Best Dog Harness for Small Dogs No Pull with Leash

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1. SCENEREAL Small Dog Harness Leash

SCENEREAL Small Dog Harness Leash

The harness chest girth 13 is a size of S. Measure your pet and refer to the product size before purchasing. The design is cute. The cute alpaca pattern is different from the previous mesh vest. It's safe and accessible. They use a hook and loop fastening, double D-rings and a buckle to protect your pet. It is very easy to adjust the size with the help of the back adjustments. Your pet can take it for a walk. BREATHABLE MATERIALS: Senereal is designed for comfort. Breathable 100% soft polyester mesh for a comfortable neck and lags. Air mesh is light and can be worn all the time.

Brand: Scenereal

2. Tactical Harness KROMEN Training Reflective

Tactical Harness KROMEN Training Reflective

Sturdy and durable material. The explosion-proof dog harness is made of high quality nylon and it prevents chewing or tearing. The air mesh protects your dog's skin and is padded in every load point. The molle system has both sides for tactical gear. Free your hands in outdoor activities. Multiple Hook and loop panels can be used to identify your dog. The dog harness has metal clips that are strong enough to carry great pulling force. A secured leash-harness connection can be made with a 2x multi-purpose back clip. Use 1x no pull front clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks. The dog harness is easy to put on and take off. Take it off with quick-release buckles. The straps on the neck and chest are fully adjusted. While still giving some room for growth. No fear of slipping out or choking. The high-brightness reflective strips ensure no matter which angle you are looking at, you can see clearly. At night or day, be safe. The top-mounted handle keeps your dog by your side.

Brand: Kromen

👤My dog hates being on a leash. I have harnessed 3 of them and they are either too weak or too uncomfortable to hold up to her pulling/thrashing. She liked this one. It was a snug fit and it was a sturdy material. I think that combination made her feel more secure. The woven rope leash has a grip and is nice for pulling. She did a great job with this harness.

👤This is not a good product. The puppy broke off a piece and swallowed it. The rubber leash is soft and poorly made. He was able to bite off a piece after putting it on twice. The leash unraveling was the first thing we noticed. The threads were coming loose and he didn't bite it. Not well made. The harness was not very fitting. We waited a couple weeks to see if he grew into it after we tried to fit him. It is too large for our mini Bernadoodle. A large dog would benefit from this harness. The smallest setting wouldn't fit and he slipped out. Send it back today for a refund. Too bad. I had high expectations for this one.

👤It is easy to adjust the harness and it is comfortable for my dog. Hopefully your leash doesn't break into its first use. I can't tell you what a great morning it is when you get to chase around a pet after the metal end of a leash snaps. It's quite upsetting to think what could have happened if a car or animal were to pass by. It could be that it was a bad casting. The old leash was the same design. The larger Harness has the same leash as the smaller one, even though they're obviously used on larger and heavier dogs. I'm going to keep the harness, but maybe someone can use it to walk a cat or small dog. If you have concern for the welfare of your dog, I don't recommend using the leash.

👤It's not good for anything more than 30 minutes. The sizing chart is wrong again. All of the manufacturers think you can cover a dog the size of a Great Danes down to a chihuahua. There are small, Medium, Large, and X-large groupings. It would be like eliminating the children's dept. From all stores. It's not good for long wear. The dog sweat and chafed because it did not breath. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't buy.

👤I struggled with the strap adjustment, but I got it right with trial and error. It was the most difficult part. The harness is first class. The handle fits an adult hand, not just a couple fingers. The harness has a metal attachment clip. Why is this important to me? The front clip allows myRosa to wear a coat on cold days in central NH. The coat covered the clip in the middle or back. There's nothing wrong with a clip in the middle or back if there is no coat involved, but if a coat is needed, it negates the coat. The harness is comfortable. I gave it four stars because of the strap problem, but I am very happy with my purchase.

3. Juxzh Truelove Harness Reflective Attachments

Juxzh Truelove Harness Reflective Attachments

The dog harness color is purple and it fits the chest 27-32 inches. It is easy to fit and take off with the comfortable and ergonomi design. Good visibility at night and Sturdy handle for easy seat belt attachment are some of the safety features. The mesh lining has sponge padding in the chest and belly. The dog harness vest is the best way to prevent injuries. The dog's back has a V-ring and the dog's chest has an O-ring. They are sturdy and keep your puppy safe. Please measure your dog's chest circumference at the same location as the line shown in the second picture. The dog match was for JUXZH.

Brand: Juxzh

👤The bag of meat is named "Rusty". He can change directions on a dime in just 2.8 seconds. The harness is perfect for a vicious creature like the one that picked him up by the ear. I ordered the XS and still have room to expand. This is well made. You can tell if you point blank. He gets whiplash when he runs out of leash and so he has Sturdy Buckles and padded. Not kidding. I ordered a back up harness and a lazy dog harness.

👤A pit bull with a short muscular build is called "Vinnie". She is 27 inches around her chest. It fit perfectly with room for growth. I bought her a pinch collar because it's banned for therapy dog training, but I'm trying to avoid using it because she pulls hard. I would highly recommend it. I haven't tried it yet, but I will write back if it works. Yesterday, I took her on a walk and it worked great. I would say 'heel' and pull back when she tried to pull. I was pulling at her chest, but she didn't like that. She was walking by my side after halfway through the walk. It's a good thing. Happy mama!

👤A 66lb lab/shepherd mix rescue that thinks she's training for the Iditarod whenever she's on a leash is a miracle worker. She pulls like a horse. It took less than half a street for her to walk in a perfect heel position with this harness on. It's amazing. I got the L harness in a bright pink shade and it's gorgeous. I had to open up the neck and girth straps for her to fit properly because she's deep chested with a long torso. The reflective threading on her coat does work, but it will probably be obscured if your dog has long fur. My dog has high energy, a high prey drive, and she's reactivity following being attacked twice by off-leash canines. If another dog is in sight or within earshot, she likes to postion herself in front of me and she doesn't want to let up until she's convinced the other dog isn't a threat. She would sound like she was about to choke herself out from pulling so hard with the standard collar. She was able to pull despite the back attachment harnesses being better for her health. My palms and rotator cuffs were spared some agony by the leash boss, but she still pulled her leashes. I don't know enough about e-collars to feel comfortable with using my dog as a guinea, and I have medical conditions that prevent me from being able to safely use correction collar and halters like the Gentle Leader. She had no leash manners when I got her, and I could always count on her having a daily battle of the block before she calmed down. I don't have a fenced in yard, she is very sweet and eager to please, and I am physically incapable of taking her for a run. Within a minute a half, this harness got her into a perfect, persistent heel. Even when it started to rain and someone knocked over a 60lb trashcan on the curb in front of us, she remained heeling. If your dog is a puller, you have an idea of what a miracle it is.

4. Harness Small Leash Puppy Breathable

Harness Small Leash Puppy Breathable

Sizing does not correspond to your dog's breed or weight. Refer to their size chart to find the best harness for your dog. The step-in design makes it easy to put on and take off the vest. The dog harness can be adjusted according to the chest size of the dog. The mesh is soft and dense to keep your dog cool and dry. It's ideal for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. The safety harnesses give you the confidence to walk the dog in busy environments. The leash pressure can be evenly distributed on the chest and shoulder. Two reflective strips on the sides of the harness make your dog visible in low light conditions, and it improves safety when walking at night. Give your pet some time to get used to the harness. If the harness does not fit your pet, please contact them and they will offer you a replacement. They love animals as much as you do. PINA believes in creating a better life for pets. If you have any suggestions or opinions, please contact them via Amazon.

Brand: Pina

👤Great color... I like camo in all colors. There is a lot of camo print stuff in my Yorkie. His old harness was hard to fit in, but the new one fits him perfectly. This new one is very comfortable for him. People say he looks handsome wearing this harness.

👤It's hard to tell the sizes you need over the internet, it's soft, but I don't think it's going to wear spots on your fur babies. That's not the fault of the harness.

👤The harness was too large for my catahoula leopard puppy. I have learned that the standard poodle fits in nicely with the other dogs I have. The material is very nice with no wear and tear. Even after getting dirty and needing a wash, the color I got was still very bright and clean. The padding and secure fit of the harness is worth the price.

👤I wanted to keep this on my cat so he could stay on the patio. He can get out of it after putting it on. I tightened it to the point that he still backs out of it. I returned it because it didn't work for me, but it was a nice product.

👤You couldn't ask for more. The vests are well-fitting and comfortable. It's o.k. My dogs are with me. The dogs wouldn't stand still when I was with other brands. These worked well. I have a boy and a girl so the pink/blue combination package was perfect and well worth the money. They added in the leashes. Wow. Such a deal.

👤It did not fit my dog. I took his measurements and it should have fit. I am ordering a larger size. The next size up was perfect. He seems comfortable.

👤The price is great and the sturdy and comfortable. This is the second harness I have bought. The baby had to go a size up because he gained weight. PINA was the only choice.

5. PetSafe Harness Large BLACK SILVER

PetSafe Harness Large BLACK SILVER

The easy walk harness was created by a veterinary behaviorist over 15 years ago. It is a safe solution for pulling that allows you to control light to moderate pulling and rests across your dog's chest, so there is no coughing or choking. It's quick and easy to fit the harness on your dog with the quick snap shoulder and belly straps and the front clip chest d ring. If your dog turns the harness into a chew toy, they will replace it for a fee. The patented Martingale loop on the chest piece helps provide relaxed control and prevents twisting. Their pet product experts can help with U.S. based customer care.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Our dog is an idiot and uncontrollable. My size is 5'4" and none of your business lbs is 140, so I thought my 9 year old would not be able to walk him until she's my size. I used a leash on a collar or other type of harness and it left me with a lot of injuries and nerves, but this harness has changed my life. Other harnesses have a tangle of straps and which way is up. The dog can step into it and the harness can snap together on his back if my husband wants. The harness stops the pinhead in his tracks. Immediately. My 9 year old can walk him. I recommend that you actually take the measurements because I got the large, which fit him well over the back and under his arms, but not so much around his chest. I think this harness is more for training so that your dog can learn to stay by your side while you walk him, and then graduate to a regular harness. Dogs with a brain larger than a walnuts are likely to be that way. This harness will be used for the rest of our lives. I love my dog. He's like that weird uncle no one wants to invite to Thanksgiving, but you have to because he's family.

👤I have used PetSafe harnesses before, but this one is terrible. After just one walk with it on, my dog is very uncomfortable and there is no padding. I followed the directions in the packet and fitted it correctly, but it was an issue with the harness itself. I should have listened to the negative reviews. There is no reason for this harness to cause lacerations or irritation after a walk. I will be coming back.

👤My dog is large. Nobody wanted to walk her. She pulls very hard. We buy her from a harness. It's terrible! Oh my gosh! She's getting fat because she's missing out on a lot of family fun. My last hope was this harness. I am amazed! I was skeptical after reading all the reviews. I received same-day shipping after buying this harness. I walked her that evening. I couldn't believe my eyes. She pulled the harness tight on her chest and turned her to face me. She kept walking, but at a slower pace. I locked the extendable leash down after giving her some slack, but she immediately stopped again. It's all over. Pulling is over. My 13 year old loves walking her every day. She doesn't pull, she is thinking. She stops as soon as the harness snugs around her, if she gets too excited and starts pulling. She is starting to walk better with her collar and no harness. She appears to be breaking her pulling habit with this harness. You need to know what to do with fitting. My dog is a mixed breed and has a large chest. I was worried that I wouldn't get the right fit. I can't find a harness for her. If I get it large enough for her chest, it's too large for her paws and neck, and she can slip it. We've been through a lot. Not the case with this one! Measure the largest part of your dog's chest. Buy the size that is closest to the chest measurement. My dog's chest is 24 inches, which is in the Medium size range of 20-28" I tried the medium on her and it was huge. I couldn't keep it tight enough to stay on her. I ordered the Small/Medium because it was a more narrow range for her chest measurement. I was worried that it would be too tight. It isn't. I had to snug it up to fit her. Don't unbuckle everything, put it on and take it off. It's hard to understand. The chest strap has a buckle at the side of the chest so you can see it. The harnesses are in two colors. The silver strap that encircles her chest is the second color. In my case, the main color is black. Only unbuckle the part that is around the dog's chest. Stand in front of your dog. The leash loop will be on your dog's chest, not the top of the back, if you hold the harness so it is facing you. You can put the harness over the dog's head and then just put the colored strap under the chest. Take it off by unbuckling the chest strap and slipping it over your dog's head. It's not a tight squeeze, and it's much easier to hold your dog down with your third arm, than it is to slip both paws into the leg holes. I've never had a problem getting her into a harness. You need to know that the harness will loosen after a while. It's not the strongest feature, but it's a miracle to be able to take our dog with us to parks, walks around the neighborhood, etc. The points on this harness can be adjusted to fit your dog's shape and size. My dog is not perfectly proportional and this is a strong point for me. When you take it out of the box, put it on your dog and check to see which points need adjustment. I can adjust it while it's on her, but it's easier if I take it off and put it back on. I don't have to change it in the middle of a walk. Every time you put it on your dog, you should check the adjustment. My dog doesn't pull anymore. I did not get a discount for this review, but it was a great price, and it was easy to put on/take off. I would recommend this to a friend, since there is no need for periodic fit adjustment so far. I recommended it to an older lady in the pet store who said she couldn't walk or take her dog anywhere because he pulls her so much. I was so happy that she bought one. My dog was wearing a harness and standing. If you found my review helpful, please let me know. If you have questions, please ask. Good luck! I hope this will solve your problem. It solved my problem.

6. Puppy Harness Leash Set Adjustable

Puppy Harness Leash Set Adjustable

This safety harness has a D-ring that is connected to a leash and is sturdy. The vest-style design distributes leash pressure evenly across the chest and shoulder to prevent neck strain. Light weight and strength:BREATHABLE. The mesh is soft and dense to keep your dog cool and dry. It's ideal for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. The cat and dog harness is easy to put on and off. The straps allow for a just-right fit. You're ready to walk if you step in. Relativism: The dog harness strip has a reflective design that makes your pet visible in low light. There are size instructions. Refer to their size chart for the best measurement for your dog. The chest is divided into two parts, one with a neck that is 14.15 inches and the other with a neck that is 16.15 inches.

Brand: Dociote

👤I couldn't make measurements for the puppy I bought because it was 2.5 pounds. The puppy was too small when we got it. It would have been ill fitting for this to be designed for a small dog, even if the strap was long enough. The harness is light weight and looks more comfortable than the other ones. The reflective fabric trim on the harness works well. I ordered the next size up after returning. Hopefully this will be a better fit. If I have to order a M for a small dog weighing less than 3 pounds, wouldn't it be ridiculous to have to size up to a Med? The neck would be too large.

👤It's easy to adjust size and it's lightweight. Our Australian Shepherd puppy was 8 pounds and the first one was a small, perfect fit. She was moved into a Medium size. We have a large size ready for her when she grows larger. We will need to move up to 19 or 20 pounds for her to be large. When she is closer to full-grown, I wish they had an extra large size for her. She has a good distribution of force across her chest and neck. The reflective trim on the leash is great. The included leashes are a bonus. They seem to be strong, but fold up small so we can keep them in the door pocket and always have one handy. The price is great value. I hope our weight details help you with your dog's size.

👤I've bought 4 of these harnesses so far. The fit and comfort are great, but the threads are weak and the mesh pulls away from the banding. I like the color of my Daisy, 16 pound Yorkie cocker mix, it was too loose, the reflective banding is great, lightweight for summer, and there is no black in it like most harnesses of this style. I had to reinforce everyone I bought. He had a hard time attaching mesh because there isn't much material to work with, but the price is great with a very sturdy leash, of course the added cost of $10 each at the tailor, but since I really like the look and fit of the set, I will try another * The company reached out and replaced harnesses. Daisy has been wearing them for 9 months and still going strong after at least 30 washes. Buying a few more will make you love them even more.

👤I love this harness, it's flexible but durable and has a quality leash. I bought my puppy a red dress and he was very happy with it. He's gained 1.5 lbs and needs a slightly bigger size, so I ordered the blue in a S since he's already gained 1.5 lbs. The problem with the three other harnesses I purchased was that they didn't fit my dog well and it wouldn't slip off.

👤I have a 9 pound dog. It is easy to put on him and take off. He seems to be comfortable. I am very happy.

7. TobeDRI Harness Adjustable Reflective Control

TobeDRI Harness Adjustable Reflective Control

The TobeDRI dog harness has two strong metal shape-rings on the front and back for leash attaching, and a front clip to prevent pulling and back for relaxed walking. The 2 rings are sewn with thick nylon webbing and enforced box stitches to prevent ripped off rings. Pulling pressure is distributed evenly to the body. It is easy to use and lock security. The dog harness is easy to put on and take off. The locking feature on both snaps makes it more secure. Even with some room of growth, it is possible to fit your dog perfectly with 4 easy size adjustors. It's perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more. DURABILITY Made of nylon webbing, enhanced high density nylon oxford, and strong accessories. It is easy to clean. The metal accessories are rust-proof. High visibility at night is maintained by reflective stitching.

Brand: Tobedri

👤Let me start talking. I've tried every type of dog harness on the market. My doggo chews through most of them. This is the first harness that she has not tried to chew. There are so many good things about this harness, so here's a list. The stitching is strong. The material is waterproof. Leash is thick and well made. There is a loop on the back that makes grabbing her easy. She is controllable. The lock on the clip around the waist is clutch. She won't get loose, that makes me more comfortable. Even if she's pulling, the padding on the leash is comfortable. I have nothing bad to say about this product. Any dog owner would be recommended.

👤The purchase of 2020 is the best so far. My pitbull is like a glove because of this No Pull Dog Harness. I can have more control over her while we walk. It is very sturdy. The leash foam handle is very comfortable in my hand, even when my dog pulls hardly. My dog loves it.

👤What a change! My cattle dog and I were always fighting. The pulling stopped when I put the harness on him. He used to choke himself on the walk and be exhausted when we got home. He doesn't have any problems now. The best investment.

👤The harness was perfect for my dog. The soft chest plate is used for walking.

👤My favorite color is turquoise for my pups. It's even more beautiful than what it shows online. My dog is a 24lb Min Pin and is a rescue with some issues. I needed something to help keep her safe and well held in by the harness so she wouldn't run if she felt threatened. She tries to escape when she feels this and can actually run. She is hard to recover from. She had been adopted out 3 times before we got her. She had been abused. I don't know what she 800-273-3217 The handle on the back is something that helps with a dog like ours that may not have a leash or be uncontrollable. I can grab her out of harms way and help control the dog. I like attaching things on with extra loops. It's very well padded and it fits perfectly. I wanted the small to fit her as she got down to what she's supposed to be, as she was right at the very top of the small. The leash is very nice. This is very nice, if you think that it is going to be junk because it is being added in as a set...nope. I like the quick pull back hook on it, it's easy to attach it to the harness. The harness and leash have reflective stitching. I am very impressed with this item and feel that it is of good quality for the price. I would recommend this to my family or friends. Someone said that they had issues due to their arthritis. I messed up 3 fingers on my rt hand and had to use my dominate hand because they don't bend very easily. This harness is very easy to put on. One of the snaps on the back allows you to slip off your dog, so you don't need to undoing the other one. I have worked with kids with special needs for 10 years and this harness is not hard to use.

8. AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Extra Small

AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Extra Small

The no pull dog harness and Leash Set has two D-rings, easy links to traction rope hooks, not easy to swing, prevent suffocation and pull. The padded design reduces tugging and pulling on your dogs and cars neck. A small dog harness with Magic Tape,buckle and double D-rings work together to protect your pet. The reflective strips give good visibility in the dark. The dog harness is made with soft mesh fabric, which is high density, soft and comfortable, and can prevent chewing or tearing. The dog harness is suitable for large dogs and cats. The dog harness has a traction rope of the same color, and a comfortable cushion cotton is added to the handshaking part of the traction rope to prevent the hand from being injured due to excessive tension. It is convenient and comfortable. The dog harness for small dogs can be put on or off in a few steps. Put their front feet into the hole, close the hook and loop fastening, and snap the buckle.

Brand: Amtor

👤This has made my dog more comfortable. In the past, harnesses have pulled or triggered some sort of sensitivity on my dog. She is more encouraged to go on walks after this. This has helped her with her exercise and potty training. It has a reflective band which is great for night or early morning walks and it is adorable, but it would not come off if it was on accident. It has a material that is great for all weather types. It came with a leash. The leash is comfortable to hold and walk on. I feel safe putting my dog in his harness. I know that she is happy with us. It is not tight or loose which is what I wanted. This is a great price for a great quality. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The harness is soft and Breathable. It's tight around the rib cage and under the arms on my chihuahua, it's a little weird. I think it would be awkward for a dog to have a rib cage that is so much larger in proportion to the neck. The leash is cute and the inside of the handle part has a plush cushion. It is very comfortable on the wrist or hand.

👤My dog hates it. That's right! It is too big for her and too small, but she will grow into it. We can take walks when she is old enough, but I will try to train her to like it. It is very cute. I got her a mint green outfit. It is very cute against her hair.

👤I recommend the heavy duty dog harness with dog leash, it is easy to put on and take off, it is not a problem for my dog, it is 888-282-0465.

👤It was very rude on my poodle. She likes it. Too.

👤The dog doesn't mind it at all, it seems very well made. You can't beat the money. The customer service of this company is second to none.

👤I love this harness. My puppy is 3 months old, a cavatzu, and it fits so well. I like how I can adjust it around his chest, and I feel better about the clasp and the Velcro because it is very secure. My baby is only about 6 lbs and a foot tall, and we got him a small one that fits. The leash that comes with it is very nice. I am not afraid that it will break from a small tug. My little boy looks very handsome and the product is very good.

9. Rabbitgoo Harness Adjustable Reflective Material

Rabbitgoo Harness Adjustable Reflective Material

Medium to Large Dogs are recommended, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, etc. Measure the size carefully before buying this present for your puppy. This harness is black and makes your puppy stand out. The dog harness is non- pulling and has 2 metal leash rings. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, it's perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for walking. The overhead harness is easy to put on and take off. Buckle the harness up, then adjust the straps, and here you go! For more control, grab the top handle. It is easy to clean. The harness has 4 straps that can be adjusted around the body. You can use the 2 neck straps and 2 chest straps to create a perfect fit for your dog. No fear of slipping out or choking. This dog harness is safe and comfortable for your dog. It is made of nylon and has a soft cushion to protect your dog's skin. Breathable air mesh keeps your dog cool. Both day and night, reflective strips ensure a safe walk.

Brand: Rabbitgoo

👤Every time we try to take our dog out, he always wants to run and pull, even though he's choking himself! I was not sure how the leash would be placed, and I was skeptical about the no pull harness. We noticed a big difference in the way we walked our dog. In the first half of the video, you can see how his front legs are lifted off the ground when he is running. In the second part, the leash is attached in front for no-pull, so you can see that he still tries to pull some, but the difference is dramatic! My son should have been walking to the dog's left side, where the leash was, but we were just learning, and the dog likes to switch sides while walking. I am confident that he will stop pulling completely once he becomes used to it. The true test will be when a rabbit or squirrel crosses our path. I love this harness and am no longer skeptical.

👤Once you get it adjusted to your dog, this harness is fantastic. My dog is 70 pounds and would pull my shoulder out of the sockets if he saw a squirrel or something else that needed to be investigated. If he pulled, he got spun around towards me by the leash being clipped to the front of the dog's chest. I can enjoy taking him for walks now that it's amazing. I tried other methods to get him to walk nicer first, but he is very stubborn and this is the best method. The dog hates it when I put it on him. Check out the video to see how sad it makes you look. I promise he was much happier when we got outside and forgot about the harness, it's just the initial putting it on that must make him paranoid, I've used it quite a bit over the past few months and it has gotten wet a few times. I still have this harness and my dog still hates it. He's 5 years old and a bit calmer on the leash than he used to be, but as you can see by the photo, his sadness/embarrassment is still there when you first put it on him! I still love using it, and he cheers when the walk begins. I can use it on his back, but he still sometimes hooks the leash to the chest clip, even though he won't dislocate my shoulder.

👤The harnesses have held up over 3 years. The stitching is still strong. I have no complaints. I bought a second one shortly after the first, so I would always have one to keep nice, and one she could beat on. After 3 years, I decided to buy my 3rd and replace the original one. The Grey version is black. I like the look of the Grey with my dog. I felt it was time for an update and to make up for the mistakes I made. I needed to buy a larger harness for my 7 month old husky. The Large fit perfectly. It is close to it's tightest settings. She is just one big hairball. I have found that I loosen it up after every walk because of my faith in the design. She has been able to get out of her previous harnesses, which only connected around the chest. This one is a game-changing one. I found that their chart matches the dimensions perfectly. The rear connection point is the only concern I have. It is metal and has stitching. I wish it was the one they put on the chest. I used a key to get a better view of the front and nylon strap as well. I don't think it will ever give. I'm going to keep an eye on it.

10. PetSafe Deluxe Harness Medium Large

PetSafe Deluxe Harness Medium Large

The trust of the people. The harness was created 15 years ago by a veterinary behaviorist and is trusted by a million dog parents and trainers each year. There are better leashes for leashing. The patented Martingale loop and front chest leash attachment helps your dog pull in the direction you want him to. The harness controls light to moderate pulling by resting across your dog's chest instead of his throat. It is possible to keep your dog cool with less coverage than other harnesses, but still maintain quality and durability. The nylon harness is easy to fit on your dog with the quick snap shoulder and belly straps. Customer Care experts are happy to assist with replacements or resizing if you accidentally purchase the wrong size.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The harness has been recommended to me by many users. I can see how well this harness works, as we use it on our dog. This doesn't work for our dog. I will explain the pros and cons of the Petsafe Easy Walk harness. This harness is very well made. It is well constructed and lightweight. The neoprene lining on this version is very nice. The website suggests that you measure in order to ensure a proper fit, but what is not taken into consideration is the ability to let out and take in the various straps. My dog is a deep-chested dog, which makes it technically fit, but it is not. The front chest strap can't sit properly because the belly strap doesn't let out enough. It is too low. It was too low. The website states that the back and belly strap are not a proper fit because the chest strap has to be adjusted tightly. Customer service was contacted. They were very receptive to my issues, and over the phone were very kind. The CSR assured me that they would send a replacement for the belly strap, as it was obvious that they were asking questions from a script, and the belly strap issue didn't fit the dialogue. It wouldn't be the Ocean color. Proper fit is the most important issue. She asked that I send photos and that she would send a replacement harness after we hung up. I was very impressed with the company. Over a month later. I have not received a response to my email with images or a replacement harness. I have had to stop using the harness because it causes sore spots under my dog's legs. He was rubbed by it with a short walk. It worked well for my chihuahua, so I am really disappointed. I think the most important thing to do is to try on the harness before you buy it. The harness made our Shepherd dislike walking, as soon as it came out he ran and hid. I am giving 2 Star despite the quality and color, because of the poor fit, Petsafe customer service lied about a replacement harness, and the lack of adjustability. The belly strap would not be an issue if it could be made longer.

👤I am a dog trainer and I almost gave it a 2-star rating. I chose 3 stars because it prevents from pulling. A Halti/ or Gentle Leader head-halter is designed for the body. No desensitization period is needed, full body control. The harness is not as well thought out as it could be, and it rubs behind a dog's ellbow, which can cause irritation. This could easily be addressed by including a soft PADS for the dog's whos body shape calls for protection in that area. The harness isn't adjusted to prevent this. The harness stretches out when it gets wet.

👤This is amazing. I have a dog who is bigger and stronger than any of my other young dogs. I got this for my wife because she was dragging me around. She hates the leader leash. She will only cry when I put it on her. The breeze was very strong. She was like a duck in the water. I can't say enough good things about the product. It takes some practice to adjust the straps. The pay off is huge if you can be patient. I found it to be a tad bigger than I expected so when you order, just imagine everything is about an inch bigger than you think. If you're right on the edge of sizes, you can make a better decision.

11. FIVEWOODY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

FIVEWOODY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

It's easy to adjust. Take off the product with 2 quick-release buckles. 4 fully adjusted straps allow for a snug fit with maximum mobility. The material is durable. Their heavy duty vest is made of 900D nylon and is suitable for all fields use. Two rings can pull great force, making sure your dog is safe during training, hunting, and any other occasions. The air mesh protects your dog's skin and is padded in every load point. The use of the Molle System is to allow your dog to carry gear in training. There is a wide range of use for law enforcement, hunting, and personal service. The best friend is included in the ID Badge. It is compatible with thePALs. You can use the pouch to hook the dog bowl, water bottle and toys. There is maximization control and security. One of the metal leash attachment points is used for No-pull control or dog training, and the other is used for casual walking or jogging. The SATISFACTION WARRANTY. Refer to the chart. If you have any questions, they are always here to help.

Brand: Auroth

👤I have a golden retriever/lab mix that is 90 pounds and he only wants to protect me and my other dog. I take them out on walks and one of the dogs goes nuts. He is strong and powerful. I tried to hold him back. This harness allows me to control him with very little effort. It is amazing! My mom is buying two for her huskies after I told her about it. Thank you for inventing this! It is the best thing I have ever purchased. It fits him perfectly and is also durable. I got a bigger one.

👤There is an update on NOV. There will be spurts of stretching in 2020. I responded to the customer service that reached out to me. If the changes I wanted to see had been made, I would have paid again. Even after eming them, I haven't heard anything back since they said it to me. BOO! StrAPS STRETCH! I have to twist the chest straps around a few times to make them tighter. The small should fit because my dog has a 24 inch chest. The neck is tight but hard to get over as it is bigger than his head. There is a This is the perfect harmony if SIZING were better. I was worried that it would be too small for my dog. He has a large neck and chest. I can get the straps, but not quite snug enough, but I have tried other harnesses and they work just as well. This is the small, double checked, inside it has S for the size. Why don't hounds know that a dog's head can be bigger than his neck? I have to adjust the neck straps to get this over my dog's head. The neck has no clips like the chest area. You have to check the straps every few days because they loosen in a short amount of time. This has been the best I have found so far, despite the SIZING issue. The fact that my dog, who should barely fit into this, just backed up and out of it is not good. I just said in. He ran to the door after we were close to it. Imagine if a dog came by.

👤I was struggling with my Pit Bull puppy. Leash training was bad on my shoulder. She wouldn't stop pulling. The harness I purchased has made a huge difference. Does she still pull? Yes, a small amount. The way she was before we got this was different. She is learning how to behave on a leash. And... I feel like I have control over her now that we are around other people and other dogs. I can put signs on her harness because of the added bonus. I bought some that said "do not pet" and "ask to pet". The harness is a winner.

👤I want to wear this dog vest. It is made from soft mesh and metal. It has reflective strips. It fits my dog very well. There is a flaw in the design. They are supposed to follow the standard and allow for accessories to attach to them. The company has no idea of the mil-spec or how to cut corners. Their molle is too small to allow the attachment bands to go through. I wanted my dog to carry her stuff when hiking. The vest is useless without that function. So disappointed. If you want to use the vest the same way as I do, don't buy it unless they fix the issue. The seller recently contacted me and told me that they were working on a fix for the issue with the new supplier. If you need the Molle attachment function to work, you need to confirm with the seller any product updates.


What is the best product for dog harness for small dogs no pull with leash?

Dog harness for small dogs no pull with leash products from Scenereal. In this article about dog harness for small dogs no pull with leash you can see why people choose the product. Kromen and Juxzh are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog harness for small dogs no pull with leash.

What are the best brands for dog harness for small dogs no pull with leash?

Scenereal, Kromen and Juxzh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog harness for small dogs no pull with leash. Find the detail in this article. Pina, Petsafe and Dociote are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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