heating pad from overheating, they add a temperature control wire. The thermostat stops heating and lowers the temperature if the temperature exceeds your set temperature. If the temperature gets too hot, the temperature control wire will interrupt the circuit, which can provide a safety pad for your pets.

Brand: Petnf

👤I ordered the medium size. I tried it out in the kitchen before I put it outside. I read the instructions thoroughly. I tested the temperature controls. I put a digital thermometer on top of it. The highest temp it achieved under the mat was 97. The temp dropped to 75 degrees on top of the mat. The mat does not have temperature controls and it would not warm an earthworm in the winter. I looked at the cord for the advertised chew resistant feature. It was small and not metallic, so a kitten could eat it with ease, even with the hard put plastic covering. The medium uses a lot of power. I ordered the Medium size. I was wondering why I would order the large when the heat mostly comes from the center. I wanted to use this mat for the ferals and wanted a larger mat where they could huddle together in the winter. It's not worth the risk of an electric animal. I don't understand how a positive review could be given to this product. I will return it.

👤I don't know if I just got a bad item. It is bare even luke warm on the highest setting. If it decides to warm up. I bought this item for my cat to ensure enough warmth for her soon to be kittens, but I am completely disappointed. My cat gets more warmth from the carpet than from this product. I don't think the next one I order for a different seller will leave me as disappointed as this one.

👤I bought a heating pad for my cat because she wouldn't come inside. I have never had one before, so I don't know what to expect. I guess it's like a heated blanket. This wasn't it. It doesn't seem like it's warm, but I'm not sure if it's faulty or not. When I put my hand to it, I have to apply pressure to my hand to feel the warmth. I was expecting warm weather. She has been laying under the house many mornings. It doesn't provide much warmth.

👤My cats were going to sleep somewhere else when I bought this for them. I don't think they want to leave their house to catch vermin. The setting is barely warm, but they are happy! I will have to turn off the timer so they can get up and do their job.

👤It worked well for me. I had to cut a hole in the back of the house to fit the controller through because it is permanently attached to the cable. It's not really a big deal. My cat is happy in there.

👤When I turn it on and set the level and time, the indicator lights will flash for a second and then turn off. Will be returning disappointed as my senior dog quickly recognized the heat source and will now look at me with sad puppy dog eyes as if she was saying mom please turn this thing on. After posting a question about the control panel I decided it was a mistake and ordered a replacement. I thought the user error was ok. Nope works once and that is it. One of them will go with a different brand.

9. Heating Electric Adjustable Resistant Waterproof

Heating Electric Adjustable Resistant Waterproof

The pet electric heating pad for large dog, cat, rabbit, etc. is aUpgraded Heating Mat for Large Pets. It is suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury. Medium and large dogs can be accommodated in the heated dog beds, which can keep them warm in cold days while promoting sleep. The dog house heating mat is made from 6 layers of protection structure with safe and durable heating wire. You can use the pet heating pad indoors and put the heated dog bed in the exterior dog house. The heated dog house mat built-in 55C/131F overheating protectors help prevent high-temperature combustion and slow thermal balance. Constant temperature control makes pets feel warm and comfortable. The pet warming pad's cord is made of 100% full encircling bendable STAINLESS steel and is bite-proof, so it can hold up to 30 kilo of pull force. If you feel the heated cat bed is not warm on high setting, please cover a small blanket or thin towel on the dog heated pad and preheat it at 10 minutes. Please contact them if you are dissatisfied. They will give you a new product or a full refund.

Brand: Langroup

👤I didn't want to take stars off since they never said it was thick. It would be better for your pet if it had a thick cover. It would last longer from wear and tear. My dog is a chewer, and she ripped through the thin covering to the wires in no time, even though I had nailed the pad to the floor of her house so she couldn't drag it out. She needs to chew because she has some teeth on her. The cover is the weakest point of the pad and it is cheap. It gets hotter about to the temperature of the other pads. In her building, I have a radiant heat oil heating system that will keep her warm in the winter. I don't think the pad will last into next year, and I know that it is possible, but I have some K&M pads that are several years old. The cats got them. You get what you pay for in this case.

👤This is the second one I have purchased. The dog has ripped it out of his house twice. The mat works well, but for some reason after about a month both times, the dog got a wild hair and I went outside to find the mat had become "cordless". If I can find a specific housing for the cord, it might be possible to repair it, but I won't risk twisting the wires again without that housing. If your dog doesn't yank its blankets out of the enclosure, this will probably work for your dog, but if your dog is rowdy like mine, you will soon be out the money that you spent on this mat. I know the dog was warm, and he never chewed on the mat, so it's too bad.

👤The pet bed is very nice. It is easy to clean. It warms up quickly and is very warm when it's high. My only complaint is that the cord is not chew resistant. It should be wrapped in metal to make it chew resistant. If you have a serious chewer, you should reinforce it yourself. It is usually twice the price for a very large and heated bed. I don't mind reinforcing the cord myself for the price.

👤The heat helped ease arthritis pains for our aging dogs. We don't have to worry about cleaning it all of the time because it was a perfect size to slide in their dog bed. If your dog needs the warmth for any reason, you should recommend it.

👤One of the worst cold spells we have had in decades was when my dog was on this heating pad. I bought it for her and I think she did the same. Quality and size are nice.

👤Pets loved it when it worked out. This broke in November 2020. It doesn't make any difference. We would like to have it replaced.

👤The picture is for a grown up dog. Works great for my beagles.

👤Until turned off, these stay on. Even on high, they don't get too hot. Some of them quit after a year. I keep buying because I have dogs.

10. Hound Heater Protector Mounting Template

Hound Heater Protector Mounting Template

It is water resistant for outdoor and indoor use. The Hound Heater is powered by a long-life 300W heating element and lasts for years. It is safe construction. The cord is heavy duty and has rounded corners. All wires and components are protected by an internal heat shield. Saves energy. The Hound Heater is safe, dry heat up to 75 feet and only runs when needed. Set it and forget it, the thermo sensor bulb allows for accurate control of the heat in your pet's house. It is easy to install. If you need special mounting brackets, they are available separately.

Brand: Hound Heater

👤The hound heater is perfect for my application. It keeps the interior temperature in my dog house at a higher than average of 11-16 degrees higher than the outside temperature. It hasn't gotten very cold yet, so I haven't tested it on medium or high settings. It was 42 degrees out last night in California, and my wireless temperature monitor which I mounted inside the dog house, read 58 degrees. My dog house is four times larger than the one designed by this heater. It does what I wanted, which is to keep the temperature above 40 degrees. If you would like to replicate my setup, here are the items I purchased from Amazon. There is a shed on the Amazon website. There is a dog door on the Amazon website. The extra large dog bed is perfect for the shed.

👤We are on our 4th winter and we bought this in 2016 Several cats are taken care of by us. The first 3 winters for 2 cats it was in a plastic sided hut with reflective thin insulation. We built a tiny house from an open sided trailer because we were afraid it wouldn't heat up. It is awesome! This thing is great for controlling drafts for your pets. The tiny house is 33 feet high and 7 feet wide. There are 2 in foam insulation. We just went through -8 degree weather. The temperature inside was 80-90 degrees. The cats were happy. We have set it at the absolute lowest setting and it is staying between 60 - 70 degrees with the outside temp around 30 degrees. You place it in a unit. It will be cold if you use an open door dog house or a cardboard box. Double flaps on the doors will keep it insulated and will do well.

👤My dog house is the first thing I have. I built a house with 1 1/2 inch foam insulation in the side, roof, and floor. I have a dog door. I have a barbecue temperature transmitter in the dog house that I can use to remotely monitor when I'm not there, and I have a Wemo that I can use to control the heating in my house. I know. The joke of a heat shield inside is horrible and potentially dangerous. The bottom plate does not get hot. The face of the heater is cold at the bottom for about a quarter way up. After being on for about 30 minutes, the top three fourths got too hot for me to brush my finger against. The built in temperature tells the unit when to come on or off, so if it got cold outside, it would be unsafe for dogs to brush up against it. I built a wood barrier to cover the top three fourths of the heating element. It makes sure the dogs don't get burned by the heat. The modification to my dog house solved my problem perfectly, but I would think it wouldn't have much effect if the house wasn't insulated or a door. I was considering a heat lamp in a paint can, plugged into a temperature outlet and turned on and off when needed, but I decided against it. If I could, I would give 3.5 but I would go with it once I met my needs. If I didn't have a way to build this wooden shield, I wouldn't rate it a star.

11. RIOGOO Heating Electric Warming X Large

RIOGOO Heating Electric Warming X Large

The heating pad is suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury. Help the pet stay warm and comfortable during the winter. When you forget to turn off the switch, the heating pad will be powered off. A 7 layer protection structure with heating wire will prevent your pet from getting burnt. Warming mat has a temperature sensor to protect your pets. The removal cover is easy to clean. The cord is chew resistant. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them. They will send you a new product.

Brand: Riogoo

👤This pad is perfect. I was losing my sanity with no sleep as our 10 week puppy was struggling to sleep through the night. She shivered for an hour after baths even though she was in a towel on my lap. So- I decided to use the heated pad after baths. Wow! She loves it! She sleeps a solid 5 hours in her crate at night before she goes out to pee after she gets combed out. That is better than the routine we had going on. I think she was used to being warm with her siblings. I broke the control panel a week into owning it. It was my fault. I accidentally knocked over a kitchen stool. I am as dumb as Sue Heck. I reached out to the company to see if they had the resources to fix it, but they immediately responded with a free replacement. Wow! I am very grateful for the kindness. If you are looking for a pet heating pad, feel confident that this company is selling a great product, and should the product fail, feel confident that they will make good on their one-year product satisfaction guarantee!

👤I was happy to find an internal fuse in this device, but the product description was not up to date. The wire is made with the listed wire. Yes, but that doesn't mean it's listed. This is a meaningless claim without a numver. Made with vinyl... This device is not waterproof or dustproof because we will vinyl is. Where is the serial number to verify this claim? The device is not certified. It is listed. There is no proof that the device is a European one. The last time I checked, the device had to be labeled because it wasn't approved by the CE. The FCC approval is my favorite. FCC certifications are usually only for devices that transmit radio waves, and this is the reason I say this. Fire insurance will be voided if the device is not listed in the us. If you call your insurance provider, you can find out.

👤Two days ago, we received this product. I want to explain why I ordered it. We moved from Florida to Oklahoma with Jack Russell. She doesn't understand what is happening in the weather. She used to sleep on my bed and let me tuck her in with a blanket, but now she is cranky and won't let me handle her, freaks out! She has a special dog bed with layers of blankets on the floor next to my bed, but her fur felt cold at night. I didn't like keeping the space heater on. I tried heating her up with a heating pad, but I knew it wasn't safe for her. The information says that this one won't get hotter than her body temperature. You can feel the heat when you place your hand on it for a few minutes. I cover it with a thin blanket to keep her asleep. She is happy and warm and loves to lay on it. It has an automatic switch off. If I don't turn it off, it turns itself off. I know she will be safe and warm, as we know they can't tell us if it's too hot or not, but I know she will be okay.


What is the best product for dog house heater?

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What are the best brands for dog house heater?

Anzerwin, Petnf and Stohot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog house heater. Find the detail in this article. Fejapa, Petmate and Climate Right are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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